Don’t Panic Over Election Federalization but Keep a Steady Course
By Daily Bell Staff - September 01, 2016

Even before the FBI identified new cyberattacks on two separate state election boards, the Department of Homeland Security began considering declaring the election a “critical infrastructure,” giving it the same control over security it has over Wall Street and the electric power grid. – Examiner

Usually we cover the dominant social themes of the elite, but the alternative media is currently making factual statements about yet hypothetical events with increasing volume.

There’s nothing wrong with “spreading the alarm,” when it comes to a myriad of elite destructive and even genocidal actions. However, the other day (here) we wrote that Hillary had not said she was going to shut down the Breibart news service, let alone the rest of the alternative media.

Quotes in the alternative media about what she said in fund-raising letter turned out to be just one interpretation. (Of course we do believe she intends to damage the alternative ‘Net media as best she can, but there are yet obstacles to overly-decisive action.)

Now the Internet is filled with articles explaining that the fedgov is going to take over the election process and the EU/OSCE is sending some 500 monitors to manipulate US elections. The alternative media all-but-exploded yesterday with these reports.

Forewarned is forearmed, of course, but the danger is that such information may be not be entirely accurate and cause people to act in rash and even precipitous ways. A steady course toward one’s goals is surely better than a panicked one.

When it came to the monitors, it seems the  current reports were generated by a US request from Hillary-oriented “civil rights” groups. (here). But as happened four years ago, their presence may be disputed by states like Texas and the level of control they will exercise doesn’t seem entirely clear, either.

The idea of federalizing the election process, meanwhile, seems to have been based on a Washington Examiner article (here) that quoted Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. Indeed, he did say that Homeland Security was concerned about cyber threats to the election process.

But the Examiner reporters then scrutinized the Homeland website to determine what authority Homeland had over the election process and found areas where it had at least some jurisdiction. From this, the assertion was then made that Homeland could indeed embark on federalization.

We listened to the entire, hour-long Q and A with Johnson, and the specific statements regarding electoral federalization amounted to about 60-90 seconds and were vague at best.

Additionally, his reference to the thousands of separate jurisdictions handling voting across the country did not seem to us to be a veiled threat so much as a justification for additional Homeland support and involvement – which is surely different than promoting a thorough-going federal takeover.

On the other hand, Johnson and his colleagues may have in mind spreading as much distrust as possible about the election process. Some will believe the election process is innately untrustworthy while other will believe Homeland intends to make it so. Always the intention, perhaps, is to increase the level of paranoia.

The totalitarian dreadfulness of the inaptly named “Homeland Security,” should be obvious to anyone who subjects it to scrutiny. However, accuracy is important, too. And we continue to be of the opinion that absent war, the process of elite globalization will not take place in a single swoop. There are always complications.

It does not yet seem, for instance, to be a certainty that Hillary is going to win. Yesterday (here) we wrote about the possibility that Hillary could lose – or that this might even be intended – thus placing Donald Trump in office. The rationale would be to create a scenario that discredits Trump, nationalism and republicanism generally – at which point globalist solutions would look a good deal more palatable.

We’ve followed up on this elsewhere several times (here) as part of an emerging meme of populism versus nationalism.

The surprising Brexit win was an expression of populism, and Donald Trump’s current electoral progress is too. Even though we have suggested numerous times that Hillary, as a booster of genocidal elite technocracy, is the favored candidate, the idea of a meme discrediting populism by letting it play out (and letting Trump win) is a seductive one.

Perhaps the Brexit win is part of this larger strategy. Brexit achieved victory by a 52%-48% margin. We continue to have trouble with the concept that this victory, narrow as it was, was a simple triumph. In fact, Brexit has sparked a dissolution of the EU much as the election of Trump might spark similar chaos in the US.

Always the goal is international control based on the strategy of extracting “order” from “chaos.” But ordinarily the chaos is seen as emerging integrally as part of a larger societal dysfunction.

Alternative Internet reports don’t currently see it this way. Yesterday, the idea was clearly promoted that the idea is that “elites” are so panicked they intend to do whatever is necessary to shut Trump down, including taking over the Internet and the electoral process.

Such moves would seem to contradict the way elites have worked for the past 50-100 years, and even longer. Elite takeovers of institutions and nation-states worldwide have usually been accomplished gradually via what we call “directed history.” Of course, as well, acquisitions have occurred via military conquest but that’s not the issue here.

Consider this: Mainstream media around the world is controlled by a handful of owners. The manipulation of news via propaganda – what we call dominant social themes – has been extraordinarily successful in the past. One would think that inside or outside of office, Trump could be discredited at will as necessary.

Finally, it is not yet clear how far Homeland Security or even the UN is prepared to go to support “rigging” to achieve a Hillary victory. In fact, we wonder if they need to at all, given the documented ability of individuals to manipulate Diebold vote counts at long distance. Perhaps drama is outrunning reality at the moment.

We have often predicted that what we call the Internet Reformation will gradually erode elite control and there is nothing that can be done about it. But we distrust overly simplistic narratives regarding modern events of any kind, from elections to wars to economic evolution.

There are yet many elements to consider when regarding the US presidential election. Hillary may be destined to win for a variety of reasons, or perhaps Trump might win for reasons that are not immediately apparent – even to him.

There is even speculation that Hillary merely wants to hang on until she gets to the White House when she can turn control over to her supposedly Jesuit-trained Vice President. Or perhaps Hillary will step down because of her health and suggest Obama serve for another term.

One thing is certain. If fedgov simply takes over the US voting system and is then seen as creating a desired outcome, the resultant anger and frustration could degenerate into a kind of civil war in the US, as we’ve written here. If so, then an eventual outcome would turn out to be more imminent than we’ve expected. (Though one they’ve obviously desired.)

Conclusion: In any event, all these possibilities are reasons for you to take “human action” on your own behalf as regards your safety and prosperity and that of your loved ones. Don’t wait for the US to return to its previous freedoms. You are not an onlooker and reports concerning what’s going on may or may not be true. Presumably, you’ve decided to take action for your own benefit and that of those you cherish, so don’t panic or stray from your strategies. The waters of the current election are decidedly deep.

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  • tenaya

    I just do not understand why TDB (and many other websites and talk radio who are outright hostile to her) continues to use the familiar first person “Hillary” when referring to Mrs. Clinton. Use of the first person familiar by the partisan leftist press is understandable; it makes her seem more likable – as if she’s their guy which indeed she is. How about referring to her using her first and last names or alternatively as just “Mrs.” Clinton? That way your readers don’t get the implication that you are biased in her favor.

    • Praetor

      I doubt the DB is biased in favor of Ms. Clinton or Mr. Trump. Since Ms. Clinton puts her self above everyone else and her country, using her first name puts her back to where she belongs, just another stooge working for the man, and not worthy of any respect!!!

      • Thanks. We thought the irony was clear. Maybe not.

        • Praetor

          New readers. Takes time to figure out DB is true Libertarian!!!

          • Sol

            And also that they sell gold.

          • Tom Mcwilliams

            Does Sol mean shit out of luck….cuz he makes no sense…but then again “liberalism is a mental disorder

    • rahrog

      How about this: Mrs. Clinton is a mass murdering war criminal.

    • Matt Lusk


  • Praetor

    Order out of Chaos! No! The elites maybe the smartest people on the planet or they employee the smartest, but they lack ‘wisdom’, because wisdom tells a smart person, chaos breeds more chaos.

    Its like a fire no one is trying to put out, and the reality is they are fanning the flames, then the fire gets out of control. The fire burns down everything, and that means everything.

    The wise smart person would want order and order all the time. Out of order, you build a strong foundation. Even if the structure is brought down. The foundation remains.

    Out of chaos, even the foundation is destroyed, and then you start over. They lack the wisdom to control chaos. If they think they can control the chaos, that is hubris and arrogant.

    This is the down fall of all tyrant!!!

    • Sol

      Buy gold! Buy gold!

      • Praetor

        Thanks for the advise!!!

  • Bernz

    “Directed History” a term first coined by DB continues apace. The invitation to Trump by Nieto was an example of a hard right in the game. Nieto did not extend the invitation without the consent of Mexico’s ruling families which likely gave consent at the direction of the ruling global elite.
    Notice how well it was timed, notice Hillary was absent and lastly notice Trump looking like the clear winner and director of the narrative.
    Hillary is toast, but don’t get excited just yet Trump fans. The twists and turns that may be applied may include a fair amount of psyop and manufactured drama to prohibit Trump from taking power or at least leaving him with plenty to do on January 21st other than implement his proposals.
    The ruling elite may have accepted the fact that Hillary is un-electable but no clear indication has yet been given that they are green-lighting Trump.

    • Praetor

      Trump will be an enigma till he’s in office. Then, after a time we will know what he is about to some extent. Hillary (Ms. Clinton) is no enigma at all. She is just a corrupt globalist puppet. The globalist one collective, are walking a fine line. Their chaos is unpredictable!!!

      • Sol

        He will NEVER be in office. Give it up. It’s a dumb idea.

        • Praetor

          You base you’re statement on what particular insight, you may have. Enlighten us, please!!!

  • Sol

    Can I just remind everyone that this site sells gold? They have a huge interest in market-destabilizing events like the actual anthropomorphic climate change that is absolutely occurring and the election of a clown (Trump in case you didn’t know) as President of the U.S. and scaring you with threats to your “safety and prosperity” so you’ll buy their wares! You all live your lives questioning everyone’s motives – which is good to an extent – question the motives of THIS VERY SITE you fools.

    • We have one sponsor. a silver company. We identify the sponsor regularly and explain its relationship to us. Somehow you find this questionable? Wow.

    • Me Again

      Anthropogenic Climate Change, which seems likely but lacks untainted evidence as yet.
      Trump is not a countryman and I have no vote there, but he’s no clown.
      If you are foolish enough to underestimate the draw factor of someone who tells it how they see it, who doesn’t dress up ugly facts with fancy college professor names.
      Then it is you who are the fool. There has been a move towards politicians -however much you disagree with some or all of what they say- who answer questions that are asked them instead of answering something else, of politicians who tell it how they see it.
      We have two notable examples over here at the moment, polar opposites but real people with flaws, but who answer the questions they are asked.
      Corbyn and Farage.

      Trump at least attempts this. Clinton sadly is a clone from the mold of the standard politician.

      By the way, I often disagree with the articles on here as with todays but I read them because you need a full spectrum analysis of current affairs to have a hope of seeing the trends.
      Next its Russia Today followed by Al Jazeera.

    • Steve

      Actually Sol I think your argument is false. At the same time the market is destabilizing, the economy is tanking and the labor participation rate is declining lower and lower. More and more Americans are facing poverty, where they are worrying about getting enough to eat. Fewer and fewer are being left with disposable wealth to buy precious metals. The masterminds of course got their safety plans, including gold, in place a long time ago. I think DB and all its contributors and sponsors would do better if the economy and markets did stabilize. But no stabilization will happen as long as authoritarians continue to destroy the wealth making capacity of larger and larger segments of the population. None of us normal humans wants to see happen what is about to happen but reality is what it is, and we must do what we can about it.

      • Just wondering

        Yikes markets are booming now that Trump won

  • apberusdisvet

    It takes a certain amount of passion for someone to spent at least half a day to attend a candidate’s rally. So, it is interesting to note that Trump’s rallies have 1000s while Clinton’s barely number in the 100s,. The true disconnect countering this is the polling results. The vast difference in rally attendance nationwide should produce a polling result overwhelmingly favoring Trump. That the current polls favor Hillary, indicates that something’s amiss, and it could be Establishment rigging, however subtle. On November 8, I am not as concerned about Diebold trickery as I am about the accuracy of exit polling, In the primaries there was often a spread of 5-7& between exit poll estimates and the actual result. In the view of many election professionals, anything more than 1-2% difference indicates fraud, whether by the machines or by those tabulating the exit poll responses. Republican poll watchers, take heed!

  • CT

    I like English and “immanent” should be spelled correctly, as in “eminent”.

    • Me Again


      • Claudettte Tremback

        I stand corrected.

      • Centurian

        It was corrected before I saw it, but you eminent grammar guys may imminently get people to pay attention! My teacher mother and wife and my really tough latin teacher would be happy to see the grammar being corrected. Additionally, the person who, for years wielded a blue pencil on my technical writing would be overjoyed at your catches!

  • Me Again

    “..Brexit win was an expression of populism.”

    Nonsense. It was nationalism. Which is defined in the Oxford English dictionary, as a desire for political independence in ones country. There can of course be no harm in that. However socialist media tries to taint the word as if its some kind of bad smell generator.
    Over in GB it is ok to have Welsh nationalism, Scottish nationalism and Irish nationalism, but English nationalism is bad -somehow. Clever spinning and tainting of innocent words twisting of truth implied racism somehow -now that was a doozy.
    Our vote was about returning sovereignty to Britain, that’s nationalism not populism.
    The MSM here made it about immigration. Tried to shame us into thinking we should accept millions of people -literally. Certainly immigration was a factor but the overriding desire was to return lawmaking to these shores and deliver a poke in the eye to the Brussels monolith after 43 years of excuses.
    I walked over a thousand miles delivering leaflets from the very start of the campaign until the very day of the referendum. I spoke to thousands of people from all different walks of life and ages.
    I went out leafleting with my local MP just the day before the big day and we were saying to each other that something was wrong with the polls. He added a national slant to it by saying colleagues from all over the country were reporting the same thing. I was an agent at my local poll and the supervisor told me on each occasion that I stopped by that she’d never seen such a turn out and never seen many of the people before.
    I went the to regional count in my area and it quickly became apparent that it would be 65/35 for OUT or thereabout. Both the local and national polls were tainted by lazy polling companies/desire/intent/wishful thinking or whatever.
    But it wasn’t populism that drove 95 year old folks to go and vote it was a desire to regain our choice. Everywhere almost, apart from London -which is no more the representative capital of our country than it is in the centre- and Scotland plus one or two exceptions, wanted out.

    • Centurian

      Since populism is defined as support for the concert of ordinary people, it appears to me that both descriptions may be appropriate.

  • Webforager

    The effects being presented are all about pushback; from Brexit to Trump’s run at the presidency people are “resisting” and this is finding it’s expression in a resurgence in nationalism and I think this is intended. It looks to me that a metaphorical corner is being turned. Hardlines are being drawn, which I don’t think will lead to war in spite of the threatening postures and scaremongering found in some of the alt-media, but is being created to establish the competitive regions and a “leveling” that has been speculated numerous times here at the DB and other sites. Nationalism is being encouraged by presenting the specter of globalism to obtain a buy-in. Wouldn’t it be easier to get people to willingly come along rather than have them kicking and screaming?
    Incidentally, DB, did you catch Trump’s rhetoric (I’m sure you probably have) from his visit to Mexico where he used the word “hemisphere” in describing the necessity of cooperation? It sounded very NAUish to me.

    • Yes, one can argue the entire federal campaign is just more “directed history.” Elite manipulations are often in more evident in retrospect.

  • Lynda Hawkins Collier

    immanent: innate, intrinsic, inborn

  • EDD

    DB: “Presumably, you’ve decided to take action for your own benefit and that
    of those you cherish, so don’t panic or stray from your strategies.”

    Key words; ‘don’t panic’. In the context of: “The waters of the current election are decidedly deep,” this is indeed one of the most exciting/unconventional/disturbing, (or however other choice words that may be used), and the numerous opinions truly are ‘a dime a dozen’. I do not believe our country has ever been as divided as we are witnessing today.

    Brexit is an example also. Me again: “But it wasn’t populism that drove 95 year old folks to go and vote it was a desire to regain our choice.”

    Ditto in America.

    Another example- apberusdisvet: “it is interesting to note that Trump’s rallies have 1000s while Clinton’s barely number in the 100s.”

    Ditto explained; America is at a crossroads. We know that ‘hope and change’ are socialist’s buzzwords. It is obvious in a critical analysis the last eight years have been a catalyst for undesirable ‘change’ and ‘hope’ has fled the scene. But, (a big but), is hope gone? Not so. If the female is elected, we know the next four years will be an acceleration of the same policies of the last eight.

    The other player, a male, is an unknown except his ability to promote business enterprises. At least he has broken the strait jacket of political correctness. Bottom line; if he succeeds in the election, we have ‘hope’ once again. Whether or not ‘hope’ will translate into a preferable ‘change’ is unknown. The ‘water currents running deep’ requires level headed decisions and we are responsible in our private worlds to not be sucked under by currents of panic. Our parents/children/friends/neighbors might need our help. Each reader here could be the example that weathers the storm relatively untouched by events.

  • JohnnyZ

    I agree with DB. Here some points I wanted to highlight:
    – Trump is friends with Hitlery, he used to be a democrat
    – Trump is in the pocket of the Zionists, he is not anti-establishment
    – Trump is a mason (e.g. check the ring on his naked statue)
    – The MSM spins nationalism as populism
    – The idea of this election is to discredit both candidates and create a division in the country – everyone is voting against the other candidate, not FOR his chosen candidate. The resolution will be either a NWO global takeover via the UN, or Obama will declare martial law or sth similar. Or maybe Trump will be let to win, similarly to how the Brexit was allowed (give a valve to nationalism, allow it to discredit itself, then introduce “order”).
    – An interesting anecdote: the psychic Baba Vanga has prophesized many years ago that the last US president will be a black one 😉
    – Another one: Germany has warned the population to generally stock on supplies
    I personally think Trump will win just like Brexit was allowed.
    Good luck to all!

  • scpatriot

    Just another takeover of states rights by the Feds. Are we going to allow the fox to guard the hen house?

  • john d

    a very disturbing article given the absolute control over the process by the rnc/dnc/corp media/billionaire elites. we witnessed just how destructive these powers are with sanders. media blackout and dnc election fraud. when homeland sec gets involved what could possibly go wrong? did I forget the military industrial complex?
    the ruling class and their puppet masters have irreparably broken the American experiment. the country indeed the world is in freefall decline. absolute power and the love of money are near their inexorable endpoint. imo the apocalypse began with regan and will end with Clinton 2. the laws of nature/god are not for sale nor do we have any control over them. this is being done by a few 10’s of thousands of sub humans to a world of 6+ billion. when the disgraced chairperson of the dnc wins her primary by 13%given her criminal behavior in that capacity and her repressive legislative record there is something horribly wrong! there is a tipping point and it appears t/b near. one thing I am certain of, Clinton or trump and certainly wasserman will only make things worse.

  • BillMM1

    To quote one of Obama’s and Hillary’s heroes; “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.” Joseph Stalin

  • NotClickBait

    You quote Examiner. That speaks volumes about The Daily Bell.

    • We quoted the Examiner in a negative context, as we usually do with articles that we analyze within the context of elite meme generation. Most who view our pages are well aware of this. You, not so much. Feel free to drop in once a year with an ill-considered criticism.

  • John Terrazas

    Another Russian back site. This is pure Russian trash article

  • Just wondering

    Hegelian dialectical process is alway working in the backdrop to control history in the making.

  • Just wondering

    I am so sick and tired of Snowbama and his many snowflakes. Snowbama you cannot snow us into believing any thing you say or do…and there are a whole lot of us who are still wondering who the h3ll you are and where the h3ll you actually came from! Why not just have mail in voting paper ballots with required fingerprint as signature then run fingerprint to confirm voter with DMV fingerprint records. Do not electronically track votes. Instead, HAND COUNT DMV verified fingerprinted paper ballots while videotaping the process….keep video of state by state counts on video forever. Please someone ….tar and feather Obama for his role in the Middle East.