Google and Facebook Are Not Really Private and Shouldn’t Do as They Please With Alex Jones and
By Daily Bell Staff - February 25, 2017

Google isn’t a state. It’s not a service. It’s a private company. They can censor whatever they want. Use a different company. If they want to cut off 1000’s of people from their services, that’s fine. They are free to do so … This is capitalism, Google isn’t a right. Facebook and Twitter are not free speech. They are private companies. – 4Chan

Google really isn’t a private company. If it continues to attack alternative media like Alex Jones and, it may find lawsuits headed in its direction. The same may go for Facebook too.

By portraying itself as a private company, Google can do as it chooses, when attacking companies that don’t live up to its standards from an advertising point of view.

It can help cut off companies that don’t properly advertise according to the Google rule book. The rule book is general and vague. But Google is supposedly a private company so it really doesn’t matter. Google can do pretty much as it wants. And so can Facebook.

Yet there is plenty to rebut this perspective. The best or most comprehensive article on Google along with the CIA and Pentagon is an Insurge Intelligence article entitled, How the CIA Made Google.

It shows that one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin virtually reported to the Pentagon/ CIA while developing the project that would eventually become Google. Interestingly, later in the article, people close to the CIA and Pentagon are quoted as denying a close relationship. So obviously there is a good deal of sensitivity around the topic.

When it comes to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was funded indirectly by the CIA via Peter Thiel. Thiel is a cofounder of PayPal with Elon Musk of Tesla fame.

Thiel invested $500,000 into Facebook but supposedly this was a CIA investment. Thiel is very close to the CIA. His company Palanitir, supposedly worth some $20 billion, runs secret algorithms for the CIA and other intel agencies. It was just the subject of a Daily Mail story  here. Thiel is supposedly a libertarian but we don’t see how he can be.

Later, Thiel invested 12.7 million in Facebook. Companies that owe their existence and direction to public intelligence agencies are not private. They ought not to be run as they were.

Facebook has not yet launched an overwhelming assault on Alex Jones or Natural.News but with its determination to root out “fake” news it will surely be part of a large attack at some point. Google has not made a special attack on Alex Jones but it too is headed in that direction.

There are even large issues surrounding Facebook and Google and their determination to harass firms in alternative news community. Like all large companies, they have taken advantage of intellectual property rights, corporate personhood, central banking and regulations – the more the better.

Regulations are helpful to large companies because large companies can follow them more closely than smaller ones. Over time, regulations can put smaller companies out of business. Meanwhile, Central bank fiat money is available in copious quantities to large companies like Facebook and Google.

Corporate personhood blames the company rather than the executive for problems. Thus in the case of any difficulties the company can receive a fine, but the corporate executive may escape untouched.

Intellectual property rights are the final and perhaps most important area when it comes to court decisions that have artificially expanded the might and size of corporations. Both Google and Facebook are built on intellectual property rights paid for by others.

Intellectual property rights expanded drastically post civil war. Before the war there were very few corporations but after the war, the Supreme Court handed down decisions that buttressed both corporate personhood and intellectual property rights.

More recently the Court has attacked intellectual property rights, but the basics remain pretty much untouched. Inventors are given a right to “own” their products for a long fixed period of time. This is fundamental to the wealth creation of Google and Facebook.

It shouldn’t be this way. Just because you have invented something doesn’t mean you own it for 20 or 30 years. Or if you do own it, you should protect it with your own money, not with taxpayer dollars.

Additionally, if something is not produced but is an idea, that idea is shared immediately on publication. That’s our perspective anyway. There’s no reason why the Supreme Court should protect an idea. If someone else uses the idea, he has not directly damaged you. The idea has been made available.

Without various investments and relationships, and most importantly without intellectual property rights, corporate personhood, central banking and regulations, both Google and Facebook would be a shadow of what they are now. There would be many more such companies and a good deal more progress would have been made as well.

Conclusion: Corporations are fictitious entities created basically by Supreme Court decisions. They shouldn’t exist as they do, and one day perhaps they won’t.






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  • Anon.

    Here is a great explanation of what Google is capable of.
    The Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) and Its Unparalleled Power To Influence How We Think.
    From Stanford:
    (This guy ueses the phrase “mind control” at Stanford referring to Google!)

  • I tend to agree with using a different search provider. I have been a big fan of Google and its search, but when I search, I want all results/options to come up – including Natural News. This, even though I am not a fan of any religious extremist such as Mike Adams with his perverse abortion views, and because of those views I’ve mostly stopped visiting his websites. However, I do not believe in suppressing search results, and I decide what is good information on a particular topic.

    My response has been to switch my search engine to Duckduckgo. I still gladly use other Google products, but a limited search engine does not serve me.

  • concerndcitizen

    Google and Facebook are private companies and they have the right to choose the way to do business with one very important exception. Anti-competition. The Sherman anti-trust laws can be used as a very powerful lever against these monopolies. There is plenty of evidence of collusion and intent to harm any competition to their search and online ad monopoly. Private businesses can adopt whatever policy and include or exclude whatever they want. You have the choice to not use them, which is my recommendation. Jeff Sessions is going to be a very busy man.

    • Mary

      They are private, yet covertly funded by the govt? How is that private! Secret, maybe, but private, no way.

      • Yes, thank you, Mary. Corporations are constructions of The Supreme Court that has defined what they are and promulgated various “rights” ascribed to them. People have to adhere to these “rights” when they use a corporation. There is no choice in the matter. Corporations are creatures of the Court.


    “Conclusion: Corporations are fictitious entities
    created basically by Supreme Court decisions. They shouldn’t exist as
    they do, and one day perhaps they won’t.”
    Wrong and I disagree.

    • Doc

      Why wrong?


        Corporations are anything but fictitious. I own one. It was not built by the supreme court.

        • Doc

          They are legal in the US, so does that not imply they have been approved by some part of the US government?


            Babies are legal in the US too but don’t require government approval.

          • Doc

            I put it as a question, hoping that you could enlighten me.

            So are you implying that corporations have never been approved of by the US government? That would be a very interesting fact, if that is so, and I leave it to you to try to prove it.

            If the corporations have been approved somehow by the US government, as DB indicates, then I guess they have a point.

          • If you do not abide by the law regarding how to promulgate and promote a corporation, you cannot set one up,


            The Constitution of the United States of America has no regulatory language specifically referencing “corporations”.
            The existence of corporations is purely a response by people doing business. The interface of government with corporations developed as a result of the people asking for regulation and the states asking for taxes.

          • Rich

            Why did you set up a corporation? What need can a person have for one. To shield oneself from liability? Are corporations ‘covered’ by Natural or Common Law? I’ve owned them in the past as well, for tax purposes and as personal liability shields. Then I realized I had joined forces with those I wish to be free of. I closed them. Never to start another. There should be no protection from liability for behavior which harms others. I’m not on my hind legs here arguing, I’m simply interested in your motivations.


            A corporation can assist simplification of a complex form of business activity. It’s one way of keeping track of taxable activity plus keeping control of the business product.
            I setup a corporation to protect a patent.

    • Mary

      Disagree all you want. You might read the Constitution to start, a bit on the history of corporate law, then look up Stephen Kinsella. DB happens to be correct.

  • Tony B.

    Google and Facebook are both CIA connected. Face it.

  • Praetor

    Correct! Its to bad we live in a world of irresponsible government.

    Alex Jones and NaturalNews and many others go against the propaganda of the global collective. How is it Infowars, NaturalNews get any views at all ‘Links’ from other websites. That is how I started reading DB, through a link. I never use Googly or Fakebook.

    The thing with googly it is easy to use for dumb people, who never once thinks, why are they showing me this. Googly and Fakebook success, dumb people.!!!

    • James Clander

      Please supply me an alternative to Google as a search engine. I’ve tried several others & they don’t have the same extensive search results. I totally dislike Google (no Chrome) But as stated I’ve got to use a search engine – -so ? .
      I also totally agree that Google is a dangerous entity. After getting a much faster ISP I now have a very good VPN which somewhat protects me from data collection. Also I never have or do use Facebook , Twitter or any other such nonsense. My mobile phone is used for the odd text & making/receiving phone calls. Now you can guess my age 🙂

      • Jan van Aken

        Use as new search engine. It is also promoted by Snowden! is not storing you data/ behaviour. Best regards Jan.

        • James Clander

          Thanks – will try.

      • LawrenceNeal
        • James Clander

          Thanks -tried but don’t like Microsoft promotion.

      • Praetor

        DuckDuckGo seems alright. I lied, I do use GoolyEarth. Few years ago went online downloaded Googlearth, just to see what they see, of where I live. It was crazy. Saw myself repairing a fence and that I had new neighbors about two miles or so, away. Did not even know I had neighbors that close. Interesting.!!!!

        • James Clander

          Thanks -have tried

  • Doc

    It’s fascism, put in place bit by bit by the Demopublicans over time.

    There will soon be no clear line left between public and private. Public and private censorship will be the same.

    The people are ready, the institutions are in place, the mainstream agenda under control, schooling as well. Public servants are the heroes, the flag is holy. Fascist entrepreneurs that never made a dime are the geniuses of the time. Outsiders are the bad guys.

    Then a great fuhrer will come along to lead the people into glory. To protect them from all the bad things.

    Same in most other countries.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  • Bill Weber

    Alex Jones works for the government. Its a fact he is a globalist.

    • MolonLabe

      LMAO proof? you have none

    • Spanky Lee

      Alex Jones works for himself. In fact he is a millionaire.

    • Wade House

      Bill Weber – You are not alone Brother. It’s been common knowledge in the Truth Movement for years that Alex Jones is a Govt Shill. There’s not even any question about that fact.

  • Jim Johnson

    I must trust the Market will remedy this by giving us alternatives. Doesn’t quantum computing hold some promise in this regard?

  • georgesilver

    The way I see it is the people like Alex Jones and Natural News have made presumably fortunes by using Google and YouTube. Others have also made mega bucks using these plus Twitter and Facebook. Alex Jones and Natural News etc. then bite the hand that feeds them and suddenly they are hurt and surprised when they find themselves out in the cold. If you want to benefit from being friends with the Devil you are pretty stupid if you don’t stick to his rules.

    • rahrog

      First they came for the ______ (fill in the blank yourself), and I did not speak out …

      The sound of silence is deafening.

      • georgesilver

        Now there’s an original slogan LOL

  • georgesilver

    Those who dine with the Devil need to abide by his table manners or be cast from the table.

  • Wade House

    Alex Jones is 100% Controlled Opposition and has been for years.

    There are plenty of videos where he proves it himself, and plenty of posts on google about it. Takes less than 5 minutes to prove it to yourself.

    Time for his next generation of suckers, I guess.

    It also means that those who support, and associate with him are also 100% Controlled Opposition…like Trump.

  • Wade House

    COINTELPRO: Alex Jones(Infowars/Prison Planet) Mike Adams(Natural News) The Intel Hub – Are All Dis-Information Agents. Their covers were blown in 2010 and 2012.

    Alex Jones is a horrible individual to the Truth Movement!

  • Wade House

    Conclusion: “Corporations are fictitious entities created basically by Supreme Court decisions. They shouldn’t exist as they do, and one day perhaps they won’t.”
    This conclusion is one of the wisest things I’ve ever read from the DB.

    Working on it!

  • There are new players in the Great Game and they aint playing, and are not bound by any rules. They be just simply explaining how everything works and sharing how easily everything gets done, with or without the help of fabulous fiat currency reward and mainstream media manipulation of evolving intelligence and emerging information.

    amanfromMars 1 Wed 22 Feb 17:39 [1702221739] …… spilling the beans on

    Re: Thinking Machines … and the Media Machine under Incessant SMARTR Attack/Rock Steady AIBarrage

    Resistance is Vital and Virulent, Virile and Viral and a Virtual Warrior Component and Opponent and EMPulsive Compulsive Competition ………. whenever necessary for Sanity to Prevail in the Orbits of Madness and Mayhem, Greed and Inequity? …………

    Yes, of course it is ……. and it is both fundamental and quite perfectly natural albeit led on far from popular planes/places/spaces.

    The Global Politically Incorrect SCADA System is hacked and ITs Key NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Codes are cracked ………… and Reverse Engineered to Genesis Base Source for Novel Future Reprogramming of Virtual Reality Projects/ZeroDay Trading Presentations.

    Fake News, El Regers, or Unfolding Quantum Communicating Fact and a Alienating Fiction to be Shared Wwwidely ……. or Suppressed Badly?

    IT Thinks and therefore We Are Virtual Machines for Massive ReProgramming?

    Yes, you certainly are.

    • Praetor

      As always with AI, isn’t alive, doesn’t have a soul. Its actions are never spontaneous and its intelligence is artificial. Which is its weakness. Humans on the other hand are alive, their actions are spontaneous, unpredictable and their intelligence can be small or great and is connected to nature itself. So, let the battle begin.!!!

  • rahrog

    The best way to battle these fascists is to SECEDE from central governments, and the central banks that own the governments.

    A revolution whose foundation is based on DECENTRALIZATION is in order.

    The NET is getting tighter. We will have to cut our way out, and form new connections.

    • Wade House

      1) To Secede weakens “The Union” and opens us up to Hostile takeover by another Superpower. You know, like we do to others. Divide and Conquer, and all that.

      2) All Wars and Revolutions are Controlled by the Bankers. “All Wars Are Bankers Wars.”

      3) Repubs are Fascists and Dems are Communist. Both Corporate Banker Controlled.

      4) Decentralization and New Connections ARE Keys to Real Change..Bravo!. The Basic Plans for both have already been laid out and will been Published within a week.

      There are those who don’t just complain. They see what needs to be done and they set about to do it. We’ve had multiple successes already, unpublished by the MSM or the Alt. Media, of course.

      But very soon, even they won’t be able to hide the Positive Change that’s coming.

      We’re in a New Age. You can help, hurt or just come along for the ride, but it won’t be stopped!

      • rahrog

        1. Weakening The Evil Empire is a GOOD thing. A vast overwhelming majority of americans are already conquered (most seem to like it).

        2. There are many instances of peaceful secession throughout history.

        3. Repubs & Dems are BOTH fascist & controlled by central banks.

        4. Agreed! I look forward to seeing what you publish.

        Those of us in The Secessionist Movement don’t just complain about the tyranny of DC. We organize & educate. Our numbers grow daily.

        There will be People from various States (The People of Texas are most likely to be the first) who SECEDE from the federal government of the USA. The only question left is whether it will be before, during, or after the economic “reset” and corresponding slavery that The Ruling Class has planned for humanity.

        • Wade House

          1. Weakening The Evil Empire is a GOOD thing. I just don’t think America is the Evil Empire. Is the control of Our Milt., Cent. Banks and Gov. are part of it? No Question, IMO.

          2. Most secession’s that I found were armed and with conflict. But I didn’t check all of them throughout history.

          Our numbers, organization and educational attempts are small but Country and Worldwide. Our Victories are unsung but unquestioned.

          You can feel our victories in your pockets, and on your skin. You can see them in the air, you hear about them in the news.

          They are all around you! And I don’t even have to know who you are. If you benefit from low gas prices, cleaner air and beautiful skies and much more…you have benefited.

          And it’s because of these Victories, I can tell you that after the reset, World Slavery, The Ruling Class and their plans for humanity, will both and all be on the Demise.

          Their Demise isn’t just written in stone, its’ written in time, and theirs is running out…and they know it.

          And it won’t go out with a Bang, it will go out with a whimper, as they try to control their descent.

          You see Mr. Rahrog, In the circles I travel in, we don’t hope for change…we bring change, and they know it. And we don’t give a rat’s arse about Who’s in charge, or What’s on second. That’s Zombie feed. 🙂

          • rahrog


          • Wade House

            You say you are part of The Secessionist Movement. Then I presume that you want change.

            Do you want the power to change things now or in the near future? Or would you prefer to just read, organize & educate?

            ISSUE: REAL TIME – RIGHT NOW.: Bankers have used a billionaire proxy to say war would be declared on America if we change our trade policy. The DB carried some of the story.

            Me and my political party intend to dissuade them of any such open talk. No other parties have responded and the Pres. just shook hands and kissed arse.

            This is a New Age with New Reasoning. And New Reasoning states; If bankers instigate, pay for and arm others to attack U.S. – then bankers should be on the military menu. It’s unreasonable to think otherwise. 🙂

            We plan on going to face the dragon and give him a stern warning; things are not as they used to be, and they will never be the same again in your lifetimes.

            The warning would sound better if coming from 2 parties. A more united citizenry and all that. And it would send a clear message to both dems and repubs; make things better in America or face 15 small political parties, united in the future.

            That’s how you start to bring real change…no guns or knives needed. But you will need to start a local chapter of your Secessionist Movement.

            Find me and my political party online and contact me through the info email. What would you rather say before the big sleep, I organized & educated? Or I faced The Dragon…and the Dragon Blinked! 🙂

  • McCaleb

    If you want to boycott Google than start to promote privacy friendly alternatives like and, Google will hate that 😉