DOD Blatantly Admits on Twitter it Works With Hollywood to Sell You War Propaganda
By John Vibes - March 09, 2018

This week, the Department of Defense sent out an interesting Tweet where they openly admitted that they control how the US government is portrayed in Hollywood films.

While this is a fact that has been documented for many years, it is still largely overlooked by mainstream media sources, who insist that this idea is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. In the post, it was plainly admitted that the agency “works with Hollywood to ensure the military is portrayed correctly in films.”

DOD tweet propaganda

Every government in the world, throughout history, has required an all-encompassing propaganda campaign to keep its citizens in line, especially when it comes to war and the military, the most destructive applications of government. Places like North Korea or China are great modern examples of this type of censorship and propaganda taken to extremes.

Goebbels propaganda

The early Nazi propaganda films from World War II usually come to most people’s minds in discussions about propaganda but as technology and the study of human psychology have advanced, the rulers of governments everywhere have been able to refine the skill of creating a false reality for their subjects. Everyone likes to think that this type of thing only happens in some far away land or different time in history but this type of propaganda and media manipulation is alive and well today in America.

In the early 1950’s, when modern media and television were becoming a mainstream phenomenon, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had just been formed. It quickly became one of their primary goals to use this new technology to influence public opinion. The first known CIA propaganda campaign called “Operation Mockingbird” began around this time, and it has been revealed through declassified documents that the strategies developed in this operation are still in use today.

In the 1970s, Congressional investigations and hearings revealed government connections with journalists and media organizations. During the hearings, CIA representatives refused to answer the questions while on the public record and asked to go over the details during a closed session. Footage of those hearings can be seen below:

As mentioned earlier, this type of activity is still alive and well today, whether or not it is under the mockingbird label. In 2011, emails from Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, Philip J. Crowley, were made public, showing that the U.S. State Department was “planting” a number of “questions and concerns” with CBS News for a 60 minutes piece on WikiLeaks.

In recent years we have seen more military influence in large blockbuster movies since they are able to buy their way into the productions by offering up their tanks, vehicles, and weapons as props. The recent Transformers film was criticized by some as being a blatant advertisement for the US military, and it is on record that the Pentagon worked with the production team and gave them cheap access to their hardware. Also, judging from the way the film turned out it is highly likely that they were given some control of the script in return.

Phil Strub has been the entertainment liaison at the Department of Defense since 1989, and it is well known in the industry that it is extremely difficult to make a movie about the military without going through him and allowing him to edit the script.

For the recent, “Superman: Man of Steel” the writers were forced to go back to the drawing board after Strub determined that the script’s portrayal of the military was “cartoony,” he said in an interview. Strub bragged that Warner Bros. flew him out to L.A. to offer him a revised version of the script so he would sign off on the film.

Strub will automatically deny any films that portray the military or war in a negative light and most major studios play by the rules. However, there have been some famous blockbuster films that did not seek Strubs approval, most notably “Platoon” and “Apocalypse Now.”

Military influence in the media is not always this simple though, for example, major military contractors like Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin or Boeing are able to control the narrative of the mainstream media with their advertising dollars. If you take notice, arms manufacturers have tons of commercials all over the mainstream news, but no average citizen is allowed to purchase rocket launchers or aircraft carriers, even in the very rare case that they would be able to afford something like that.

This brings up the question: why do these military contractors spend so much money on television advertisements? The answer is so they can use those advertising dollars as leverage against the broadcaster, in order to control how wars are presented in the news. If a broadcaster is being paid millions of dollars per month by Boeing to run their commercials then they aren’t going to be able to say anything negative about the war, it’s that simple.

Next time you watch a Hollywood movie, remember that while the credits may say Warner Bros. or 20th Century Fox, the script has been approved by masters of propaganda in the CIA and US military to maintain their image—in turn, maintaining their control.

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  • This is another of the many illusions created deliberately by our government entities . It is all about controlling you and very easy to do with the help of PRAVDA/MSM and the DSA !–.html

  • Licia

    Well, as far as I understand it USA did not have its own intelligence agency before the end of WWII, until then they relied on M16 after that they took over the nazi’s spy network, including its propaganda section it so seems. Hollywood has been very succesful in misleading public opinion into believing that yankees were the do gooders of this world. Actually they are not. Whatever….. the roman empire has come and gone, the mongol empire has come and gone, the the ottoman empire has come and gone and so will the american empire. We just need to be patient and they will be gone.

  • Henry Balfour

    Talk to Edward Bernays … he wrote the book.

  • Number 6

    The Military doesn’t control the media ! The people who OWN the media control the military, you only have to look to 911 to see all the foreshadowing in the media, to figure out whats really going on, there are numerous examples, here are just a few of many.

    1999 Neo’s passport with the 9/11/2001 expire date, in the film The Matrix

    2001 Monsters Inc when they punch into work theres a map in the background showing a red line running through the east coast and the clock on the wall showing five to nine ie 9/11, and the line is uttered “record scaring going on on the east coast right now”

    1991 Terminator 2 the bridge the truck crashes into has the words “caution 9-11” on the bridge, claimed to be a height warning, but they’re driving down a storm drain not a public highway, and there is no height warning on any other bridge they drive under, there isn’t even one on the other side of the bridge ! (also fun fact did you know the alleged Rodney King beating took place right across from the bar they used in Terminator 2 WHILST THEY WERE FILMING THERE ! So they would have us believe the police decided to beat up an unarmed black guy right in front of a hollywood film crew, more like James cameron wrote and directed it !

    But heres my personal favourite 1994 and the ironically entitled “TRUE LIES” a film about islamic terrorists, seizing control of an EMPTY skyscraper, which they plan to blow up, which Schwarzeneggers character a CIA agent attacks HIMSELF with a jet plane. Now regardless of whether you think the combination of islamic terrorists, Blowing up EMPTY skyscrapers, and being attacked with a jet plane is a direct connection to 9/11. Its pretty clear is it not that Hollywood is propagating the idea that muslims are the bad guys, in advance of all these terrorist “Incidents” Hollywood is propaganda from beginning to end and its the religion which owns it who is behind this propaganda.

    • gary2505Texas

      So the Islamic terrorists aren’t the bad guys?

      • Number 6

        Thats a bit of a loaded and fallacious question isn’t it, there are no islamic “Terrorists” name me a “terrorist” incident that the media and government claims was committed by “islamic terrorists” and I’ll show you the evidence that the incident didn’t even happen ! And was in fact a made for TV propaganda piece carried out by a production company and crisis actors, in order to get your permission to send your kids off to war to kill and be killed for the benefit of the banks and to get you to relinquish more of your rights to government, example the patriot act, altho theres nothing patriotic about it, only to people who think the constitution is little more than toilet paper.

    • robt

      You forgot the Simpsons episode.

  • 45clive

    Absolutely true and then some. I was a motion picture prop master on a TV series about a “Homeland Security” unit. The producers told me to call Homeland Security in Washington whenever I needed accurate information. Homeland Security was kind enough to put me in touch with their agent in Vancouver, Canada, who was quite helpful.

  • James Higginbotham


  • mutonic2db

    “Every government in the world, throughout history, has required an all-encompassing propaganda campaign to keep its citizens in line, especially when it comes to war and the military, the most destructive applications of government.”

    That’s for sure.
    Watch this lecture by Kevin Shipp, ex-CIA, it explains a lot.
    A real eye-opener!!

  • Varangian Guard

    If Straub was the liaison since 1989 then obviously they COULDN’T ask for his approval for Apocalypse Now which was released in 1979 and Platoon which was released in 1986.

    He was not in that position yet so the statement about him not being sought is the same as saying John Wayne’s Green Berets movie also didn’t seek his approval.

    Just Sayin’

  • 1hazel

    “…portrayed correctly in films” is NOT “portrayed honestly” NOR is it “portrayed truthfully”.

  • Heretic Jones

    The Report From Iron Mountain is worth a read. Those who support its authenticity are more convincing than those who don’t.

    • TheShaft

      Additionally, this was published about The Report From Iron Mountain:

      Conspiracy Theory Is a Hoax Gone Wrong

      By Victor Navasky Published Nov 17, 2013

  • TheShaft

    In that land of milk and honey Habara news rules the meme