Britain’s Socialized Healthcare Now Recommends Against Herbal Treatments
By The Daily Bell Staff - July 28, 2017

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is a shining example of everything socialized medicine has to offer.

The NHS prevents parents from seeking experimental treatments for terminally ill children.

The government can deem patients close to death, and remove feeding tubes to starve them to death. This was once called the Liverpool Care Pathway, which has since been renamed, but not changed.

The NHS will even cut patients off from all government care if they catch them paying for their own care elsewhere, or using natural healing methods.

Recently the NHS decided obese patients and smokers are not eligible for hip and knee replacements.

And now, the NHS is recommending doctors no longer prescribe herbal and homeopathic treatments to patients.

A report released last week by the NHS recommends what drugs and medicines doctors should no longer prescribe. Some might see this and think the health service is finally getting rid of some dangerous and expensive pharmaceuticals. But the exact opposite is the case.

Here are the guidelines for how the NHS chose what to trim:

  • Items of low clinical effectiveness, where there is a lack of robust evidence of
    clinical effectiveness or there are significant safety concerns;
  • Items which are clinically effective but where more cost-effective products are
    available, including products that have been subject to excessive price
    inflation; or
  • Items which are clinically effective but, due to the nature of the product, are
    deemed a low priority for NHS funding

That last bullet is especially telling. They basically keep it obscure enough so that they can recommend not prescribing anything they want. But also they admit right there that even if something works, but has a lower cost alternative, that is a good way to save money. It is this one size fits all approach which focuses more on the bottom line than on an individual patient.

Officially, these guidelines are meant to save limited resources for the NHS. But they aren’t taking a chunk out of their £9 billion budget by deprescribing dangerous and expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

Instead, they are nixing herbal treatments, on which the NHS currently spends £100,009 per year. Most other suggestions in the report cut out treatments which cost millions, or tens of millions of dollars. But these comparatively cheap solutions somehow also made it to the chopping block.

  • Advise CCGs that prescribers in primary care should not
    initiate herbal items for any new patient
  • Advise CCGs to support prescribers in deprescribing
    herbal items in all patients and where appropriate, ensure
    the availability of relevant services to facilitate this change.


Likewise, homeopathic cures cost the NHS £92,000 per year.

In 2010 a report by the House of Commons Science and
Technology Committee, found that the use of homeopathy was
not evidence based and any benefits to patients was down to
placebo effect.

It seems hardly significant whether the cures were from placebo or not; were the patients cured? Many findings suggest the same placebo effect takes place from big brand drugs. Yet the drugs cause adverse side effects that limit the body’s natural ability to heal. The homeopathic treatments support the immune system, even if their main benefit is the mind over matter phenomenon.

But when you have single payer healthcare, these debates mean little. The central authority will decide what patients get. If patients resist, they will be cut off.

Who Made These Recommendations?

Who was it that decided to cut out natural healthy alternative medicines?

A committee of NHS officials. There is now a database which allows you to search for NHS doctors in Great Britain who have received consulting payments from drug industries. The database only goes back to 2015 and does not cover other perks doctors receive from drug companies, like free trips to conferences, or outings to sporting events.

The following NHS officials are all part of the 18 person Joint Clinical Working Group which made the recommendations.

The Committee Chair Graham Jackson received over £6,000 in 2016  and 2015 consulting for pharmaceutical companies.

Manir Hussain received over £5,600 in 2015 and 2016 for consulting work.

Robbie Turner made £3,600 over two years, mostly from Pfizer.

Duncan Jenkins comes up in the system with payments over £1,500, and David Webb got £800 in 2016.

Also involved in making the recommendations were several organizations, among them the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

Do you think these numbers are negligible, and part of normal behavior by doctors? Or do they constitute a conflict of interest? Tell us in the comments.

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  • georgesilver

    This is a red rag to a bull as far as I’m concerned. I could write a book on this subject. The whole blinkered, corrupt medical and pharmaceutical industry is one big mafia with just one thing in its focus…… MONEY.
    Humans are animals that been developed over millions of years by mother nature. Everything in natural around us is there for the taking when our systems are in need of help. Modern man and his corrupt petro-chemical medicine has decided he knows best. It wouldn’t be so bad if we had a choice but now we are slowly being forced to use this unnatural chemical regime by law. One of my pet hates is the cancer charities. People donate thinking they are helping to find a cure but in fact all they are doing is giving the people running the charities a nice life style while financing a system that doesn’t want to find a cure because if they ever did their multi-billion industry would be down the drain. Chemo and radiation are guaranteed to kill you one way or another. There are many ‘cures’ but you are not allowed to know about them.

    • autonomous

      I appreciate your sentiments, except that I am also focused on money, or at least prosperity. Their real focus is on exerting ant extending their control; their power.

      • Don Duncan

        Greed serves a free society. Greed destroys an unfree one. What does that say about the USSA society?

    • Doc

      The NHS of Sweden just told a relative of mine that she had to do chemo and radiation despite the fact they couldn’t find any cancer. Just to be on the safe side they said.

      That’s how bad people behave against patients in the fascist Kingdom of Sweden.

      • Don Duncan

        It’s only harmful if they agree. Without “the sanction of the victim” govt. falls.

        • Doc

          Agreed. But a life of brainwashing makes it hard for people to say no.

          • georgesilver

            I know (used to know) four people who said to me “I’ll go with the science” when I asked them if they had looked at ‘other options’. All four went down the chemo radiation route. All four are dead. As you say ” a life of brainwashing makes it hard for people to say no.” The guy in the white coat is authorised by the state…. he must be trustworthy.

          • Doc

            Yes, and he works in a great system that puts people first! Or not,

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            It still remains their cognitive and personal responsibility to refuse on the basis of their right to self ownership and personal liberty.

  • dsaulw

    A lot of people do not realized what MAY be the most fundamental problem with socialized medicine (and really, socialized anything). It means that control for one’s life is transferred from himself to government.

    • Don Duncan

      Govt. is: an elite with monopoly on force/morality. Everyone who votes or supports govt. willingly has transferred his sovereignty, in principle, away.

    • MountainMan

      Right! It’s NOT about one’s “health”; it’s about CONTROL!

    • Number 6

      Exactly but Its also About money, average cost for private health care insurance per person, with private rooms a 5 star service and the private insurer and health care provider making a profit, approximately £1100 per person.
      NHS budget 2015/2016 was 116.4bn / a population of approximately 65million = £1,790 per person for treatment on a ward a 3 star service at best and lets not forget the NHS shouldn’t be making a profit. Government health care is a monopoly and a scam.

  • autonomous

    Everything you have pointed out reflects the insidious hand of government control vs. free market operations. It has been characteristic of medicine for centuries that physicians have been much more interested in their own control and self-enrichment than in their patients’ health and comfort. The shift from monopolistic control to church control and now to government control has retarded the effectiveness, efficiency and affordability of health improvement. Have there been improvements? Undoubtedly, but at what cost? Had the world experienced the improvements in healthcare the it has seen in the arts of warfare, no doubt we would now be efficiently living two hundred years or more. My conclusion: f@@k government to hell.

  • James Clander

    Not a great look for the NHS — However the totally broken USA Health Scams are what you should be trumpeting (pun intended) loud & often. Check Below.
    “The Great American Health Care Non-Debate ” – Dmitry Orlov
    “A friend of mine who lives in South Carolina was admitted to a hospital with cholecystitis (inflamed gallbladder). Her condition was severe enough that the ER physicians recommended immediate surgery. Tests showed her to be anemic, and so she was given an IV prior to surgery. In the process, she was asked what sort of health insurance she has, and she was foolish enough to actually answer the question instead of saying something like “I feel too sick to handle paperwork.” She has no health insurance because there are no options available in her state that would be affordable to her. She was discharged and out on the street a few minutes later with a prescription for a pain medication that is available without a prescription. She has been in intermittent pain ever since. If her gallbladder bursts, she will die. If she dies, her three children will become wards of the state, costing the state many times what her gallbladder surgery would have cost. You may feel free to conclude that South Carolina is run by idiots, but as we shall see the problem is much bigger than that.”

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      Why was it impossible for your friend to be self-pay, and arrange a payment plan with the hospital ?

      Why is charitable assistance impossible for her to obtain from doctors, specialists, and other medical care providers, via GoFundMe, or via traditional means of solicitation ?

  • Bob Fies, MD

    The claim that homeopathic cures are due to placebo effect was disproven by three clinical studies in the Lancet over ten years ago by David T. Reilly. David happened to be trained as a board certified and highly regarded internist and later became homeopathic physician to Her Majesty. Each caused a furor among its allopathic readers. After the last article the editor responded: Look, docs. These studies were significant to a p value of .01 or less. You have to make a choice. Either accept the studies’ findings as valid or repudiate the controlled double blind clinical trial as a method of discerning knowledge. So in this instance the government’s findings against homeopathy reflect both ignorance and bias towards pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, rejecting use of a new medicine which has not yet undergone clinical scrutiny simply because a child might otherwise die is not prima facie evidence of neglect. It’s simply necessary to show that treatment has a greater likelihood of helping a patient than harming before adopting it let alone paying for it when there’s not enough funds to go around already. In the US thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer received expensive bone marrow transplants followed by agonizing chemotherapy before they figured out that the treatments were both ineffective and lethal. All because of successful legal challenges that the treatment must be paid for “because the woman would otherwise die.” As a people, we have to learn that life has limits and not be so eager to cast blame onto others.

  • Rosicrucian32

    The language to do all these things is in the Affordable Care Act, you just have to read it…….
    If the D.C. Criminals don’t get their act together they will lose the immense control they have already squandered away with in infighting in the next election. The progressives suck but they are planning their next poster children. One of their talking points as ludicrous as it is, aims at lowering the cost of living to low income families by reducing the cost of prescription drugs for them. As silly as that sounds (low income families are not shelling out $$ on scripts, they don’t have the income to begin with) the lower cost will be just such eliminations the U.K. Is enacting. It is just the political rhetoric the left is using to hide an agenda that most would find objectionable.

  • Spanky Lee

    Care is needed interpreting this. Is the British Public Health Service merely refusing to use government money to pay for some products or is this some sort of absolute ban on supplements?. A ban would be bad, but a refusal to reimburse might actually be good as it would make the market freer (albeit poorer)…

  • John Stott

    I opted for private treatment last year for surgery. I had spent four years watching my wife slowly die whist under NHS “care”. Socialized medical care systems are marxist, one cap fits all and institutional in nature. Suggest or request alternative treatments and you are met with open hostility for daring to question. Apart from lack of choice for individuals suffering illness, the system is nothing but a captive market for pharma. It is a sink hole of public money that can never be filled. Staff, in the main, inflexible, institutionalised and union led by incompetent managers.
    With that off of my chest, this article links in for me with the “deaths” of homeopathic practitioners in the US. Too many for coincidence imho.
    Add to the fact that most people I know dread becoming hospitalised in the UK, and you have a beggars mess. I even know many NHS staff who choose private treatment and have health insurance. About the best advert for the NHS I can think of.

    • Licia

      good for you, you are free to opt for private healthcare and by the same token please let the manymany of us free to use “marxist healthcare”.

      • georgesilver

        I am happy for you to use your marxist healthcare as long as I am not forced to pay for it.

        • Licia

          your tale about your wife cannot be verified it is just a tale you choose to spin. Healthcare for all is the will of the majority of the european voters and taxpayers. I have many stories about rouge private health care but you should take my word for it and this is why it is pointless for me to report them. As I say, I enjoy “marxist” healthcare in Europe and so does the majority of the population.

          • John Stott

            Why would I lie? I have nothing to gain by lying.

          • MountainMan

            “Healthcare for all is the will of the majority of the European voters and taxpayers.”

            I sincerely DOUBT that; and you are a fine one to talk or lecture others about as private a matter as medicine. Rather, it was imposed from on high, as is everything else of social or economic consequence in the UK.

            You ordinary Brits, if that’s what you really are, are in in no more control of your political or racial fate than anybody else in the White world. The UK is nothing but a giant prison for Whites, while coloreds run wild in the streets and paint them with YOUR blood.

            What ever happened to that “stiff upper lip.”

          • Keith Liberty

            Fascism, Democracy, Communism and Socialism are destroying governments the world over today.

            I’ll take a Republic any day over mob rule or tyranny.

  • gomurr

    Thanks, but I’ll take my chances with homeopathy and natural medicine any day over Big Pharma.

    • Licia

      Good for you, I on the other hand am happy to make my own free choices.

      • gomurr

        The difference is, no one is trying to stop you from doing so.

        • Quisno Rodonovich

          those who want socialized medicine will soon have no health care it will be only for the super elite.

  • Licia

    I am so happy my country offers me “marxist” healthcare. ….as for you, please enjoy your freedom to have to pay for it whether you can afford it or not.

  • Kevin

    “ECONOMICS GOVERNS EVERYTHING’ – nothing more to be said – except perhaps that the entire medical fraternity is founded on an erroneous health philosophy and… If one’s philosophy is wrong – then we should expect that the practice will also be flawed.

  • MountainMan

    NHS is a death cult:–(

  • Bill Ross


    how ’bout:

    – restoring regular Sunday Interveiws
    – If you cannot provide more frequent content updates, at least have a daily aggregate of links from the ‘net supporting the DB paradigm

    just sayin…

    • Thank you for the feedback. Both are great suggestions which will implement as soon as possible!

  • hvaiallverden

    Fascinating debate, and it reeks of classical nee-darwinianism.

    Yeah, let fat f…. just die, huh, stink sweaty scums, isnt it so, “normal” ones, huh, whom thinks the present medic is an settled science, you ignorant morons.

    I have an spine injury, creeps, thats when you realize the scale of the scam called social medicine, to then blame to patients, is typical of ignorant freaks.
    This is nothing but fascism, period, an way of dealing with issues far from anything of whats actual, the fact that, and I use numbers from Norway, only.
    Norwegian health care manages to damage and injure, somewhere between 25 000 to 30 000, official numbers dont forget that, and from this, the deaths is separate and ranges from 5000 to 7000, the same as cancer.
    Of this, lots of them ends up poor and out, sick and unable to take any fight for justice, since we are living in an world of sick people whom have nothing else to do than hate others, from Muslims to the sick and the poor.

    And cancer, again they lie about the numbers, cancer is killing people mainly because of what you eat, and drink, work place and environment, since the numbers of smokers have steadily declines thru the decades, cancer have exploded, and what do you think our payed morons came up with why.
    Passive smoking.

    Medics to day is multi billion industry, and have nothing to do with health, its all about revenues, higher the better.

    Your hideousness regarding issues whom could be solved properly, like obesity, they various chemical compounds whom is doing it, but you refuse to debate anything, sugar, nope, not an word.
    But hey, lets drool some more hate about people, who’s life we dont have anything to do with, but encourage this to do something, instead an massive barrage of hate.
    You have an serious mental deflect inside your pathetic ex use of an brain.


    • Wade House

      Love your reply!
      The U.S. Healthcare System kills 488,000 per year…ADR’s Adverse Drug Reaction(s). Source: CDC.
      And damages another 2,000,000 per year.

      You are right about cancer though.

      All Natural is the way to go. Haven’t needed a hospital for over 18 years.

  • jerry hamilton

    This report is hogwash.
    The NHS are using cannabis oil as a cure.

  • bailintheboat

    Important read.

  • Octo

    So glad I left the UK in 1950 for Australia… You pommys have lost it BIG TIME!

    • Skeptic

      it’s not much better here – and getting worse daily

  • Johnny Jones

    Socialized healthcare does not make recommendations.

  • bailintheboat

    On a positive note…today. In the U.S.
    I have seen good doctors that will use all the free samples from pharmaceutical companies, all that they can get, to give to patients that would not normally be able to afford them.

  • Ticked Parent

    The left loves to kill people.