By Seizing the Definition of ‘Populism,’ Reuters Warns Us of Chaos to Come
By Daily Bell Staff - November 10, 2016

After Trump & Brexit, populist tsunami threatens European mainstream …  Back in May, when Donald’s Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election seemed the remotest of possibilities, a senior European official took to Twitter before a G7 summit in Tokyo to warn of a “horror scenario”.  Imagine, mused the official, if instead of Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, David Cameron and Matteo Renzi, next year’s meeting of the club of rich nations included Trump, Marine Le Pen, Boris Johnson and Beppe Grillo.  -Reuters

Back in June, we identified what has become an overarching elite meme: “populism versus globalism.”

We’ve never fully defined populism, and this Reuters article gives us an opportunity to examine the word and the context in which it is being used.

With Trump’s triumph over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, the populist tsunami that seemed outlandish a few months ago is becoming reality, and the consequences for Europe’s own political landscape are potentially huge.

In 2017, voters in the Netherlands, France and Germany – and possibly in Italy and Britain too – will vote in elections that could be colored by the triumphs of Trump and Brexit, and the toxic politics that drove those campaigns.

The lessons will not be lost on continental Europe’s populist parties, who hailed Trump’s victory on Wednesday as a body blow for the political mainstream.  “Politics will never be the same,” said Geert Wilders of the far-right Dutch Freedom Party. “What happened in America can happen in Europe and the Netherlands as well.”

We can see from these excerpts that “populism” is not seen by Reuters as positive description. In fact, the synonym in the above excerpt is “toxic.”

“Populism” is contrasted to the “political mainstream” as well. This informs us that populism is irregular, even aberrant. We are living through unusual times and populism is the result.

Watching the “populism versus globalism” meme advance is fascinating because it is such a significant positioning of propaganda.

We can see clearly that in many  ways mainstream media around the world is not at all hesitant to reveal the basic organizational structure behind it.

There is no way that populism – and, contrastingly, globalism – would appear ubiquitously in so many arenas without considerable unity among supposedly disparate media.

In other words, the organization behind this is formidable. It’s not just this one example either that provokes our observations. The powers-that-be were not shy about illustrating the essential linkages between publications during Trump’s election.

The mainstream sounded as one when it came to Trump. And top-down control was obviously evident, and commented on as well.

The emergence of “populism versus globalism” doesn’t just provide us with evidence of editorial control. Even more importantly it shows us how those who secretly run our societies find this sort of meme-making to be a priority because it anticipates trends and reinterprets them.

By beginning to disseminate the meme in the summer, elite media shapers were able to position fall’s narrative – Trump’s win in particular – within the larger context they’d already defined.

We would suggest that the wave of “populism” sweeping over the US and Europe is at heart a resurgence of a yearning for freedom that is obviously slipping away – not that there was much of it to begin with.

But the Internet has raised people’s consciousness about what they are losing, and why. As a result, more than ever, people are coming to understand the globalist narrative and are registering their disgust.

But this is NOT going to be how the mainstream media interprets what is going on. We can already see that people’s determination to shake off political, monetary and military control is going to be interpreted as essentially greedy and selfish.

We could see this interpretation emerge within the context of Trump’s increasing appeal. Over and over we were told that his support was “rural” and “white” – and that these individuals were flocking to Trump because they were feeling “left out” of the current prosperity and thus resentful.

Of course, one can interpret this trend much differently. Our perspective is that globalism is at fault here. Initiated and expanded by a tiny group of banking interests, globalism seeks to consolidate worldwide power with a tiny group of massive corporations, governments and technocratic leaders.

No wonder why so many people in the West feel left out. This vision provides them no room  to grow or prosper. In fact they are not – but their emotion at what’s occurring is perfectly reasonable and logical. We wouldn’t characterize it as resentment so much as rightful anger and frustration.

But Reuters and the other mainstream media have gotten here first and are busily redefining what’s taking place.

We’ve pointed out that the mainstream may be actively enhancing the meme now that they have gotten control of it.

The idea is to marry this emergent propaganda with “directed history” and create a series of economic and political disasters that can be directly (if illegitimately) linked to “populism.”

As populism is denigrated, globalism, in our view, will be uplifted. We’ll be subject to considerable contrasts between “toxic” populism and erudite – “mainstream” – globalism.

We’ve already indicated that we believe this meme is a cultivated one. We don’t believe that the sudden emergence of populism throughout the West is simply coincidental or even evolutionary.

We think this meme is being deliberately cultivated and that it is part of a larger Hegelian dialectic that is intended to reinforce globalism in the long-term. You can see some additional speculation here.

Here at DB we analyze elite memes, their significance and impact. It’s clear to us that the mainstream media is “out front” when it comes to defining “populism” and that there are forces urging it on.

The conclusion of the meme will probably involve a series of catastrophes that will further cultivate and expand globalism. It’s happened before, especially after the 20th century’s world wars. There is no real reason to think the playbook  has been significantly adjusted.

Conclusion: This meme is not only of the utmost importance, it is clearly warning us of considerable distress to come.

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  • Bruce C.

    Why is Trump’s election considered a “populist” movement when about 75% of the US doesn’t support it? Only about half the country voted and half of those who did wanted Clinton and her “globalist” agenda. Unfortunately Trump didn’t get the popular mandate that I hoped and thought he would, so I can foresee just about every effort of his being fought by the majority/Congress, etc. I frankly think this populist-globalist meme to be not only confusing but entirely unnecessary. What sense does it make to say that Trump’s agenda is so popular when it’s not? Doesn’t that make political resistance to it harder than need be?

    • Frank H.

      The USA is equally divided between those wanting “freedom” and and those who want to wear the “shackles” of the elite.

      • Bruce C.

        So you think the 50% who don’t vote are split on that too?

        • gringott

          IMHO they don’t vote for a variety of reasons, from sheep status to protest non-vote to couldn’t care less. The bottom line is they are willing to go with the flow. That is a vote in itself. It doesn’t matter what they want or think in the political sense, they tossed their influence when they didn’t vote.

          Silent and without influence in governance.

      • gringott

        Look at a voting map of the country. Minus the big cities, this is a freedom loving country. The cities are dependent class voting plantations that could not exist without the vast majority of the population of the land mass. Disrupt shipments into these hell holes, and they will depopulate very quickly. They produce little of actual value since the factories shut down.

        Detroit comes to mind. Chicago not far behind.

    • gringott

      Senator Rand Paul, reelected with over 57% of the vote:
      “I want a government so small I can barely see it!”
      Trump got over 62% of the vote in Kentucky.
      Gary Johnson/Tuesday Weld got 2.8%, the highest number I ever saw in a Presidential in Kentucky for the Libertarian ticket, with the least Liberatarians I ever saw, Johnson a libertartian leaning Republican and Weld a RINO who advised people to vote for Clinton.

      The Republicans took the House for the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the first time in almost 100 years, the Democrat Speaker lost not only the House to the Republicans but his seat as well. The Governor, the Senate and the House are now all in Republican hands for Kentucky.

      Both Federal Senators are Republican, granted McConnell is a RINO blowhard, but he controls the Senate.

      Kentucky now has exactly one Democrat Federal Representative [Louisville], all the rest are Republicans, and many are Constitutionalists and / or Libertarian leaning.

      Call it what you will, populism or whatever, the people don’t want the handout machine and corruption that comes with it, at least in Kentucky. They want jobs, freedom, no war, and no illegal immigration. They know the banks and huge corporations are running the show, and they don’t like it.

      If the Republicans betray us, as they have in the past, a new party will arise from the ashes. The sleeping giant known as the people have awaken.

  • JimSmith

    Perhaps global war and economic collapse to be blamed on “populists”?

    • Sebastian Puettmann

      There is that.

  • Tim Hadfield

    I am a proud populist.
    To hell with all the globalists!

  • autonomous

    “people’s determination to shake off political, monetary and military control”
    Much more descriptive of what’s happening than the term populism. Populism smacks of ‘You’re just a peon, you can’t really know the way the world works.’ America’s founders spoke to Americans as though they could and should, indeed they longed to shake off control. Today’s leaders almost always speak down to people, assuming that they want and need control, thus those who attempt to lead popular dissent don’t really think that people want liberty, what they really want is leaders who ‘really care’ about them. Does anyone think of them self as common? Humility is the rarest of attributes, therefore freedom is the rarest attainment.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Reuters is a government whore.

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    In German newspapers I see the same thing.

    They are not using the word “toxic” but instead are using comparisons with natural disasters.

    We hear of “a tsunami of populism”, “a wave of hate”, “a political earthquake”, of “fertile earth for Trumpism”.

    I can report at least one good fact which is that in the commentary section of the newspapers nearly of the people question these elite memes.

    People ask wheather “populism” does not just derive from the Latin word “populus” meaning “people” and wheather populism and democracy (rule by the people) are not in fact the same thing…

    Even when, for my part, the spirit of freedom is not yet strong enough I see at least a growing annoyance of this unnecessary word play by the political class.

    • Sebastian Puettmann

      I forgot the word ……nearly HALF of the people question these elite memes.

  • How very strange, DB, that you consider the mainstream in charge with command and control of anything worthwhile and leading in a new direction with any meme and/or movement. Playing catch up nowadays is akin to one being relegated to the lower divisions and reduced to server in the ranks taking orders and instruction.

    There a lot going on out there in the cyberspace place with MMORPG players and ARGonauts alike never hindered by being held hostage to past practices and prisoner to fortunes. And after processing one cannot plead ignorance and lack of shared knowledge aforethought when the future unfolding is previously told and a record of stealthy fact crazily mistakenly as fiction.

    • We believe in personal enlightenment a good deal more than mass movements or “political awakenings” Sorry.

      • No apologies needed, DB. The one invariably leads to the other always. It is just a matter of timing and places being arranged for presentation/realisation/virtualisation of those intellectual space exercises.

      • rahrog

        Don’t discount the awakening of individuals which can lead to movements. In the USA tens of millions of people have realized that their own government is working AGAINST them.

        Where this leads no one can no.

        Perhaps it will lead to a peaceful revolution that brings down The Ruling Class.

        In the meantime, SECEDE…SECEDE…SECEDE!!!

  • apberusdisvet

    Populism doesn’t come close to defining the present reality. It’s really an AWAKENING, folks. We have become aware that:

    l. the MSM is simply an indoctrination and propaganda virus
    2. Big Government is adverse to personal freedom, and its policies are not for the benefit of “the people”, but rather for more “control” whether through taxation or regulation.
    3. politicians are selected, not elected
    4. Wars only serve to cull populations and to further “elite” agendae; they have no other rational purpose.
    5. Central Banks are purposely destroying the global economy

    • Sebastian Puettmann

      Yes, politicians are “selected, not elected”.

      But it is obvious that politicians couldn’t rule without this army of beaurocrats, teachers and cultural attachés.

      And millions of them are not selected.

      They work according to their cultural values.

      If you change the culture, then you change politics (even if a few selected idiots would remain).

      In this regard, change realy can only come from within (even if a change of financial incentives away from the wellfare state surely wouldn’t hurt).

    • Michael Duberson

      Powerfully stated.

  • Black Swan

    ” In the art of propaganda, and in the daily business of public relations, a cardinal rule is if a problem emerges, it must be managed immediately. The trick is to quickly acknowledge and gain control of the new material, mitigating the damage by re-directing it in a beneficial way. This is known in the trade craft as ” block and bridge” Russell Baker

  • colin

    Reuters is controlled by the Rothschilds and controls Associated Press

  • Me Again

    “…without considerable unity among supposedly disparate media.”
    …or ignorance of the correct dictionary definition.

  • ICFubar

    “Populism” like any other ism can be co-opted by the power elites and used as a blind alley to bleed off anger and frustration for awhile with faux populist leaders such as Trump, Marine Le Pen, Sanders-Warrens and others. Or how can this billionaire really be equated with the likes of a Eugene Debs, Big Bill Hayward, a Huey Long or a MLK who came from the ranks of the populous. You’ll know a true populous leader when the state goes after him or her with the law or gerrymandering regardless of their ideologies. The rest are the machinations of the elites against the people in which ever form the people’s ideologies exist. Their’s is a game of wealth, power and above all control and they use the state and anything else of value in this quest.

    • Bruce C.

      So if Trump is assassinated in some way you’ll change your mind?

      What’s so ridiculous about what your saying is that you claim those people you cite really knew what they were talking about. But how could they, using your own logic?

      The problem is that most people have become so cynical that “greatness” is considered a fantasy. The notion that some people – at times a group of people say in late 18th century “America”, and especially successful people – could be as idealistic as “lesser” people like the ones you cited in the 20th is considered impossible. It’s a circular, no-win argument.

      Trump, as he says himself, is a messenger. Forget about Trump per se. Let’s see what Trump tries to do and the reaction to it. If he tries to do what he says he wants to do and his efforts are foiled then you will have your answer as to the real problem. If, on the other hand, Trump does not even try to do what he said then I’ll concede your claim.

      • ICFubar

        I agree with your wait and see but by the looks of it the Trump administration is filling up with elite sycophants and go fors instead of the America first patriots you might expect if ‘things’ were to be otherwise. Let’s meet back here in a year after inauguration and compare notes. Perhaps you are correct in that saner and cooler heads within the elite class, or the same heads have begun to realize that a game of brinkmanship with Putin and Xi Ping will only lead to disaster and the undoing of their plans. Perhaps they view a softer financial and economic infiltration as a better method in view of the socio-economic problems they have perpetrated by the instigation of their debt bubble and have decided on a new course of action in achieving their goal of a “new universal agenda” in a cooperative effort with the Resistance Bloc elites.

    • gomurr

      Trump isn’t a faux populist. His mission is to expose the corruption in our government, the UN, and the globalist agenda, and to stop it.

    • No More Neos

      Trump wants to upgrade globalism, which today is “based on a disproven theory put forward in the 18th Century by English free trade proponent David Ricardo, known as the Theory of Comparative Advantage, used by Washington to justify removing any and all national trade protectionism in order to benefit the most powerful “Global Players,” mostly US-based. Globalization destroys nations to advance the agenda of a few hundred giant, unregulated multinationals.”

      “It is free traders, not protectionists, who are living in the past and sticking their heads in the sand.”

      • ICFubar

        I agree and I guess I wasn’t that clear in my comment that Trump is not leading any popular revolt against the globalist. To make America “great” again we have to ask for who. I expect the wholesale privatization of anything that smells of money and what is left of the commons to the Wall Street financial and corporate vultures as prelude to national destruction. I look for eventually some sort of world taxation, world money, world policing and armed forces under the auspices of the UN with any dispersion on their altruistic concern for humanity as the ulterior motives of a corportocracy just conspiracy theory of course. I believe the Asian elites have been brought on board in some type of deal which should see a coming end to the economic and military confrontations and an end to the instigation of proxy regime change if Trump is the signal. Who needs the TPP if the “greatness” of the conditions in Asia can be recreated in America and throughout the west as the aftermath of a world depression.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    From Michael Rivero @

    “Remember when the Democrats were demanding that Trump graciously accept the results of the

    Here’s what a SHILL-ary Clinton win would have meant:

    SHillary, the Pope, the ‘City’ of London & the NWO/JWO (“Jew” World

    Be sure to read ALL the comments. Click on ALL the links. Read, view, listen to ALL content.

    Always remember. You can vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.

  • georgesilver

    Globalism or Populism? I’m not worried. I began following Opportunism a long time ago. In a World where the dinosaurs rule a little mammal like me follows the path of Opportunism. I urge others to do the same.

  • JohnnyZ
  • Elitism – or ‘unpopularism’ operates the sacrifice of life unto a god of false thinking that operates by coercion and deceit. Otherwise no one would have any to do with it. So it operates as a ‘mind’ by which mutually agreed ‘evils’ are raised to offer freedom from responsibility for one’s own consciousness within a felt relational world under a ‘protection racket’ of narrative control – which is simply mind-capture.
    In exchange for sacrificing your life and the trust of others in whom you live – you get an ‘identity’ that you are free to assert and express within permitted boundaries or along official lines.
    Identity politics is a replacement for a recognition of true identity in the giving and receiving of true witness – or honesty of being.
    Of course democracy is corruptible by the populist inducements of politicians and corporate cartels – such as to buy diversion or cupboard-love allegiance. But then they become obliged to keep offering inducements to stay electable. Negative inducements or penalties and fear of pain and loss operate then as upopular ‘neccessity’ – such as austerity that must be endured so as to facilitate the appeasement of the financial overlords who set up the indebtedness from the first – knowing that the ‘identity politic’ of envy, self-specialness, fear of shame and willingness to lie to save itself, could be harnessed to bait or drag everyone into its trap. “For they but do it to themselves of their own will – if they but knew”.

    And perhaps that last imagined truth is the key. Identify your correspondences of support and allegiance – INCLUDING apparent opposition – and release them from YOUR conscious participation and support. This of course has a behavioural aspect – but is primarily a RESUMING of the freedom of your being through the redeeming of false currency of definition.

    As long as you are framed in terms of what you hate or are against – are you ‘captured’ in a baited trap that draws tighter by seeking escape in ITS terms.
    We can do this to ourselves – and attract others to fill the roles that then serve us. You don’t have to see overwhelming power outside you – but a definition in powerlessness MUST do so. Break the allegiance with a false mind to renew a quality of power that is not hollowing out the heart to a polarized sense of control or opposition. The mind of self-justification is blindly obedient to the demand such self be supported and protected. But the ‘self’ is a baited trap – else it would not need to assert and seek external validation.

  • Q46

    ‘Imagine, mused the official, if instead of Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, David Cameron and Matteo Renzi, next year’s meeting of the club of rich nations included Trump, Marine Le Pen, Boris Johnson and Beppe Grillo. -Reuters’

    In the Land of the Elites there are no mirrors, no self-awareness. The point perhaps is Trump, Le Penn, etc would mean no rich club.

    When the will of the majority agrees with the elites = democracy, to be applauded.

    When the will of the majority disagrees with the elites = populism, to be decried.

    • Randy

      I believe you are right on this one…The left will find a way to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the machine of the conservatives. They just can’t stand that most people just don’t want to go along with their globalist ideas. Like the Clinton’ coming out in their purple attire after Hillary lost the election. This was their way of showing they will not go along with what the people want. They still think they need to SHOW THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY SHOULD DO ..A bunch of B.S. if you ask me but that is just my honest opinion….

  • Pitchman

    These folks are crafty and ignorance is their greatest weapon.

  • No More Neos

    The propaganda is becoming more obvious, isn’t it? Social media has usurped the power from MSM in controlling their narrow narrative to push a very narrow band of reality. The real problem is that globalism as it functions today is antiquated:

    “The dissection of the foregoing list of assumptions should make clear that while the theory of comparative advantage is a valid and useful tool of economic analysis, it is not the only point that economics has to make about who wins and who loses in international trade. It is simply not valid, even according to the theory itself, to use it as a rubber stamp to “prove” that 100% free trade 100% of the time with 100% of the world’s nations is good for America. That would only be true if all of the above assumptions were satisfied in reality, and they don’t even come close.

    In fact, the current form of globalization means that they get further away from being satisfied every day. In the 1950s, when these assumptions were much closer to reality, free trade may have been a winning move for America, but those days are long gone. IT IS FREE TRADERS, NOT PROTECTIONISTS, WHO ARE LIVING IN THE PAST AND STICKING THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND.”

  • No More Neos

    William Engdahl hits the nail on the head:

    “Those of you familiar with my thoughts on the economy will know I feel the entire concept of globalization, a term which was popularized under the presidency of Bill Clinton to glamorize the corporativist agenda that had just come into being with creation of the World Trade Organization in 1994, is fundamentally a destructive rigged game of the few hundred or so giant “global players. Globalization destroys nations to advance the agenda of a few hundred giant, unregulated multinationals. It’s based on a disproven theory put forward in the 18th Century by English free trade proponent David Ricardo, known as the Theory of Comparative Advantage, used by Washington to justify removing any and all national trade protectionism in order to benefit the most powerful “Global Players,” mostly US-based.

    The faltering US project known as Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership or the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is little more than Mussolini on steroids. The most powerful few hundred corporations will formally stand above national law if we are foolish enough to elect corrupt politicians that will endorse such nonsense. Yet few have really looked closely at the effect that surrender of currency sovereignty under the Euro regime is having.”

  • Toonces

    I would call it “globalism vs. humanism,” because, at its heart, globalism de-humanizes those not within the elite class and those not in favor of global arbitrate of human laborers.

  • Toonces

    I would call it “globalism vs. humanism,” because, at its heart, globalism de-humanizes those not within the elite class and those not in favor of global arbitrage of human laborers as mere tools.

  • alohajim

    The power of the MSM to shape the narrative as well as to redefine terms (change the meaning of words) is entirely dependent on the number of viewers and their individual mind set (how receptive the viewer is to the message). Presently it seems clear that both are waning – fewer people are listening and of those that do, many don’t believe it or pay it much attention.

    The problem lies in that the same message that the MSM trumpets is loudly and repetitively broadcast by the enforcement and ‘educational’ arms of the moneychangers – government and academia. Thinking adults who have realized that the media is a mouthpiece for TPTB can easily spot the lie/meme/obfuscation. TV watchers trying to ‘learn’ something not so much, and little Johnny receiving the same message at school not at all.

    Their ship is sinking. The media and schools are staffed by folks who must spew lies and disinformation (whether they realize it or not,) or their paychecks go bye bye. The worst possible thing for the media is for people to ignore it. This is far more damaging and deadly than any form of opposition and, as a tactic, this is routinely used against us.

    Look at what is completely ignored in our world by TPTB as if it’s some sort of big secret (sarc) – the history of and present day creation of money. Notice also how gold is routinely bashed, figuratively and literally by any number of ‘experts’ but no mention is ever made of silver.