Campaign Blows up Media and Politics as US Society Disintegrates
By Daily Bell Staff - October 14, 2016

Donald Trump Prepares New Attack on Media, Clinton … Donald Trump will broaden his attack against the media to hit globalism and the Clinton Foundation by charging that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is part of a biased coalition working in collusion with the Clinton campaign and its supporters to generate news reports of decades-old allegations from several women. -Wall Street Journal

The current presidential campaign is notable because the longer it goes on, the more it exposes the underlying reality of American society – a society that has been thoroughly penetrated by globalist control that is at odds with the fundamental nature of a republic.

This exposure is not taking place on a TV show or in a newspaper article. It is part of the evolution of a national presidential election that is galvanizing the US and exposing the real controllers of US society.

The longer the campaign continues and the more Trump is attacked, the more he fights back by speaking bluntly about the reality of America and its current sociopolitical and economic situation.

We have anticipated this in the past, pointing out that as globalists push toward their goals in the 21st century, people will increasingly turn to the Internet to find out what’s going on. Trump has actually speeded up this process.


Mr. Trump, defiant and enraged in speeches on Thursday, flatly denied charges he had made inappropriate advances on the women over the past three decades. As early as Friday, Mr. Trump is planning to claim that Mr. Slim, as a shareholder of New York Times Co. and donor to the Clinton Foundation, has an interest in helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to a Trump adviser.

Attacking the Mexican billionaire would allow Mr. Trump to hit several targets. He could slam the “failing” New York Times, which he says had to be “rescued” by a “foreigner”—Mr. Slim, the adviser said. The Slim family held about 17% of the New York Times Class A shares as of March, making them the largest individual shareholder. The Sulzberger family still controls the company, with more than 90% of the Class B shares. Mr. Slim and his foundation have given between $250,000 and $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation since its founding.

Trump has called Hillary Clinton a criminal and in the recent debate indicated he believed she should be in jail. Trump has also given publicity to women that former president William Clinton allegedly attacked sexually or raped.

In return, apparently, he has now been accused of having sex with a child. Trump has denied the charges emphatically, claiming they are lies.

One needs to search through all the presidential campaigns in US history to try to find a campaign presenting this sort of rhetoric and these sorts of accusations. The Drudge Report has run articles suggesting that the current presidential campaign is making Americans anxious. This is because the current political environment is abnormal … and unusually truthful.

In the past, those involved in politics were careful to sustain a semblance of propriety in order to preserve the credibility of the process. Meanwhile, the people behind the concept called the United States have used military and economic power to destabilize the world in order to generate a new “order” and that program is proceeding apace.

We tend to believe it is purposeful. Candidates for high office are surely vetted and selected by those who hold the real power in US society.  Thus what’s going on today was likely anticipated, if not approved.

As we pointed out here, elite memes and the manipulation of directed history are growing more to difficult to implement and sustain. The fallback is chaos and general destruction. If one is made to doubt everything, then allegiance to one’s society is lessened. It is easier to substitute and expand internationalism.

The media is playing its part in this larger unveiling, and this also informs us that the current chaotic truth-telling is deliberate.

The process of globalization must continue and the tearing down of what’s been built up throughout the West – including, science, art and technology – is taking place because it is the way free-market trends are counteracted.

Out of chaos … order. The idea now seems to be to tear down foundational elements of American society that have been painstakingly erected over the past century and more. The US as a society – and then as a culture – is to be destroyed to make way for something else.

There are plenty of hopeful people that believe someone like Donald Trump may restore America to a previous “greatness.” But one of the main reasons America was “great” was because of the dollar reserve currency, an artificial outcome of monopoly central banking installed by globalists.

The US in part was “great” because of an artificial monetary system installed by the same globalist element that has created the current presidential campaign with all of its chaotic revelations. Hillary’s health problems were well known to an inner circle before she won the Democratic nomination. The role of the media was no doubt discussed at length before the campaign began.

As hard as it is to confront, what’s going on now is not just coincidental or aberrant. There will be no “return” in our view though there may be other unanticipated consequences that will undermine the current globalist campaign including secession and individual free-market behaviors. These may make the planned global government harder to implement.

Conclusion: The current presidential campaign signals a new phase in elite destruction. Prudent observers of elite memes and “directed history” will take note that the planned upheavals in the West and the world will likely become more sustained and intense going forward. This is not just an election, it is likely a signal that a new globalist phase has begun.


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  • toddyo1935

    We walked outside WalMart yesterday. A booth was set up in Spanish language giving away Smartphones. Certain qualifications were needed. I understand Mr. Slim gets $10 for every Obamaphone handed out like candy.

    • Zaphod Braden

      I totally boycott CHINAmart. ANTI-American junk shop.

  • Earn nest

    Actually I believe it is the fiat/petro dollar that has ruined this country. But yes, point taken.

  • Samarami

    An additional major question: just how significant is the opinion of “the-people” in all this. In the event Trump “wins” (in spite of obvious and ostentatious suffocation of his campaign by mainstream media), where does this put — or what effect does it have upon — the agenda? Is Trump’s “win” is being orchestrated? If so, will the Brexit types and the Trumpsters docilely accept said agenda and acquiesce to (or clamor for) global currency and rulership?

    In other words, is all this overt trashing and thrashing of Trump being used as an inverse motivation to build up his “votes” by the ignorant masses — to further the agenda? Like the ill-advised but sometimes effective tactic of beguiling a small child by insising, “…don’t you eat this!…” (to get her to eat her supper)?

    If this is the subterfuge (and I do not doubt it), we are definitely dealing with Insanity as the Social Norm. Sam

    • Marten

      Amen Sam….Reality is a dream state of Spirit

    • Zaphod Braden

      Hillary is a bowl of SKITTLES that are ALL poisoned.
      Trump is a bowl of SKITTLES that a FEW are poisoned.
      Which bowl you going to eat from?

      • Samarami

        Me? I’m a-gonna abstain from beans. And skittles.


      • CandyKane

        Trump bowl.

      • FEEuser

        What if they gave an election and nobody showed up?

    • I concur with this view. Regardless the external agencies involved, I see the logical outcome of an insane foundation being laid bare – to be laid aside.
      Waking of sanity begins with the recognition of its opposite in one’s own correspondence of thought and relinquishment of this to align in a wholeness of being.

      Attempts to work out how events occur and whose agenda they serve can persist the blindness to what we are choosing to use them for and the effect we have from them. Reactive identity may be led to checkmate in various ways with the underlying presumption of a game that can be won. But the desire to align in sanity doesn’t give permission for such ‘thinking’ to run just because emotional or psychic triggers bait reaction. In fact it becomes useful to uncover such trigger points as ‘back doors’ or points of correspondence to own and change for a more aligned appreciation of one’s participance in life.
      An underlying insanity or dissociation and displacement, is that of trying to resolve an inner conflictedness by projecting it out and away – and then seeking to coerce and manipulate external outcomes as if to solve an internal contradiction.
      Just as the body heals of itself if allowed to align in its natural function, so does our mind of psychic emotional dissociation and misidentification. I see the revealing of our ‘minds’ to our awareness as bringing us back to core responsibility that cannot be escaped – while releasing a false set of responsibilities – and corresponding inadequacies – as not our business.
      The attempt to grab power of position over another must be the fear of having it taken back and one’s place lost. But first we each believe attack upon our own consciousness and hide the fact AS a changed or split sense of personal power to mask and manipulate as the mind in the world.
      In this sense a mind becomes a way to tune out from the hated and feared by tuning in to a masked deceit in which to gain a sense of temporary existence. But what we tune into is where we are tuning from – and an unwatched or unconscious focus of fear and self depreciation can only access the ‘channel’ of conflicted defences and false presentations.
      The understanding or recognition of consciousness is not in order to change others or the world – but it cannot NOT change our perceptions and responses to both.
      The sense that ‘truth will out’ is also that the lie will not remain hidden – whatever confusions arise for its protection. Insanity may be accepted as normal – but that does not make it natural. But it is natural to question allegiance to the subordination or sacrifice of the nature of our being to an insanity – however socially pervasive or compelling in its triggering of conditioned response – that we tend to think within – rather than open perspective upon.
      An identity set in reaction to unquestioned belief cannot and will not allow anything else in. But pain within meaninglessness cannot but undermine the willingness to persist in and protect such identity and a willingness for true can allow a quality of Life to move us that insane thinking cannot provide or abide in. For a wholeness of being is not a part of insanity – and yet works to re-integrate the true while releasing the false. But no one can change a choice they are unaware of making.

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    I can recommend a powerful talk about political correctness, hate speech laws and the alternative digital media.

    Gad Saad, evolutionary behavioural scientist, has on his show psychologist Jordan Peterson.

    You’ll find it on YouTube.

  • gamathers

    Hillary is a known sociopathic pathological liar. Donald Trump is still a big question mark.

  • Jurgen . D. Beck

    To Samarami
    Good point…yet if I was American , I would gamble on Trump. We all , (or at least most of us ) know the Clintons are scum…with Trump we might have a 50/50 shot at eliminating /changing American corruption…

  • Randell Young

    Are you one of those poor souls
    still arguing about how to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic? Isn’t it time
    you came out from under the ether and acknowledged the obvious?

    The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave is Gone With the Wind.

    Welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of Norte Mexico (Land of the Freeloader, Home
    of the Handout-Seeker)… a once free and prosperous nation now paralyzed by
    Stockholm Syndrome even as it’s plundered by Fascist Functionaires and
    terrorized by the Federales Nortenos.

    Do you really believe a population so deluded as to allow a government so completely
    corrupt, incompetent and despotic that it amasses $20 trillion in debt without even
    a single public works project to show for it; allows and even encourages
    (through the militarization of local police) more than 80,000 SWAT raids per
    year on the homes of citizens virtually none of whom are actual dangerous
    criminals; and spends $100 billion per year on a so-called Department of
    Education (and guarantees $1.3 trillion in student loan debt) when it would
    only take a one-time investment of $1 billion to put all university-level
    courses online and available for free to all citizens has any chance whatsoever
    of turning around the sinking ship they are riding into the abyss?

    Wake up! The USA is DEAD and STINKIN!

    If you keep trying to rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking ship, you’ll
    regret it… maybe not today… maybe not tomorrow… but soon and for the rest of
    your life.

    Let it go. Not your desire to be free, just your desire to be free in a country
    which no longer values or respects freedom. You will feel better almost

    “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” – Benjamin Franklin

    In this crazy, mixed-up world where the alleged Land of the Free has the
    highest incarceration rate of any country, the inhabitants of Prison Planet cry
    out for some small corner of the Earth where health, wealth and happiness might
    be pursued unburdened by the Dictates of Oligarchs or the Tyranny of the

    That land, that dream, that nation, we call… Libertalia!

    Rejoignez la résistance! (Join the Resistance!)

    That’s us…

    • Don Duncan

      “…the inhabitants…cry out for some small corner…”? I think you mean 1-2% “cry out”. The rest worship the state, i.e., the idea of a state, with rulers/ruled.
      I spent the last 62 years (since I was 12) trying to live as free as possible in an unfree world. A small corner of voluntarists would draw me like an oasis draws a thirsty traveler.

  • lois

    There is an enemy within our government/institutions that want to destroy this white European created/founded nation known as the United States Multiculturalism of peoples we have nothing in common, is the tool of the ungodly communist.

    We must close our borders, our seashores to those that we have nothing in common. STOP IMMIGRATION, LEGAL and ILLEGAL.

    • Eauboy

      Lois, your paranoia plays right into the hands of the “enemy within our government/institutions…” Multiculturalism is inherently neither ungodly or communistic. Indeed, it contributed immensely to a glimmer of hope for humanity to flourish and prosper within the American bastion of freedom. Collectivism comes in many colors. Communism and fascism are two of those. Those espousing locking up borders and particularly those who believe only the white race is the “chosen culture”, typically fall under the fascist umbrella. While it’s true a group of white Europeans were the major constituents in the founding of the country, their reasoning was to create a place on earth where people of all cultures could freely enjoy the fruits of their labor and thereby foster healthy development for all mankind. Your narrow mindedness runs parallel to those on the left whose arguments stem from sound bites and propaganda, with very little – if any – knowledge of history and free market economics, nor with any interest in acquiring such knowledge, if it doesn’t agree with their agenda. I find it so interesting that people in favor of closed borders don’t realize that while it’s true closed borders would keep people out (logistically an improbability), it also locks the “sheeple” in. If and when that happens, I hope I’m waving to you from outside the “gulag”.

      • lois

        The white Europeans developed this country for their kindred. We’re to help our kindred, our elderly, disabled.

        Communism and fascium is lack of individual freedom.
        Each people, in their country should work for individual freedom. Why aren’t third world peoples working to make their countries free?

        The serpent seed/satan’s mantra is TURMOIL. Multiculturalism is a tool of the UNgodly communist.

        What the ungodly is doing is forming the one world government/order…..the BEAST.

    • FEEuser

      This comment deleted.

  • Sam Fox

    ” Candidates for high office are surely vetted and selected by those who hold the real power in US society. Thus what’s going on today was anticipated and even approved.”

    0blameUS was never publicly vetted. If he was, I can’t find when, who or where that took place. I have looked several times. I’ll look again for kicks & giggles & see if something was finally put up. I am sure his handlers already knew they could make him more corrupt than he already was, that’s why they installed him. They may have vetted 0, but in secret. John McManchurian was vetted because he was born in Panama.

    Time out. 😉 I’ll open a new tab & do a look & get back.

    Here is one article I found that again exposes fringe stream media bias & mentions a bit about 0’s not being vetted.

    I also found an article at NewsMax that says 0 was not properly vetted.

    Here is a Media Matters cover story that doesn’t prove 0 was vetted though by way of presumption & speculation it says 0 was vetted. I left a comment.

    I also looked a Wikipedia article on 0. No mention of him being vetted unless I missed it.

    As an aside, I also found some news about some of 0’s earlier background.


  • apberusdisvet

    We are being hit by two freedom antithetical memes: the first is cultural marxism (otherwise soft pedaled as progressive liberalism) with the agenda of destroying the nuclear family, moral standards, and organized religion. The second is corporate fascism and the agenda of global totalitarian control. That these two coexist to destroy us is an amazing political and social dynamic. Each has its own means of destruction, whether it be Cloward-Piven Strategy for the Marxists or the neocon warmongering of the Fascists. Both have equally strong propaganda from a captured media. Too many still think we have a two party system; it’s really just one folks.

  • Bruce C.

    “The current presidential campaign signals a new phase in elite destruction.”

    True, and I’ll add that when Trump not only wins the Presidency but wins by a margin few people today would believe, they will be destroyed even more. No matter the outcome (but Trump will prevail) the cat is out of the bag concerning at least three major “institutions”: BOTH political parties are discredited and will crumble; the MSM is discredited by lacking any level of honesty, objectivity or pro-American interests; and that the Federal government is entirely corrupt.

    • Don Duncan

      True, but what then? What will people do in their disillusionment? Will states secede? Will they form regional alliances? Will the Feds pull a “Lincoln”? Will the US become more socialist in some states, less in others? Or will the NAP be adopted somewhere? Let’s hope for the latter.

      • Bruce C.

        It remains to be seen what people will “do” about it, but one thing for sure is that they will be less able to control because they will doubt, question, or dis-believe so much, especially anything coming from official and mainstream sources. Hopefully Trump is wise enough – and genuine enough – to council and appeal to the people to garner the political mandate and support and PROTECTION that he will need to stop or implement what he will probably see to do.

        One secret in all of this is that the “ruling class” actually isn’t powerful in the true sense of the word. They require the permission, enabling, compliance, cooperation, etc. from many others. Their power resides only to the extent that others support it. Therefore, when the political winds change so will their support system.

      • FEEuser

        What then? Spontaneous order. Life goes on.

  • eyesofgod

    You folks have got it right. Signs of the times. HOWEVER, we need to play a very different game (or games)–and definitely NOT theirs! As many games that bring us together, as many that allow us our freedoms, allow us to gather in small groups and create genuine cooperative community, grow our own food, share our energies locally, avoid as many of their bureaucratic rules and regulations that restrict our lives as possible. We should all be heartened by this: ( In short, we need to invest in each other–LOCALLY! I’m getting some of the best news on the net from Blessings!

    • FEEuser

      That’s why people need to stop paying attention to the doings of the federal government and D.C. Just refuse to pay attention to them. Stop voting in “national” elections. Don’t go to the polls. Just shut them out of your consciousness to the maximum extent possible. Don’t discuss the national elections with your friends.

  • gmatch

    Democracy was dead the day the division of power died, when the justice system became complicit with the legislation and the representative power of the presidency.

    • FEEuser

      I disagree. Freedom died before the ink was dry on the US Constitution. “Democracy” was, and has NEVER been an option for a free people. Democracy is a FRAUD.

      As Hans-Hermann Hoppe has written, ““Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.”

      See also: Hans-Hermann Hoppe, ed., The Myth of National Defense: Essays on the Theory and History of Security Production, esp. Section 2, chap. 5: Is Democracy More Peaceful than Other Forms of Government?

      • Marten

        Democracy= Mobocracy…..

  • Linda MacLeod Goodman

    What evidence is there that Donald Trump was vetted? By all appearances he is not helping the advance of globalization.

  • Perhaps one of the best DB articles ever. Well done.

    My ONLY quibble, (and it’s a quibble, albeit an important one) is “…one of the main reasons America was “great” was because of the
    dollar reserve currency, an artificial outcome of monopoly central
    banking installed by globalists.”.

    While true, it ignores what came before it, which was that the USA had the old English system of Common Law still in force (as opposed to the current lawyer-controlled statutory system), and a classical gold exchange standard.

    Those two things allowed for a robust and capable middle class, and industrialists to thrive by bringing desired products to market.

    The true wealth of nations is the productive capacity of the people. By corrupting the courts (who’s only real purpose should be enforcement of contracts and settling of disputes) and corrupting the money and price of money, the crony capitalists and lawyers have managed to sow the whirlwind. Soon, they will reap.

    • Crony-Corporatists (The 21st Century word for Fascists.)
      There, I fixed it for you.

      • I’ll quibble again and say Crony-Corporatist is redundant. 😉

        • Agreed. Since each and every corporation is licensed and protected from liability by some government, somewhere, it WILL DO what that government says (including bribes) or be closed down.

          But the redundancy can be informative to underscore the true nature of the relationship.

      • Carl McWilliams

        Dennis you are correct, “Crony-Capitalism” is the equivalent of Fascism/Mercantilism.

  • john mcginnis

    Problem with this analysis. America became the pre-eminent economy BEFORE the USD became the global reserve currency. By 1890 the US economy was already larger than the british common market and second only to the larger europen economies as a whole. At the end of WWI the US had surpassed even that mark due to the military devastation. Bretton Woods was signed in July 1944. Being the reserve currency only fortified what had already been built.

    • FEEuser

      True. Even BEFORE WWI, there was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, a watershed in not only US, but worldwide monetary policy, meant to give the bankers a stranglehold on the world’s money supply. Greatest business decision the banksters ever made, a virtual coup d’état, and the greatest financial crime in the history of the world. (See: G. Edward Griffin and his book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”).

      The Allies of WWI became very heavily indebted to American banks as a result of their running out of money and their dire need for credit for the purchase of additional armaments and supplies. J.P. Morgan & Co. played a key role in financing of the war with huge loans to the Allies. According to Wikipedia, J.P. Morgan, Jr. “made the first loan of $12,000,000 to Russia. In 1915, a loan of $500,000,000 was made to France and Britain following negotiations by the Anglo-French Financial Commission.” (See: J.P. Morgan, Jr.).

      Other bankers also made large loans to the Allies. Wikipedia: “Morgan organized a syndicate of about 2200 banks and floated a loan of $500,000,000 to the Allies. The British sold off their holdings of American securities and by late 1916 were dependent on unsecured loans for further purchases.” Morgan’s (and the US) financial leverage over the Allies should be obvious.

      President Woodrow Wilson acquiesced in the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, despite its extreme dangers. He also dutifully sent Americans into battle to “protect” the “loans” of these gamblers (thereby violating his campaign pledge, “He kept us out of war”), though publicly he would dissemble with the preposterous evasion, “to make the world safe for democracy.” No doubt, they marched into Wilson’s office and squawked that they were “too big to fail” (sound familiar?) and reminded Wilson of their support for his presidential campaign and damned well expected to get something back for it in their time of crisis.

      Still others were, shall we say, a bit more creative, opportunistic and enterprising than the stodgy J.P. Morgan, Jr., e.g., Samuel and Prescott Bush, Scull and Bones, etc. (See: Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty, by Roger Stone, Part Two: Chapters 10-13).

      Still, the author’s theses that “the people behind the concept called the United States have used military and economic power to destabilize the world in order to generate a new “order” is still quite well founded (not saying that you dispute any of that).

      In other words, the US is using the threat of military force and economic ruin to “persuade” world economic actors to play ball with them.

      Now that the Internet Reformation is on, the meme which justifies all this skullduggery is breaking down fast in the face of reality breaking through the lies, and the power elite is getting more desperate than ever to breathe new life into it, and to threaten those who would challenge it. The stakes are going up, and the game is getting more dangerous.

  • Vorant

    Sadly there will be only one way any of this will be resolved in the average “working” man’s favor and it won’t be through the ballot box.

  • FEEuser

    I especially like the part about,

    “There will be no “return” in our view though there may be other
    unanticipated consequences that will undermine the current globalist
    campaign including secession and individual free-market behaviors. These
    may make the planned global government harder to implement.”

    Emphasis on the word, “secession.”

    Chaos theory and spontaneous order have never held such promise.


    Why is Trump being abandoned by his own party?? Never has a nominee been attacked, and unsupported by his own party. Why is the media almost totally opposed to Trump?? Money, the money. Firstly, most of the media, both print and electronic, are owned by Elitist billionaires, who are in bed with the Global Banking Union Consortium, which includes the City of London, the District of Columbia, the Global Central Banks, and the IMF. These all are ungodly groups who control the wealth of all nations, and are not a part of any nation. Secondly the greatest desire for the Elitists is the control of the masses, with a One World Digital Currency, controlled from One
    Central Location, and with a personal Mark of identity, without which no one can buy or sell. This
    of course leads to One World Government. This will bring the United Nations to the forefront of being the puppet of the Elitists, Environmentalists, and will use International Armies and Police Forces to maintain order on pain of Gulags or death. The belief of some of these Elitists are on record of stating that the ideal world population should be approx. 2 billion people. Hmmm, you write the next paragraph!!!! Trump is not of this Elite group. Hillary Clinton is. Thirdly,Trump has promised to break up the corrupt “old boys club” of all Republicans and Democrats, Senators and Representatives, Pentagon General Staffs, who are recipients of the Lobbyist largess of the massive kickbacks, contracts, overruns, and re-specifications of contracts of the nations largest
    conglomerates, and Foreign Nations. Always follow the money. There are three main demands
    of ungodly mankind 1. Love of money 2. Sex 3. Control of the masses.

    • william readling

      Trump has not been abandoned by the republican party, he’s been abandoned by the so called leadership, the RNC. The memebership of the party is behind him.

  • Linda MacLeod Goodman

    “Candidates for high office are surely vetted and selected by those who hold the real power in US society. Thus what’s going on today was likely anticipated, if not approved.” I see only evidence that the opposite is true – an unplanned populist movement. Nearly all the “unofficial” polls show Trump leading with massive landslide numbers. Some online polls, with a cross-section of readers: TIME Magazine – Trump: 90%; ABC – Trump: 70%; MSNBC – Trump 84%. even liberal sites like Buzzfeed – Trump 87%; and Variety – Trump: 64%. Meanwhile official polls show a consistent statistical tie. Guess which ones the globalist media calls “garbage”?

  • saintgeorge5

    If we think, that anything is going to change our dirty politics we are living “Cloud cuckoo Land.” Regime change and hegemony will remain. President Eisenhower’s warning about “Military Industrial Complex” will always come true.

  • tommy 3step

    JAIL THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!! check this out …. Reports: “Quid Pro Quo” Discussed Between State and FBI in Hillary FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • JohnnyZ

    DB: “The process of globalization must continue and the tearing down of what’s been built up throughout the West – including, science, art and technology – is taking place because it is the way free-market trends are counteracted.”
    I maintain that “science” and “art” in the West (and in the (ex) communist East) are as fake and directed as the phony political process. Their falsity is revealed in the same way as the truth about the political and economic order is revealed.

  • JohnnyZ

    “Prudent observers of elite memes and “directed history” will take note that the planned upheavals in the West and the world will likely become more sustained and intense going forward. This is not just an election, it is likely a signal that a new globalist phase has begun.”
    Rings true to me.