Hillary Seen as Winning, According to Dems and GOP Establishment
By Daily Bell Staff - June 20, 2016

The U.S. administration sought on Friday to contain fallout from a leaked internal memo critical of its Syria policy, but showed no sign it was willing to consider military strikes against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces called for in the letter signed by dozens of American diplomats.  – Reuters

Two statements issued recently show that Left and Right both expect Hillary to be the next President of the US.

One was a document sent from State Department explaining that targeted military strikes were needed against the Assad government if ISIS were to be defeated. The other was a Conservative suggestion, including a website, that Congress act now to bar excessive spending by the next administration.

Of course, Hillary could still be indicted and forced from the race, but the longer she goes without an indictment, the more difficult it becomes – politically – to subject her to a trial.

The State Department memo was sent by 51 official via a special “dissent channel” and thus did not represent an official State Dept. position.

What triggered the memo, apparently, was the realization that negotiations with Russia over removal of the Assad regime have basically collapsed.

The memo says that neither Assad nor Russia have taken past ceasefires and negotiations seriously and suggests a more robust military approach was needed to force a transitional government in Syria.

While this is logical so far as it goes, the logic begins to break down when it comes to ISIS, which both the Russians and the Syrians are fighting.

According to a CNN report on the memo, the idea is to create a stronger partnership with “moderate rebel forces” that can then battle both Assad and ISIS.

The trouble with this suggestion is that Russia long ago revealed there are no “moderate rebel forces” in Syria. In other words, this third faction is a creation of the Pentagon’s imagination.

This revelation came after Russia began to bomb ISIS and explained that the Pentagon has not been bombing ISIS as claimed but had actually been bombing Syrian infrastructure.

The implication was that the Pentagon didn’t really want ISIS destroyed because ISIS contributed to continual chaos in the area. Ultimately, this chaos would end up affecting Russia itself, which is nearby.

Bombing of the Assad regime directly would be risky since Russia is already operating in the area. But perhaps this is just the point. There are factions in the State Dept. and elsewhere that want an expanded war that can involve Russia directly.

By sending this memo now to the Obama administration, these State Dept. officials  lay the groundwork for further military activity when the next president takes over.

Since Trump has been fairly clear that he wants to reduce or eliminate the kinds of foreign war now being waged against Syria, the memo is obviously aimed at supporting a Hillary Clinton war effort.

Clinton seems to be a supporter of almost every war that the US fights. And though she sometimes backtracks and claims her support was a mistake, going forward it seems her warlike instincts regularly resurface.

There would be no reason to send such a memo if these State Dept. officials didn’t believe that Hillary was going to win the election.

In fact, it can certainly be speculated that Hillary’s camp may have had some sort of tangential involvement – or more – in initiating the memo.

It does give her an excuse to move into the White House and expand the war effort quickly.

Meanwhile, Forbes reports that “Conservatives Are Signaling They Expect Hillary Clinton To Win The Election This November.”

This conclusion stems from a “a small announcement” first reported behind a Politico paywall that conservative group supported by billionaires Charles and David Koch introduced a plan to “cut spending and reduce the national debt.”


The plan, titled “Stop, Cut, Fix,” calls on Congress to pass a two-year continuing resolution for fiscal 2018 and 2019 that locks in sequester-level spending.

The Forbes article points out that “stop” is the plan’s most important point and shows clearly that conservative groups except to lose the presidency. It may also indicate these groups expect to lose in Congress as well.

The plan is rather strange because  such a “continuing resolution” wouldn’t be binding on a new administration or Congress. “In other words, it wouldn’t actually lock in anything or stop crisis-related spending at all.”

Conclusion: Both of these political statements don’t make much practical sense. They do make sense as “messages” being transmitted to others that core political groups believe Hillary is going to be the next President of the US.  These can be seen as statements of support rather than policy suggestions.

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  • Praetor

    Its a one party system. Demoncrates = Repubtards, all be one. They should be called the War party. There is no opposing party.

    Trump is as close to a opposite party as you can get, this time around.

    Ron Paul was the opposing party nominee, but he was shafted at the convention. Notice he’s no longer in politics, and is out trying to wake people up to the coming collapse.

    The globalist want more territory under their control and that means boots on the ground. Hillary be prez. war and economic collapse is on the horizon!!!

    • disqus_eEbPU3IGDU

      I agree with you. My guess is that even though big government will not be defeated politically, it will be defeated economically. I look for an economic crisis and meltdown and soon, immediately followed by a massive default on the part of Washington. The top leaders in Washington flee the United States and the American Empire collapses as Washington runs out of money. American military bases close around the world and American troops have to bum money off of private donors here and abroad to buy tickets on foreign and domestic commercial airlines just to get back home. Medicare and other domestic programs survive a few more years until they too go bankrupt. The beneficiaries of these programs are left holding the bag.

      • Marten

        Very well said

  • timothy price

    There are plenty of other reasons to indict Hillary. .. perjury, espionage, and treason.
    I wrote letters to the FBI and to the Justice Department telling them to indict Hillary Clinton. Felt good. IF you would also like to do this important step in regaining our country, here is how.’

    It is time for the public tsunami of emails to the Dept. of Justice and the FBI. Use your own words, select your own links to the evidence…but do it now.

    Peace to the brave.
    Attorney General, Loretta Lynch:

    We want Hillary to be indicted, we want the FBI to follow up with the indictment. We are alarmed at the close association of Hillary to the Justice Dept., and the Attorney General in particular. We are concerned that the Constitution processes of law are being subverted. We believe Hillary is a criminal, has committed perjury, has committed espionage, and treason. We want her indicted and tried.

    Do your job, as the chief legal official of the government of The United States of America, and not behave as a traitor in your office, working for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. instead of our Constitutional government. The USA,INC. is not a legal government of this nation, it is not our Constitutional government, it is not the “law of the land”.
    The Constitution of 1789 is the legal foundation of our government.

    Here are links to document the illegal activities of Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump

    Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.



    (your name)
    (your address)


    We want Hillary to be indicted; we are alarmed at the delay; we want the FBI to follow up with the indictment. We are alarmed at the close association of Hillary to the Justice Dept., and the Attorney General in particular. We are concerned that the Constitution processes of law are being subverted. We believe Hillary is a criminal, has committed perjury, has committed espionage, and treason. We want her indicted and tried.

    Please do your job, as the chief criminal investigative agency of the government of The United States of America, and not behave as a traitor in your office, working for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. instead of our Constitutional government. The USA,INC. is not a legal government of this nation, it is not our Constitutional government, it is not the “law of the land”. The Constitution of 1789 is the legal foundation of our government.

    Here are links to document what we believe to be the illegal activities of Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump

    Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.



    (your name)
    (your address)

    • FreeYourMindinSC

      The only problem with doing this is that with the way things are now, the FBI & Justice Dept. have probably recorded your name & address for future reference once Hillary gets into the White House.

      Me, I’ll stick with my Plan B. As one other poster said indirectly, a country dumb enough to let this woman get into the White House gets the government it deserves.

      • timothy price

        You sing, “land of the serfs, home of the slave”.. but I prefer.. Peace to the Brave.

        Crawl under your rock, then, as a useless gob of protoplasm.
        Your cowardly approach may seem “safe” to you, but it is a death knell to our Republic. Yes, we get the government we deserve… you are a perfect example of the problem democracy has… the rise of gutless people who will not take a risk for real liberty because they have no knowledge of what it is like to lose it. I have only contempt for you and your kind.

        • Praetor

          You assume the government will honor you’re request for a redress of your grievances. You are putting a lot of faith in government, are you not. The government and their handlers are the problem.

          Better to be spending you’re time preparing, the troubled times haven’t even started yet. There are no save havens.

          If someone is under a rock, they are waiting for the enemy to cross in front of their line of sight!!!

          • timothy price

            I am prepared as much as I care to be. … off grid, self sufficient with food for a long time. But I cannot keep the Bill of Rights by myself. It is much easier to defend our rights before they have been removed than later. If a 100,000 emails came into the FBI and the Dept of Justice, that would impress them, no doubt. The honor they would pay would be in fear that they are no longer have impunity. Out of 350,000,000 US citizens, that should be possible. Where are those who will hold the line? I don’t hear them, only the timid with excuses as to why it is better to lay low. Not my style, thanks. The Constitution only exists as a contract between the people and their government so long as the people demand it. We are becoming a disgrace to those who have fought for liberty before us.

            For America

            Old Glory

          • hazdrabal

            You’re alright, Timothy Price. We are on the same page in general, except I really don’t see any logic in adhering to a strategy of nonviolence or working within the system at this point. It saddens me the way the Liberty movement goes out of it’s way and practically trips over it’s own feet to condemn the action whenever someone gives one of these sociopaths the hot lead or copper injection they deserve. These people have long initiated violence against us. Economic violence is still violence. Starvation kills, depression from dreams forever deferred destroys lives. We all know that if you get your coworker fired and he was the breadwinner for his family, there is a good chance he will respond with violence. We all accept that taking food from someone’s child’s mouth will likely lead to a violent response. Horse thieves were hung in the west, because the horse was seen as key to survival.
            Hundreds of millions have been impoverished. Hundreds of millions of lives have been ruined. Since 2008, hundreds of thousands have committed suicide over financial ruin and the effects. Warren Buffett even bragged that his side has been “waging class war” against us for decades and we haven’t been fighting back.
            The proper response to this is violence. Our minds have been shackled and poisoned by this notion that it is only possible to be righteous through nonviolence. The propensity for violence is a God-given gift. God imbued us with it so that we may cast off oppressors and those who seek to deny us the beautiful and precious gift of life God has given us. There is nothing wrong with violence when it is applied appropriately. We are supposed to value our lives and smite those who would take it or diminish it. He made us in his image, so he can be violent too.
            My heroes are Boudica, Arminius, Spartacus, and Nat Turner. And I promise you, God considers these people to be exemplary human beings and wishes we were all like them, and he welcomed them into his kingdom.

  • Denis

    The Country will get the president that it deserves! There are many uniformed citizens and still more that lack a good understanding of what is happening in these United States. Unless they become more informed, more engaged, and at least try to understand the important issues/ramifications facing the nation, we will experience a New World Oder first hand and soon.

    • Marten

      The United States of Amnezia and good luck with that

    • Isefree

      A New World Odor! P. U.!

  • 2bvictorius

    Any country that would let Obama hold office is capable of electing the most corrupt and incompetent person not yet in prison, that being Hillary Clinton.

    • disqussted999

      …or, said another way, any country so deeply under the control of conscienceless sociopaths who could put criminals like Hillary that should be in prison in the White House has little hope of a revival without first crashing and burning, along with its status quo. Unfortunately, my crystal ball says there’s >>50% chance that it will be simply the working classes, and perhaps more likely the non-connected, non-1%, who will crash and burn (financially first) and find themselves under martial law with no rights, no property, no say, with sons and daughters sent to go kill or persuade to yield however necessary anyone standing in the way of the by then globalist monster’s “War-Is-Peace” Army. Even if there were some form of real revolution in the States, there exists such a significant part of the the global power-and-money death-and-destruction dealers in the City of London and BIS and the Vatican and elsewhere that I’m not sure we could rid ourselves of a sufficiently large proportion of the parasitic psychopaths to ever let the national body heal and start over….

  • apberusdisvet

    The globalists want both Clinton and Bremain; that result is already etched in stone. Whomever counts the votes will determine the outcome; the actual ballots are meaningless.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    It took something like a weekend for this “turn of events” to give the Hillary campaign the appearance (in main stream media) of a hands down victory. The same holds for Thursday’s Brexit vote. The depraved efficiency of consensus manipulation must be achieving new benchmarks for effectiveness. Could it all be to forestall violent objections when the power elites’ rigged objectives are realized? Much praise will be bestowed upon the “intelligence and wisdom” of the voters. This should pacify them temporarily while their bank accounts are emptied.

  • rahrog

    The scum that run America will start a war with Russia, and use that war as a pretext to force the world into a new monetary/banking system.
    Welcome to global neofascism.
    The best way to stop The Ruling Class is to SECEDE from the government(s) they own.

  • spdlf

    “They do make sense as “messages” being transmitted to others that core
    political groups believe Hillary is going to be the next President of
    the US. These can be seen as statements of support rather than policy

    Indeed everything transmitted in the media has an agenda behind it usually by hiding under another agenda. In this spook infested world everything must be taken with a massive mountain of salt. The media seems to be running the meme Hilary is a done deal but why the 24/7 free media coverage for Trump? They would have memory holed him like Ron Paul if he was the real deal. It doesn’t make sense as the media being his alleged enemy if Trump (or his handlers) is the amazing showman he claims to be since they would be shooting themselves in the foot politically (yet still raking in the dough in ratings).

    If I had to take a guess I would say there’s infighting between the nationalist faction(s) of intelligence and the globalist faction(s) of intelligence and its becoming more public. I’m seeing little hints, winks, and suggestions popping up everywhere I read or go. Perhaps Trump represents one wing and Hilary another. This may explain why the DoD and intelligence community are running into each other in Syria and the media being forced to run these incredibly transparent ‘active shooter events’.

    Honestly these clown shows they put on called ‘elections’ are becoming more and more transparent with each cycle. I hope folks are catching on to the fact that the Praetorian Guards took over a long time ago..

    • We don’t believe they have much infighting (See Bilderbergers) but Murray Rothbard did. Interesting analysis. Thank you.

  • FreeOregon

    Right now the establishment is trying to dump Trump at the GOP convention. They desperately want to continue the status quo from which they sustain themselves, at the expense of the rest of us. The GOP is willing to lose the election by fielding a status quo candidate. Current strategy is to make Hillary appear the obvious winner, and discourage opposition. If that does not work, remember how Bobby Kennedy died?

  • mary

    But she has EXPERIENCE, don’t ya know.

  • buy 1 judge key to cover up
  • If Trump would come out and ask “Why did WTC7 fall down”, I would be able to take all this as something besides theater. It’s like cheering for the Harlem Globe Trotters or the Washington Generals. They work for the same company.

    Solution: Iterative secession

    • hazdrabal

      I agree. I would also accept a promise to FULLY audit the Fed by a specific date with a pledge to resign if it does not occur. But I knew once they sterted giving him coverage and saying he could win and he started getting endorsements that he had been bought/seduced/made to see the light.
      In some ways I see Trump’s (loose) Roman parallel as Sulla. He flirted with all this power, and then made it clear he had no idea what he is doing. All we learned from Trump is that America is ready for a dictator, but he is gradually making it clear he does not have the heart or the integrity to upset the status quo, and I don’t know why people thought a guy $7,000 Brioni suits did.

      • Bruce C.

        So now that his endorsements are getting pulled and they’ve started saying he won’t win and the establishment is working to make sure he doesn’t win do you still think he’s such a shill?

        And what do you mean by “he does not have the heart or the integrity to the status quo”? Isn’t that what you want?

      • “I would also accept a promise to FULLY audit the Fed”

        The Fed is openly mismanaging our Medium of Exchange (MOE). If the audit proves whatever point your asking to be made, what is that point? What change would it enable?

        I sure don’t need a Fed audit to dispel them when they openly say they’re about “price stability” and “full employment”. Those aren’t the purposes of any MOE process. Having an objective of 2% inflation (and delivering 4%) just proves they’re clueless … 0% inflation is the perpetual right number.

        A proper MOE process is only concerned about efficiently enabling simple barter exchange over time and space. It’s about money in perpetual free supply. It’s about perpetual perfect balance between source and demand for the money itself … i.e. 0% inflation.

        Money is created by traders … not by banks, capitalists, and money changers … not by governments.

        This is obvious. To think and say otherwise is to reveal you have bought the con.

    • Bruce C.

      The big question is what people who would otherwise vote for Clinton or Sanders need to hear to vote for Trump. If Trump gets enough votes he’ll win because it will be too hard to cheat. Your comment is preaching to the choir. When Trump mentioned that Bush knew that Iraq didn’t have WMDs he got lambasted and I don’t think a lot of Clinton and Sanders voters gave a damn. Therefore, I don’t think making even bigger/deeper claims will gain any new followers. You’re not alone in thinking he doesn’t go far enough but if he tries that and he doesn’t gain support then he’ll probably lose some of his current, marginal supporters because they already seem to think he’s a loose cannon that makes too many “wild” claims. (Remember, he tried to prove that Obama wasn’t born in the US and couldn’t – or at least couldn’t make it stick – and that made him look foolish.)

      We could debate forever on whether or not Trump is just another insider but it’s a useless debate. You KNOW Clinton is bad news and if Trump is just as bad then it won’t matter. On the other hand he may be a lot better than anyone thinks, so why not vote for him. You can still secede if it comes to that.

      • ” Your comment is preaching to the choir.”
        I’ve run a personal ongoing poll. When someone engages me in a current events subject, I ask them to participate. I show them a video of WTC7 falling down and ask them to tell me “explicitly” what they’re looking at. Only 15 out of now 252 (6%) have ever seen or heard of WTC7. All 252 have seen WTC1&2 come down many times and know all about cavemen with box cutters.

        If you were part of our occupying government (and its captured media) and so was I, I would praise you for your reply.

        In fact, I admonish you. You are a serious part of the problem.

        • Bruce C.

          I think we’re talking apples and oranges here. I’m not running for President. Maybe I misunderstood your first comment but I assumed you meant that if Trump asked such a question he would get your attention, and maybe your vote, and the votes of a lot of others. Maybe all you meant is he would whet your interest, and if he alienated others by doing so so be it.

          That fact that so few have even heard of WTC7 implies that most wouldn’t know what to think of it. The whole world has had almost 15 years to prove what “really happened” on 9/11 and they haven’t in any public way, so how do you expect Trump to do that within the next 5 months? Asking potential voters, doubters, deniers, etc. to ‘look into all the evidence’ is a non-starter. As I’ve said most people don’t seem to give a damn about “the truth”, or at least aren’t very curious or open-minded about it, given how they’ve reacted (or not reacted) to the few relatively minor things Trump HAS broached.

          • “so how do you expect Trump to do that within the next 5 months?”

            Any candidate who does not make the fact that we are an “occupied country” the central focus of their campaign deserves no-ones vote.

            If Trump wasn’t just another part of the problem, he could make that “the” issue. He hasn’t. He’s wasted many months (and years). WTC7 is absolute proof.

            Screwing around with candidates points of origin is nonsense and looks like he’s making himself a straw man. The Muslim thing is a red herring. ISIS is a Mossad, CIA operation. Easily provable false flags abound.

            Everything he’s done so far just makes him look like one of our occupiers.

            WTC7 should have been the first thing on Obama’s plate too. It wasn’t. It never made it to the table.

            When you’re an occupied country, what else matters?

  • hazdrabal

    You can’t vote your way out of taxation without representation, and a commitment to nonviolence in the neoliberal western world of 2016 is a commitment to stay oppressed and victimized. Nonviolence won’t get any results this time because the establishment already claims to be inclusive and liberal and all that BS. Any opposition to the beast is branded as backward or racist or hate-fueled, and the terminally distracted and misinformed public will believe it, every time.
    That leaves only the 1776 solution, and I personally can’t care about what happens to people who would vote away my freedom, so collateral damage and suffering is of zero concern to me.
    I just want to say, I love this place, it is still the gold standard. I like ZeroHedge too (which I actually learned about here), but there’s something not quite right about it, like how they won’t discuss why the site loads and runs so poorly and how they routinely kick commenters off. I’m still not 100% sure whether ZH is a psy-op/trap, and if so, whether that’s voluntary or involuntary. I’ve never had a question about this place. This site just has more integrity in my opinion.

  • robertsgt40

    How can ISIS be an enemy of the US when it’s stated goal is to remove Assad? Anyone remember the old saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? These are all proxy groups, created by the west. The Hegelian Dialectic is alive and well.

  • Pilgrim

    The only way Hililary will win is the way democrats always win . . . election fraud.

  • neil leibrock

    don’t they wish, we the people have yet to vote. we must keep watch on who votes and expose any fraud very load and not back down.