Election Fraud Should Support Hillary’s Presidential Victory
By Daily Bell Staff - August 02, 2016

Donald Trump: ‘I’m Afraid the Election Is Going to Be Rigged’ … Donald Trump on Monday night repeated his earlier assertion that the 2016 general election will be “rigged” against him …  “I’m telling you, Nov. 8, we’d better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged,” Mr. Trump said in the Fox News interview. “And I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us.” –Wall Street Journal

Trump’s vote-rigging concern, expressed in this Wall Street Journal article, above, is reported on without much commentary.

Report it and forget about it. And maybe people won’t notice. That’s the way the mainstream media tries to deal with these issues in order to support a Hillary victory.

Hillary’s upcoming victory, if it occurs, is part of a larger scenario of “directed history.”

Elite dominant social themes are circulated to ensure that a given outcome is justifiable. In this case, the themes center around Hillary’s lack of trustworthiness. This is something she “needs to overcome” in order to win the election.

The election won’t necessarily focus on policy anymore but on whether or not Hillary is regaining voter trust. Thus, this election is being cast as even more of a popularity contest than usual. The issues are secondary to personality.

Interestingly, the presence of Trump has furthered this electoral approach. If Trump hadn’t appeared as a candidate you could argue the Democrats would want to invent him. Or someone would have invented him.

The election is merely a kind of story-telling. We don’t believe these federal contests are decided on election day. It’s been a long time since an important American election was waged openly or honestly. We can see how this election is being positioned and re-positioned.

Just recently three “billionaires” endorsed Hillary: Warren Buffett, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Michael Bloomberg. At least Bloomberg’s support was solicited.

Questions were raised regarding Trump’s tax returns and “documented record of bankruptcies.” These show clearly how the election is revolving around “trust.”

Endorsements are one part of the “trust dialogue” taking place in this election. The next part is polls.

We’ve already written about how polls are being manipulated in Hillary’s favor HERE. The process continues. A recent Reuters poll reconfigured questions in such a way as to de-emphasize positive Trump responses.

Reuters tweaked the way it polled. HERE. Reuters added in the option of “neither” candidate, which diminished the pro-Trump response.

A new CNN/ORC poll gave Hillary a seven percent convention bounce and put her ahead of Trump.

But we checked the ORC methodology. Here’s what we found:

Interviews with 1,003 adult Americans conducted by telephone by ORC International on July 29-31, 2016 … This sample includes 601 interviews among landline respondents and 402 interviews among cell phone responders,

Why would land-lines be predominant? Certainly it is possible that land-line  audience might be less affluent than cell-phone responders.

The make up of a given polling audience is extremely important and can influence a poll in numerous ways. In a previous article about polling HERE, we found that pollsters were trying to contact younger people who would skew Democratic.

After a point one concludes these polls are virtually worthless because they can be directed in so many ways.

Whatever narrative the mainstream wishes to portray can be buttressed by positioning poll results in particular ways via the audience approached.

If polls, endorsements and favorable media coverage doesn’t provide an appropriate direction, there is always outright election fraud.

HERE, from John Rappoport’s blog:

US election shocker: is this how the vote will be rigged?  Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers …

As we know, there are a number of ways to rig an election. Bev Harris, at, is exploring a specific “cheat sheet” that has vast implications for the Trump vs. Hillary contest.

It’s a vote-counting system called GEMS …

“Our testing [of GEMS] shows that one vote can be counted 25 times, another only one one-thousandth of a time, effectively converting some votes to zero.”

Fractional voting software is embedded in voting results  but can reportedly be rendered invisible.

These methods provide the “directed history” that may lead to Hillary’s victory: skewed media coverage, calculated, solicited endorsements, manipulated polls and fraudulent voting.

Conclusion: The media, being part of the problem, will not provide significant coverage of these issues. As a result, while Hillary’s victory is not by any means ordained, it is certainly more likely than not.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • NobodysaysBOO

    Make it the DEATH PENALTY for election fraud OR TAMPERING with the VOTE , and ENFORCE the laws or the US CITIZENS WILL !

    MEXICANS at the polls require strong responses everywhere the fight is on.


    • Kyler Phoenix

      Ok Chief Crazy Talk.

  • Kyler Phoenix

    Less affluent? Probably not. Mostly older? Ddefinitely.

  • alaska3636

    Missing link:
    “We’ve already written about how polls are being manipulated in Hillary’s favor HERE. The process continues. A recent Reuters poll reconfigured questions in such a way as to de-emphasize positive Trump responses.”

    In the HERE

    • thanks

      • Henry Balfour

        I was going to post that Hillary could be the first f- President, but someone deleted the ’emale’.

        • No one deleted your comment that we know of.

          • Henry Balfour

            Ooops – that was a humourous comment, playing on the ‘Hillary deleted emails’ scandal. “… deleted the emale” Kinda won’t work if explained though!

    • winthoro

      Hillary is a crook and Trump an entertainer. Hillary is the status quo which is crushing the people like an anaconda, though inflation, debt, endless wars, drivel for education and a MSM that long ago became a creature of the deep state.

      At this point the decay is to advanced, the debt to large, the country too de-industrialized for either of these candidates to do anything.

      If voting made any difference people would not be allowed to it. And it’s who count the votes that matters, or rather those owns the machines that count the votes.

  • Blah

    The Daily Hillary report?

    • Milarepa

      Yeah right? Since when is an American election really important! Much less real!
      Daily Bell used to be better…

      • Hillary will usher in the next stage of the American dystopia. We think that’s significant.

        Anyway, isn’t exposing nuclear weapons fraud important? Or is that something you read about regularly at the Huffington Post?

        • Thanks anyways

          Thankfully there are other options outside of the false dichotomy you suggest.

          I think it has been something like a month of Hillary headlines in my inbox.

          I’ll take this time to go back to a productive ($$$) use of the computer. No hard feelings or snide criticisms here. Just a polite request for different topics.

  • Sol

    Or, you know, she might win fair and square because she’s running against Donald f***ing Trump?! Speaking as an intelligent, sane person, the whole concept is so ludicrous I can barely even believe it’s happening.

    • Praetor

      Being a sane, intelligent person, you should present a concept that goes beyond F Trump. Tells us how F Hillary can win fair and square. Could be you like you’re government hand outs to much and F Trump is just easer.

      Stinking Toll. Why are reading this website anyway, obviously you don’t agree with what is said here!!

      • Sol

        Sorry, I don’t speak whatever language it is you’re speaking.

        • Praetor

          Get real, make some since, Don’t dribble on you’re bib, make sure mommy changes you’re diaper, get off welfare you will feel better, stop be a troll. You understand that language!!!

          • Sol

            Such a weird assumption that I’m on welfare. You’re weird.

      • EDD

        Praetor: read my comment to Bruce C. in this DB article for further insight.

    • Bruce C.

      So what kind of a candidate do you think would be able to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Clinton “machine” combined with the establishment forces of both political parties plus the MIC, the MSM, the NWO globalists, the “Deep State”, the various government-subsidized unions, government workers themselves, Wall Street sycophants, people on the dole, people on the dole but also working black/grey market jobs, illegal immigrants who get more entitlements than American citizens, corporations who want to hire illegal immigrants, open-border anarchists, government special interest lobbyists, military people who just want to milk the system, etc?

      • Sol

        A Republican maybe? Like a real one, not a cartoon character.

        Or maybe no one can defeat her – sounds like you just listed off a lot of people who would vote for Hillary – you actually left out like just kinda nice, normal people who work normal jobs and live normal lives and are generally left with little choice but to vote for the candidate who they think will harm them and others the least – so really it sounds like it doesn’t need to be rigged it’s just the majority of people (who you don’t seem to care for) are going to vote for their self-interest which last time I checked, is how a f*cking democracy works, genius. Personally I’ve never liked any of the choices but that’s what our sh*thole of a society has decided politics is going to be. NO election – not one – has ever made a significant impact on my life – so I just don’t have the energy to get worked up about it like you nutbars on both sides of the equation who make every election out to be like it’s life or death for the entire planet. Hillary’s probably going to win – guess what? Your life isn’t going to change other than maybe you’ll have more nonsense to rant about.

        • Bruce C.

          Well, if she does win I hope you’re right that she’ll be pretty non-consequential. Much ado about nothing.

      • EDD

        Bruce C., Praetor, and any other interested reader. You can’t talk to this person. I tried. I followed by going onto his disqus comments for over two years. I offered the following in response to a reply by him: “I am honored with your ‘lol’ reply. Following your disqus link to your posts, I found you use very coarse language when posting. That is
        until about two years ago. Then I found you wrote some very well written posts and your English was excellent with some very good intellectual reasoning. What happened that you began writing short, biting comments?

        “Rise above the coarse language and you will find others treat your posts with dignity and respect.”

        He replied today with, (in part): ” I’m angry. As I should be. Angry at the kind of idiots that lap up the MSM and think it’s at all representative of reality, and angry at the “skeptics” like you who are really just on the opposite side of the same coin and believe ALL of the stupid crap they read on sites like this (which I find useful and informative SOMEtimes).” Further down: “You nutbars make people who might try to search for the truth flee back to the mainstream media where it’s not so goddamn weird (or at least weird in a less threatening way).”

        This comment by him really caught my eye: “Flu shots are some kind of government mind-control conspiracy? No – but they are a conspiracy – to keep you healthy and productive at work and paying taxes and buying crap.”

        I suppose he never typed ‘FDA suppression’ in his search bar. One classic example is this one:

        And that is just one among many other sites.

        I won’t respond to any of his posts again. Will ignoring him make him go away?

  • Bruce C.

    Anti-Hillary folks and outright Trump supporters don’t “mistrust” Hillary in the way Hillary supporters think, so I hope they do turn this election into a popularity contest. Do they really think they can win that one?

    Most people don’t trust Hillary because they fear her; they fear that she WILL do what she says she wants to do and has a track record of doing. No one mistrusts her intention to force equal pay for women and raise the minimum wage and keep guns away from those she thinks shouldn’t have them. No one doubts that she’ll not continue using the Clinton Foundation to sell political favors. No one mistrusts her ability to select the most “progressive” NWO globalist judges for the Supreme Court. No one doubts that she won’t uphold and defend the US Constitution. No one mistrusts her allegiances to globalist bodies. Et cetera.

    Come November a lot more people are going to vote for Trump than Clinton. Clinton is the ultimate insider and “incumbents” are not getting promoted this year. Period. The nastiness and shrillness and shenanigans that the “establishment” is displaying is inuring people to Trump.

    Trump is raising the issue of election fraud in the same way he did during the primaries. It will call attention to the vote taking and counting process and make paper ballots a reasonable back up system.

    This election is not like any other and the PTB are using outmoded methods. There is too much communication and discussion and transparency for the their three-pronged attack to work (endorsements (by unliked people), biased polling, and vote rigging.) Excellent articles like this one tip everyone off.

  • windsor1

    Here’s what America gets out of a Hillary Presidency
    – Gun grab
    -carbon taxes
    -massive Muslim Immigration
    -escalating tensions with Russia and China
    – Boom ww3

  • yep

    donal trump is correct, the usa election will be rigged and i have the proof here, below on a youtube channel, you will see a person trying to vote for sanders watch what happens, THE USA ELECTIONS WILL BE RIGGED, period

  • Praetor

    Yep! It is about who you trust.

    Ok, Trump filed for bankruptcy, chapter 11, reorganization of debt giving time to restructure the debt. Guess what the U.S. is bankrupt and needs its debt restructured. Tax returns, this one is, who really cares. The tax code in the U.S. is a system built on corruption and the code books should be burned in the basement of the IRS. The IRS should be shut down and the IRS building in DC turned into a homeless shelter where the homeless will be warmed for years by those burning code books. Trump’s many marriages, does that indicate his untrustworthiness, well the X’s seem to be doing well, and his kids look fine and balanced. So why would we mistrust Trump. He is a billionaire, and he will make the welfare leaches go get a job. That is why the commies don’t trust Trump.

    Ok, Hillary. No, I won’t go through all the things that make the witch Hillary untrustworthy, it would be redundant. All here no why, just the trolls are blind and ignorant!!!

  • tenaya

    This is somewhat off topic from the above essay’s point about “directed history” but it does relate to the subject of Hillary Clinton.

    As I have written here before, Mrs. Hillary Clinton is a megalomaniac and, yes, she is a pathological liar and her behavior has the earmarks of a psychopath. More and more people are becoming aware of and discussing her lies because her continual lying is harder and harder to ignore – although her supporters somehow are able to rationalize that ignorance.

    What is not being discussed, however, is the psychological basis that underlies Clinton’s behavior. I fail to believe that someone in the medical profession has not spoken out about the fact that her pathology, revealed by her serial lies, demonstrates that she is permanently divorced from reality. Hillary Clinton is ipso facto psychotic.

  • EDD

    “I’m telling you, Nov. 8, we’d better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged.”

    The msm may treat these statements by Trump as secondary but when and if there are any debates between the two, remember, Trump isn’t held back by political correctness. With his years of business acumen, I believe his sound bites will be very effective. His biggest challenge might be to remain factually correct.

    Ever since his entrance into the presidential primaries, the pundits have been on the short end of the stick more often than I can remember. Is he a flash in the pan? Or does he really have his finger on the pulse of American angst?

    I thought many could see through the ‘hope and change’ rhetoric in 2008 since that has been a metaphor for socialist leaning candidates for years. But then we ended up with a ‘hope and change’ which actually followed the script of socialists of earlier times. Some things never change.

    If Trump continues with being politically incorrect, maybe we will be denied completing the saga mentioned in ‘1984’ and begin recovering from the ‘thought police’.

  • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

    Who, exactly, is BEHIND Hillary Clinton, and financing and supporting her?

    Find out, here:

    Are Your Opinions Crafted by Foreign Powers?

    Read the comments in the ‘comments’ section in the above link.

  • croasdale

    I’m coming around more and more to the idea that Trump doesn’t really want the job and his warnings about the rigged system are just a setup to explain his loss this November. I think he is having a grand time ripping the Republican establishment, who did everything possible to derail him in the primaries, and enjoying the massive publicity. He owes the RNC nothing. He doesn’t care what he says nor care what his campaign managers tell him. He’s going to ride this for all it’s worth ’til November, speaking his mind about things that no establishment candidate will say, but that have some real truth. I am enjoying the show, because he is calling out the political icons of both parties (Ryan, McCain, Clinton, Obama, etc.) for who they really are and he doesn’t give a crap about the consequences. It is refreshing to hear him going off on some of these charlatans who’ve been playing the American people for fools while they enrich themselves and their cronies. Who knows, it may actually get him elected.

  • US faux democracy and election fraud are all too real and were covered in the stunning HBO documentary Hacking Democracy.

  • Dennis Finan Jr

    She lost