Germany Turns Even More Authoritarian
By - February 02, 2017

Germany approves electronic ankle bracelets to monitor extremists Germany’s cabinet has approved a measure aimed at tracking individuals who might pose a terrorism threat. The monitoring device can be used even if an individual hasn’t been convicted.  –DB

So now Germany is punishing people who haven’t been convicted of anything. This is part of a larger cultural problem that Germany has on various fronts.

You can’t express your opinion for instance about the holocaust if it differs from the official point of view. And now the government is going to try and figure who is a terrorist and whether they ought to be restrained even if they haven’t done anything.


Authorities will be able to force suspected Islamist extremists believed to pose a threat to the public to wear electronic ankle bracelets, the German cabinet agreed on Wednesday. Previously, only convicted individuals could be required to wear the device used to monitor location and movements.

The cabinet proposal, “Gefährder,” or people who pose a security threat, who have not been convicted can be forced to wear the device by order of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

The shift to the legislation happened as part of cabinet approvals of changes to BKA law. The changes t to the law had been Okayed by top officials in the wake of the December 19th attacks on the Berlin Christmas market.

Aniks Amre was thought to be a danger to society but surveillance ceased before his attack. Later he was ordered deported to Tunisa but that didn’t happen right away because Tunisia took time to get his papers.

As a result, he was also able to move around Germany. “The incident prompted sharp criticism of measures aimed at preventing terrorism. In response, the German government has put forward a host of measures to overcome apparent security gaps. “ One of the changes is a  terrorist imposition even without a legal decision.

It is quite dangerous because Germany is not alone in its judicial decisions. Versions of German decisions are considered by the larger EU which is already quite authoritarian in a number of ways.

The EU itself is organized along French lines, and the French judiciary is Napoleonic. That means the defendant is considered guilty unless he manages to extricate himself by proving he is innocent.

This change if adopted by the larger EU would further send the EU in an authoritarian direction.

The situation is complicated by Merkel herself who is a relaxed person when it comes to additional authoritarian measures. She has presided over an expansion of the German authoritarian state but has done so in a low key way.

She has done so by keeping power in Germany rather than by granting to the European state. But in doing so she has accumulated even more power for Germany.

Conclusion; She is favored in upcoming elections as well. If she is reelected, Germany will continue to accrue significant additional power – quietly but significantly.


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  • TexasJohn

    It would be much smarter that when a country decides to deport someone (especially suspected terrorists), that they lock them up until they are deported, which should be done promptly. USA tells illegal aliens to come to court and guess what? Many disappear and do not show up.

  • Jim

    ……Meanwhile,…Germany’s terrorism problems decrease while ours increase.

    • disqus_1Op5S8jvui

      They are re-creating a Gestapo state! Firstly they created the conditions of allowing the desperate illegal immigrants in, in the most insane way. Now they are using what they needed to thrive in their true selves. It is in their blood and they really love it but they never admit it. The Germans will never fight for liberty and freedom. Only for the control of Europe and love of cars.

  • Carl McWilliams

    Thank you Daily Bell for reporting this.

  • Goldcoaster

    Merkel is going down.

    • autonomous

      On whom? Ugh–nevermind, I don’t want to watch.

  • autonomous

    Never before in history has a nation violated rights because a person was thought of as likely to commit a crime–unless one includes all nations throughout all time.

    • disqus_1Op5S8jvui

      I believe they did under the Nazis. In addition, they did in George Orwell’s 1984, the “thoughtcrime” very serious. There was also thought police.

      • Sven

        Yellow stars.

  • disqus_1Op5S8jvui

    Spot on topic and points! It reminds me of my mother’s stories when the Gestapo would stop the trains and take out any passenger in front of whom “the hatted informer” would shake his head.
    At the same time, when someone who destroyed the whole of Europe, lead to their deaths tens of thousands of tragic drowning victims or adventurers for the sake of a couple of million desperate cheap labourers to increase the profits of her elites is re-elected then such nation/s deserve their fame and fate.

  • yep

    hey germany…the world is seeing you now as a facist government….whats up germany… have to get rid of your communist leaders…merkel is a good example…get rid of this warmonger…period

  • JUMO

    And in a year, this measure will be abused to mark anyone critical about government policy. Anyone right leaning and patriotic that is.

    • notwithabang

      Exactly. Putatively aimed at suspected terrorists (ISIS & affiliated), only later to be rolled out to those entertaining thoughts at variance with the elected puppets…when the definition of ‘suspected terrorist’ is amended.

      Diversity of cultures good, diversity of thought bad.

  • Praetor

    Germany, guilty till proven innocent. That does sound like the Germany of old. The other EU countries should most assuredly separate from the Germany insanity. Then keep any eye on the German military.!!!!

    • ArmyAviator

      Right now, the German Bundeswehr is a weak shadow of the former Wehrmacht. But that can change rapidly if the government so commands. Germans after all will follow their government without question. It’s who they are. When the time comes, there will be some dissenters, but they will rapidly be culled out of society.

      Germany, is the only European country today, that has the industrial capability to equip a large WW2 size army. It’s only a matter of time, before they do so and MARCH once again.

      • notwithabang

        Here’s me thinking modern wars for lebensraum & groupthink wouldn’t be fought with racist, misogynistic bullets and pro-choice grenades: materiel too readily turning puss*hats into works of art. /s

      • MM

        France has a bigger military industry then Germany. They are the only country besides US to only use their own equipment. Even Germans and Russians buy French tech. Also, do not underestimate the Russians – their military industry is being rebuilt right now.

        I’d say there is too much military capability in Europe. Like it or not.

  • Sven

    They accuse Trump supporters of Nazism? How rich!!!! Fourth Reich!

  • Brabantian

    The Continental, Napoleonic legal system that is criticised above, is not accurately represented … & in fact is far superior to the Anglo legal systems, tho with some flaws like the ‘historical denial’ laws … Anglos tend to parrot their school-book & Hollywood-courtroom-movie propaganda, but Anglos actually live in a worse system … not to deny big general problems in Germany etc now

    Basic factoids – It is much harder to send someone to jail in Napoleonic systems, & much more difficult to have your property confiscated by either gov’t, or by wealthy scum who are bribing judges

    In West Continental Europe we have about 1 out of 1000 citizens in jail … in the USA it is 1 out of 140, as the US runs the world’s biggest gulag, with 25% of all global prisoners … In the USA, 1 out of every 45 working age males is in jail, right now, as you read this!

    Anglo-system UK is the biggest jailer in Western Europe tho not as bad as USA. Under Napoleonic law, judges are much more restrained in their powers, unlike the USA Supreme Court cult, which sponsors brutal asset confiscation all over USA … the Napoleonic system has at its root a principle of revolution,
    that the judges need to behave or the people have the right to storm the
    bastille again

    Anglos don’t understand the role of the ‘investigating judge’ & how our system gives better results than in a USA-type plea-bargain-extortion system where nearly everyone targeted goes to the slammer via his gov-paid stooge worthless ‘public defender’ Despite Anglo propaganda, the Anglo cult of ‘law’ has sunk into a cult of corrupt, oligarch-serving lawyers with corrupt judges, who tilt the legal system toward the rich who have 10 million plus to spend

  • lynncar47

    Here we have college-aged punks running around damaging public and private properties, causing businesses to close, and in general doing exactly what they’ve been taught to do in college . . . if you don’t agree with the government, destroy, burn, disrupt and in general cause chaos and property damage of the “rich.” In other run around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off . . . . And when Trump puts a simple double check on those who are entering our country from lawless countries that were defined as threats to our society by the Obama administration no less; here come the crazies again. The fake news (a complete ban on Muslims entering our country) that the MSM pumps out is shameful and should be declared unlawful since it is the same as shouting “fire” in a crowded theater. The bad part is that we have a Democrat Senate and House of Representatives who are both drinking the Kool Aid.

    We have an out of control Democrat Party whose senior members are now showing their true colors. For eight years we Republicans suffered in silence (mostly) while we watched our country degrade into a divided society. The big cities of the West and East coast with their millions of Progressive liberals voted for all the freebies they could get while the “fly-over” states voted for a drastic change. Instead of mob rule by the majority, the Founders had foreseen the problem and installed the Electoral College to create a more evenly balanced representation of ALL Americans.

    The Democrats still have not recovered from the loss of their beloved Hillary (the biggest crook ever to come close to the highest office of the land).

    Readers, BEWARE of the news you hear on the MSM. It has gotten out of hand and the gloves are off. I would way that you could MAYBE believe about 1% of what you hear on CNN, ABC,MSNBC, CBS and any of the public networks supported by the government. Don’t believe ANY of the talk radio shows owned and operated by Progressive Socialists (Democrats).

    • James Clander

      –“we republicans -bla bla ” You left out – -were responsible for Bush 1 & 2 .
      Both dangerous especially Bush 2 – – and very few Americans objected to the killings & invasions -that happened just because they were only 3rd world & couldn’t fight back.

      Killary of course & Bama were just as bad. Americans vote for Monsters !

  • CCblogging

    This all part of the Globalist’s NWO agenda. First, import terrorism and then implement tyrannical laws to protect the public from terrorism. Obama tried the same thing here. . It is all about seizing control, Total Control!

    • lois

      I agree! In the latter days, the serpent seed/satan will use TURMOIL to control. The one world order/government….the BEAST.

  • lois

    I think Germany should close, shut their borders, just as the U.S. should close, shut our borders. Neither country want third world savages to invade their countries simply put.

    Why are third world peoples coming into our countries?

    • Licia

      because either you paid them to wreck theirs or because their lives were wrecked by the ones you paid to wreck their countries.

      • lois


      • rahrog


      • Webforager

        Because people have a choice in paying taxes? Your underlying premise is correct but you’re pointing a finger at the wrong object.

  • James Clander

    Germany’s big change (for the better) will be if they dump Merkel. Hope so.

    • Sebastian Puettmann

      We won’t. Not because we like Merkel but she is officially leading the conservative party. The ironic thing is that if Germans want more conservative politics than Merkel’s CDU will even gain because radical leftist parties like SPD, GREENS, or LINKE will have to lose votes.
      At least there now has emerged another conservative party: AFD. They probably will receive only 15% but toghether with Merkel’s CDU and former free market party FDP they will have most votes. So officially German want a more conservative politics. In reality who knows what’s going to happen…

  • rahrog

    An ankle bracelet is nothing. Here in the good old USA our government reserves the right to imprison or assassinate it’s own citizens without charging them with anything. All in the name of national security of course.

    Your civil rights are being led on a death march!!!


  • Sebastian Puettmann

    Let me offer my German perspective on this:

    DB is correct to warn of authoritarianism. On the other hand, since there is no way Europe is going to change into a free society today, but the individual threat of terrorism still exists, we may as well use the latest technology. And since ankle bracelets at least can only track a person and not make him do things he does not want to do, in the meantime I am more concerned about other things.

    The biggest thing being overcoming irrationalism (like ignorance, general disinterest, cultural marxism, or lacking education) that has prevented my society from having a rational discussion on how to move forward and how to interpret history correctly. If a few hundred ankle bracelets let’s us save time and energy then I am ok with it. The same obviously goes for many US patriots who cheer or Trump “saving civilization” while breaching the constitution with executive orders.

    By the way, in the case of Anis Amri there are many unsolved pieces of puzzle and most of Germany’s leading investigative Journalist refuse the official story.

    For example, even though the truck is said to have overrun 11 people, there is no blood on the front or the tires. There are no hairs or peaces of clothes stuck in the very sharp front. In fact is looked virtually undamaged. There is also no blood on the street.

    For example, there is a video of the accident/attack but it almost certainly shows the truck driving past the christmas market. Seconds after, there are people running away from the scene, but there no kids or old people. What are the odds? This dash cam video from a supposedly uninvoled taxi is also cut in the middle without any reason. Why not show the full Video? And why are none of the 3 cars, that were in front of him before the accident, there in the second half of the video? Why are there suddenly different cars?
    There are endless amateur videos right after the scene about people preparing stuff around the truck. Why not help people in need and instead moving around meaningless pieces of wood? And those “helpers” do not see in a hurry whatsoever.

    Someone calculated that it should take the police at least 5 minutes to arrive. But they were there 2 minutes after.
    According to newspapers soucres, the alarm was triggered 3 minutes before the first emergency call was received.
    Driving this very modern truck is not an easy endeavour. This is not just any other car. Driving it must have taken practice which Amri probably did not have. Are we supposed to believe that he did this with one hand, while pointing his gun at the real owner of the car? Amri probably as not even able to programm the on board navigation system into a language he understood… And by the way, if Anis Amri was able to program the board computer, why did he not disable the mechanism that was supposedly the reason for the truck to suddenly stopp which “saved many lives”.
    Very weird is that there seemed to have been all kinds of international journalist but almost no German Journalist. What are the odds?
    Then, does someone remember Richard Gutjahr who was present at Nice and Munich Terror attacks? What are the oods that his friend, Jan Hollitzer, was the one who made a video right at the scene? And regarding this video which was made seconds only after the accident/attack: Why are there no sreaming or crying people? Why are there only very few people lying around? Why are most other people walking by without panic? You can even see people eating and drinking right next to the scene.
    Why are christmas decorations still hanging over the market, even though the much bigger truck should have ripped them down?
    There is a video of RussiaToday where you can see the police placing evidence at the scene. Also, there is no video of MSM explainig this.
    And maybe the biggest question mark: The truck is said to drive around 60 km per hour. He drove straight, and then is said to have made a very sharp turn into the christmas market. This most certainly is not possible without the truck falling over.

    • Alan

      Merkel is now being promoted as “Leader of the Free World”. See here:

      It is in German but the title says: “Will Merkel become leader of the Free World?” and goes on to quote the NYT, Guardian and Independent as sources supporting this thesis. The article repeatedly talks about liberal values.

      This is happening at the same time that Germany is becoming more and more authoritarian as the Daily Bell points out. Very clever, especially as lots of Germans will buy into it.

    • Alan

      Not only was it a blatant false flag it was carried out by complete amateurs. Several people were allowed to walk around filming with smart phones as they set up their scene and these are now on the internet. You can see there is no damage to the market stands, no panic and large numbers of people still standing around drinking and talking as if nothing had happened.

  • Modern Germans are very nervous about resurging (NAZI) “Socialism”, with good reason.
    SO, how does the Government institute population controls?
    First you need THE problem.
    THEN you need an ACCEPTABLE solution.
    It worked with Jews, it will work even better with Muslims and all they had to do was “invite” them in and wait……