Does the CIA Vault 7 Leak Make America Less Safe?
By Joe Jarvis - March 08, 2017

Has U.S. intelligence been irreparably damaged by the release of Vault 7, to the point where it puts America and it’s operations at risk?

Well, to a certain extent, yes. But that’s only a problem if you think the CIA was targeting and manipulating the right people and entities.

You have probably heard by now of the Wikileaks release of Vault 7, a CIA arsenal of cyber weapons including viruses and malware. The capabilities the CIA has been utilizing include taking over smart TV’s and smartphones to use their microphones, and control their operations. The CIA can also get around popular encrypted messaging services like Whatsapp and Signal if they are used on an infected phone.

Among the list of possible targets of the collection are ‘Asset’, ‘Liason Asset’, ‘System Administrator’, ‘Foreign Information Operations’, ‘Foreign Intelligence Agencies’ and ‘Foreign Government Entities’. Notably absent is any reference to extremists or transnational criminals.

Emphasis added. Basically, this release confirmed everything we had already assumed was being done by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The interesting part, is how the CIA used these espionage tools.

As Wikileaks noted, the CIA did not seem especially interested in ISIS, or drug cartels.

But the French Election did interest the CIA. We know they monitored the candidates to intercept communications. The CIA was especially interested in the prospects of French economic growth, specifically which candidates would follow “the German model of export-led growth.”

What does that say about the faltering French economy under Francois Hollande?

Exports have been shaky at best, with large differences month to month. Unemployment is up over 10%, and economic growth has failed to meet expectations.

So in addition to spying on the candidates, did the CIA use their cyber weapons to influence the election?

What is the Media Spinning About Vault 7?

The breach could undermine the CIA’s ability to carry out key parts of its mission, from targeting the Islamic State and other terrorist networks to penetrating the computer defenses of sophisticated cyber-adversaries including Russia, China and Iran, former officials and tech specialists said.

“Any exposure of these tools is going to cause grave if not irreparable damage to the ability of our intelligence agencies to conduct our mission,” a former senior U.S. intelligence official said. -Washington Post

But we just got a glimpse into that mission. The CIA mission seems to be controlling the world economy and choosing who will win elections of foreign governments. Where is the focus on Isis, China, and Iran coming from? The leaked documents specifically mention 10,000 targets from North America, Europe, and South America.

So really the leak will do damage to the CIA’s mission, but the media is pretending the CIA has a different mission. The media is still pretending the CIA first and foremost keeps America safe, when in reality it is clearly more interested in exerting influence around the globe.

Other outlets like The Guardian sought to assuage fears that any one of us has been targeted. They say the CIA was saving their technology for high stakes investigation, lest it be discovered and the technology updated to stop such hacks. They won’t hack little guys like us!

Matt Blaze suggested a way to steer clear of the hacking tools, “Don’t become a CIA target.”

And I think that says a lot. The fact is, the CIA can target whoever they want for whatever reason they want. How much–or how little–does it take to become a CIA target?

Do those exercising the right to free speech or freedom of the press run the risk of becoming targets… or have they already?

The Take-Away

Basically, this confirms what were already the highly suspected capabilities of the CIA. It is really not surprising that they had these cyber weapons, and not a shock that they were less interested in using them to stop terrorists than to influence elections.

The media’s response is typical; pretend that the leak will hurt the United States, and make us more vulnerable to terrorists. This, despite the fact that the CIA was clearly not focused on terrorism.

In reality it is the CIA creating and disseminating these weapons in a disorganized insecure way that makes us all more vulnerable to whoever’s hands the cyber weapons have fallen into. We have been less safe since the CIA built the hacking arsenal.

The information coming to public light might make the CIA less effective in their goals, which does not necessarily make us less safe–depending on who you are, it could make you safer.

That is a big part of this story, that advanced hacking tools are now widely available for basically any organization in the world to use. So it isn’t just the CIA that might be listening into your phone’s microphone, or watching you through the camera.

It is beneficial to get confirmation of the tactics employed by the CIA, and open up a public discussion on the issue. Now at least when we talk about these things it isn’t some “conspiracy theory” but confirmed hacking and spying practices of the U.S. government.

Which also brings up more questions about sketchy incidents like the death of investigative reporter Michael Hastings.

Vault 7 confirmed the CIA’s interest in taking over and controlling vehicles. Michael Hastings died in a strange and mysterious car accident.

He was preparing a report on then CIA Director Brennan’s involvement in sanitizing Obama’s passport records. Hastings died when his car hit a tree and exploded, just three months after Brennan became head of the CIA.

Is the CIA the real group pushing drugs on American streets?

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  • Djangosdad

    How does monitoring the conversations of French candidates for office equate to “influencing elections”? Seems a reach to me. It also seems naïve to suggest that anyone should be shocked that intelligence services around the world, not just the CIA, are monitoring candidates for office in countries that have strategic importance to the countries that are doing the monitoring.

    • Steven Hotho

      Well, when you have seventeen national intelligence agencies operating at once, they have to have something to monitor.

    • 1stbabyboomer

      Where’s the threat to the US?

  • Well, if 1 000’s of CIA agents are listening in on 1 000 000’s of us suspect terrorists or just normal public citizens with their latest devices,each of them CIA spooks has an internal communication problem to report up to whoever is in charge to alert the big chief to … do what? It reminds me having alerted FBI SAs or one SAC about terrorists roaming inside and outside USA several times. None of them FBI clowns didn’t even know what to do with my reports. They couldn’t even say who they were! No names! Or internal security? OK, the SAC told me her name. When asked how I could be informed about developments, she just hanged up. So I don’t worry too much about CIA and FBI. They are useless.Reminds me of Pearl Harbour 41.


    People can speculate till the cows come home re: the CIA’S most current
    missions. The disinformation and propaganda of this secretive group will confuse and leave all in abject ignorance. Their most obvious roles of the past have been intrusions in other national states, preparing them for invasion, politically and militarily, mostly for theft of their resources. They take down tyrants, and install new tyrants. Supposedly they have lately
    been involved in entering in the domain of the FBI?? And the FBI has reciprocated, spying on the CIA. The vital missions of these two organs.
    must be defined by our present POTUS, and the present top levels of each organ. must be replaced as they have placed themselves above the Constitutionally mandated command structure of these UNITED STATES.
    Make no mistake, these Cyber weapons are daily evolving, and the intellectual engineers utilized by spy operations are the best money can buy.

    • James Clander

      “They take down tyrants, and install new tyrants.

      They ALWAYS install much more evil Tyrants + Leave the Countries devastated.

    • Ephraiyim

      There is no Constitutional mandate for either the CIA or FBI!

  • Alan

    Sounds like the CIA is getting a dose of sunshine. In my view it should have clear and transparent to the public missions but not necessarily transparent methods. It appears to be operating as a rogue tyrannical bureaucracy with political motives. Not good for individual privacy and freedoms. Wikileaks is providing a valuable service to the citizens of planet earth.

    • Ephraiyim

      Better it should cease to exist altogether!

  • georgesilver

    “Does the CIA Vault 7 Leak Make America Less Safe?”

    Yawn….. who cares?

    Have you ever thought this was a CIA release to kid you that they know everything when they probably wouldn’t know how to find their backsides if they were handed to them.

    • Actually that is a good point. A lot of what they do is meant to give the impression that they are more in control than they really are. Thank you.

      • Doc

        Might be a good idea to stay sceptical about Wikileaks, as you have been in the past.

      • 1stbabyboomer

        Being in control is completely different than being a threat to our privacy, our freedom and our way of life.. Their mode of operation is the opposite of what our country was founded on and hopefully still represents. The CIA, FBI, and State Dept have all ceased to serve the purpose for which they were originally designed.

  • Bolt Upright

    Thankfully, Like the billions of other people, I don’t say anything worthy of monitoring.

    • Ephraiyim

      Now that’s funny. You just commented on a site that, because of the types of things they write about, likely has made you a target now.
      So Bolt Upright, welcome to the subversive side. 😁

  • Praetor

    It is not the monitoring, its the storage capacity, that should be of concern. We already knew they are monitoring. Storing everything well now that is the issue. “O” come on that’s against the law, yeah right.!!!

    • Rosicrucian32

      Hey those data banks are jobs out there…….well, one acne scarred kid watching an alarm screen and an ex-felon getting high in an SUV outside……

  • autonomous

    The kinds of people who are attracted by the tools of spying are very much like J. Edgar Hoover, skulking perverts who, with though with advanced methods, are no better that peeping toms. Not only are they not interested in protecting their country, they would sell their country without a qualm for a glimpse at bare skin or a hint of scandal.

  • Boysie

    This is yet another very good reason to “Break up America” – for every one thing or 1% positive contribution that America brings to the table – America creates 1000 or 1000% additional evil in the world ,.- case-in-point – America goes all over the world killing and raping defenseless countries – (mostly Muslim) – Then America (through paranoid fear) – bans the survivors of the same people that have the rape and torture – from coming to America,,from one degenerate act of in-human conduct to another…

    • 1stbabyboomer

      “Break up America” ??? Are you kidding? You don’t seem to know anything about the Islamic history of conquest and destruction. Soviet Union, Germany, China, Japan are recent examples. History provides hundreds and hundreds of examples of extreme violence. Islam is a prime example. Relatively speaking, The US is comparatively benign. Doesn’t make it right, but get real. And get it through your progressive little head, the US is under no obligation to allow any foreigner to immigrate to our great country. You speak like an ignorant traitor.

      • Boysie

        Precisely you made my point more eloquently that I ever could – the reasons that you gave are all extremely valid reasons why it is preferable to “Break-up=America” – instead of allowing the world-wide carnage, endless killing of innocent Men / Women / Children / The Decapitation – of – itself – then – blaming – on – Muslims – (then killing more than two million Muslims – Look as sure as the sun shines each day – even after prolonged rain / snow / fog / mist/ etc – America is well on it’s merry way to terminally “Top-it-Self” permanently – Especially when you consider the actions of America’s best friend – you will realize that America has been hollow-out – more like Swiss – cheese – and sooner or later the Fan – is – going – to – HIT – the – S***…Then WHAT???

      • Boysie

        Where are you from – tyranica – your information is beyond me – I am so shocked – I try to be modest in my response..My main observation is that either (a) you can read (b) you do not understand anything that you have written – or (c) you do NOT know American history – Such a pity…

      • Boysie

        That would be the greatest thing since SLICED BREAD…

  • davidnrobyn

    The main job of the CIA is probably to keep pols marching in step by accumulating dirt on them.

  • Marin X

    usa should just sink if there is a god please punish them with a huge natural disaster kill all of them Russia please release a deadly virus over them to stop these scumbags China drop the nukes someone do something

  • Jim Johnson

    The assumption in this last election was that the USA is now an Empire, and agents of Empire can go ahead and start doing things accordingly. No doubt they assured “everyone” that the election results would go the way already proven in passed fraudulent outcomes. Oooops. Not so fast.Turns out they had these sworn obligations to our Constitution, which is proving to be quite troublesome, as in Jail Time, making them all the more dangerous. Bring it on, deep-state. Soon enough, you piss ants will begin eating your own.

  • ICFubar

    The CIA is its own entity and who its leading managers answer to is as yet unknown. They are a power unto themselves masquerading as a government agency. They practice every vice known to man in their operations, especially the big lie. Who sets their agenda and philosophical outlook remains unclear but at some future time perhaps Wiki will reveal who runs the CIA?

    • olde reb

      I don’t think this website allows links to other pages, but I will try to suggest an answer to your quiry.


      • ICFubar

        Great article you linked that everyone should read through. My thought was that there ultimately has to be some group that has the authority to send the CIA a message that says that ‘Assad must go”, please submit your plans for this operation, as these types of events just don’t pop into the head of the agency’s major domo on a given day.

        • olde reb

          I thought I had a real good solution but the guy on the next barstool had a better one. By the time I got back from the bathroom, he was gone and I had forgotten it.

          I did just read that Shah of Iran proposed to a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations (as a guest of Allen Dulles) that he would make the members rich if he replaced their ruler in 1949. Kermit put Dulles’ coup in place for Wall Street in 1953, Ref. Stephen King, THE BROTHERS p120.

          It is my understanding that a US controlled pipeline has been planned for a long time. It conflicts with Russian pipeline plans.

          It is interesting that several websites are concerned about the future of the US from Vault 7 fallout. Amazing
          concurrences with Valentine’s conclusion from Vault 7:

          • ICFubar

            All wars, especially the major ones, are caused by one group of plutocrats against another. The people given the chance have very little to quarrel about. It is greed and lust for power over others as a zero sum game that drives the top echelons of any given society to seek war as a means of achieving such agenda.

            If vault seven was not meant to have become public knowledge it wouldn’t have. Snowdon, Assange, who knows what or who they truly represent? There are ulterior motives behind this release of information to confirm in a concrete manner that which we already knew.

            I’ll now take a look at the last two links having already understood what the problem is between the Russian and western plutocrats and both their associated ‘camps.’

          • olde reb

            Is it possible that Russia has been a colony dominated by Wall Street since 1917 and now Putin has been expressing nationalistic sympathies for his country in a manner similar to Castro, bin Laden, Arbenz, Qaddafi, Hussein, Somoza, and others ?

            Would that leave the current crisis for United States between the populous and Wall Street ? That Snowden and Assange are exposing information which conflicts with the goals of Wall Street (or exposes the actions of the CIA) ?

            Is it possible that Wall Street / CIA is inflaming factions of the US to cause civil turmoil and allow the imposition of dictatorial rule in the same manner as the CIA has done in innumerable nations for the past 60 years ?

          • ICFubar

            It seems Russia, like almost every other nation, is hostage to the debt money system under the purview of the BIS central banking cabal, of which it is a member. As is China. I believe you are correct in your view of Putin as a nationalist but not with a goal of seeing the common Russian as the primary beneficiary of any Russian capitalist system. The Russian .01% own more of the nation’s wealth than their western counterparts. This is a battle between elites over who will control the vast and largely untapped resources within the Russian domain. The west was rapidly taking control during the Yeltsin years but with Putin coming to power the Russian oligarchy has been forced to decide not to sell out and try to develop the nation in their own interests. The western elites were so close and let the opportunity slip through their fingers and must be very choked over how events have turned out. Perhaps a bit too greedy?

            I believe there is a populous movement in the west but it is only feebly represented politically by politicians wishing to tap into the sentiments for their own purposes. I have grave doubts to the point of being certain of either Snowden or Assange not being independent whistleblowers. I see them both as useful tools of the establishment or else they would have been dealt with very easily long before now.

            You can bet dollars to doughnuts the western establishment is worried about the rise in populism and the knowledge a growing proportion of the population now has of how the present capitalist and financial system works, and the peoples enslavement to a system that does not want to share the proceeds in any equitable fashion. Keeping the people divided and at each others throats with a stupid left-right political divide and other such diversionary tactics, that at the political/policy level means nothing, is of paramount interest while continuously moving agenda forward on the many fronts and levels that are happening simultaneously across a wide spectrum and through large numbers of institutions and NGO organizations, all under command and control, from the U.N. to your local ICLEI meetings is the full court press of their new universal agenda. Big things in the development of this agenda seem to be in the offing wouldn’t you say?

      • olde reb

        Thanks for your kind words.

        What was originally a brief supportive book review of Valentine’s first-hand narrative of CIA lawlessness quickly developed into an extensive listing of additional lawbreaking. The list then evolved into the motivation for the atrocities which all pointed to Wall Street.

        The ultimate conclusion—that funding for the entire operation was the embezzling of $20 trillion by Wall Street —will probably die a quick death. Footnote 45;

        Since the writing, identification of the essential distinction between deficit spending securities and roll-over securities has been located on a TreasuryDirect posting. The amount of deficit spending [net new cash] v. roll-over Treasury securities [publicly
        held maturing] is shown at:

        If the public cannot pressure Congress to audit the relevant accounts (auction fund accounts) to expose the embezzlement, Valentine’s dire conclusion that the US will go the way of Greece appears foretold.

        So sad.

        Olde Reb

  • William

    Whoever controls the CIA is the real government. Never forget that under Obama, Brenner, the head of the CIA was a converted Wahhabi muslim. Islam is not just a religion. It is also a totalitarian political system dedicated to world domination. Everything else is window dressing.
    If the US doesn’t reign in the CIA, it will be the end of the US. Check the owners of the Federal Reserve for who runs the CIA. Notice that they have put their eggs in China’s basket. That’s why they want a war between the US and Russia after which they will own the world.

  • Helly

    Looks like the clapper creep had the journalist Michael Hastings assassinated.

  • Helly

    Looks like the brennan muslim creep and traitor had the journalist Michael Hastings assassinated.

  • Roy bean

    Thank you Daily Bell for bringing up the Michael Hastings mystery. A story that should not remain swept under the rug.

  • Good things to think about, thanks.