Don’t Trust Politics to Change Your Life, Trust Yourself
By Daily Bell Staff - May 05, 2016

Glenn Reynolds: Don’t let U.S. become next Rome … Entrenched political elites will sacrifice anything to retain power, including their own country…. As you vote, remember that the more resources you put under the control of the political class, the more likely it is that things will eventually go bad. Politicians seldom look past the next election, and they’re willing to sacrifice pretty much anything to hang on. And that “pretty much anything” includes you. –USA Today

Glenn Reynolds is law professor and member of the USA Today editorial board. He makes good points in this just-published editorial, as you can see above.

But the reality goes far deeper than that.

The main idea Reynolds presents is that the more control voters give politicians, the more resources they have at hand to abuse.

In other words, politicians will invariably use the power they have to enrich themselves and their cronies at your expense.


I happened to be reading … Joseph A. Tainter’s The Collapse of Complex Societies¨ Tainter’s theory, to simplify things quite a bit, is that as societies grow they become more complex, slapping on layer after layer of institutions, regulations and customs to deal with challenges (and, I suspect, to facilitate the ruling classes’ extracting resources from the ruled).

… Eventually, the society is devoting almost all its resources to maintaining these institutions and has very little reserve left to deal with the unexpected. The result is that challenges that it would have weathered easily in the past are now sufficient to bring it to an end.

But Reynolds never discusses modern, monopoly central banking. The entire US economy – the world’s economy – is poisoned by it.

Inevitably monopolies self-destruct, often destroying everything they have touched. Since the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, it is the dollar that is the most destructive to the global economy.

Also, Reynolds makes the point that the US needs to avoid becoming the “next Rome.” With thousands of military bases around the world and a currency that dominates world trade, it is too late for that.

The US sociopolitical and economic environment does not need to anticipate Rome and Roman disasters. It has traveled far beyond Rome and simply awaits its coup de grace.

Despite Reynolds’s apparent optimism, redefining what kind of politicians ought to be elected will do little or  nothing to restore US solvency.

This is a country with $200 trillion in total, nominal debt and bank involvement in a derivatives market said to total $1,000 trillion.

The entire US financial system rests on a foundation of monopoly debt currency.

Every day it collapses a little more. This is the reason for negative interest rates and potentially a “cashless society.”

As Draconian as these “solutions” seem to be, they will not solve the main problem of central bank economies.

The main problem is that those setting the price and volume of “money” using the full authority and force of the state, have absolutely no idea of where the numbers should fall.

Only free-market money can create wealth on an ongoing basis – because only the market is capable of providing the correct value.

Those who have put the world’s central bank economy into place are well aware of its destructive nature.

It is a very clever system because each destructive episode further centralizes power and wealth in the fewest possible  hands.

If you are close to the spigot of currency production, you can benefit inordinately from the system. If  you are further away, you are almost certainly to be damaged by it and perhaps ruined.

Reynolds seems to believe that democracies can ”can reset things with an election, tossing out one band of special interests in favor of a new and different band, which at least keeps things mixed up.”

This doesn’t have an impact on the real problem which is the constant, destructive and ultimately ruinous mis-pricing of money.

In the US, many seem to believe that someone like Donald Trump can reverse the rotten US system. But unless monopoly central banking itself is shut down, nothing much will change.

People are reluctant to realize that the society they live in is doomed to fracture and fail. Communal solutions, even well-meaning ones functioning at the federal level, are ultimately useless because they won’t generate the necessary fundamental change.

Conclusion: Make your own plan of action. Implement it yourself. You want to pull a lever at a voting booth, go right ahead. But given the way modern societies work, don’t expect it to create a significant difference. Only YOU can make a difference. Realize this truth and you will grow up in ways that those around you have not. Real “adulthood” is difficult to achieve and maintain but has a richness and utility that other conditions lack.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • john cummins

    I’m at the Univ. of TN and have read/heard Reynolds for years, he is a professor over here. He is sort of a fake “libertarian”, thus, doesn’t delve into the real issues as a true Austrian economist would. So, by avoiding the bull in the china closet, the china still gets broken.

    I loved this line, “This is a country with $200 trillion in total, nominal debt and bank involvement in a derivatives market said to total $1,000 trillion.”

    Gary North has also mentioned the +200 trillion number that is normally said to be “only” 16 trillion, I’ve never heard the 1,000 trillion number…quite interesting!!!

    • alaska3636

      Central banking has truly become the Voldemort of Western institutions: he who must not be named.

      The edifice of Science has concealed the nature of transactions and the function of floating currencies with a plethora of neologism as defined by monetarism, Keynsianism and supply-side’ism. It is intellectually off-putting to delve into these subjects, find that they don’t make any sense and to then assume that the monetary priesthood has things under control.

      I find that the hard-money people (so-called goldbugs), who comprise the Hegelian counter-point to monetary Scientistism, often bury the lead when they posit the true alternative is a gold standard and 100% reserve banking. While this system is possibly a more desirable one, it is often taken for granted that it would exist by fiat and therefor regulate other private alternatives out of the market.

  • Rex Tyrano

    A major problem with government is incentives. While the private sector is rewarded for efficiently satisfying customers, the public sector is rewarded by loyalty to superiors, and amassing and centralizing power. Every page, every sentence, every word of legislation and regulation is fertilizer that enables public sector bureaucrats to grow the bureaucracy and the power of the state. Public sector bureaucrats are in fact punished for efficiency and problem solving – they lose funding and therefore status and power. Consider for example:

    • Why is the cost of compliance (time wasted, litigation, record keeping, mal-investment, fraud, 100K+ IRS workforce, preparer fees, etc.) with our 70,000+ page Income Tax Code approaching half a trillion dollars a year?

    • Why, as the end of a fiscal year approaches, does every government bureaucracy rush to spend every remaining cent of funds?

    • What would happen to the Drug Enforcement Agency if the drug problem were “solved”?

    • Why is there a Bureau of Indian Affairs in the 21st century?

    • What has the Department of Energy accomplished re energy independence – the ethanol lunacy?

    • What has the Environmental Protection Agency accomplished other than insuring “dirty” jobs and processes move to such ecological wonderlands as China, India, Bangladesh, etc.?

    • Why is American education poorer but vastly more expensive today than before the creation of the Department of Education?

    How do we incentivize government bureaucrats and politicians to change behavior? How do we tie all government compensation changes to measurable – positive of negative to positive or negative changes in objective measures of improvements in the quality of life such as increased life expectancy, increased freedoms, reduced crime, improved education results, lower cost of living, or whatever?

  • Praetor

    ‘Keynesian’. The mathematical mechanical analysis of charts, statistics of information collected and the ‘foolish belief’ that the information collected is accurate and factual. The information collection is compiled and submitted by humans for this analysis. We all know that people on a daily bases have ups and downs, sick, half asleep, hung over, hit the wrong key or just down right angry and obstinate (rebellious). The Keynesians don’t believe in economic cycles, they are short sighted and so, are short term thinkers. Their analysis are just observation and can’t be proven, by any imaginations. In other words losers.

    Economics is more of a social issue, and is unpredictable unquantifiable. Why, because of Nature and its law and Human Action, which is unpredictable and unquantifiable. Austrian economics does seem to be the more reasoned approach to the ups and downs of Human Action and the effects that Nature has on the human race.

    You go down or you prepare so you don’t go down with the rest of the Keynesian Collective!!!

  • Centurian

    I have friends that lived through hyperinflation in Argentina while running a fairly large business. Every manager had a goal of turning every unit of currency (dollar) into something that is real stuff on the day the currency was collected. If you collected $100, you bought a chair, because tomorrow it might take $130 to buy a chair, but a chair is always worth a chair. This is a sort of substitute for a gold or other standard that really is a sort of barter system. I buy a chair for $100 today and need cash tomorrow, so I sell it to you $130. They bought land in several countries, race cars, antiques and every sort of thing you could imagine, because stuff is always worth stuff even if the currency fails. They came out of it immensely rich and living in another country that treated them more kindly from a currency and tax perspective. Not all paths through this mess must lead to failure. You just have outsmart the morons in charge.

    • LawrenceNeal

      I agree. Don’t hold paper (money), in hand or banks. Buy real goods with it.

      • Centurian

        Yep! Stuff is always worth stuff. No matter what the money does.

    • sk1951

      Those “morons” are working to get rich just like everyone else is. THEY are the ones that invent the paths! Those that can’t figure it out cry like babies looking for the tit. It is the “morons” that understand the game and simply play it better then most. Ironic is it not?

  • Bruce C.

    The only way central banking is ever going to end – which means governments must stop chartering them and take back its own Constitutionally mandated power – is for more people to understand it.

    I agree that the main problem with central banking is its monopoly control of the money supply and its ability to set interest rates, at least at certain levels. However, it is a long and complex tale – a tough sell to skeptics – to explain how such powers create the problems cited in this piece, among others.

    For example, how can a central bank like the Fed be responsible for the US national debt being $19 trillion and counting? It is the Congress that chooses to borrow that money, not the Fed. It may enable it by suppressing interest rates below what the market would charge, thus make the cost of borrowing lower than it might otherwise be, but isn’t that avoiding the real culprit which is Congress? After all, the gold backing of the dollar existed along with the Fed up until 1974 and served as a governor of deficit spending but it was the President and the Congress who broke that agreement, not the Fed.

    And how can the Fed – or any central bank – be responsible for unfunded entitlements that are promised by Congress? Congress is the who approved Medicare and Social Security and all the other social entitlements that have been promised to the American people. The Fed didn’t do that. So how can central banking be blamed for politicians essentially buying peoples’ votes?

    And what role do central banks play in the derivatives market?

    I’m not saying there aren’t answers to these questions, but they’re not at all obvious, and until more people and economists understand them central banking will continue.

    • The chicken and the egg come first 😉

      The predisposition to avoid feared feelings and experience invites manipulations to achieve this in part.

      Those who pass certain threshholds of fear can in a sense observe it in action and use that to manipulate rather than heal – perhaps because healing is a feared outcome and so the fear-mind substitutes ‘power roles’ in which to ‘escape’.

      I feel to join with a core sense in your post that, I might put as the demand for unconsciousness is an avoidance of responsibility within the effecting of such denial and limitation – through whatever ‘agencies’

      There is a magnetic attraction of the fear to its predator. The primary way that fear fulfils itself is by the attempt to deny it, eradicate it, war on its symptoms and redefine or airbrush its destructive influence into cleverly outsourced blame.

      Whatever anyone else is choosing – knowingly or not – is part of their unfolding experience as mine is for me. Yet mine is nver mine alone – for we are part of each other in many ways and on many levels that are active whether we know this or not.

      Haters of violation demand justice and see anything not hating the evil as apologist or letting them off the hook – and etc. “If you are not with me you are against me” as Bush expounded the con trick – for we can be with someone’s right to choose for themselves even if we abhor the choice and give it no welcome or path of attraction to operate through and to us.

      I don’t believe we need to ‘answer’ complexities that are designed to obfuscate any more than we need to publish papers of studies in peer review papers. For all of that is corruptible – and obviously so to anyone willing to discern the fruits. And that’s the point, we can learn to go directly to a capacity of feeling that can be called self-honesty or genuine receptivity – IF – we don’t get baited into reaction by which such awareness is lost to a triggered conditioning. This of course takes practice – but what is life for if not to open a greater abundance of it?

      We think we have to solve at the level of effect – where the fruits of corruption have leaked or burst through the pretence that hides even the fact it is pretending – so as to seriously deny any involvement while ‘dealing’ with the problem where the cause is NOT.

      But cause is where the problem in communication results in blindness, denials, conflicts, pain and grief of loss. And the hell-bent seekers of vengeance will turn on anything that seems to take their ‘satisfaction’ from them. But beneath this behaviour are very strong fears and rage that need a space of acceptance for existence rather than being reciprocally reflected in forms of denial of the same in ourselves.

      Perhaps I make no difference by the choices I make to anyone else’s appreciation of existence – but appreciating existence feels the way to go for me – whether anyone else recognizes this as the context in which to ‘do’ whatever we ‘do’. False narrative replaces the feeling of being with flat thinking – but only the expansion of consciousness can look back and see what is NOT who I am – regardless it claimed to think for me.

  • gerry d welder

    Is the conversation about to change? Between the Brexit and Trump along with ‘Skull and Bones’ now getting exposed, the NWO crowd may have to do something drastic and soon:

    Obama Plans a “RED WEDDING” for America

    OBAMA gives the ” 2 FINGER salute” To ALL AMERICANS

    Obama Mocks Us Again!!!WOW

    Although Kleck’s assertion in a past video that the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed also on 9/11 may be mistaken (11th of AV, Hebrew; AV is the 5th month, not the 9th according to other sources) and Kleck says Revelation 18:15 (below) is NYC and “her burning” refers to the Statue of Liberty, but Shoebat has another much more convincing argument that it is referring to Mecca, Arabia and the Kaaba, the weirdness of these Obama videos along with too many numerical and symbolic cross references to be coincidental, together with the timing of so many things geopolitical and geological coming together may indicate something big is coming.

  • Politics could be said to incorporate the way we organize ourselves as a society – but without a Feel for who we are, where we fit and what is fitting – power struggle substitutes for and covers over the fears of not fitting or of being judged unfit.
    Changing the forms to try to make the bad feelings go away is never going to work – though the investment in trying to make it work can be destructively addictive.
    Controlling the narrative is the attempt to have your judgement validated or empowered to stand as accepted true – and in terms of power struggle; the righteous, dominant, prevailing accepted fact – even if via means that are deceitful coercive – because the ends are used to justify the means.
    Rather than change the ‘world’ – which incidentally is the realm OF change that will not let anything abide unchange – we can release the mindtrap of setting outer goals as if necessary conditions for fulfilment and open perspective within the definitions such mindtraps set us into – so as to truly connect with a felt existence in our daily life – rather than ‘struggle and survive ‘ toward s future fulfilment that never comes – or disappears even as we grasp it.
    Change you mind about your mind and a different world MUST dawn on you – but not as a result of leverage – but simply of a willingness to embrace rather than judge.
    Mindfulness or mind-watching – is noticing presently from beneath the apparatus of a masking persona that became a mind-trap.
    Checking in with the real you has to be a more intimate honesty than rehearsing thinking or reactive conditionings based on emotional experiences that thinking was called upon to limit and control or even deny completely.
    Stories are fascinating, entrancing and enthralling – and after only a little attention, we become immersively identified and thus invested. But our treasure is our attention or gift of awareness – and as we give – so are we receiving.
    Giving attention to roles in power play – one is ‘assigned’ a complimentary role – and can play it out as if it is your very life!

    I saw two pigeons fighting once – who became so exclusively identified in competition for mate and territory, that they were totally oblivious of the truck that exploded them to a cloud of feathers. Conflict is the device by which attention is ‘captured’. From above the cloud one can see what was not obvious within the conflict – though it becomes obvious when stepping out of such a mind-set.

    There are real conversations to have and actions to take with regard to giving witness and voice to communication that serves or seeks joining with – being heard – and if there is NO intention or willingness to listen – (apart from gathering ammunition with which to then attack or undermine) then that is NOT communication and as a fake currency – should not be given validity or credibility.

    If false witness is ‘shared’ by a collective willingness to hide from feared truths – then such consensual realities embody the fear as the gift returned with interest.
    Negative or self-undermining investment witnesses the abundance of lack regardless the outer appearances or forms of narrative assertion.

    If you cannot trust yourself you are lost. Uncovering the basis for trust is very different from covering over the fear with bluff and bluster. Trusting yourself to never let your mask slip is never trusting your true joy to move through you and recognize itself as an unfolding fulfilment – right here and now – and not waiting on events
    And of course if you find yourself in what is not you and nor your joy to transform it – start being in , with and part of what Is.

    It can be said that we put our trust in fear and hate to empower and protect us – but in forms of justifications so as not to seem hateful or at all afraid. In that sense we always have 100% trust – but what is it being given to? False definitions that preserve some sense of face and power amidst a powerlessness we dare not face?

    There is a miracle associated with powerlessness. When you cant do it and you know you cant do it – yet something truly helpful aligns NOT by your ‘power’ – it reveals an Already Movement of being that we have almost lost the capacity to discern and recognize. Mindfulness is a predisposition to notice the subtler prompts – especially amidst the ‘temptations’ to adopt reactive identity and lose awareness of presence while old scripts ‘take over’.

  • sk1951

    Sadly…if the banks or private lenders were lending “real” money the interest would be so high no one could afford it. It is the fantasy fiat money that has created all the “wealth” and allows people to live relatively comfortable lives. No…99% are NEVER going to experience the opulence of the money makes but NO ONE is ready or willing to give up what little they do have now simply to prove that we know what it really going on. Its all the people that go crazy with the system and over spend and borrow that is messing it up for everyone else. It may be imaginary money but it is NOT imaginary debt when you owe it!!!!