Hillary Won’t Hold Press Conferences Because Media Is Sexist
By Daily Bell Staff - July 09, 2016

Decades-old pink sweater helps explain why Hillary Clinton really hates press conferences  …  Why is she so reluctant to stand in front of the assembled media and take questions?  The answer could have something to do with the very first news conference Clinton held as first lady in 1994, an event that became known as the “pink press conference” or the “pretty-in-pink press conference.” – National Post

The National Post has just explained why Hillary avoids press conference: The media discriminates against her because she is a woman.  Also: The Media “never lets go of a scandal.”

Reportedly, she’s not held one in 2016 and last held one on Dec. 4 2015.

She doesn’t like them. She avoids them. This perception apparently took hold after the so-called “pretty-in-pink” press conference.

The Pretty-in-Pink news conference was intended to address charges over a Clinton scandal involving a bankrupt housing development called Whitewater.

The results of the press conference included speculation on why she wore the sweater but didn’t do much to decrease interest in Whitewater. That seems have created a grudge that has lasted some 20 years.

The speculation surrounding the sweater was obvious: She was trying to soften her image as “co-president” by reminding the media she was in fact Bill Clinton’s wife.

For Hillary defenders, the lack of press conferences is part of a larger strategy of self-preservation.

The press is seen as invasive, and its questioning unfair and relentless.

More from the National Post:

Clearly Clinton does not appreciate reporters’ interest in how she dresses or, more broadly, their subjecting her to any scrutiny that a man in her position would not have to deal with.

During a news conference last March, she was asked whether she would face “all this fuss” about her private email usage, if she were a man. Clinton smiled, threw up her hands and said, “Well, I will leave that to others to answer.”

The article concludes that Clinton will have to have a press conference at some point but that she “it’s unlikely that she will ever warm up to these sessions. Given her history — or the way she seems to view her history, anyway — it’s not hard to figure out why.”

On the other hand, we have this from the Washington Post:

… Clinton has acknowledged in the past that she isn’t terribly comfortable speaking in public and, therefore, should avoid doing it.

… Here’s the fundamental problem with [the] argument: Clinton giving a news conference and allowing the media to ask her about anything isn’t a luxury item in a democracy. It’s a core principle.

Remember that the vote on Nov. 8 presumably will elect either Clinton or Donald Trump to the single most powerful office in the country and, maybe, the world.

… The idea that Clinton should continue to ignore the media because it’s good strategy is ludicrous. To be elected president of the United States, you must demonstrate the ability to field tough questions, to think on your feet and to deal with less-than-ideal situations.

One can certainly argue that the real reason Hillary doesn’t hold press conferences is because she’s told too many lies and doesn’t want to be confronted with them. But it’s convenient to blame her reluctance on a sexist, badgering press.

In the longer run it probably doesn’t matter if Clinton holds a conference or not.

Obama was accessible while running for office and even ran on the slogan “hope and change.”

But when one scrutinizes his record and what actually did change, it is fairly clear that most of the changes are cosmetic. Even his big accomplishment of furthering nationalizing health care can be seen in the context of a larger drift in that direction.

Like Bush before him, he hasn’t made any significant economic changes, nor has the US debt decreased, nor have its wars lessened. The nation remains on its present downward course.

That’s understandable given that the larger, elite plan seems to be to continue to weaken the US as part of a strategy to create increased global governance.

Conclusion: Elections in the US have little or no affect on the sociopolitical or economic structure of the country. This goes for Europe too. If changes come, they occur as the result of larger systemic influences that have little to do with the individual politician. Win or lose, if Hillary enters office, the results will be the same as before – only, given her background and psychopathology – much, much worse. Which is actually why her corporate, banking and military supporters are determined to elevate her.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Texxtyn

    The same media that’s forcing her illegal installment on us. Yep. believable.

  • r2bzjudge

    During a news conference last March, she was asked whether she would
    face “all this fuss” about her private email usage, if she were a man.
    Clinton smiled, threw up her hands and said, “Well, I will leave that to
    others to answer.”

    The obvious answer is yes, a man would have faced the same fuss, as national security violation was at stake. The FBI did not assign over 100 people to the case because Hillary is a woman.

    • lynncar47

      She already knew the outcome of the investigation. You could tell by the way she was acting all through this mess. Anyone with honor and integrity would have fessed up and dropped out of the race for the sake of decency. That is the last thing in her and any liberal’s mind. Not only do they want power to control the government and enrich themselves in the process, they want to have the power to tell us what we can and cannot think, say, drink, or eat — the power to control how much health care and when we get it — the power to control the environment and the longevity of our lives — all in the name of the people. Sound like Communism to you? Well, it is.

      • Rolf Loth,Canada

        I am often wondering how a nation of over 300 Million people cannot come up with some candidates for president that have an impeccable background and moral fortitude to make a great nation that promotes peace instead of a corrupt version of democracy, and to the contrary, select the worst criminals and financial manipulators to the highest office in the country. If Ron Paul, or others like him are to good for this position, then Americans fully deserve what’s coming to them. Stupidity in this day and age is a dangerous thing!

        • LawrenceNeal

          Because this nation of over 300 Million people is ruled by the .001% Elite, the 400 families that own almost everything in the US, including the so-called ‘government’, and it is they who select the consecutive puppets that pose as leaders.

  • knifemare69

    The wicked flee when none pursue, LOL!

  • doodaa

    “never lets go of a scandal.”Sounds like a veiled confession to me, actually admitting she’s involved in scandals?

  • r2bzjudge

    “The nation remains on its present downward course.”

    A cycle has 360 degrees. 90 degrees is the peak. The American empire is past the peak, just as the Roman and British empires passed their peaks.

    Once past the peak, the course is relentlessly down, regardless that there may be some bounces along the way.

  • Yes, the media is sexist, and that’s why she won’t hold press conferences. (cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough)

    • RJ O’Guillory

      …that’s excellent!

      • Here is more evidence of the media’s sexism. It reveals an actual seizure Hillary had that did not appear on the nightly news.

        • RJ O’Guillory

          …most of us already know what Hillary is…and I know she has been wearing the special glasses….speculation that she’d had a stroke or had fallen….but I had not heard of the seizure. I will have to watch that video. At the age of 49….after I’d worked all over the world for US DoD…24 years of war zones, climbing mountains, forest fires…they tell me I am genetically epileptic…and that I had been experiencing… “unobserved seizures”…throughout my life. This was untrue, as there was plenty of anecdotal evidence of my seizures…only no one would share it with me…parents who ignored the signs, wives who up and left me with no explanations or horrors in the home? So I gave up driving, had a seizure and drove a car 7 miles through the mountain roads…until I drove off a 200 foot cliff at 70 mph. I remember none of it… except a glimpse of memory when they found me down the cliff face and were loading me into the basket. Last year they put me in the hospital to do a study on my brain…in which they induced a couple of seizures over a few days. We told them that I have remarkable post-seizure-fugue-abilities and they needed to be aware. They assured my wife and I that I would be monitored 24/7 through doctors, nurses and while on video. The night I had the grande-mal seizure…I endured a 3 minute seizure, had the time to take off the ekg, eeg and other devices on my head / body…and they finally found me on the fifth floor…in some other patient’s room… standing up in the window sill, as I tried to unscrew the screen and step out. All I recall is coming awake with my hand up on the window-screen-screw! Long story short…seizures can be horrendous things…and should automatically deny Hillary The Presidency.
          RJ O’Guillory

          • Wow, what an amazing story you’ve shared!

            The video is only 1 minute and 3 seconds long with multiple angles of her seizure and slo mo.

          • RJ O’Guillory

            …that is either a strangely edited video…or that is weird..(?) Almost as though it started out as a laugh…(perhaps another fake one)…and then seized for a second? She didn’t look all there at the very end. And yes…I have had a truly remarkable life….lived in Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Hungary…worked all over the US, Europe & Asia…climbed Mt. Fuji…received a personal tour of Air Force One, got kicked off a golf course by The Secret Service for The President…in the middle of the 16th hole….just…”you’ve got to go”…Ha! And…I wrote a book…that is being converted to a screenplay…with an eye towards a major film. All while having unobserved seizures my entire life? Very strange to reconcile…except for the hundreds of seizures I’ve endured in the past six years. I have learned to avoid stimuli and take a boat-load of medication…so they have subsided a bit. You should read my memoir Webster Groves…you may enjoy it.
            RJ O’Guillory

          • Good for you RJ!

            I was born in Germany and climbed Mt. Fuji with my family at the age of five. It was a GREAT experience. Tried to be a caddy at Ft. Belvoir, if that is where you got kicked off the course, but no one would ever take up our services..

            You might be interested in trying a tablespoon of coconut oil once or twice a day. Here is a link to five or more cases where people with epilepsy stopped having any episodes. One person simply put the oil on their skin.

            Some have continued with medicines while others have not needed them. I hope it helps.


          • RJ O’Guillory

            …Coconut oil! I will try some of that. I loved Germany… I worked in Wurzburg…lived an a 600 year old home in a village outside of the city. We climbed Mt. Fuji during the snowy-off-season, drinking as we went…100 feet at a time….until about 3/4 of the way up, two Japanese-Rangers come skiing down the slope and try to tell us we are in “great danger”! Ha! And it was The West Course at Andrews that GHW Bush threw us all off his course. It was worth the price….watching the two Marine One Helicopters landing, all the Limousines…watching the old war criminal tee-off. In fact…the hilarious part of my career is what I really did for a living. I was very good at managing, and then teaching people to manage very high volume Fast Food Restaurants….(McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, , etc, etc.)….and did so all over the world for DoD. I once ran a beer tent in Hungary that was opened 4 hours a night, sold beer for two bucks…and did $20,000 a night in sales! I ended up teaching about 20 different restaurant brands, became an EEO Counselor / Investigator, a Sanitation Expert, ergonomics expert…. and beat DoD at their corruption. My next book… “Confessions of a Federal Hamburger Flipper”….Ha! Take care…and thanks for the coconut oil suggestion!

  • JosephConrad

    She is a lying, thieving, unindicted murderer. Her past and current acts and
    behaviors lay her open to deserved public criticism. Her Bengazi and Email
    cases are but two examples. She deserves no respect on prison !

  • JohnnyR6356

    Hillary won’t hold a press conference because she is a despicable lying loser and she knows it…no questions…too hard…”ask me that again and you’re dead” Worthless POS!

  • Karen Kennedy

    What a load of crap! The media worships that creepy, old female! Seriously? The media is “sexist?” Turn on the television. There are women who are commentators for every sport on Earth! Football, baseball, basketball, curling, etc.,etc. As far as the mainstream media news…let’s talk about the Clinton News Network (CNN). Those spin doctors worship the ground she walks on! Hillary Clinton is a liar, thief, murderer who doesn’t want to face the general public. She would rather stay shielded by the security forces who protect her weak ass (at taxpayer expense), and avoid ANY confrontation that truly matters. Her supporters are a bunch of zombies who will do anything she says and accept any lie that her wretched mouth spews! God will judge her and her husband for a lifetime of blood on their hands.

    • Heywood Jablome

      Although I am in agreement with your comment, CNN is dying the death of a thousand cuts, its viewership is at all time lows and falling, the MSM is being challenged by the ready access generally to everyone, of the most truthful verson of most events, which reveals their cheerleading agenda for the status quo, the NY times and the Washington Post are two of the most egregious examples which come to mind

      • Karen Kennedy

        I concur. The aforementioned MSM news sources are all being led around by the nose, courtesy of the HRC campaign. The Post, Times, CNN, MSNBC are all raving fans of hers (whether they like it or not). Thank you for replying!

      • DriverRob

        Very true, but about half the people don’t pay attention to national and international events until something big happens. They are essentially clueless about things that happened in the past, especially Hillary’s history and have no understanding of Hillary’s perfidy since she was fired from her very first job as a Congressional staffer, for, wait for it,…LYING! So the herd ignores Hillary’s lying until close to the election when the MSM is reporting that Hillary is promising free college educations, a basic income for everyone, free healthcare for all, and the right to food and housing and no hurtful speech from anyone, and she is about to become the first woman President. Yea for women, every woman should vote for her. Unfortunately, there are enough BlueDog Democrats and clueless women who will vote for her and get her dangerously close winning.

  • lynncar47

    How is she going to face the hard questions IF she becomes el presidente? Oh wait, I know how . . . She won’t face them. How lovely. To be kind, this woman has pudding for brains.

  • windsor1

    Hillary should be thankful the press is sexist. They can focus on degrading her as a woman and in the process overlook the scandals, murders, morality pathological lying and other aspects of her impeccable character.

  • lynncar47

    “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.” Psalms 12:8

  • Praetor

    I always assumed Hillary had no conscience, no shame. But question about her dirty deeds may prick that shame and the conscience she has buried so deep.

    She knows she is no good to the core. Could be the devil holds a contract!!!

  • desertspeaks

    oh come on, we all know why this witch won’t hold a press conference, it’s because she will only further dig the hole deeper for her MANY FELONIES, and she knows it!

  • maxparrish

    “The press is seen as invasive, and its questioning unfair and relentless.”

    Isn’t that something Trump keeps saying?

  • Heywood Jablome

    The perfidy and duplicity which has been a trait of both Clintons for the last 4 decades, is rich fodder for those who want to ask hard questions to which this disingenuous harridan would not have suitable answers, because they would put on display her lack of ethics, her lying, and her complete lack of morals as they concern the regular folks, how the supporters of her candidacy can rationalize her complete sociopathy is beyond those of us who have a 3 digit iq and a critical thought process

  • joe_bob_gonzales

    the woman is like a cock roach. would she just take her millions and go away.

  • Captain Turk

    There are perhaps few who would dissent to testify of Hillary’s moral depravity and darkened mind. Nevertheless, in a nominal democracy, does not her candidacy itself speak volumes about the heart of the nation?

    • Good point.

    • h3rodotus

      You mean in the sense that she stole the election?

      • Captain Turk

        Brother Herodotus, no-one steals what they have purchased. But as a student of histories perhaps you know the words of French philosopher Joseph de Maistre – “The nation will receive the government it deserves”.
        Hillary’s victory cry will be “I am woman – hear me roar!”

        • h3rodotus

          I do, it reminds me of that one that said the only way for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. It is hard to be good and hard to do nothing but harder still to transmit information between human beings. A magnificant clammor we make among the atoms.

          • Captain Turk

            Indeed fellow-traveler Herodotus! You have fully compassed both ends of the mystery – navigating that difficult path which lies between matter and morality. A lonely path that few follow – for it holds a mirror to one’s soul.

  • robertsgt40

    If it wasn’t for the corrupt press, Hitlery would’ve been jailed decades ago.

    • LawrenceNeal

      And Bernie Sander’s successes wouldn’t have been ignored-

  • rahrog

    Images of the end of the Ceausescus dance in my head.

  • Doski

    Expected Nothing Less. Obama Has Abused the “RACIST” Card for Nearly 8 Years. HELLary intends to Use the “SEXIST” card for another 8 Years.
    The more thing change, the more they stay the same.
    Lies, Blame Game, Illusions and Delusions are the Strategy of the Century, all enabled by Political Control of the Dept of UN-Education.

  • SnakePlissken

    Hillary Clinton is the Antichrist.

  • Jeff Wright

    Clinton II, like Obama, Bush 43, Clinton I, etc., before her were/are all highly flawed individuals, poorly equipped to lead and chosen by an unknowing, clamoring mass of subsidized and pampered whiners forever seeking to find “Great Leader” and getting instead popular slugs…..this will all end very badly…..

  • LawrenceNeal

    Remember that the vote on Nov. 8 presumably will elect either Clinton or Donald Trump to the single most powerful office in the country and, maybe, the world. As if Bernie Sanders isn’t still in the running.

  • h3rodotus

    Hillary can’t hold a press conference because every time she does she lies so much that it haunts her for 6 months. The less you know about her the better. Now that the FBI director has come out and admitted she would no longer be qualified to even work at the FBI because of her massive email problems I say it is time for her to step aside and let Bernie run. Do you think Hillary won’t drop out because she is an anti-semite?? Jk haha.