Could NATO Try to Divide Russia Up?
By Daily Bell Staff - January 09, 2017

NATO seeks to break up Russia into small client states … Scores of people have staged a protest in a northern German port city against the deployment and transport of NATO troops and weapons through the city. The protesters marched through the city of Bremerhaven, holding signs and banners that read, “No NATO deployment! End the militaristic march against Russia!” and “Out of NATO.” -Press TV

According to this article, and we have mentioned it before as well, NATO wants to break up Russia. We have alluded to this because there is reportedly information in a book by David Rockefeller regarding this plan.

The idea is to take large countries and turn them into smaller ones. This has two ramifications. First it allows countries to pretend they are escaping from the new world order when in fact they are reinforcing their position in it.

Second, it supposedly allows these countries to more easily become part of what their residents fear they are doing,

“The pretext for NATO expansion and the continuation of NATO was the bombing of Belgrade by Bill Clinton in 1999, which was part of an orchestrated US plan to break up the last nominally socialist country, and very independent country in Europe, which was Yugoslavia, and they succeeded and happily have a group of very small powerless client states.

What NATO did in Yugoslavia may also planned for Russia. The idea is that Russia will be easier to handle if it is broken up than if it is kept as one large entity.

John  Steppling is quoted in the article as saying that the rhetoric against Russia is intended to  “delegitimize” US President-elect Donald Trump.

In fact, according to Reince Priebus, Trump has changed his mind about Russian intelligence. He is now said to have acknowledged that Russian intelligence was aimed at influencing American elections.

If true, this would be a significant change. But we would like to hear it from Donald himself.

It has seemed as if there is a kind of civil war going on between the CIA and Trump and between globalists and anti-globalists. Within this context, Trump wants to dismantle portions of the CIA, which he says have become politicized.

Dismantling portions of the CIA would make a big difference in the US. The CIA in our view is at least partially controlled by the  banking establishment in London, which uses various forms of central bank issued money to maintain control.

The goals of the CIA seem to be aligned at the top with the City of London. Both apparently seek globalization in which the process and outcome will be handled by Anglo Saxon interests.

Conclusion: The use of the CIA to attack and break up Russia and other large states would be in keeping with this larger agenda. Whether it will happen is an open question. But if the City ultimately controls the CIA, as we believe they do, then we are facing a prolonged foreign adventure aimed at destabilizing Russia. Time will tell.

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  • David L. Wrightsman

    Who the hell does the North Atlantic Treaty Organization thinks they are compared to Russia? Over the past 10 years I have witnessed some pretty insane opinions from the growing masses of inflated egos.

    • James

      Read your history, Napolian tried, Hitler tried. see what happened to them.
      Keep poking that bear.

  • FreeOregon

    Cycles for the US and Russia differ. Russia bottomed in ’89. We bottom in ’32 with a breakup into smaller units as power devolves from the center to the periphery.

  • disqus_1Op5S8jvui

    Absolutely spot on thinking. It is so real and clear to anyone with open eyes and functioning mind. The purpose of NATO’s existence from start has been one and only: the destruction of the Soviet Union which was achieved by 1990 and now the remaining end game is the destruction of Russia. NATO and the CIA will never rest because this is their raison d’être. Otherwise they will be on garden leave.
    Our American teachers taught us so at school 50 years ago.

    • Speedyves22

      Urgent time for them to go on garden leave. Period.

  • timothy price

    We in the US need to act against the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization. It is our military machinery being usurpted by an aggressor against a sovereign nation that has done no harm.

  • Peter J. Nickitas

    Sir: The fundamental theorem of US politics is CIA=Wall Street. The rest is commentary.

  • StarValentine

    Send up the distress signal, Trump.
    We got you.
    We’ll not only drain it, we’ll pave it over.

  • apberusdisvet

    The key is the CIA drug running which started in earnest during the Vietnam war via Air America flights over the hump into Ton Son Nhut AFB,Saigon bringing loads of heroin which were then stored in caskets of returning GI bodies to Travis AFB (California) and Edwards AFB (Washington DC). It’s also why we established OBL to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, the foremost heroin producing country. (remember the videos of American GIs guarding the poppy fields when we took over the country to “fight the Taliban” and prevent them from destroying the fields?) The money was laundered through CitiBank and Bank of New York and later through HSBC (with vast experience from the Opium Wars). Over all we are probably talking $trillions, or enough to control all black ops including the subordination of sovereign countries and politicians. So which is the tail and which is the dog? The CIA or the banking cartel.

    • No More Neos

      The CIA works for the banks. The narcodollar (and pedodollar/human trafficking) are now being used to extend US hegemony due to the waning petrodollar. The central banking system has to go, taking the IMF and Federal Reserve with it. If the West wants to stay in the game, it must do an about face in its international relations because there is no breaking the Russia-China-Iran alliance at this point, no matter how hard Kissinger imposes his faultering weight behind it.

  • StarValentine

    The Daily Bell’s only glaring weak spot is it can’t ever acknowledge that violence is the only way to respond to aggression. The Daily Bell’s arguments and reasoning are otherwise spot-on and brilliant, but they just have that HUGE weak spot where they NEVER advocate violence.
    Some intellectual libertarians get so deep into theory that they forget that turning the other cheek is suicide in the school yard, the jungle, prison, and in the real world, and only leads to further abuse and aggression.
    My observation is the Swiss are brilliant and have a beautiful country and make fantastic watches, but just not very brave.
    They gave up their much vaunted banking secrecy as soon as the US told them to, voted against a gold standard, and their central bank prints money to by US stocks, pretty much permanently damaging their brand as being the “most together” nation and people on all things monetary.
    The Daily Bell is the best libertarian reasoning site there is, hands down. But the key thing with the Swiss is, you have to know when to stop listening.

    • Steven Hotho

      Some very good thoughts here! Reality can be a bitch.
      Sorry to say, I think you’re right about the Swiss, but hope you’re wrong.

    • nathenism

      we have responded with violence many times and it never worked out…at best it only temporarily made things a little better…we can’t have a successful revolution without an evolution of the mind, of how we deal with problems

  • Steven Hotho

    Of course, there is a “prolonged foreign adventure” to destabilize Russia and, I assume, there is a “prolonged foreign adventure” by Russia to destabilize Western Europe and North America. This is what nation-states do to their adversaries.
    But, to your lead question, could NATO divide Russia, the answer is no.

  • Oliver

    The world is supposedly split in this facade of NATO v. Soviet Union when ALL is controlled by ONE plutocracy — Bilderberg/CFR/UN. A geopolitical game of chess is being played on ‘We, the People’ as draconian and anti-constitutional actions are carried out by both Russia and the USA under the auspices of a contrived conflict. Come on. It’s the same game played over and over.

    • barankai

      Read Russian history. Or Solzhenitsyn.

      • Oliver

        As paradoxical as it might seem to those who know nothing of history other than the orthodox version, try reading: The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and The World. by L. Fletcher Prouty

        Can anyone believe this ‘Secret Team’ is no longer in existence?
        If so, that Bridge in Brooklyn is still for sale, I hear.

        Excerpt: The fundamental game of the Secret Team. They have this power because they control secrecy and secret intelligence and because they have the ability to take advantage of the most modem communica­tions system in the world, of global transportation systems, of quantities of weapons of all kinds, of a world-wide U.S. military supporting base structure. They can use the best intelligence system in the world, and most importantly, they are able to operate under the canopy of an ever ­present “enemy” called “Communism”. And then, to top all of this, there is the fact that the CIA has assumed the right to generate and direct secret operations.

        The CIA is the willing tool of a higher level Secret Team, or High Cabal, that usually includes representatives of the CIA and other instrumentalities of the government, certain cells of the business and professional world and, almost always, foreign participation.

        . . . .Chief among these, yet quite unnoticed, President Nixon and his Secretary of the Treasury, George Schultz, established a Russian/American organization called the “USA-USSR Trade and Economic Council,” in 1972. Its objective was to bring about a union of the Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers of this country, among others, such as the hierarchy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with their counterparts in the Soviet Union. This important relationship, sponsored by David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank and his associates, continued through the Carter years. The bilateral activity increased significantly during the Reagan/Shultz years of the Eighties despite such “Evil Empire” tantrums as the Korean Airlines Boeing 747 Flight 007 “shootdown” in 1983.

      • Oliver

        Why was my reply deleted?
        Here it is again from the book by L. Fletcher Prouty. THE SECRET TEAM with unlimited power and resources. As explained below, the cozy relationship between Fortune 500 companies in America, their counterparts in the Soviet Union, and David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank which goes on today behind the contrived hostilities.

        This is an excerpt: Please enjoy.

        Today, early 1990, the most important events of this century are taking place with the ending of the “Cold War” era, and the beginning of the new age of “One World” under the control of businessmen and their lawyers, rather than the threat of military power. This scenario for change has been brought about by a series of SECRET TEAM operations skilfully orchestrated while the contrived hostilities of the Cold War were at their zenith.
        Chief among these, yet quite unnoticed, President Nixon and his Secretary of the Treasury, George Schultz, established a Russian/American organization called the “USA-USSR Trade and Economic Council,” in 1972. Its objective was to bring about a union of the Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers of this country, among others, such as the hierarchy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with their counterparts in the Soviet Union. This important relationship, sponsored by David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank and his associates, continued through the Carter years.

        This is the fundamental game of the SECRET TEAM. They have this power because they control secrecy and secret intelligence and because they have the ability to take advantage of the most modem communica­tions system in the world, of global transportation systems, of quantities of weapons of all kinds, of a world-wide U.S. military supporting base structure. They can use the best intelligence system in the world, and most importantly, they are able to operate under the canopy of an ever ­present “enemy” called “Communism”. And then, to top all of this, there is the fact that the CIA has assumed the right to generate and direct secret operations.

      • Alles vergebens

        Read 200 years together.
        There are the keys to who is the Russian nation a who are the people, who continually betray it.

        Now, after the drunkard Yeltsin left for Jerusalem on New Yeats Eve of year 1999, the oligarchs, comfortably seated in the chairs of power summoned Vladimir Putin, a rather short, subtle and badly coiffured boy into a meeting in the Kremlin, where they told him, who’s calling the shots. He answered by saying almost nothing.

        The next instance of indignation was the great diplomatic ceremony in the Kremlin, where the new ambassadors (about 20 of them) had to give their full powers of representation to the president and be accredited at the Kremlin.
        One ambassador was nowhere to be found. Not at the ceremony, not at the embassy, nowhere at all. The speaker of the embassy answered after three days.
        The missing ambassador was the great friend of Vladimir Vladimirovich, Sasha Wershbov (orig. Věršbov, try to have a look where he is now), who came back cca 2014 as the coordinator of the anti-russian war preludes.

        He said no word to anybody and took leave for two weeks, somewhere, nobody knows where.
        With clear vision of the interruption of diplomatic relations with Moscow, ensuing to such behaviour.
        Vladimir could take away his agreement and send him home, which he did NOT.
        Now, no ambassador of no country could ever take such action on his own discretion.
        Would secretary Rice do it on hers?
        Don’t think so.
        I would expect the old duo Rumsfeld/Cheney testing, how much Vladimir can bear.

        Then the Pentagon hit, with the sinking of the Kursk.
        It was the most important ship in the whole russian fleet.
        Vladimir denied to leave his holidays in Sochi and take the levers of power.
        He gave one, two, meaningless interviews in a time, when the mood of the nation and the military said: “War, now!”

        He gave orders to the rabid admirals NOT to pursue the damaged and oil spilling american sub and eventually sink it.
        They, from their side sought to lay their own responsibility (for the insufficient recon in the maneuvre area) on him, for not reacting as the aggresive majority would wish.
        They paid for it, later.

        President Bush Jr. gave him a warm embrace for his stance and called him a friend.
        I think, Condi must have explained to him, how near an encounter this was.
        Now Cheney and Rumsfeld would know, that he has the nerve and patience of a chess player.
        Which is a russian national sport, by the way.
        And they prepared the Budapest summit of NATO and the Saakashvili agression, bombing russian troops, 2007 and 2008.

        The oligarchs and their western financiers would soon know he has an iron grip, too.
        In the last days of Yeltsin presidentcy, as Vladimir was the premier minister, the russian army took an seldom reported and rather symbolic action.
        About 230 men from the russian UNO power in Bosnia painted KFOR instead of SFOR on their vehicles, and under the cover of the night made it from Republika Srpska to Kosovo.

        Where they took the allimportant (mostly miltary) airport in Pristina without one shot.
        They were promised by the NATO to be taken in the policing forces in Kosovo and they better not waited for the fullfilment.
        The british commander of the special forces, who were sent to chase the Russians away said NO (several times, argumenting his only commander in chief is the Queen herself) to the military chief of NATO. He knew the Russians well personally and didn’t expect, they would ever leave.
        And, being a british special forces commander, he knew that there changes in the Kremlin, that the Russians want their dignity back.

        The 227 or so medals, which were secretly administered to every member of the Pristina raid, are specific for this one action and therefore very rare,
        The corrupt, disintegrated, impoverished russian army became a standard to measure itself with.

        As for the CIA, the hadn’t had a single success in the last 15 years or so.
        They rightly expect to be purged.
        They are poised to forget, that their playing field is not the US. And that there will be others, who will watch them.

  • No More Neos

    If there is in fact a growing fissure within the Deep State, the time would be now for the “progressive Deep State” to make their moves, and fast. Trump is already appearing to bend to the pressures of the intelligence agencies to accept the ‘Russia hacking’ line, even though over 80% of the country doesn’t believe it. If Trump truly wants to carve out an original approach to governing (a concept lost on previous Pentagon/Wall St/CIA minions), then they must organize and resist the onslaught of Neo hubris and entitlement to divine rule:

  • Sam Fox


    NATO? What? NATO going to march into Russia, take the country over & divide it up for the NWO bankers & other one world satanists? Gee, I wonder if Putin & the Russians think they should cooperate… hmmm, I kinda doubt it.

    Is this a real story????


  • Praetor

    Well, two more weeks and Trump takes over. And the enemy of the world (neocons) globalists will have a person in the House who may not agree with them. If they start a war in Europe at this time, they may find it hard to ever start a war again.

    Its like football, the offense is the violent aggressors of the game and the defense is the non-violent part of the game. The offense attacks first, the defense is self protection and the right of self defense applies. It will come down to who fires the first shot. The one firing the first shot will be blamed and the punishment should be great.

    Just keep an eye on that Fake News.!!!

  • robertsgt40

    NATO wants a lot of things. They should focus on internal revolution or how they’re gonna pay for it with a bankrupt EU.

  • Eric Coote

    Divide and conquer is an old and successful paradigm suitable for tyrants, arrogant nation states and currency monopoliser. Money is no object anymore (USA has taught that) but those that cannot learn are beyond help – that applies to France, Germany and probably Poland given previous history. Nato will be dismembered whether by Russia or the USA either by defeat, political stealth or by the Rothschilds and others of 0.1% when it suits them (or buildeburgers, Zionists, trans-humanists – you name it :-).

    • James

      Just keep poking the bear, if you want to find out what hell is like. just keep


      • Eric Coote

        Yep Russia might do it but who benefits from setting the Euro against the Ruble – and Yuan. Not Europe as its currency is not owned by its users and can easily be dismantled by divide and conquer. Too many have been to private schools and are still schoolboys and girls – time to grow up or everyone will be destroyed. Since the WW2 allied bombing civilians are not safe (Dresden,Tokyo, Hiroshima etc) and the Russian policy to lay waste when threatened means no one cannot hide anywhere, especially now that drones directed from armchairs – or worse.
        1st step destroy all the bunkers the elite think they can run to.

  • georgesilver

    Russia would probably have the backing and support of it’s population if NATO attacked….. NATO would not have the support of most of the population. If NATO invaded Russia then they would go the way of all armies and be cut off from their supply lines. Russia could easily create havoc in the European major cities with their supersonic cruise missiles.
    NATO countries would sue for peace in three weeks. The instigators of the war would walk away with a nice future profit though.

    • Nexusfast123

      They would not have the resources. Conscription ended ages ago so no large standing armies.

      Take Iran. Apparently in war games and even with full mobilisation the US could not invade and subdue Iran. The Iranians would not fight a conventional war but a very bloody and extremely costly asymmetrical war. They are very open about this strategy.

  • Praetor

    It is very interesting how things work in this world.

    Internet Reformation will always set you free.!!!

  • I used this article’s theme as a morning meditation. Some may find this opens or stirs perspectives that reactive thinking diverts from noticing.

    Systems that seem to be powers. As if ideas manifest or operate through agencies of their own propagation and reinforcement. The ideas are hidden from the personal sense because the personal sense of power is the illusion that the system operates by which to sacrifice awareness of thought for the virtual reality experience running within it.
    The substitution of an essentially private awareness for the Felt Quality of being is a thought reversal by which to assert and succumb to a mind apart from and against the Life of all. But in masking forms that seem justifiable or plausibly deniable.
    Systems or idea of division and rule operate the breakdown of communication, and of capacity to function, resulting in depletion, scarcity, conflict, sickness and death.

    The virtual mind embodies the thought that made it – and runs upon and within thought, as imposed order within structural incoherence.
    The core pattern is always the same regardless the forms it takes ; sacrifice of relational freedom to systemic violence – that may be largely but never completely masked.

    Bringing the foundational thought to awareness never comes from thinking or acting within its terms. What is it for? What purpose is it serving? When the active beliefs and definitions are thus revealed – the obvious result is the recognition of meaningful function… or of a meaningless lack of relevance and functionality – within a truly present sense of who and what I am and what resonates true to me.

    The use of the Other to polarize AGAINST is a way of generating a charge by which to leverage outcomes – and this sort of physics has characterized humanity as the notion of coercive power upon what otherwise stands clear as living communication and relationship. Willingness to participate in communication and relationship arrives at outcomes from a true participance – that embody a felt quality of integrity. True dialogue is not a system, method, technique or asserted order and as such is the free relinquishment of loveless or indeed hateful and destructive systems of thought that effectively run in place of the life we are moved to embrace and share in – as a result of learning failures, misidentifications and fascination with the exploration of the idea of power at expense of Other – whose flip side is subjection under the power of the Other.

    What goes around comes around. What you put out is what you get back.
    If globalism is a victory in degradation, destruction and death, just for a very few to ‘lord it’ over the wasteland – then it must embody the desire to persist in the false sense of power regardless of pain. Adapting to tolerate pain is the splitting of consciousness so as ‘escape’ a fragment, at expense and denial of the whole – as now represented in unconscious or denied Other.

    The principle of wholeness IS a true Individuality – but to have it – one has to give or extend it to others. The ‘multi-polar world’ makes sense amidst authentic communication – and communication is not confined to verbal-mental constructs of meanings. Without true participance, the forms of communication are used to mask a bi-polar division under the insanity of a uni-polar victory.

    Polarities seen OUTSIDE and irreconcilable to each other, engage attention at expense of owning their experience WITHIN us. But the recognition of conflict within is painful and fearful until the desire to be free of it holds clear purpose in place of shifting evasions of ‘narrative control’.

    A desire for coherence of being is receptive to the creative – which is not merely reactive or responsive in current historical terms. One does not have to understand how life works to live it. But a fear of loss of life put the attempt to understand and control above the native recognition of participance. If the ‘deceiver’ tricks us out of our true inheritance, it is because on some level I employed such a mind to obfuscate my own dilemma – and its systemic effects have run as the subconsciously routine ‘default’ ever since.

    Natural divisions are vibrational frequencies within a whole. A sense of disconnect from wholeness aligns in fear of powerlessness, further loss, and death – and MUST seek power in its own terms as the power to break or limit communication or consciousness in ‘salvation of a private agenda’ that can only seem to exist upon the death or denial of wholeness. But privacy is truly the gift of honouring another by non-interference in what is not my business – and not a power of exclusion to assert upon the whole – and then claim possession of.

  • Mark Eting

    It will never happened when Putin is alive. Take under consideration Russian advancement in military technology. They have what “we the people” do not have defense against, like S500 which is so much technology that, I quote “we need 2 decades to understand”.

  • nathenism

    russia appears to have technology capable of shutting down an enemy’s electrical system..if this is true russia may be able to end the next world war without completely destroying the nato countries…among others i heard paul craig roberts talking about it…he said he was talking to a friend of his who is a general…he said russia used the technology to disable a couple of israhelli jets

  • Nexusfast123

    The so called leaders in the west are mentally deficient. Russia’s revised military doctrine states that any attack on Russia will result in a massive response. They are not going to fight a conventional war. Do the idiots in the west not understand this?