CIA Bases Congressional Russian Hacking Report on Possibilities, Not Truth
By The Daily Bell - January 08, 2017

Intel report warns Moscow will try to influence elections in countries allied to US. The declassified version of the report warned that other countries were also vulnerable to attack. – Independent

Intelligence in the US is becoming even more emphatic about the Russian threat to elections, claiming that Russians will start to disrupt the elections of other countries like they are disrupting American ones.

The trouble with this is that intel agencies, specifically the CIA, have not yet proven that Russia has done what the CIA claims it has done.

On Friday, it claimed that Russia had attacked the US with specific hacks. But at least one top official knowledegable about hacking pointed out that using such eminently traceable hacks was unlike the Russians. The entire report was false, he claimed. The Russians wouldn’t have use such easily detected means to accomplish a hacking. If they’d actually done it, they be subtle not obvious.

But a highly classified report, given to president Barack Obama, and sections of which were made public on Friday, reveals that the CIA, the FBI and the NSA all concurred that Russia used cyber warfare and state-funded social media “trolls” to spread negative information about Hillary Clinton and to help Mr Trump win the election.

Russia reportedly gained access to the Democratic National Committee servers from May 2015 to June the following year and passed on Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s and Ms Clinton’s emails to WikiLeaks. In return, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was given a platform on state-run media outlet RT to criticise the US.

The CIA called the attacks “multifaceted”. Mr. Putin has denied anything to do with the attacks. The report has also been dismissed by Trump, but he has said cybersecurity should be strengthened nonetheless.

The reality is that the CIA probably needs something to do with its time and fighting against Russians seems like a good way of bolstering the CIA’s importance.

The CIA like much else, is at least partially controlled out of London’s City, by the bankers there. These are the same central bankers that have installed monopoly cental banks around the world. The CIA, from what we can tell, at the top, has people who work directly with these London financiers.

The CIA’s proof regarding Russian hacking is considerably mitigated by the CIA’s lack of ability to say forthrightly that the Russians did the things they say they did. If the Russians did it, the CIA should say so clearly and simply. It will not.

Now with the same lack of evidence, the CIA is warning about overseas targeting of US allies. There is no more certainty regarding these arguments than CIA suppositions that the US itself has been targeted.

Conclusion: None of this is backed up by conclusions, only by theories that may well have a political component to them. The CIA is making work for itself and upping the level of fear-based rhetoric without any proof what they are saying is true.




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  • Yeah, that sounds just about right, DB. And now all the world and its dogs know that Western intelligence services are lacking credible source for actioning and they are making up stories for media to present as news.

    It aint no clever way to run a global business into empires.

    And that is a systemic fault, the responsibility and accountability for which, lies right at the top of elite executive circles. New blood and new smarts are desperately needed if catastrophic collapse in the near future is to be avoided.

    Buy in what is missing. It aint rocket science and it is only money which you be giving for lavish spending and aint that what that charade of a merry-go-round and central banking is all about.

    • ThomasJK

      I think it is highly likely that, as a nation-state, the government of that strange little foreign country that’s called The District of Columbia is well past the point of no return and that catastrophic collapse is inevitable if not imminent. F. U. B. A. R.

      And though he likely will have had little to do with causing it to happen, Trump will doubtless be blamed in the aftermath of the catastrophe.

      But will this COUNTRY, the fifty united states, collapse? Heck, the fifty states may even thrive with that many headed monster off their backs and out of the way of the people who know how to thrive.

  • FreeOregon

    These ongoing debacles of unsubstantiated claims and counterclaims damage what little credibility government still might have. They also make us blind to alternative narratives, like Putin’s a statesman and Russia is more democratic and perhaps less corrupt than are we. When will we shut all this down, ignore the idiots, and just govern ourselves?

  • It would be interesting to know some examples of negative and incorrect information about Hillary Clinton found by CIA, NSA or FBI the Russians have spread that Americans cannot and have not spread and how it would affect the US election.

    • FEEuser

      Yes, it certainly would, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

      The trouble with such revelations is that they are so sensitive, go so deep, implicate so many other people, agencies, businesses, corporations, etc., and would be so utterly and devastatingly shocking should they become known, that the insiders cannot possibly disclose them to the public.

      Once disclosed, its effects could not be contained or managed. No false narrative could appease the people. They would run down and destroy the guilty like a freight train. Nothing could stop them.

      Take the topic now the rage on the Internet, that of elite pedophilia The elites are desperately trying to contain and suppress this horrifying revelation, but they can’t.

      On the contrary, the pedophilia/satanism scandals are now taking on new life, gaining steam, and when news of them reaches critical mass, they are going to make even the JFK assassination look pale in comparison. They will crush and destroy the reputations of everybody in their path, no matter how powerful, whether dead or alive, in office or not, high or low.


  • MetaCynic

    John McAfee of the McAfee anti virus software fame had stated in an interview with Larry King that he is 100% certain the Russians had nothing to do with this for the simple reason that they would not have left a digital trail leading back to themselves. He also pointed out that a 14 year old could have accessed the DNC’s email and covered his tracks, which means almost anyone.

    An associate of Assange’s, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, has stated that it was a DNC whistle blower with legal access to the server who is the culprit here. This person was disgusted by the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the treatment of Bernie Sanders. The former ambassador claimed to have served as the middleman in the hand off of the emails to Wikileaks. So the left in America, starting with Obama, is busy restarting the Cold War with Russia as punishment for what a DNC insider did!

    It’s no secret that, in the name of security, the powers that be are perpetually spying on Americans in every way imaginable. Our objections to this unconstitutional activity are brushed aside by the elite with the glib quip that those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. Ok, DNC, if you had nothing to hide in your emails, then what is the uproar about? So the American public has had a peek at your yoga moves and cookie recipes. How could public knowledge of your interest in such charming Americana have thrown the election to Trump? Or had something dark trying to stay hidden been exposed? In that case weren’t American voters entitled to a peek at your dirty laundry in order to have been better informed about Clinton and the DNC, and shouldn’t the leaker, whoever it was, be applauded for performing a valuable public service to our fading Republic instead of being threatened with all kinds of nastiness?

  • Marcopolo

    Well, just add it to the CB “economists” who didn’t have a clue about Brexit, Trump and the impact on western economies due to “irrationality” of us “deplorables;” and the human induced climate change meme’s.
    One would think that group we call “elites” with their perceived cold, ruthless, calculating to conquer all the world, would behave a bit more rationally and sanely.

    The behavior reminds me of old “Three Stooges skits,” only much less humorous. But still, to have grown adults in positions of power behave this way does bring a chuckle, but a bit of fright as it will take quite some time to find all the spiders in this web and either jail them, or send them to Syria to fight along side the “moderate” revolutionaries they supported, starting with “Nuland” on the front lines in eastern Ukraine…..
    And, will someone PLEASE up McCain med dosage. For a made up hero, who’s accomplishments include almost sinking the carrier he flew from, getting shot down and using daddy to get him released before his real “brothers in arms” enjoyed the same treatment, to creating a pure fictional biography.
    He must have a peyote farm in AZ and samples too much of the product.

    • But still, to have grown adults in positions of power behave this way does bring a chuckle, but a bit of fright as it will take quite some time to find all the spiders in this web and either jail them, or send them to Syria to fight along side the “moderate” revolutionaries they supported, starting with “Nuland” on the front lines in eastern Ukraine….. …. Marcopolo

      Importing/exporting radicalised fundamentalist revolutionaries and terror fleeing immigrants into the homely nations which are housing and providing the spiders in their not so safe anymore havens, will have the killing fields transferred to grand mansions and luxury estates as the search for hateful revenge and sweet natural justice on the architects and enablers of global woe is intensified and becomes considerably better targeted to neutralise key family players.

      Have you not recently seen/heard of the change of driving direction with Nice, Berlin and Jerusalem being practice dummy runs with widely available alternative weaponry.

      It is a catastrophically costly mistake to not imagine a smarter bankrupt than you enemy whenever you are responsible for and supportive of waging war. And the appropriate wages for that sin are inglorious death, methinks.

  • Praetor

    What load of!! The United States government is the biggest hacker on the planet. All this focus the US government is doing, this could backfire. People may start to wonder and think about US hacking.

    History is the guide, who created the internet, who caused the centrifuge in Iran to melt down, who built miles and miles of data storage facilities? And for what purpose. You tell me and then not call this BS.

    Are there kids in Russia with new found toys, yes. Is the Russian government beyond hacking to get Information, no. Lets face this with reason, we have all been hacked. And every government on this planet with the ability to it is. The only way to stop hacking, do away with the internet.

    Yeah that’s going to happen.!!!

  • gary2505Texas

    The CIA and FBI are mouthpieces of the Obama administration but that is about to change.They are also the biggest perpetrators of faux news and that may never change.

  • Firesail

    If you are going to make the allegation that “the CIA is at least partially controlled out of London city by the bankers there, I deserve some evidence. How are you any better than the CIA and their baseless accusations. If I want this kind of work, I will read Wapo.

    • JohnnyZ

      Yes, DB, give us more “meat” to this observation!

    • FEEuser

      There are plenty of books which outline this stuff from various angles in money, banking, money laundering, crooked finance.

      From there, authors branch out into other areas, e.g., perpetual war, espionage, propaganda, mind control, drug smuggling, deep state intrigues, assassinations, black budgets, the Breakaway Civilization, et al. It’s a big field, as you can see, and no one can master it all.

      Before getting into suggested readings, though, I should mention the historic fact that Alexander Hamilton made a careful study of the Bank of England and modeled his own design for American finance on that powerful financial institution, as well as the British political system. Therefore, American entanglement with British financial machinations and controls goes way back in time, and in fact NEVER really went away, regardless of the outcome of the Revolutionary War.

      For further reading on Hamilton, see: Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution–and What It Means for Americans Today, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo.

      Other readings:

      1. America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, by Antony C. Sutton. This book is a must. Among other things, it explains the basics of Hegelian Dialectic and its central concept of CONFLICT.

      2. The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History, by A. Ralph Epperson. A fascinating, wide-ranging study.

      3. A History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Era to World War II, by Murray Rothbard. The awesome mind of Rothbard at work, destroying all the myths about money and banking that we ever learned.

      4. All the President’s Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power, by Nomi Prins. Oriented toward history, it outlines how bankers have exercised power and captured the American state in much the same way as the Bank of England has done.

      5. End the FED, by Ron Paul. “Dr. No” needs no introduction. It should be noted, however, that he served on the Committee on Financial Services, as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology, and on the Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade. The FED, of course, was and is deeply entangled with the Bank of England and the City of London, as well as other central banks.

      6. Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics, by Donald Jeffries.

      7. There are a number of histories of the Bank of England available.

      An old book from 1909:

      A reprint from an old Victorian text from the mid 19th century:

  • tom nogaro

    any so-called intelligence agency that comes to inconclusive “conclusions”, which it will not even own up to and are politically and not factually based but yet obviously potentially devastatingly harmful to american and world peace and national security, is clearly unfit and unwilling to properly serve the american people and their republic.

    such an inept travesty dishonors the us before the entire world, as it is woefully inept and corrupt at the very least. such requires immediate congressional oversight in hearings, with all due criminal prosecution, and its ultimate dismantlement.

  • rahrog

    Maybe some free minded folks will make public how the CIA, and other IC gangs, come up with their so called “intelligence”.

    Hack em & stack em

  • FEEuser

    “fear-based rhetoric.” That says it all. The elites can’t make a single move without tripping up and making complete fools of themselves. The more they say and do, the worse their position gets.

    They have painted themselves into a corner, and now they cannot escape. They have no choice but to continue to lie until their lies get so preposterous as to be material for high comedy.

    • FEEuser, howdy,

      Do you not think apocalyptic tragedy is more likely to be the fateful destiny of such low brow leadership?

      • FEEuser

        Yes, you bet! But, whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

  • Mr Boompi

    The “possibilities” are much greater the CIA is lying through its teeth.

  • Bruce C.

    I’m actually glad that the CIA and the “Dems” are doubling down on this narrative. It’s calling more and more attention to the CIA which is not going to bode well for them. Ditto for the Dems wasting their energy on “why they lost.” I heard that their latest plan is to find their own “Trump” to run in the next election. I truly hope they try that.

    Anyway, if the CIA doesn’t shut up soon ordinary people are going to start asking what the CIA even is, when it started, its structure, what it does, why it does it, who it answers to, and who listens to it. They’re not going to like the answers.

  • Zaphod Braden

    research the CIA ties with Oswald and the murder of an American President……. there is more proof the CIA murdered JFK then that Putin hacked the DNC.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    They have offered NOTHING BUT accusation. They (CFR/CIA) have put forth NO
    EVIDENCE of ANY ‘Russian Hacking’ of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. They appear to believe that if you tell a lie OFTEN enough, and repeat it LOUDLY enough (via their blaring lying ZIONIST-GLOBALIST MSM), the people/sheeple will believe it.

    Why does the ‘Jew’-ish-owned-and-operated Western MSM (Mainstream Media) & U.K./U.S./E.U. (“Jew”K, “Jew”S, & E”Jew”) Government/MI6/CIA ALWAYS DEMONIZE PUTIN? Because before he came to power, it was the West that put together a plan to ‘privatize’ Russia’s massive state industries. This plan eventually enabled a group of ‘COMMITTEE OF 300’ (Western) financiers to buy up previously-state-owned Russian factories and industries, mining, energy (such as GAZPROM and YUKOS gas and oil companies), gold, platinum mines, etc., for a mere
    pittance compared to their actual value. According to Dr. John Coleman, in his book: THE CONSPIRATOR’S HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300, 4th edition, revised and updated (2006), this ‘Gang of Eight’ (pg. 406) ‘who took possession of these priceless assets belonging to the Russian people became rich beyond the expectations of even their wildest speculation by ruthlessly stripping them and exporting the billions of dollars stolen to offshore banks. The Committee [of 300] hoped to severely impoverish Russia by stripping it blind of its natural resources.’ — pg. 406. But, Dr. Coleman continues, the Committee didn’t plan on PUTIN: ‘Immediately upon taking office, PUTIN set about dismantling the ‘Gang of Eight’. They were charged with serious crimes over a wide range of the Russian criminal code. Most fled the country. A prominent and public display of President Putin’s determination to stand up to the Committee of 300 was the return of GAZPROM and YUKOS to ownership of the Russian people. The robber barons involved with the Jeffrey Sachs-Wharton School of Economic Model were completely
    dismayed…’ — pg. 406, THE CONSPIRATOR’S HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300, 4th edition, revised and updated (2006), by Dr. John Coleman (Former

    So, basically, PUTIN ENFORCED THE RULE OF LAW IN RUSSIA, & returned key factories and industries to the ownership of the Russian people, and sent the PARASITES scurrying for their lives. THAT is why their ‘Jew’-ish counterparts in the West are pissed. Russia is a resource-rich country, and they would like to continue to RAPE RUSSIA ~ AND ITS PEOPLE ~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is also the problem they have with TRUMP ‘warming up’ to PUTIN.