Free Speech Nazis: Poland Makes it Illegal to Say “Polish Death Camp”
By The Daily Bell Staff - February 02, 2018

Don’t politicians understand irony!

The Polish Senate just passed a bill to make it illegal to claim that Poles were complicit in implementing death camps during WWII in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Because nothing proves you’re not a Nazi like being a free-speech Nazi.

The bill is expected to be signed by the President of Poland who previously voiced support. The law would make it illegal to refer to the Nazi death camps in Poland, such as Auschwitz, as “Polish Death Camps.”

The government insists these were Nazi death camps. To refer to them as “Polish” said the former Prime Minister in 2012, “it is as if there were no Nazis, no German responsibility, as if there was no Hitler. That is why our Polish sensitivity in these situations is so much more than just simply a feeling of national pride.”

The law would also make it illegal to even suggest that the Poles helped the Nazis willingly. It is to be taken as a fact that the country as a whole did everything in its power to stop the Nazis. For suggesting otherwise, Poles could get 3 years in prison or a fine.

Yes, three years behind bars for daring to discuss history contrary to the academic “consensus.”

But anytime you hear the word consensus in academia or the sciences, you should be suspicious. In fact, there is still plenty of debate about the extent to which Poles cooperated with the Nazis.

It is true that the Polish government in exile during the Nazi occupation told Poles they would be severely punished for collaborating with the Germans. But the engineered poverty created economic incentives to collaborate–and harsh penalties for assisting enemies of the Reich.

But beyond coercion, there is evidence that some Poles gladly assisted the German efforts to arrest Polish Jews.

Hersch Altman was 9 years old living in the Polish countryside when the Nazis invaded. In his book On the Feilds of Loneliness, Altman recounts the moment he and his sister were captured by the Nazis.

They were hiding on the side of the road in the Polish countryside, as the Nazis searched for any escaping Jews.

A middle-aged Polish woman, one of their neighbors, saw them. She yelled to the Nazi officers and pointed out Hersch and his sister. According to Altman’s recounting, the Polish woman laughed as he and his sister were arrested. She was delighted to see the Nazis root out the Jews in her neighborhood.

Hersch ultimately escaped and lived throughout the Polish countryside for years. But he never saw his sister again after that day.

Would this retelling of a first-hand account run afoul of the new Polish law?

Of course, you could challenge the accuracy of the anecdote. You could present other evidence contrary to this incident. Maybe you could even show it was an isolated incident.

But it is absurd to make such a discussion illegal.

It is an understandably sensitive topic. The Poles were seen as subhuman by the Germans. No collaborative Polish administration was allowed to rule Poland under the Nazis like many other occupied countries. There was a fierce resistance, and many Poles lost their lives at the hands of the Germans.

Since the country was administered by Germans, it is true that the death camps in Poland were not “Polish” death camps by any other standard than where they were located. While this might seem like a trivial distinction to foreigners, the Poles want to make it clear that they were not the oppressors, it was the Nazis.

But that doesn’t change the absurdity of the new law against free speech.

Itself authoritarian, the law actually undermines the oppression the Polish resistance fought against when the Nazis occupied their country.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Col. Edward H. R. Green

    Most Poles are fervent Roman Catholics, so it stands to reason that there were some Poles during the Nazi occupation of their country who revealed the identities of their Jewish neighbors motivated by irrational, faith-based revenge (“They killed Christ !”).

    There were other Poles who betrayed their Jewish neighbors out of expediency, to win favor from the Nazis, and thus survival for a little longer.

    No, the Poles did not build the Nazi death camps, but a few of them helped to populate them with Jews–and they eventually joined them.

    As for this law, I am totally opposed to it, as I am against the laws in Germany that make it a crime to deny the Holocaust, and a law recently enacted in Canada that forces one to address a transgendered person by his/her preferred pronouns. .

    Censorship has no proper place in any free and civilized society, for it is a feature of a dictatorship.

    As a person of part-Polish descent, I am disgusted by any Pole who would support such a despicable, statist law.

  • Alan777

    Politicians seem to believe that government can solve any problem with a new law. It seems like this kind of thinking is becoming the norm for the majority of people around the world as the evidence becomes stronger and stronger over time that government is the problem.

    • Don Duncan

      Maybe you see govt. as the problem, but most do not. Blatant evidence is ignored to support childhood indoctrination. Superstition is irrational. It does not survive when presented in the marketplace of ideas. It must be instilled before the cognitive ability is fully developed. The very people responsible for developing a young mind (parental figures) are themselves impaired and pass on their superstitions. This has been so since the beginning.

      How can this be stopped? How can a freethinker be the norm? That is the most important goal imaginable. Our species survival depends on it.

      • MetaCynic

        Since humanity has throughout history behaved like slaves in search of masters, it’s probably safe to conclude that the human race is in general hardwired for collectivism and will more often than not submit to the will of the group as interpreted by a political or priest caste.

  • autonomous

    “But anytime you hear the word consensus in academia or the sciences, you should be suspicious.”
    Poland, like most of today”s world, is apparently dominated by the neo-nazi craze (used consciously) of worship at the altar of consensus. I would challenge the reader to find one instance of non-consensus in academia, science, religion or politics. That has arguably been true for at least all of recorded history. Not that no one in those field ever dissents from consensus; but no dissenter is allowed to survive.

    • “I would challenge the reader to find one instance of non-consensus in academia, science, religion or politics.” – Well, “anthropogenic global warming”; the existence of aether, the technical feasibility of Zyklon B to be used expeditiously for mass gas chambers, the possibility of normal jet exhaust to linger in trails for hours and spread over the sky, the ability of jet fuel fires to utterly demolish steel-framed buildings. For starters.

  • Living_Commentator

    Germany and Austria have similar laws, putting anybody in prison (or let him pay a huge fine) for denying the Holocaust.

    Latest news from Poland suggests that the Polish president said he will analyze the law carefully before signing it (or not signing it). So maybe he stops this hilarious law.

  • Tony Brogan

    Take a visit to Germany and try to discuss the Death camps. You are likely to be jailed for your exercise of free speech. Political correctness to extremist is the order of the day.

    • Esmerelda Kerr


  • Esmerelda Kerr

    The Holocaust is a HOLOHOAX. Many people did die. The Nazis were not “good.” There was no gas except to try and exterminate vermin INSECTS causing disease in crowded, horrible conditions in a pre-antibiotic warring world; Jews were not the majority of deaths to the dissidents who opposed the Nazis. The alternative was to support Stalin’s Communists. What a CHOICE. War is BAD. Stop the lies about WWII!

  • Don Duncan

    Two opposing forces, e.g., the Nazi invaders vs. polish resistance, may both hold an authoritarian-collectivist mindset. Or, more likely, have members who do and dont. A member of either group may be a victim forced into the group. To assume all in the group believe the same would be a mistake.

    That’s the problem with physical conflicts. The combatants may be unwilling victims caught between two authoritarian-collectivist groups. For example, the Nazis would kill anyone who did not help them and the Polish govt. in exile would kill anyone who did help the Nazis. Both sides were collectivist-authoritarian.

    Is there any govt. that is not, past or present?

  • A) (as noted) they were not “Polish Camps.” B) They were not “Death” Camps.

    You’re having a hissy-fit about this absurd law, while in Germany, Monika Shaefer, a Canadian, is in prison for making a video, in Canada, providing her opinions around the creation of the Holocaust Myth. Seems to call for a sense of proportion.

    • Number 6

      Yes I’m waiting for the Daily Bells counter point article about how holocaust denial is a crime in France and Germany ect and soon to be many other countries. an article which cites “evidence” of the “deniers” claims, of which there is plenty, certainly a lot more than the account of 9 year old boy which this article cites as evidence, I wont hold my breath tho.

  • Richard_Ran

    Well, economic freedom and property rights are more important than free speech anyway, so..

    Speaking of which; can I say this (slightly off topic, trying to launch a meme here).
    Open US Borders for all Middle Eastern Refugees currently flooding European Nations!

    Only fair that the costs of US wars are fully on display for the American public, and not passed on to European nations. Your wars, your costs.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam

    • Razedbywolvs

      Who told Bush the WMD’s were in Iraq?
      Not only can you not force a meme in the field, you really aren’t going to have any luck forcing a meme that stupid.

  • imbit

    Two points, if I may: 1. There was a reason for the Germans to set up the extermination camps in Poland. It could be they thought the locals would not resist. 2. Does the Polish Parliament n Govt have nothing more important to do? Is this the most pressing issue of the day?

    • Education_first

      It is worth noting that, although during the Second World War
      concentration camps were established by the German Nazis not only in
      occupied Poland, but also among others in Lithuania, Latvia, France and
      the Netherlands, the media do not use the terms like “French
      concentration camps” or “Dutch concentration camps”. There are also no
      texts mentioning “Japanese nuclear bombs” dropped on Hiroshima and
      Nagasaki as the “geographical logic” would suggest.
      See also:

      • imbit

        Nice name: Education first… Obviously there were in the 40s camps in many countries. The largest number of people, mostly Jews, killed in camps during WWII was in the camps placed in Poland. But this is not the main issue: I think criminalizing words is a bad idea. True, the Germans criminalized denial of mass murder of Jews, but there was a reason for that. What reason does the Polish state to criminalize that term – 73 years after Auschwitz was liberated? Like I wrote the first time: I am sure the Polish society has other, and more serious issues to deal with. the economy. Imagine if all this energy was spent on making Poland a prosperous society.

    • Razedbywolvs

      I don’t think it’s a good law because it abridges free speech but..
      If you only look at the context of this one law it’s pretty stupid of the Polish Parliament. If you include all the other laws in regards to Holocaust denial by the UN, EU, Germany, It’s pretty funny and has more importance than would first appear.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    the ratios of dead to alive inside the camps VS outside in the towns must have been huge , everyone wanted inside as the B-17s darkened the sky?

  • JimLeemann

    Guess the Polish government would also ban Dan Kurzman’s 1976 book “The Bravest Battle – The 28 Days of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” from being available in Poland. If you are interested in reading the history of Poland and Nazi Death Camps, this is the book to read.

  • American Snipper

    I saw a special on Netflix last night, it was about the Germans after the war that were in east Europe. The poles did have Polish Death Camps, they put the Nazis in the same camps they were in, and beat them, starved them, and killed them. Then the forced out Germans who lived in those countries for centuries with no due process, take what you can, you no longer own anything else.

    To say there is no such thing as Polish death camps, when they ran them after the war is ridiculous. To say there is no such thing makes a mockery of history, and will not let the Poles come to grips with what they did to the Germans after the war…

  • Trierweiler

    Anyone hear of the “Rheinweisenlagers” where German POW’s had the protection of the Geneva Convention removed and were then call DEFS(Disarmed Enemy Forces), who were then left to wallow in the mud, rain, snow and starved to death by the US and France? However, the British did not participate in this act of human cruelty. There are a number of books written on the topic, one of them by James Bacque called Other Losses and Gruesome Harvest by Ralph Franklin Keeling.