Hillary Helps US Mainstream Narrative Disintegrate, but Why?
By Daily Bell Staff - September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton abruptly left the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony in New York City Sunday morning after feeling “overheated,” according to a campaign statement.   “Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen,” Clinton campaign spokesperson Nick Merrill said in a statement Sunday morning. “During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better.” – CBS

Sometimes a confluence of events acts as a metaphor for what has gone wrong with a country or culture, and the recent collapse of Hillary Clinton presents just that. It also gives rise to a further question that we present at the end of this article.

Let’s start with the ceremony that Hillary attended yesterday. It was a remembrance of the attack on the World Trade Center. But the official story leaves much to be desired.

In reality, as we reported yesterday, the public Commission examining the attack was lied to by the US government.

The lying was so ornate and flagrant that John Farmer, leader of the Commission and now the Dean of Rutgers School of Law, wrote a book detailing how the Commission’s voluminous report has little resemblance to whatever actually occurred.

One can speculate that Farmer wrote his book to defend himself from critics of the report. But no matter the reason, those politicians who gathered at “ground zero” yesterday were implicitly or explicitly endorsing the narrative of 9&11 as presented by the Commission.

Certainly, none of those politicians seem to have taken a strong position against the current narrative despite the questions of critics, as follows:

  • It seems impossible that a large jetliner could have flown low enough and long enough to smash into the Pentagon.
  • Pilots have also said that the maneuvers necessary to cause a collision between additional passenger jets and the World Trade Towers were likely physically and aerodynamically impossible.
  • The hijacked plane that supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania on its way to the White House left little behind in the way of wreckage and a fairly inconsequential depression in the ground. Critics have regularly questioned whether anything the size of a large plane crashed there.
  • Reports of calls between passengers and family members using mobile phones have reportedly been debunked. Mobile phones of the day did not function at that altitude. The planes in questions were not equipped with “plane” phones either. The FBI has indicated it cannot explain the calls.
  • Many of the so-called hijackers of the planes were later found alive and well in the Middle East. The FBI has explained these occurrences as the result of mis-identification.
  • The collapse of a third tower, Building 7, looks like a controlled demolition. Additionally, its destruction was reported by the BBC long before it actually occurred.

There are plenty of other anomalies regarding 9&11, just as there are regarding the reconstruction of the Twin Towers site itself. Insurance payments to the owner of the towers remain controversial, along with the construction of the new tower, which reportedly began long before the Twin Towers were destroyed.

Finally, there is the question of Hillary’s health itself. She has continually claimed that her health is not an issue but obviously it is. In fact, the explanation for her recent bout of ill-health is that she is suffering from pneumonia. But this explanation makes little sense.

It doesn’t seem possible that her handlers would have sent her to a 90-plus-minute ceremony in dark clothing and already suffering from pneumonia. At the very least, they would have insisted that she make a short appearance and then withdraw.

Probably Hillary has something other then pneumonia. Her fits of coughing have been ascribed to allergies, but people usually get allergies from springtime pollen, not from something in the fall.

The above points summarize the faux narrative that was presented to the American people before and after Hillary’s collapse. Of course, we do not intend to present the idea that the failing US mainstream narrative is anything new. We can track misinformed reporting all the way back to the Constitution itself, which was forced through by Alexander Hamilton.

In fact, the real problems of the US from a constitutional standpoint commenced after the Civil War put the Northern banking structure firmly in charge of the country.

What is interesting about the current narrative, however, is that is taking place despite the day-by-day and hour-by-hour debunking of the Internet.

The people in charge of modern false narratives don’t seem to have much in the way of solutions when it comes to counteracting ‘Net debunking of disinformation.

One can venture two possibilities as a result. One is that those who disseminate false narratives in the US – and throughout the West- don’t care about the debunkery.

The second is that they do care but have no solutions other than to shut down the Inernet itself, or at least the alternative news media. This is currently very difficult to do, certainly in the US, which has strong constitutional anchors.

And so the spectacle of this disintegrating mainstream narrative continues to be presented. It cannot last forever, and probably cannot last much longer. What comes next is unclear, but what seems obvious is that the lies surrounding Hillary (and the larger narrative) are further discrediting the entire mainstream media, which has a disapproval rating near Congress’s single-digit lows.

Conclusion: Here is the lingering question: Is Hillary acting as unwitting agent of destruction or are those standing in the shadows behind her actively promoting what’s taking place? “Order out of chaos” … etc. Certainly her candidacy is doing real damage.

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  • John Lock

    Did she not jerk head and body before she fell just like before? Looks like a seizure to me?

  • Rothbard

    Mainstream Republican-type “conspiracy theorists,” like Alex Jones, have always said that Obama was going to suspend the election and declare martial law. I always believed this was nonsense as our slave-owners would never take away the illusion of choice. But now it seems that there’s a significant chance that Hillary’s health may lead to a temporary suspension of the election and the Alex Jones types may be right. I think the evil cabal likes adding drama to elections and this is just another way of getting everyone excited about deciding who the next PR representative of our slave-owners will be.

    • Praetor

      DNC will just appoint a replacement. They appointed Hillary. We have a party system. National Committee will appoint someone.

      No such thing as “conspiracy– theories” that was a CIA paradigm. There is only False Manipulated Lies as presented by the Ministry of Propaganda!!!

  • Praetor

    The Monarchs of Doom are losing the Information War!

    Poor sick Hillary said it herself, ‘we are in an information war and we are losing’, she actually told the truth.

    The Ministry of Propaganda had its day in the sun when news papers and network news was all there was.

    The collectivist believed the computer was the technology to bring us their idea of a technological utopia, the machines would save us from ourselves. Instead the machine gave ‘we the people’ the ability to research and spread the truth. The ‘truth’ is what the Monarchs of Doom hate, they hate the truth almost as much as they hate ‘we the people’.

    Hillary is very sick and 9/11 was a traitors act, TRUTH!!!

  • This collapse has never been explained.

    In the case of 9/11, one thing is indisputably true, and that is that the official explanation is incomplete, and that is true no matter who was responsible.

    Those towers were so strongly built with their central core each of 47 massive steel caissons – 4-inch thick steel assembled into immensely-strong rectangular upright beams – that the crash of a plane could not possibly damage them. The underlying structure was deliberately designed to be impervious to the crash of a large airliner. The holes we saw on the airplanes’ striking the twin towers involved only the outer curtain-walls, which, along with everything else, were suspended from the caissons.

    Also, aviation jet fuel – a form of diesel – burns at about 1500 degrees. The steel of those caissons required a temperature in excess of 3000 degrees to melt.

    You can see in the videos that, after the plane strike, there are huge billows of fuel which burn off fairly quickly. Their smoke is even a different color than what follows afterwards. If nothing else had happened, this would have been an event confined only to several upper floors of each of the twin towers. There is even a video shot at one point of a woman survivor looking out from a corner of the huge hole in the wall. She clearly is not experiencing the steel-melting heat which was to follow.

    The images of collapse do make it clear that the central core began collapsing before the façade in each building, and you can see it most clearly in a video of the top mast of one of the twin towers which shows the mast hesitating and then beginning to sink down and through the roof. Something unknown has made the central core support caissons below the mast fail.

    After that, the whole cascade downward, facades and core, begins. And we see a different color smoke – likely from oxygen-deprived burning in the central core, which was constructed in sealed-off intervals to prevent fire storms from moving through the buildings. And we see at intervals rivulets of melted metal pouring out of places on the façade, something not possible from the heat of burning jet fuel, almost certainly steel melted by a special explosive such as thermite.

    I do not believe the entire series of events was possible without demolition charges having been planted along the length of the central caissons, shaped or thermite charges attached at intervals, wired together, and fired electrically. The third large building to collapse, Building 7, only suddenly collapsed many hours later, and it was not hit by an airplane. It went down in precisely the same fashion, literally moving downwards, suddenly, at just the speed dictated by gravity, a fact which has been carefully measured.

    Steel-frame buildings simply do not behave this way. There have been hundreds of fires in different parts of the world in such buildings, and this behavior has never before been seen. The only exception is when they are subject to controlled demolition. Then we see exactly the same pattern.

    Those caissons were in fact all reachable from the central elevator shafts, and security at those towers was quite lax with a number of contractors and service people doing work over an extended period before the disaster.

    Who was responsible? I don’t know, but it is clear that the official explanation of “pancaking” floors holds no scientific validity.

    If the charges were set by the same people who arranged the plane hijacking, that fact alone would cause US officials to want to hide facts, needing to explain how weeks of work went ahead undetected inside the buildings.

    The lack of security – especially in light of the earlier effort to bring a tower down with a truck bomb in the basement by another group – is embarrassing and very difficult to explain.

    As far as the role of the Saudis, that is a red herring. Saudi officials paid Osama to stay away from Saudi Arabia, not to attack anyone. That really is what was being hidden with that 28-page report not being published. It was felt people wouldn’t understand and would misinterpret, which is just what they are doing now that it has been published.

    The Saudis had no motive, none at all, enjoying good relations with the American government. If for any reason they had done this, the United States would have only been too happy to invade their country and seize its oil production, a far greater prize than the wastelands of Afghanistan.

    No, the answer about who did this lies elsewhere, but don’t expect the United States to explain any time soon.

    We still don’t know who killed Kennedy. We still don’t know the truth about TWA Flight 800, which was almost certainly shot down by an American Navy missile in error. And, of course, we still don’t know the truth about Malaysian Flight MH-17 in Ukraine, an event whose investigation the US government controls and deliberately delays so as not to embarrass its pet government in Kiev.

    • william beeby

      Very good .

    • Bill Miller

      thats such a solid and in depth analysis of this situation that I`m in fear for YOUR life….

    • Cynthia McKinney PhD

      What an excellent, excellent comment! Food for thought for us all!

      • Tsigantes

        Hello Cynthia! You are still my hero!!! Courage!!

        • Cynthia McKinney PhD

          Thank you, Tsigantes and hello!

          • Wickliffe

            You are my Heroine, as well, and you got my vote in 2008 (probably uncounted).
            I most sincerely appreciate all that you did as Congresswoman, an almost lone-voice in those years after 9/11, calling for the very ugly truth to be faced.

    • Tom

      In spite of years of looking into the JFK assassination, I’ve recently been surprised by just how much is known about who did the shooting, down to names and exact locations. See “JFK to 9/11 – Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick”

      But more important is that a shocking number of names that first enter the public record surrounding the JFK assassination show up 38 years later connected to the 9/11 attack. The implication is that if we had vigorously investigated, prosecuted, and punished JFK’s killers, it is very possible that 9/11 would never have happened. We had our chance to get rid of this treasonous scum, and we blew it.

      • Tsigantes

        “But more important is that a shocking number of names that first enter the public record surrounding the JFK assassination show up 38 years later connected to the 9/11 attack. ”

        HOW TRUE!!

        Interestingly they are all near death now so the question is who is the new generation: Killary & Bill were certainly protogees but with apparently insufficient staying power physically. Netanyahu and Ash Carter are others…

        • Tom

          An excellent question. I have noticed in the decades following the very messy assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK that a conscious decision appears to have been made to implement a program of identifying and getting rid of upcoming people’s leaders early enough in their careers so the public barely notices, if at all. Schaeffer Cox of Alaska, a young, articulate, passionate, liberty-loving family man was giving the “wrong” speeches and he is now languishing in prison on completely fabricated charges put together by corrupt FBI undercover agents working with a corrupt prosecutor and judge.

          Recognizing this weapon being used against the real people’s leaders is the only way to stop it. The reverse, where law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts allow foot soldiers for the Network to skate when they are obviously guilty of real crimes, must also be stopped. Exhibit “A” is Hillary’s recent walk from serious and verified evidence of crimes which should have resulted in formal charges and followed through with conviction for treason. When the wrong side controls our law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges we have our work cut out for us.

        • Tom

          An excellent question. I have noticed in the decades following the very messy assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK that a conscious decision appears to have been made to implement a program of identifying and
          getting rid of upcoming people’s leaders early enough in their careers so the public barely notices, if at all. Schaeffer Cox of Alaska, a young, articulate, passionate, liberty-loving family man was giving the “wrong” speeches and he is now languishing in prison on completely
          fabricated charges put together by corrupt FBI undercover agents working with a corrupt prosecutor and judge.

          Recognizing this weapon being used against the real people’s leaders is the only way to stop it. The reverse, where law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts allow foot soldiers for the Network to skate when they are obviously guilty of real crimes, must also be stopped. Exhibit “A” is
          Hillary’s recent walk from serious and verified evidence of crimes which should have resulted in formal charges and followed through with conviction for treason. When the wrong side controls our law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges we have our work cut out for us. You cannot have a functioning democracy where real leaders are being imprisoned or whacked and fake leaders are shoe-horned into office through media bias and electoral fraud.

  • Bernz

    The decision of what to do about Hillary has already been made. If she stays in it is a likely green light with global elite backing (perhaps temporary) for Trump. If she gets out for any reason Trump is in trouble.
    Your comments about disintegrating narratives etc. are accurate, yet will not change the outcome or even offer an opportunity to change the outcome. The global elite will ride along as the perceived controls disintegrate all the while crafting other avenues of influence and control.

  • Scott

    Enter Joe Biden. The stage has been set. Clintons keep the $ & slither away.

  • william beeby

    When they , whomever they may be , were planning for 911 to happen the internet was not a factor they would necessarily have taken into account . In those days we really only had tv and newsprint media to inform us and the alternative media was still in the future . The internet has radically changed the game but as this very good article points out , for how much longer ?

    • Praetor

      I know a guy, who downloads information of all kinds. He has more back-up hard drives than I can count. When their full, he puts them on a shelf. The Info is out there and it is to late. They lose!!!

  • Heywood Jablome

    Conspiracy theorist: someone who questions the statements of known liars….not sure who the author was or is, but this is unequivocally

  • Heywood Jablome

    true – apologies for my haste

  • yep

    i hope she just dies before the elections, she is so corrupt, with her jerkoff husband , just die bit*h

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Here’s an opinion that sees Joe Biden rising to the top of this scum pond:

    The take over date is given as September 21, the day Hillary calls it quits.

  • rahrog

    The way to defeat the puppet masters who hold Hillary’s strings, and control so much else, is to SECEDE from the federal government. Once new nations have gotten clear of that scum pond they can turn on the central banks that have deliberately destroyed the global economy. A REVOLUTION is in order.

  • MetaCynic

    No one who takes the time to read about the events of 9/11 can come to any conclusion other than this was a false flag operation. The anomalies across the entire spectrum of related activities that day, and they are many, cannot be rationally explained any other way.

    This raises the question of why did the planners not foresee these anomalies? The answer is that an operation of this sort is of necessity highly compartmented with only a handful of individuals, if even that many, aware of the big picture of the planning and the details surrounding it. So very few persons really knew what was to happen and the official explanations to be offered to the public.

    Of course, as in any central planning project, the over confident planners can never anticipate the many unanticipated consequences of their actions especially that tens of thousands of minds and pairs of eyes over the internet will tenaciously deconstruct every imaginable detail of 9/11. Therefore it was foolish in the extreme for the planners to believe that their official narrative would remain unchallenged. But then central planners are always surprised when their projects inevitably never go according to plan. That’s why failure always accompanies hubrism.

    This explains why Hillary’s handlers can never seem to weave a logical narrative to explain her career failures and now her failing health. It’s very difficult to concoct hole proof lies for the tens of thousands of minds and pairs of eyes on the internet eager to deconstruct them. This would be especially challenging to do for the SJW types unschooled in critical thinking who would be drawn to Hillary’s campaign in the first place.

    For example, since Hillary is already exhibiting rather convincing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, which her campaign is denying, why would her handlers then offer pneumonia as an explanation for her recent collapse when pneumonia is a known complication of that disease? Why would the further developed narrative have Hillary’s daughter then allow her pneumonia infected mother to spend a few hours with the grandchildren? This is the kind of behavior which in Hillary’s SJW world would justify having child protection services take children away from the parent to put into state custody!

    Stay tuned, folks, for more incoherent and illogical narratives to emerge from the underdeveloped SJW minds of Clinton’s campaign to explain away the soon to come Wikileaks’ release of Clinton “erased” emails!

  • apberusdisvet

    I remember seeing 2 private videos of the explosions at both towers; nowhere in the picture were planes. When I went back for a re-look, they had disappeared. In the ensuing years, there have been investigations and expositions that confirm there were no planes; that the news footage had been altered by a form of holographic photoshop. In addition there are witnesses to at least one of the planes landing in Cleveland; that’s why all radar images have either been destroyed or locked away. This implies that all the passengers on the 3 planes were murdered, or in witness protection somewhere remote.

  • Crimson King

    Here’s a thought. What if they’re staging this “illness” of Hillary’s only to then have her make a “miraculous recovery” just in time for the debates? Sounds kinda unlikely, doesn’t it? But since we live in a fairy tale world, might it not be something the controllers would conjure up? After all, they’ve been pushing for a Hillary presidency for a very long time now. They’ve invested huge sums of money, and they’ve protected her from prosecution over and over. Surely they would’ve known about her health situation, if it’s real. What would be the point of having come this far just to abandon her? The media is now pushing “Hillary’s health problems” out front too, which should always be a red flag, given that the controllers of this world own the media.

    So try this on for size. Hillary loses shoe in her metaphorical “collapse” (tribute to twin towers?), and the picture of that lost shoe is broadcast in the media, almost certainly to remind people of Cinderella, even if only subliminally.

    Hillary’s Cinderella Shoe

    Are they painting of picture of Hillary as if she’s the underdog who rose from poverty to success, much like Cinderella? Are they attempting to re-brand Hillary as a brave heroine who overcame all the obstacles to achieve the ultimate success: the presidency? Wouldn’t this little psy-op, if that’s what it is, bring out the sympathy for her, maybe even amongst her enemies? As the next stage of the game, might they roll out a “miraculous healing” not unlike Gabby Giffords (fake shooting) or Angel Colon (Orlando hoax) or Nancy Writebol (Ebola hoax)? If so, wouldn’t Hillary instantly gain popularity because she has practically risen from the dead to become the latest larger-than-life cartoon-character super-hero, a la Wonder Woman?

    Keep in mind that the controllers seem to want women to be placed in powerful positions (for example, Christine Lagarde, IMF; Margaret Chan, WHO; Angela Merkel, Germany; Theresa May, Britain). Is there a psychological strategy going on with this, and the USA is next in line?

    It’s just really hard to see them throwing Hillary under the bus at this point, given how much support and insulation she has received.

    • Crimson King

      Here’s another plausible theory of what could be going on, even though I’m still partial to mine above. In this scenario, Hillary plays the sick card, makes it into the White House as per the long-term plan, fakes her death (or simply becomes incapacitated due to her “illness”), and Tim Caine takes over as president. The only problem I see with this is that the first woman president of the United States is going to look extremely weak — and, from what I’m seeing, that message is NOT part of the script. The controllers seem to want strong women in powerful positions. This theory would put a dent in that strategy. Then again, they might conjure up a way to make her into a martyr — “look how strong she was all the way to the end” — “stronger together.”

      Hillary’s Escape & The VP You Aren’t Ready For
      Counter Tyranny Ops, September 12, 2016

  • Tom

    “…those who disseminate false narratives in the US – and throughout the West- don’t care about the debunkery.”

    I’ve long suspected that this observation, that they don’t care about debunking, is that as long as the number of MSM believers remains north of 51%, they feel that they have won the race embodied in George Orwell’s famous line, “Sanity is statistical”. The 51% are sane, and the 49% may be safely dismissed with pejorative terms like “truthers”, “conspiracy theorists”, “tin foil hatters”, or the latest fashionable term, “deplorables”. What they plan to do when 51% don’t believe them — and I think we are nearing that threshold — will be as fascinating to watch as a dragon in its death throes.

  • Deplorable Donna

    I have no opinion on the twin towers but I believe they are lying to get iLLary into office and then will place her in a sick room on drugs and the Muslim brotherhood or Soros will run the country. Wheel her out periodically to show she’s alive or to sign something as she is not physically or mentally competent.
    Which is why she needed an ear bud for the Matt Lauer and there is internet proof she has seizures. I believe she was having a grand mal seizure when the van pulled up. Her head and body are ramrod stiff. (Grand Mal seizure). Her head NEVER
    moves up or down or left or right while van is pulling up and people
    move around for several seconds. Everything is rigid. She cannot walk
    because the muscles are rigid and don’t work, so the knees buckle.
    Close-up views show they are dragging her on her toes to the van which
    is why she lost the shoe.
    In addition, she had on blue anit-seizure sun glasses on and no one else had any shades on around her.

    • disqussted999

      Parkinsons perhaps? Certainly seems to be a lot of good evidence for it, or some related progressive neurologic disease.

  • John

    Two things, for what they’re worth:
    1). All of our lives we’ve heard, “This has been a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. If this had been a a real emergency…blabadyblah blah blah… “I don’t recall the EBS being used in 93 or 2001; does anyone? Why not? Makes me wanna say ‘Hmmm’.

    2). I’ve heard that Bernie never said the magic words to give his delegates to the Hildebeast, so the progressives are less likely to put ‘foot in mouth’ Biden in place, at the last minute, than they are to place someone with a rabidly activist commie base of support who still technically owns primary delegates, like Sanders.

    Just my $.02

  • nathenism

    it’s possible that none of this election nonsense matters because they know they are going to kick off ww3 before obama leaves office. my current guess is january

  • There’s video of a plane flying into the world trade center from at least a couple different angles. How is this explained?

    • disqussted999

      And if I could find a video of an elephant being shot in the butt with a BB gun and then dying, what would that tell you?…that the video was a fraud…that we did not see the elephant shot in the butt with a BB?

      No, the point would be that no matter how many videos one might take of no matter how many elephants being shot in the butt with a BB, elephants don’t die because of being shot in the butt with a BB. So if the elephant does die, “conspiracy theorists” would very likely state, “we do not believe the report that an elephant was killed by being shot in the butt with a BB gun…something else obviously killed it.” But those braindead individuals that saw it shot in the butt with a BB would turn righteously angry and say, “We saw it!!…and the news reported it…and the govt confirmed it!!…so it’s obviously true!!” Sheesh…zombie sheeple people.

      The fact is that no number of jets flying into the twin towers could have brought those buildings collapsing down into their footprints as they did, let alone Bldg 7, which was not struck by anything. Jet fuel cannot reach temperatures anywhere near hot enough to melt structural steel. Go do some research.

      • ahuxley


      • You could have a point on jet fuel not bringing down the twin towers.

        But the videos are real. For them to be a conspiracy, it would have to involve just too many people. For crying out loud, multiple major networks captured the 2nd plane hitting the tower live. People on the ground reported the 2nd plane hitting the tower. They saw it (although not all heard it). Clearly, a plane hit the tower.

        See, this is what hurts the truthers. You assume that just because the jet fuel can’t reach temperatures necessary to melt steel, that no planes hit the tower. Now, I agree it’s unlikely a plane hit the pengagon–that was more consistent with a missile. But I can say that and not sound like an absolute fool because there wasn’t multiple, clear video accounts of that and eye witness reports.

        Ironically, truthers COULD be right about: the towers falling from demolition AND the pentagon being struck by a missile and still be wrong by assuming no airplane hit the towers. Clearly, they did

        • disqussted999

          “See, this is what hurts the truthers. You assume … that no planes hit the tower.”

          No, this is the problem with ignorant idiots that refuse to inform themselves of what those trying to point out the truth are saying. NO ONE is saying that those planes did not hit the twin towers…NO ONE!! Got that? Sheesh!!

          The point is that those two jets, as loaded as possible as they could possibly have been with fuel COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE BROUGHT DOWN THOSE TWO TOWERS, and esp. NOT have caused them to COLLAPSE into their respective footprints. And then there’s BLDG 7, which was not struck by a d*mn thing!! Now shut your stupid mouth, do some research, and then come back with something, ANYthing intelligent!!

  • As for the election, I am not sure we have real elections anymore. With electronic voting, the people can provide a tally. And those numbers can be modified to select a candidate. This is far more believable than the 9/11 conspiracy theories.

    • disqussted999

      This is far more believable than the 9/11 conspiracy theories–

      “conspiracy theories” only if you have no interest in the evidence or have never taken the time to even look at any of the evidence, for instance the videos of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, among mountains of other contradictory FACTS.

      It’s amazing what a mind job TPTB (probably especially through the CIA et al and their psy-ops) have done to the minds of the Western sheeple people, esp. in the USSA, simply by the creation of those two words, “conspiracy theory.” They’ve created millions of erstwhile Manchurian candidates who, at the very sound of those two words simply go braindead, lose all abilities of rational or analytical thinking, become possessed by a form of deadly arrogance that only ignorance can breed, twist their faces into a look of disgust, open their mouths and recite those two words: “conspiracy theory.” End of topic…not worth discussing or even thinking more about. Case closed. Period. Amazing.

      • ahuxley

        Yes it is amazing that most folks are so easily controlled.
        When I encounter attacks from the media-created brain-dead who throw the conspiracy-theory bomb at me I ask them to substantiate their claim, I either hear CRICKETS, or muffled and mumbled babble.

  • Tsigantes

    Re your conclusion’s lingering question: couldn’t the answer to both be ‘yes’?
    The health issue, simmering on low for months, went on high boil the last 3 weeks, ending in her dramatic couldn’t-be-more-public collapse. We should keep in mind that the injection pen of her male helper/nurse can contain any variety of things.

    In Europe the MSM Stopped Press and headlined everywhere with her collapse, with The Telegraph (i.e. “Torygraph”) red-topping with the collapse video on a loop. Normally such vulgarities are left to the tabloids. That does not look like PTB disapproval so much as a green light.

    Rumours are rife that she’s a tertiary alcoholic too. She may well be, but where did that suddenly come from? The DNC statements post-collapse are full of transparent cover-ups and contradictions, which would be ‘in character’ and only sinks HC further.

    More to the point, the PTB don’t seem panicked about the problem of a candidate dropping out of the race at this late date. Replacement? No problem! When **any** replacement will do against the purported Extreme Danger of the Fascist, Dreaded Trump, how **real** can this electoral contest be?

    Meanwhile, from WHAT are we being distracted? (deception, distraction…)

  • Bruce C.

    I say that those standing behind her are shi–ing their pants.

    This wasn’t planned. Hillary was supposed to win the Presidency because of all the MSM and “ground game” support. Ain’t happening. If they wanted to replace Clinton with some other stooge (“because of health reasons”) they would have done it sooner. Now it’s too late.

    I applaud the DB for never underestimating the subversive, but sometimes you’ve got to state the obvious.

  • Johnny Andersson

    I think they made a misstake. They wanted Hillery and discovered late in the race she is sick, probable Parkinson, and now they are panicking. They did not expect Trump to winn the Republican nomination. That is my ten cent’s.

  • Wickliffe

    I am seeing signs that the power elites are pulling the plug on Hillary Clinton, with the dramatic video of 9/11/16 and the powerful symbolic timing. Symbols are big with this cohort, part of their formal communication protocol.
    Bill slips up and says Hillary has fainted a lot, then emphasizes it with botched, sloppy cover-up. Now there is the “body double” in front of Chelsea’s apartment with the slimmer hips, better teeth, fewer wrinkles, and so on. The problem is that Hillary has to withdraw, and people with early dementia get VERY stubborn. She is stubborn and autocratic to begin with. She has to withdraw right away, this month, to assure viability of a substitute, which was immediately put forward by former DNC Chair and Clinton supporter, Don Fowler.
    The shorter the time to the election, the more accommodating to the people’s wishes the DNC and their elite puppet-masters will have to be for everything to work smoothly, even with standard vote-rigging.
    I think they should just accept their huge losses and put Elizabeth Warren up.
    It would be a landslide. She could announce right away that Sanders would be Secretary of Labor, which is about what he wants, anyway.
    Elizabeth Warren could actually do the financial-reset-president job.
    Elizabeht Warren could make and keep a deal with “the banksters”, just as FDR did.

  • John

    Not sure who is worse Hillary or Jezabel from the Bible who committed many murders and crimes against the people. Looks like they will both be together in the lake of fire unless Hillary repents and asks Jesus to forgive her. If you are not sure about your own eternal destiny you can find out here.