False Flag Infestation?
By Daily Bell Staff - January 25, 2016

Who Organised the Attacks of January and November 2015 in Paris? … According to the official version, the attacks of January and November 2015 in Paris were sponsored by Al-Qaïda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP)—for the execution of the editors of Charlie-Hebdo—and by Daesh for all the others. – VoltaireNet via

Dominant Social Theme: Don’t look at the man behind the curtain …

Free-Market Analysis: It is becoming abundantly clear that in the early 21st century anyway, the world is probably being run by false flags.

This may sound like a radical thing to say but in this Internet era so much has already been admitted.

There was Operation Paperclip that transported the best Nazi minds to Russia and the US where they set up “competing” space exploration agencies.

There was Operation Gladio that saw the US incite fears of communism and socialism throughout Europe by funding radical splinter groups that engaged in civilian violence, including bombings.

There was Operation Mockingbird that saw US intel forge tight bonds with the nation’s top papers that included sending agents along with journalists on foreign reporting assignments.

That probably just scratches the surface. David McGowan, now dead of cancer, pointed out that the mid-’60s music scene seemed to have evolved from the sons and daughters of military families settling in Los Angeles’s Laurel Canyon.

Meanwhile, Jim Morrison’s father was a high-ranking Navy officer who supported the Vietnamese false-flag attack that triggered the Vietnamese war.

Gary Webb reported on CIA involvement in US drug running and sales and then committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head (or so original reports indicated). In the 1980s, former president Bill Clinton supposedly helped organize cocaine trafficking out of Mena, Arkansas.

More recently there have been reports that US terror attacks and school shootings are not what they seem to be. The Sandy Hook shootings in particular have been subject to skeptical scrutiny. The Boston bombers carried white knapsacks but the bombs apparently went off in black ones.

And now comes Thierry Meyssan of to question just who was really involved in the terrible French “terror ” attacks (see excerpt at the beginning of this article).

According to the Croatian daily Slobodna Dalmacija, the weapons used in the January attack against the supermarket, and others used during the attack in November, came from the Serbian manufacturer Crvena Zastava, and were moved to France by the same dealer, Claude Hermant …

In summary, Mr. Hermant belonged to a structure which, under cover of the security unit for the Front National, was unofficially charged by the Élysée with secret missions overseas. Today he is paid for freelance work by the Customs and the Gendarmerie, still without any official status.

… In conclusion, either Mr. Hermant was working on infiltrating the terrorist cells who perpetrated the attacks, without their action having been prevented, or else – and this is less probable – his current superiors, probably in the Élysée, themselves participated in the organisation of the attacks. But it still has to be determined why, and in whose name, Claude Hernant’s superiors acted as they did.

Meyssan states that it is possible Hermant’s current superiors, probably in the Elysee, themselves participated in the organization of the attacks.

In today’s other article, we pointed out that inevitably it is the middle class, sooner or later, that comes under attack from its own government. In the 21st century it is a process that seems to be expanding and quickening, with all the negative connotations that such an evolution entails.

Today, Western governments combat “terrorism” by suspending civil liberties. But a good case can be made that there is no terrorism other than what Western governments themselves are sponsoring.

Conclusion: Ignore these evident realities at your own peril.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • alaska3636

    Jeremy Renner made a good movie about Gary Webb, “Kill the Messenger”. I recommend it.

  • Injun Holbrook

    The Italian sociologist, Pareto, thought that all the world could be divided into two main types of people. Those he called, in French, the Speculator and the Rentier. In short, the Rentier is the bag holder, whom the Speculator manipulates. Government and power function under this basic theory. The Rentier (society) is easy to manipulate when fractionalized. The Speculator (power) needs to create this fractionalization if not already in place for cover.

    This simple concept is very effective to accomplish many goals. One of many reasons is because the Rentier, when fractionalized and agenda oriented, acts as a Speculator when attempting to attain its own goals. This premise can be applied across the board in society no matter what the entity. That’s what makes this modus operandi so effective for the manipulator.

    It is the world we live in and it will only be applied in further pusuit of personal agendas. Fractionalization is the critical component in this basic theory. I use it, you use it, we all use it. The peddler uses it to sell his wares. The preacher uses it to sell his beliefs. The terrorist uses it to create fear and the government uses it for implementations. And the powerful use it for absoluteness.

    • Interesting, thanks.

    • Lynn Ertell

      Ponerocracy. Extending the pathological mindset and behavior down through the ranks.

  • And now that the social planners realize that virtual mass murder (in the cases of Boston and Sandy Hook) is just as effective in shaping public perception as the real deal, expect more.

  • There is a split society in which those who cannot believe what they are asked to swallow, have access to information – and no doubt to misinfo and disinfo – from which to get some sense of what the ‘news is’ Others – accept – perhaps regardless of veracity but because it is their learned reality that they are not willing or able to break identification with, continue to subscribe to and be triggered to reaction by a false or biased narrative version that purports to be empowering or protective against evils but is clamping down on any expression of Life that in any way questions or is unsupported by that asserted narrative script – and insofar as there are forms of life that are allowed, they are soon marketized or weaponized to operate as forms without freedom and to serve fake emotion rather than true feeling.
    True feeling is living presence that shines or shares and is my sense of what consciousness would be if not denied and suppressed. That is, our Spirit is being denied its natural expression – indeed we are being pharmed in various ways that can no longer pass as guardianship or parental oversight. It goes beyond wealth and power in the usual sense of power-contest – for the power to destroy, degrade and damage Life on Earth is not gaining a kingdom to rule – but a parasitic inducement to death.
    When the diversionary script or ‘matrix-movie’ disintegrates, there is grief, terror and rage – and perhaps as in the movie, the regression to regain it at any cost to integrity when there is no willingness for embracing Life in the raw. I feel that these normally suppressed ‘negative’ emotions are the energetic signatures of deep imprint conditioning that needs a way to work through to some acceptance within ourselves so as not to be given the power to persist in seeding loveless and destructive descent into blind vengeance and polarized hatreds that all feel justified in dehumanizing ‘enemies’. Rather than re-establishing a true rule of law that serves the regeneration of a culture that serves the whole.
    False flags among other things are collective baiting or a triggering of the primitive imprint of being attacked, feeling terror and seeking both protection and vengeance. Black ops and budgets are no longer accountable – perhaps even to their own. They are a kind of psyhop of intellectual terror when various ‘details’ are ignored – such as building 7 collapse in free fall – as a result of what exactly excepting two MSM sources reported its fall before it fell. Is this not an audacity that cares not to hide but cares not who sees because it believes it is too big to fail?

    I find
    to be a balanced portal for reliable information on such events that gives many mainstream or official documentations to substantiate what is kept from sight. Run by a former top gov interpreter turned whistle blower.
    I recall there was a Jap soldier who didn’t know the ww2 was over and who maintained his war footing on some island for many years. The reptilian brain is not our wholeness, It persists as if all is war and only war. It denies all true feeling presence in which sane perspectives arise – if given power. It has its place – but not as THE mentality running our world.

  • Bruce C.

    In a way it doesn’t matter if a lot of the violence and “terrorist” attacks are “real” or not. Something physical still goes down and “real” people are killed and injured. I’m not sure if people should react to them any differently than they have. They should still be investigated, which they are – hence the revelations cited above and others. The “good” thing, however, is that people don’t seem to care one way or the other. In fact the only ones who seem to care are the media clowns and the lying, faking jackass politicians calling for gun control and a reduction of civil liberties. But, again, nobody (else) cares and so this allegedly subversive strategy to manipulate public opinion may not work.

    For example, when I got tired of dealing with the TSA I inquired about ways around it. I disliked the certainty of standing in line for hours to be searched than risking the remote possibility of a terrorist attack. Two answers came up: Apply for a special status that takes about a year to complete and which will give me/you a fast-track pass around the TSA, or fly first class on certain airlines in which I/you won’t be searched either. Learning that terrorist attacks may be from the government actually makes me feel less un-safe in that I’m less likely to experience a “random” event.

    The dumbing and numbing of the population may render it more like cats than cattle – much harder to herd. I suppose one could argue that the internet is creating a less unified mentality as well.

    • We tend to agree ….

      • Alex Radcliffe

        Your comments, Bruce C. remind me of a 1960’s movie called, The Time Machine, where a man went forward in time to 4,000 AD, and found a people called the Eloi, who didn’t care about much, and who obeyed the sounding of the siren to line up and march single file into the pits of the Morlocks, who lived underground, where they would eat the Eloi. Stunning how Life has imitated Art!

    • ETNIKS

      BRUCE you seem very confused. To state it doesn’t matter if the “terrorist attacks” are real or not for then say you actually feel “less un-safe” by knowing your own government is faking them????
      If you feel better by knowing the government you pay to protect you is the one putting bombs anywhere, you sure are strange, and very confused.

      • Bruce C.

        What I mean is a “terrorist” event is intended to change or control peoples’ behavior. Whether the villains behind the attack are foreign or domestic doesn’t seem to make much difference. People still investigate them to understand what happened and maybe the intended “message”. My point is that they should not allow that methodology to “work” regardless of whether it’s created internally or not. The surest way for terrorism to continue is for it to be effective, regardless of who’s behind it. (It’s like the surest way to see more TV commercials is for them to be effective.) I think it’s a good thing that most people don’t care about terrorism. It’s really not working that well. Would you prefer to see everyone panicking and demanding “CHANGE!!!!”?

        In the meantime, if investigations indicate that the CIA, say, is behind a lot of terrorist events then you and others can try to do something about that. But would you feel more afraid or less if you knew the “Deep State” was the source? Personally, I’d feel less afraid. That may be why there are ways around the TSA, for example, because “the authorities” know that there aren’t any “real” terrorists out there.

        • Casey Phyle

          Rather ridiculous argumentation. If 90% of the terrorist attacks were non-existent in the first place because they are government perpetrated, would you still prefer them over no attacks at all, which would be the natural, non-manipulated situation?

          • Bruce C.

            Just because a terrorist attack is perpetuated by a government doesn’t mean it’s “non-existent,” it means the government is a terrorist organization too. Sure, I’d rather there not be any terrorism, but I’m just saying that if it turns out that 90% of the terrorist attacks are perpetuated by government then that means there are a lot fewer “real” (foreign) terrorists out there and so I’d feel safer. It’s sort of like preferring to deal with the devil I know.

          • ETNIKS

            BRUCE – I see you trying to convince with your arguments, but it looks like your perspective is not being accepted as logical. Sorry

          • Bruce C.

            Hey, that’s your lose. Be afraid no matter then.

          • Casey Phyle

            The government is by far the worst of all terrorists. Your “real” terrorists are peanuts compared to them. Stuff in the league of 9/11, shooting down planes, etc. all come from governments. How can anyone feel safer from governments’ truly evil, big terrorism attacks than from the pathetic kid stuff that comes from your “real” terrorists? Think first before you hit the keyboard again.

          • Bruce C.

            I should have been more specific. When I wrote “government” I meant the US government. If the US government were behind all or most of the major league terrorist attacks in the world then yes, I would feel safer because then I would know there aren’t any rogue terrorists out there and the chance of being a victim of another big hit that occurs every few years is a lot less than being effected by one of hundreds of smaller attacks each year.

            It’s like living in Israel. Personally, I think it’s scarier living there where a restaurant gets blown up every few weeks than a skyscraper going down every ten years. (Now, if the Israeli government is behind those attacks in Israel then that’s a problem, but I don’t think they are.)

            But that’s just me. Evidently you feel differently. That’s ok.

          • Casey Phyle

            Such an attitude can only come from too much brainwashing. Count the victims of 9/11. Let’s say 3,000. Then show me reports of 3,000 dead in restaurants, buses, etc. in Israel. I know you can’t. You’re lucky of you can count a few dozen, let’s say 100. That makes you at least 30 times more unsafe under your government “care”. And if that rogue government hadn’t stolen the Palestinian’s land, there would be no retail terrorism at all. Your government is the rogue terrorist. If you’re happy to die for the actions of your rogue government, that’s your own business. But don’t try to spread this sick way of thinking to others.

          • Bruce C.

            This thread has become academic. My main point was that people shouldn’t succumb to threats of terrorism, regardless of who or what is “really” behind it. That was the meaning of my original statement.

            As far as falling victim to a terrorist attack, if you want to know the truth its that I believe each individual forms his or her own experience by their own individual (and conscious) beliefs, desires, intents, and expectations. In that framework the details don’t really matter, including statistics.

            That said, I’m not trying to spread some “sick way of thinking” to others. I was expressing my opinion. Besides that, if you want to quantify things, suffering a terrorist attack is in the frequency realm of shark attacks and lightning strikes, so the whole subject is a lot more emotional than objective.

            We tend to agree that governments (and the US government/”Deep State” in particular) is very likely to be behind all kinds of subversive events, so the question of whether or not that’s preferable to hundreds or thousands of rogue mini-terrorists running around seems relatively irrelevant.

  • Praetor

    We all know these are government initiated and controlled events. It just so happens they are running counter terrorism drills or their having a drill in case, something happens, when these events happen. How could that be! Sounds a little odd, but true! I have concluded, these drills are to maintain control of the event, so that they do not get out of control, and are more easily managed and manipulated, and the destruction can be limited, at least till the MSPress shows-up, at this point the perpetrators (dupes) of the event, are dead! And then the spin begins. Its the Mid East terrorist, its the drug addled youth, its the disgruntled patriot, its the guns. We all know who’s behind these events! The 21st century will go do as the century built on lies, by an elite group of psychopaths, who lost control because they went to far!!!

  • apberusdisvet

    The most depressing fact regarding the undeniable proof of the false flags, specifically Sandy Hook and Boston in the US, is the complicity of the mass media. You would hope that the truth would out in some fashion, but given the “control” it is difficult to envision how. Very frustrating.

    • Danny B

      Sometimes, the mass media loses the story line;

    • ETNIKS

      We would be thorough;y lost without the Internet today.

    • One of the realisations of today’s world is that communication or indeed reliable data or honest witness has nothing to do with ‘accepted mainstream truth’ unless it supports that agenda. Such is a tyranny that fears criticism or revision – it certainly doe not communicate a sense of power but a fear of powerless – otherwise why so desperate and so over controlling – which only fuels the darkness of their denials all around them.
      Lies are asserted, reasserted and loudly asserted – whilst being bolstered by manufactured or exploited events that leverage emotion backed opinion such that any challenge or criticism of the official narrative becomes a self invalidating or self criminalising act. The act of controlling perceptions is also the active intent to undermine and deny any coherent communication of consciousness to the ‘enemy’ (one’s own citizens).
      But there is no truth in any of that and so learn not to be baited into reaction of victimhood or war, but assert equality instead of joining in their war as fear’s powerlessness or rage’s vengeance. I didn’t say one does not have to feel these emotional states and transform them. But break the cycle of insanity and reclaim Life.

  • Kevin Barrett

    If anyone at the Daily Bell would like a review copy of the new book ANOTHER French False Flag? just contact me through my website TruthJihad(dot)com. It features 27 leading public intellectuals, starting with Paul Craig Roberts, questioning the official story.


    It is ludicrous for BELL to state the “paperclip project” sent any Germans to Russia at all during or after WWII. PAPERCLIP WAS A USA PROJECT and the Russians were already much more advanced in their own projects regarding rocketry, without the Nazis.
    The US had NOTHING going on and NASA became a NAZI enterprise by hiring Von Brown who used SLAVE LABOR during the war to produce the rockets bombing London with heavy damages.

    The truth is the US has always flirted with FASCISM. .In 1933 Smedley Butler, the most decorated General in US history went to Congress to divulge an attempt by the richest US families, to organize a Coup against FDR. It was only thanks to his patriotism and deep respect for democracy, that USA was able to abort a calamitous fall into fascism that would have changed history.
    However according to a book called WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER written by Antony Sutton, thoroughly documents how WWII was designed and implemented by bankers and a few corporations who supported Hitler and the Nazi war machine throughout the war.

    CHECK THIS video based on that book

    Henry Ford was not only an admirer of Hitler who received medals from him, but also had FACTORIES PUMPING UP TRUCKS AND TANKS all along the war, and the ROCKEFELLERs also licensed a critical invention to transform Coal into Gasoline for Hitler be able to launch a war of that magnitude.
    General Electric also was in the thick of the war profiting by supporting BOTH SIDES of the conflict.

    THE US SPACE PROGRAM WAS AN IMPLANT FROM NAZI GERMANY, but the Russians had absolutely nothing to do with the Paperclip project.

    • A guy from Ukraine

      You are right. WWII was designed by Wall Street bankers to destroy the USSR. Hitler was nothing and probably would have been a hollow name for a history book if it weren’t for his “Mine kampf” where he explicitly called for “an eastward campaign” and demanded arms to make it possible. He said that he was ready to forget the humiliation and the loss of territories following the Germany defeat in the WWI and that he was ready to compensate that through the invasion of vast eastern territories hinting at Russia. Shortly after, his party was booming with new entrants who were paid in hard currency. That was in a country with collapsing economy and historically hyperinflated local currency. Germany was allowed to develop her military force from a scratch. Western equipment (from the USA and England) and technology was provided along with abundant credits to speed up the process. All Hitler’s sucessfull advances towards the USSR absorbing Austria, Check republic and ex-german territories were a carefully planned operation approved by the West. Then Stalin who realized why Hitler was moving eastwards and who was helping Hitler in the process intervined to halt Hitler’s progress and signed a non-aggression pact. That was the time that Hitler’s western patrons started to pull back on thier support to Hitler forcing him to abide by his original agreement through thier puppet state of Poland that was originally supposed to fight USSR cheek to cheek with Hitler but following the Master’s lead from London changed her stance towards Hitler abruptly, so Hitler just wanted to teach England a lesson by waging a “blitz crieg” against Poland. Mind you, neither England nor France never actually fought against Hitler when Hitler invaded Poland and the WWII started “officially” in September of 1939 because all Germany’s economy was within a close reach of english air force but they never made a single sortie to cripple german economy in 1939. Why??? Who wants to kill a fightiing dog you spend so much time, effort and money for when it hasn’t done something you raised it for?
      Everything is very thouroughly detailed in Nikolay Starikov’s book “Who forced Hitler to attack Stalin”.
      The same applies to the WWI. It was designed by the banking elite (shortly after FED was created) to destroy all gold-backed currencies in Europe and impose a one world fiat currency (although US dollar was backed by gold at the signing of the Bretton Woods conference that imposed US dollar as a single reserve curency they defaulted on the thier obligations in 1971)

      There will be no peace as long as the FED and Wall street banking elite exists.

      • If you are referring to Operation Paperclip in particular, there is plenty of evidence that Russian and Allied leaders cooperated immediately after World War II on a gamut of fronts including “space exploration.” The Russians most likely did NOT send up their first “Cosmonaut” when they said they did but NASA said not a word. Likewise, Russia did not comment on various NASA disasters and untruths. Both wars were fought to destroy German culture from what we can tell as well as to diminish Russia and Japan. The idea is to reduce independent cultures to communal rubble and leave only a couple of dominant cultures standing. Even these will be subsumed over time by the continuing globalization. At the top the international movement is a homogeneous entity. It is not “us against them,” and you are incorrect in such an assumption if that is what you believe.

        • olde reb

          There is much worthy history here.

          The USSR was financed by JP Morgan for
          $60 million. The reward was the Czar’s largest hoard of gold in the
          world. Stalin was his puppet with Manhattan running the show. Ref.
          Antony Sutton, Alex Solzhenitsyn. Hitler was MAN OF THE YEAR on Time
          magazine cover for 1938. It was only after Hitler attacked Stalin
          that he became the villain. Stalin had been responsible for pitched
          battles against German police in the streets of Berlin. Hitler would
          have crushed Stalin but FDR gave unlimited war material to the USSR –
          to the dismay of Churchill.

          Political prisoners (communists),
          unemployed (gypsies), gays, mental cases, jews, and common criminals
          were the six classes of inmates in the German labor camps. Each wore
          a different color triangle on their lapel. Today, drug offenders
          work for $.20 an hour for Unicor (owned by the Bush family) in the
          U.S. prison system.

          Wall Street loves dictators they can control. When leaders cannot be controlled (such as Hitler,
          Qaddafi, ben Laden, Castro, Somoza, Noriega, Saddam, Putin, etc.) they must be
          Pearl Harbor was a set-up. Ref. DAY OF DECEIT by John Stennett. WW I use of the HMS Lusitania was also a set-up.

          • ETNIKS

            Amazing how many different narratives about the true history of last century are coming out. The one name you got wrong was Somoza who was a favorite Uncle Sam’s puppet. You meant SANDINO whose movement destroyed Somoza’s dynasty, even if the US embassy orchestrated Sandino’s assassination. About at the same time the very cousin of the US ambassador in Nicaragua who planned Sandino’s murder, was also an ambassador but to Mexico, where he planned the assassination of president Francisco Madero, who after a long 30 year dictatorship by Porfirio Diaz was finally the first democratically elected in Mexico.

            The book WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER by Antony Sutton I just read, describes with names, dates and documents how the European Monarchies where so shocked by the assassination of the Czar and all his family in Russia by the Soviets, they freaked out and assembled a big coalition including some big bankers like the Rothschilds and industrialists like Henry Ford who admired Hitler, and the Rockefellers, to find and support Hitler since the early twenties to make sure he became the German Chancellor with the purpose of attacking the Soviet Union.

            To do that they created the socio-economic conditions in Germany to brainwash a whole country to become a weapon serving the coalition to attack the Soviet Union.
            It is true they may have financed Stalin as they did Hitler, but the purpose for these psychopaths is to make money and gain more power, so after they set their puppets up, they then helped to unleash the devastating war, while Rochefellers licensed an invention to turn coal into gasoline (without it Hitler could not have started a war) and Henry Ford had truck and tank plants producing war vehicles for Hitler throughout WW2,

            It’s possible Churchill who always hated the Russians was upset about some of the arrangements, but British, German or Russian lives were never the concern of this coalition of monsters benefiting from the war. The Russians lost 27 million people, mostly civilians (read it in the FBI website) which was a shock to the Russian people they to this day still affects them, just as the shock of the warring years for the Germans as well.

            The film below is based on the book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, proposing a completely different history of the 20th Century.

          • olde reb

            Somoza was in good grace for a while
            but was betrayed by the U.S. when he put the interests of Nicaragua
            ahead of Wall Street goals. NICARAGUA BETRAYED was written by Jack
            Cox from dictation by Somoza. It was published by Western Islands
            in 1980.

          • olde reb

            Somoza was in good grace for a while
            but was betrayed by the U.S. when he put the interests of Nicaragua
            ahead of Wall Street goals. NICARAGUA BETRAYED was written by Jack
            Cox from dictation by Somoza. It was published by Wesstern Islands
            in 1980.

          • ETNIKS

            OLDE REB – It is a known fact JP Morgan was merely a front for the CABAL headed by the Rothschild Clan of monsters. After he died it was revealed only 15% of JP Morgan’s capital was his and the rest was Rothschild’s, so for you to keep stating it was JP Morgan who lent money to the Soviets is not completely accurate.

            We won’t be able to finally achieve our people’s independence unless we analyze correctly how the SCAM is being designed and perpetrated. The actual power in the world doesn’t belong to ANY COUNTRY in particular, because it is merely a few hundred people in the CABAL of financier families who using DEBT can co-opt and manipulate any “elected” politician to become its servant. Therefore the evidence shows this CABAL manipulates any country, including the most powerful militarily USA, to start wars and pay for them on its behalf, as has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya and Syria etc. This CABAL has no allegiances to absolutely no particular country, only to themselves.

            Obama showed his ilk when he transferred several TRILLION dollars of debts from the largest bankrupt banksters unto the backs of the US citizenry, using the ridiculous excuse of “Too Big To Fail” slogan, giving us a clear example of how this few bastards can defecate on our heads while they laugh all the way to their own banks.

            The main issue here is, the more the CABAL gets away with robbing from us in such blatant manner, the LESS they respect the people they steal from. They really have the same mentality of common pick-pocket thieves who blame their victims for being too careless in watching their property, making it “impossible” not to rob them as they excuse themselves.

            Check THIS video to get a more realistic view of 20th century history (very different from the Hollywood brand)

          • olde reb

            Etniks, you state: “Obama
            showed his ilk when he transferred several TRILLION dollars of debts
            from the largest bankrupt banksters unto the backs of the US

            Would you please offer a
            website that confirms that statement. The $700 billion given to Hank
            Paulsen was by congress. Congress also gave super-priority for the
            $200 trillion derivatives debt which will bankrupt the nation but
            protect the TBTF banks.

            For the assassination of
            JFK, I suggest PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark LANE (federal trial in Miami found CIA guilty), HIGH TREASON by John Groden (spotted shooters by digital analysis for Warren rehearing committee, & CIA involvement)(not HIGH TREASON II), and ACT OF TREASON by Mark North (FBI involvement to cover-up CIA),

          • olde reb


            You continually mention a nebulous cabal. Would it be accurate
            and specific to identify the working elements as the IMF and World
            Bank which are controlled by Wall Street ?

            It is accepted these financial centers are also affiliated with the

            Michel Chossudovsky documents their destruction of many nations by
            imposition of debt. It was the subject of John Perkins in
            CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN. Perkins identified their use of
            the CIA and U.S. military as instruments to enforce their control.

            They currently are working in Greece, Italy, Portugal, and
            Spain. They also manage the $18 trillion National Debt of the U.S. Internal memos have
            identified collection of the U.S. debt as the “ultimate goal.”

      • olde reb

        For an allegation that the Fed embezzles $3 billion daily from the U.S. government using the auction accounts of Treasury securities over which the FRBNY has exclusive control and they have never been audited, see

    • Maybe what was being referred to was the re-assignment of the Nazi intelligence network infiltrating the Russians as a semi autonomous wing of the US Intelligence. Here’s a link. Have a look.
      Sutton’s great. Fascism is but one face of power, that uses ANY face or form to serve its agenda. And works both sides of warring factions. This is a shocking truth to anyone who believed the mainstream narrative history.
      However much nazism has been demonized – it was one example of its time in which modern scientific interpretation of Darwinian theory was coupled with mythic propaganda applied with scientifically studied precision and a huge degree of audacity. You can find eugenic programs in many other nations at the time. Population control agenda is seeming active under disguise of philanthropic aid and corporate monsanity while most everyone is pharmed to sickness, dysunctionality and death – perhaps via dementia. It’s not merely carelessness or ineptitude.
      General Patton believed the US had fought on the wrong side – because he saw Bolshevism as the enemy and anyone arraigned against that as at least the ‘enemy of my enemy’. Bolshevism was financed by… I think you know. I’m sure you can guess. Keeping two opposing polarities worked the world into shape. When USSR fell, another enemy was nurtured and financed to keep the scam going.

      The dark arts remain part of state and corporate dictate of the narrative in most nations and mythic representations and tokens of governance maintain a facade that keeps people medicated while their life is sucked away by deceits that are generally self-chosen after perhaps a little conditioning.

      If the few rule over the many in all key points without any real accountability or consent – is that not fascism even when dressed up in democratic appearances – or any other form of political organisation?

      I feel underneath it all is the belief that life is war and the power class are simply those who are most intent on dominating and remaining dominant – so as to set the lay and any agenda for its world order. Those who share the underlying belief are seen as losers and collateral pawns or useful slaves or useless eaters.

      Any movement of a different belief in humanity is used by power to mask itself in – but only while it has such use. Then it is abandoned because it was never anything but a means to operate deceit under cover of respectability among the weak-minded.