Gold and Silver Continue to Sizzle as Timing Is Right
By Daily Bell Staff - July 04, 2016

Gold eases off near two-year high, silver crosses $21/oz …  Gold slides to two-week low as Brexit fears abate … Gold eased off a near two-year high, while silver breached the $21 level for the first time since July 2014 in highly volatile trade on Monday, prompted by a burst of short-covering in China. – Bloomberg

Gold and silver are having great runs now that the monetary manipulation has eased a bit.

That’s our take anyway, following Deutsche Bank’s admission of guilt and willingness to testify against other metals manipulators.

We’re told it was Chinese short-covering. Or the result of a growing lack of regarding Brexit. Do gold buyers – especially investors – really think that way?

This seems like a larger move, though you won’t read that in the mainstream media. The journalistic manipulation is just as pervasive as the monetary, maybe moreso right now.

Notice how Bloomberg reports the news about gold, above. It leads with gold sliding to a two-week low “as Brexit fears abate.”

Here’s a more natural lead that comes farther down in the text:

“Spot gold rose about 1 percent at one point to touch a session best of $1,357.60 per ounce.”

But so much of Bloomberg’s editorial energy is spent on ensuring that as few people as possible understand the histeorical benefits of gold and silver.

These benefits go back to pre-history and vanish into the mists time.

Modern archeology suggests gold and silver began to be used as money during the heyday of the world’s first great civilizations.

Here from Reuters:

1500 BCE: Gold debuted as a recognized exchange standard for international trade as the people of ancient Egypt leveraged Nubian gold to build wealth for their empire.

What nonsense. They’ve found cities drowned in the sea as the result of a great flood. These cities may be well over 10,000 years old.

Silver and gold may have been used as formal or informal money for tens of thousands of years.

But the modern monetary establishment would never allow such a statement to be taken seriously in the mainstream media.

And there are plenty of people within the financial community ready to proclaim – after any prolonged slump in the price of precious metals against the dollar  – that both are losing luster.

But back they come again, regularly. They have outlasted every fiat currency on earth, and debasement too.

With the world verging on a variety of economic and monetary disasters it is no coincidence that gold and silver are back in favor.

Sovereign and corporate debt are in the trillions and derivatives transactions are well over $1,000 trillion. None of these numbers are sustainable.

And then, as mentioned, is the Deutsche Bank retreat. This is something else not being mentioned by the mainstream.

But it is very possible that downward pressure exerted by price manipulations have eased at least for the moment.

Our timing in introducing our first sponsor seems to have been good.

Golden Arrow is partnered with a well-known mining firm Silver Standard in exploiting what could be a major silver discovery in Argentina.

Its CEO is Joe Grosso, and you can see an interview we did with him HERE.

Golden Arrow Miners are likely still cheap, relatively speaking, and silver has a long way to travel to reach parity with its historical ratio.

Of course, miners are always speculative, and you’ll need to do your own due diligence.

Conclusion: Whether you are invested in juniors or not, silver should be considered for at least a modest part of your portfolio along with gold.

If you have questions about Golden Arrow, you can reach representative Shawn Perger here: Shawn: 1-800-901-0058 or 778-686-0135. See the website HERE. Please consult DB’s disclaimer before making investment decisions. This is not an endorsement.

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  • nameless

    Well, the prices of metals (and all things marketable) are controlled on the exchanges digitally, where little (or none in the USA) physical metals are ever actually exchanged. The prices for metals are right where they want them to be, whether up or down, yesterday, today and tomorrow. When prices go up it is because they want them to be up, not because of market pressures or because they are losing control. It is a video game with only one joystick, with only one operator. Folks are still having difficulties understanding their “markets”.

    That said, this rising price trend in precious metals, miners (and Bitcoin) is just getting underway. What we are beginning to (publicly) experience now is a long running transformation process being directed by tptb for the further enslavement of the populations on this planet. Their engineered destruction’s of debt based currencies are drivers for this, as these are the only “safe havens” where human wealth is not (will not be) destroyed.

    I just looked at Golden Arrow for the first time…. it appears that a fire has been lit under them in late April. The stock is going vertical, up over 400% in the recent two months. That fire under them does not look like “market forces” caused or nurtured, or one that anyone is actively trying to put out. Check out their yearly chart here for yourself:

    Are any of you going to argue that a 400% (+) return on GRG stock since late April is just a “blip” of instability in the “markets”? All will return to “normal” now? Ha, that new fire is intentionally raging, it is climbing the ladder faster than they can escape. They’ll need a much bigger ladder looks to me like… and there are many other miners climbing that same flaming ladder now.

    Physical Silver and Gold are money. AND NOTHING ELSE. If you and your family get through this next 7-8 years in one piece it will be because you recognized and acted on that knowledge. A raging fire is just getting underway under both of them. Silver will outperform Gold in a shocking advance toward parity with Gold. It may even surpass Gold price briefly (7-8 years out..?), as above ground Silver ounces circulating among the masses will be rarer than Gold ounces.

    The power that be is taking us to Bitcoin, as digital money is their ultimate tool for our future enslavement. Bitcoin will be modified in the future (or its replacement created?) to serve that goal, but today they are taking it to the moon and back to entice the slaves to jump aboard their ship. As all of the above ground stocks of Physical Gold and Silver (safe havens from collapsing currencies) get “sold out” and into “strong hands” this summer, Bitcoin will serve as an attractive safe haven alternative to precious metals. Sometime next year (2017) Bitcoin will likely surpass the “price” of Gold (probably between $10,000 – $15,000 per troy ounce at that time). Will anyone understand then, just why tptb are directing that Bitcoin joystick to overtake the value of REAL MONEY?

    This period of transformation will result in many very aware poor folks becoming extraordinarily wealthy, while the greater mass of unaware folks will be robbed and destroyed. Which of those are you preparing for, today?

    • natural human

      Bold proclamations that make more sense than anything anyone could possibly glean from any mainstream media source, especially the part about gold and silver being priced exactly where THEY want them. As has informed and proved for over a decade, “there are no more markets, only interventions.” I’m not so sure about bitcoin, but what you say is certainly possible. When it comes to wealth and power the PTB are far more clever and forward planning than even most conspiracy theorists already believe. I’m glad to see the Bell coming out and laying bare the lies of those who suggest silver and gold are not manipulated – ha! Anyone who says that is in some way compromised by the PTB and has no choice but to run interference. Could we please get some coverage now of the worldwide geoengineering project? cough, cough

      • nameless

        Clever for sure… I am impressed how they have repurposed abundant industrial waste materials for use in their geoengineering projects.

        • natural human

          Yes. These people are truly the most disgusting forms of life to ever pollute this plane. But I must say, it is not impossible to understand their contempt for the average human based on the level of ignorance displayed by our fellows. Tell the average person he’s being sprayed like an insect, show him the evidence, prove it for all intents and purposes, and what will he do? Probably shrug and go about his day. People just cannot seem to grasp the importance of this crime. Why is that? It has to be more than just plain old garden variety cognitive dissonance. Is EMF-delivered mind control having something to do with it?

          • nameless

            Dependency in all its forms are undermining consciousness and responsibility I think…. Individualist ideals (survival instincts) seem to have been displaced by many state sponsored collectivist solutions. The herd has become dependent upon their many scarcity memes, have surrendered its inherently cooperative nature to divisive competition, is wandering about totally unaware of its purpose or direction.

            Literally, humans seem to have abandoned their sovereign role in Universe, having traded all visionary acts and responsibilities for a hierarchical handful of shiny, glittering beads thrown forth into their pasture(s) for consumption.

            Humans are inherently good (do good-ers whom exploit cooperation for growth rather than competition for destruction) when left alone though, so I won’t give up on them.

            Which leads me to constantly question myself… are tptb, having consistently acted out in destructive manners throughout the ages, unable to demonstrate to ANY neutral onlookers, any inherent goodness in themselves…. actually Human? Are they a sub-species… or something else?

            Whatever they are or hope to be, I am ashamed that we are still sharing this beautiful, thriving, planet of abundance with them.

        • Wrusssr

          If you’re talking about coal ash or some such, that’s not what they’e spraying.

          • nameless

            I’d like to learn more as I don’t have all the answers. What do you think they are spraying?


    • EDD

      Your comments and all those replying to your post are excellent. The manipulations only enrich those who are perpetrating this scheme. At one time I had a conversation with a gentleman who had been working with Wall Street and the banking industry. I sensed this gentleman was very spiritually inclined. You might ask: ‘what does spirituality have to do with this subject?’

      Regardless of any religious persuasion, all the world’s major religious philosophical thought have some identification with the soul. Soul can be identified as: (S)elf’s (O)wn (U)nion (with) (L)ife. When we do right by others in our daily activities, that union is enhanced. Christianity defines right action as resulting in heaven. The opposite to right action are those who betray their fellow man and this results in a hellish nightmare. Again, all the religious thought carries some similar traditions on this concept.

      The gentleman mentioned above told me that gold intrinsically carries a very high spiritual value and when people are allowed to carry gold, they benefit from it’s proximity to the person. Silver likewise also has an intrinsic value. Many believe that finely ground silver carried in a liquid suspension has certain healing powers when ingested.

      When our forefathers designed our Constitution in the United States, they tied the monetary systems to the weight value of silver and gold. Manipulations of money supply was started and has continued almost since the creation of the U. S. He went on to explain the further away the citizens were duped into using other mediums, the further they were removed from real wealth, both physically and spiritually.

      During my lifetime, the erosion of a dollar’s value has been incremental. When bitcoin first surfaced, I had many doubts about this type of exchange. Unlike the dollar which I can hold in my hand regardless of it’s value, the bitcoin is just a value in a computer database. What happens if there is an emf of such proportions that all this wealth is destroyed?

      Nameless stated: “are tptb, having consistently acted out in destructive manners
      throughout the ages, unable to demonstrate to ANY neutral onlookers, any
      inherent goodness in themselves…. actually Human? Are they a
      sub-species… or something else?”

      Humor me for a moment if you will. The Bible describes these individuals as ‘fallen angels’, those who rebelled against the Creator. Following this concept, are they also rebelling against the Creator’s own people? The people who carry an inner light? After all, the Master once stated: “I am from above; you are from beneath”. My response to ‘Nameless’, there are a lot of possibilities. The Master also told of losing the soul. Are they now soulless? I leave it to the reader to answer his question.

      • nameless

        Great, thought provoking comments EDD!

        I particularly relate to your references to spirituality, in that I feel that consciousness and spirituality may be co-existent relationships that may “conceptually” be envisioned as similar to our understanding of DNA strands. Both exist, are intertwine-ly linked in such a complex manner as to appear as one, yet each holds information necessary and complimentary of the other. In other words… indistinguishable from one another at the conscious thought levels where logic and emotion exist in our minds. This is a poor image… apologies… I am not a good communicator.

        Anyway, there can be no spiritual understanding in man-made bibles. Quite the contrary, destruction of, and denial of same. Religion has made a mess of human minds. A spiritually aware human is an individual. Each is unique, discovered within, not in a group or in a book.

        Thank you again for this conversation,

        • EDD

          First off, Nameless, you belittle yourself when you say you’re not a good communicator. I think you do quite well and I appreciate your ending reply to me.

          I am pasting your last paragraph and breaking it down for explanations because even though I don’t see it as you wrote it, I think once you see the explanations, you will also see another way of viewing the concepts.

          “Anyway, there can be no spiritual understanding in man-made bibles.
          Quite the contrary, destruction of, and denial of same.”

          Every book included in the Bibles was written by either the author or his scribes. Then through various interpretations from one language to another, some information is changed or lost. But the most important component of any author is that author’s spiritual understanding. Plus the fact often there are not adequate words to describe the point the author is making.

          The sad part of the equation is not man-made Bibles but that the early church fathers determined what would be accepted into canonical literature. There were other manuscripts that were considered ‘heretical’ and did not fit the agenda of some of the church fathers. Liberties were taken to remove any hint of re-incarnation from the Bible.

          “Religion has
          made a mess of human minds.”

          When it is the desire of certain individuals to control thought so as to control the ‘masses’, religion becomes corrupted. The ‘directed history’ of TPTB is nothing new. We now have ‘directed history’ since the beginning of Christianity. The four gospels in the Bible are like four people standing on a street corner where they witnessed an accident in the intersection. When called into court to testify, each witness gave a slightly different opinion. But there is agreement on the overall sequence of events.

          With the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts which contained the gospels
          according to Timothy and Philip shed new light on the early Christian
          theology for me. Now there are the books of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and a scroll identified as the gospel according to Judas, the ‘so called’ betrayer. I had to do a complete about face after reading that book. I now believe Judas was the most trusted disciple Jesus had. Why? Someone had to fulfill the roll of identifying the Master and that lot fell to Judas. If indeed Judas was instructed what he must do, ask yourself if you could have followed through with that burden in order to fulfill prophecy. Personally, I do not know if I would have the fortitude to do so.

          “A spiritually aware human is an individual.
          Each is unique, discovered within, not in a group or in a book.”

          I totally agree. However, throughout my life, I have discovered that a book can reveal certain secrets. Also, during my journey through life, I have heard a remark from this or that individual who supplied me with another answer in this riddle called life. The ‘within’ you spoke of is constantly going through revisions, hopefully for the betterment of character. And, indeed, each one of us is unique, without question.

          That is what separates this audience from TPTB. Where we have compassion and other attributes, many of those in power are bereft of any type of consciousness for the good of the travelers on planet earth except maybe their own kind.

          • nameless

            Great conversation! As for my feelings toward religions I find no human value in them. Most are hierarchic (created in the image of tptb) representations of a godly universe (a dominion: which I feel is absurd), all demand some level of worship (which I detest, as you and I are divine creatures and divine creators), most use fear for control tool, and most use a dialectic of some form to trick. Most also require blind faith. All of them are structured to shut down (or divert) natural questioning and exploration of greater knowledge of universe in the human mind.

            Humanity ceases to grow when any of those are allowed to happen. At least I know that is a true statement for my own inner self. And is easily observed in those others that are oppressed through religion as well.

            I would really like to have shared (among humanity) access to all the history and science that tptb have stolen and are hiding from us. To reach that goal (and others far greater) likely requires that we all come together, as sovereign individuals (first and foremost) whom learn to exploit co-operation, rather than the leveraging of competition which only serve to divide and conquer us all. It seems to me that Responsibility may be important to work on right now… as I doubt we’ll solve any of our problems until we first accept full responsibility for them. I’d really like to share another pot of coffee too.

            Mr. Wile’s so called Internet Reformation cannot be fruitful until we are able to do these things for ourselves. Until that day, his Internet Reformation will remain to be a powerful tool for tptb to further exploit our vulnerabilities for enslavement.

  • EDD

    The write of this post wrote: “What nonsense. They’ve found cities drowned in the sea as the result of a
    great flood. These cities may be well over 10,000 years old.”

    Dear DB staff: can you elaborate on this by suggesting links or articles? As a student of unexplained history, I seek to continue my worldview regarding mankind’s mysteries.