Canada Investigates “Climate Change Deniers”
By The Daily Bell Staff - September 28, 2017

No scientific fact is ever settled beyond dispute. Challenging the status quo is the best way to ensure scientific findings are as accurate and truthful as possible.

It’s great that in the scientific community, you are always free to disagree. In fact, it is encouraged!

Just kidding!

When it comes to climate change, you better tout the official story or keep your mouth shut.

It started when the global warming alarmists started saying, “Case closed! No more debate!” Of course, that was before they changed it to climate change. I guess it wasn’t so cut and dry after all.

Then they moved on to alienating and ruining the careers of anyone who disagreed or even tried to discuss it rationally. They treated you as a pariah if you even questioned the “fact” that humans caused climate change. Heresy!

They label people who question the reliability of the data “climate change deniers.” In reality, I don’t know anyone who denies that the climate changes. The debate is whether humans caused the climate to change. And the data that says it was humans is not reliable at all, especially since those promoting it have such an obvious agenda–more government control.

Now it is moving beyond criticism for those heretic deniers of the gospel of climate change. Government agencies are now policing organizations’ opinions and findings on climate change.

Canada spent 14 months investigating a source of “climate change denial research”. The investigation was discontinued only because of limited resources of the Competition Bureau. Yes, Canada has a Competition Bureau.

Canada’s Competition Bureau, an arm’s length agency funded by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to the tune of almost $50 million annually, investigated three organizations accused of denying mainstream climate science for over a year, following a complaint from an environmental group.

The bureau discontinued its 14-month probe in June, citing “available evidence, the assessment of the facts in this case, and to ensure the effective allocation of limited resources”, according to Josephine A.L. Palumbo, Deputy Commissioner of Competition, Deceptive Marketing Practices Directorate.

But it will re-open its investigation should it receive relevant new information from the public.

The groups investigated were the Friends of Science, the International Climate Science Coalition, and the Heartland Institute. Friends of Science said they regretted that the Competition Bureau had to waste time and money investigating a non-issue.

But of course, the investigation itself was the punishment. It is meant to send a message to the organization that they have become targets of the government. They are on watch for standing in the way of the climate change agenda. It is a global effort of governments to step in to save humanity, by enslaving them. Unless we cede all control of our land, businesses, food, and fuel to governments, humanity is doomed, they say.

But the investigation also sends a message to the ignorant public. It says, don’t pay attention to these people. They cannot be trusted, the government doesn’t even trust them! Disregard what they say, an investigation is as good as guilt.

Truth Stands Without Threats

Even if you believe 100% that humans caused climate change, why do we need the government to enforce this belief? Won’t that just raise more red flags about how desperate they are to get people to only hear one side of the science?

People concerned about the environment are putting obstacles in their own way by refusing to engage with the opposition. If they had come at the issue truthfully and without malice, they would probably have gotten more accomplished. But their tactics of intimidation cast doubt on their goals.

There are still a bunch of people running around saying the earth is flat. This is one of the easiest “scientific” theories to disprove. The evidence is just overwhelmingly against the idea that the earth is flat.

So should we get the authorities to investigate these spherical earth deniers? Should we attempt to silence them? No. Who cares if they want to waste their time spouting the theory that the earth is flat. And honestly, it is probably better to listen to what they have to say before ruling anything out. Consider the data. And let the truth stand on its own legs.

No matter how asinine a scientific theory may be, there is no reason to silence the people who disseminate it. Let the truth speak through the data. Debate, don’t censor.

It just so happens when it comes to climate change, there is still plenty to debate. But that discussion can’t happen when one side or both don’t want to listen because of emotional, political, and ideological reasons.

Worse when a government picks a side and uses their power to investigate climate change denial. Last time I checked it wasn’t a crime to deny a scientific theory. But they still waste taxpayer money on this.

Even investigations can stifle free speech. This is especially true in an emerging climate where the media uses investigations as proof of guilt. Just look at Hillary or Trump being investigated by the FBI. Regardless of the truth, how many people from the opposition used the investigation alone as proof of guilt?

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • georgesilver

    “Challenging the status quo is the best way to ensure scientific findings are as accurate and truthful as possible.”
    So why is it against the law in many countries to discuss the Holocaust?

    • Cretins Bezoar

      Because the Zionists are deathly afraid they’ll be found out to be the BS artists that they are.

    • PJ London

      No no you have to discuss it endlessly. Just not bring any truth or accuracy into the discussion.
      “Are you all sitting comfortably children? Now once upon a time long long ago in a country called Germany, the Devil appeared……”

      • georgesilver

        You obviously believe truth needs a law to protect it but you wrap it in disparaging words making any real discussion seem a waste of time. LOL.

        • PJ London


        • J Peters

          Your sarcasm detector needs some adjustment.

        • Glenn Festog

          Actually, PJ’s statements generally show that it is “official lies” that need “laws” to protect them. Try reading his posts without using a mirror, cause you got that one backwards! Lol

  • Number 6

    Wow they are really getting desperate to push this fraud, its rapidly turning into the Spanish inquisition. Instead of investigation “Climate change deniers” how about Canada investigates “Basic Physics deniers” who are receiving trillions of dollars from fraudulent carbon tax schemes ?

    • Number 6

      Ive posted this previously but to reiterate how anti science the whole anthropogenic global warming or the far more ambiguous climate change scam is consider the following fundamental LAWS of physics.

      Greenhouses from where the ORIGINAL name of this scam got its name, work by the blocking of convection ie hot air rising and cooling, the glass allows the body of air inside the greenhouse to receive the maximum exposure to the suns infrared radiation, this same glass blocks this heated air from rising and cooling, leaving the air inside the greenhouse exposed to further warming. CO2 is a gas a trace gas constituting a meagre 0.038% of the earths atmosphere at that, it is not a solid in any way shape or form so it cant possibly block hot air rising.

      besides Internal reflection of infrared radiation cannot possibly be responsible for the EXTRA heat inside of a greenhouse, as this would violate the first LAW of Thermodynamics and constitute the creation of energy from nothing, its akin to claiming that if you pour warm water into a mirrored thermos flask and leave it for long enough it will eventually boil all on its own, by virtue of its own internally reflected heat, i.e. its utterly ludicrous.

      Furthermore CO2 like all gasses is homogenous in our atmosphere, so it cant reflect infrared radiation or anything else for that matter as reflection and refraction only occurs at the boundary between layers. ie Glass meets air, air meets water ect ect ect NEVER within a medium.

      Even if a homogenous trace gas could reflect infrared radiation which it absolutely cannot, the idea that heat could be reflected off CO2 molecules in the colder upper troposphere (roughly -1oC per 100m) to warm the lower WARMER troposphere, would defy the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the total entropy of an isolated system can only increase over time. This can be expressed in many ways but to put it simply, energy will only flow from a higher energy system to lower energy system NEVER the other way round, example a hot radiator will heat a cold room, but a cold room will not heat a hot radiator. Reflection of heat from the COLDER upper troposphere to the WARMER lower troposphere would clearly constitute heat transference from a colder to a hotter system. In short the idea that CO2 is responsible for the earths temperature is utter nonsense witch clearly defies several basic and fundamental laws of Physics.


      • RED

        One of the better refutations of anthropogenic global warming or climate change that I have seen in this kind of forum. The junk science promotions are demonstrably false.

        • Number 6

          Thanks Mate 🙂

      • john cummins

        I didn’t read all of the above but I work in a greenhouse and with plants and CO2 is food for plants. We used to take and add extra C02 to the bases of our tomatoe plants to help them grow MORE. What is wrong with these goofy globaldee, “scientists”. It’s all GoreBaloney.

        • Number 6

          Indeed ALL Life is Carbon based, CO2 is plant food and atmospheric CO2 levels of 0.038% is very low, plants have to work extra hard to get the CO2 they need out of the atmosphere. Back before the beginning of last ice age in the Jurassic period CO2 levels were nearly 10 times the level they are today and earth was covered in lush tropical forests and life was thriving. In the depths of the ice age when London and New york were under a mile of ice and there was very little life on earth what wasn’t covered in ice was water and CO2 deprived deserts, CO2 was at 0.018%. More CO2 simply means more life, and they have the audacity to teach people this is a bad thing, they’re sick in the head, and their virtue signalling, amateur environmentalist followers utter morons (not to be confused with intelligent people who care about the environment)

          • DonRL

            You transitioned from being against the climate change nonsense and right into being for the evolution nonsense. All with, I assume, a straight face!!??

          • Number 6

            Where exactly did I say I was for or against the theory of evolution ? Thats right nowhere !

          • DonRL

            You mentioned millions of years.
            Creation was only about 6,000 Years ago.

    • john cummins

      It’s because it is the heart of their religion. These atheists worship…well, themselves…the “deniers” want to deny them of totalitarianism, this irks them and gets under their skin and attacks their false gods.

      • Number 6

        Im not religious altho I wouldn’t call myself and out an out Atheist, I believe in some kind life of after death, you’d have to be pretty shallow to believe you just die when you die, it would render life meaningless and the existence of anyone who believed that pointless. But fake science such as Global warming and including other physics defying quackery such as Quantum physics, is the new religion and I think its by design, what better way to make people believe your new religion than to pretend its real science.

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          “…you’d have to be pretty shallow to believe you just die when you die, it would render life meaningless and the existence of anyone who believed that pointless.”

          I am an avowed, explicit atheist because I acknowledge the metaphysical fact that reality, i.e. existence, is monistic, i.e, it is thoroughly material. It is not dualistic, i.e. it has no supernatural, i.e. immaterial, spiritual dimension, and that such a dimension is a metaphysical impossibility, for without matter–right down to its sub-atomic particles, there is no existence.

          An immaterial entity is one devoid of matter, therefore, devoid of specificity, i.e. having a specific nature and consequent characteristics and capabilities, i.e. an identity; therefore, it is no entity at all. An immaterial entity, including “spiritual” entity, e.g. an immortal soul does not and cannot exist.

          Consciousness is a faculty made possible by the integrated functioning of our brain, nervous system and sensory organs. When one dies, one’s brain dies, along with all of its integrated systems, and one’s faculty of consciousness shuts down. That is the absolute end of one’s life.

          This reality of the absolutism of death does not at ball necessarily render one’s life meaningless and pointless. The mistaken belief that it does is based upon a false dualistic notion of reality.

          There is no need at all for any existential angst, for one is free to choose to give one’s life meaning by the values, i.e. those things that one seeks to gain and/or keep, that one chooses to conceive and pursue throughout one’s life–a productive career, companionship, a good education, travel, etc.

          Shallow “thinking” really consists of willfully and continually committing the Fallacy of Re-Writing Reality by complacently and incorrigibly subscribing to dualistic metaphysical view of reality, a view that results in self-delusion and a persistent state of ignorance.

          • Number 6

            If something doesn’t have dimension it doesn’t exist ! Infinity doesn’t exist it has no dimension, fraudulent blackholes don’t exist a singularity has no dimension. Emotions and consciousness exist therefore they must have dimension, you seem to be claiming there is no emotional dimension there is only a physical spacial dimension. When you look at an object does that object exist in your mind or in reality or both ? when you and someone else looks at an object does it exist in your mind the other persons mind in reality or all three ? It seems to me very contradictory for the likes of Dawkins to say objects we perceive are only in our minds and then to say they only exist in reality, he cant seem to make up his “Mind” which it is.

            The truth is You cant have one without the other. Imagine a universe where there were no “conscience” minds to perceive it, either from within or from without, for eternity. Such a universe would not exist ! And you couldn’t prove that statement wrong without violating the terms of that statement. So if a universes existence is dependant on perception, how can you discount it or relegate it to a distant second place ?

            What part of the brain is responsible for consciousness ? Nobody knows the brain is still very much a mystery regardless of what any scientist looking for Nobel prise claims, its still a long long way off from not being a mystery. Now suppose they finally do resolve this question, what then ???? Presumably there is some kind of DNA sequence which makes up this component of the brain, what are the chances of that sequence being repeated somewhere in the vastness of the universe, that would constitute life after death wouldn’t it…..

            You say believing in an afterlife is a state of ignorance, what could be more ignorant than saying “when you die you die and thats it end of discussion !”

    • or the Salem witch hunts ?

  • Rosicrucian32

    I admit it, it was my 1973 F100 pick up with the bad muffler, it had excessive carbon emissions and I caused it all………………I know the NSA has the data to back me up.
    Seriously, the sun will continue to expand and swallow the earth, the volcanos in the mean time will continue to periodically spew when the pressure becomes excessive in the lower mantel of the Earth, and China and India will never stop blowing crap in the atmosphere until Russia stops first.
    Screw the FROGS and screw the climate accord, and screw “warmers and the climate changers”. You have no data except for the stuff that was fabricated so poor scientists could keep their grants and chase college girls. The grant money they spent didn’t provide real science, it provided quarter beers and hot wings to 18 & 19 year old girls with sub 70 IQ’s who were failing in weed out courses. A few ended up increasing the population because the grant money WASN’T spent on prophylactics…….. and that will be a vicious and unending circle…

    • john cummins

      I went to a seminar where the head of our chemistry department was challenged by me on florochlorohydrocarbons and what was causing “the problems” and if it were a consensus…He exploded and said, “well some people think that volcanoes could cause holes in the atmosphere (not aeresols and freon as he was suggesting), but (guffaw, guffaw, guffaw) we know better” AND “even if getting rid of freon hurts the GDP by 25%, we don’t care because we get this big grant”…Again, not kidding.

      It’s just like the government school hack teachers. I once went to a local city/county meeting where all these so-called “teachers” had buttons that said “kids count”. I turned and asked one of the teachers what this meant. He immediately answered with no hesitation, “It means we need higher pay”. I said, “thank you, that’s what I thought it meant”.

    • PJ London

      You think you feel bad?
      I sold my SUV, went electric and now the earth is entering a new Ice Age.
      I have destroyed humanity, the sixth extinction event and it is all my fault.

  • RED

    Those who engage in the false promotion of man made global warming are:

    • a more realistic and valid point !

    • Number 6

      Yes top stuff Red I think whenever someone writes “climate change denier” in an article or forum everyone should immediately reply with “NATURAL CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER” and neutralise their favourite soundbite

      • RED

        Thank you number 6. You’ve got it! That is exactly the reason I keep stating and promoting it. I hope it will catch on as it is a direct counter to one of the ‘lefts’ favorite phrases.

        • Number 6

          I dont think them using the term “climate change denier” is doing them any favours anyway, most people recognise thats not how real science works and can see its just them trying to shut down debate, so its having the opposite effect anyway. But there are some who still haven’t got the memo and a simple truthful counter sound bite such as this is just the ticket. certainly saves a lot of typing 😉

  • anonymous4u4me

    Question the Holohoax, go to jail, question climate change go to jail, new law coming world wide, ask what you may speak first, get a permit to speak it, or go to jail. Put me in jail for saying it then there was no holohoax, and there is no such thing as global warming, or climate change in the manner they say. Hows that for politically correct?

    • Based on any resemblance of actual science, there is no question GW as presented today is not even close to factual or scientific. The simple fact that Canada has competition bureau involved in this clearly shows the mind control mechanisms in play. This is not science at all, more like the matrix we actually all live under here in USA as well. Canada is simply a little further down the matrix rabbit hole in some ways but certainly not all ways !

    • Number 6

      Wherever you see the word “Denier” Religion and Lies are never far behind

  • john cummins

    The same thing happened with the even bigger scam of Darwinism. That case was closed in the exact same manner nearly 50 years earlier. It is a far, far bigger scam but the same types of people are behind it…totalitarians NOT interested in Science. Whilst at Cornell listening to a “top” botanist there when he was doing an Evolution vs. Creation “debate” (he was the only speaker, there was NO DEBATE) he had super wonderful slogans like “don’t debate legislate”, “evolution is a law because we say it’s a law”, and “don’t debate with a creationist you will lose (when it’s on the facts”. I’m not making any of those comments up. He also mentioned that creationists were not real scientists because they didn’t have anything in peer-reviewed journals and they didn’t have anything in peer-reviewed journals because we don’t allow it. So, lots of JUNK in the science world. AGW is not a new tactic, read State of Fear by Crichton.

    • Arationofreason


      • J Peters

        Just another religious fundamentalist sheeple… He probably thinks the earth is flat with a dome ‘firmament’ over it too… Reality is not a concern of such people.

    • J Peters

      Evolution is an observed fact. Macroevolution is simply the sum of microevolution over long periods of time until there is sufficient divergence to preclude natural interbreeding of the diverged populations, by definition. The absence of any plausible mechanism (short of ‘magic’) by which evolution would be constrained within the bounds of biblical ‘kinds’ is also an observed fact. Therefore the origin of species through the mechanism of reproductive isolation and divergent evolution is an established scientific fact. We see speciation in the ring species such as salamanders when populations are spatially separated therefore we can know, with a high degree of certainty, that speciation events do occur and have occurred over time. I’m sorry that reality conflicts with your need to have someone else decide matters of right and wrong and tell you that you’re special and loved and will live forever and ever with your magical sky daddy taking care of you, but, too bad. Reality has no obligation to conform to the second hand mythologies of Bronze Age goat herders.

      • eddysaxx

        TROLL ALERT J Peters is a con artist TROLL spook

  • Awaiting moderation

    British Columbia’s new NDP – Green Party government just announced their carbon tax is no longer revenue neutral, meaning it’s not going to be used for green busses, etc. The money scammed from Joe Taxpayer goes directly into the government’s coffers, proving it was a cash grab from day one.

  • windsor1

    Canadians consider themselves exceptional and this naive sense of superiority is their weakness. In an effort to be the poster child of the UN, Canadian politicians are eager to jump on the bandwagon of any UN program that buys them favor in this nasty globalist control organization.
    Canada is on the top 10 list list of the debtor nations on a Public debt/GDP basis but squandering millions and millions on frivolous programs like the “Competition Bureau” continues .
    The PM just got a wakeup call when the US proposed placing a 200% tariff on Bombardier airplane sales while Trudeau’s priority is focusing Trump on woman’s rights during visits to Washington.This empty headed runway model is also fixated on attending Gay Parades in Toronto while letting in thousands and thousands of refugees with little or no skills in an economy that does not require their services.
    I have met many ex-pat Canadians bragging about Canada being the greatest country on the planet with no future plans of ever returning. It is however a utopia if you are a low IQ 3rd world refugee looking for a free lunch for as long as the party lasts.
    Did you know that the Canadian Government has a Volcanologist on staff although they are still searching for a volcano in Canada.
    Canada is a globalist elites dream. They can push any globalist initiative and the exceptional Canadians will buy into it. You cannot challenge the Holocaust narrative as it is considered self evident under Canadian law. You cannot encourage a boycott of Israeli goods to protest the ethnic cleansing of Palestine because the official narrative says it isn’t happening even though UN observers are not allowed into refugee camps in Gaza and there are no such news stories in the press or television. People like George Galloway a British MP cannot enter Canada because he supports rights for the Palestine people. Why?
    In the 1980’s Canada was taking in immigrants at an annual rate of 3% of its population annually. At the same time they had a cultural police to protect the Canadian Culture whatever that may be.
    Today Canada does not want to sign onto the Paris accords because it would shut down Ft. McMurray but at the same time they to punish global warming deniers. As far as I know Canada still is far from a tropical paradise. Dr. Tim Ball of the U of Wpg. was taken to court over his views as a Global Warming critic. I was raised in the belief that the truth does not fear investigation; it will stand up on its own. apparently this does not apply in Canada.
    Sounds like Canadian Exceptionalism is a little schizophrenic.

    • Number 6

      I had no idea it was that bad in Canada, I suppose they try their nonsense out on countries with a relatively small population and lots of resources first, to see what sort of response they get.

    • ron R

      I think you deserve a medal for being the biggest BS artist ever to put pen to paper.

      • windsor1

        investigate the facts, my friend!

      • robt

        veritas odium parit, or for those who don’t speak Latin, truth purchases hatred.

    • Gale

      And to all the Americans who want to come to Canada to escape the US … from the frying pan to the fire!

    • blue579

      Ball is triumphing.

      Michael Mann, Creator of the ‘Hockey Stick’ Climate Graph, Is Held in Contempt of Court for Withholding Scientific Evidence

  • Disingenuous

    Nothing like a good inquisition when you can get the tax payers to pay for it! Hmmmph, going to have to upgrade those torture chambers… more taxes…

  • Justice League

    The earth IS flat. Just ask any earthworm.

    • robt

      An investigation of the Flat Earth ‘believers’ reveals that it’s very much a tongue-in-cheek culture and that they’re just having a laugh trolling the critics.
      But philosophically, in relative terms, if we were to live our lives as nature intended, the world would indeed be flat.

      • Joe Jarvis

        That’s always what I assumed, they were just some seriously dedicated trolls.

  • Sun God Angry! Pay sun tax. Oh, No! Frost God resurgent! Frost God angry! Pay frost tax.

    • PJ London

      What about Angry Rain God?

      • The Sea God appears allied to the Sun God right now, and is flooding our coasts in anger while with-holding rain from us. Or not, depending if you measure. Watch out though – the Sea God is fickle and will give the Frost God snow powers if you don’t pay your traffic fines.

    • Number 6

      Nuclear sun God angry Must obey government or Nuclear sun god will split matter to release mystical energy…. energy. Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) says All living things made of tiny particles containing mystical energy. High priest kabbalists Einstein and Oppenheimer warned peasants angry nuclear sun god will level whole cities and radiation will kill all life for a thousand years. Believing in Nuclear sun god and submitting to the chosen peoples one world government only defence. repent (that means give us money by the way) repent repent. 😉

      • Mmm, the Nuclear Demon must be contained and hucked at asteroids and aliens. We could SURE use stable fusion. Bill Gates investing billions in fission makes me a little concerned about our pollution future. There’s a lot of fissionable material in the crust, and if the oil boys get into the habit of using it for power we’ll be having a lovely time growing extra fingers.

        • Number 6

          I don’t know if you’ve seen the documentary film Zeitgeist, which makes a great case that All religion is an allegory of sun worship. with this in mind using the “Religious” practice of Gematria sum the following words using their alphabetic order ie J is the 10th letter E is the 5th letter ect ect

          Jesus = 74
          muhammad = 74
          Lucifer = 74
          messiah = 74
          Gospel = 74
          Cross = 74

          Nuclear fusion is how the sun is “Supposed” to work with that in mind now sum the following using their alphabetic order.

          Nuclear = 74
          Energy = 74
          weapon = 74

          In the film Beneath the Planet of the Apes, they “Worship” a nuclear bomb, Nuclear Physics and all associated pseudo science is the new one world religion, the latest in a long line of “Fictional” solar “Messiahs” designed to put the fear of God in its followers, and have them believing what the high priests of “Science” say. What better way to make people believe your new religion than to pretend its real science.

          • I don’t think numerology necessarily makes things blow up. Or glow for billions of years. Not too sure how 74ing stuff is going to apply to the actual equations involved in working out nuclear reactions and using them. I do think religion and wild superstition have a strong part in the lives of our masters – but not our master’s masters, and not in designing spacecraft. Wow, I think I ended up off track there but I honestly can’t tell.

          • Number 6

            Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy is a fraud a religious fraud at that, Einstein and Oppenheimer were zionists, take a look at the star of David, then take a look at the nuclear symbol, the atom circled by 3 ellipses, what do the three converging ellipses create ????
            The way the Hexagon in the middle of both the star of David and the atomic symbol is the cube of saturn, from the Kabbalah which is Jewish mysticism, take a look at what Hexagon sums to

            Hexagon 8+5+24+1+7+15+14 = 74

            By the way In The Kabbalah it states that all LIVING things are made out of tiny particles filled with MYSTICAL ENERGY sound familiar ? An idea which was stollen and adapted from great Greek metaphysicists such as Democritus and Leucippus. Einstein Like most Eastern European Jews were Kabbalist’s

            And heres an interesting fact, Nuclear waste doesn’t glow, but why do you suppose Hollywood likes to present it, as if it does ? Because just before they say they invented Nuclear weapons, in 1908 Uranium was used to create “Radium” which glows in the dark and causes cancer, not because its radio active but because its toxic and the body absorbs it because it mistakes it for calcium. Glowing in the dark ? you can kind of see where they got the idea for special atoms filled with energy from cant you and why they chose Uranium.

          • Well, not being much learned in physics or chemistry, I can’t address most of what you say here. I will point out that the fellow who invented radium underwear got testicular cancer; he wasn’t eating the stuff. Didn’t the Curies get fried too? Mmm, and that mess in Reactor 3. A plutonium breeder. Toxic, yes for sure, the most toxic substance known – but what is setting off the meters and killing the robots that go in? Not toxicity. Some form of released energy. Pouring out of unstable atoms. We’ve moved from the muffin model to other models of the atom in general, and begun investigating the smaller bits as well. It can’t ALL be hocus-pocus, unless the hocus pocus is rooted in real knowledge or very accidentally accurate. You can’t get real-world results by using magic numbers. You have to use numbers that are as close to accurate as you can manage. And then there’s that Fibonacci numbers thing. Which is weird AF but real.

          • Number 6

            Well with regards to Fukushima whats the old saying “never let a good crisis go to waste” a tsunami hits a power sink, bring in the script writers and production companies to put on another fear show for the goy, just because they say the robots are failing because of radiation or even failing at all, doesn’t make it so.

            What about Chernobyl, there are tour guides taking 10 groups of people around every day 6 days a week, right into one of the reactors, with spent fuel rods littering the floor, they don’t seem to mind prolonged exposure to “radiation” despite telling the people on the tour, that they cant stay in the area for more than a hour lest they receive a life times recommended dose.

            Just type into youtube “Nuclear reactor startup” Theres a chap jumping into the pool with no protective clothing on and a go pro camera, The “fuel rods” start up with a very Science “fiction” blue glow, its all pure theatre. Or type in “inside a reactor core” BBC “journalists” merrily climbing into an empty off line reactor without so much as a breathing mask, to prevent ingestion of irradiated particles. What they’ve been telling everyone for the past 60 years and Reality, are two completely different things it would seem.

            Another Example at the Trinity test site, there are green rocks littered everywhere, they claim this is a brand new element called “Trinitite” created by the test explosion, apparently its a federal offence to take this highly radioactive substance from the test site, although in the interests of making money its OK to pick it up, trample all over it, get some stuck in your shoe, carry it into your car or home and potentially let your kids ingest it when they pick a trinitite encrusted mars bar off your carpet and eat it as kids do. Someones clearly exaggerating and that someone is our own governments. Titnitite is Green by the way just like copper oxide, funny how the trinity test site is in an area rich in copper hmmmmm

            And Lets look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki people were rebuilding within months with absolutely no fear of radiation, why because they were fire bombed like the other 67 largely wood and paper Japanese cities, Tokyo was 10 times the size of Hiroshima and the aftermath of a firebombing looked identical to Hiroshima albeit on a bigger scale, ie all the wood and paper buildings burnt down flat and all the brick and concrete buildings still standing just like Hiroshima. And Its funny how all the deaths reported in the following 10 years were all allegedly from radiation poisoning related conditions, nobody seems to have died from natural causes or accidents as you would expect. Thats because every death was falsely attributed to radiation, its called fudging the figures to fit a narrative, and there are accounts of doctors being instructed to attribute all deaths to the effects of the bomb regardless of the actual cause of death, someone falls off a bike and hits there head, its radiation poisoning. Its all fear and propaganda.

          • Hmm. Had a look vis-a-vis nuclear tourism…didn’t see any swimming events featured that didn’t use hazmat gear and professional training. In fact, not much tourism of reactor sites. You can enter Chernobyl region with a special pass, and apparently if you are polite and have enough visiting cards you might wander into the off-limits bits of Fukushima – doesn’t look safe though, I must say. Hiroshima and nagasaki rebuilding are within the realm of normality – besides, the Japanese have nowhere else to go. I think you may have some points, but I’m not willing to chuck my admittedly limited understanding of physics out the window just yet.

          • Number 6

            Nuclear reactor start up, you’ll love hazmat free hand at the end of the video.


            Or the Crazy BBC reporter wondering around a reactor with the water drained out, (hash tag no Hazmat) and no its not a new reactor either, the staining on the sides is the giveaway.


            Or Mr Nuclear physics teaching all the kiddies Nuclear speak on his group tour of Chernobyl reactor hall unit 2, apparently theres some leakage but nothing a paper mask and a white jump suit wont provide adequate protection from, and theres me thinking you needed 6 inches of lead.


            Apparently its so dangerous at Chernobyl they couldnt even go back and retrieve the uranium fuel rods

          • Number 6

            Here are some links to some of the things I mention in my previous post.

            Nuclear reactor startup skinny dipping

            Inside a offline nuclear reactor without protection

            Chernobyl Unit 4 tour, complete with pseudoscientific babble

  • Arationofreason

    The assertion:
    A shorter summary for scientists who need no tutoring on these assertions.

    The global warming crowd was right about one thing:: “The Science is
    settled. It was settled in the late 19th century by James Clark Maxwell
    with two of his laws of Thermodynamics; Energy cannot be created (nor
    destroyed) and A closed system (Earth) must balance any incoming energy with
    exiting energy, any difference will be retained.

    For CO2 gas doubling there is no energy added to the system nor control of energy
    entering the system. The incoming energy is determined by solar radiance
    or activity influencing earth clouds. With a constant solar input, CO2 doubling alone in atmospheric density will cause its IR 15 u band to undergo one additional mean free radiation path at the top of the atmosphere before being radiated to space. Assuming this additional path length takes place along a maximum temperature lapse rate of -6.5 C/km of altitude, the CO2 radiation will be from a higher cooler temperature. This difference in radiation has been computed to decrease and is published by Harvard using the exacting HITRAN CO2 IR spectra radiation code to be decreasing, constituting the maximum greenhouse effect. This maximum deficit increasing to 4.7 watts/m2 over the century as co2 doubles will accumulate energy in the earth system, raising its average temperature over nominally 1 century until the increase in temperature of the system ~1.2 K to increases its radiation to balance this 4.7 watt/m2 radiation deficit in the CO2 15u band; .

    It is an error, a thermodynamic impossibility, for this increase in temperature to cause
    additional water vaporization. There is no increase in received power to fuel any such water vapor increase. Such as would be case of increased solar energy into the earth system where water being by far the major conveyor and radiator (~75 %) of energy to space is a major coolant and must be perforce a negative feedback factor. (The IR window radiates ~40 watts and the CO2 radiates notionally ~20 dropping to ~15 watts. The important point is; most, ~180 watts is radiated by the only other important available molecule, H2O ) Calling water vapor a greenhouse gas by its definition of being an IR absorber is misleading since it is also an equal IR radiator and eventually at the appropriate thin altitude, transfers all of its absorbed radiation and other heat to space.

    More detailed explanation for non-scientists is available on request:

  • DonRL

    The inquisition is always the answer to a false or totalitarian agenda. No debate. No facts. The agenda is paramount. Deniers must be silenced.
    This is not science it is a religious dogma that demands allegiance. It is truth so the dogma states. What is your basis in fact we ask? The answer – do not question just obey and chant with us. – Man made Climate change is true. We must submit to the few. All dissenters we must silence. All those who have any sense.
    Sorry about the terrible rhyme.
    A real science would have no fear of debate nor would the religious truth. If science can prove the point them say on. If no then be silent until you can. Do not try to silence those who are truly seeking to know. If you then what happens to real science.? It is no more, only the dogma is left. When the real seekers of truth are gone only the lambs will be left to follow. There is no victory or benefit when only the lambs are left to follow.

  • Ace 1

    Svensmark The Cloud Mystery

    • disqussted999

      This has nothing to do with government, at least not the way the term is used in this article. This has everything to do with those who control the govt from behind the curtain, from the shadows, from above and beyond the law/laws that lie heavy over the heads of the sheeple people. (Oh, and they also control the money supply as they own and control the central banks and their evil connections with the govts to whom they loan created-from-nothing fiat funny money in return for treasuries that pay interest paid for by WeThePeoples of the many countries they govern through their control of the money supply.)

      This total hoax was one of the the maleficent brainchildren of those that gather in their covens at Bilderberg meetings, at Society of Rome meetings, etc. “Global warming”…yes, now “climate change”…was simply one of their strategies for controlling the world…for one, to get the people of the world to see the value in “their”…the beyond rationally wealthy, connected, powerful. lawless and answerable to no one, conscienceless, sociopathic, self-appointed global “elites”… determining the course of mankind, and the uselessness of sovereign states, like the US, for instance, trying to “deal with” the problem. The other was and still is control of the people through govt-declared taxation and penalties and regulations up the arse and through the nose. Their is no discussion to be had, nothing to debate…it is a created evil…created by evil people to perpetrate evil…for their own benefit. End of all intelligent discussion.

      • Tony Brogan

        good one

      • Doc

        It used to be that we were going to have a new ice age. Then warming. Now climate change, an absolutely unintellectual idea.

        We can’t even define the terms. Average temperature? How do we measure the average temperature of the earth? Impossible. How can we then measure the change? Impossible.

  • Ron_at_Home

    My wife’s cousin married a Canadian government employee about 1973. She moved to Canada to be with him. We used to have some spirited discussions about capitalism and socialism whenever they visited for a wedding or christening.
    During one of their visits the conversation turned to his work. He had recently been sent down to Mexico for two weeks while he investigated a problem with product dumping involving Mexican companies. I was curious and asked what was suspected of being dumped that would require his attention for so long. His answer was “party balloons.” I’m not surprised that the Canadians have a competition bureau. The U.S. has such laws too.

  • Observer

    Well, after all it’s nothing new. We live in the swamp of lies for at least 1000 years. There was always, and will be there something or someone, who deprave truth. This is human nature.

  • Sun Wu Kong

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  • ron R

    The Heartland Institute. The source of the biggest pile of crap i have ever come across.
    FYI. The Competition Bureau, as an independent law enforcement agency, ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace. We are a federal institution that is part of the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada portfolio.

    Headed by the Commissioner of Competition, the Bureau is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Competition Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (except as it relates to food), the Textile Labelling Act and the Precious Metals Marking Act.

  • chris

    utterly ridiculous. anyone with 1/2 a brain can see that climate change is fueled by the earth and always has been,starting with the sun activity.

  • Arationofreason

    “even questioned the “fact” that humans caused climate change. Heresy!

    Perhaps we need a symbolic ‘Burning Stake’

  • eddysaxx

    When a Lie is repeated often enough…it gradually becomes accepted as fact by the unconscious subliminal implanting of pure propagandized Politically Correct memes of connived & contrived insidiously promoted ‘Settled Science’…promulgated by Snake Oil salesmen with Big Grants from those that would profit the most from this glaringly surreptitious deception…seems our representatives in government are easily swayed by corporate mendacity …IMO

    • blue579

      And when Dr. Tim Ball finally wins his case in a Canadian court (only needs to be finalized, Mann won’t produced the data) then what?

      Why isn’t BLN covering the Ball story? Would be better than the learned helplessness of TDB editorial staff who usually tell their readers “We’re winning thanks to the modern Gutenberg press, now go back to sleep sheep!” …Caught them dead to rights a few years ago with that same mantra on global smart grid.

  • Doc

    “No scientific fact is ever settled beyond dispute.”

    Is that a scientific fact?

  • r2bzjudge

    “No scientific fact is ever settled beyond dispute.”

    This week there were 3 different scientific news stories on coffee. Two favorable, one not.

  • r2bzjudge

    It started when the global warming alarmists started saying, “Case closed! No more debate!”

    It is a totalitarian political agenda, not science.

    A Tesla electric car currently results in more carbon emissions than an internal combustion engine car. It takes X amount of carbon emissions to mine and manufacture the Tesla and X amount to produce the electricity that runs them.
    But the global warming alarmists don’t care. They want to impose their totalitarianism and global warming alarmism is a means to that end.

    Neil Degrasse Tyson recently tried to draw a connection between the near exact timing of the solar eclipse and climate science, as if one had any legitimate connection to the other.

    No climate scientist predicted the so called pause. No climate scientist predicted a new record 12 years without major hurricane hitting the U.S. The so called tipping point keeps shifting. Yet Tyson wants to equate future climate prediction with that of a solar eclipse, as if both are equally infallable. It shows the lack of scientific honesty on the part of Tyson and anyone who would agree with him.

    • Rosicrucian32

      Neil – I like the guy but he’s definitely a tool for the agenda driven progressive ideology

  • Rosicrucian32

    I can only imagine what transformational atrocities we would have seen in the last eight months had the election not gone the way it did. Denying of main stream climate science would barely scratch the surface.

  • Michael

    I’m starting to worry about Canada.

    The same kind of state-induced political correctness we are seeing over the climate change issue (or non-issue, according to official sources, as a cause has already been decided) is echoed by the establishment attitude to anyone opposing the notion that transgender people deserve special laws to “protect” them irrespective of whether they erode freedoms and rights of the overwhelming majority who are not transgender.

    When the tail starts wagging the dog, it’s time for the dog to start barking – and, if necessary, biting.

  • Ticked Parent

    President of the Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus, described the Gloal Warming / Climate Change alarmists as ”a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today”.

    In Nov. 2010, Ottmar Edenhoffer, one of the co-chairs of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said in an interview with German NZZ Online,“One must say clearly that we redistribute defacto the world’s wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.”

  • Marathon-Youth

    All the biodiversity hotspots are in third world nations. some of them include the Amazon basin, South and central America, the jungles of Africa, South east and South Asia.
    All the major polluting nations are in the 3rd world. When Canada gets the 3rd world to enforce existing laws (not new ones) that they have against pollution and environmental laws then climate change advocates mean what they are preaching.

  • Starchild

    In order to figure out how stupid you are,you need to have a minimum IQ to understand that. Most countries are lead by incompetent people and they don’t have the IQ for the above mentioned.
    The Earth’s single source of energy is the Sun. The Sun can cause “global warming” and “global cooling”. You can NOT create enough CO2 to cause any “global warming”. This whole hoax is about more taxes. The world economy is based on consumerism and if we don’t consume then we will bankrupt. With the rate of consuming around the world we will face trouble in the near future. The problem is that this devil worshiping mafia knows that real good and instead of finding solutions they choose the parasite the society even more further.

  • Karl Nietzschmann

    I am happy to declare that I will deny man made climate change with all my strength.