Disgraceful Debate?
By Daily Bell Staff - October 10, 2016

Schieffer: Presidential Debate ‘Was Just Disgraceful’ … Bob Schieffer was not a fan of Sunday night’s presidential debate.   -CBS

Bob Schieffer, CBS news contributor and former “Face the Nation” host made news for calling the most recent presidential debate “disgraceful.”

But the debate was more predictable than disgraceful.

In fact, the entire presidential election is predictable. It is the outcome of political trends that have been gestating for well over a century. The US republic, it can be argued, was effectively at an end after the Civil War when it was clear that those who lived in the US could not secede. The federal government’s power has been expanding and deepening ever since.

Even before the Civil War, various economic narratives show that European powers had waged economic war to consolidate control over industry in New York, Chicago and elsewhere.

In fact, one can argue that the US Constitution itself was designed by Alexander Hamilton to be subverted, at least in a sense. For one thing, it is a vague document and Hamilton and others had no right to compose it, initally. They had been sent to Philadelphia to update US confederation documents.

Hamilton basically gathered founders together in a room and wrote the new document. When Benjamin Franklin left the room, he was asked what had been created and he replied, “A republic if you can keep it.”

Franklin’s doubtful answer may not simply have reflected an innate pessimism but an actual understanding that the document was not going to last longer than the consensus around it. And this was true. The Civil War definitively ended the pretense the US was any kind of republic, though tradition and culture continued to identify it as such.

These days, one could describe the US as a serial monarchy but it is even worse than that because the control evidently resides with the Western banking establishment located in the City of London. Thus the presidential candidates are merely ciphers whose electability rests on their ability to implement orders from abroad.

We’ve mentioned this many times over the past two decades, as have others (more today than yesterday). The West is run by an unelected banking caste that has globalization as its goal. Sociopolitical, economic and military events are created via Western intelligence agencies, mainly in the US, Britain and Israel, to further formal internationalism.

The idea, eventually, is apparently to form a strong world government. Also, likely, to initiate a kind of genocide … if the Georgia Guidestones are to be believed. These call for a reduction of population to approximately 500 million. See here.

Within this context, it is hard to accept Schieffer’s description of the most recent debate as “disgraceful.” The debates are what they are. They are an extension of trends going back to the formation of the Constitution itself, and even earlier.


“How have we come to this? This is supposed to be a campaign for the most powerful office of the land. Here we’re marching in women into the hall who supposed to have some relationship with one of the candidate’s spouses … “I mean this is what they do in Banana Republic. This is the United States of America.  “I just hope to God I don’t see another campaign like this one. America can do better than what we have seen here tonight. This was just disgraceful,” Schieffer said.

Does Schieffer really believe this? What exactly is he upset about? Perhaps he is concerned because the current federal election is revealing more of the actual reality of the US rather than what the topmost elements of modern domestic society wish to have presented.

But even this is probably not correct. Modern elections are stage-managed affairs and the current production is probably being presented to the American people purposefully. It is not a coincidence.  Those at the very top have obviously made a decision that US voters are to be exposed to an election that shakes their faith in the American process itself to produce viable leadership.

The idea, gradually but definitively, is to reduce people’s belief in the credibility of their institutions. The election has not merely made a mockery of the political system, it has also further undermined the credibility of US and Western media. And none of this is by happenstance.

Honestly, what is a disgrace is that Schieffer may actually believe his characterization of the US and its current elections. How can an elderly man who has operated at the center of the US media structure be sincerely indignant about what is occurring? Perhaps he is merely commenting as part of a larger campaign of disinformation but he sounds sincerely upset

Schieffer’s attitude may in fact reveal a larger truth about the current US – and Western – system, which has evolved as it has in part because of the people’s innate ability to fool themselves about the realities in which they participate.

Conclusion: There is no excuse for people like Schieffer to hold the views he seems to hold, especially given the truth-telling available on the Internet. That so many including Schieffer can see the current federal election as anomalous – not representative of American culture and tradition – rather than as a predictable outcome of meretricious and malevolent US trends is the real disgrace.


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    Schieffer is one if those “dead people who vote” isn’t he?

  • killerbeans

    Why anyone would vote for this vacuous and vile excuse of a presidential candidate I can only guess hate Clinton more. I hope that those good people who cannot vote for Clinton look to the alternative and support the Libertarian candidates for president and vice president Gary Johnson and William Weld. It will not be a wasted vote.

    • Bernz

      13,000,000 + primary voters chose the candidate you call “vacuous and vile”. You want to separate Trump supporters between those who hate Clinton and those good people cannot vote for Clinton. Sorry, that makes you nothing more than irredeemable & deplorable.

      • June

        Agree! Those voting for Trump are mostly those who are disgusted with Obama and are well aware of the Clinton’s past behaviors.

        Putting the Clinton’s back in OUR White House = disaster, more rapes, more deals to line their pockets (not ours) and, of course, higher taxes to pay for their luxuries and “Foundation”.

        By the way, does anyone even know what the Clinton “Foundation” does with all the billions donated to it? Why are so many foreign countries donating to it?
        It is the “Clinton” foundation so it must be for corrupt activities/pursuits around the world. I guarantee that money is NOT going to the Red Cross, homeless children, or any disaster fund!

    • Neil S

      Gary Johnson may be Libertarian, but he is no libertarian, as no libertarian would voice any sort of support for TPP. And since William Weld is his VP pick, Weld is no libertarian either.

    • Sam Fox

      Killerb’s, is that the G Johnson that says vaccines should be mandatory?

      Just askin…besides that, he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance…I don’t think I’ll vote for him again.

  • Scott

    Trump: “Because you’d be in jail.” –>awesome x 1million

  • jmillsintacoma

    “We’re marching in women into the hall who supposed to have some relationship with one of the candidate’s spouses”?

    I don’t think the women would say they were “supposed” to have “some relationship” with Hillary’s spouse. At least, that seems an odd way to phrase it.


    I like that part where Schieffer, who used to “gush” over Bill Clinton, now refers to him as, “one of the candidates spouses”. LMAO!
    HEY BOB!!!
    Remember how Bill joked to you about “flavoring” his cigars with a certain interns vaginal secretions???

  • rmp

    The man is out to lunch. How is this “disgraceful” compared to the reality of how we got here? She’s the one running for office. If this is so “disgraceful”, where was he during her tenure as enabler in chief? She needs to be caged.

    • He was pandering to power, as all cowards do.

  • robertsgt40

    Well Mr Schiefer, what part of this “disgraceful” are you and your fellow travelers in media gonna own? If you had exposed the Clinton crime syndicate during Whitewater, we wouldn’t be dealing with their misdeeds or be on the brink of WWIII. You sold your soul for your 30pcs of silver. Choke on them. You earned it.

  • alanwhite1000

    Anyime the establishment elite and media is attacked- it is disgraceful.

  • autonomous

    What America has devolved into in distasteful, as well as distasting.

  • Nobody should be conned by the faux outrage of the faux Republicans or the faux Democrats. Their entire existence is defined by playacting.

    Anyone who takes any of their protestations seriously is either insane, evil, or stupid.

  • Earn nest

    Wow this is right on the money! Even brought up the civil war ending any hope. Still we do need solutions. There are the forums of course, and the efforts at holding conventions but I find my best hope is that Trump will win and will actually listen to the people.

    • JohnnyZ

      “Hope is not an investment strategy” as they say. Were you not satisfied with “Hope and change” from Obama? You need another dose of that? Trump is not that much different than Clinton, just not PC. But he has sold out to the Zionists.

      • guestimate

        As far as self-dealing & self-enrichment, if Trump wins, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • apberusdisvet

    We live in a prison of our own making, but too few realize it. True freedom of thought and action do not exist any more; there is a law or regulation against your very existence. The incremental genocide of all Americans started with abortion, then vaccines, then fluoridation, then GMOs, then chemtrails. But the non-stoppable radiation from Fukushima will effectively destroy all plant and animal life in North America within the next 50 years, unless, of course, a nuclear WWIII happens before.

    • Ok – but hang on – you are alive and the light that by which you know life is still gifted you regardless the carrot of false lure or the stick coercive force.
      The inception and promotion of the Bogeyman is a large part of the disempowering of the mind. Fear-fulfilling prophecies of negative reinforcements. Take heart and be of good cheer – and you will be much less willing to look only where fear directs…

      • Another Lot of RUBBISH

      • timothy price

        Mr. Seaswill does not have any courage or imagination. He is also probably in is 90s.

    • Correct – Well Said!

      • timothy price

        You are right in there, building that prison like no tomorrow. Did you ever have any courage or have you always been a defeatist?

        • guestimate

          Why don’t you put a cork in Fuk-u-shima so the worst doesn’t happen? Your meat-puppet will melt, but at least we’ll know your courage wasn’t wasted. Discretion is the better part of…

    • timothy price

      Gutless wonder!

  • MollyBee

    Hillary set the ‘nasty’ tone for this debate by releasing that 11 yr. old video of Trump. She didn’t consider, or care, that it might possibly destroy the man’s marriage…if he and Melania were married at the time…or that it would hurt his children she ‘claims’ to have so much respect for. She plays very nasty politics to remove whoever is in the way of what she wants. And her supporters SHOULD now be wondering if what she says is her ‘private or her public position’. If she is installed in the White House Bill Clinton will hold the position of ‘First Lady’….he was already impeached and kicked out of the White House once…we need him back?? Remember what ‘Slick Willy’ says about Hillary as President…”you get two for the price of one”. Just what we need…two liars, crooks and a sexual deviate back in the White House. Was this debate ‘disgraceful’? YES…made so by the Clinton’s business as usual. I used to wonder when political campaigns got so dirty….realized it got downright nasty about the time the Clintons showed up on the political scene.

  • Praetor

    Bob Schieffer, another acolyte of the Ministry of Propaganda.

    Direct quote from Mr. Schieffer, This is what he would ask Trump if given the chance: Mr. Trump, if some guy did to your daughters what you were talking about in that tape, would you think that was cool? Would you be ok with that? This from the great mind of Bob Schieffer. He over look the fact that there were some ones daughters in the debate audience that had that happen to them. What an idiot.

    Just think about these for a minute. 125 million plus copies of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ were sold world wide. A book based on an very abusive relationship, physically and mentally sadomasochistic. Then there is the movie, it is what we call euphemistically a chic movie. I would surmise, that the vast majority who read this book be women and those that rang-up the cash register at the movie be women.

    Our world has fallen into the sec pool of the everyday lives of TPTB. This is how these people live, IN THE GUTTER!!!

  • timothy price

    America does not need to be perpetually in a static condition. I suggest that we rise up, make our government an instrument to serve an honorable people. This little music video is a suggestion of what could make America exceptional in a real sense…. if we want it. Old Glory:

    • Very silly

      • timothy price

        Your comment does not tell us anything but of your disagreement. Would you prefer to keep the ethics of Saul Alinsky, “Any particular means for any particular ends”? Do you suppose it is not to possible model a society that punishes deceit and reward truth? Are you more comfortable with Satanism? Please tell us your views.

        • A previous American president warned about “The Military Industrial Comp[lex” – what good was that warning to the American population – Some people write of their conversion to this or that – Saul Alinsky wrote of his conversion to perversion – what difference did it make – For one – it would appear that your leaders or would be leaders prefers the Alinsky concept of reality to the Eisenhower version of reality – In short it is NOT what you say that matters – it is what you do —so you can say what you like – (I am NOT American – and so I can) – but I can well imagine you be ensconed in Rykers Island – for saying “The Sky is Blue” – pity for you – –

          • timothy price

            Ah, so for practicality, you have abandoned all hope? You think that a populist flag could not be adopted by the people? You would prefer that all children, with free education in institutions through their Bachelor’s Degree of indoctrination, is the better future? You seem to consider yourself powerless and therefore all of us are. Is this you?

          • no, this is NOT me – you have failed to understand my point – My point is that TALKING WITHOUT ACTION IS QUITE USELESS – and since in America ANYONE who seeks to be a LEADER and who is NOT CORRUPTED TO THE GILLS is (a) killed – (b) or summarily public garotted – or some such that th only leaders that America can produce – are people who psycho’s from birth – aka Barry Soetoro – wt al…No I have NOT given up hope – I never had any in the first place – But I have had a FULL and Very Ejnoyable Life- (MY LIFE) – the rest is your problem… — Hopefly we can now close this discussion…Thanks

          • timothy price

            We are not proposing new leaders, per se. We are talking about popularism, as the internet approaches direct democracy, which recognizes a code of the people. What ever country you are in, we Americans will be discussing new ways that are more supportive of our Declaration of Independence: “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…” The work goes on.

          • Stacey

            I’m afraid it is much too late for supporting a Declaration of Independence. The Globalists have been at work underground for decades and the New World Order system is deeply embedded and it is evil; the global financial, political, educational and military systems have been infiltrated with it. They know what they’re doing and literally have boots on the ground here and around the world, waiting for the leader they have chosen to say ‘when’ they are to be unleashed. They have the technology for mind control, they have have advanced programming and they use it. No one of only human power, nor is any group of people going to turn this around. This is spiritual warfare we’re dealing with. It is the battle between the true and the false, the dark and the light, good and evil.

          • timothy price

            Au contraire…. take a listen to this, wimpy.

            Benjamin Fulford: October 10, 2016

          • JohnnyZ

            This is from BF’s website:

            “The Pentagon sources, for their part, say “The 911 law will push Saudi Arabia to expose Israel, Bandar bin Sultan and the Bush cabal behind 911 and will lead to a real truth commission and a war crimes tribunal.”

            So you think that this will not be a part of “directed history” as DB says. This will be a part of the problem-reaction-solution routine, ushering the NWO. Many people have issued expectations that Barry Soetoro will stay in office / will be the last POTUS.

          • timothy price

            Think that we are past the “directed history”, just as BF points out… they have lost control and people are so aware
            and pissed off at them. Trump is right.. Hilary will be in
            prison… and lots of others too.

          • JohnnyZ

            It feels to me that BF is a disinfo site. Here an example:

            “The Khazarian mafia is in a state of extreme panic following the death of their presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on September 11th. Below is a screenshot of the ABC Television announcement of her death that was deleted from the internet.”
            That is BS, what we saw on 9/11 with Clinton was a dummy. A double did walk out of Chelsea’s apartment afterwards. But she looked alive and kicking at the debate. And what happened to her alleged pneumonia? This all is directed history / staging. If you believe that staging will be over, this is part of their deception. But I see no evidence that it is over, actually it is on the rise.

          • timothy price

            “.. they have lost control and people are so aware
            and pissed off at them. Trump is right..”
            The reason that Trump is gaining so much attention is because people are catching on. This is damaging to the Khazarian mofia, big time
            BF does not claim to be right all the time. He has access to sources way beyond anyone else I know of and am very grateful for whatever he considers to be worth saying.

          • JohnnyZ

            The Khazarian mafia is the same as the Zionist mafia, to which Trump is sold out. Trump’s popularity comes from his not being PC (which is correct, as the level of artificiality in this sphere is unbearable) and his deceptive marketing as “anti-establishment”. Some people argue he is just a tool to catapult Hillary into the president’s seat thru his vulgarity. Others think they both act to destroy the credibility of the US political system and thus help usher in the NWO. Anyway, he is controlled “opposition”. So people who “wake up” and want “change” will be sold out again, the way it already happened with Obama. You can’t be truly awake and believe the Clinton-Trump dialectic is true and meaningful. So BF’s statement that the Khazarian mafia is in panic, because one of its puppets is acting according to the pre-approved political theatrics script, shows me that he cannot be a real insider / must be a disinfo agent. There is indeed an inchoate feeling among the masses that they are lied and exploited and that the system is rotten, but little idea as to why exactly or what to do about it.

          • timothy price

            Course what you say is the normal. But why would Trump say that if elected he would put Hillary in prison? Why is he crushing Bill Clinton for rape? That seems a bit extreme to be in keeping with your assertion. I think Trump is deeply pissed.
            “..but little idea as to why exactly or what to do about it.”
            So, what to do about it?

          • JohnnyZ

            Difficult question, need to start from basics:
            1. Do not place your trust in false idols (e.g. Trump)
            2. Understand that the way the system is built and controlled it is beyond redemption
            3. Learn to discern psychopaths in power and disallow them there
            4. The only workable democracy seems to be of the (Greek) city state. But every citizen needs to be awake and vigilant. Start building local communities and awakening people. Oppose globalism and TTIP, demand an audit of central banks, break-up of the EU and Euro, stop global militant interventionism (e.g. under false “humanitarian” pretenses) etc.
            5. Return to a balance of materialism and spirituality (currently we are completely beholden to materialism and our little spirituality left is driven by satanism (probably materialism is a manifestation of satanism))
            Stuff like that. It is not easy…

          • timothy price

            Your list is fine, but it is not exclusive of other action, other conditions, other demands.

            First of all, I suggest that any government body, all officials, must behave honorably.

            The rights of the citizens to be able to trust their government IS an inalienable right. It should be in the Bill of Rights. Conviction of committing any deception should have severe penalties.

            Currently we have an atmosphere that condones criminal behavior, lying, bearing false witness, false-flags, deceptions of all sorts. This is anathema to freedom and a healthy society.

            Give me an honorable society and I care not their politics.

          • guestimate

            If Trump wins he will remake America beyond imagining in the shadow of his despotism, almost unrecognizable before his term is ended, leaving Pence and a conservative web of business-as-usual, self-dealing thugs and the servile dissenfranchised.

          • Stacey

            This is EVIL we are dealing with. It is supra-human and every department, every agency, every city, every town has been infected. This is spiritual warfare, Timothy and It is worldwide. Benjamin Fulford does not have the power to cast this out. He cannot deliver the world from darkness into light. Will there be more deception and will it be exposed? Yes. Will there be more chaos, will more horrific atrocities such as we have never seen before, occur? Yes. Wars? Yes. Will there be someone stepping up in human form claiming to be the savior. Yes.
            No, I am not afraid. I do not place my life in the hands of any human power. I know who my Savior is. Please, do not be deceived.

          • timothy price

            Curious: here is a video that looks to the source of power behind the world’s evil empire… the wealthy families and how fossil fuel brought their riches, the global control network, the financial debt slavery, the government military powers, the corruption. Check this out.
            Prince of Darkness:

          • Stacey

            Yes, I’ve seen similar info on I have found The Corbett Report to be a very good source of information. There is also good info on Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs blog.
            Couple more things…I have not done much on it yet, but I will. There is something they are calling transhumanism. Also remember they have the microchip on their agenda. I have read many people have had volunteered to have them put into their bodies already. This is insane and it is evil.

          • timothy price

            “..I’ve seen similar info..”
            Please provide the links. Thanks.

          • Stacey

            The link for James Corbett is there.
            Fro some reason I was unable to post the link for Sibel Edmonds’ blog but you can google and it should show up. If not, you can google Sibel Edmonds. She is an FBI whistleblower who has also written a couple of books” Classified Woman and The Lone Gladio. She, James Corbett and several others have started their own news media called Newsbud. It is completely funded by the readers.

          • June

            Isn’t there something in the Bible about those “accepting the mark”? WOW–could that be the microchip?
            Oh, Lord: come quickly!

          • Stacey

            Yes. That’s exactly what it is.

          • Sam Fox

            Stacy makes very good points about the force behind what is going on in the word as the nations are pushed into a globalism that is intended to bring about a one world government.
            The source of the evil force?
            Look up who Rules For Radicals is dedicated to. Look up Walter Cronkite saying I stand At The Right Hand Of satan For A One World Government.
            Even the Stone’s Sympathy For The devil should give us a hint. Now we have after school clubs for satan being formed.
            It is no coincidence that as God was dismissed from the public square a lot of bad things started happening in the USA.
            I also know who my Savior is. Yeshua Messiah.

          • guestimate

            “…with free education in institutions through their Bachelor’s Degree of indoctrination” is not true everywhere that free education exists, the one presumes the other only in American thought because you can’t imagine or failed to observe otherwise, because you are still blinded by policies and partisanship, and no, hope is not and should not be found there.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Trump won on several accounts:
    -Obamacare is a disaster to business and people. The “affordable care” is too costly on premiums, too high on deductibles, too much paperwork for Doctors and the medical field.

    Obama and the DC elite have their private Doctors and do not need Obamacare. We already have Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, & Veteran’s benefits. We used to have excellent private insurance.

    -Corporate Taxes at 35% are too high. it must be lowered to 15%to bring back the companies and jobs. Hillary sees this as bad, Trump sees this as good, so do I.

    -Open borders has resulted in a tsunami of illegals. Bringing in Syrian Refugees is madness. Russia is at war protecting Damascus and the Syrian government. Russia has NOT taken one single Syrian refugee.
    From Paris, Nice to Brussels terrorists who were refugees attacked.

    Aleppo is gone. The moderator not only asked a question but defended it by saying that announcing our attacks ahead of time saves lives. That was out of order and not her job
    We did not let Germany know of the Normandy invasion because they would have defeated us. That is what we are doing with ISIS.

    Under Obama and Hillary Qaddafi was ousted. ISIS moved into Libya. now we want to oust Assad. So does ISIS. Trump was right that Assad is fighting ISIS. We are good at ousting leaders but not good at finding replacements for them

    We ousted Saddam. Iran gained by that. We killed Osama, Al-Qaeda continued and eventually gave birth to ISIS.

    -Supreme Court Judge. Only Trump pointed out that a Judge must be an expert on the Constitution to become a Supreme Court judge.
    Hillary did not even bring up the Constitution concerning Supreme Court nominees. She also did not defend the 2nd Amendment. Trump did.

    • JohnnyZ

      “From Paris, Nice to Brussels terrorists who were refugees attacked.”

      Here you are wrong. All these events were staged / hoaxed by the Western intelligence services. ISIS itself like Al Qaeda is a Western intelligence asset.

      “We ousted Saddam. Iran gained by that”
      Iran is not the US’s enemy.
      -> You take too much of these theatrics at face value.

  • D, Samuelson

    If Jezebel “wins.” we have only ourselves to blame. When a nation forgets they are mere flesh and have forgotten their Creator, the curses kick in. Read Deuteronomy 28, especially the second half. Yah is patient and long suffering, and there is always a remnant, however it seems our stench has reached the heavens. History repeating itself yet again. Repent, America.

  • Jim Johnson

    We are doing what must be done to correct course: First face your fears. It may now very well develop that any low-brow campaigns in the future will be rejected for their lack of dignity, which has indeed been missing now since the Clintons arrived on the scene. I feel Hamilton had in mind his “Implied Powers Doctrine” the whole time he, Jay, and Madison were writing the Federalist Papers. Confederation is a viable player so long as the member States are serious about “pulling recognition” of States that go nuts, rogue or whatever. But we must get back to the original intent of having 50 laboratories developing best practices in pursuit of Liberty for all.

  • Damnatio Memoriae

    An actual monarchy would at least have a pretense of dignity.

    I don’t see this as a planned shark jump for democracy. Just the continuing coarsening of culture. All empires seem to debase themselves. Politicians can’t slow down. They must continue to increase the volume of their circus music.

    We’ve arrived at a three ring production. It is only natural that an actual clown complete with garish hair takes the center stage. Politicians can’t out sell that. They’re not used to competing in the real world of high pressure sales.

    Contrast the increasingly absurd narrative with the Internet’s alternatives and it is easy to see how people have become skeptical.

    As for the TV presenter who is disgusted. Of course, why not? Who isn’t disgusted? It is natural that he wraps himself in his own mainstream media echo chamber.

  • JohnnyZ

    Wow DB, you are going stronger by the day!

    “The idea, gradually but definitively, is to reduce people’s belief in the credibility of their institutions. The election has not merely made a mockery of the political system, it has also further undermined the credibility of US and Western media. And none of this is by happenstance.”
    Very true.

  • It is a sure monumental folly which ends in implosive disasters to presume and assume that nothing is changed and changing and internetworking things are not entirely different from anything and everything which has gone before. And, do you imagine that it is with stealth, Elitely Applied, or are they and their systems, whoever and/or whatever they imagine themselves to be, in the direct firing line for replacement. Be they fated to fall because of future intelligence capture failures or are they destined to survive and prosper because of fiat lend lease purchase of its remote anonymous autonomous control levers/secret surreal power protocols?

    Are Persistent Advanced Cyber Treats, Alien Existential Threat Vectors?

    I agree, Ledswinger, that via Ever Better Beta Interacting, AI would present knowledge for command and control through non-sentient virtual machines and human beings without any obvious disruption or corruption. A Real SMART AI with SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgents displaying NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT in both Vital Virile and Virulent Viral Virtual Terrain Team Fields where everything and nothing and anything is never as it seems intelligently designed for IT, and considerably more elegant and eloquent an Enigmatic Solution Scene Scape for Greater IntelAIgent GamesPlay with EMPowering PACT ForePlay.

    And in AI particularly and peculiarly, is there any obvious difference between non-sentient virtual machines and human beings, or are both considered and classed as equal and irreverently irrelevant whenever overly prevalent and perversely pervasive and divisive in the Great Schema of the Internet of Things where cyberbards be intellectually challenged and challenging channeling commentards?

    And you have El Reg to thank for those facts …… which might certainly warrant its IT market share being put on one of those new fangled and entangled, star spangled watch lists for high roller fliers in no fly zone area secrets?

    Or would y’all rather prefer the current madness and mayhem as relayed by media and communications to the mainstream? To a perfect stranger, that would appear to be a destructive nuclear reaction and incredibly stupid option to trade on markets rigged too big to fail and never prosper. ….. amanfromMars 1 Tue 11 Oct 06:45 [1610110645] …. opening up with a comment on

    IT is not just a funny old world, it is a really strange one too, and always liable to becoming ever stranger and deliberately incomprehensible, in the interests of internetional security, for all strangers and future stragglers alike.

  • FreeOregon

    Now we know Trump is a clod, transparently so, and Hillary is the opposite of whatever she claims to be. We also know if we vote for Hillary we are voting for nuclear war with Russia.

    Great choices.

    Gary Johnson does not know Aleppo’s on the map, so he has no idea where to bomb. Is now the time to get back to basics?

  • luckylongshot

    Narcissist v Psychopath was always going to be ugly. The real question that needs to be asked is why the lessons of what it takes to be a good leader have not been learned. Neither of the two should have been anywhere near the debate in the first place.

  • MetaCynic

    Have our political and media institutions ever been deserving of our respect? The internet is weaning us from the Matrix. As we gain full consciousnesses, we are discovering that we have always been robbed, lied to and manipulated for the sake of a ruling elite. Why should this enlightenment, however uncomfortable and embarrassing, not be a positive thing?