Exposure of Major Corruption Scandal Spurs Call For More Global Government
By Daily Bell Staff - April 01, 2016

There’s A Huge New Corporate Corruption Scandal. Here’s Why Everyone Should Care. Bribery fuels political instability — and it’s a propaganda tool for terrorists. – Huffington Post

The Huffington Post and Fairfax Media seem to have taken over the Internet with their huge story on corruption in the oil industry.

Here’s how they summarize it:

A Fairfax Media and Huffington Post investigation has uncovered an extraordinary case of bribery and corruption in the oil industry, centered on Monaco-based company Unaoil. This is the story of the family [the Ahsanis] behind the company.

From the excerpt at the beginning of this analysis, we can see that HuffPo in particular is eager to establish the importance of its investigation and its reportorial impact.

It does seem to touch on high-ranking government officials in numerous countries including the Middle East. Large corporations have been mentioned as being involved, including such familiar names as Rolls Royce.

But could there be another reason for the furious publicizing of this story? In some sense, it seems to be a screed supporting the necessity for worldwide policing.

Global corporations, we are learning, have broken the law and an extraordinary international policing effort is surely necessary to deal with the criminal challenges.

One leading entity in this new worldwide policing effort is the FBI. You would think HuffPo might question why the FBI is leading the charge given that it is supposed to be a domestic US agency.

International corruption demands global solutions. The US – along with Britain, Australia and others members of the Anglosphere – is happy to provide the resources.

Predictably, corporate privacy is attacked. Transparency is a key element: For this reason, anonymous shell corporations ought to be done away with.

Monaco is prominently mentioned as providing a home for the company at the center of the corruption. Monaco’s status as a tax haven has often proven vexatious to international crime fighters.

We also learn that the OECD, the lead organization in the fight against bribery and corruption, ought to be strengthened. (Great! another sprawling bureaucracy is going to be awarded with yet more power and law-enforcement clout.)

And then there is this, from the article:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke at the annual meeting of the OECD anti-bribery convention … “[W]e have transitioned in less than two decades from a world in which bribery of foreign officials was considered a sound business strategy, to one in which bribery is treated like the destructive and corrosive crime that it is,” Lynch said. “That is a tremendous achievement in which we can all take pride — and it is a testament to what is possible through multinational cooperation.”

We would be more comfortable if someone other than Ms. Lynch was voicing these sentiments. Last we looked, she had just shut down an investigation into IRS harassment of certain conservative groups that wanted to speak out against the collectivist policies of the Obama administration.

In fact, the DOJ is more politicized than ever. But the article shows clearly that the DOJ is helping to lead the charge when it comes to this particular effort.

As a libertarian publication, we’re not especially enthusiastic about seeing US policing, in particular, spreading out so aggressively. The US simply has too many corruption issues of its own.

The FBI has often been accused of creating terrorist incidents in the US to buttress an expansive budget. And then there is the CIA – a particularly vexatious agency.

There’s a good deal of evidence, for instance, that the CIA is involved in drug trafficking around the world to supplement gray and black budgets. And increasingly, the CIA has had to defend itself against charges of torture stemming from the US’s illegitimate (and unconstitutional) foreign wars..

We just ran an article about how the CIA in particular seems to be behind the current political destabilization of Brazil.

One reason for the US to fight corruption abroad is because of “terrorism.” But there’s plenty of evidence that the US in particular is behind the terrorist threat to begin with. Both Al Qaeda and now ISIS have supposedly received both US funding and training.

Unfortunately, the spread of Western and particularly US policing abroad is not just aimed at confronting criminals. It is also aimed at further controlling the freedom of domestic citizens.

For instance, there’s little doubt further financial restrictions will be implemented as a result of this latest oil scandal.

The bottom line here is that governments often acquire new powers to fight “crime” but then these same powers are turned on citizens themselves. With much less justification, they are used to erode freedom at home.

Hell, we can live with a little corruption abroad. What’s more worrisome are the broad, new powers that governments inevitably acquire as the result of confronting said “corruption.”

And the domestic uses to which they are put.

Conclusion: Are you proud of the extensive US involvement in the take-down of these supposed criminal participants abroad? The real target is you.


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  • Goldcoaster

    Last we looked, she had just shut down an investigation into IRS harassment of certain conservative groups that wanted to speak out against the collectivist policies of the Obama administration……………….
    I don’t know about that, but I do know a Class Action lawsuit is going forward, and Judicial Watch is involved. And it seems to be going well.

  • Cranford Ducain

    Why of course we need a global government to fight corruption. the fewer people involved in any system the higher the bribery payments can get fro those in the right positions.
    Kind of reminds me of the “war on drugs”; the main purpose is not to elliminate the supply of drugs, just to force out the competition so the profits go to the right place.

  • Tim Hadfield

    All hail the NWO.

  • 2bvictorius

    If justice is what Loretta Lynch is seeking, she has only to turn her self in and turn states evidence on the administration and her boss and of course the congress.
    But, that begs the question , to whom or what agency could she confess her crimes.

  • deanharrington

    Act locally … think globally … does not mean we need an expansion of global bureaucrats or centralized power that gets away from local interest and concerns. There’s a balance to be found and the systems we have setup in the U.S. and Europe as they are now constituted do not work. The global monopolies need to be broken up and their ownership and corporate boards must be diversified to reflect local as well as global concerns. Religious organizations need to be taxed on their holdings and activities and secular governments seriously strengthened. It’s time to end the concentration of power in fewer and fewer hands. We’ve already seen where that leads … no one wants a return to the dark ages that plagued Europe!

  • lois

    The new world government/order..or the beast has arrived! Bible prophecy unfolding before our eyes.

    Small government is what is needed, along with a return to God’s laws, instructions, wisdom.

    • bouf

      In case you missed it, its been “God’s Laws” that got us into this mess in the first place. If you have a bible and know it, keep open the New Testament while reading Josephus’ War of the Jews. In particular the Sermon on the Mount and the corresponding passage in the War of the Jews are most telling. And it is the book that answers the old fun question of “Who is the naked boy in Mark 14:51?”

      • lois

        Revelation 2:9

        I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  • chickenpie

    So if the CIA is involved in drug trafficking are they the reason for the US heroin availability in the US? Seems as though there is some sort of complicity all the way up the line of power to permit such huge amounts in the US. Lots of people benefit, traffickers, the health care industry, law enforcement…

  • Sam Fox

    I understand the USA is a major roadblock to the NWO’s plans for a one world government. Well never fear! Heidi Cruz is here!
    Anyone notice what the ‘beans’ were that were spilled by a Trump spokes lady?
    Looks very much like Mrs. Cruz, working with & for the CFR co-wrote the blueprint for the North American Union.
    A NAU would be the perfect vehicle for taking US out of the way of a one world government.
    To me, Mrs. Cruz’s CFR co-writing & written statement that starts off “I support…” the report & it’s contents, is colluding against the sovereignty of the USA & her aiding & abetting the CFR is a treasonous act on her part.
    Just thinkin out loud…

  • Danny B

    I found some interesting propaganda from Jim Rickards about the Shanghai Accord.
    “A secret meeting occurred in Shanghai on Feb. 26th between Janet Yellen (US Fed), Christine Lagarde (IMF head), Mario Draghi (ECB head), Jack Lew (U.S. Secretary of the Treasury), and all their central bank and finance ministry counterparts from Japan, China, Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa.”

    Jim has been pushing the SDR non-stop. In this article, he claims that Russia and China are on-board. Russia is setting new records for the purchase of gold. The article stands as a lie because gold pushes out all competition as a store-of-value. It is always gold OR something else. There is talk about using gold as an “indicium” BUT, that would make SDR numerical inflation even more obvious.

    Gold burns all the competition.

    Japan is arming and sabre-rattling. Why not? Americans don’t understand kabuki. China doesn’t even bother. The R.O.W. wants to kill off the war machine of Pox Americana. Why do you think that even bankrupt oil producers are pumping like hell? They want a better future for their kids.

    Our new aristocracy wants ever-growing control. The “laws of scaling” are against them. Even the laws of economics are working against them.

    • Thanks for the links.

      • Danny B

        You’re very welcome. Thanks for the great journalism.

  • Danny B
  • Webforager

    If a global currency is in the works then a global fiscal authority would be necessary and vital to the plan. Articles like the Huffpo story then become more justification for a not so hidden hidden agenda of greater centralization and the control of the production of money.