First Tea Party, Now Trump: Battle Against Globalization Gains Strength
By Daily Bell Staff - May 06, 2016

Republicans can drag democracy down with them … US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump campaigns in South Bend, Indiana Donald Trump’s pending presidential nomination has confirmed what many have argued for years: The Republican Party is not well.  – Bloomberg via Chicago Tribune

More and more, Donald Trump seems to us at least partially an extension of the Tea Party movement that the US mainstream media declared dead a few years ago.

Whether Trump wins or not, or whether his campaign and then his presidency is considered a “success” is in a sense incidental.

The larger question, (and this Bloomberg article addresses it in its own way) is one that we used to ask with some regularity: Are Western elites going to have to take a step back?

From a social, political, economic and investment perspective, what will the West and the world look like if the quasi-libertarian impulse represented by Trump and the Tea Party somehow emerge victorious in the US?

What Trump represents is like an incoming tide. You can divert it or dam it momentarily but it will not be halted in the longer term. It will reach its destination, whatever that is.

We’ve written a number of articles, for instance, pointing out that one of the unfortunate results of the Trump candidacy may be to inflame tensions between Hispanics and white, Western culture.

The idea is that these tensions can lead to a rapprochement that reignites a previous movement to further align and consolidate Mexican and US economies and even sociopolitical elements.

Additionally, some Trump statements have an authoritarian and populist ring to them that seem to indicate a Trump presidency would reinforce certain oppressive and anti-freedom aspects federal power.

But as Trump approaches, potentially, a successful destination, the ramifications of what he has accomplished – and may yet accomplish – should be considered seriously by anyone living in the US or affected by Western power.

This Bloomberg editorial is one attempt. Here’s more:

The party’s heightened political obstruction and ideological extremism during the presidency of Barack Obama undermined governing norms and political standards.

Now Republican voters have gone the distance, choosing a presidential candidate who functions as a … rhetorical riot, smashing to bits rudimentary expectations of competence, coherence and civility.

As Seth Masket, a political scientist at the University of Denver, wrote at Vox, “This represents the most colossal failure of an American political party in modern history.”

Which raises an uncomfortable question. If one of the parties in a two-party democracy is a “colossal failure,” how secure can that democracy be?

We can see that this editorial has an extreme anti-Trump bias.

But putting aside this bias, the Bloomberg editorial makes an overarching prescient point: This Republican “crisis” is representative of a larger socio-political one.

But having raised this larger issue, theBloomberg editorial retreats into parochialism.

It concludes that “Trumpism” will “remain a threat until the party halts its cultural and regional retreat, and engages the cosmopolitan, multiracial 21st century without a crutch of nostalgia and resentment.”

This marks the editorial’s wrong turn. What it construes as  a “cultural retreat” is actually a manifestation of both a free society and representative democracy.

The article sees the hallmarks of cultural progress as “cosmopolitan” and “multiracial.” It decries “nostalgia.”

And here’s the concluding line: “The Republican candidates who offered alternatives to that mix were crushed in 2016. This could take a while.”

Indeed this conflict will likely present itself ever-more powerfully throughout the 21st century. It is the conflict between globalism and freedom.

It is, as well, the crux, foundational element of our publication. As long as a decade ago, we were predicting that the Internet would generate a popular comprehension of elite, globalist manipulations.

We called what we would emerge the “Internet Reformation.”

We predicted that a public awakening would lead directly to a conflict with elite trends and intentions.

With Trump, it seems, this battle is ever-more directly joined. But it is not really – or only – Trump’s battle. He is its latest manifestation.  It is not a battle that will end with Trump’s ascension or defeat.

Trump may be a failed candidate or perhaps a failed president. Or Trump may turn out to be someone who fights to retain and advance certain kinds of freedoms and thus blunts the globalist trend.

But let us not end here. Having made the case for the importance of Trump and what he represents, we want to remind readers, as we have before, of other ramifications.

The biggest one is counter-intuitive. Trump’s emergence has galvanized people to try to utilize formal elements of the American political system. We’d tend to believe this is a mistake – a waste of time and energy.

The US political system is NOT engineered to allow a rejection of elite, globalism. The modern Western political system is almost entirely in thrall to this sort of internationalism.

The ultimate solution to what has occurred in the 20th and now 21st century will evolve from individual action and people literally find new ways of addressing and rejecting elite control.

Wealth, success and personal fulfillment await those who confront the system with imagination and create solutions not yet imagined.

For instance, are there lands in or around the Antarctic that constitute a kind of “New World?” Are they yet being hidden or disguised by the powers-that-be?

Almost everything we currently understand about our world is in some sense untrue – from nuclear weapons to space travel to health care and energy itself.

The Internet has done a terrific job of stripping away some fundamental misconceptions (for those who wish to look). As a revised reality of our world begins to permeate public consciousness, this enlightenment will likely only evolve and strengthen.

It has little to do with current political conditions and much to do with the almost incomprehensible ramifications of the world’s second “communication’s revolution.”

Conclusion: To the degree that you understand these ramifications and make others aware of them, you will be increasing the speed at which they take hold. But they will take hold regardless. Anticipate and utilize insights you develop from a larger frame of reference to increase prosperity, success and safety.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • FedUP15232

    Huh? What’s this about the Antarctic?

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Yeah! This leads to the German Nazi expeditions to the Antarctic where Trump…..? Oops! Lost my train of thought.

  • Brosky

    Good article DB. I’m curious about these mysterious lands in and around the Antarctic.

  • Hippity

    Maybe I’m missing something, but is the Daily Bell for or against globalism?
    I think that even “on the dole” Americans will choose nationalism before globalism. With globalism there won’t be any more Obama Phone!!

    • Being “anti-globalist” doesn’t necessarily make one a “nationalist.”

  • Thomas Clawson

    Being 74 years old, I have watched our political system be manipulated by the elite since the Soviet Union was a threat to the free World. Operating under the guise of the Tri-Lateral Commission” initially, our political system in the United States has been slowly changed from a government “for the people and by the people” into a government by the politicians and the elite for the “good” of the people and the World. When the Tri-Lateral Commission and it’s goals were exposed in the 70’s it went incognito again and the public assumed it was disbanded. The collapse of the Soviet Union gave the Tri-Lateral Commission the opportunity to bury it’s self deeply out of sight. If one takes a good look at the original intent of the Tri-Lateral Commission, which was to bring the free World under one government for the protection of all, it is evident that the organization is alive and well.
    The silent, what used to be the majority, are attempting to make a “last stand” by strongly supporting a non-politician for President. Having finally realized that the Republic and their freedoms are being eroded, the silent majority want their Government returned to them. They want their Constitution adhered to, rather than destroyed. Unfortunately, I believe it is to late unless Trump is elected and he follows through with what he has projected.

    • Who knows what Trump will do. Who really knows what his positions are at this point? They keep changing …

    • Ian

      An intelligent comment, Thomas. But at 74, with this knowledge, nearing the end of your life, what have you done? (I ask myself the same question)

      • Thomas Clawson

        Ian, that is a reasonable question. I have prepared as much as possible for the world financial crisis that is being orchestrated. That includes preparing for a serious increase in crime which will surely happen.
        I am seriously concerned for the future of my children and grand children. I can only convince one of my four children of what is coming, much to my disappointment.

    • WinChll

      Since you raise the issue of the Tri-Lateral Commission, here is a an interview with Patrick Wood who has been studying/researching this group for decades. The subtle connections to the old Technocracy Inc. of the 30’s is perhaps not a co-incidence.
      This is a lengthy interview but worth listening to as Mr. Wood connects the dots.

  • Bruce C.

    Trump himself says that he is only a messenger, and there is “a movement” brewing. The movement may have started earlier – say by the formation of the Tea Party – and now may have been re-ignited or re-focused by his campaign.
    However, although it maybe true that the US government (aka American Republic) is no longer salvageable or changeable away from its globalist agendas, many people within this movement do believe there is still a chance to correct it, or that it is at least worth trying to make certain of that.
    If Trump does not win the Presidency this Fall then people will have to decide what to do next because we will still be in the same situation as now. The status quo trends will no doubt continue at the federal level under Clinton and that will present its own set of challenges. At the very least individuals will have to resort to their own creative ways of dealing with or working around globalist trends, as the DB suggests.
    However, if Trump does win the Presidency then I believe things will accelerate even more because “he” will determine whether or not this American government can be changed, at least in regards to returning to national concerns and priorities (returning to its proper Constitutional role and limits may be too much to ask for now). If that does not begin to happen – for whatever reason – then it should be clear to most, if not all, that in fact it can not be changed through the normal political process. That would be a watershed realization because then the conviction of the rightness and necessity for the people to replace their government will be widespread and manifest.
    Whether or not citizens choose to try to do that remains to be seen. It sounds daunting and dangerous if not deadly, though not necessarily. In any case, however, the cat will be out of the bag and the globalists will most definitely have to take a step back and probably permanently.

    • Guy Christopher

      Bruce, upvote for you. If you have a chance, see my note on this page.

    • No Thanks

      “If that does not begin to happen – for whatever reason – then it should
      be clear to most, if not all, that in fact it can not be changed through
      the normal political process”

      It seems clear enough already.

      • Bruce C.

        Maybe so, and maybe that’s already obvious to some, but what I mean is that people haven’t been put in key positions (the Presidency for sure) who have at least said that they want to do certain things that are pro-American. (Re-electing incumbents in Congress doesn’t count.)

        Such as secure the borders, deport those who here illegally, make foreign governments protect themselves or pay the US to do it, make individual trade agreements with countries instead of group globalist ones, eliminate anti-business regulations, shift education to the state and municipal levels, get the government out of healthcare, focus on helping the US first before helping other countries, etc.

        Clinton, Bush and Obama literally campaigned on doing just the opposite of those things and that’s what they did. Let’s see if those trends can be changed.

        • No Thanks

          Obama also campaigned as the anti-war candidate.

          As for government managed trade and borders, I fail to see how those are pro-freedom agendas. They seem like pleas for government control. Whoever wins, the trend is for more government. You can get as hopey-changey as you want in regards to Trump, but it wont be the first or last time a politician pulled the wool over the public’s eyes with emotional appeals.

          • Bruce C.

            The existential option is Hillary. No President no matter what he says/promises can do everything. Even if Trump does just a few of the things he says it will make a big difference.

            It’s not practical to go from the edge of accepting TTP to zero government involvement with trade. At least Trump wants to unwind a lot of those big complicated agreements to smaller ones.

            I fail to see how NOT securing the border and limiting immigration leads to more freedom, at least for Americans.

          • No Thanks

            E. Germany also had secure borders. Even Ron Paul went on that topic. Passport confiscations and denying renewals are a new thing.

            You’re sold on Trump and I don’t wish you any buyer’s remorse. I’ll just say that it sounds like another case of “This time it is different”. Like dealing with addicts, I don’t expect any given presidential iteration to be different.

            What is different in my view, is that pitchmen promising change have not spoken to the same audiences in some time.

    • WinChll

      Speaking of our “Republic”, Obama, at the recent Correspondence gala, stated:

      “…and the end of the Republic has never looked better”.

      But there were some perceptive enough to see the road down which we traveled decades ago:

      “And here began a series of shocks . We had been out of the United States for nineteen years. We left when Calvin Coolidge was President and the country could still be called a Republic ; we returned shortly after the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the country had become a Democracy . The Nation we had loved, and served, was so changed that we hardly recognized it. When we applied for a new passport, we were arrested as a draft dodger . When we made a guest appearance on CBS’s Report to the Nation, we couldn’t get paid because we had no social security number . When we were sent to San Francisco to cover the organizational meetings of the United Nations we found Alger Hiss directing traffic and the Council on Foreign Relations running the show in collaboration with V .M. Molotov and the Soviet delegation ” – Don Bell Reports 1976

      and this:

      “The crisis [the Great Depression] discovered a great man in Franklin
      Roosevelt…None too soon he has carried America forward to the second
      stage of democratic realization. His New Deal involves such collective
      controls of the national business that it would be absurd to call it
      anything but socialism, were it not for a prejudice lingering on from
      the old individualist days against that word…Both Roosevelt and Stalin
      were attempting to produce a huge, modern, scientifically organized,
      socialist state, the one out of a warning crisis and the other out of a
      chaos…” – H.G. Wells The Fate of Man 1939

  • 2bvictorius

    As long as there are two or more human beings there will be battles for individual freedom and liberty in a war that is eternal until there is but one, and then none.

  • Guy Christopher

    Many, including MSM and IRS, think the tea party is out of business, after the IRS was weaponized to take out local Constitutional groups.

    Got big news for everybody. It’s not out of business. We went underground. We are still organized, but the government doesn’t know it. They think they killed us.

    How is that, you ask? Easy. We stopped asking for tax breaks. We fund everything from our own pockets. No big tent events, no media lies about us to interfere. We advertise by email, not by newspaper stories. We changed our names. We take no donations. We don’t pay dues. We keep no records. No forms to file. We don’t communicate with ‘national’ tea party groups and we don’t even know who they are and we don’t care. We don’t talk to reporters (they think we’re dead). Membership with us is by invitation only.

    We decided we didn’t need permission to practice citizenship.

    Trump and Cruz overwhelmed established, entrenched politicians (Jeb Bush etc ) — all thanks to the underground tea party. And we’re coming for the rest of ’em. Make no mistake.

    cc: NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF, AT&T, A&P, M&M, MGM, NCIS, CSI-Miami

    • Interesting. We’ve received other emails saying something similar.

      • Guy Christopher

        DB, media thinks Trump is the big story of the decade. He’s a big story, but not the biggest story. We are. And you’ll never read that in the NY Times.

        • dauden

          How can I learn more here in the Tx Hill country?

    • RED

      Now this is the kinda talk I like to hear!!

      • Guy Christopher

        Thanks, Red. Our tea party was hit with a double whammy in 2012. We had IRS demanding we turn over tax information and even work histories of our officers and notes of our meetings, lists of books we read, topics discussed at meetings, stuff like that. And, we suffered a professional ACORN infiltrator, who quietly became our treasurer, and who no doubt helped IRS. Like all tea parties, we were an open group. We had conservative dems as well as indies. We advertised our meetings. But we were like minded when it came to most issues, and that held us together.

        We had decided to fight the IRS, but the night we discovered the ACORN guy, in the spring of 2012, we disbanded in a very emotional meeting. One of our members was suspicious of the ACORN guy and had done some digging and made his findings public at that meeting that night. There were 60 in our meeting that night at a paid-for meeting room. Most of us walked down the street to a member’s home and reformed that same night in a private meeting. It’s a helluva story never told.

        And it’s an interesting concept–paying your own way without asking the gov’t for a tax exemption. Suddenly, the gov’t has no hooks in you. One other thing about us — we don’t hold elections for officers. Our leaders become leaders by gathering followers. Since we don’t take dues and we don’t keep records, we have no need for party officers. Any member who wants to peel off and do something else is welcome to, and if some want to follow him, find and dandy.

        We are held together by common conservative interests, beliefs and values. Our work is mostly aimed at local politics, but we take interests in national elections as well. Most of our group was hopeful for either Cruz or Trump or Sanders — meaning any outsider. I was a Cruz guy, but I’ll gladly support Trump now that I have to. And who knows — he may work out.

        My tea party group had 3500 members. When we broke up and re-formed ourselves in 2012, most stayed with us.

        Also, our membership list is secret, a lesson learned from our ACORN infiltrator. As one of the 6 co-founders of our ‘new’ group, I am one of 6 with access to our membership list (along with the NSA, the Chinese, and Guccifer, of course). But it does keep infiltrators from doing any damage if they get inside our organization, which was a problem with all tea party groups around the country. If a commie gets inside, he can’t do any damage, because he doesn’t know the other members and he can’t run for office (since we don’t elect officers) and he can’t copy our records, because we don’t have any records. If anyone does peel off to do something else, he can’t take our membership records with him.

        We have no website, no Facebook account. Communication is strictly by email or snail mail or telephone, for those members who don’t do internet (and we have quite a few who don’t). We do have business cards, which have no address or phone number…just our name and mission statement. Members can write their own names on the cards if they want. There’s no paper trail back to our group.

        I can fill up two hotel ballrooms with one email, and the media will never hear about it and never cover it and never report it. We seek no local publicity — we don’t use traditional community billboards. And that’s the way we want it. If a reporter did discover us, we’d throw him out, since our meetings are NOT OPEN to the public, or just stop the meeting and reconvene somewhere else. Every reporter who made our meetings prior to 2012 wrote that we are filthy scumbags. We don’t have that problem anymore.

        We do have contacts with other tea party groups, but their leaders understand our structure and the only folks they ever meet are the 6 co-founders. Unvetted outsiders are not allowed in our gatherings.

        In fact, there is even a local, publicly known tea party group. I couldn’t tell you who’s in it, although I do know their president personally and I do attend some of their meetings, just to keep up, just as I sit in on other publicly announced political meetings. I also know the local t-p has about a dozen members. I don’t know if they’ve ever heard of us or not. Never asked them.

        The fact that dems, indies and republicans have so strongly supported Trump (and Cruz and Ben Sanders) was no surprise to us, altho it was a big shocker to Beltway, big media, pundits, and all the famous radio and Fox guys you can name. We don’t trust Trump anymore than we trust Jeb Bush, but most of us see Trump as a tool to dismantling D.C., and we think that’s a good thing. After all, we’ve seen too many of our tea party heroes turn on us once they get to DC or to the statehouse or to the city council, etc.

        The tea party structure I’ve outlined here (thanks for the space, Daily Bell) is open to anyone who wants to change things without gov’t interference. Takes a little work, and takes a few bucks out of our pockets, but it’s worth it. We win a lot of battles, local, state and federal, and no one even knows we were there. There’s no need to fear them, because we can out think them and out fight them, there are more of us than them, and we are better than they are.

        • WinChll

          Isn’t this so similar to how the comintern operated in our country circa 20’s on up? Fight fire with fire.

          • Guy Christopher

            Yes, and it’s also how blacks communicated politically, primarily up through the 1960s. Black people had little in the way of newspapers, which either didn’t exist for them or else were unaffordable. Barbershops became the hub of black politics throughout the 40s and 50s and 60s. That story told to me by an old southern civil rights leader now deceased but still revered in that community.

        • olde reb

          Guy, you write of a
          very active, and interesting, involvement.

          Is the writing of how the Federal Reserve embezzles billions with the FRBNY using the Treasury auction accounts of interest? Related writings detail how the funds are suggested to show how the NWO uses the theft.


          • Guy Christopher

            Thanks, olde reb. Was not familiar with the document you linked, but am fully familiar with the concepts taught by The Austrian School, fiat vs. sound money, and with many of the numerous crimes of the Fed Reserve, which are ongoing. Am also familiar that any nation or financial entity with 1 billion dollars to spare can crash the bullion banks’ phony silver market, sending dominoes into gold, bonds, stocks and real estate overnight, bringing the US to its knees in less than 24 hours, causing more devastation than a couple of nukes.

          • olde reb

            Guy, I am glad I came back to read your reply. You are a credit to DB.

            It is not the Austrian school. It is an original mathematical analysis based upon a graduate school professor revealing how money is created by the Fed and government. I find no other way for assets to flow than as shown in the writing. The FRBNY has exclusive disbursement control of the $9 trillion that flows through the annual Treasury auctions. Ref. 31 CFT 375.3. The money from deficit spending securities (now about $2 trillion annually) cannot go to the government. The only feasible destination is to unknown owners of the BOG. All profit from the Fed legally belong to the government. It is straight out embezzlement.

            I confess. Traction for the conclusion has been disappointing even among many Tea Party groups.

          • olde reb

            A continuation theory of what Wall Street does with the embezzled funds from the FR is at

   to fund the New World Order. If scribd causes difficulty in opening the writing, other sites or a file is available.

    • WinChll

      Well stated.

      We stopped asking for tax breaks.

      There is a school of thought that wants to remove tax-exemption from religious organizations. I say, go for it; get your freedom back and out from under govt regulations.

    • joeyman9

      Geez, I hope you’re not just blowing smoke here.

  • Blame big government (excessive regulation, taxation and spending) for the problems of American workers, not immigration, not globalization.

  • Praetor

    One thing you can be certain of, change is a part of life. There are changes the elites don’t like, they are the changes they have no control over or the ability to predict.

    Nature being one of those changes, that has the ability to destroy all that they build, and without even giving them notice of an event.

    Human Action is as unpredictable as Nature. Human Action comes from the mind of an individual and not a collective thought process. The mind tells the Individual, the Constitution is the attempt to give the individual Liberty and freedom from the power elites and their manipulations. That no centralized control needed to assure liberty and freedom, when the individual is allowed to live peaceful, healthy, productive lives.

    The one thing I see as a big problem, those that come here from other countries. They seem to think the U.S. should be like where they came from. If they truly come to the U.S. to escape the conditions of where they came from, why would you want the U.S. to be like where you came from. What the U.S. really is, in simple terms, most be better explained and articulated. Individual liberty and freedom is the goal, not a global collectivist monarchy.

    Human action and Nature are very problematic!!!

  • perger

    This was exceptional DB.

  • Casey Phyle

    “The US political system is NOT engineered to allow a rejection of elite, globalism.”

    That could be interpreted as treasonous… urging the folks to give up, or hide out in Antarctica, where they can easily be mopped up. Are you serious?
    It appears that large enough numbers of people have decided that they ARE fed up with the status quo and want to precisely bring about a rejection of the globalist bad guys. After all, we still have democracy, at least nominally.
    Are you playing for more time to let the globalists prepare and spring their trap?

    • DB has been around for more than 10 years in its current incarnation. We’ve written and posted thousands of articles, all pro-freedom and anti-globalism. None of it is treasonous.

      • olde reb

        Could it be that being “pro-freedom and anti-globalism”
        is considered anathema and treasonous by TPB ?

  • FreeOregon

    Trump is a symptom of a failed central planning system, encumbered by debt the productive sector cannot pay. He will win because people are ready for anyone who actually seems different – and not a professional politician.

    Will we get what we need – a Debt Jubilee of Biblical proportions that levels the playing field and becomes a new beginning?

    Will we stop trying to mould the world in our failed image using force and threats of violence? Our problem is cultural. We are, after all, Messianic Exceptionalists.

    But can we afford to continue beating up those who want to lead their own lives their way?

    Whoever is elected in November gets the blame for a baked-in-the-cake collapse and restructuring beginning in 2017. Trump’s already said he believes the collapse may arrive in 2016, before the election.

    By 2018 the composition of Congress will look very different, the aisles strewn with Little Trumps replacing failures in both parties.

    • Mountain Man

      Your response to this article appears to accurately articulate what is in motion at present. Additionally, your conclusions appear sound based on present trends that are in motion.

    • Marten

      “And not a professional Politician”….My guess is that you mean ” A professional “Whore”…..I like your post

    • WinChll

      Since Congress has been presiding over a bankruptcy, perhaps Trump would be a suitable candidate given his own experience in that area.

      Trump is a wild card, but my gut is sending the right signals.

    • joeyman9

      I believe we will get the jubilee as Trump Restructures (and repeats that process many times) the USA debt down to pennies on the dollar. He’s an expert at that.

  • robertsgt40

    One thing for sure. Goldman will own both horses as evidenced by Trump’s new “finance” guy. The fix is in.

  • TPartyOn

    Trump is the opposite of what the Tea Party stood for. He is unfamiliar with the US Constitution and none of his proposed policies aligns with it (except perhaps for his promise to build a wall on the Mexican border.) The rest of his policies fall into the “Fascist-Libtard Authoritarian” camp. Trump is a Machiavellian, not a Tea Party Constitutionalist.

    • Guy Christopher

      Tpartyon, see my notes, if you will, on this page.

  • pbr90

    As Trump’s nature and perspective make clear, he aims to alter the status quo so that America can win again, and be freed from the cement of prior premptive trade wars that dotted the landscape of global agreements presuming that America could or would be willing to absorb all losses, and shrug at increasing risk.

    His larger than life candidacy aims to negoiate a new equilibrium where America is neither bully nor victim. Clearly he wants respect for his success in party philosophy turning and the willingness to confront entrenched interests to do so. However unpopularly said, the effect is highly visible by establishment resistence, also highly visible. It cannot be called anything but progress to face that logjam. Winning the Presidency is another matter, and must confront a party not yet too far off the reservation to win. That remains to be seen.

    Trump’s antennae for “fairness” is remarkable which shows he must have had to accept unfairness more than once. Hillary can surely appreciate that problem, being a woman, still claiming, rightfully so in pay equity by all studies, still unfair for women everywhere.

  • Rich Faussette

    The late Samuel T. Francis who offered me my first opportunity to get some skin in the game had written in his essay Household to Nation (Chronicles 1996):

    “Pat [Buchanan] listened, but I can’t say he took my advice.
    By making his bed with Republicans, then and today, he opens himself to charges
    that he’s not a ‘true’ party man or a ‘true’ conservative, constrains his
    chances for victory by the need to massage trunk-waving Republicans whose
    highest goal is to win elections, and only dilutes and deflects the radicalism
    of the message he and his Middle American Revolution have to offer. The sooner
    we hear that message loudly and clearly, without distractions from Conservatism,
    Inc., the Stupid Party, and their managerial elite, the sooner Middle America
    will be able to speak with an authentic and united voice, and the sooner we can
    get on with conserving the nation from the powers that are destroying it.”

    The overriding issue of illegal immigration is driving the Republican nomination of Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States. Sam Francis was a prophet when he gave his advice to Pat Buchanan and now we find another presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, precisely setting his sights on “conserving the nation” while Sam’s “Stupid Party” faults his lack of credentials as a ‘true’ conservative and turns their backs on the Middle America he would conserve.

    Now that you’ve read the advice the late great patriot and political scientist Samuel T. Francis gave to Pat Buchanan, you can make your own determination as to who the uniter is and who the dividers are, who the true conserver is and who the destroyers are.
    To the Republicans embittered by Trump’s victory: Either unite behind Trump to conserve the nation or get out of our way.

    With the massive population transfers now occurring in Europe and “recommended” by progressives for the United States of America, the time is right for “Niche Theory, Population Transfer and the Origin of the Anti-Semitic Cycle.”

  • Guy Christopher

    Thanks, dauden. Not sure what you want to learn more about…..

    • dauden

      I’d like to connect with TP members near San Marcos, TX. But if there’s no advertising how do I find them?

      • Guy Christopher

        You have two options: (A) Join republican, libertarian or other good government groups – like existing tea party – or ACT groups (google it) already in existence, right-to-life groups, tax buster groups — let your views be known. Many TP groups are public and should be easy to find. My own local, recognized, stamped and approved Republican party chapter has been behind Trump/Cruz/Sanders from the git-go, which is unusual, I admit. The point is you’ll find allies.

        Get involved. If there are any anonymous tea party groups around, they’ll find you. If you go around with a ‘whisper whisper I’m looking for the secret group whisper whisper,’ you’ll never hear from them. But you may find what you need for your own personal purposes in an existing group.

        (B) Start your own. Use my comments here at DB (quite a bit written here in several responses to others as well as to you) as a guide. Print it out. Study it. Argue with it. Find the flaws in it.

        Start with people you know. Find them at existing groups, churches, civic organizations, neighborhood associations, youth groups, private schools, business associations, tax buster groups, 2nd Amendment groups, vets groups, etc. Search for groups at or other social media “meetup” sites. Find like-minded folks publicly making their views known on personal social media, Facebook, etc. However, do not use social media or main media to advertise your objectives. You’ll only attract infiltrators.

        Write a mission statement, and use my comments for that. Invite those you trust to a meeting, explain your objectives. Trust only those who up to this very moment in time have demonstrated attitudes you are looking for, like the guy who is screaming bloody murder about crappy government on his facebook page.

        Understand that even good-government groups have leaders who seek power, so understand that those leaders won’t welcome you into their folds to take their power and their tax breaks away. You don’t want them anyway. You want their members.

        Explain to folks there’s no money in it, no glory in it, no power in it, except power over politicians. An infiltrator (and you will have them) cannot hurt you, because all you really are is a group of like minded citizens. And that’s the way you frame it. Explain to them it’s going to take work on their part. If they aren’t interested in working, then move on to others. You’ll find plenty of folks if you look hard enough. Each person will have talents to contribute. Your most important members will be the folks who enjoy face-to-face lobbying. The best ones will know how to do that politely but firmly. Those are the members your group will want to support and your group’s efforts should be to support lobbying efforts against local, bad, big-gov’t politicians.

        Since you are not claiming a political tax exemption, there’s no gov’t to interfere, no records to copy, no officers to elect. But you will find commies and lib socialists poking around who are curious and would like to hurt you.

        Also understand that not everyone, even the good guys, will believe what I’ve had to say about infiltrators. Some people are just stupid. My answer is, what the hell do you think ACORN is all about? What is Geo. Soros all about? What is Saul Alinsky all about? What was Obama all about when he was a two-bit community organizer smoking dope and doing crack and idolizing Bill Ayers?

        They will try to hurt you with dirty tricks. Trump is about to be flooded with people wearing KKK sheets and “support Trump” signs. Prepare to see TV and online photos of KKK supporting Trump at rallies. Those people are professional agitators, ACORN types and funded by Soros-like sources. They will play a stupid compliant ignorant media like a violin in order to hurt your credibility. Media won’t look under those sheets, just like they don’t look behind the masks of Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street. Or they might take the floor at a meeting when reporters are in the room to rail against blacks, Jews, whatever. Yelling the N word in front of a reporter always gets coverage (unless you are a Hollywood actor in a Tarantino flick). The best thing to do when disruptors appear in your midst is to throw them out, disown them immediately. And keep media away from the git-go.

        Assure your recruits of anonymity. Keep your membership lists closely guarded. Let your folks know they are paying from their own pockets. Cost is minimal: gasoline to get where you’re going, stamps to contact those who don’t use internet. Since you’re not renting the Hilton for a big-tent event and you’re not paying newspapers for ads, your cost is zilch. If there’s a truly conservative publication around, speak to the editor and some of the staff for ideas or contacts. Show him my comments. See what happens. But don’t let him write a story about your efforts.

        Time and energy to achieve your goals is free. Use private homes for meetings, make it a pot luck thing if necessary. Get together to plan projects, study groups, book clubs, private social events, whatever. Name tags with first names only. If someone want’s to reveal his I-D to others, that’s his choice, not yours. Make that understood.

        My group aims our work at local politicians. We lobby local politicians, as a crowd of concerned citizens, not as a political group. Yes, we’re organized, but you wouldn’t know it to see us spread out around a committee room. No paper trail. But when 5 or 10 or 12 or 60 citizens show up to complain about bad government at hearings and committee meetings and town halls – when we email them a hundred times — when we call their offices a hundred times – when we threaten a politicians cozy future in elected politics — I promise you — my solemn promise to you — politicians take note as they quake in their boots. We’ve seen it time and time again.

        The secret we know and use successfully — that the commies already know — is that politicians don’t care one damned bit which side wins—they only care about getting re-elected, and they will do what they’re told if they believe enough voters are against them. Politicians are cowards, every one of them. They don’t give a damn what happens to you or your family or your life. They only care about re-election. Once you understand that, you are halfway home. Don’t trust politicians. Use them.

        You probably work for a living. Your friends probably work for a living. Those you are looking to recruit probably work for a living. Understand that your enemies in this fight for good government, for smaller government, agitate for a living, they demonstrate for a living, they vote for a living, they threaten politicians’ re-elections for a living.

        Demonstrating, protesting, threatening, voting — that’s your enemy’s purpose in life. You’ve got to learn their tactics and copy them. They’ve been doing this a lot longer than we have, and they are very, very good at it.

        One last thing. I don’t know you. If you are what your appear to be, then I wish you the best. If not, you can’t hurt me because you’ve already got a couple hundred leftist, commie, socialist, big-gov’t organizations on your side. And none of you can get into mine. And that’s the attitude you have to have. Because the fight is that important.

        You can win. Trump, Cruz, Sanders kicking the RINO bums and their $billions to the curb is the proof. Main media and famous pundits asking each other “what the hell just happened” and “gee whiz, who would ever have predicted this” is the proof. The 2012 mid-terms, the 2010 mid-terms are all proof that you can win. You won’t win ’em all, but you’ll win more than you’re winning now.

        I’m not taking credit for anything and my group doesn’t take credit for anything. We never ask for any credit. Because we’re not even here.

        • Thanks.

        • joeyman9

          Great post. Now I know you are not blowing smoke.

          • Guy Christopher

            Thanks, Joey. I lived it Joey. Still living it.

  • ED.F

    I used to think 3/4 of the people in my country were either dumb or ignorant or both to not see what was going on in the U.S.
    The reason Trump is where he is,is because ,I think people have finally had it and are FED up,pun intended,with all the corruption that has been degrading this nation.seems that the bell is correct in that the Internet is causing people to educate themselves more.Being that the MSM is just pure brainwashing propaganda.people can now get the news THEY want, when they want it.Hopefully this non establishment candidate makes it to the presidential election.Hopefully this is a sign that the American people are waking up and becoming WE THE PEOPLE again!
    Time is the only answer to these hopes, (hate to use that word)..Obumma..
    If Hillary gets in I believe it will be the end of America as the founding fathers envisioned it,although that may already be the case.The TRUMP vote is by far the most unplanned sign to these corrupt elitests that has materialized since I can remember.

    • joeyman9

      If Hillary gets in I believe we will probably have a nuclear exchange with the Russians. If Trump gets in I believe we will have trade deals with the Russians and they will be our new best friends. (I am waiting for Trump to forcefully point this out).

      A Hillary win means I am moving south of the equator.. I believe the nuke exchange and discarded control rods sitting in swimming pools at nuke power plants will burn and release radiation; the control rods will burn because no one will refill the pools, at least in some of the 200 plus nuke power stations in the USA; worst case, expect it and hope it doesn’t happen. Radiation will stay concentrated (as it has done since the nukes going off after WWII) in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Pilgrim

    Well-balanced people are created in loving homes where both parents nurture a rational world-view. This kind of environment creates a trusting individual. That’s why corruption in government has gotten as far as it has.

    Corrupt government breaks up families, brings sexual revolution, re-defines marriage. Children brought up in unstable family environments are ‘street-wise’ and learn distrust at a young age. That’s why corruption in government has become a meme in this election cycle.

    Every generation brings a revolution, some for good, some not so much. Thankfully the pendulum has begun to swing in the right direction. Did I say “right”?