Hillary Deflates? A Setback For War
By Daily Bell Staff - September 13, 2016

Yeah, Hillary Has Pneumonia, But Trump Is Still A Deranged Threat To America … Modern medicine can remedy one of these ailments more thoroughly than the other.  -Huffington Post

As libertarian (former) Congressman Ron Paul pointed out recently (here), the “deep state” elects whom it wants and it seems to have wanted Hillary Clinton.

And even after Hillary’s most recent collapse, articles are appearing in the mainstream media (see above excerpt) pointing out that Hillary is better than the alternative.

This is no coincidence. The mainstream media is owned by a relatively few people and they are surely supported by others,  hidden influencers for the so-called deep state. And it is this deep state that requires, if possible, the services of Hillary Clinton.

The question is why?

One theory (our current theory) is that a big war is evidently being planned at the highest levels. And Hillary is seen as the best individual for numerous reasons to prosecute this war.

We have been taught in our academies and universities that wars are fairly spontaneous eruptions, unplanned in other words, because no one wants war.

But this Internet era has shown us otherwise. Neither world war in the 20th century was the result of unforeseen events. These two wars along with numerous others in the 19th, 20th and 21st century seem to have been laboriously planned. We call their production “directed history,” in fact.

Hitler was funded by Western bankers and World War I commenced after its two most ardent opponents were attacked and one was killed. The one killed was Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was staunchly anti war. The Russian monk Rasputin was stabbed nearly at the same time and lived: He was an ardent anti-war voice in Russia.

Somebody certainly wanted World War I to proceed and was willing to kill off prominent anti-war voices. Both wars were obscenely costly … and both wars contributed significantly to the building of the global state.

It is bankers, mostly, who want the global state and thus comes the saying, “all wars are bankers wars.” (Here.)

It seems another big one is being planned.  And it starts in this case with little ones. These little ones make little sense: No Middle Eastern war we can think of going back to the turn of the century has been justified. But they have occurred nonetheless and kept the Middle East, especially, ablaze for well over a decade.

The Afghan war was aimed at “Taliban” that clearly did not blow up the World Trade Center. The Iraq war commenced because Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction – but he didn’t.

There was never any real reason given for the Libyan war except that Muammar Gaddafi was “oppressive.” Likewise, the Syrian war has proceeded without much overt justification.

They continue nonetheless, and as they do, Russia and China are gradually drifting toward confrontation with the West.

Within what will eventually become a larger war, it seems Hillary was to be an important element. Perhaps Hillary’s political longevity and familiarity with those planning this wider war made her presence as president valuable.

Perhaps it was her gender, which was seen as making it more difficult for opponents to attack her as a warmonger.

Maybe it was simply her political style. Having a female presenting the rationale for war – and doing so in a calm but determined way –  was seen as the preferred mechanism to unlocking and advancing World War III.

It does seem true, if one looks at wars going back to World War II that these wars coalesced around individuals as a mechanical matter. Modern wars at any rate seem to demand a strong personality on either side.

One can make the case for instance that the Vietnam war fell apart partially because of Lyndon Johnson’s unpopularity. And without Hillary at the fore wide, upcoming war, perhaps that war becomes at least somewhat more difficult to prosecute.

Ponder, for instance, World War II and then consider what would have happened if Hitler had passed away in 1938.  Perhaps the war would not have been nearly so long nor resolute. In fact it might not have happened at all.

We would suggest that Hillary’s unavailability as a candidate – if that occurs – may indeed retard potential upcoming hostilities. We would suggest as well that these larger considerations may have generated the apparent desperation to get her into office.

We’re not suggesting a wider war won’t happen no matter who is the US president. And certainly we’re not suggesting that it cannot happen without Hillary. But presumably it might be more difficult.

We don’t discount Donald Trump of course. We notice some of his recent pronouncements track Hillary’s: He seems increasingly anti- free speech and seems to be growing more pro war as well.

However, it’s hard to tell if Trump’s recent comments are merely an attempt to reduce friction with representatives of the deep state or if his positions are changing. But, then again, he is not ordinarily that clear about his positions to begin with.

One can also hypothesize that Hillary’s self-destruction has been in a sense pre-planned for a variety of reasons. But perhaps, just perhaps, elite determination to see Hillary elected was somehow sincere.

Perhaps, just perhaps, she was the “indispensable man” who had the necessary credibility and public persona to usher in the upcoming war most easily and with the appropriate resolute spin.

If this is the case, and if she cannot run and win, then an upcoming major war may be more difficult (at least a little) to ignite and pursue.

Conclusion: There’s no doubt that war was a political priority for Hillary -throughout the Middle East and with Russia too. Without her, is it possible the bloodlust could lag?


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  • john cummins

    Is not the Faux POTUS “oppressive”? Was not Bush 1.0 and 2.0 “oppressive”? How oppressed must we be? In the book Crude Politics we find that the fight vs. the Taliban was about a pipeline for an oil company, thus, wrong target on the 911 scam, etc. I don’t know about you all but I’m feeling more oppression around here by the TSA, NSA, and other non-constitutional ABC orgs than any “terrorist” threat.

    • We have always disagreed about “war for profit.” It is ludicrous that groups that “own” central banks and can print their own money would go to war in Afghanistan or anywhere else for that matter for “resources” or “oil” etc. These are wars of CONTROL. Perhaps Hillary was useful in this regard …

      • Wade House

        Hi DB, I agree. Control of a populace is the number one factor for Wars. But they also weaken the populace economically. Always have. From the days of Egypt and Greece till now. Bankers or Money Lenders will get THEIR MONEY. Govt’s always raise Taxes to pay for Wars…ALWAYS. Who pays Taxes? Also…War is very Profitable for the Bankers and Weapons Makers…always has been. Or am i missing something?
        It may not be their main concern, but I’ve never heard of a War where Bankers didn’t make MASSIVE PROFITS on both sides.
        And Hillary or whoever is elected doesn’t matter. The Bankers/elites will do whatever they have planned. Presidents are just talking heads, just like any other newscaster. They read a teleprompter and do as they are told. Does the DB really think it is any other way? 🙂

        • Yes, as we pointed out in the article, people count. The world’s “controllers” need the “right” people in the right places. It takes time. And Hillary seems to have been important to the strategy.

    • Wade House

      Agree with everything you said…except: The War in Afghanistan was about Opium/Heroin. And the Target of that Heroin was American Youth!
      Multiple Pictures and Stories of Amer.,Brit., and Canadian soldiers guarding Poppy Fields. Taliban shut the fields down because it was destroying their country. We invaded! Note: The BANKS/elites control both the War Machine and the Religious Machine. They always control both sides. All wars are set up and financed by Bankers. All Wars!!! Oh yea, multiple stories about [most of the worlds Heroin comes to America]. google search About 33,800,000 results.


      Jan 21, 2016 – Heroin deaths will kill 165,000 Americans (2016-2026). … Most heroin in the US comes from US-occupied Afghanistan Sep 19, 2015 – “Heroin use more than doubled among young adults ages 18–25 in the past decade,” … would have been impossible prior to the U.S.-led invasion. Sad that we finance our own destruction, if you consider our youth our future. 🙁

      • robertsgt40

        Afghanistan was about pipelines. The US wanted to cross Afghanistan with pipelines from “friendly” states to the EU. Occidental Petroleum talked with the Taliban before 911 and didn’t come to terms. The purpose was to get Russia outta the picture. Heroin was a bonus as noted in the dramatic increase in production.

        • It’s not about pipelines. The British tried to take over Afghanistan 100 years ago with nary a pipeline in sight. It’s about control and building global government. And getting rid o two independent tribes.

          • robertsgt40

            The pipeline deal failed. It was just one of many tools used to secure global hegemony. Lucky for the rest of the world Putin is a great counter puncher. There’s a reason they call Afghanistan the graveyard of empires. The last to “conquer” Afghanistan was Alexander the Great and that was temporary.;)

          • JohnnyZ

            Putin is the controlled opposition of the West, no real adversary. As Lenin said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”.

    • john d

      it sure feels that way. got to remember we elected the a holes who brought the patriot & ‘murikan freedom acts.

  • autonomous

    The destruction of WWII wasn’t by Hitler, Mussolini, or Hirohito but by the geniuses behind the scenes: the bankers, scientists, technocrats and academics who created the weapons that annihilated millions more than the crude instruments of the holocaust. Clinton, Bush, Obama and Hilary or the Donald represent the 21st century crude instruments of the fascists, but the geniuses who create the real destruction of humanity are already implementing the destruction of freedom and wealth of the ninety-nine percent not yet crushed under their heels. Hilary is just one of their whores, on the down slope of her career, already diseased and deteriorated, rotting and worm-eaten. The state is an unearthed casket feeding a zombie population of dead-head voters.

  • Bill Miller

    DB…I`m curious how you see this war playing out? Obviously it could be over in 5 minutes if nukes leave the silos….but there wouldnt be any money in that….will they try to talk people into a standard ground war? Turkey is looking increasingly like a trigger for a bigger “war”…

    • We’ve written extensively on nukes and the fakery surrounding them. Maybe they do work but obviously not all the time. And they are probably a lot less powerful than advertised.

      • Earn nest

        It does seem there is concern over North Korea?

      • Doc

        Why would the US military need 7,000 nukes if they are as destructive as we are told?

        And the Russians another 7,000 nukes, and so on.


  • Praetor

    Well, a bigger war does make one think. Bigger as with Russia and China, that could mean nukes. And that makes you think, who in their right mind would think that’s not a possibility in a war with the U.S. Russia and China involved.

    One thing is for sure if the big three ‘U.S. Russia and China’ continue to build-up their militaries a bigger war is a guaranteed event.

    The nukes would make the three very ‘MAD’ indeed!!!

    • See our note below. How do you know what nukes do and what they don’t do?

      • Praetor

        I do know they don’t need nukes to kill a lot of people. A war between the three is possible. Nukes or not. It probably doesn’t require a Hillary or a Trump to be in charge!!!

  • apberusdisvet

    Even though the banking cartel/deep state/whatever, I’m sure, have prepared deep underground bunkers, I just don’t see them promoting a nuke war. There is no way for them to know what will be left to control or plunder further. I do see a financial war which they think can be successfully managed, although their current global monetary control seems to be fraying at the edges. Trump is not stupid; no big policy plans for the FED, the bankers, etc. I’m sure he knows who really orchestrated Dealey Plaza, and has planned accordingly.

    • JohnnyZ

      It will be a conventional war in Ukraine, Syria and South China sea. Probably it will be more of a theatre than a real war.

  • mary

    This paragraph should have been as follows:

    Ponder, for instance, World War II and then consider what would have
    happened if *Churchill* had passed away in 1938. Perhaps the war would not
    have been nearly so long nor resolute. In fact it might not have
    happened at all.

    Churchill was the disgusting warmonger who pushed the war from the beginning.

    • Good point.

    • Wrusssr

      The London international banking cabal that owns the square mile area in the middle of London that’s known as ‘The City’ (that’s an independent nation and not a part of Great Britain)—not Churchill—are the ones who called/call the shots for wars between/in/with nations. It’s their most lucrative producer of future revenue streams as DB and readers have pointed out.

      America’s dealing with these bankers began with its revolution; which defeated their army. But before the smoke cleared, these bankers had begun shipping tomahawks, knives, guns, powder and shot back to Indian tribes to kill colonists. Andrew Hamilton, Washington’s treasurer and current historical darling of Broadway, was working for them.

      Having failed at their first try to secure America’s vast resources, they attacked again and burned the White House in the War of 1812—often called the Western War—while simultaneously attacking the nation financially.

      Two weeks after the war of 1812 had ended, Andrew Jackson dealt the British a major defeat at the Battle of New Orleans (neither side knew). Subsequently elected President, Jackson refused to renew their central bank charter in America when he became President. They tried to assassinate him twice for this and failed. What followed was the nation’s most prosperous and debt-free period of its history (hence, too, the recent discussion to take Jackson’s picture off the $20 bill).

      After having paid congress to pass key legislation for them (Act of 1871), this same generational banking cabal wormed their way back into America financially. With the help of their American financial confederates (that included J.P. Morgan), they compromised Woodrow Wilson by agreeing to fund his run for the presidency in 1913; guaranteeing him the office in return for his signature on the Federal Reserve Act that gave away congress’s Constitutional right to coin (print) the nation’s money; thus giving them the right to set up their central bank (The Fed) in America and sell America its money with interest in perpetuity.

      This financial control model has been expanded to roughly 150 nations in the 21st century, giving the London-headquartered bankers a monopoly over the planet’s paper money. In return for this fiat money, nations must put up their hard assets for collateral—minerals, gold, silver, government land, etc; hence the generous operating budgets lavished on corrupt politicians, government officials, dictators, despots, et al by these bankers with the paper money their central banks—the only banks “authorized” to print this fiat money— print for the cost paper, ink, and press-time.

      A few key Arab countries had their own independent central banks, but they’re gone. This is what the “Arab Springs” were all about.

      Which brings us to the possibility of WWIII as DB has written. But this time it won’t be for revenue streams because—opinion here—they’re being established at the UN under the guise of the “Paris Climate Treaty”; the environment and climate being used as strawmen along with agencies like the EPA in America to confiscate private property using administrative “law” (illegal, unconstitutional, rules and regulations issued by the EPA that carry with them fines and imprisonment for private property owners who don’t comply); given to the EPA and other agencies like the CDC by a purchased congress.

      A WWIII will be for control of humanity and the establishment of the banker-owned-one-currency world government with themselves in charge, and administered through their UN that they also own, and that’s controlled by the Rockefellers.

      The type of central government that will be established will be similar to the one the Bolsheviks established after they took over the Russian Revolution in 1917, in my opinion, which also was bankrolled by these same generational bankers. Swedish researcher Juri Lina has estimated that at least 60 million men, women, and children died following the Bolshevik takeover in Russia circa 1917-1944.

      Nobel winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, arguably the greatest Russian writer ever, finished two volumes about these killers more than a decade ago before he died. Both are blocked from English translation except for “select” chapters.

      • Wrusssr

        Should be Alexander — not Andrew — Hamilton.

      • JohnnyZ

        Mostly correct. Some points to add:
        – Churchill (“the mad dog”) was not a puppet without will, but a high ranking mason (probably 33rd degree) as were Stalin and FDR. Churchill was also behind the sinking of the Lusitania to finally force the US into WW I.
        – The war of 1812 was fought in order to renew the charter of the US Central Bank on orders of Rothschild of London, which then was achieved in 1816 with the Second Bank of the U.S.
        – The 1776 U.S. “revolution” was not a spontaneous event, but was planned by masons in Europe and the U.S. – the idea was to create the façade of a new nation (and use free economic principles to quickly conquer the continent economically / politically), but keep it secretly bonded to the City of London (via a central bank dominated by Rothschild & Co and probably other links – e.g. royal bloodlines running for president, Washington DC being a corporation with English admiralty law reigning, etc.). One should also look at the US flag and its history and meaning, the presence of Roman fascios in official symbols / buildings, masonic architecture in Washington DC etc.
        – One should definitely read Juri Lina’s other book, “Architects of Deception”, which deals with the masons / illuminati of the West. The Bolsheviks were all “jews” (actually they are khazars) and masons (or linked to them)

        • Interesting points. Don’t forget Hamilton pushed through the Constitution illegally.

  • Bruce C.

    Trump will only support a war if he thinks it will benefit America. That’s going to be a tough sell given the national debt and the fact that so many problems in the US are because of bad US government policies – NOT foreign threats – so expending even more domestic resources on another geo-political cluster f—k is a waste. It would be like fighting a perceived potential threat while having pneumonia. Not smart, and a Trump Presidency WILL be smart (and not corrupt.)

    • JohnnyZ

      …and Santa Claus will bring you a big present this year (through the chimney!)

      • Bruce C.

        If you don’t like surprises then vote for Clinton.

        • JohnnyZ

          Do not vote at all! It is a false choice. When you vote, you give legitimacy to a false system, giving you the choice of evil No.1 vs. evil No.2. If you vote, you have no right to complain (ask George Carlin).

          • john d

            or jill stein and you won’t have to compromise your integrity. oh I forgot the corp media has already said she cannot win and surely they would not mislead us.

    • gabeh73

      Bruce I beg you…

      Don’t be as naive as those who believed “read my lips no new taxes”
      Don’t be as naive as those who believed “The era of big government is over”
      Don’t be as naive as those who believed “I believe in a humble foreign policy”
      Don’t be as naive as those who believed “We will have the most transparent government ever”

      Trump has shown he is willing to engage in crony/government bribing scams and supported corrupt politicians many times….he want to run as daddy bushes VP!

      he will not prosecute the Clintons for their crimes if elected president just as Obama wouldn’t prosecute Bush….even if you must persist in believeing the Trump-isn’t-corrupt fairy tale for now….at least be smart enough to observe how Trump starts lying and moving forward with the police/warfare/regulatory state after elected.

      • Bruce C.

        You could be right but I hope you’re wrong. In the meantime, what are the alternatives?

        As I’ve written before, the fact that Trump has made such a big deal about being “an outsider”, “a businessman,” someone “who cares about this country and wants to give back,” is “not a politician,” someone who knows how the system works and so won’t be fooled by it and knows how to counter it, etc. IF he capitulates and changes for the worst then it will be clearer than ever to more people than ever that the current system CAN NOT be changed or fixed. That will then set up the existential choice between some sort of revolution (i.e., physical removal of those in office) or subservience and the lose of liberty for all mankind possibly forever.

        You and other readers here may already be convinced but I don’t think enough are for a revolution to have a chance of success, at least not yet. Hopefully, Trump will be better and able to make more changes than any of us think possible at this time. We shall see.

  • Cynthia McKinney PhD

    Beware where The War Party birds will roost next. Right now, they are fully vested in the Democratic [sic] Party—no matter who the election day nominee turns out to be. The Deep State has many enticements for the weak and ethically/morally compromised. Sadly, the line is long of willfully blind Hillary replacements in all political parties who are willing to sell out the people for a trinket from The Deep State. The purest form of people power, in my opinion, is Direct Democracy.

    • Praetor

      Yes. The Neocon war party seems to have no problem with party affiliation nor party platforms, just as long a war be found. I think Direct Democracy would be fine, as long as government be small and underfunded. Laissez-faire is great, with a minimal government. Hong Kong is a good example!!!

      • Cynthia McKinney PhD

        Well, actually, that was the next phase of the Jamahiriya in Libya: withering away of the government in favor of the ultimate individual sovereignty with state oil revenues going directly to the people without the mediation of government. That was imminent, causing the US-installed puppet President to proclaim that the true aim of the Jamahiriya was “anarchy.” Being a colonial outpost on the China mainland, I doubt that Hong Kong could be truly characterized as a laissez-faire economy. Colonialism was and neocolonialism is anything BUT laissez-faire!!!

        • Praetor

          My thinking about any government. All forms of government would work if the people running the government are right and true. Unfortunately power seem to make humans corruptible. Hong Kong today, not yesterday. On the street Laissez-Faire, up on high maybe not so much. Autonomous for 30 more years. Maybe Hong Kong can take over China!!!

          • Samarami

            “…All forms of government would work if the people running the government are right and true…”

            No monopolies, anywhere, “work”. If by “work” you mean benefit those who are grouped under and profess to oversee the monopoly, I suppose I’d have to retract and say that yes, “governments” (“states”) work very nicely — for the monopolizers. But they never, never, never “work” for those patronizing or being affected by the monopoly.

            Read this:


          • Praetor


            What I am saying is no form of gov no matter how simple or complicated will ever work because humans do have inherent character problems. But on the other hand if humans did not have those inherent character issues, just maybe any form of gov would work minus those pesky character issue!!!

          • Samarami

            Well, Praetor, you’ve heard my mantra: the only legitimate governing agency is the family unit — all others are coercive interlopers. But, when you think about it, I guess (at least in the eyes of the kids) Mom and Dad represent the monopoly. The 1 or 2 year-old’s have no real choice except to obey. In their eyes, that’s what we would call “force of arms”.

            One of those “inherent character problems” I’m sure you’ve heard at least a dozen times (if you have kids — I have 7, one soon to be 60): “…you just wait ’till I’m 18! THEN you can’t tell me what to do!…” Already they’ve been steeped into statism, with the idea that 18 years creates a magical phenomenon called “adulthood”. Later, of course (and all too soon) the time comes when she arrives back from college and laments, “…please, Dad — tell me what to do!…” Mum & Dad just got a lot smarter.

            John Hasnas, in his “Obviousness of Anarchy“, writes:

            “…I am presenting an argument for anarchy in
            the true sense of the term; that is, a
            society without government, not a society
            without governance. There is no such
            thing as a society without governance. A
            society with no mechanism for bringing
            order to human existence is oxymoronic; it
            is not “society” at all…”

            I have no prediction as to exactly how governance in anarchy is going to play out — presuming we both live to see government collapse and the distaste for monopoly state strong enough so that a plurality of people don’t supplicate for and bow to another round of tyranny.

            You might say I have faith in the marketplace — and the internet reformation. Sam

  • Doski

    Control, Pipeline, Heroin, are all just gravy when considering the War in Afghanistan but the ‘Bottom Line Motivation’ for prosecuting almost every war since the 1800’s and common denominator is about Banking. More recently, Expanding the CENTRAL BANKING Cartel.
    What the War destroys to initiate a Central Bank needs to be rebuilt and with little in the way of a functional currency or System of Finance a “Central Bank” becomes a Welcomed Solution for the Impoverished Masses who don’t realize the destruction is merely a form of Purely Evil Stealth Motivation. (as in Starve or accept the Institution).
    Wars generates Profits via the Military Industrial Complex, followed by the Profits of rebuilding, which in turn Generates more profits via the skimming of Taxes to pay interest on Fiat Money now printed, manipulated, and controlled by who else but the Central Banks. In the process the Central Banks start a Spiral of in-debting the populous because the interest charged upon a finite amount of cash CAN”T be paid as there is only the amount of cash printed to pay back the debt (the amount printed PLUS Interest) so more cash must be printed to cover the interest which is then Loaned, again, to the Govt. with an ever increasing amount of Interest Due.
    Before you disregard what ‘s been stated . . . consider . . . Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and coming VERY SOON Syria all had NO Central Banks before the US got involved in Wars there. Now they Do, or in Syria’s case . . . Will. Follow the Money, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future. It’s all designed as “A Permanent Skimming Scheme !

    • Randy

      The banking system HAS to collapse, because there is no longer any way to support it! When the electricity goes off due to the hyperinflation that is about to hit us square in the teeth, there will not be any possible way to run the computers that run the banks that run the world! Y2K didn’t kill off 95% of the world’s population, but WWIII will. All of the phones will go dead, the TV and radio stations will go off the air, the refineries will have to shut down with no way to pay for anything. Foods will sit in the fields and rot, what is in the pipelines will stop moving, the water and gas will cease too. Without a stable monetary system in place, no electrical workers will do their very dangerous jobs and so the power plants will have to shut down for that alone. If the power companies cannot pay their fuel bills and rate payers can’t send in their money, how can the lights stay on?

  • JohnnyZ

    Some more theories:
    1. Hitlery’s sickness is meant to discredit this election (and US elections and the two-party system in general), so that the global government can take over. Barry will stay president and enter the war.
    2. Hitlery was never meant to succeed as a president, but Trump who is “friendly” to Putin (the potential future leader of the global government)
    3. Hitlery will become healthy in time and prove that she is a tough girl. She will be the next woman of the year after Andrea Murkel and take her place next to LaGarde (currently complaining that globalism has left the ordinary people behind) and other female “leaders”, who are more useful to sell the future “there are no alternatives” political decisions.

    • john d

      we are all disillusioned and disappointed with our world as run by the 100,000 crooked politicians and rulers who are controlled completely by the 10,000 .001% ers whose love of money and privilege knows no limits. what we may be witnessing (I pray) is the hand of god correcting the course of human history. evil has exercised its’ control over the world for too long. now what is necessary to overcome evil is for good people to stand up and say no more war, no more hunger and no more suffering. if we do not rise up the next intervention may well be the wrath of god. thy kingdom come(:)

      • asadstateofaffairs

        “stand up and say no more war, no more hunger and no more suffering”
        So when these 10,000 ignore our indignant objection to their impunity, which they have for decades or centuries or millennia, then where does the rubber meat the road? Or said differently, how do you negotiate with a psychopath?
        It seems like to me that we all sit on our hands and refuse to borrow or spend money and that starves them out – which is happening right now, because their debt pyramid has to grow or it dies catastrophically?

        • john d

          a good idea also voting 3rd party and most important avoid corporate media. our consumption habits fuel the oligarchs. try to make due with a little less and definitely do not support amazon, Walmart ect

          • Randy

            It matters not one bit whom you “vote” for, the ones who control the machines will determine who wins and who loses. If Trump had even an ounce of integrity to his name, he would have dropped out after shooting off his big mouth about the elections being rigged!! If he knows that the electoral process is a rigged up scam, not even a game anymore, he shouldn’t waste any more time or money in pursuing it! Or is everybody but me too damn stupid to see that simple fact?

          • Samarami

            Abstain from beans, my friend. That’s what I call “…good people standing up…” Sam

  • Roxanne Stickney

    And theirs a 3rd Party option!

  • Ann

    I believe they want her in so bad because she has Tim Kaine as her VP. (a Jesuit) If you are unfamiliar with what a Jesuit is, definitely research the term. Not something you would want to be POTUS, which is what would happen if Hillary got in and then conveniently died.

  • Ann

    Well now, Hillary is reportedly dead, critically ill, or arrested. I don’t know, but things sure seem to have loosened up since her “incident” on 9-11. I am speculating that she is incapacitated and out of the race at any rate, and Trump (who is also Jesuit inclined; went to a Jesuit college as did his children) is now the only one in the race that the MSM is recognizing. Gary Johnson has been turned down by the “Debate” commission so it is going to be very interesting to see if there even is a “debate”. What ever the commission does it will not stop the rise in the Johnson camp; they’re hot and getting hotter. It will be impossible to ignore him much longer.