Genocide: Which of These 8 Stages are Happening Now?
By Joe Jarvis - August 16, 2017

His neighbor, a woman who had lived in the same community with him all his life, shouted out to the Nazi soldiers. Hersch Altman was 11 years old, hiding with his older sister. His Polish neighbor pointed them out. He got away. His sister did not. Hersch never saw her again.

There are tens of millions of stories just like that one. You can change the names, the places, the regimes, and the ethnicity of those involved. Yet the same thing has played out again and again.

During WWII  the worldwide death toll was about 55 million. Excluding military casualties, Hitler was responsible for the death of 12 million assorted “enemies” of the state. This included Hersch Altman’s entire family. He survived by running and hiding throughout the Polish countryside.

In China just between the years 1958-1962,  Mao “worked, starved, or [beat] to death” about 45 million Chinese civilians. Millions more Chinese civilians were murdered over the next 50 years.

In Russia, Stalin starved about 7 million Ukrainians to death from 1932-1933. American intellectuals were busy telling Americans how great Uncle Joe was. Most estimate a total of 20-60 million civilians were killed by Stalin.

In North Korea just since the 1990′s several million civilians have been murdered, or died in forced labor camps. Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia murdered 2 million civilians in the 1970′s, and the Rwandan genocide in the 1990′s saw over a million deaths.

I could go on but you get the point. It is important to recognize the conditions which lead to these atrocities, in order to protect ourselves, our communities, our families, and all of society.

There are 8 stages which lead up to a genocide. Not all 8 stages always occur before a genocide, nor does any one necessarily signify an impending genocide. By recognizing these 8 steps, we can stop the madness before it starts.

1.  “Us” versus “Them”

Nazi’s are such an easy target when it comes to explaining genocide–they claimed the Jews were different, that they were undermining the culture, and that they were stealing from the rest of Germany by being the middle-man in many transactions.

In Russia, the bourgeoisie or the business class were targeted. Leaders told the proletariat they had been exploited by the bourgeoisie.

The Hutus and the Tutsis were never rival tribes. They are a made up distinction coined by Belgian colonials. They called the taller people with longer necks and lighter skin Tutsis, and the shorter people with a stockier build Hutus.

The Belgians did this to maintain control by creating a hierarchy. What they caused was eventual genocides in both Rwanda and Burundi.

Before each genocide took place, this “us against them” perspective was exploited by leaders.

I’m not saying we are on the verge of genocide in America, but we can see the “us against them” mentality inserted into politics at all levels by power hungry politicians. Poor versus rich, black versus white, Antifa versus the alt right, Democrats versus Republicans, Muslims versus Christians.

Just this past weekend this mentality led to violence in Charlottesville. You can see how it quickly escalates.

2. Symbolism to distinguish the Classes

Nazi’s forced Jews to wear the Star of David sewn onto their sleeve. Nazi’s themselves were identified by the Swastika.

Members of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia wore Red to identify their members. Symbols like eye-glasses were associated with the “evil” business class.

Today some countries have banned burqas and other traditional Muslim clothing. Saudi Arabia enforces a dress code for women.

In America, symbols are combined with “us against them.” The police have their thin blue line, and Black Lives Matter has the raised fist.

Of course just having a symbol doesn’t mean a group will be involved with a genocide. But there is cause for concern when these 8 indicators start adding up.

3. Dehumanization

Rats, cockroaches, vermin, cancer. Cops are pigs, the poor are leeches, the rich are snakes, protesters are animals.

Before the 1972 mass murder of Hutus in Burundi, the government radio announced that it was time to “hunt down the python in the grass.” At least 100,000 Hutus were then systematically hunted down and killed by government troops, and young supporters of the regime.

If people are thought of as less than human, as was so obvious with the Nazi treatment of Jews, it is easier to carry out atrocities against those people. Perpetrators feel that they are not killing a human, they are exterminating a pest.

After all, the proper thing to do about an infestation is to destroy it. Can you think of any groups said to be infesting America and Europe?

4. Mob Crimes.

Groups are key to carrying out genocide. People behave differently in groups and can hide behind others’ actions. Take any one individual participating in a riot, and they would probably not throw a rock through a window of a store. But rally them into an exclusive group of people, and the pressure from the group will allow evil to pass as normal.

In genocide, groups are usually organized into para-military style units so that when the time comes for the “final solution”, resistance is more easily crushed.

During the Armenian genocide the victims were marched into the desert without food or water, and systematically attacked, robbed, raped and killed by groups of Kurds working under the Ottoman Empire. The Young Turks were the political group that sprung up with the goal of eliminating Armenians from their Turkish society.

Genocides are almost always carried out by governments. They already have military and police units at their disposal. Not only does this cause group think, but the hierarchical structure makes it difficult for underlings to decline to participate in the violence.

In Burundi, a small initial attack by Hutus on Tutsis was used as an excuse by Tutsis to kill all Hutus.

Tensions are rising among political factions in America. Riots could easily spiral out of control, from an initially isolated violent group attack to large scale retribution.

5. Polarization

Hate groups are set up that drive people apart. Moderates are ushered into one category or another, “because you are either with us, or against us.”

Under these circumstances moderates often become a silent part of the problem, fearing reprisal from the initiators of the genocide. It became a crime to sell weapons to Jews in Nazi Germany. Russians who hid political dissidents were sent to the gulag as well. Under Mao, you either turned in your neighbor or became a target yourself.

This is the more violent and hate filled second phase of the “us against them.” It must happen after dehumanization because moderates need to be bullied and brainwashed to not resist. Fewer people will stand up to protect rats than will protect neighbors.

Hersch Altman’s neighbor who pointed he and his sister out to the Nazis didn’t feel that she was condemning an 11-year-old boy and his teenage sister to death. She felt she was helping to prevent rats from growing large enough to steal from her. Years of polarization culminated in the civilians not simply standing by while Nazis rounded up the Jews, but gleefully participating.

And then when Hersch was fleeing and hiding in the countryside of Poland, many families who he came across wanted nothing to do with him. If they took him in, they would be complicit and murdered themselves if caught.

Unfortunately, in America, some historically marginalized groups now feel it is “their turn.” Black student groups have kicked white students out of their black only events. A generation of Bernie supporters think the rich made them poor, bankers should be in jail, and wealth should be confiscated and redistributed. Others assume Mexicans are taking their jobs, bringing disease and crime to the country.

Even when there are elements of truth, it is important to remove emotion from the equation and come at the problem rationally.

6. Organization

Polarized groups will be ushered into ghettos or concentration camps. Logistics are put into play, with secret police or other groups trained to carry out raids, and conditioned to perform atrocities.

In the Philippines, drug dealers–or anyone suspected of dealing drugs–can be murdered without consequences for the killer. Their police just killed 32 suspected drug dealers in raids this week. President Duterte praised the murders and encouraged the police to commit more.

He already succeeded in polarizing and dehumanizing drug dealers. Why should people care about what happens to these animals undermining society? Mob murders of supposed drug dealers were encouraged, and the organized police forces are now escalating the violence.

Concentration camps, the gulag, the desert, and abandoned schools in Cambodia have all served as the setting for genocide.

7. Extermination

In this stage Jews were put in concentration camps and murdered or worked to death. Hutus and Tutsis, first in Burundi, then in Rwanda, were hunted down by neighborhood gangs and government troops and murdered with machetes. Armenians were forced into the desert on a death march.

The people carrying out the atrocities will say it is a good deed, that the world will be better to be rid of the targeted group. In Soviet Russia, the bourgeoisie were carted away because of past “crimes” that exploited the working classes. In Cambodia children were either “reeducated”, or if that failed, murdered.

One Nazi soldier wrote home, telling nonchalantly of shooting at Jewish babies other soldiers tossed into the air over the mass graves.

As you read this, North Koreans are being murdered by their government for as little as practicing any religion. They must accept Kim Jung-un as their only god, or die.

8. Denial

After it has all been done, the victims have been murdered, and the murderous regime has fallen (or not) there is denial. Denial of the scale of the atrocities, denial that they ever happened, denial that the perpetrators are who we say they are.

Bodies are burned and buried in the hopes of not being discovered. It took years for people in the west to know about and believe the Soviet orchestrated starvation of 7 million Ukrainians.

War criminals on trial say that they were just following orders. New governments will help cover-up the atrocities to save face. Victims will be blamed, facts will be denied, paper trails will be burned, and excuses will be made for why it happened.

To this day countries will deny the existence of genocides that happened, or question the magnitude, or seek to redefine genocide so that what happened in their country does not fit the definition. But by the denial stage, it is too late to help most of the victims, and the only thing to do is to bring those responsible to justice.


We can start by refusing to engage in an “us against them” philosophy.

The government, media, and corporations want us to be polarized and fight amongst ourselves. We shouldn’t play into hating any large swaths of the population, just because the propaganda says to.

I do not believe a genocide is close to occurring in America. But it is a scary yet enlightening exercise to go through each of the eight stages and think about current events that match the description.

In the comments, tell me what came to mind as you were reading about each stage.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Deplorable Donna

    Soros assisted in exposing his fellow Jews to the Nazi’s in WWII and now he is instigating it all over again here in the US.

    the good news is this slime is old, the bad news is his offspring have been trained at his side and will inherit his billions to continue the anarchy and damage

  • Rosicrucian32

    Polarization……you mean like US (the “people”) versus THEM (the politicians)?

  • Bob

    What, no mention of all the Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syrian casualties killed by Bush and Obama. I guess if you kill thousands of people while trying to steal their country’s natural resources you don’t need to worry about being charged with being a war criminal.

    • Our apologies. Too much there for one article, those subjects will get their own. This one lays out the concepts without going too in depth on any one genocide.

  • robertsgt40

    This has been going on for centuries. You want to get to the root cause? Find out who financed the wars and profited financially and politically.

    • Don Duncan

      Wrong! TPTB profit but are not the “root cause”. They are profiteers without ethics who take advantage of the superstition of authoritarianism. This worship of authority is the root cause. It is worldwide and varies in expression by culture, but it is deadly everywhere. When a society no longer sacrifices all individual expression or descent, then we will have a voluntary society that will spread a principle under which all can prosper peacefully.

      • robertsgt40

        Don you need to think outside your small box.

        • Don Duncan

          Define “small”.

          • robertsgt40

            Your mind.

          • Don Duncan

            Ok, next time my wife tells me I’m out of my mind, I’ll remember that.

    • Boysie

      No, they will not o that due to the various (FOI) commitments – Instead they prefer to write spurious articles – then invite pointless comments from people such as you and me – what hey do not realize is that the – Ignorance is no defense..obfuscation is no defense – that Lies Are Lies – No Matter how Much They May Try to Cover it up —

      • robertsgt40

        That was a rhetorical comment. It’s well known who “they” are. Those who don’t dig for the truth will never find it.
        “The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” — Josiah Stamp, Former Director of the Bank of England

    • LawrenceNeal

      The root cause? The .001% Elite.

  • john cummins

    No mention of the abortion holocaust here!

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      Because the concept of “holocaust” does not objectively apply to abortion, for the concept is derived from the slaughter of those who have been born–specifically, Jews–i.e. to actualized human beings, not to potential human beings (human eggs and sperm, fertilized human eggs, fetuses).

      Religious opposition to abortion, and a lot of secular opposition to it, is based squarely on the falsity of metaphysical dualism.

      • Don Duncan

        As in the difference between “is” and “becoming” which Aristotle wrestled with? Life, epistemology, ethics, are not as simple as “either or” sometimes.

      • Z

        No, actually a lot of the opposition is based on the common sense idea that if it has a head and a torso and two arms and two legs with accompanying fingers and toes, i.e. if it looks like a human, not to mention has a little human heart with a little human pulse, it must be a human.
        “Actualized human beings vs potential human beings.” Interesting, so the child in the womb is not real? It’s not actual? Is it imaginary? How’s that for dualism? Poof, it springs into existence the moment it tumbles out of the womb, but an hour prior, it’s not a human being?
        Carrying the ridiculous argument that location determines personhood one step further, what is the baby’s status vis-a-vis personhood when the head has been delivered but the rest of the body is still in the mother’s body? Half-human?
        One last thought experiment: what of two babies conceived at the identical point in time, but one goes to term while the other is born one month premature. Would you say during that final month the one living outside the womb is more human than the one still inside its mother’s womb, given they are of equal age?

        • Cat Mingus

          To a feminist and a Leftist, a baby in the womb only becomes a human being if it’s ‘wanted.’ If it isn’t ‘wanted’ then kill it. Imagine fighting for the right to murder your own children. Is there any way to reason with a conscience so seared?

    • There are so many examples, couldn’t possibly include them all! (and some take more explaining than others)

  • MetaCynic

    Genocide can also occur not only when the “other”, who does not fit in culturally, is cleansed from society but also when the “other” must be made more like “us.” That’s what American foreign policy is generally about. American values and democracy are being exported at gunpoint.

    Washington’s military machine is busy destroying villages and entire cities in order to save the inhabitants from non American values. This is the modern counterpart to the millions murdered thru the ages so as to convert infidels to another religion in order to save their souls.

    • Don Duncan

      The irony is clear when the empire has conquered all foreigners and it turns inward on itself, finding new “infidels” everywhere, until it collapses.
      The rise & fall of empires continues, from the beginning of history, until either the paradigm changes from authoritarianism to voluntarism or technology + violence leads to species extinction.

      TPTB are addicted to their power. They will use it knowing it will lead to extinction, rather than renounce it. It is up to the victims, the grass roots supporters of authoritarianism, to wake up and overcome their fear of self governance, and take responsibility for their lives, be sovereign and politically mature adults. Ten % is all we need. The psychological/political zombies will follow, just as they blindly follow authority. In time more will awaken, less will be put to “sleep” by the non-existent govt. indoctrination and finally our species can, for the first time, call itself truly civilized.

      • MetaCynic

        Politically incorrect individuals are today’s modern infidels and heretics. The crusade to “save” them is well underway.

        • Don Duncan

          Maybe on your planet, but on earth the politically incorrect get fired from Google for a well researched memo on the flaws of company diversity, presidential appointees get axed for the slightest politically incorrect remark, even if correct, and college campuses are now anti-unpopular idea, punishing by explosion.

      • Yes, couldn’t agree more!

    • Absolutely, and China did the same in Tibet. In the 20th century, the cultural genocide against Native Americans was still going strong as well.

    • Boysie

      Here is 50cents – Go back to Harvard or where ever you got your (phd) from – you mention the Chinese, (I am sure you did) – well, ask them for a refund,, you paid too much for your (phd)

      • MetaCynic


        • Boysie

          See – I was right – you need to demand they refund your fees, oh, you had a scholarship – never mind that – demand they refund to you all the fees

  • autonomous

    Not close yet? One way government has always created us versus them is by dressing up a group in armor and uniforms, training them to kill on demand and then turning them loose on civilians and commanding them to kill. And they have always been able to indoctrinate, bribe or force enough, primarily young male, citizens to be their tools of aggression, even (and eventually always) their own siblings. And call their masters great, benevolent leaders. What does to take to be a leader? Willingness to do this to fellow human beings.

    • Don Duncan

      “What does it take to be a leader?” FOLLOWERS. No followers, no leaders. Be your own leader and when enough do the same, leaders disappear.
      That does not exonerate the corrupt rulers (those who characterize themselves as “leaders”). But it puts the primary blame where it belongs, right on the majority who create the authority they suffer under.

      As a minority of one who is forced to suffer with them, I resist, I object, I speak out to expose their self sacrificial stupidity. I obey only under extreme duress, as necessary to survive and live to fight another day.

      • Boysie

        Don’t ask me what it takes to be a leader – I have been looking for over 50+ years – and all i see are litlle men / women with extremely deep pockets – in act their pocket is so deep – it goes from their trousers / skirts – deep under ground – so that you can never ever blame them for anything

  • Boysie

    The killing of 60 million Native Indians by white European / Americans / The various experimentation on Blacks / Negroes by White Americans – The endless killing of all races for over 300+ years by Americans – The Killing of 3 million Viet Nam by Americans –

    The killing of 2 million Iraqi’s by White Americans – / based on Lies / The Killing of Afghans by White Americans based on lies / – The killing of 1000′ of Syrians by Americans based on lies .

    The killing of Yemeni’s by friends of America and America and by America directly -t=The wanton killing of Africans in various African countries – The actions of the World Bank , The IMF / USAID – that has resulted in my country being killed by fellow country men / women – in increasing numbers – due to desperation leading to total mental breakdown –

    The fact that the government of my little country has been so screwed by America first through a loan of US$9 million in 1966 – by the World Bank, then and subsequently through IMF loans – that has resulted in my little country owing America – US$545 Billion Dollars in 2017 —

    so much so that the government of my little country has no money to implement and project that (might) stem the crime-rate – that has touched almost every single one of the to million adults,,The fact that my little country has been pushed/ dragged down a “Road to Nowhere by America”

    This is what comes to my mind – when I read this euphemistic article – America has been mass-murdering people for over 300 out of its 314 year existence and no one in America – seem to consider that – “We Should Practice What We Preach” – DEMOCRACY – FOR THE MANY – NOT DEATH…

    • Don Duncan

      Boysie: “…the govt. of my little country has no money…” because the people you gave your power to sold you out or were incompetent. Either way, you, and all who forfeit their sovereignty to others by forming governments, are to blame. Renounce being obedient to authority. Be responsible for your own life and insist everyone do the same. At the least, resist all authority, all the time, as anti-life, immoral, inhuman. Do not follow the crowd over conscience. Democracy is mob rule. It destroys individuals. The health of each individual adds up to the health of society.
      The individual before govt. was the founding paradigm of America. It has been undermined by govt. and is almost dead. Don’t let it die in your society.

    • Licia

      morality is not conductive to power, the US of A is powerful because it is amoral

      • Boysie

        What may I ask should I reply to

        • Licia

          your call

          • Boysie

            ok, now, let me think – be width you in a moment!

    • Great points, America is in the Denial stage of many of those conflicts, working hard to suppress the truth.

    • Kris

      You have all my empathy , I’ve been watching what the IMF, World Bank have been doing to a variety of countries and am sickened by them. You don’t name your country but is it Greece? Whoever tries to stand up for what’s right seems to get shoved down and ground up into the dirt, absolutely criminal. I wish I had an answer….

      • Boysie

        God man – if it was Greece – I would be on the various picket lines – and not time to comment – no, my little country has only 2 million adults and approximately 700 thousand children and we owe the bastards 545 billion US $ – WHERE DE PHUCH – it all went is anybody’s guess, but no problem the entire population strongly that GOD is due to arrive any minute – I am lining up in the que to ask him, other people want to go to heaven, have a new car / house / wife – I just want to know how it is start with a loan of US$ 9 million from the World Bank in 1966 and wind up with a debt of US$ 545 billion in 2017…But I tell you what – I don’t care what job you are in – it is NOT the right one,,,but don;t tell anyone that I told you so,,,

  • Joe Jarvis. Thank you very much for this article. We live in a crazy world. Imagine all those governments ready to kill us!

  • georgesilver

    Thanks for the propaganda. The winners always concoct history. Why didn’t you take the opportunity to correct some of the propaganda lies that the masses are fed?
    One thing we have learnt is that some countries propaganda lies are used to better effect than others.

    • Don Duncan

      The winning power hires propagandists but the truth is out there, if you dig for it. But first you have to reject all political power as anti-personal, anti-rights, anti-life. This fosters an individualistic mentality. From that comes a paradigm for life. And it makes separating truth from propaganda easier.

  • Rudya

    Why should anyone be concerned if any unpopular group is being targeted?

    Because it always starts with the least liked first and then starts working its way up the ladder. A somewhat less unpopular group will be targeted once the first one has been “dealt with”. One can never be sure how high up the ladder the violence will go.

    • Yes, just like the old poem, “First they came for the socialists, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a socialist…”

  • CrusaderImperial

    Well done. I expect to see book burnings soon.

  • shank

    I have 2 neighbors, one who works on a city council staff who turn in to the City building department every neighbor who does the slightest home improvement. Because these folks get such pleasure, it is easy to imagine how easy the Nazis managed their areas of control.

    • We are sorry you have to deal with such a horrible neighbor! Imagine people improving their own property without permission from the government!

      • Don Duncan

        In 1987 I got my first house in CA, did all my improvements without any permits. My wife’s family members and friends warned I would get into big trouble and she tried to stop me, but I continued, out of principle (Whose house is it?). I sold it myself, 3 years later, getting forty (40) percent over what three RE agents appraised. I am so glad they argued with me, threatened not to sell for me, and refused to explain how they arrived at their appraisal. It inspired me to do my own comps/research. I arrived at the correct value and sold it myself. We used the profit to double our investment, and I did the same again 17 years later, selling without any problem, and saving tens of thousands.

        No permits, no permission, no agents, no problem. But I studied. I was diligent. And probably lucky. I don’t recommend this for most. I am excellent at math/stats/research. And I am stubborn. I hate to be told I can’t do something without good reason.

        • Good to know there is a way around the permits and other roadblocks to improvement.

          • Don Duncan

            All success starts with an attitude that respects the reality of “obstacles” natural & political, then the goals, e.g., the physical & spiritual, evaluating the risk/reward. I was focused on my need to resist authority and had from past experience learned that most lose by focusing on their fear which causes them to give up needlessly, imagining the worst, without justification. It is one part of social programing that is instilled from early childhood in the indoctrination centers. The unspoken message taught: “Resistance to authority is futile and immoral, comply!” I failed to learn that lesson. As a result, my whole life people around me have been telling me: “You can’t do that”, but I do it anyway.

      • Jacob

        In Italy you cannot scrape the paint off the interior/exterior of your home if the structure is
        more than 100 yrs old.

  • Bob

    People of the same races have also been fighting their own races with tribal warfare since the beginning of time….what was going on in Africa and American longer before Europeans arrived? You guessed it! Tribal warfare among people of the same race….and this has been all around the world white people fighting each other in Europe with different tribes, Asians of the same race fighting each other from different regions…..and everyone against the Jewish people.

    So, the problem is not one of the European Americans being guilty for all the war or evil that exists in the world today as Muslims, Black Lives Radicals, the liberals, the RINO’s and others all want to blame right now, but the fact is that this been on going on since Cain and Able, when people who have jealousy, envy, greed, selfish ambitions, or just plain evil want to take what others have because they do not have any self-esteem, are crazy or socipaths, or not just plain stupid….without God people will continue this nonsense and fighting each other, even if you separate the different races….look at Japan, China, and North Korea right now for a perfect example, along with all the Muslim countries hating and fighting each other, and of course the ongoing tribal warfare in Africa.

    Also, the NWO globalists develop false incidents in which they create, in order to blame one group or another to keep the strife going, and these events usually happen when they are losing, as they have been badly since Pres. Trump took office and cancelled TPP, trying to start a war with Russia over Ukraine, rebuilding the military and American economy by bringing manufacturing back and having FREE Trade and FAIR Trade- not just one sided, securing the US Border from the Mexican drug gangs, criminals, and terrorists, and trying to turn around the last eight years of the earth scorched policy by Hussein Obama in order to weaken America in bring in their totalitarian one-world NWO government, currency, etc….President Trump has also reversed the Hussein Obama policy of targeting Christians for persecution and is restoring morality once again to America with God at its center. America is inherently a Christian Country with all its legal documents based on God and his laws and have language directly in there to that effect.

    The NWO Globalists are made up of international criminal cartels with no allegiance to any one country or people, only to their NWO puppet masters such as George Soros and The Rothchilds to name a few, along with Jamie Diamond of JP Morgan Chase and the rest of banskters who imploded the world economy in ’08 with casin0-gambling of derivatives, which add nothing of value to the economy, and which the US taxpayers were then forced to bailout so that the execs got big bonuses, and no help came to Main St. and a light Depression which is still ongoing currently in the US.

    • Peace__Warrior

      You are the one I would worry about. You’ve presented your manifesto… all but your intended action. Please plan a trip to Mars instead.

    • RED

      Pretty good, comprehensive overview of the situation.

      I suspect there is nothing peaceful about “Peace Warrior”; this individual is obviously an “SJW” (Marxist). Notice how this SJW must “label” your comments a “Manifesto”……YAWN!…….All typical and predictable.

  • If if were true that…

    1) The dudes committing genocide could read/list/spy on every single utterance/action of their prey, intercept their phone calls, emails, transcribe them to something different, at will.
    2) Replace murder victims with lookalikes that are loyal to their death squads
    3) Prevent all major media outlets and most people in the know from talking about it
    4) Control most all the infrastructure of investigation, law enforcement, national politics
    5) Attack victims with drones/robotic technology, based on biomarker identification

    That would be REALLY BAD. Thank goodness we are not in THAT situation.

    What to do? Inform. Everyone wants to skip that. Even the Nazis wouldn’t actually agree to it…if they knew it was happening.

  • LawrenceNeal

    There is Genocide in America: GMOs, Vaccines, Chem Trails, Glyphosate, Junk Food, a host of means to Population Reduction.

  • Emanuel Alexis Vieira de Sousa

    each one of any stage of a genocide is really happening in venezuela right now, but in low scale in contrast with the examples that you offerted in this article, i say this because i live en Venezuela

    • We are sorry to hear that! It is very sad the destruction that can come from the state. We hope you stay safe.

  • Great, very poignant article, but in the introduction, you make the (understandable) mistake of pinning the murders of 12 Million “Enemies of the State” on Hitler. That’s irresponsible and does a great disservice to the victims. One man didn’t murder all those people – tens of thousands of ordinary citizens from Germany and the occupied countries committed those murders! In many cases, they had a choice of whom to follow, and they ultimately made a choice to side with good or evil, whatever the reason. Humans will do troubling deeds for profits and insane things to survive! Propaganda and PSYOP are very effective when done well, and I see the same troubling influence taking hold here in the US. Free Speech is for everyone – northerners, southerners, even Nazis and Communists – regardless of one’s personal “feelings.” Divide and Conquer is used repeatedly because it works! It can’t all be blamed on one group, either. Want peace? It starts with you, and with me. Refuse/Resist.

    • Norm

      Do you think it’s possible all population control-Govt’s way of fixing economic- social- religion-(problems) differences. Because the ave. person hasn’t been able to?

  • Kris

    We are at all different stages throughout the country with the newest divide and conquer attempt using the propagandize “opioid epidemic” to try and push those who have been receiving opioid for chronic medical conditions causing severe pain (and have been now cut off by inhumane policies) against those addicted or using recreationally the heroin that’s being brought in from Afghanistan, and people with inquiring minds know how that gets in the country. I think people need to care more and educate themselves on all the subversive tactics used by TPTB to maintain and increase control.

  • jaanko jennings

    Targeted abortions? A form of genocide? Who is being targeted in the US with funding to expand abortion on demand? In Africa? In India? All under the guise of reproductive freedom

  • KaD

    “…bankers should be in jail…..Mexicans are taking their jobs, bringing
    disease and crime to the country.” Well, there IS truth in these statements. Bankers did commit crimes, they loaned money to people who shouldn’t have qualified to borrow a lawnmower, then got bailed out by the taxpayers. As for illegals:

    There is nothing wrong and everything SANE about protecting your country from illegal border jumpers and the diseases they can bring and their effect on your economy, particularly at a time when there aren’t enough jobs, and especially GOOD jobs, for the people already here. Where I live someone told me his boss put up an ad for an entry level management position and had over 250 applications in the first HOUR. We have no need for illegal workers.