Brexit Vote Is Great News for Britain, but Difficult Times Ahead
By Daily Bell Staff - June 24, 2016

Brexit: What happens now? …  David Cameron announces he will step down as PM by Oct … Prime Minister David Cameron is to step down by October after the UK voted to leave the European Union. Mr Cameron made the announcement in a statement outside Downing Street after the final result was announced. He said he would attempt to “steady the ship” over the coming weeks and months. -BBC

This is great news and at the same time it makes us suspicious. The globalist bankers behind the European Union must be upset.

We rejoice in Britain’s sudden freedom from the corrupt and authoritarian EU.

We’re happy David Cameron is leaving. He did his best to start wars and shut down free speech, especially when it came to the Internet.

But we can’t believe it’s that simple. A vote and then … done.

Won’t there be repercussions? There have been threats already. What’s next?

When Andrew Jackson shut down the US’s second central bank, its head Nicholas Biddle threatened to cause a depression. Later on he did, making money scarce and getting Jackson censured in the process.

We’ve already carried one article a while ago explaining that it seemed as if officials at the Bank of England were issuing veiled threats before Brexit.

Let’s see what happens now. The fallout has hit world markets hard.


What happens now? Kuenssberg: PM’s luck runs out World reaction as UK votes to leave EU Labour ‘must change’ after EU campaign The referendum turnout was 71.8% – with more than 30 million people voting – the highest turnout at a UK-wide vote since 1992.

Labour’s Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the Bank of England may have to intervene to shore up the pound, which lost 3% within moments of the first result showing a strong result for Leave in Sunderland and fell as much as 6.5% against the euro.

The biggest puzzle for us is why Cameron called Brexit in the first place.

Supposedly he promised the referendum to gain political support in his own party. But that doesn’t make much sense to us.

Politicians regularly break their word. If he didn’t want to hold the referendum he probably could have found some way to scuttle it.

In our view, Cameron was never an independent actor.

We wrote an article hypothesizing that London’s City wanted to renegotiate certain business terms with the Brussels and the referendum provided the necessary excuse.

We’ve also speculated that the passage of Brexit would give Brussels an excuse to purse an “ever deeper” political union.

Ultimately, we have a hard time accepting Brexit at face value. The City of London in particular has tremendous control over central banks worldwide. It’s difficult to imagine this is simply a stumble.

Of course we’ve long proposed the Internet Reformation would have a bigger and bigger impact on the world.

Maybe it is exactly what it seems to be: Emancipation. But maybe it foretells something deeper and darker.

A feedbacker who provided a post we used in an article entitled “Speculation: Lagarde Is Out and India’s Rajan Is In” suggests a grimmer future as a result of Brexit.

You can find his full feedback under yesterday’s editoria, “Brexit: I’ve seen more subtle propaganda coming out of North Korea.”

Here’s what he thinks the future might hold. He’s been studying London City’s globalist enterprise since the mid 1990s.

He writes that we might expect, ” A big ramp up in “terror” attacks throughout Europe (and the USA too, most likely) throughout the summer. They want you to react … and [place] blame on the EU technocrats for causing it all.”


This will convince other EU nations to setup votes to leave the EU as quickly as possible. Evidence for this terror rampage going live now comes from a US travel alert warning for all tourists planning to visit Europe this summer… and the fact that the curtain has just been raised for this 1st act in Germany.

… The new debt deal for Greece will not be allowed to happen. LaGarde from the IMF has made it clear in a few missives now that Greece isn’t getting anymore relief. This should result in a loan payment default by Greece next month. The purpose of this denial is to cause greater financial instability within the EU to go along with the political instability within the EU, brought by their terror campaign.

Likely in September … the black hats “evil western nations” will go after the white hats BRICS … This is intended to bring an immediate stop to all goods trade and financial trade between the two warring sides, resulting in a global financial freezeup, or “Lehman moment.”

This is a cynical interpretation of what Brexit will bring. It is also one that makes some sense generally if we accept that Brexit and its outcome was actually part of a larger plan. We do believe for instance that globalist elements have been looking for a big event to further structure an internationalist regime.

Many people in the alternative media are giddy over Brexit, as well they should be. But there is another side to what’s going on that may end up being a lot less positive. We’ll only know as events play out.

One fact is certain: Brexit has been good for precious metals. Gold is up, and silver too. There’s talk gold could now go to $1,400. Who knows how high silver might climb.

We recently introduced a junior mining sponsor, our first ever: a Vancouver-based explorer with promising silver projects in Argentina.

The company is Golden Arrow and the CEO is Joe Grosso. You can see an interview we did with him HERE. Golden Arrow is partnered with a well-known mining firm Silver Standard in exploiting what could be a major silver discovery.

Conclusion: Brexit has changed the dynamic in the marketplace. Bitcoin and precious metals have both moved up and may have considerably farther to travel. These are strange times and they may get stranger still.

If you have questions about Golden Arrow, you can reach representative Shawn Perger here: Shawn: 1-800-901-0058 or 778-686-0135. See the website HERE.

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  • it doesn’t matter

    Hopefully this buys us some time, saves lives, and forces them to alter plans. Hopefully they begin to make more mistakes. Hopefully many more people will become aware of their threat and hopefully we will come together.

    This is my final post using this guest handle.

    Thank you,

  • Praetor

    Yes, there are two sides to every story. And it now seems the are many factions that have a story to tell within the NWO structure.

    As you say, the City of London has a great deal of control. Brussels may want that greater control. With Trump coming on strong from across the sea, and it looks like a change of position is coming from the U.S. A new generation maybe in the processes of taking over the new order, with differing ideas and schemes for a better world government. The factions are battling for control. Looking at history it seems to be this way.

    Take, Alexander the Great builds a structure for conquest and goes out and controls his know world, then he dies and the structure is destroyed and is taken over by faction that are at odds with each other.

    Look at this way, also, if you have been collecting the PMs, you have just became a little richer!!!

  • alaska3636

    Did you guys see the Brexit vote map?

    London, Scotland and Northern Island voted remain against the rest of mainland Briton.

    The vote was close in percentage, but that probably still amounted to several thousands of votes difference. I still think the vote could have been rigged, though, had the vote counters preferred a different outcome.

    An example may yet be made of Briton, but if they hold tight they should have the benefit of the Invisible Hand. The pounds slide belies the policies that have been propping it up for decades. Interesting times.

  • Blinko23

    I too am puzzled on the Brexit results. With all the power that the NWO wields, through media, banking, politics and technology – why did they not simply rig the vote, as I am convinced they do all the time in western “democracies?”

    Did the Elite actually want Brexit to happen for some deeper purpose? Or is this truly the first major shot of a bonafide, democratic, anti-globalist popular uprising? Naturally, I am hoping it is the latter. But I think we should all keep one eye open, on the lookout for some deeper agenda which may not yet be apparent.

    • straight shooter

      I’ve been thinking along similar lines. It’s hard to believe this “shocking” result wasn’t part of the master plan from the beginning. After all, such deception has a fabled history, at least back to when old man Rothschild faked out the London market with Napoleon and Waterloo in the 1820s. They take advantage of the carnage, buying everything back at pennies on the dollar, rinse, repeat. Stay tuned for the details, I guess.

  • Earn nest

    Let’s celebrate the moment. The globalists won’t give up but perhaps they will grossly expose themselves? This could not have happened if all were going to plan, every swing toward liberty should be appreciated.

  • dmartin11

    I liked the unsure stance as it is a very timely reminder of how little we can influence or control current events, if at all. It’s healthy to have a detached perspective.

  • robertsgt40

    Brexit was just the opening salvo. The tribe is just warming up to bring as much misery on the Brits as possible. They don’t like losing control. But the fact is, they’re already out of control. The train wreck is just beginning. I’d say it’s just about time for a war.

    • Chuck

      Not serious until Bank of “England” is abolished. Then it’s on.

      • robertsgt40

        Fed really needs to go too. But then again they’re incestually related as are the other EU central banks.

  • kevin barker

    Probably just a gross miscalculation on Cameron’s part. He thought he could win.

    • Seems strange to make such a fundamental miscalculation.

      • kevin barker

        this whole thing is strange. why vote at all? and why now? cui bono? doesn’t add up…. I suppose Cameron ws trying to heal a rift in his caucus and maybe draw Scotland deeper into the fold. It smacks of political opportunism…and in the end all he did was let Boris and Nigel over the wall…

        • kevin barker

          …I think Cameron was doubling down on the Scottish referendum last year, a winner take all thing, and he lost. Well, that’s Las Vegas for you! That’s my guess, and it’s an uneducated one at that. If I’m right, it’s the greatest political blunder I’ve ever seen. But Cameron isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed…

  • apberusdisvet

    Brexit a head fake? Could be. The elites could have easily rigged it just like the Scottish referendum where there were videos showing blatant fraud in the vote stacking. So why didn’t they? A needed distraction from the pending global economic implosion? Perhaps; but they will need a far bigger one; that’s what scares me.

    • Pilgrim

      Had it occurred to you that they probably did “rig it”, but even with rigging, they weren’t able to overcome the huge vote for exit?

  • You ask, with a healthy dose of cynicism: It’s puzzling why Cameron made suicidal move of holding this referendum in the first place?

    Reason Cameron called this referendum in the first place was because he was forced to. In the past European Parliament election, both Tories and Labour parties got slammed hard by UKIP. Cameron was forced to include guarantee of EU referendum as a condition during the next UK national elections.

  • Me_Again

    Cameron offered a referendum to stop large elements of his party defecting to UKIP. This was a serious threat to him at the time.
    He also enshrined it in law making it impossible NOT to have one. Why did he do that? Well because everyone like you thought he’d bottle it and wriggle out of it unless it was in law.
    I suspect he decided that it was the lesser of two evils. Failure to placate a significant eurosceptic portion of his party would have haemorrhaged votes and put his second term in serious doubt. He’s also a PR man so I suspect he thought he’d convince voters to trust him. The pathetic offerings that the EU came up with during his negotiations were apparent to even the most ardent supporter and didn’t help him at all, no matter how it was spun.
    Finally there was project fear. Death of the first born, plagues of locusts, seas turning red etc, etc. Everyone but the faithful saw straight through it. I’m from a rural area of Lincolnshire, I knew only one person in my family, extended family or friends, who planned to vote to stay in.
    I discussed it with my local MP whilst out at a rally. He said he could not reconcile the results of their canvassing with the polls. Colleagues from all over the country were reporting the same, the overwhelming sentiment was out EXCEPT in Scotland and London. If you take London and Scotland out of the actual results the vote becomes about 70:30 in favour of leave.
    Our capital city may as well be on the moon for all the relevance it has to most of us, in fact most of us would rather it was on the moon since the elites congregate there in their droves, and it really is so full of non British as to be utterly foreign. This explains the metropolitan bubble which has no basis in reality and the disconnect of the senior establishment figures from ordinary people.

  • johnny

    I would speculate that this was planned all along. Am I to believe that this vote could not be tainted in the tabulating process? Here in the US there is much talk of voter fraud, and proof as well. A few percentage points can be easily stolen.

    The elites control markets… all of them. The question quickly becomes to what depth this NEW development takes us? This is truely a remarkable event. Stay tuned for more volitility on the path to perdition for the western world. Will patriotism unravel the elites NWO plans?

    If the people’s vote mattered the privilege would be recinded.

  • alohajim

    When the political process, media, and voting machines are controlled, then by definition, there are no surprises or upsets when counting votes. The outcome was planned.

  • Bruce C.

    I actually disagree with just about every single thing that the commenter said (“it doesn’t matter”?)

    I’m also a little surprised that the DBers are surprised at what’s been happening. They were some of the earliest to predict that the internet would be revolutionary, albeit a process, so why after 15 years of such a process would they not expect some results?

    Anyway, as I said, I don’t think any of “it doesn’t matter”‘s doom and gloom is going to happen. I don’t think any of it makes any sense as a strategy. I assume “he” is suggesting that by creating global chaos that everyone is going to promote these “globalists” to positions of power to sort everything out, but why would “we” do that when presumably the technocrats are the ones that are going to be blamed for it?

    I actually hope that the European citizens will start blaming the EU authorities for allowing the muslim invasion but so far they haven’t. I spoke to some people from the Netherlands recently and they’re not convinced at all that the “immigration” is a bad thing, and they actually think that it’s their moral duty to help them. I kid you not. They did say they were glad they had a second home in the Dominican Republic (which is where I met them) just in case things go sour, but they figure if the Germans are okay with things then everything will be okay. Now, maybe if they get their legs blown off (god forbid) in a terrorist attack they’ll change their opinion, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Remember terrorist acts from “little brown people” is supposed to be propaganda, and it’s working, so I don’t see why Europeans are going to start blaming the EU for their problems.

    The EU is viewed in Europe sort of like Obama is viewed here in the US. A surprising (depressing) number of people, especially young ones, DO NOT blame Obama and his policies on their issues. In fact, just last weekend I talked to a 28 year old who thinks that the economy, etc. is now better under Obama. She had a point, though a perverse one, in that 7 years ago she didn’t have a job at all and now she does. It doesn’t pay enough to support her self but at least she has a job. In her mind that’s an improvement. Scary but true. So, back to my analogy, the unemployed in Spain et al don’t blame the EU.

    Moving on to Greece, I’ll bet “it doesn’t matter” a hundred bucks that Greece continues to get more financial help and they certainly won’t default on a loan payment next month. I say this for many reasons but three of them are the euro amounts involved are “peanuts”, the European banks want as much of Greece as they can get, and global investors like Greek bonds because they pay positive interest.

    Lastly, this evil-west against the BRICS theme is getting old and also doesn’t make sense. Who thinks that the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are the “white hats” of the world? Here are the popular reputations of those countries as of June 24, 2016: Brazil is corrupt and screwed up, Russia is opposed to US interest in general and in the ME, India has too many PhDs who are still stupid, China is the only thing keeping the global economy going, and South Africa is located somewhere in the southern region of Africa. That’s it. So public opinion is all going to change by September (2016)?

    That’s all way too pessimistic to me, especially given how the globalists plans have not been playing out well lately.

    BTW, did the commenter who has “been studying London City’s globalist enterprise since the mid 1990s” predict that Brexit would happen? It doesn’t matter (no pun intended) that you think it doesn’t matter. Did you get that right?

    • my name is irrelevant

      I did not make any prediction whether Brexit would pass or fail, so there was no opportunity for me to be right or wrong. I followed the voting counts throughout the night as others did before I learned the decision.

      However, I did speculate that if the results did not match the globalists goal, I expected a bit of evil behavior from them. But when it became clear last night that LEAVE had the majority of votes, I then offered my opinions on what may be next to expect for the peoples of Europe (only) this summer/early fall.

      Beyond that short time frame I am uncomfortable with expressing an opinion on plan flow, because the plan is too dynamic, with too many cultivated options available for them to take, to expect any consistent level of accuracy.

      As we all must do, I wait and see what shakes out along the way while continuing to read their promotions in the medias and on their sites, before speculating more on further elements of their plans.

      Thank you for your comments,

      • Steven Hotho

        All God’s chilluns have plans. Sometimes they work out and sometimes not.

        • using your illusion 101

          Why would a god have chilluns? Why would a god-chillun make plans? Who (and where) are these chilluns you speak of? Who (and where) are this god you speak of with (many?) children? Produce him/her/it/them!

          Why would a god-child bother to roll the dice with their “plans”, if they are a child of an all powerful, all knowing, all loving, god?

          Is daddy a demented tormenter? Or does your god-daddy construct exist only within your own mind as an adopted belief?

          Do you not realize that your fantasies belong only to you? Are you attempting to inject your illusion into the minds of rational and sane humans, such as I?

          It is your “plans” that are failing Steven. Again. Perhaps you blame your god-daddy for poor parenting, but if you honestly were to look within, you may realize that you are the responsible party.

    • alaska3636

      I feel similarly. One aspect of politics that tends to be forgotten is the necessity of elites to oppress their subjects as much as they will accept. Beyond that lies revolution and failure on the part of elites. Another way of stating this is the notion that a state relies on the complicity of its subjects.

      I think interpreting the Brexit as an elite plan might be subject to the narrative fallacy. Occams razor would suggest that roughly half of Briton feel dissatisfied about the EU wielding power over them from Brussels; so, they voted against it.

      From my perspective, subsequent movement of the monetary system ought to reveal that the elite were not in favor of Brexit. I think Briton stands to take a pounding financially. I also wonder whether that will actually effect anybody at this point. Are people’s retirement accounts recovered from 2008? Do average people have a stake in the Dow?

      • alaska3636

        Just occurred to me that an acute depression could be triggered thereby shuttering many over-leveraged businesses…Sometimes I forget to go the extra step.

      • Bruce C.

        Two thoughts come to mind: The globalist”elites” always need (and are being reminded) to operate by stealth; and, the very propaganda or “dominate social themes” that they promote can back fire.

        It’s a problem when “the State” claims to be the source of all things good, but then things aren’t good.

        It’s a problem when “the State” says it’s our way, or else, and there are clearly other ways.

        It makes sense that the UK (or England at least) would be the first to recoil at the prospect of being ruled by Brussels, having been a sovereign society for centuries (and probably why it has lasted so long). Other countries are bound to follow.

        Lastly, I’m not sure “pounding” the UK is going to work. Obama hates England but Trump doesn’t. There is also “the City” that the DBers like to talk about. It’s pretty hard to piss on your neighborhood and not get splattered.

        Hey, I just thought of a new angle: Brexit has effectively isolated the City of London, so maybe THEY are the real target.

        Pretty spooky….Until next time. Have a great weekend!

  • dave3200 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Be not blinded by the euphoria of the moment.

    Yes, the initial results feel good after waiting so long. But, do not underestimate the persistent power of the ruling elite. They are used to having their way… ALWAYS. Keep an eye on Cameron, Merkel, Hollande and the other western “leaders” who would like to see the path to one world order remain intact. Do not allow yourself to fall into their trap of trust. They won’t quit easily.

  • my name is irrelevant

    I am removing myself from these discussions, as I feel that I cannot provide the backstories and the documented record like Ken can. He has years into this on his website for all to see, where I have nothing but words and warnings for you. I have no website with the resources required for understanding the globalists, their plans, and their minions and I am a poor communicator. Ken is working very hard to help us. Please watch over and help him.

    Please read Ken’s entire site over the summer. Those already experienced and well along their path to understanding will find Ken’s site a breath of fresh air.

    Those new to psychological warfare and directed history will probably reject the information there, in the beginning. There are minions names there whom you’ve placed your trust in and those discoveries will be emotionally challenging. Its OK, you can start over as often as you wish.

    I challenge all to read Ken’s site in entirety, then convince yourself he is wrong. Don’t nitpick him, there were small, insignificant errors made along his journey (and there will be more human errors made), but his record outlining the greater view and following their recent timeline speaks for itself.

    This guest handle is now discarded. Thank you, goodbye.

    • Nice of you to share. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Come back any time.

    • CSiang

      Thank you. We love people like you…. Please keep it up with your useful comments.

  • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

    Brexit Shows a Global Desire to Throw the Bums Out

  • flardo

    Or maybe China convinced/threatened certain english elites to shift east.

  • rahrog

    We secessionists have won a round. We don’t for a moment think the fight is over.

  • Cynthia McKinney PhD

    I agree that we must be extremely wary at this moment. I’d LOVE to see NATO disintegrate under the weight of BREXIT, NEXIT, FREXIT, I-EXIT, and whatever else might come. But we also have to get busy envisioning and creating what comes next. If we, indeed, were successful in sticking it to the globalist warmongers, then we must also be responsible for what comes next. I’d like to think that the power is in our hands to create our future.

    • william beeby

      The trouble is that Corbyn and the Labour Party were part of the remain campaign. I re-joined Labour when Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader and at that time he was definitely anti Europe and if he could have stuck to his guns we ( Labour ) would now be in an excellent position to lead the country forward and away from Europe. Obviously the Blairite right wing of MP,s who are very pro-Europe made sure that was adopted as the official line of the Party so Jeremy had to conform . I hope this was the case anyway and I am just sorry to have had to align myself with Tories and UKIP in order to register my leave vote .

      • People like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders are PHONIES standing for everything against liberty and individual responsibility. How different are they from phony Alexis Tsipras? Less than 24 hours after stating on LIVE TV that “there’s no way he could support Hitlery”, Bernie Sanders made a public statement that “I’ll vote for Hitlery Clinton”. A threat was made on his life (and likewise for Jeremy Corbyn)?!?

        Your thinking along the mindset of Labour Party or Tories or Democrat Party or Republican Party etc doesn’t mean anything anymore. None of the parties care about you. Only individual people can help themselves. Thankfully enough people in Britain did that in this vote.

      • Cynthia McKinney PhD

        Yes, William, I was surprised to see Labour, under Corbyn’s leadership, in the Remain camp! I fear that Corbyn might now be cowed by the aggressiveness of the other side; is the Jeremy Corbyn you voted for the same Jeremy Corbyn of today? That is the fundamental question. Remember, no political party will share all of your values and therefore if you remain firm in your principles, it won’t matter as much who satisfies them for you. Look at us peace people. No Democratic Party nor Republican Party stands for peace in the U.S. now. Those parties left us–we didn’t leave them. Same for U.K. Labour on this issue. Clearly, you were correct to vote your values and not the party line. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Bruce C.

    I love that the Brits voted for Brexit, but I’m concerned about the gold price rising.

    Gold shouldn’t be rising if Brexit means anything like “we” think it does. The healthiest interpretation of Brexit is one of liberation and a rejection of the smothering, globalist status quo mentality and trend. That should be one of sanity not contagion. Gold “should” have risen had the EU won, because that would have given a mandate to even greater centralized control and thus even less objectively valuable money. However, the fact that it has risen under Brexit means that the status quo mentality still hasn’t died yet, and so efforts will ensue to lower it again.

    I would still dollar-cost-average into bullion and miners but don’t be surprised or discouraged if there is at least one or two more smack downs. Ironically, essentially every entity from the globalists to the Chinese to individual retail buyers would like to see a lower gold price because that makes it more available and easier to buy and own. Only when all the ducks are aligned the other way and gold begins to rise for “rational” reasons do I think it will keep rising indefinitely.

    • Maybe gold is rising because its “true” price is well above where it currently sits …

  • ArtBell

    The results of the vote were the best news I have seen in years, however I also have reservations about the Brexit. In Canada the propaganda against leaving was incredible and of course the vote wasn’t even taking place here. I think the statists will double down on the main stream media and blame any blip in the markets on the UK vote.
    If nothing else it has been a shock to the cheerleaders of globalization and big government. The (anti) social media is still in a frenzy.

  • John

    Thank God for the Brits! They stood up for what they believed in. Hopefully now they will stand as strongly against anything that would try to steal this away from them, like a second referendum, or Parliament not complying with their wishes. Yes, this has upset the world markets, but that can’t be changed because end times prophecy says that we will soon reach a point where it will take a day’s wages to buy a few loaves of bread. Brexit could be the first of many catalysts to bring us to that point. With that in mind, it’s time to get ready in many ways for what is coming. We need to first off get right with God as that’s our main problem. How to do that and what’s coming next? Find out here:

  • angus

    the daily gold

  • olde reb

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    faceless unelected financiers and corporate controllers that have
    devastated the European group and the projected structure being
    promoted by secretive treaty negotiations involving the United States

    What is the role of the EU and US treaties in the New World Order, and where does funding for the NWO come from ? The secret billion dollar jackpot is detailed at