Brexit Pushback: Vote Has Increased Controversy, Not Resolved It
By Daily Bell Staff - July 05, 2016

Second EU referendum would be possible, former attorney general says … Research suggests as many as 1.2 million Leave voters now regret their vote … Dominic Grieve, a Conservative MP who was the Government’s chief legal advisor until 2014, said the result of the first referendum had to be “treated with respect” but that it was not necessarily set in stone. – UK Independent

While most Brits want to leave the EU, those who voted to “remain” want to undermine the credibility of the decision.

All sorts of questionable propaganda is being hurled at the vote.

A petition with four million signatures has turned out to be fake. And many protesters marching against the vote came from outside of Britain.

Now Dominic Greive wants to make clear that if Brits are having second thoughts, they can vote again.

This is an old EU trick. When Ireland didn’t vote the way Brussels wanted, another vote was held that provided the correct result.

Ideally people should make their own living arrangements. But that is not how it works in the modern era.

Of course, we’re not sure Brexit was an elite repudiation to begin with. This seems a bit simplistic.

As we’ve pointed out, the results seem to have justified a potential deepening of the European Union for those that remain.

Meanwhile, London’s banking City may emerge strengthened as well, as various regulatory systems might be weakened or removed entirely to ensure the financial industry remains “competitive.”

Meanwhile, the propaganda mounts.


A second EU referendum could be justified if it becomes clear public opinion has shifted strongly against Brexit, the former attorney general has said.

Dominic Grieve, a Conservative MP who was the Government’s chief legal advisor until 2014, said the result of the first referendum had to be “treated with respect” but that it was not necessarily set in stone … A second plebiscite could become democratically justifiable.

Grieve urged a constituent to continue to protest and “petition.” However, most of the signatures on a much ballyhooed petition to re-do the referendum turned out to be fake.

Reports are that hackers spammed the petition with millions of signatures from places outside of the UK, including “Vatican City, North Korea, Ghana, Vietnam, Uganda and Turkmenistan.”

The same reports even claim that the entire petition was basically a prank by the website “4Chan” and Anonymous.

The BBC went public with the news about the petition initially and its “colossal” growth. ABC’s George Stephanopolous, touted the petition as well.

Supposedly it was one of the fastest growing petitions in the history of the Internet..

Tiffany Gabby of Truth Revolt observed,  “As if we needed further proof that the mainstream media are barren of a single shred of journalistic integrity and that its members are in dire need of public flogging.”

Conclusion: As it turns out, Parliament is going to have to make the ultimate decision as to whether Britain stays in the EU or goes. But in the meantime, those opposing Brexit want to de-legitimize the vote as much as possible. Rather than putting an end to a raging debate, Brexit seems merely to have deepened it.

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  • notinmyname

    Apparently, Parliament need not, necessarily, have a say. Oliver Letwin, currently in charge of the team of civil servants preparing the ground-work, says Article 50 can be triggered by Royal Prerogative. No need to ask pesky MPs.

  • Jim Johnson

    Demand your County use paper ballots, as an electric vote will have clinton pulling out a squeaky ‘miracle win’. I watch, as Big Media sets up the farce with their “polling” showing things ‘neck and neck’ in ‘battleground states’ leading us to the edge of our seats come Nov.3rd. This is the “Other Hand” all this theater distracts us from. There is an A Game in voter fraud at least 12 years old, from Dino Rossi and Al Franken to now.