FBI Investigations Have Become Like Tabloid Stories
By Joe Jarvis - June 29, 2017

Is the FBI a political organization run rampant, using trumped up charges against anyone with whom they or the political elites disagree?

That’s what you would be told from the likes of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and now Bernie Sanders. All three (or Bernie’s wife rather) have been embroiled in some sort of FBI shenanigans within the last year.

For Hillary, even though she was obviously a corrupt crook, she was not charged, despite Comey basically admitting she should be charged. But still, the FBI released a damaging letter just weeks before the election. Officially, this hurt an “innocent person”, but in real life, it was a meager attempt to assign blame to someone everyone knew could outmaneuver any authorities.

So in that case alone, no matter how you slice it, the FBI was alternatively corrupt, incompetent, complicit, and political.

Interestingly Clinton supporters had no problem wholeheartedly condemning the investigation into Clinton assuming it to be a political charade to damage an innocent woman. But then those same people had no problem flipping and assuming an FBI investigation to equal guilt as soon as Donald Trump was dragged into one.

But what is more, is that Trump was actually never personally under investigation by the FBI. So not only does the FBI have the power to ruin reputations over investigations, the agency doesn’t even have to have a case to bring its weight to bear.

Comey’s silence is what really made the media blow up over the whole Russian ties meme. No wonder Trump fired a guy who refused to publicly state the truth about the investigation, knowing his silence was fueling false rumors.

Bernie Sanders’ wife may have committed fraud while filling out applications for student aid for the now bankrupt Burlington College of which she was President. Go figure a Socialist ran a college into the ground. Maybe that’s why she had to lie on the applications; the true problem was she wasn’t being given enough of other people’s money!

But no, I am only joking, because an investigation does not itself prove guilt. In America, you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, despite how strong the evidence is against you. And that is the problem, that the FBI has massive power to throw their weight around, smear and drag down politicians all outside of their official capacity as an investigation agency.

Whoever directs the FBI will have too much power, because a simple letter or remaining silent can throw the media into a frenzy of finger-pointing, accusations, and false conclusions. They can turn nothing into a scandal and a scandal into nothing.

And while people sway back and forth, deciding based on the circumstances whether the FBI is legit or not, all I see is a big steaming bowl of corruption. It seems that an FBI investigation is just a political tool available for purchase. It seems also that the dropping of an FBI investigation is a political product available for purchase. Power is the currency in Washington, and politicians have countless ways to pay their debts or collect what is owed to them.

This behavior should not be surprising from such an organization as the FBI. Every level of government behaves the same way. They take your rights and sell them back to you for the price of a license. The IRS points a gun at your head and says the price to put it down is about 50% of what you earned last year. The local police do the same, as well as the state tax collectors and enforcers, and so on.

But there appears to be little coordination or organization in who the FBI strikes. Clearly, the Clinton investigation would have benefited Trump the most. And then, it was a Trump staffer from Vermont who made the original allegations against Sanders, which appear to be at least somewhat true. But Trump was also targeted by the FBI for some bad press at least.But despite all the investigations, nothing really comes of it.

Despite all the investigations, nothing really comes of it. So is the FBI really just the newest tabloid, the National Enquirer for politics, quietly dropping any initially well-publicized story that either turned out to be false or an inconvenient truth?

What conclusion can we come to other than that the FBI cannot be trusted to do its job, do its job right, and only do its job? And this is only talking about what disorganization the agency has fallen into over the past year or two. There are a million other reasons to believe that the FBI is hopelessly corrupt; just look briefly into the agency’s founding under J. Edgar Hoover or one of their darkest moments surrounding the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

The only real solution would be disbanding the FBI. It, like most other government agencies, has simply become a tool of politicians and bureaucrats to wield power and climb the DC ladder.

With most government agencies, we should be asking, would this organization still exist in a free market? The way the current FBI behaves it would likely see customers and investors flee. The agency cannot be trusted and is currently a larger threat to individuals’ rights and freedoms than it is a protector of those liberties.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Wm W. Fawell

    Never… let a power of Congress be usurped by a public or private agency, as this power will always end up in the hands of “cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men”… and “this is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.” G. Washington, Farewell Address to the Nation, Sept 19, 1796

  • lawmanjed

    The FBI is hopelessly corrupt, arbitrary and untrustworthy. It is constantly hiding and covering up the truth or spreading misinformation. It does far more harm than good and is unnecessary for our safety and security. It should and must be disbanded.

  • Kernel01

    Most people of importance in Washington DC want to push their stories in the news and hopefully get camera interview time if they can. Just looking for facetime, which amounts to basically “advertising”, and it pays to advertise.

  • CCblogging

    The FBI works for the elites. It is here to keep an eye on us, the unwashed masses. I would like to see it gone.

    • American John

      I was sure you are an unwashed pig nice to see you admit it.

    • LawrenceNeal

      As with all police structures, on both counts.

    • Sheila

      I agree, but not gonna happen.

    • hangloop

      Our government agencies across the board make me ill. However, if we could snap our fingers and poof they no longer existed, then what redress would be available to the average person who would find a legitimate need for their assistance if they worked as they were meant to?

      • We would be far better off without the incompetence of the massive system. It has become a cluster eff of ignorance and incompetence ! Including the judicial that has become politically corrupted today. It is not necessary to have a system that controls every aspect of our lives. Most of us can do that just fine without the constant meddling and enforcement of bad ideas and poor judgment and wasteful spending and fraud that is rampant.Everything government touches turns to shat ! Look at Detroit, Chicago for starters and all the municipal retirement plans in the entire nation. All insolvent and failing as we speak and all because of big government insanity and incompetence.

        Nothing new for sure, and we will see much more going forward daily. The beast has run it’s course and is imploding at every level because it is 100% unsustainable ! If anybody cannot see that they are not looking.

    • All of the agencies work for the elites including IRS and every spook agency as well as all police agencies or supposed security agencies. And we have far too many of them sucking up tax dollars in a myriad of ways !

  • CCblogging

    The FBI agent that back shot and killed Lavoy Finicum has been indicted……………………………………………………

    FBI Agent Indicted in ‘LaVoy’ Finicum Shooting | Oregon News | US …



  • LawrenceNeal

    “Whoever directs the FBI will have to much power” dropped an ‘o’ there, DB. And the director has always had too much power, starting with J.E. Hoover. This article is about fake people, as all politicians are. What the FBI does best is rope in intellectually challenged people, get them all fired up, supply them with fake weapons, and charge them for having those ‘weapons’.

    • Thank you, been corrected. And you are absolutely right, just to make them look like they are doing something.

      • LawrenceNeal

        Like the Police, chasing marijuana is easier and more profitable than dealing with real crime. The FBI creating fake terror events is easier than doing real work.

  • Alan777

    Joe, you’re absolutely right!

  • Sheila

    Paid for by us, and essentially used against us.

  • Nowandthen

    The FBI was formed in 1908 (BOI). The DOJ did this after asking congress if it was ok
    to start such an organization. After congress reviewed the request they told the DOJ that the U.S. did not need a secret police prowling around like the Soviet Union had. So what does the DOJ do. They form the group anyway IN SECRET. ANYBODY SENSE A PATTERN HERE?

  • EJ Doyle

    They are like tabloid stories because humanity has been dumbed down to the point where attention spans are minimal as is critical thinking. If CSI can wrap up a murder in 40 mins of air time then that is enough for the herd.

    When 100 million people view a Katy Perry MKULTRA video it is clear something is VERY wrong with our society. It is all about pop culture trivialities and not about truths.

    • They are called control mechanisms and illusions created to control the masses. It is everywhere and very easily created by PRAVDA/MSM and other control freaks !



      • EJ Doyle

        Thanks for the links. I am burnt out from a 400 mile round trip today and will read them later.

        • you are welcome, enjoy !

          • EJ Doyle

            Read them, good stuff, mostly familiar but good to refresh. Thanks. Just happened to listen to Jeff Rense last night and he had a guy on talking about “Normalcy Bias.” Serendipitous.

          • Bunch of other stuff there as well beyond the current politics garbage. That is just pointing out the many illusions we all live under. The real meat is how to let go of all of it and get super healthy, clear minded and fit ! That is what sets us free of the garbage forced on all of us.




            Without a clear mind based in truth we are simply stuck in lies forever, simple as that. There is a far better way to think and live !

          • EJ Doyle

            While I appreciate the links I am a point in my life after decades of political and social activism and writing books and songs I am very reserved about any more reading. Not that I “know it all” just I know enough. I use the blogs as just refresher reading. Thanks.

          • Your choice, nobody is twisting any arms, just making it all available. My perspective is very simple. Help people understand the many illusions they live under that are created to control them. Most do not grasp it and that is why it is important ! More a matter of information than political sides or or other jabberwhacky. If people do not understand how and why they are controlled they can only stay in that state and be a continuous victim 1

          • EJ Doyle

            “Your choice, nobody is twisting any arms, just making it all available.”

            And I be saying thanks 🙂

            “If people do not understand how and why they are controlled they can only stay in that state and be a continuous victim”

            Agree. Broke those bonds a long time ago.

            “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is hard business. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. “Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936)

          • Indeed !

  • All of the spook agencies and security or police agencies are completely corrupted and have gained far too much power ! IRS as well.

    How incredibly interesting it is that this Trump fellow comes along and much of Hillary’s criminal acts are exposed for all to see. Now the tide turns against her and Bill and they are rendered completely irrelevant and incompetent. They were destroyed by their own hands and many bad acts catching up with them. Although we only see the tip of the iceberg in their case. Comey in his own arrogance opened up several cans of worms and all the spook agencies are now neutered and exposed as criminal organizations. Also Assange and Snowden revelations all at about the same time in history. The walls are tumbling down no doubt, as the average person sees all the criminality and bad acts at the highest levels of government. Americans are very slow to see the truth, but it is changing and it is a good thing indeed.