Costa Rican Renewable Power Is Government Power
By - January 01, 2017

Costa Rica powered by renewable energy for over 250 days in 2016 … Costa Rica completes 2016 without having to burn a single fossil fuel for more than 250 days. 98.2% of Costa Rica’s electricity came from renewable sources in 2016. The state-run Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) reported that renewable energy sources accounted for 98.2 per cent of the country’s electricity and more than 250 days were powered completely by renewable sources. (Digital Journal)

Costa Rica has long been powered by a mix of fuels but is making progress toward having the government run everything.

That’s the real unsayable truth behind the governments so called progress with various different kinds of power.

Costa Rica has been powered on a mix of hydro, geothermal, winpd, solar and biomass energy sources. 74.35 percent of the country’s electricity has come from hydroelectric sources.

Geothermal plants contributed roughly 12.74 percent of electricity generation , while wind turbines provided 10.30 percent, and biomass and solar generated 0.74 percent and 0.01 percent each. 1.88 percent of its electricity still had to be produced from fossil fuels due to rainfall deficits at the beginning of the year.

ICE Executive President Carlos Obregón was quoted as saying that he intended to open an additional four wind plants next year. This will keep Costa Rica´s use of renewable steady or even on an upward curve. ICE is the government renewable energy agency.

In September 2016, Costa Rica grabbed headlines with the news the its grid had run for 1oo days purely on renewable resources.

The article does note that in the larger scheme of things, Costa Rica is nowhere near fulfilling any goals having to do with total renewability. That´s because most of the country´s transportation runs on fossil fuel.

The larger issue is why Costa Rica wants to convert all its power to renewable energy in the first place. Renewable energy as practiced now includes vast, easily hacked environments that are easily compromised.

Additionally, if Costa Rica is serious about converting transportation to renewable energy, the result will eventually be driverless cars.

The combination of driverless cars and government controlled power plants may certainly prove attractive to some.  But for many who want less government control rather than more, such effort are moving events in the wrong direction.

Conclusion There is no real reason for government to make such a major change except the obvious … additional government control. For us that´s not a pretty picture.

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  • Licia

    I’d rather have government control strategic services than private cartels.
    Unfortunately what today we call “government” is in reality a cartel of private
    interests, at least in our so called “mature democracies”.

    • Whyfor

      I agree Licia, that government today is a cartel of private interests. I don’t know anything about who owns the Costa Rica government but a guess is that it isn’t Costa Ricans.

      Why should anyone, government or cartel, ‘control’ strategic services? If services are strategic, is it not preferable that they be owned and managed by companies in competition with each other? Were that the case, it seems to me that people who buy those services, however they are billed for them, get the best deal in terms of assured services and lower cost services.

      The powers that think they be, however, want energy to be our currency. I guess it always has been so because food is fuel for the body. If the nasty global elite get their way, watch for rationing of food as well as other forms of energy. They’ve already said that’s the plan in the UN’s Agenda 2030.

      • Licia

        Of course it would be preferable if strategic services should be managed by companies in competition with each other but, from my viewpoint, such companies no longer exist – indeed they only give us the perception of competing but the competition boils down to marketing strategies and at the end of the day within a period of a year or so there is no difference in the money the consumers fork out, at least in my country.

        • Whyfor

          I guess that what we need are anti-monopoly laws – and enforcers of such laws.

    • jackw97224

      You don’t need anyone to control you and your freedom of choice, unless you desire being a stinkin’ slave on the plantation state operated by masters/ politicians and overseers/bureaucrats. For sure it is immoral/ unethical for anyone to hire political thugs to impose one’s opinions. American government is commie/socialist in cleverly crafted disguise and has fooled voters for well over 160 years. You might like The Zero Aggression Project by Perry Willis and Jim Babka.

      • Licia

        Thanks , I will surely check it out.

  • Praetor

    Anything government controls is a disaster. Costa Rica, 5 million people live there. Be a lot of people leaving Costa Rica to cross the boarder, due to power shortages. World has turned into a joke.!!!

    • jackw97224

      The historical evidence teaches those who will see, that political governments are evil aggressors that provoke wars of slaughter and implement devices of intervention in economies that cause recessions and depressions. Wise people reject political government, i.e. that cease their approval of the masters and overseers by refusing to participate in that evil that enslaves them.

  • jackw97224

    Am all for renewable energy, solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, wave, but not where the politicians use aggression/force to implement it as the use of such power/violence is utterly immoral, evil; government/political violence is evidence of commie/socialist “statism” and should be rejected by all people who value freedom of choice/free will as given by Jehovah God to mankind. To accept political government is to accept Beelzebub.

  • lulu

    Government is relative. Everything is governed by something or someone or some group. So far many governments have not really been public nor operating in the public interest. Private utilities have been worse, profit driven and mean in many instances. The systems are defective through the plague of selfish greed.

    • Samarami

      Are you speaking of “private utilities” in a free and open marketplace? I’m more inclined to think you refer to “private utilities” as GSE’s (government sponsored enterprises), which is what “private utilities” amount to in most of the world with which I’m familiar. Sam

  • Red Baron

    Do solar cells last forever? I suspect not. Certainly wind turbines require overhaul/replacement at certain intervals. No one mentions how “green” these really are. How about all the birds, eagles, and hawks killed by wind power? We are just supposed to believe that everything is put in place and we live happily ever after.

  • Sven

    “The larger issue is why Costa Rica wants to convert all its power to renewable energy in the first place.”

    This is easy. I own land there and have been there multiple times.

    First and foremost keep in mind that people in Costa Rica have a socialist mind set.

    When the average person sees many expats who want to build solar or ANY kind of alternative energy, they see their own energy costs going up. Investing in your land and adding value to it by making it energy independent drives up the values and squeezes out the natives from owning real estate, raising great ire amongst them.

    Therefore, ICE has put pressure on the Gov to lean on those who would build solar panels, etc, by arguing with people that if your goal is renewable energy, it’s already there!

    Driverless cars in CR? Talk to me about that in 50 years. That is a laughable proposition. And rail? Pffffftttttt!!!!! Good luck with those mountains!

    Edit: One other thing, CR started an educational initiative some years back targeted specifically at young people pertaining to environmental studies. C’Ricans take the environment very seriously and the idea of cutting down rain forests and building coal/oil plants is abhorrent to them. This is becoming an ideology there anyway. One more reason to promote alternatives. Consistency.