Dump Hillary? Clinton Slammed Yet Again By Mainstream Media
By Daily Bell Staff - May 16, 2016

This is one weak nominee: Hillary Clinton’s problem isn’t Bernie Sanders. It’s Hillary Clinton … -Salon

Like machine-gun fire, rat-tat-tat, three major mainstream publications in a row have recently posted stories featuring a “weak” Hillary Clinton.

This further strengthens our hypothesis that the Hillary may not ever make it to the presidential race.

We first wrote about this late last week in an article entitled, Signs from Mainstream Media that Clinton’s Campaign Might be Over.

Here’s our lead from that article:

When we start to see admissions in the mainstream media that Hillary’s public persona is perceived as “crooked,” we have to wonder if she is going to end up as the Democratic nominee.

The operative word here was “crooked.”

In these three articles, which we are analyzing now, the operative word for Hillary is “weak.”

According to Internet search facilities, there are over 500 characterizations of Hillary as “crooked” in the past month, with most of them coming in the last week.

There are 50 characterizations of Hillary as “weak” – almost all in the past week.

That doesn’t sound like much. However, the terms are not mere asides but are often embedded in the headlines of major publications that reach millions.

Today’s Washington Post lead article, posted first on Drudge on Sunday, begins, “Even supporters agree: Clinton has weaknesses as a candidate. What can she do?”

Meanwhile, we can see, above, the lead of a Salon article, also featured on Drudge, features the word “weak.”

And a recent Huffington Post article states, “Why Hillary Clinton Would Be a Weak Presidential Nominee for Democrats.”

As we have pointed out, this is significant because mainstream Western media is a reflection of globalist interests, especially when themes such as this – the “weakness” Hillary Clinton – emerge.

A handful of owners have consolidated mainstream Western media. In the US, there are said to be six owners, but there are probably fewer than that.

The main message on which mainstream media concentrates is globalism.

Inevitably, problems are introduced that only government, especially international government, can resolve.

The purpose of media in the modern day is to build a consensus for internationalism.

Hillary Clinton seems to be falling afoul of this globalist imperative.

It is fairly easy to see from mainstream publications that her internationalist proponents are struggling with her unpopularity, her “untrustworthiness” and thus her “weakness.”

This is not an unusual occurrence. Something similar probably happened to Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks was likely a globalist false flag designed as a “limited hangout.” (Assange worked for the internationalist Economist “newspaper” before somehow emerging as head of Wikileaks.)

When Assange was accused of rape, he fled back to England, but could not reach an understanding with his backers.

Instead, he ended up seeking shelter in an Ecuador mission where he remains to this day.

Likewise, Hillary’s globalist proponents may be having second thoughts about her electability.

One can almost sense the indecision in these three articles.

Hillary has not yet been consigned to the loser’s column, but the calculus seems headed in that direction.

In our previous article, we floated several alternative scenarios regarding Hillary’s political future.

One was that Hillary had run with the understanding that she was going to drop out of the race in order to facilitate the campaign of another Democrat who would win.

A second is that she will be prevailed upon to retire due to health reasons or because she has been indicted over her email indiscretions and then receive a presidential pardon.

If she does manage to prevail and run for president, we wonder if the mainstream media coverage will continue to be negative.

Perhaps, after all, it is Trump who is being groomed for the presidency.

After all, Trump is verbalizing a good deal of what people are angry about. Importantly, his presence has resuscitated an otherwise corrupt and dysfunctional system.

A Trump victory would at least momentarily rejuvenate federalism and provide some “breathing room” for those who wish to continue to undermine it.

Conclusion: Time will tell about these conjectures. But one way to ascertain their direction and validity is to study the messages in the mainstream media and then try to read beneath the surface. Because of its homogenized messaging, the mainstream often offers us clues about the direction of  globalist propaganda and where it is hoped we will travel.

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  • Bruce C.

    There’s nothing new about Clinton being considered crooked and weak. It’s just that Trump pointed out the obvious and unspoken once again, calling her “crooked” and basically implying that she’s “weak” as well by his assessment that if she weren’t a woman she’d get only 5% of the vote.

    One of the main criticisms of Trump, especially by the Republican establishment, was that polls showed he’d lose to Clinton in a landslide. Problem is, within just a few weeks of Trump becoming the presumptive Republican nominee polls began to show that he was even with Clinton. The obvious trend is that Trump would beat HER in a landslide.

    I actually think Trump would beat any pair of vile, complicit candidates that they can conjure up, which is why I’m so worried for him. I guess it’s a good thing but I’m surprised more “problem people” aren’t just taken out. I mean how in the hell did Assange get to Ecuador? There are many examples. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Supreme Court Justice Scalia was murdered, but that’s actually a counter-example.

    It will be interesting to see what unfolds, but it may not be so easy to replace Clinton unless Sanders becomes the noninee. Obama is raising the wall around the White House because he knows he’s despised, and any shenanigans like pardoning her or even having her fake an illness won’t go over well. In fact, I think too many people have already assumed whatever happens from here on out will be very corrupt, so they need to be careful.

    • Praetor

      Bruce. Assange is in the Ecuadorian embassy in England or so they tell us!!!

    • Hillary sharing the fate of Supreme Court Justice Scalia would be something of a grand convenience if one had invested/donated hundreds of millions in a fraud of a presidential campaign trail which promised the twinkling of stars to many tools yet was decidedly destined to deliver the zilch of continuing darkness to fools.

      Einstein certainly appears to have got at least one thing perfectly right about the condition and programming of Man ……. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. …. and that makes the species highly susceptible and increasingly vulnerable, and especially so in times and spaces of hysterical media uncertainty with myriad polarising opposed views flowing into the manic depressive mainstream, to smarter intelligence warefare and dumb ignorant and arrogant warfare mongers?

      The Greater IntelAIgent Game is not at all like the Great Game used to be, is it, whenever so many of those pesky new kids on the block are so easily able to movement a block and create so many protective virtual stockades of novel resistance and invisible transparent competition.

      Vive la différence.

    • James Clander

      “—-I mean how in the hell did Assange get to Ecuador? ”

      Really Bruce ? – – He only just made it to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London

      where he has been ‘arbitrarily detained’. (3,5 years !) Read Below for facts

      “WikiLeaks’ Assange ‘arbitrarily detained’ in embassy, U.N. panel to say”

  • boatman10

    Rediculous……….Goldman Sachs owns Billary and vice versa and their will be down.
    Wait til the socialist media parades out the beauty queens Trump pinched on the ass.
    Hillary wins and presides over the credit/debt/entitlement/fiat currency bubble pop.
    Works for me.

    • Praetor

      Well, if you say so!!!

  • Praetor

    The Clinton’s are very corrupt and weak to their very souls. But, those are the very traits, they would want from the U.S leaders. Then again on the other hand they also like the Strong man principle of politics. The strong man will use force to put down a rebellions, where the hammer down is needed. Merkel, is a good example of the opposite of the strong man principle.

    Like I have said, the U.S. is different in character, than the rest of the world. To put down resistance to the new order will take massive force and violence. The heart and DNA of the U.S. citizen is a rebellious one. The rebels were the one who came here!!!

  • FreeOregon

    Trump vs. Bernie splits the anti-establishment vote. Unfortunately, both will have sold out to GSAX.

  • Unless Hillary stays cloistered until November, the chances are great that her poor health will give her away. Has she stopped drinking alcohol? If not, an extra sip or two and fatigue could bring her down quite literally.

  • alaska3636

    Propaganda has to appeal to the lowest-common denominator and be consistent.

    As you point out with Hillary, it appears that MSM have contrived a narrative that would ostensibly push her out of the race for one reason or another. One convincing argument is that Hillary will take the bulk of the ad hominem attacks, thus leaving her replacement, possibly a Biden/Warren ticket, unscathed by debased political rhetoric. This while Trump absorbs the continuous attacks on his character, intelligence and hand-size.

    My guess is that legitimacy is less of a concern to elites than having predictable stooges. Thus, they will maintain the strategy that I outlined above, knowing that, in the end, Trump while a wildcard will end up playing ball after being shown the video from the grassy knoll perspective. Like every institution, the elite have set up an easily adaptable win-win.

    On another note:
    Underwater find pushes back date of settlement of Americas

    To people familiar with the history of archaeological ideas, this is par for the course. Another interesting debate in geological/archaeological circles is the gradualism vs. catastrophism debate. Randall Carlson, Velikovsky, John Anthony West and Graham Hancock all hold interesting alternate theories about the age and evolution of Earth’s various geological and archaeological features.

    Here is an article that is either a blessing for the replication crisis or a disaster for the future of propaganda:
    AI learns and recreates physics experiment

    I can see the technocrats drooling over the air of sophistication this type of technology could lend to their self-serving lies.

  • You don’t find this analysis anywhere else!

  • Westcoastliberal

    Meantime in a head to head race, Sanders strongly beats Trump by double digits while Hitlery might lose. Keep in mind in states with open primaries where independent voters have a vote, Bernie whips Hitlery’s arse. And the remaining primaries are all open.
    And what was that I read on Drudge about Hitlery having a nose candy problem?

  • apberusdisvet

    In many ways, Trump is hard to figure, but I will vote for him because he will meet with Putin and thus stop WWIII, which Hillary would gleefully commence. The dual citizen psycho neocons (and their puppets) are the loudest against both Trump AND Putin which speaks volumes.

  • James Clander

    “WikiLeaks was likely a globalist false flag designed as a “limited hangout.” (Assange worked for the internationalist Economist “newspaper” before somehow emerging as head of Wikileaks.)
    When Assange was accused of rape, he fled back to England, but could not reach an understanding with his backers.
    Instead, he ended up seeking shelter in an Ecuador mission where he remains to this day.”

    Well I certainly can’t agree even a little bit with the above rubbish statements !

    Assange is a Hero — no snivelling coward would voluntarily put himself in a position of great danger. He’s endured much as a captive in that Embassy & as for the set up Rape allegations – that’s BS and you know it!

  • Bolt Upright

    Hillary Clinton would be perfect for post “transformation” America. imo. The handlers behind the curtain will see it done.

  • If Trump goes up again Clinton he is going to eat her alive – it would be messy but spectacular nonetheless.

  • JustKidding

    Donald Trump is the people’s choice. Our country is sick and tired of Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as their adult daughter, Chelsea. Take all three of them and get them out of politics. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath….how bad is that? Hillary’s long list of lying is too long to post here. We have had eight years of Barack Obama, an experiment that nearly destroyed our country. We elected a man because he was black instead of vetting his work record. He never held a meaningful job in his entire life before becoming POTUS. Hillary is a seasoned serial liar and I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her….no chance of that due to her weight.
    The democrats are getting what they deserve IMO. Hillary needs to exit left. Donald Trump will leave her in the dust in early November. The citizens of the United States want someone they can trust. Hillary doesn’t qualify for that position.

  • LeRoy Whitman

    Trump’s foreign policy speech – if genuine – would be a reason for the previous libels, spins, and Neocon R hatred, since the agenda spells the end of decades of building the NAU. I suspect it is becoming evident the Trump train cannot be stopped by Hillary Clinton – and they badly need to stop it.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Like Rush Limbaugh, Trump appeals to the mean-minded.

    • Dalton

      And Hillary appeals to the outright criminals

      • LawrenceNeal

        Hillary is definitely owned by the corporations.

  • esqualido

    Judicial Watch, through its dogged pursuit of the truth through Freedom of Information demands has accomplished more in the nature of investigative journalism that the NYT, WSJ, or Times. Go to their web site and see what they have uncovered not just regarding Bengazi, but the charitable Clinton Foundation. After reading it, what comes to mind is not “weak,”, it is “corrupt,”, “venal” “untrustworthy.” and she has the nerve to accuse Sanders of being “unqualified.”