Countering Hillary’s Coup With a Counter Coup – or Not?
By DailyBellStaff - November 03, 2016

Video: Corruption, Cooptation, Cronyism: The Hillary Clinton “Takeover”, The “Counter-Coup”, Action of America’s Intelligence Community –Global Research

Is it possible the recent counter coup announced by Steve Pieczenik, a former official in numerous Republican administrations, is actually part of a much larger dominant social theme designed to reinforce positive perceptions regarding the most secretive and powerful government agencies?

Global Research, one of the very best alternative websites, does us the favor of providing a video presentation by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.” It has also provided us with a transcript of Pieczenik’s remarks.

Pieczenik “has served as foreign policy expert in several US administrations including Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.”


The analysis and focus presented below must be taken very seriously.  It sheds light on the ongoing political crisis in the US and the opposition which is developing from within the US intelligence community against the Clinton crime cabal.

According to Steve Pieczenik,   “Hillary and Bill Clinton are attempting a takeover of the United States and will stop at nothing.  A coup d’état of this magnitude has never been affected in such a subtly calculated way.”

Pieczenik goes on to explain how the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and other official military-industrial agencies have gotten together silently to fight the silent “coup” of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Basically the argument is that “pay-to-play” has been created by the Clinton Foundation, which is apparently under substantive investigation.

Hillary and Bill would use their contacts and influence to push the US government into taking action in ways which enhanced the interests and profits of certain countries and individuals if they contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

The Foundation is evidently a government-in-waiting for the Clintons and having such a large entity as their disposal enhances their power considerably.

But both Hillary and Bill Clinton don’t seem to be very stable people. Hillary has a horrible temper and is evidently contemptuous of those beneath her. Bill Clinton has been the subject of rape accusations and organized, international drug dealing – and Hillary has evidently abetted some of his worst behavior..

Yet it is certainly possible that neither Bill nor Hillary are fully aware of the scale of the manipulation in which they are enmeshed, nor its timeline. Are they now part of a rapidly unfolding psyop that has its roots decades ago?

Maybe Pieczenik, Julian Assange and others are indeed true heroes for countering the Clinton’s emergent authoritarianism, as they appear to be. This is certainly an incredibly admirable and deserved perspective. But there are other interpretations.

Our primary purpose is to analyze elite dominant social themes and that’s why we are raising these questions, hypothetical as they may be. Hillary Clinton is an apparent threat to the what’s left of the liberties of the USA but there is a possibility, perhaps a slim one, that this new “coup” narrative is not what it seems.

Regardless of the status of the US – corporation, democracy, republic – the US functions, day-to-day, with a certain expectation of freedom. This is why those on “right” – libertarian or conservative – are evidently shocked (on videos and in print) when the US government and those behind it take actions that one would not expect to take place in a “republic.”

Now we are informed that this sentiment is an animating force in parts of the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, etc. The counter-argument, of course, is that the FBI, CIA and Pentagon have not usually been seen as guardians of “freedom.”

The FBI has put hundreds if not thousands of people in jail because of flawed fingerprint and hair analysis that some in the bureau knew to be false all along. To the best of our knowledge, a lot of the damage was never properly addressed.

The CIA is responsible for the deaths, injuries and miserable lives of millions, even billions, around the world because it represses freedom in favor of elite control of countries and their governments.

Constitutionally speaking, the FBI and CIA probably should not exist, let alone be spread around the world. The Pentagon, which recently mislaid $8 trillion, supports CIA covert intel actions with its own more overt military activities.

It is wonderful that people within them are supportive of freedom. But the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, etc., don’t actually work for the people in the US. At the top levels, they seem to work for the private banking interests that have installed and organized them and are pursuing a greater globalism that likely includes the destruction of the US..

Today there is considerable conflict between private banking interests and the alternative ‘Net media, and the people it represents. One way to reduce this conflict would be to make it clear to people who value a culture of freedom that the most authoritarian agencies in the US are secretly aligned with them. (See also our skeptical comments regarding the Brexit vote in our “populism vs. globalism articles.”)

This seems beyond the pale and ludicrous but these banking interests are both subtle and powerful. One way or another, they evidently control the central banks of the world and thus hundreds of trillions of dollars. They may even have propagated a kind of nuclear myth, as we have pointed out here in the past, that has affected people’s sentiments and priorities for decades.

They tend to work through the dominant social themes we analyze because they are absolutely determined that people are to back their globalist plans on a voluntary basis without knowing they are doing so.

In the Internet era, these “memes” have begun to founder in critical ways. But those creating them continue to try. They are abetted by millions (and more), who are aligned with them professionally or emotionally – some because they don’t know any better.

At the very top, everyone else is likely disposable (except for a handful of owners) and apt to be manipulated as necessary.

This is probably an article that many may react to emotionally and even negatively. But we are certainly not trying to support Hillary’s campaign, only to point out that in this world not everything is at it seems, especially when it comes to authoritarian agents of the state.

Conclusion: Your first priority is to take care of yourself and your family. Politics, especially today, seems to offer the hope of greater freedom but usually does not. For more on the issues we’ve raised, please use a search engine to find “TheDailyBell” and “populism versus globalism” (herehere and elsewhere). These issues may be tied to an an even larger propaganda campaign.

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  • georgesilver

    We have just discovered in the UK that we are run by a hedge fund. The hedge fund has taken away our Brexit ball and we children are not allowed to play anymore.
    Spoil-sports. I was just beginning to like the idea that people would listen to us and that we didn’t have to do what the EU parents tell us to do.

    • john cummins

      Yup, the Bank of London rules.

    • esqualido

      You are led by the nose the way we are in America by the MSM- Rupert Brook’s media empire being a prime example, which is especially ironic in that foreign ownership of the press was specifically made illegal, and for good reason, until he succeeded in getting his foot in the door. Praetor thinks TPTB are for Trump- you could sure fool anyone reading the New York Times, The L.A. Times Time, The Wall Street Journal, or any of the main TV networks-they are clearly in the tank for Hilary. And she was clearly on a steamroller path, until, IMHO, the very mysterious death of the very hale and hearty attorney who had served papers on the DNC in the scandalous rigging of events against Bernie Sanders. I think a lot of them are going to sit on their hands, or vote for Jill Stein, or anyone but Hilary.

  • Bruce C.

    I basically agree with the DB’s suspicions here. It’s very important for the globalist elites’ agenda that people believe in the honesty and good will of the Pentagon, CIA and FBI. That’s why I think FBI director Comey “re-opened” the case against Hillary when it became clear that people were beginning to believe Trump’s accusations of the “the system” – and the FBI/Justice Department in particular – being rigged. Trump even said (unfortunately) that “maybe he was wrong…that maybe the system isn’t so rigged.” Now if Clinton is elected she will shut everything down but on better terms with the people, and if Trump is elected he’ll have less ammunition to “drain the swamp.” Too bad he capitulated so quickly, but I think he’s a fast learner.

    • john cummins

      And, I have to agree with DB, within our constitutional framework whether “good” or “bad” the FBI and CIA ought NOT exist, and it’s problematic when the very agencies that supposedly are to “do good” are doing bad simply by existing!

      • ThomasJK

        Comprende’ F. U. B. A. R.?

  • Praetor

    Interesting for sure! Anything is possible at this point. We most always remember its always about We The People and how we will react.

    Could be this shadow government is feeling a little threatened, out of chaos order. Could be the chaos is getting out of control and becoming unpredictable. TPTB have long memories, the French Revolution comes to mind a lot of them did not make it. To TPTB, We The People are in a foul mood and with good reason. The economy Obamacare corruption disorder in the streets and so on.

    Who will be Prez; I think TPTB have decided, Trump. With Trump as apposed to Hillary, he can bring the people together and give them hope plus change. Hillary can not. With Trump he is a bankruptcy expert and this where the change takes place, hard time are ahead.

    The outcome is in doubt, anyway it goes, and that always means get prepared. Interesting for sure!!!

  • GAD1066

    Trump is the only one who can drain the swamp, and break up the gangs in Washington raping the country.

    • john cummins

      But, the biggest hope would be that he’d build a WALL…around DC.

  • FreeOregon

    Several of the “criminal” syndicates that are or control portions of the bureaucracies are contending for power.

    The country does not speak with one voice.

    We the People, reduced to rubber stamp voting at most annually in elections in which those syndicates control and count the votes, are accepting our helplessness. We have become mere spectators.

    No more “of, by and for” the people.

    The Pentagon, or a Pentagon faction, undercut Kerry’s Syria peace deal with Lavrov. CIA and Pentagon proxies are killing each other. The legal mafia (also on the take) in the Brooklyn, Manhattan AG offices, from which Lynch, Comey, Giuliani, and the judges of the Second Circuit come, appears to be splitting.

    There are so many vested interests in this sewer, each contending to keep its privileges alive, draining it is useless.

    Nothing less than complete Soviet style collapse will clean this sewer.

    Only then will it be possible for We the People to invent a new future.

  • disqussted999

    I, and I’m sure many others, including I don’t doubt you, DB, would love to think there is a group in the States with power, authority, connections, as WELL as right motivations (we all might have different ideas about what those might be or whether or not “right motivations” should ever be trusted, since in the opinion of many, humans simply can NEVER be fully trusted to not act in their own interests to the harm of others when put in a position to choose…won’t discuss that here), that has been watching all this happening waiting for the right time to act. I want to believe it at several levels.

    BUT!!!…when he started talking about possibly “postponing the election,” my hair stood on end. Wouldn’t that just be how “they” have introduced just about every destructive policy into the American way of life: claiming it was an emergency and this was the only cure, and that it would be “temporary”…?? I don’t know. I / we need to hear more…and quickly. And why did they wait so friggin long????? Why?

    I’m not going to say it smells bad; to the contrary, it almost smells too good. And, really, he said very little. Everything was a generality. He didn’t give us any verifiable evidence about any of these people. Bottom line again…I need to hear more and have this explained NOW…before the elections, before I would trust this “silent group” with postponing the election. Give us details!!! And I have more thoughts, but I’ll stop here.

    • disqus_iv8ueNIwAu

      My concern is that this guy was undersecretary of State under Kissinger. How did he hold that position if he was not aligned with Kissinger and the other global power players?

      • He has been aligned with many major GOP admins including the latter Bush admin.

    • MetaCynic

      The Constitution makes no mention of the need for political parties to exist in order for Americans to have an election. Even if Hillary and Caine are knocked out of the race, voters will still have three candidates to choose from. It was known all along by the DNC and her deep state backers that Hillary is a severely flawed candidate due to her health and corruption. If against all evidence and common sense, they still insisted that she be their nominee, then that’s too bad for the DNC and Hillary’s zombie supporters.

  • Brabantian

    The Clintons are the worst in USA corruption … but let’s really look at Donald Trump … he’s quite rooted in the Meyer Lansky mob (Cf Aangirfan), and thus Trump is tied to the very heights of key USA mafias … with key Lansky lawyer tied to Trump, Alvin Ira Malnik, still alive today with stories he could tell

    Meyer Lansky (1902-1983) was the model for ‘Hyman Roth’ in the ‘Godfather’ films, tho the real Lansky died peacefully in Florida. Lansky & Lucky Luciano worked with US intelligence in WW2, & Lansky apparently had pix of J Edgar Hoover in a woman’s dress as with Hoover’s gay lover … the FBI ‘gave up’ on Lansky.

    Lansky’s final big dream was setting up gambling in New Jersey, with Donald Trump (born 1946) as point man with ‘Resorts International’ involving 2 close figures of the Meyer Lansky mob, gay Roy Marcus Cohn (1927-1986), biggest mentor of Trump’s youth, & Alvin Ira Malnik (born 1933), as well as Rockefellers, Rothschilds & intel agencies.

    We can assume Trump & Lansky met in late 70s – early 80s, given Trump was carrying out Lansky’s big dream with Lansky’s closest pals. Trump’s Resorts Int’l is joined to an earlier Lansky-Malnik alleged mob front company ‘Mary Carter Paints’. Lansky & friends’ lobbying got New Jersey gambling legalised in 1977, with the Trump & Lansky pals casino going up afterwards.

    Alvin Malnik finished Miami law school in 1959 as Lansky was chased out of Cuba, & began working for Lansky & other ‘colourful’ clients, Morris Landsberg of the Las Vegas Flamingo opened by Bugsy Siegel, & Sam Cohen of the Las Vegas Riviera Hotel & Casino. Per Forbes magazine / LA Times, Malnik “essentially invented the black art of money-laundering, taking mob money & routing it to legitimate ventures (like real estate) … Malnik set up the Bank of Commerce in the Bahamas. Mob money flowed into its secret numbered accounts by hundreds of millions – (mob financier Meyer) Lansky money, most of it – & then out again into Tibor Rosenbaum’s International Credit Bank of Switzerland before returning to the United States.”

    Trump’s pal Malnik is presented today as an age 83 ‘philanthropist’ with of course an ‘edited’ bio on the site of ex-pornographer Jimmy Jimbo Wales, the supremo of CIA-Mossad Wikipedia. Lansky & Malnik link the USA mobsters of the 1920-34 Prohibition era, to Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson (also in the casino biz just like Lansky), & the groups dominant in the USA today … aided by the prosecution of the old Italian – Sicilian mafias by such as Rudy Giuliani, who, it is said, eliminated competition for the Russian-Jewish & Israel-tied mafias which have even deeper US political protection.

    • MetaCynic

      Trump’s links to the Mafia sound ominous on the surface, but how much of the Mafia’s money was derived from simply servicing their customers’ demands such as gambling, prostitution, pornography and drugs. However sinful we may personally find these voluntary indulgences of the public’s to be, the government of a free society simply has no business criminalizing such activities. Whatever violence and corruption flows from these activities is the result of the government’s attempts at prohibition.

  • MetaCynic

    We can certainly argue that the FBI and CIA as constituted should not exist. However, I don’t think it can be argued that none of the functions of those two agencies should exist even if in private hands. Even NAP libertarians would admit that crime solving and prevention are legitimate activities in private hands as is intelligence gathering.

    All that said, it’s entirely possible that elements within, for example, the FBI, NSA and CIA – whose job description in their minds does adhere to the narrow libertarian scope of permissible crime fighting and spying powers – are appalled by the growing police state nature of their employers. Furthermore they could be frightened by information in their possession which points to vast corruption and abuse of power within various government institutions all linked to the Clinton Crime Cartel. It certainly makes sense then that such foot soldiers within some state alphabet agencies, who regard themselves as patriotic Americans, would covertly leak out whatever information they possess in the hope that it would prove useful in derailing the Clintons’ drive for power.

    This does not necessarily mean that the agency bosses they work for and the bosses’ deep state string pullers are behind these disclosures. Nor does it mean that these disclosures are meant to whitewash the state’s national security complex. Maybe it probably is what it appears to be – some alarmed insiders are blowing the whistle on very high level crime and corruption, and Steve Pieczenik was selected to be their voice.

  • autonomous

    We all seek to define the “One Sure Thing” that will resolve our political problems, as if our problems were political and therefore the solution must be political. Neither is true. Our problems are moral. If all were moral, we would have no need for government, for we would govern our selves. Clinton Inc is immoral to its core, from its least component to its greatest. Until we treat each other as we would be treated, no amount of government is sufficient to regulate us. Even one individual who would gain at others expense spoils the whole. It is too much to expect that the whole,acting together in union can weed out the bad actor, let alone that the whole can succeed in weeding out all bad actors. Our only hope is to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to render to God what is God’s. Can we even determine what belongs to either?

    • Steve

      Rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s means you give him nothing! Caesar is not in the produce and voluntary exchange camp, he is in the plunder camp. Giving to him makes his criminal enterprise grow.

      Since a moral person is in no need of any government other than self government, by what authority can any person claim to impose government upon another through force except if the force is defensive in nature and therefor never “imposed”? Defensive force is in accord with the natural law if it is just self defense.

      The perfect solution for those who can live moral lives is no external, only internal (self) government. Why would you think that since some people lack morality, the proper ideal system suddenly changes and (external) authority now becomes a requirement? In deed external authority is the very essence of moral corruption. Theft, fraud, aggression, and every other morally corrupt act is always a claim of “authority” over another: violating another person’s life, liberty, or property. It is only the people who fail to respect the limits to their “authority” who attempt to impose false “authority” over others.

      A person is free to proclaim himself a “Caesar” but he remains equal to every other “Caesar”. And “rendering unto Caesar” thus becomes merely keeping your voluntary agreements and respecting what is Caesar’s, which includes the right to refuse to enter a voluntary agreement.

      The true source of just government exits within the individual from the same creative source as all the rest of nature. All aggressive unilateral claims of external authority are thus a declaration of war against those who live morally. And whereby can we determine what is the law of nature? Simple, violation of the law results in misery, suffering and death. Compliance with the law creates blessings, abundance, and life. Or simply: voluntary exchange (love your neighbor as yourself) vs involuntary exchange (violate and hate your neighbor).

      • autonomous

        Paying taxes at the threat of violence is not submitting to external government necessarily. It is simply paying the ransom. Remember also, that paying US taxes is merely paying back in worthless paper what has been allowed us. I would never think of paying taxes with specie. America has not yet declined to the point that living in prison is preferable to living outside prison, and not likely to ever since prisons are the ultimate authoritarian state and tend to decline more rapidly than the lesser state. In any case, death is not to be dreaded, for there is far worse than death.

  • Trying to understand a deceit from within the conceit is a kind of insanity that also works to keep the deceits hidden in the belief one is actually outside it to uncover or combat it.

    Any aspect of a deceit is result of its founding belief – hence the phrase the lie and the father of the lie. The father of the lie is wishing against reality – that is a wish something be true that isn’t, at cost of rejection and denial of the true. A lie to persist in place of true has to be both upheld and protected by force and further deceit – which is the nature of its origin – force of denial, and deceit given preference over honesty of being.

    There are various patternings to the particular form of wishing but the wish for power of self-inflation operates a ‘boom’ that then ‘busts’, and so a love-hate sense of power arises to the wish of believing it true in which a hit of gratification can be gotten and prolonged by outsorcering the pain of ‘bust’ to the rejected aspects that a ‘winning’ self concept seeks to deny and disown – and so losers, suckers and weaklings – and any other facet of self that is suppressed or denied by being ruled out of light by an exclusive self concept believed, are given blame and shame and brought into conformity or useful service by the intent to persist in the gratification of the hit of power, which evolves by ingenuity and adaptation to draw energy of being to feed an addiction to an evaporation, driven by fear of loss of power as a loss of self so as to operate the direct sense of the survival instinct – which IS the defence called up to protect the lie against the true, which is the power of the mind aligned with purpose contra to true function – hence divisive, depleting and destructive. yet like a pavlovian dog, this mind seeks the hit of winning that doesn’t actually last because you are still you regardless of fantasy associations plays out. And it evades losing – except as a strategy of getting more as a result – so as to run like an automaton or algorithmically operated circus of reactions that usurp and stifle the creative in every field excepting as upholds and extends the lie. The mask of power becomes as it was from the first a death mask that cant be removed because its gratifications seem the life and its removal seem the death and so always the ‘lesser evil’ is chosen until the full extent and nature of the choice being run and accepted true is revealed without any further capacity to mask itself in its own framing and its lack of actual substance cannot be ‘rebranded’ or ‘re-loaded upon a total absence of support for what had been operating as ‘power’ or ‘self’.

    The worship of false power hollows the mind of capacity to feel and know life and this sense of separation reinforces the dependence on such sacrifice – for such it is.
    In a world that has been trained to ‘see’ in terms of power rather than of ideas in acceptance, embodiment and experience in reflection, we automatically ‘give power away’ to the idea of an external controller – for that is the ‘mind-control’ we all invoke as part of masking our own split sense of consciousness – so as to run the surface within a sense of control over the facets that are not ‘acceptable’ to public or even private exposure and so are mapped out of narrative control – although there are different versions at different levels of ‘need to know’ and what you have sworn NOT to know or open again even to infer its nature is never spoken of or mentioned in thought, word or deed. But it has not gone away. None of our denials have in fact been outsourced and in fact all must come home to roost – but not as punishment for guilt – though that fear works against healing – but as the restoring of true communication and alignment in being.

    How does one calm down and restore sane perspective and relation to a madness whose nature is ‘legion’, and who is dissociated, armed and very paranoid?
    How do we calm ourselves to ensure we don’t give insanity the control of our mind by reaction? There has to be a desire for truth that withdraws allegiance from what is recognized false – and that persistence grows a conscious foundation from which to extend a sense of genuine worth rather than a presentation of strategy based on comparative and competitive habit reaction.

    Fighting symptoms has never healed the cause of anything and in fact is designed to ensure the true cause stays hidden. Hence the management of sickness summarizes the upholding and supporting of a deceit by which to sacrifice our true being to the protection racket of a false god. Fear keeps us in the dark, until fear becomes the opportunity to discover more about who we truly are. Same circumstance, different purpose. That’s where freedom abides. In a purpose we can freely and wholly embrace – which is simply the natural function of the being to joy in life along the lines of our unique and complementary proclivities and passions.

    Focusing in the ‘problem’ becomes defined by the ‘problem’ but if our focus opens to a more connected sense of self-discovery – rather than a morbid fascination with horror – we become more like the child who simply said the thing that no one else could say to the Emperor regarding the lack of clothes as a simple truth – rather than a power play. The mind can only see what its master bids, and power over life can only be victorious in some kind of death – so checkmate is a self-defeat. Which is nothing to a wish – but grievous to a living entanglement in a lie of a life. So if a wish is for anything of true, let it be your will and live it truly. Why not?

  • Oliver

    I cannot thank you enough for this. There is no question in my mind that this is all a planned take down — even the MSM is reporting on it because it is leading to a movement to “overthrow the Clinton cabal”. As you noted, this will be implemented by our very own agencies of organized crime like the FBI and CIA — along with war-mongering U.S. Military Intelligence.

    THAT is where they’re going with this. All of these confessions and exposures of the terrible crimes of the Clintons [not that they don’t deserve it] is to get the public foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs — DEMANDING punishment at any cost. Even a coup –an ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL takeover would be OK.

    But it’s NOT OK. A coup . . is still a coup.

    Didn’t they put into LAW right after the Patriot Act was signed that “if Congress is unable to act, an UNELECTED ‘temporary’ government would rule in its place?”.

    To me, it is obvious that the “counter coup” is pegged to usher that in. In fact the “soft, counter coup” is no doubt the COUP ITSELF.

    David Duke — the former wizard of the KKK [CIA front] is also now calling for Hilary’s execution — although if justice is to be done, HE should have been executed years ago for the many murders of blacks down South.

    It’s amazing how they’re pumping this. Please stay on it. You’re doing a great job!

  • IM Sayldog

    After all, it’s not like “them” not to present a controlled opposition.
    Nothing says organic movements can’t arise, but as FDR said,”In
    politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was
    planned that way.”

    I’d like to think Trump is the real deal and can set the stage for a
    renewed US Constitutional Republic, but I’m still prepping and putting
    my ultimate faith in Jesus Christ.

    • MetaCynic

      If Trump is the controlled opposition, why then is the entire political, media, academic, Wall St. and War Party establishment rabidly against him? Is this all feigned for our entertainment, or does Trump represent a real threat to the establishment’s unearned wealth, power and prestige? Other than perhaps Rand Paul, anyone of Trump’s primary challengers would have been a much more suitable controlled opposition than Trump.

      • IM Sayldog

        1st, one can hardly call Pieczenik anti-establishment. He’s well entrenched in Republican party politics. Neither is Rupert Murdock, Giulliani, Gingrich, Christie and many others.
        2nd, depends on what the desired outcome is. Many Trump supporters myself included see little to no difference between the red and the blue.So what if Hillary were to beat Jeb? Either way it would represent more of the same.
        Only in presenting Trump as real “Hope and Change” (where have I heard that before?) will the truly disaffected be moved to believe in a cause. So either way, Hillary or Trump, there is increased potential for unrest.
        New Age NWO UN associated Luciferian Alice Bailey in her writings that have been closely mirrored if couched in other terms by the likes of Kissenger, layed out the steps needed to initiate the NWO. One of them states that it must be done in an immediate manner. From out of chaos, order.
        I’m really with you, but “fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on….the point is to not get fooled again.”
        Time will tell.

        • MetaCynic

          I agree that the potential for social unrest is real regardless of who wins the election. However, the social unrest arising from a Clinton presidency will be the product of her turbocharging the welfare/warfare/police state policies which her predecessors have been implementing for half a century now.

          She will simply pile worse on top of bad and trigger runaway inflation and economic collapse such as is now traumatizing Venezuela. Even more alarming is her neocon supported determination to provoke war with Russia and China. Placing NATO first strike capable missiles on Russia’s border is a very foolish move as anyone who lived thru the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 knows.

          As for Trump’s foreign policy, other than wanting to trash the Obama administration nurtured ISIS, he is pretty much a peace candidate who wants to get along and trade with the rest of the world. A businessman with commercial real estate investments all over the world does not welcome war.

          To the extent that he has addressed domestic issues such as taxes, regulations, Obamacare, corruption, government spending, education and the 1st and 2nd Amendments, Trump’s proposals will yank us away from the abyss and at least push us in the right direction. Repudiating the trade deals will be a sound policy only if they are replaced with nothing. Otherwise, more managed trade such as we now have will benefit mostly special interests.

          I’m not aware that he has identified the war on drugs and minimum wage laws as major factors in the crime and unemployment destroying inner city communities. Inner cities will never recover economically until the war on drugs and minimum wage laws are ended. Simply pouring more resources into policing as Trump has proposed is not the answer without addressing the causes of the problems.

          I’m not aware that Trump has specifically addressed the Federal Reserve and its credit creation as the cause of much that ails the nation economically. Since the elites at the pinnacle of power regard attacks against central banking as the third rail of permissible discourse, perhaps Trump deems it wise to lump central banking along with other unnamed evils being promoted by globalist special interests and not call it out by name.

          I’m also not aware that Trump has ever addressed the vast surveillance and police state threatening what remains of our liberty.

          Visitors to the Daily Bell are well aware that our economy is an unstable monstrosity riddled with all kinds of malinvestments and zombie enterprises barely kept intact by credit creation, regulations, government subsidies and war. If a President Trump gets congressional support to successfully carry out his promised reforms to end war and rebuild the economy on a sound footing, he will trigger the collapse of many zombie businesses, government agencies and even entire industries especially those devoted to war.

          I think that the transition from a rickety, very controlled militarized economy to a healthy freer one will provoke lots of sound and fury leading to social unrest from the beneficiaries of the old order who must now find honest employment in the new economy. A President Trump would most likely be a transitional figure who could lead us from slavery but not to the libertarian promised land. For that we will need a future Ron Paul.

  • Cynthia McKinney PhD

    I agree with you and immediately discarded that announcement by Pieczenik in favor of the pedophile information he and Hagmann offered because I have been tracking that issue for a while now.

    • Equonte Rosenstein

      If you are THE Cynthia McKinney, former Georgia rep., then that is quite amazing, and I only grow more impressed. If you are, I must add you to the Pantheon.

      • She is.

        • Cynthia McKinney PhD

          People scoffed when I said that a criminal syndicate had taken over the U.S. Very few are scoffing now. Now, we know, thanks to WikiLeaks and the brave whistleblowers, some of whom, exiled like me by these people, that the criminal syndicate inside our government is vast—spanning the Presidencies of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama —and expansive—involving many countries, including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

          • MetaCynic

            It’s certainly within the realm of possibility that to be admitted into the elites’ “club” one would need to be controllable via blackmail. Hence pedophilia and pay to play corruption should not be surprising. Someone’s always got something on someone else. These people are all standing in gasoline while holding match books in their hands!

            It’s only by accident, as in the case of Weiner’s antics, that the police are now sitting on evidence that can blow much of the entire power structure to pieces. If the indictments ever start, we can expect these criminals to start informing on each each other.


    I would like to point out that each of the administrations that Pieczenik worked for were STRONG proponents and recent agents for kicking off the New World Order. That is to say, they were responsible for bringing it into the light.
    Ford, Carter, Reagan, Both Bushes, Clinton, and Obama are all 33 degree Freemasons. Some are members of Skull and Crossbones.

    Also when you look at motivations, understand that from the very beginning of the “liberty” movements in England, the United States, France, etc. Freemasonry under the control of the Jesuit order followed a single motto “ordo ab chao”, roughly meaning order out of chaos. This is in reference to the hegelian dialectic, simply put, setting two sides apart (a thesis, and an anti-thesis) and allowing them to clash to achieve the desired result (synthesis).

    Since I don’t want to write a book, I won’t support my conclusions, but they are important to understand who actually pulls the strings:

    At the top sits the Pope in Rome.
    Next to the Pope is the Jesuit General.

    The Jesuits are sent out into the world to run organizations such as: Freemasons,
    Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, etc.

    The Bilderberg Group, The Skull and Bones Society, and the Bohemian Grove, as well as a number of “Christian” religions in the United States are run by the Jesuits.

    While they may be on opposite sides ideologically, they are working for something in the middle. Thesis, Anti-Thesis, Synthesis. Or how it has been put by some other people. Problem, Reaction, Solution formula.

    • Really really

      You know all this really absurd comments about Free Masons, Illumanati, etc put such ridiculous holes in your argument. We are facing very serious duplicity on all sides. Even if Trump wins we will not know “change” but further lose of freedoms, perpetual war, and economic malaise. Dr Pieczenik’s sudden “friend to the people,” is rather chilling considering all his work for past presidential coups, and globalism.

      • USAF_SP

        I understand your reluctance to entertain what you may feel are flights of paranoid conspiratorial fantasy. Trust me, I was the same way. I have a degree in Psychology, with a focus on Biology and Neurology, my minors included Sociology and History. I thought that every event in the world had a logical explanation. My biggest problem: I analyze everything, and I want my answers to start at the beginning and have no loose ends. Haven’t you noticed how our leaders within the last 15 years have all gone completely insane? Maybe a few are bonkers, but all of them? Surely NOT!

        The comments about the Freemasons and the Secret societies are not ridiculous nor are they flights of fantasy. The organizations and their memberships are well documented, however because of some clever heckling by influential commentators, people have become accustomed to tuning out everything that another person says when certain words are said. These words are: Conspiracy, Freemason, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Chemtrail, Extraterrestrial, UFO, Spiritualism, and even GOD. I suppose my earlier post triggered one of these responses from you. Unfortunately, I cannot devote the time, nor do I have the space in the comments section to cite my sources academically to adequately support my assertions. I don’t expect to change your mind, but I do hope that you will follow the few links that I have provided, and approach the topic with an academic mind. Having an open mind does not mean you accept anything that someone throws at you, certainly if a claim is true it will stand up to verification, if it is false, reject it and move on!

        I addressed “duplicity on all sides”, as you put it, when I spoke of the hegelian dialectic. So that I don’t have to duplicate someone else’s work, please watch this short video by Dr. Walter Veith (who has first hand experience and original Freemasonry texts): Dr. Veith is a scientist, who was raised Catholic, became an athiest, married into an occultist family with Mason roots, bacame a Catholic again, and then coverted to a Seventh Day Adventist. He presents his lectures in academic form and cites his sources entirely through his lectures. He makes no claims without a reference as close to the original as he can get.

        Now if you are willing to spend over 100 hours trying to understand the underlying conflict of WHY all this is happening- a means to the end of a one world government, and one world religion, and how it relates to the rest of Christianity, visit his free online videos at:

        While you may not view the events of the past as a religious conflict, I assure you if you really want to understand WHY these people are doing what they are doing, and HOW they are doing it, you need to see it from their eyes.

        The author of the article that I am commenting on is wise in stating that nothing is as it appears. And he is RIGHT! There is a layer of secrecy upon another layer of secrecy.

  • rahrog

    Pieczenik is saying that INDIVIDUALS within some of Americas (too numerous to count) intelligence/military/security (WTF) complex are staging a counter coup.
    Some INDIVIDUALS, not the federal agencies they work for, are opposed to The Ruling Class.
    Is what Dr. Pieczenik saying true? Who knows? Perhaps time will tell.

  • Oliver

    Sorry if this is duplicate: I didn’t think it went through.
    This article gives some very pertinent information as to who Julian Assange is — his obvious links to the NWO crowd: This should connect more dots in the article about the Hilary “counter coup”.

  • thefinancedude

    its just the new republique taking over and coming out of the shadows except its an IMF corporation of france…how nice…merovingians get a spin on the wheel here 🙂

  • Sgt Saunders

    I see two RED flags with this Pieczenik fellow. First, he is a 911 Truther and a regular on INFOWARS, and he writes fiction novels. I give him no credibility………YET, need to see if what he says is true and the only way that happens is for these NYPD and FBI contacts he claims he has come forward with documentation that prove the Clintons are pedophiles. IF true, the law enforcement folks will come forward and already have it planned, as timing is critical. BUT the flip side…what if its FALSE and part of a scheme, ……and Assange has in place already, cyber hacked major social networks that will publish what appears to be documentation, but are actually photo shopped forgeries of HRC having sex with a minor? far fetched? remember AP was hacked a few years back and false news published and on a larger scale, say over the weekend, would impact the election for sure.

    • therevolutionwas

      a red flag was that he was a 9/11 truther? …a red flag is that someone would believe the official side of the story.

      • USAF_SP

        I was going to say the same glad you beat me to the punch. Hard to argue with firemen and policemen who say they heard BOMBS from the basement level of the building PRIOR to the planes hitting any of the buildings. Also, there are over 1400 civil engineers who disagree with the Federal Government conclusion that the buildings could have come down through any other means than intentional detonation. There is more to the story.

        Besides Infowars is NOT ALWAYS wrong. If something is true, it is true always, no matter who tells the story. Alex Jones has an ego and sometimes makes something more than what it is, but a responsible person who goes on the site will verify before they believe! The same advice should be given for anyone who watches MSM as well.

        • therevolutionwas

          Yup. Not that I trust this Pieczenek guy either. He was, after all with the CFR and Rand.

    • MetaCynic

      That he is a 911 Truther increases his credibility in the minds of anyone who has taken the time to look into the events of 911. As for writing fiction novels, what better way to expose the existence of the power elite and their machinations than thru what initially appears to be harmless fiction, thus avoiding painting a bulls-eye target on one’s back?

  • ICFubar

    I agree as this supposed named and labelled counter coup could be a psyop on several levels. Those mentioned here and as a rouse to draw out those that would support such a ‘counter coup’ measure from within all the agencies mentioned here. With the push to go to war in Syria all bets are off as to exactly what is taking place within the corridors of power.

  • Dr_Snooz

    The article raises good points. I have an instinctual mistrust of Pieczenik, especially when he says stuff like “Obama’s done some good things.” Huh? Or when he says, “we can delay the elections…” Yikes! Coups and counter-coups are notoriously dangerous and rarely turn out well. Once an existing government is overthrown, it opens the door for anyone to take over. Even if Pieczenik means well, it doesn’t mean that his co-conspirators aren’t plotting some betrayal. We stand at an extremely dangerous moment in history and we aren’t going to know what’s really going on until the history books are written. Prayer and repentance are your best options now.

    • therevolutionwas

      and a good supply of adult beverages.

    • MetaCynic

      Pieczenik makes it clear that this coup is not a typical violent coup of soldiers in the street, etc. It’s a silent behind-the-scenes coup where major state and even private institutions are infiltrated, corrupted and even blackmailed into cooperation with the coup leaders. This, as we all here know, has been going on for decades. The counter-coup is also a non violent, behind-the-scenes maneuvering whereby extremely damaging information in the possession of the counter-coup makers is carefully leaked out so as to cause as much damage as possible to the power elite without provoking a violent reaction from them.

      Whether they realize it or not, the counter-coup makers, if they really exist, are working to delegitimize the ruling class in the eyes of its subjects, thus driving them to withdraw their consent to being ruled. This is how non violent revolutions take place especially when the world witnessed the peaceful collapse of Soviet Communism.

  • alohajim

    The first clue that Pieczenik is full of bs is his statement : “Hillary and Bill Clinton are attempting a takeover of the United States” Who’s stupid enough to buy this? The WORLD was taken over a long time ago by the moneychangers. The Clintons and all the rest of the ‘leaders’ that they trot out are pathetic puppets who SERVE the moneychangers and are completely expendable.

    Secondly, the idea that there are individuals within the intelligence agencies and government that are opposing the NWO, moneychangers, gov’t corruption, ‘evil’ Clintons, etc. etc. is a fairy tail. I certainly wish it were true as we all do but consider the average government worker – trained not to think, only obey, institutionalized from birth, deeply brainwashed into blindly accepting the status quo (media, academia, government, ‘entertainment’ industries etc), and an avid TV watcher. Not too many ‘individuals’, in the strictest sense of the word amongst non or narrow thinking, compartmentalized, institutionalized, brainwashed humans quite happy to be on a government payroll. Those given guns and a badge feel quite special indeed. We are to believe ‘individuals’ within this system have woken up from lifelong brainwashing, and are risking their ‘careers’ & livelihood to oppose the system that defines their lives? And have banded together to do this?

    Lastly, is this the world we really live in – psy-ops, mass brainwashing, monster lies taught as truth and disinfo everywhere? Thank the moneychangers – there is no other possible way so few can control and enslave so many.

    • JJ Cale

      I completely agree with you…. let Trump win…. hang the Clintons out to dry… its pure pantomime. Nothing more.

      Like any good book maker the smart money backs both teams and plays both sides of the field. Where necessary sacrficial lamb is a must. A trump win and a clinton loss does more for the elites than a clinton win.

      Suddenly you want to back clinton because trump is the inside choice but clinton is rotten too. Its just a charade.

  • Mstrjack

    1860 Republican Party Platform

    “6. That the people justly view with alarm the reckless extravagance which pervades every department of the Federal Government; that a return to rigid economy and accountability is indispensable to arrest the systematic plunder of the public treasury by favored partisans; while the recent startling developments of frauds and corruptions at the Federal metropolis, show that an entire change of administration is imperatively demanded.”

  • Cynthia McKinney PhD

    Pieczenik has since clarified his initial comments. And makes, what I believe to be an incredible statement in support of the brave whistleblowers —and I count myself among them—who have gone through holy heck because of their commitment to the professed principles of this country. All I can say, it’s about time. Listen to Pieczenik:

    • Mstrjack

      While, I completely adore you, I respectfully disagree with you.

      The Daily Bell has outed the TPTB.

      Pieczenik, is a tool.

      • Cynthia McKinney PhD

        I do agree that Pieczenik is not the one calling the shots. This could have been done with the other culpable Administrations, but it wasn’t. Maybe the tipping point had not yet been reached. As the Daily Bell is doing, I, too, am watching this very closely. I think we all want that dirty, filthy swamp drained. I’d also like to see unrigging of the system—as much as we can get—given whoever Pieczenik represents. Still, his latest statement is worth a listen.

        • Cynthia McKinney PhD

          And they need to clean out the Congress, too.

          • JOhn

            I also am a fan of Ms. McKinney, but I think Pieczenik is a shill. I suspect whatever faction he “represents” was simply seeking a better deal before the election. Since there was no takedown of HRC, I suspect they got whatever it was they wanted.

          • Cynthia McKinney PhD

            Well, the so-called counter-coup fizzled fast! My initial thoughts were to focus on the Lolita express because there was corroboration for that. Now, unfortunately, Dr. Pieczenik provides evidence of how right The Daily Bell and you all are!

          • peter moline

            Could it be that Trump is the spearhead of the counter-coup?

    • Mstrjack

      “US Takeover May Be Near” by Dr. Steve Pieczenik
      “A Production”
      Internet campaign marketing

  • Praetor

    Human Action is always impressive.

    Has the U.S. Government become an evil force, absolutely. Are there good and decent people working within the U.S. Government at all levels again, absolutely. The email case was reopened because of the Human Actions of few good and decent people in the NYPD. This forced the hand of the evil force at the FBI and that changed the whole dynamic of the election.

    The thing that makes good and evil is the actions of humans. And the thing about humans is their action can be changed from doing evil to doing good. The reason this election is so divisive and destructive is because the evil human actions has shown its ugly face to the whole world and it is waking up.

    Human Action is always impressive and will change the world, lets hope for the good.!!!

  • StarValentine

    I should be terrified but for some reason I’m not, even though we are collectively three feet away from the precipice.
    The bottom line is, If the FBI has evidence of capital crimes and pedophilia and doesn’t release it by Monday, then they are with the other side, and have committed a grave offense against America by concealing this information, and that’s that.
    That makes this prime time for an EMP attack or massive terrorist attack, as these are the best ways for them to avoid this painful choice for them.

  • ianbmichaels

    Nailed it!

    When I saw Pieczenik’s video on how intelligence agencies are secretly working for our benefit, my first question was WHY WERE WE BEING TOLD ABOUT IT?

    How are the American people supposed to benefit from knowing that a supposedly benevolent secret hand is working behind the scenes to make things right? Consider this against the backdrop of these agencies’ extreme secrecy and the ridicule that had often resulted from discussing them.

    From that point forward, I’ve been very circumspect of Pieczenik. I nevertheless find him helpful in understanding the network of power and deception of the various parties involved, official and unofficial.

    What I do believe right now is that the rank-and-file FBI agents have collectively done the nation a great service. The leadership may be captured, but the rank-and-file are not. It is THEY who could save our nation from lawlessness.

    Their oath to the Constitution means something to them.

  • JJ Cale

    I would think that the shadow govt. Those with vested interests are simply wise to play both sides of the game and occasionally bait and switch completely.

    A total Hillary / Bill take down…. massive straw man fall guy circus show will certainly serve their interests in terms of placating a pissed off public thats had enough of govt elites raking in the dough.

    At the same time its a win win for them since it squashes the liberal feminist SJWs etc. Back into their closet before they garner too much power.

    Even a farmer knows he must sometimes burn the fields and leave them fallow. Perhaps throwing clinton to the fire is just an example of good house keeping. Hillarious at the same time. I can almost here the goblets of champagne clinking as they are toasting to their own sucessful roose. Its all a show – trust nothing.

    If you wielded enough financial power surely you’d be wise to gauge public sentiment and see which side is getting antsy and which side should be pulled down. Bush put the liberals in their place… Obama put the neocons in their place whilst keeping liberals happy…. the good guy wins… a Trump win is the same script in reverse… the right wing settles down with a victory whilst the left is put in its place and the public gets a spectacle of the clintons being hung out to dry.

    Everyone thinks they are a winner. Even those backing Clinton can quickly be flipped… olive branch – you backed the bad apple but we are here for you – Be even worth rigging the election in Trumps favor whilst he screams the opposite is happening.

    A Trump win serves vested interests. All is not what it seems.

  • cowboybob

    He was right. I played the futures and made a ton of money. I am sure others did that as well.