Dinos Alive?
By Daily Bell Staff - February 11, 2017

Real Dinosaurs Caught on Tape … This is the proof that their may still be dinosaurs alive and that dinosaurs existed with man! This is a channel of truth and exciting videos you cannot watch on television …

This video is much different than a previous speculation that  many dinosaurs did not exist at all.

But it is worth examining because it shows numerous examples of dinosaur illustrations on a variety of materials, especially in South America. This video, like an increasing number on Youtube, speculates that dinosaurs are still alive and that modern archaeology is simply wrong about the age of dinosaurs.

Some of such videos are silly and simply provide an excuse to argue that the earth is “young” only a few thousand years old as the Bible says.

In fact, many of the videos have been made with this in mind. But others are extensively annotated and make significant points over an hour or more regarding considerable evidence showing that man and dinosaurs have coexisted.

These latter videos often show examples of pottery and even garments that reproduce dinosaurs of various kinds of their surfaces. Some dinosaurs are realistically rendered and others are highly stylized but still recognizable as dinosaurs.

It is certainly within the purview of The Daily Bell to examine such videos. The Daily Bell was set up to examine elite dominant social themes. These themes mislead the public, usually via fear-based memes that scare people into the arms of the government.

But within the context of these memes there are other memes that bolster the original points being made. That is the context with these dinosaur memes.

One can argue these have been set up to indicate the great age of dinosaurs. And as such the relative evanescence of human beings is put on emphatic display. Humans are supposed to accept their evanescence in order to internalize their relative insignificance.

Humans are simply one of thousands of creatures that have been raised up over eons, and will doubtless go extinct sooner or later.

But the larger issue here is the amount of evidence that shows dinosaurs have been alive quite recently and may still be alive.

Despite the supposed reality that dinosaurs died out 60 million years ago, some 47 percent of the earth remains unexplored, mostly because the terrain is simply to difficult to allow for extensive travel.

Many tracts in Siberia, the Amazon and Africa, for instance, are nearly pristine. This is true around the world.

This video, link below, is one of the better ones making the argument that dinos have been alive until recently and may still be alive.

Conclusion: We may not believe that dinos are still alive today, or even that they have been alive in the recent past. But this video and others like it make at least a serviceable case that certain dinos, or things that look like dinos, have been around until recently and may be with us still.

Real Dinosaurs Caught on Tape …



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  • Jim

    Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein are still walking the earth, so it should be apparent to all that dinosaurs are still with us! 🙂

    • gringott

      Excellent point. Also Maxine Waters.

      • Chemist

        And Bernie Sanders.

        • john cummins

          Yes, the list grows…

      • Jim

        I think I just try real hard to not even think about her!!

      • john cummins

        And the Witch.

    • Yes these dinosaurs live at Geriatric Park.

  • MetaCynic

    Let’s not overlook the biggest dinosaurs of all – the MSM! Lucky for us they are now dying before our very eyes, thrashing around helplessly in the tar pit draining into the trash heap of history.

    • john cummins

      That’s LSM, Lamestream Media. Great point though, it’s rapidly going extinct, the sooner the better.

  • robt

    Nuclear weapons are a hoax, the six moon landings were faked, and now dinosaurs could still be alive, or at least co-existed with humans. And it’s all on YouTube, that amazing resource that demonstrates the incredible range of human beliefs, neuroses, quackery, and actual fact-based knowledge that we call science which itself used to be considered a form of witchcraft. Plato was right after all; everything is illusion. Maybe the only real truth is the number of people who believe it at a particular time.

    • The real problem is that nothing the government says – nothing at all – can be trusted.

  • ICFubar

    The link didn’t link for me. Perhaps that is just as well as there is only so much of keyboard and youtube time and I have to have a look at the latest alien Antarctic craze. But never say never….

  • Louis Hissink

    I’ve always wondered why humans built walled cities or towns, including moats, in middle age to medieval Europe; to keep wildlife out including dinosaurs? Note we still build walls to keep wildlife out at night to this very day. Which suggests the great wall of China and Hadrian’s wall in England were to keep wildlife out?

    • The Great Wall of China is actually a boundary demarcation.

    • john cummins

      To keep Mexicans out, LOL.

  • FEEuser

    To the staff member: YouTube videos cannot be accessed from an ISP via the web address alone. We need the exact title of the video to find it. Then we would have to log in to YouTube and past the title into the search bar.

    • All you have to do is cut and paste the address, above, into Youtube.

      • FEEuser

        Done. Thank you.

  • georgesilver

    Just started reading Worlds Beyond the Poles by Amadeo F. Giannini. It seems we are not living on a globe and that undiscovered lands exist beyond the poles as confirmed by Admiral E. Byrd’s US Navy’s Expedition.
    ““1956: January 13. “On January 13 members of the United States expedition accomplished a flight of 2,700 miles from the base at McMurdo Sound, which is 400 miles west of the South Pole, and penetrated a land extent of 2,300 miles beyond the Pole.”—Radio announcement, confirmed by the press February 5 March 13. “The present expedition has opened up a vast new land.”—Admiral Byrd, after returning from land beyond the South Pole”

    Excerpt From: “The World Beyond The Poles – Amadeo F. Giannini.”

    Sounds ridiculous? Are we being fooled about how we see the World?

  • FEEuser

    Some readers may think such reports beyond the purview of the DB. I suggest that they think again. In the long run, this debate may be the most important of them all.

    I have spent not a few perplexing hours studying this issue, and I can say that, although the jury is still out on the details, there exists substantial and credible evidence which may fairly call into question Darwinian Evolution and elite “narratives.”

    In fact, no matter where on the timeline of history we may look, prehistoric or more recent, we see the fingerprints of the elite revisionists at work, steadily censoring our knowledge of our past for reasons known only to them, but which we may presume serve their general purpose of controlling and herding us by limiting our understanding of ourselves and our grasp of the facts. Virtually every major aspect of history has been carefully manipulated to cast events in a certain light, in a particular perspective, with an interpretation favorable to the secret agenda of the power elite.

    Thus, the DB’s thesis of a plot to make people “internalize their relative insignificance,” and to accept without a whimper their “evanescence.” Anybody who would take “Darwinian Evolution” as “fact” and, therefore, as representative of the truth, would only naturally accept the artificial limitations imposed on them by unseen elite propagandists, not realizing the fallacy of “misplaced concreteness” inherent in the act.

    In considering the nature of such language, it almost seems that we are being lectured by another “species.” Certainly we are being conditioned to accept a lower standard of living and a lesser, inferior existence and fate than we otherwise would have expected out of life, at the very least. The political implications of such elite propaganda seem very ominous indeed and should be of concern to everyone.

    For those who thirst for more detailed information on this subject, one of the best books on the subject remains “Forbidden Archeology” by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson (1998). Note also Michael Cremo’s video lectures, many of which can be seen for free on YouTube.

    Worthy of mention also are Klaus Dona’s work (can be seen on YouTube), Robert Bauval, David Hatcher Childress, Graham Hancock, and Virginia Steen-McIntyre, as well as the NBC TV special, “The Mysterious Origins of Man” (1996), hosted by Charleton Heston.

    • john cummins

      I would agree. The myth of Darwinism is far, far greater fraud than the fraudulent/fake “climate change”/global warming deal of today, and has, honestly caused more damage: Nazism, RAcism, Stalinism, Sangerism, etc. Even sociology, psychology, and our courts are highly Darwinistic in approach and thus the Constitution becomes a living, breathing, evolving document, with no fixed points.

      • FEEuser

        Well said, thanks.

        I might add that this stratagem of shoving “Darwinian Evolution” down our throats enables elite statists to lord it over us, intimidate us, and to “justify” ever increasing authoritarian, collectivist laws, policies, and government corruption which rob us of our freedoms by deemphasizing the individual and replacing him with the collective, i.e., the State. Just give Frank Chodorov’s writings on “individualism” a look and you will realize with crystal clarity, as well as shock, the tyranny we are facing as individuals in our struggle with the State.

        Our courts and legal systems especially reflect this despicable dictatorial attitude of the State and its evil practitioners.

        Incidentally, a good book which exposes one aspect of this outrageous treatment of human beings in our courts (in this case of juveniles) is:

        “Kids for Cash”: Two Judges, Thousands of Children, and a $2.8 Million Kickback Scheme” (2012) by William Ecenbarger. The alarming events outlined in this book are nothing less than a crime against humanity, and should be of profound concern to EVERYONE. It’s available at Amazon:

        The story is also available in video documentary form:

  • Bob34242

    great example of worthless crap dialog.

    • john cummins

      You will have to elaborate.

  • FEEuser

    Another excellent video of criticism of modern “paleontology” and dinosaurs may be found on YouTube:

    Title: Dinosaurs Never Existed!

    Channel: Eric Dubay

  • John

    I cannot believe that dinosaurs ever existed because they are part of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. What evolutionists cannot even explain, let alone prove, is where the first living cell came from. Neither can they produce one in a lab today, and there are too many theories as to the origin of that first cell. The evolution theory is also full of holes regarding how species evolved. So….it’s all just theory, a guess. No one knows. Therefore, the Biblical explanation is far more believable…..God did it all. And God didn’t make any dinosaurs, not to mention that He made the universe 6000 years ago. And…..he didn’t make the same universe that science says we live in. Oh no, God made a completely different universe. If you never heard about it you can find it here.

    • john cummins

      I like the idea that all things (or, rather the universe) came from an explosion. I’ve been in science virtually ALL of my life and have never seen, heard, or known of an explosion “creating” anything. So much of science is just junk/fake. It’s driven by big time government grants with predetermined results. This is just as true in Biology as in Cosmology. Yes, some science is real, but even as a scientist do we really need thousands of scientists and all this STEM research? It needs to be privatized and what we need are just a handful of Jobs, Gates, Edisons, especially Teslas, etc. It’s the JP Morgans of this world that hinder research.

      • John

        You make many very good points which I 100% agree with. To me the main problem is this. Don’t teach theory as fact, that just misleads people. Then again, is this the reason for it? Who can you trust to tell you the truth anymore? For me, I know God NEVER lies. So I trust his Word. God Bless

      • mary

        Jobs? Gates? You would benefit from some research into these ruling class posers. Never “invented” anything.

  • john cummins

    A great point that a friend made is just to look at the Chinese calendar/years. Amongst all known animals, they also have fire breathing dragons. WHY would they put a mythological creature in the middle of all other known creatures. Additionally, ship logs were not known to lie and yet mucho of them speak of sea creatures that could crush their boats, etc.

  • Japanese fishermen in the 1980s-1990s found a dead one, stinking, floating, refrigerated pieces to take back for scientists to study. Unknown.

    Cambodian pics carved in the temple.

    Native tribes in the jungle recognized brontosaurus from a missionary’s book: “mokele-membe!” A smaller version apparently.

    Biblical genealogies are not “silly”, they are records. Plus, question everything.

    Anthropic principle. (That was the clincher for Antony Flew after a lifetime of atheism)

    Which came first, DNA or the cellular environment it has to have to avoid fast disintegration? Or Psalm 139:16?

    Which came first, the totally symbolic digital programming language of DNA, or the ACTG combinations containing its messages, or the mRNA that translates it to infrastructure, or the epigenetics that regulates it?

    Soft tissue, soft blood cells in dinosaur bones in the stinking dino graveyards in Montana.

    “Dark matter” and “dark energy”, defined as “we don’t know what it is”, that makes up 98 percent of the universe?

    Big bang, defined as something from nothing, “before” which there was no time and no space,

    lots more…