Death Sentence for Facebook Post: America Funding Human Rights Violations
By The Daily Bell Staff - June 12, 2017

Ideally, America would stop giving out all foreign aid, but a good place to start would be nixing aid to countries with horrible human rights records.

For instance, Pakistan just sentenced a man to death for blasphemy. It is far from the first time someone has been sentenced to death for blasphemy, but it is the first time a death sentence has been handed down for blasphemy on social media. The 30-year-old man said derogatory things about Muhammad on Facebook.

He was tried by a counter-terrorism court for his online hate speech. This sounds eerily familiar to Theresa May’s calls to crack down on Internet freedom in an effort to counter terrorism. Pakistan shows the world one of the most extreme interpretations of government policing online discourse in the name of anti-terrorism.

At the same time, “Right groups say the harsh blasphemy laws are often used to settle personal scores.”

So basically, the more power a government has to regulate online behavior in the name of safety and security, the more power corrupt officials have to serve personal vendettas or bring politics into the court system.

And we may seem immune to that type of thing in the U.S. yet just last week an appeals court refused to give Ross Ulbricht a new trial. Ulbricht created the website the Silk Road which was used to traffic drugs and other illegal things on the dark web. He received a life sentence for his role as a “kingpin” and accessory to drug trafficking, even though all he did was create the web platform for exchange.

Two federal agents involved in the case are now behind bars for corruption. They stole from the Silk Road while investigating it, and one of their testimony was crucial to convicting Ross. The clearly untrustworthy agent had administrative access to the website that would have made it easy to frame Ulbricht, but the courts refused to allow this possibility to be explored.

The cases are different in scope and degree, but have basically the same lesson; government courts will rule the way the government wants them to rule to protect the interests of the government and government officials, regardless of right or wrong.

America Funds Pakistan’s Human Rights Abuses

But even though Pakistan is clearly violating human rights, the United States is ready to hand over another $800 million in aid to the country. Last year the U.S. gave them even more money for supporting the fight against terrorism in bordering Afghanistan.

The Trump administration has proposed to give Pakistan US $800 million as reimbursement for its military and logistical support in counter-terrorism operations

The specifics of what Pakistan will use this money for are not known, but since the money is meant to help them in their fight against terrorism, it could be used to fund their counter-terrorism courts; the court which sentenced a man to death for a blasphemous Facebook post.

And America has quite the track record of funding countries that abuse their citizens. Just look at the most recent arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth $110 billion dollars. Why does America supply the oppressive dictatorship weapons,

…while Saudi Arabia continues ravaging the country of Yemen and its civilian population with U.S. bought weapons, aiding and funding several terrorist groups, and oppressing women to lives of servitude for men.

Why does America do business with a country that treats women like property?

On June 5, Amnesty International reported that one of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent women’s rights activist, Loujain al-Hathloul, was arrested. They noted she has no access to a lawyer and that the reason for her arrest has not been disclosed, though the organization believes it’s in relation to her activism. In 2014, she was arrested and detained for 73 days for driving.

America follows the golden rule, he who has the gold, makes the rules. But if the dollar ever lost its magical power, how would the U.S. maintain its power at home and abroad? All the more reason to explore alternatives to manipulated fiat currency, which is then used in turn to manipulate others.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Licia

    If the dollar ever lost its power there would still be US bases around the world awash with nuclear weapons……….for all the rest: blame it on Putin

    • Don Duncan

      The Roman Empire had bases all around the world, debased its money, and fell. Loyalty quickly disappears without pay. Romans soldiers fought with the barbarian armies against Rome.

      • Licia

        Romans used gold or silver coins to pay their soldiers and keep up their key infrastructures.
        It seems to me that US with its allies and its defense contractors pay in computer generated currencies – and it’s them who control that particular computer’s program.

  • john bentley

    Foreign aid should be voted upon on an individual basis. No government run by religion should receive US government. Only in the most dire circumstances should US taxpayer dollars be handed out. If we have to close up shop and abandon military bases so be it, that would incur further savings for the American taxpayer.

    • Don Duncan

      Once stolen, taxes are impossible to control. If you have no right to your wealth, how will you demand the loot taken be spent? It’s only logical.

    • autonomous

      Foreign aid – foreign entanglements. Don Duncan rightly comments that once our government has stolen our taxes, we have no control over how they are spent. Our government is a false assumption; it has never been ours. Government is always other.

    • SnakePlissken

      Ron Paul said that foreign aid is taking money from poor people in the US and giving it to rich people in other countries.

  • Robert Davis

    Sick. Sick. It’s time we put a name on these nations as corrupt, Medieval, crazy, an embarrassment to themselves and to the countries that support them. Trump should stop any travel between these countries and the USA.

  • Boysie

    Each time that I read such puerile nonsense – I know that the article was written by a word processor -that was invented the week before last and as a consequence has not yet learned to read – and so have not had the pleasure of reading American –
    especially with regards to the treatment of native Americans and Blacks – and more recently the murder of millions of Muslims – based on total lies. In non-computer speak – all these criminal actions against other humans (mostly non-white) – are not crimes at all – since they are the results of White America’s valiant efforts in bringing democracy to less fortunate folks and so can quite safely be regarded as co-lateral incidents,,,

    • Terry5135

      Yeah, their suffering is a sign of ingratitude. Right. Sure.

      • SnakePlissken

        Those people are not grateful for all the democracy we are dropping on them.

    • davidnrobyn

      Whenever I read such puerile nonsense as that above
      – I know the comment was written by a zombie who’s been brainwashed – and doesn’t have an original thought of his own – and was educated in government schools – so doesn’t have a clue about things like proper writing form, much less spelling and grammar – and just regurgitates talking points of people in the teacher’s unions and leftist professors – who want to remake the United States into Europe Lite – basically repudiating their ancestors – who voted with their feet and came here hoping to make a change in their condition.

  • OldJarhead03

    If YOU want to give money to foreign countries, write them a check, and mail to their embassy.

    STOP spending MY money, taken at gun point by the government, on causes you like.

  • SnakePlissken

    We loan money to poor countries with brown people in it to kill poor brown people in other countries, and then we collect interest on those loans. If they don’t pay back the loans, we take their resources. It all makes sense from a globalist banker perspective. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” for more.

  • Kim Chul Soo

    Not a dime to any foreign country.

  • LawrenceNeal

    This isn’t about the internet. Pakistani citizens know the laws. If he had blasphemed on a street corner soap box, the result would have been the same. I’m not supporting government sponsored religious terrorism. I’m saying that of you break the law, you suffer the consequences. That is a cornerstone of stateism.

    • Samarami

      “…if you break the law, you suffer the consequences. That is a cornerstone of statism…”

      I like your approach in this comment, Lawrence Neal. Most of these topics smell strongly of collectivist mentality.

      The only “jurisdiction” (law) is enforced with a code of violence. If you disobey an armed robber (whether psychopaths hiding under a brainless abstraction called “government”, or private, free enterprise robbers), you face the likelihood of facing macabre consequences. A loaded firearm is all the “jurisdiction” you need, whether you suffer from collectivist statism, or whether you’re attempting to win your way to freedom by scuttling your lifelong servitude in the way you think, the way you speak and write, and the way you behave toward others.

      Be free


  • Brannon Parker

    Good article. Maybe DBs got its mojo back