Europeans Should Stay Home, Not Travel
By Daily Bell Staff - October 02, 2016

To buck up EU young, free-train idea on a roll … Younger people used to be the main supporters of the European Union. But as the continent continues to struggle with existential problems that include economic crises and growing nationalism, the continent’s youthful are becoming disillusioned, according to a recent Eurobarometer survey. Some EU politicians have now come up with an idea to convince younger people that Europe isn’t that bad: encourage all 18-year-olds to travel the continent for free by train. –Washington Post

Here’s another bad idea: Giving EU’s young people a stipend of perhaps 500 euros to spend on traveling around Europe so they begin to think in terms of the Union rather than their own countries.

The EU will stop at nothing it seems to inculcate the idea of a “union” though such larger unions usually don’t work and, historically, fail sooner or later. The larger the union, the more authoritarian it is and generally the more unfree.

Additional info:

Most European cities are connected by a vast railway network used by commuters, tourists and students as the most viable alternative to traveling by car. Younger citizens are also able to buy special tickets that allow them to travel on nearly all trains across the continent for a certain period of time.

The “Inter-rail” program is popular among high school graduates who want to discover neighboring countries.  But according to politicians, “Inter-railing” could be the key to creating a positive perception of the EU among younger generations that already benefit from student exchange programs and open borders.

The article goes on to explain that officials in both Germany and Italy are seriously considering this idea, calling it “a very good” one.

“I think the particular charm of this idea is that it sends many positive signals for European integration and the younger generation,” said Martin Speer, who has publicly advocated free Inter-Rail tickets since 2014 and lobbied politicians in Brussels to adopt the proposal.

But critics of the idea say that giving youngsters funds to travel around Europe does not address bigger issues that young people have, like finding a job.

It is ironic that officials and Italy and Germany are reportedly fond of the idea. Germany and Italy both are in the midst of banking collapses directly associated with the formation and continuance of the EU.

There is no doubt over-borrowing was encouraged with the formation of the euro and the European Central Bank. One can even make a strong case that the euro was intended to collapse. EU officials intended to utilize the subsequent misery to suggest both a deeper monetary union and – the real goal – a deeper political union.

So the reality is that EU officials want youngsters to travel around Europe even though their economic difficulties are directly related to the EU itself. The lack of jobs and Europe’s general economic debasement, over-regulation and growing tyranny supposedly will be cancelled out by sightseeing!

What is probably more ironic is that with few exceptions, youngsters will hear the same complaints about the EU abroad that they will at home. There is no escaping the increasingly horrible environment that the EU has become.

The reality is that people learn to love their countries because they feel part of them and even believe they can have some impact on their directions. Given the makeup of the EU, only a very few people directly connected to banking elites control its direction. And it is these people who planned and plotted for a euro that was actually supposed to make things worse. Order, out of chaos, etc …

Conclusion: A tiny group of people are in charge of the EU and are actively harming it in order to make people more miserable and malleable. Why would anyone want to live in such an association.

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  • bbenhamid

    The article is right on the money.

  • disqussted999

    Why would anyone want to live in such an association.

    Perhaps because there is another “union” they could once flee to for a better life that is now even worse than theirs–used to have only one S in its initials, but now it has two?…and its police state has become much more powerful and organized and militarized and mobilized and in the face of its citizens than the European one?…or perhaps because its military has become the undisputed bully of the world under the leadership of undisputed sociopaths?…and its system of laws and justice has become an outright two-tiered system–might and money and connections to the plutocracy make right and avoid prosecution…the rest get the heel of the boot or end up in a prison system that holds more of its people than any other in the world, often for petty crimes or what shouldn’t even be crimes, while those in power responsible more massive theft and murder get bonuses and go to parties?…or perhaps because truth be told, its financial situation is worse in every way than the one they live in, masked to those who don’t want to see it by their now totally unstable reserve currency status and the lies and frauds and ponzi schemes perpetrated by its central banksters and their overlords? Should we go on?….

  • Praetor

    Like finding a job! I like that.

    Guess what if the young people can afford to buy a ticket and go on a well deserved holiday (vacation) to see the world they live on, they will feel good (happy) about earning the money that paid for the vacation. People do not feel better about themselves if everything is free.

    The truth is they end up subservient to those who gave them the free stuff and are at their mercy. Money always has string attached.

    Its said this way for a reason, ( Life Liberty and the pursuit of HAPPINESS). You give me life liberty and I will pursue my own happiness. Free stuff is always going to have strings attached. The strings here, feel good about our plan or else.

    See, the old sayings were well thought out. Nothing is free!!!

  • Don Duncan

    I support the idea of teens traveling as much as they can, even for years, learning new languages, experiencing new cultures, finding out “people are the same” basically. Maybe later they will think twice about sending their troops off to “bomb them into the stone age” creating ” shock & awe”.
    I am for a standard language, unit of measurement, currency, time (why zones?). This would make travel and communication easier. I am NOT for a O.W.G. Authoritarianism is ant-life on any level. The problem humanity faces is mass superstition, fear, and collectivism. They go together, need each other. Remove the main pillar, superstition, the rest are history.

  • Tsigantes

    I live in the EU and believe me, iike so many other EU suggestions, this won’t actually happen. It’s just another EU PR idea to generate temporary ‘feel good’ propaganda for adults. In fact WAPO has heard about it but nobody in the EU has heard it. The European-wide channels (DW, BBC, Canal 24 etc) have not mentioned it.

    IF it happened, it is principally for use by Soros’s migrants and Eastern European workers emigrating out of their economically dead countries.

    What would such an idea change except ticket cost which is already low? Zilch. The youth of Europe travel constantly across Europe on cheap passes for university, for sport, for holidays – and always have – and (except for the British) speak 2-3 languages from childhood.This is an “idea” better suited for Americans, Canadians, Australians etc.

  • bionic mosquito

    How about a party train? Free booze and sex while they ride? This way the youngsters can learn early-on the advantages of being a political bureaucrat.

  • georgesilver

    Is this so they can make room for migrants?