BRICS See Aggressive Globalism as Antidote to Economic Failure
By Daily Bell Staff - October 16, 2016
Xi warns of globalisation backlash at BRICS summit … Chinese President Xi Jinping said Sunday a rising tide of protectionism and anti-globalisation was endangering the world economy’s still fragile recovery as BRICS leaders vowed to forge closer business and trade ties. -AFP

This summit provides yet more evidence that at the very top, the BRICs are aligned with the Western controllers of London’s City.

This has always been our theory and history shows this to be true.

Wall Street tycoons traveled to Russia dressed up as Red Cross workers to ensure that Lenin won the day and communism was established in Russia.

Supposedly Mao attended Yale Divinity School in China and was inducted into the notorious (Illuminati) Skull and Bones fraternity.

The head of Germany during World War I was actually the grandson of Queen Victoria. Hitler was funded by Western central and commercial banks.

Why should the BRICs be any different? The term BRICs was invented by a Goldman Sachs banker.

We are supposed to believe that the BRICs are going their own way and are challenging the West on numerous economic and military issues.

But as usual what’s adopted by the BRICs seems to have its foundation in Western economic and socio-political solutions.


At a summit in the Indian tourist hub of Goa, host Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the leaders of China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa issued a joint declaration on a range of measures, including the setting-up of a new credit ratings agency and fighting tax evasion.

They also agreed to work together to combat “cross-border” terrorism, but Modi’s guests held off from signing up to his fierce condemnation of India’s arch-rival Pakistan as the “mothership of terrorism”.

This excerpt sums up the contradictory facets of this meme most cogently. First we learn that the BRICs are setting up their own Western style “credit agency.” Then we learn that “fighting tax evasion” is a priority, just as it is in the West.

Finally we learn that the BRICs were formed to combat Western hegemony

Really, it’s ludicrous. Thesis, antithesis … synthesis.

The City always needs an antithesis to provide a synthesis.

By adopting Western solutions wholesale, the BRICs create the expectation that there is no other way forward.

A small percentage of blockbuster movies provide the same sort of psychological messaging. Mostly via science fiction, these movies have prepared people for the surveillance society by featuring a variety of intrusive, high-tech instrumentation.

People have not only been conditioned to what is now occurring, they can hardly conceive of an alternative.

And the BRICs are offering the same sort of messaging. There is no other way but the Western way.

The BRICs use a Western central banking system and have already created their own version of the International Monetary Fund.

Now it turns out their “priorities” are exactly the same as Western ones. Even their “summits” mimic the meetings of the G7.

The Chinese president said “deep-seated imbalances that triggered the financial crisis” were far from being resolved … “Protectionism is rising and forces against globalisation are posing an emerging risk,” he added.

It’s really incredible. Merkel could have said this, or Obama. The rhetoric doesn’t diverge at all.

And it gets worse. Predictably, the article mentions Donald Trump, while admitting that Xi “did not single anyone out.”

But this is part of the “populism versus globalism” meme. Yet again, we are provided a contrast between no-know nothing populism (Trump) and the impressive wisdom of world leaders like XI who understand that judicious globalism is necessary to retrieve prosperity and move mankind forward.

Republican candidate Donald Trump has threatened to erect trade barriers to Chinese products if elected US president. Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has been interpreted partly as a backlash against globalisation.

You see? Trump and Brexit on one side, wisdom on the other.

“Modi said it was vital the BRICS nations increased cooperation by dismantling trade barriers and developing infrastructure.”

What are the chances? The BRICs sound just like the G7. They want to increase the efficiency of tax collection, reduce trade barriers and fund infrastructure – which has been a big issue in the US presidential election.

It starts to sound like an American campaign speech.

And then there is this: Russian President Vladimir Putin wants “closer cooperation in areas such as e-commerce and space exploration.” More Western-style priorities it seems.

Even terrorism was mentioned: “A joint statement at the end of the summit … referred to … combating ‘cross-border terrorism and its supporters.'”

Something is wrong with this scenario. It smells of coordination. How is that the world is suddenly at war? How is it that the BRICs have adopted the West’s economic, political and military matrix in almost all ways.

The obvious answer is that a homogenized world is one that can more easily be globalized. The corollary to this is that one way or another the military tensions being reported on in blaring headlines are part of tool kit designed to move the world in the desired direction.

It is difficult to comprehend how tiny, elite groups can coordinate the world’s affairs. But this seems to be what’s taking place. In every facet of commerce and politics, East and West seem to have adopted similar approaches.

Conclusion: Observe what’s being reported by the mainstream carefully. Deep currents swirl throughout the world and change is coming. Please don’t take any of it at face value.


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  • Barney Biggs

    They seem bright enough to use what they see working and discard the rest.
    We here in my area see a lot of Chinese and Indian with huge amounts of capital who are influencing our real estate markets.
    According to local wisdom their people are laundering money from India and China
    and avoiding taxes etc. If so there are billions going out the door and India and China are determined to stop it. Duh
    I would be surprised if they did NOT copy the West in the few areas that make sense.

    • StarValentine

      They don’t seem bright enough to stop knowingly making bad loans and take their medicine, because they’re still knowingly making bad loans. They won’t discard anything. They’ll try it all and double-down on it.

      • Barney Biggs

        Perhaps you don’t understand the issue is who they loan to. They are increasing their influence all around the world and are prepared to pay for the opportunity. Some of the countries they have loaned to have in fact allowed them to take control of their resources.
        I personally got burned by one of their so called loans which in fact was a contribution to infrastructure and you guessed it that infrastructure just happened to lead to a resource they wanted and ended up getting in Africa.
        They do not play by our rules.

      • Barney Biggs

        They think long term unlike us. In some cases it appears they knew these countries would never pay but they had some great resources. When the country defaulted, the Chinese got access to the resources in lieu of payment. Which is what they wanted in the first place. Several countries in Africa are good examples.

  • Me Again

    “…military tensions being reported on in blaring headlines are part of
    tool kit designed to move the world in the desired direction.”

    This is nakedly the case of late in the UK. first the Express newspaper group now Murdoch’s gang. They are all pumping out anti-Russia rhetoric on a daily basis with WW3 on the brink headlines, despite repeatedly being told in the comments columns that they are talking rubbish.
    Only this week we’ve had the Russian carrier task group scare. It is supposed to be passing through the English channel soon. Hysterical headlines about it are astonishing even for these people.
    Their inference is quite clear that somehow these ships sailing close to Britain [presumably Europe too] are an existential danger and must be challenged and attacked, despite being in international waters!
    I have been staggered by the barefaced lies told, and that’s saying something after the pre-referendum project fear.

    They appear immune to the readers comments on how ludicrous their editorials are and just plough on serving up at least three anti-Russia/Putin articles per day.
    This has been going on since before the referendum but was back burnered during the closing weeks.

    It is so blatant though.
    By the way, I doubt whether ten people in the UK voted for leaving the EU as an anti-globalisation protest, that too is utter nonsense.
    Most voted for their country’s freedom like America did so long ago.

    • Casey Phyle

      Freedom from what? From globalization !
      Of course, it was an anti-globalization protest.

      • Me Again

        Nonsense once again. Whatever you want to call it, for us it wasn’t about globalisation, it was about freedom FROM THE EU.

        I can’t make it much clearer than that.

        • ICFubar

          The EU=Globalism whether the people knew/know it or not.

          • Me Again

            The assertion was that we voted against globalism. i refuted that. You have said nothing which is relevant to that.

          • ICFubar

            The vote to be free of EU dictates was also a vote against globalism as the EU is a globalist construct….again whether or not those voting for Brexit realize this is not. A poll of whether or not the vote for Brexit was also a vote against globalism might reveal just how many might have understood this connection. While most likely not a large percentage there would be those who understand the equation: EU=Globalism. The rest voted against this equation perhaps unknowingly but vote they did.

          • Me Again

            Big deal, so in your opinion it was a vote against globalism. A tiny number may have done it for that reason.
            The reality is and was, we voted to leave the EU because we didn’t want to become part of a federal superstate. We wanted the freedom to decide our destiny back, we wanted the laws that bind us to be made by people who we can hire and fire.
            I walked hundreds of miles, delivered tens of thousands of leaflets, attended hustings and spent time with MPs and councillors from other parties. Was an agent to ensure no funny stuff went on, escorted the local poll boxes, attended the count….

            Not once in all that time, not on any leaflet or at any hustings or on television, radio or in the newspapers, not one councillor MP or member of the public said that a vote to leave is a vote against globalisation.

            In the main article, the assertion was made that we voted against globalism, well I’m telling you what the thousands of people I spoke to, from all parts of the political spectrum voted for.

          • ICFubar

            M.A. All I was trying to convey is that while most voted as you say, to leave an unaccountable dictatorial political structure, the EU,, is that at the same time, most probably unknowingly for the majority, the Brits also voted against globalism. While there is a subtle difference between the two the result is the same. Of course the actual Brexit has not taken place as yet so the vote will remain symbolic until the actual separation truly occurs.

            I applaud your work on behalf of British sovereignty and against globalism, Any successful effort to decentralize power and bring control of choice and destiny closer to the people is a step in the right direction as far as I am concerned.

          • Me Again

            Thank you. We can at least agree on all you said in your last post.
            …and as you say we have yet to leave.
            Project ‘fear’ is still hard at work and our elected representatives [some of them] are busy trying to undermine the vote as we speak.

            They do not understand the venom, the dangerous anger and the desire for freedom.

            Like you we have a ‘beltway’ clique who have no chance of understanding ordinary people. They are surprised when we do something different to them. That’s when they start with the name calling, low IQ, failure to understand, racist, xenophobes.

            All of these are used to explain why we didn’t do as they expected/wanted.
            Anything except the reality, that we are nothing like them.

          • Me Again

            PS, if I were born 200+ years ago, I’d have worn a blue coat, not red.

          • Me Again

            PPS So sad that the circle has turned and WE ALL can now no longer tell the difference between what those blue and red coats stood for.

  • StarValentine

    I have always had a nagging feeling that Putin and the Russain elites were a bunch of NWO uncle Tom Stilichos who will probably let the US kill Assad and destroy Russia and take their lives too, believing their children will have good lives in America.
    Like a bunch of dumb Alarics, all the world’s LEADERS would do anything in their power to preserve the US, becuase their money and investments and dreams are tied up there and they can’t see past it.
    Dumb Alaric wanted to be accepted in Rome and live the long-dead Roman dream so bad, that he took insult after insult after insult.
    The BRICS leaders are all dumb Alarics, venal uncle Tom Stilichos, all of them.
    The global leadership is treasonous. because all their money is in NY and London.

    • James Clander

      “I have always had a nagging feeling that Putin and the Russain elites
      were a bunch of NWO uncle Tom Stilichos who will probably let the US
      kill Assad and destroy Russia and take their lives too, believing their
      children will have good lives in America.”

      Whatever you’re on must be very strong. To the above statement I say BS!

    • JohnnyZ

      It is likely that Putin will be the first leader of the NWO.

  • StarValentine

    “The mother of the world is gone,” they will lament when their master falls. “The light of the world has gone out.”
    And they will say this not thinking about their citizens, but about their bank accounts and investments and homes they thought they were going to retire to in America.
    And this is why the one thing the elites and I agree on, is that the people, by and large, are only worthy of contempt, and deserve what is being done to them.
    Spartacus and Nat Turner are the only slaves in heaven.

  • Linda JJ

    The BRICS are NWO puppets.

  • Rastindian/FatShiva

    Dear bell,
    Without anything ‘new’ being developed the chances of a free market setup being created on the world stage is next to 0.
    The last major invention to come out for the purpose of human use was the cellphone and the internet, one(cellphone) which has become highly commerialised and the other(internet) saturated.
    Without an internet reformation sans wikileaks,snowden-gate itll be difficult to come up with an alternative to aggressive globalisation by all the countries of the world let alone Brics in my humble opinion.

  • rahrog

    The banksters in NYC (and their whores in DC) need everyone to go along (willing or otherwise) with their one world bank/one world currency or the whole Ponzi scheme collapses.
    If the BRICS choose to use currencies other than the petrodollar, or a new “world dollar”, what happens then ???????

  • georgesilver

    Absolutely on the money. I agree totally. People cannot believe that man never went to the Moon: there is no space station and nuclear bombs do not work because they say the Russians or Chinese etc. would have blown the whistle. Now you see how the “club” organizes and controls the propaganda. Good work.

  • Brabantian

    At the KGB, Putin inherited the decades-old tradition of fake ‘Cold War’ with the West, pointed out a half-century ago by UK-born economist Antony Sutton, who was shocked to find the high degree of technology & resource transfer from the US to the Soviets 1950s-1960s, to prop up ‘The Best Enemy Money Can Buy’, with bribes & consumer goodies for Russian elites who played along … it was all a scam, Israel was a main transfer point back then & continues as a Russia-USA link point today

    For 9-11-truth fans, a hard pill to swallow is that Putin is very strongly anti-9-11-truth (like proven hoaxers Julian Assange & Snowden & Glenn Greenwald, all CIA frauds) … In Russia Putin is regarded, not only by Muslims, as co-sponsoring false flags circa 2001 himself, in order to justify the wars blocking Chechnya & Dagestan secession, killing perhaps 100,000 dead so Russia could keep oil & gas revenues from those regions

    As the Daily Bell suggests, the brutal truth is, we are on our own, & the opposition ‘heroes’ constantly touted for us, are not real

    • 200 Years Together

      Here here! Sutton is a great read on any of his titles.

  • ICFubar

    I totally agree with the thoughts and premise expressed in this article. There will be no nuclear war unless some element within the power and command structure goes rogue a la Dr. Strangelove. The elites still consider the military and the commoner as ‘dumb animals.’ All us non elites are either cannon fodder or Chinese i phone factory workers now as the various ‘families’ of Apex Elites contest and jockey for dominance and jurisdictional positions of control to determine who will be first among equals under the ‘new universal agenda’ that they all agree upon. The average ‘Joe’ has no idea of the back room dealings, double crosses and inter connectivities of these elites. The real target population for political attitude change are those democracy loving peoples in the west. Anaesthetised and herded by these same elites on many fronts and levels simultaneously under such memes as ‘global warming’ and various ‘trade’ packs. All and any means available are meant to destroy cultures and national identities and structures, aided and abetted by localized wars like we see today. How else can one explain the state the world is in today?