Hillary Did Not Say Alt.Media Had ‘No Right to Exist’ – But Maybe She Has a New Ban Plan
By Daily Bell Staff - August 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Attack on Breitbart News is an Attack on Press Freedom … Hillary Clinton has a new target in her campaign against Donald Trump: Breitbart News. Her goal is not just to use Breitbart as a political foil, but to shut the site down entirely. Deputy communications director Christina Reynolds sent a fundraising email earlier this week claiming that while other conservative news outlets had a “right to exist,” Breitbart News did not.  – Breitbart

Hillary’s recently fundraising email has attracted huge coverage in the media. But when one actually reads the text of the email, it is at least questionable as to whether she (or her deputy director who signed the letter) meant exactly what Breitbart (above) states.

Breitbart’s execs and journos feel understandably attacked, but their reporting, nonetheless, presents what seems to us as one interpretation.

Other articles and YouTube commentaries have gone further than the Breitbart article, presenting the statement as if it had said outright that Breitbart (and thus other alternative media) generally had no right to exist. One example (here).

Please note: This article is not intended  as a criticism of the alternative media (of which we’d like to think we are part) for it is often courageous and many elements represent a resurgence of credible journalism. We simply wish to suggest some alternatives regarding the reporting and also to offer some alternative scenarios.

This extends to Hillary’s recent speech as well, in which she unfairly mentioned some alternative media by name and accused them of dealing in bigotry and racism. But the speech did not include direct references to censorship or outright banning – the expectation of which had been reported by some.

The intention was apparently to mingle Donald Trump’s image and political philosophy with elements of a newly discovered media juggernaut (“alt.right”) in order to further condemn him as a racist.

Hillary has done this before, explaining when her husband was president that the couple was subject to attacks from a “right wing conspiracy.” Conflating criticisms and then identifying a fictitious, over-arching source is a way to trivialize attacks and undermine their credibility.

Once one has identified a conspiratorial mechanisms, then all subsequent attacks, no matter how relevant or credible, can be dismissed as part of the larger conspiracy.

But the larger concern regarding Hillary’s latest characterizations is probably not that Hillary will unconstitutionally attempt to impose blanket censorship but something else, as we suggest below.

The memo (as it seems to have been issued and sent) is apparently  reproduced here by

This is what it says:

Friend –

Whenever you hear about a right-wing conspiracy theory somehow making its way into the mainstream of political dialogue, there’s a good chance that Breitbart News had something to do with it.

Never heard of Breitbart News? It’s a fringe website where there’s no opinion too ugly, too divisive, or too outright crazy to be worth breathless promotion.

The one about President Obama being a secret Muslim born in Keyna? Breitbart was all over that story.

Or maybe you heard about the time they attacked an opponent – a conservative Republican no less – by calling him a “renegade Jew.”

Why does this matter?

Donald Trump just hired Breitbart’s executive director to be his new campaign CEO.

Now we’ve had a conservative media in this country for a while. I don’t always like what they have to say, but I respect their role and right to exist.

Breitbart is something different. They make Fox News look like a Democratic Party pamphlet. They’re a different breed altogether – not just conservative but radical, bigoted, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic conspiracy peddlers who never have been and never should be anywhere near the levers of power in this country.

But Donald Trump just gave them a broad, new mandate to shape his campaign, his message, the future of the Republican Party and quite possibly the country.

It goes without saying that we have to beat these people. But I want to beat them so decisively that their kind never rises again.

Doing that is going to take hard work, moral clarity, unshakeable (sic) determination and enough resources to make sure that every last voter in America hears from us every single day about the choice in this election.

We’ll never face a challenge more important than this. Please chip in to stand on the right side of history and help us send Donald Trump and Steven Bannon back to the fringes where they belong. When you do, we’ll send you a free sticker as a thank you for your support.

If accurate, this fund-raising memo demonizes Bannon and implies his message conforms to that of the supposedly bigoted Alt.Right (mentioned in Hillary’s speech) in order to further degrade his image as Trump’s CEO, and thus Trump himself.

She wants to beat “these people” (not just the Alt.Right media but also Bannon and Trump) so that their kind “never rises again.”

She wants to relegate them to irrelevancy. The memo even states this. “[Please] help us send Donald Trump and Steven Bannon back to the fringes where they belong.” (You’ll get a free-sticker if you do.)

Were Hillary to arrive in office and immediately wage a decisive war against the alternative media, which is vast and growing, the effort would likely cause considerable damage to her larger policy objectives.

Additionally, the methodology used by globalists is a gradual one and simply to try to shut down an enormous amount of media operations is precipitous not gradual.

This Alt.Right meme is an update of Hillary’s “vast, right wing conspiracy” meme of so long ago. It is not well done, either. The intention seems to be to present alternative media as bigoted. But to lump in with white supremacy groups is ludicrous.

Much of the alternative ‘Net media is as yet quasi-libertarian and while many things may be imputed to it, racism and bigotry are likely not among them.

The classical libertarian position is probably that government ought not to be involved in immigration policies at all. This is one we’ve adopted in the  face of considerable push-back, see here and here.

People ought to make up their own minds about whom they want to invite. Admittedly, this would be a more practical stance, if the US was privately owned as it ought to be.

Now,  let us suggest one likely, actionable (near-term) reason for Hillary’s attempts to present alternative media as bigoted – among obvious others. It may well anticipate the Internet passing beyond US control. In fact, Obama is about to give away ‘Net control to ICANN (here).

While Obama and others maintain that ICANN will retain its independence, it has already been suggested by various regimes, including authoritarian ones, that ICANN become part of the UN.

Certainly, if Hillary and others can make the case that the alternative media is fundamentally bigoted, then ICANN (as part of the UN or not)  might be pressured to censor. This is a clever strategy because it allows a worldwide third-party to take actions that might be more difficult to initiate in the US.

One way or another, further attacks will be levied against the alternative media and, yes, a President Hillary would try to considerably expand them – but how far and how fast remains a question. Matt Drudge of the has even predicted fourth-estate issues will end up at the Supreme Court.

Perhaps upcoming alternative media attacks may be precipitous in the US, as they are in some cases around the world. But for numerous reasons, as suggested in this article, they could also continue to be relatively gradual so as to avoid an outright constitutional crisis.

In any event, such attacks should be confronted and rigorously rebutted. It is government should be confronted over immigration abuses, not ethnic communities caught in the crossfire.

Conclusion: In the longer-term, we’ve always argued that it is too late to “control” the Internet. Considerable damage has been done to the credibility of elite, vested interests. The incredible propaganda permeating Western societies has been exposed. Very little at this point can halt the impact of what we have had the privilege of calling the Internet Reformation.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Hillary is sounding ever more desperate. I wonder if it has anything to do with her dodgy never to mentioned in public health conditions? A puppet dependent upon others is not a leader of anything and just a sad mad rad bad prisoner of a crazy system of administrations/corrections.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with and second that impossible to deny conclusion, DB. And that introduces the very real likelihood of Greater IntelAIgent GameChangers entering from future scenes, right, left and centre and creating Virtual Viral Havoc and Realities with CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems] and AI to trump and defeat all present madnesses and current mayhems.

    • Nottoobrite

      What a shame that humans cannot remember yesterdays news !
      If all the Clinton sexual, lies, money, ignorance and emails came to the attention of all, 2-3 days before election day, she is toast and a go to jail card in her pocket, ( bad health or no )

      • gomurr

        I agree. Too many of her voters weren’t even around during some of them, or were too young. They won’t check them out because they’re either too lazy, or get triggered having to read something that conflicts with their view of the world.

        • mary

          Ignorance is a big prob, sure, but she doesn’t really have many followers. The polls are not genuine. She can’t even fill a high school gym. She is generally hated. BUT, the people who will vote for her will do so because of some single issue or other. For example, the idiotic “feminists” who say, “It’s time for a woman in the white house.” **eye roll**

          • mary

            And the gun grabbers…

          • gomurr

            Speaking of polls, have you seen this? That is, indeed, the abcnewsgo page and the link to the poll has been taken down. If they concluded the poll, why not publish the results? This was a live ongoing poll.


            I can’t imagine a worse reason to vote for someone, because she’s a woman. And I’m a woman.

    • gomurr

      She’s desperate because her hens are coming home to roost, and it’s been a long time coming. I think she’s wavering on the belief no one and nothing can touch her.

  • Renov8

    Do you really believe Hillary is going to win?

    • rapph

      I think she will win the election, and between Nov 8th and Jan 1st Obama will pull the trigger on her indictments, she’ll go to jail, Obama will find a reason to declare martial law, and then he’ll be the pres for the following 4 years.

      • Renov8

        What are you smokin’…..? I will have half!

        • rapph

          Watch and see……It’s likely the dollar will crash, and that will be Obummer’s reason to declare martial law. He’s been preparing for this for a long time, or should I say the elite have. Obummer is just a puppet as we all know.

          • Renov8

            Thats what Patriots are for….when the establishment gets a little too cushy. Kick them to the curb.

      • gomurr

        Well, that’s one I hadn’t considered. However, nothing, and I mean nothing, will surprise me.

    • gomurr

      Are you in Reno? I hear she passed out chocolates instead of answering questions by reporters. Lived in Reno much of my adult life, left there a year ago.

  • alaska3636

    Did you see this great, big portmanteau meme from the Guardian:
    The Anthropocene Epoch: scientists declare dawn of human-influenced age

    How many memes does it attempt to fit?
    “Humanity’s impact on the Earth is now so profound that a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene – needs to be declared, according to an official expert group who presented the recommendation to the International Geological Congress in Cape Town on Monday.

    The new epoch should begin about 1950, the experts said, and was likely to be defined by the radioactive elements dispersed across the planet by nuclear bomb tests, although an array of other signals, including plastic pollution, soot from power stations, concrete, and even the bones left by the global proliferation of the domestic chicken were now under consideration.”

    Of course, there is also global warming.

    But, wait! A weird meta-explanation of meme-distribution?

    “The 35 scientists on the WGA – who voted 30 to three in favour of formally designating the Anthropocene, with two abstentions – will now spend the next two to three years determining which signals are the strongest and sharpest.”

    “Once the data has been assembled, it will be formally submitted to the stratigraphic authorities and the Anthropocene could be officially adopted within a few years.”

    The Guardian: making the world safe for technocratic globalism.

  • Lifestyler

    It’s simple really: Do you want a president who is a bigoted, racist, misogynistic blow hard, who has little or no sense of control over his emotions or, on the other hand, another of the stalwart corporate rulers who will not wreck the place? Like HRC or not, she is a far better alternative to a person who harbors beliefs similar to the KKK, Hitler, Putin and who would see yet another series of trains carrying people out of the U.S. OH! By the way. Did you know that there are no Mexicans coming to the U.S. anymore? They are going back to Mexico all by themselves. So, there has been a net reduction of Mexicans in the U.S.

    Simply put: Better the devil you know than the devil you do not. I know Clinton. I do not know what Trump will do and neither do next you. Neither does he!

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Do we even need a president?

      • Lifestyler

        Go for Trump and you will have a dictator instead.

        • gomurr

          Go for Hillary and you’ll be beholden to the UN for controlling every aspect of your life. After they reduce the world population from six billion to less than 1 million. Who thinks they’ll be one of the lucky ones? Raise your hand.

          • Lifestyler

            You have to cut back on the drugs. This is the most foolish post I have ever read in my life. First of all, the population of the world is 7.4 billion. Therefore, you would have to reduce the population by more than 7.399 billion. Think about that for a minute and you will hopefully realise how foolish your post is.

          • gomurr

            Whatever….haven’t checked the world population lately. You don’t know much about the Globalist agenda, do you? Perhaps you should educate yourself about that. Since you have a masters degree, I assume you know how to do serious research, unless you bought yours online somewhere.

            The plan is, indeed to reduce the population by something like ninety percent. The Georgia Guidestones say maintain at under 500,000,000, but other sources vary, all under 1 billion.

            Henry Kissinger once proposed withholding food from certain groups of people unless they complied with birth control/sterilization requests. Until a number of years ago this document was classified. It no longer is so. You can feel free to google it. There are many ways to depopulate the earth. One good epidemic could wipe out who knows how many?

        • rapph

          Go for Hillary and we’ll have global nuclear war, beginning with the Russians. Lifestyler, are you really George Sorros?

    • rapph

      You are so full of s–t, your eyes are brown!

    • Doski

      You need to cut-down on your Kool-Aid Consumption and seek a real education.

      • Lifestyler

        I hold a Master’s. What do you have?

        • Doski

          Would that be . . . as in “bating”

        • Mary

          Ja, ja, ja, ja. What a TROLL. Oh, we’re so impressed. He holds a masters. In what? basket weaving? Can’t be, at least basket weavers have a skill…

          • Tsigantes

            Anyone can say anything on the internet. His claim to a master is just that, a claim.

        • gomurr

          SO what! LOL….. that doesn’t mean you know everything, or in this case, anything.

        • rahrog

          Now your problem is obvious.

        • kaththee

          Anyone holding an associate’s should know not to capitalize “master’s” in that sentence, but higher education clearly isn’t what it used to be. It doesn’t matter if you have a master’s or your high school diploma. On the internet you cannot back up your argument with unsubstantiated appeals to personal authority or intellect. All you have is your command of language and reason to support your argument, which in your case are both lacking.

          • Lifestyler

            Speaking generically, you would write master’s degree, just
            as I did. “Jack has finally earned his master’s degree.”
            Speaking of a specific degree, you would capitalize Master:
            He holds a Master of Fine Arts from State University. In this application, you would have to have a qualifying prepositional phrase, to wit: of fine arts.

            Hope this clears up the issue for you. Go back to your lair now.

    • gomurr

      You don’t know much about the Clinton’s mentors, who they greatly “admire”, do you? Both were devout segregationists. Bill’s mentor was J William Fulbright. Hillary’s was Senator Robert Byrd, no only a long-time Klan member, but the Grand Wizard of his local KKK chapter.

      No Mexicans coming to the US anymore? You don’t live in a border state, do you? Besides, no one said all those coming over our Southern border are all Mexican Nationals. Why is it, of all the countries in the world, we are the only ones who are being told we don’t have a right to control who comes in, or that they must come in legally?

      By the way, if you ask many of the people who have been close to the Clintons over the years, you’ll find Hill has a hair-trigger temper. It’s simple, really, only those addicted to the status quo will vote for this women.

      • Tsigantes

        For accuracies sake, the entire EU is being overrun with US gov and Soros-funded migration and no country permitted to refuse.

        • gomurr

          They can’t refuse (although they are starting to) because all EU countries signed the Schengen Agreement with the EU, who has been calling the shots. At the bottom of this is, as always, the UN and the quest for a borderless world and a central government (ruled by them). Excellent video from a couple of years ago by Aaron Dykes featuring Peter Sutherland, Head of UN Migration, who makes no bones about their agenda.

    • rapph

      You watch too much MSNBC.

      • Lifestyler

        I DESPISE MSNBC! Matter of fact, they are all strange. Ill informed. Poor sense of judgement.

        • mary

          TROLL. Hitlery Clinton is a not a “stalwart corporate ruler.” She’s never had a real job in her life. She’s a thief, a fraud, a liar, a warmonger and a murderer. It says a lot about you that you would want her in office.

          • Lifestyler

            HAHA! You just described Bush Jr., Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowicz! All war criminals. She may be a little bad but these boys are the top of the steaming heap.

          • mary

            Of course i did. So you assume that because I hate Hitlery, i’m for those equally disgusting creeps. The left-right paradigm is a hoax. Hitlery is exactly the same as they are, on the same side. How can someone so ignorant be reading the Daily Bell. I guess you must be a TROLL.

          • Tsigantes

            Agreed. The Left-Right paradigm has run its course and is meaningless. Not only in the USA but Canada and the EU.

          • mary
          • mary

            And an even better commentary showing what an ignoramus and TROLL this poster is: Wolfowitz back Hitlery. Yes, that Wolfowitz.


          • Tsigantes

            True; these “boys” [except Bush jr.] – among others, “girls” included – are the puppeteers pulling the strings through 3 fake presidents and administrations, leading the USA faster than fast into self-destruction and poverty. But you seem to work for them.

          • Lifestyler

            I work for “THEM”? How do you figure that?

    • Tsigantes

      You’ve obviously swallowed the DNC/ MSM party line.

      You might be surprised that in the real rest of the world outside Bubble USA, everyone is praying for Clinton to lose to whoever…we really don’t care who. Clinton is the bought and paid for racketeering puppet of the US-Israeli war machine, plain & simple. A machine that is in failure mode and is therefore desperate and dangerous. And au contraire Putin is universally admired and trusted, most especially in vassal Europe.

  • Praetor

    Just like a Nazi, lets do away with something we don’t like. I always thought the Clintons were related to the Bush’s. It all makes since now.

    Here is the conundrum, would you whether be called a bigot and racist or belong to the party of the KKK. Now there’s a real conundrum.

    Ban all that offends, ‘GOVERNMENT’, and that is the National Socialist party of America. The head of this party is Bill and Hillary Clinton!!!

    • Tsigantes

      From a Greek POV we see the same thing happening in the USA as in the EU: vote Killary or pro-EU to protect yourself from Fascism…”fascism” being Donald Trump / European sovereigntists [good guys] & [bad guys] the Soros-funded bogeymen i.e. the neo-nazi groups. The joke – if you can call it such -being that both the DNC / Obama Administration and the Thanatopolis DC-run EU are already here and now real-time fascists…

  • Doski

    At the Risk of being labelled a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’, like I actually care about that, I suspect that if an effort was made to investigate it George Soros’ fingerprints would / will be all over this supposed “Good Cause”.

    • gomurr

      And every other “good cause”.

      On behalf of conspiracy theorists everywhere, to whomever hacked George Soros’ e-mail, thanks for the validation.

      • Tsigantes

        The opposite of a Conspiracy Theorist is a Coincidence Theorist :-))
        Plenty of coincidences to be found in the self-styled “elites”….

  • Sebastian Puttman

    Just follow the Blog of Scott Adams at
    or watch his YouTube Videos called ‘Coffee with Scott Adams’
    and within a few episodes you learn everything you need to know
    about the relationship of Hillary Clinton and the Alt Right.

    (Spoiler: While Trump may in fact be in league
    with some over enthusiastic right wingers,
    Hillary Clinton is just using the alt right as a tool
    to instal fear abouth her opponent.)

  • Mytheroo

    “Now we’ve had a conservative media in this country for a while. I don’t always like what they have to say, but I respect their role and right to exist.

    Breitbart is something different. ”

    Which part is different? They are conservative media. Maybe she means she NEVER likes what they have to say (which is unlikely, and demonstrably false), which leaves their role and right to exist. Is this one thing? or two? It reads as one.
    It’s easy to glean from this that Hillary doesn’t think Breitbart should exist