Elites Link Populism to Emerging ‘Bullyboys’ Like Trump
By Daily Bell Staff - October 15, 2016

Donald Trump Is One More Bullyboy in a World of Strongmen … Watching Donald Trump skulking behind Hillary Clinton on the debate stage Sunday night, muttering about locking her up if he wins, was a reminder that we are drifting toward a kind of bullyboy-world, where power is everything.  – RealClearPolitics/Washington Post

Populism has now been linked directly to tyranny as we can see from this above article. We have been reporting on the elite-generated “populism versus globalism” meme here and here.

We suspected there would be a further move and now it is taking place. If you are a political populist, you are also legislator to whom “power is everything.”


You see this coarsening climate of relations around the globe, in the debasement of the norms that make civilized life possible.

Dictators push the limits of power in new ways almost daily: China brazenly builds military bases on disputed rocks and sand in the South China Sea and dares anyone to stop them;

Russia pillages America’s political system and baldly denies it, just as it denies connivance in the shoot-down of a civilian airliner over Ukraine and the bombing of a humanitarian aid convoy in Syria,

The leading bullyboy in this part of the world is North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. His regime is a calculated act of defiance. He terrorizes his population, shoots his relatives and governs his nation as if by whim …

Dealing with the world’s bullies is complicated by having a wannabe member of the club running for president. How does the United States credibly reinforce the rules of behavior among nations when a leading U.S. presidential candidate proclaims his support for torture,religious discrimination, tax dodging and abusive sexual behavior?

Analyzing this sort of meme reveals the importance of understanding elite propaganda in this modern age.

The idea, as we have stated previously, is to compare and contrast globalism to populism. Globalism is to be presented as the preferred societal choice, but one that is under attack by short-sighted populist leaders and their followers.

The question for us was always how populism would be negatively portrayed and whether it would be aimed directly and decisively at Trump himself. This article gives us the answer by extending populism to include such people as North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

In fact, we had our answer in September when Barack Obama gave a speech at the UN, which ABC reported under the headline, “Barack Obama hits out at ‘populist strongmen’ Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump in last UN address.”

Hard to get more obvious than that. Increasingly, therefore, populism will equate with tyranny whereas globalism will be portrayed as the enlightened choice of empathetic leaders. The sex-abuse attacks on Trump surely reinforce this meme.

Certainly there are many alarming points in this analysis, not the least of which is Donald Trump’s complicity – knowing or unknowing – in this latest positioning of propaganda.

When first announcing his presidency, Trump castigated Mexicans as criminals and rapists. He is now openly speaking about what the mainstream media describes as “conspiracy theories.”

Even now he is verbalizing conclusions rather than evidence and impelling narratives. More importantly he has already participated in two debates without bringing  up “conspiratorial” issues in a way that would include easily referenced, historical resources.

Of course, let us not be overly critical.  It is almost unfathomably difficult to do what Trump is doing, especially in a presidential race. He seems to have great courage. Assuming the credibility of what is taking place, Trump must be worried for himself and his family. In fact, he must have considerable doubts that he will complete a term if he manages to win.

Also, even referencing what’s going on is a service as people can use the Internet to find out more. Here’s another somewhat optimistic observation amidst the pessimism: In order to impose this meme, elites need justification. The passage of Brexit was one such – evidence of populism undermining globalism. It is intended  that the British will pay for their temerity.

Therefore another justification would be offered via victory by the “populist” strongman Donald Trump. (Every meme of this sort needs a thesis and antithesis in order to generate the approved synthesis.) The question would then become just how complicit Trump would be.

Time will tell how this meme is being applied and how it evolves. But the next step seems to have been taken. Populism is tyranny now and Trump is an incipient dictator, even though we should also recall that elite memes often work in reverse. (“Peace-keeping” is one that comes to mind.) Within this context it may well be that Hillary Clinton would take on the behaviors this meme predicts rather than Trump.

In any event, the world’s media and enlightened politicos will stand on the other side of the divide, beckoning people toward a renewed and more generous globalism that may even include debt forgiveness.

If you are aware of these trends please don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.  Ultimately modern politics makes little difference, though to be sure we would prefer Trump to Hillary.

But ultimately as wars draw closer and economies worldwide continue to be undermined in the service of additional globalism, you will have to take care of yourself and your family as best you can.

Conclusion: Seek to be as independent as possible from a monetary and survival standpoint. Your independence is your most important resource.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Vorant

    Sadly there will be only one way any of this will be resolved in the average “working” man’s favor and it won’t be through the ballot box…..

    • Bruce C.

      That depends. If most people sit back and expect Trump to do all the work then forget it. on the other hand, if Trump wins and a lot of Congressional incumbents are replaced, and citizens keep paying attention and support Trump’s efforts then things could change remarkable, and remarkably fast.

  • Scott S di Vincenzo

    Thank You So Much #Mc_RYNO_Conns

    Cc: Wall_St._Beltway_Cartel

  • Sheath

    You are off base on Trump. He is no more a bully than Obama or Hillary Clinton. It’s time for a bully to move things right instead of left. Go along, get along good ole boys in the Republican party can’t get it done. Maybe we can get more centered with Trump. And, Trump did not say Mexicans were all murderers and rapists. He said many among the illegal immigrants entering our country are. It was not a blanket statement on Mexicans. He is always mischaracterized for progressive talking points to get votes.

    • Did you read the article?

      • toddyo1935

        What a concept! Thanks for reminding me.

    • robertsgt40

      Not to mention Trump hasn’t committed war crimes and treason.

    • toddyo1935

      Riding on top of freight trains from the “walled off” Mexican southern border. Where’s the Mexican “OSHA?”

  • PJC

    If by populism you mean that we are tired of being dicatated to by a group of effete elites who think that the gravitas of their prestige gives them the right to govern the “less educated” masses to their pleasure and at our expense, then call me a populist. The Brexit vote is an example of the citizenry choosing to chart the course of their own destiny, rather than let that course be charted by unelected officials. Here the choice is clear. Do we wish to see our history and heritage pave the way for future generations as our Forefathers intended guided by the principles set forth the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? Or do we wish to capitulate to a nameless, faceless entity; where the sovereignty and independence of individual thought and choice is slowly suffocated by the dubious entents of global machinations.

  • toddyo1935

    Trump’s Strength

    Where Trump is off his game is that he has been forced into the sewer with the progressives, trying to counter their ugliness. Trump is at his best when beauty is prime. Women and their appearance fits into the broader picture, but look at what he builds! Look at his surroundings.

    Look at the quality of the things he furnishes and maintains his facilities with – from his airplane to his homes to the soon to open Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue. Quality development – whether an inner city rebirth or a luxury hotel, equates to more demand for skills and dedication – from the planner and designer’s conception to polishing the brass by a mentally challenged person who would take great pride in such a job – and all that lies in between.

    Bring us into your beautiful visions Donald, and we’ll ride all the way with you to make America Great and Beautiful again!

    From Developer Lock Piatt –

    Jerry, well said as always you see the good in all things. Let me make an observation; the media and the rest of the world live in a bubble believing that all things are like them. They think that all people are just like them for we are after all tribal animals.

    The current tribal view of Donald is wrong. How many have lived in NYC for years but never became part of the real NY culture. Queens, Staten Island, NJ and other boroughs are very loud and harsh speaking people. They all sound like dock workers and fishmongers; Trump is no exception.

    The man is a little rough around the edges but after all he is a Construction man. What does America need today? We need RECONSTRUCTION so who better than Trump to lead the rebuilding of the cracked foundation of our great nation? Go Trump and help the get out to vote for we can not stay home and lose the Senate and Presidency to the Progressives.


  • Bruce C.

    I think another problem the “elites” have is that their “memes” or “narratives” are becoming too complex, nuanced and confusing.

    An old boss drove home the “adage” that ‘there is no one more ingenius than an idiot’ and I think the collective ignorance and non-conceptual thinking of a lot of people may prove serendipitous for the rest of us.

    Obama, et al may want to link “a populist” like Trump with dictators like Putin, but there are three problems with that argument. The main one is that Trump promises a return to THE RULE OF LAW which is just the opposite of selective enforcement and immunity for the “elites” which is what globalism is. Secondly, and related to the first, is that Obama has no credibility in this area. He is the one who has violated the spirit if not the letter of the US Constitution and has used “executive orders” to force his agenda. He is as close to a dictator as we’ve ever had, though in large part because the Congress has reneged on their responsibilities. Thirdly, Putin happens to be a pretty popular “strong man” because he is decisive and effective and – frankly – more honest than US officials. Trump’s suggestion that it would be better to get along with Putin is appealing to most voters. The “Clinton machine’s” efforts to cast Russia as an enemy is very concerning to most.

    For the more circumspect, we can also throw in the fact that Pres. Jefferson was “a populist” and the country didn’t go that way after a while (more Hamiltonian). It’s a little weird to be blaming populism for problems when that’s not what we have. Maybe Jefferson was right, after all?

    The bottom line is that the elites are screwing up their own agenda. I would have a much better suggestion for them rhetorically but I’m not going to say what it is because I don’t want to help them.

  • Don Duncan

    “…preferred societal choice…” = populism.

    The choice between a popular belief and an elitist belief is no choice at all if both are imposed by coercion. The first is called: “democracy”, and the latter: “representation”. The so-called representation comes from the populist superstitious belief that society is protected by rulers, if they are elected.

    Forfeiting sovereignty, i.e., choice, does not result in security or prosperity. But history is ignored, life experience is ignored, in favor of childhood indoctrination and conformity.

    That is the root of the problem. Most just follow. They do not think. They don’t know how, thanks to the pubic school system which rewards rote memorization and punishes individualism.

    The few who do think must choose to be exploiters or outsiders who follow the NAP. If enough choose the NAP (about 10%?) the rest will follow and maybe someday be able to understand why it was premature for the world to call itself “civilized”.

  • StarValentine

    Is Trump Tiberius Gracchus, Sulla, Caesar, or Augustus?
    With Rome as the template, where are we on the road to empire?
    Are we closer to 150 BC, 44 BC, 9 AD, 409 AD, or 476 AD?
    All I know is Trump is a disruptor, but I can’t tell if he’s the first guy, or the final guy, or somewhere in between.
    But the oligarchs have already blown it (the republic), that much is clear.
    She’s gone, and never coming back.

  • alaska3636

    Just ran across this from ComputerWorld:
    It’s A World Wide Web of Lies

    “Political propaganda has successfully inoculated a minority of the voting public against the scourge of fact-checking. They’ve been told that the news media are corrupt and fact-checking sites mere smokescreens…

    …In my opinion, each of the major fact-checking sites is pretty solid. And when several sites agree — when there’s a consensus among the fact-checking sites about a specific point — that consensus can be taken as a fact you can rely on.

    My favorite fact-checking sites include Emergent, On The Issues,, Snopes, Politifact,, Truth Or Fiction and Hoax Slayer.”

    I recall Snopes in the headlines recently for something…

  • StarValentine

    I still say it makes no strategic sense to shy away from the other side’s fear and demonization of our assumed superior brute power, and the perceived superior fighting strength derived from our collective masculinity, weapons training, and survival skills. If they are intimidated, good.
    We will need that mental advantage when THEY inevitably attack US.

  • StarValentine

    In an issue of Men’s Health, Chuck Palahniuk, who wrote Fight Club, said Tyler Durden was a “violent fascist.” If those weren’t Chuck’s words, then he allowed the interviewer to say it in his name. But that’s why they say, don’t get caught up in the man, just look at his deeds. Because men will fail you, every time.

  • apberusdisvet

    Populism is a meaningless word, an “ism” that is popular?, or for the populace? Let’s really call what is happening in America today “Cognitive Revolution”, or the “Awakening”. All of us are just so so tired of the constant propaganda, wherein those of us who are aware can point out at least 6 lies, partial truths or points of purposeful disinformation in each and every news show, pundit panel, or political speech. Think back to when you first knew that facts being promoted were just not quite right and didn’t make sense. Was it some of the great analytical critiques of the Warren Commission after the JFK assassination, or the anomalies in the MLK or RFK killings. Or was it when you had to pay $4/gallon for gas and you remember paying only $0.20/gallon as a teenager. Or it could have been “why the fuck are we spending all that money fighting in all these countries when our roads, bridges, etc are so crappy?” So many things just didn’t make logical sense. Lately, and even after 15 years, at least 50% of the populace questions the official 9/11 story and with good reason. How about Sandy Hook with the strange lit sign asking everyone to sign in, or the pristine truck in Nice that after mowing down 185 people had not a drop of blood on it. Sorry elites. We’re waking up; it’s just a little slower than normal.

  • rahrog


  • No one special

    I had to chuckle (mirthlessly, of course) when I read the first quote that opened this article: “. . . we are drifting toward a kind of bullyboy-world, where power is everything.” Drifting toward!!?? Power’s what it’s all about and always has been. The real bullyboys are behind the elites that the world sees, directing this tragedy.

  • JJ Smith

    Excuse Me, Her ass needs to be locked up, She is nothing more than a common criminal, He crimes are a testament to her reality that she plans to use on all freedom loving Americans. Lock her ass up now

  • Clayton Smith

    Trump is simply expressing a defined sense of what used to be known as masculinity. Having been raised in the inner city, I can hardly accuse him of being a “bully boy.” His toughness and forthrightness are a refreshing contrast to the cowardly weasels we have been subjected to for so long. He knows where he wants to go and is determined to go there. This is why he has succeeded so well in business. The country is eager for a change in direction. If Hillary is elected, our future is doomed. That is to say “our” future, by which I do not mean the future of the elite. She is there to insure their outcomes. We are to fend for ourselves.

    The big question is, what will Trump do if defeated? Will he stay the course and lead what he calls a “movement?” Or, will he return to his private world of personal accumulation and self-indulgence? If he chooses the later, will the injured elites allow him to live in peace? What pound of flesh will they exact from him in his atonement? Meanwhile, the knives will be out for all those who supported him, and the Clintons and the Bushes are well known for their viciousness. Will anyone come again to truly listen to and work on behalf of the little people? Given the show of power by the elites, it is doubtful. And so, a pall will fall over the politics of America, a quiet hatefulness is our future. It is very sad. It is also very sad that the Daily Bell has contributed to this.

  • r2bzjudge

    Elites can link anything they want. So what? I can see through their lie.

    Populism is a reaction to the bullyboy elites and their “we know what is better for you peasants- sit down and shut up.”


    DB, pardon me. Do i assume from your introduction that you are in favor of Globalism? Populism is alive in the USA, because the status quo of American politics with it’s corruptness of both principal parties, is fraught with a total disregard of the U.S. Constitution, by the POTUS, and his Attorney General, with nary a notice of the balance of power members, the SCOTUS, or the Congress. The independent World Bank Members who control the Globe because they have the power over all nations, are the puppeteers of all nations, which are close to completion of their world domination plans. Donald Trump is a rough speaking Builder, which is renown for their cursing a blue streak continually, and telling filthy jokes, its the culture. Interestingly the charges of him abusing women over the years only shows up as a smear in this hotly contested Presidential race. It’s possible he insulted women, by crude remarks, and maybe even tried to make a hit, but he hadn’t been charged until now, 10-30 years after the supposed incidents, dug up or initiated by his opponent Hillary Clinton. Have you not noticed that even the women folk on “girls night out”, laugh their heads off, about what?? MEN, this is par for the course. This man is a Builder. Trump will provide millions of jobs just for infrastructure alone.The infrastructure of Highways, Bridges, and other remedial needs have fallen into a terrible unsafe condition for the past 30 years, with nothing done, while the cost of running the Government is in debt 20 trillion dollars, where did that 20 trillion dollars go???? Every country in the world has gotten a piece of it, and our Congress have gotten a big payoff for their favors. Hillary Clinton is a part of that fleecing of the American Taxpayers, and if elected chaos will result. Trump won’t cancel trade, he’ll negotiate terms in the interest of the United States. He is tough, and we need a tough SOB
    to bring back the jobs our recent administrations have given away. Also the Reserve Currency which has permitted the USA to live high life, through borrowing by the American people, to where our debts cannot be repaid, amounting to 600,000 Dollars per capita, will soon be diluted
    by the IMF, will finally cause this house of cards to collapse. Vote Trump, Clinton is status quo.

  • r2bzjudge

    “Dictators push the limits of power in new ways almost daily: China
    brazenly builds military bases on disputed rocks and sand in the South
    China Sea and dares anyone to stop them”

    The propagandist who wrote this, left out the biggest dictator in the room, because he would have to look in his own mirror. What one country has bases and outposts in some 130 countries? Our country.

    “Russia pillages America’s political system…” The propagandist leaves out the fact that America is pillaging America’s political system. The DNC for one, STOLE the democratic party nomination from Bernie Sanders. The propagandist who wrote the piece apparently doesn’t care that is the truth. Similar is happening in the election, by the American government, elitists from both major political parties, and the American media complex. The propagandist doesn’t care about that truth, either.

  • Rastindian/FatShiva

    I was only in my teens when I followed the john mccain candidature for the oval office but see a striking similarity in trump bashing and the arguments presented then inlieu of Mr.Mccain.
    Surprisingly the election results as the opinion polls show are much closer than portrayed by the western media..its almost becoming a’ anyone? All elections are closely contested but there is one right and one wrong.

  • olde reb

    Once again, Daily Bell has compiled an erudite epistle, this time
    depicting the development of a contest between globalism and what is
    identified as populism.. By whatever name used in this article, it is a
    resistance to an evidenced pattern of globalists acquiring control over
    extensive global real estate, confiscation of the earnings of
    individuals, and control over commerce.

    Benjamin Ginsberg, in FATAL EMBRACE, identified the London financiers as
    advocating that King John invade Normandy. The war-mongering led to
    the revolt by the Barons and the acceptance, at the point of a sword,
    of the Magna Carta. Today, the psychopathic war-mongering is
    rattling nuclear swords. Indifference, withdrawal, and submission is
    not an acceptable alternative; survival of the species is in
    jeopardy. The concern ceases to be individual freedom but is the
    continuation of civilization.

    Revisionists of history have verified that every military involvement of the U.S.
    for the past 150 years has been based upon false flags and lies used
    to gain popular support by the citizens—specifically including WW
    I, WW II and 9/11. Perpetrators have successfully cloaked their
    nefarious self-serving goals to activate government actions. Writers
    continually refer to them as the “elite.” Continued concealment
    behind the curtain, as elites, would appear to leave the world wide
    devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the inevitable result.

    Has not the host of writers clearly identified the “elite” as the
    occupiers of Wall Street who have, through their funding and control
    of the CIA, IMF, World Bank, the U.S. military, the political system,
    the mass media, the executive and congressional branches of
    government, and the massive six mega-corporate structure, as the
    wizard behind the curtain? Ref.

    Is it not mandatory that exposure is essential to prevent annihilation?

    The concept that Wall Street is embezzling billions of dollars daily using
    the FRBNY’s exclusive control over the accounting of funds from
    auctions of Treasury securities, used to fund the above globalism, should not
    be viewed as a wild-eyed conspiracy theory. There is no viable
    alternate flow of the developed funds. Ref.