Hillary’s Broken Trust Is a Media Catastrophe
By Daily Bell Staff - September 20, 2016

What Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is really about, explained with a cartoon … It’s a constant source of news coverage, particularly in conservative outlets, where it’s turned into vessel for a larger message: that Clinton can’t be trusted. -Vox

Vox has written an article that minimizes suspicion about Hillary Clinton’s larger transgressions regarding her “email scandal” while attempting to focus on the “real” issues surrounding them.

Here’s how Vox puts it:

Republicans have insisted Clinton [kept State-Dept. related emails on her own server] to avoid having her emails released, or subject to the Freedom of Information Act. In other words, the accusation is that she did it so the public couldn’t see her communication.

This goes to motive, which means it’s difficult to prove either way, and anyone who claims otherwise is speculating. But the idea that she is actively trying to hide her communication feeds into a more absurd accusation that we should dismiss: that Clinton tried to delete emails from her server during the House’s Benghazi investigation.

It’s hard to credit this last statement given reports of eight-to-12 Hillary Blackberry phones being destroyed with hammers, but this is the case Vox is making. Obviously Hillary is not shy about deleting personal or professional information.

The article then gets to the point of its argument, which is that the real problem with Hillary’s emails have to do with a disregard of cybersecurity and a lack of transparency.

We wrote about Vox previously in August, here, in anarticle entitled, “Vox Article: Silly Slow-Growth Speculation Avoids Central Bank Blame.”

The article listed a number of reasons why the US economy remained in a “slow growth” pattern but never mentioned the real reason, which is central bank monetary distortion.

We found the article quite misleading and looked into the background of  Vox. Here’s what we wrote:

 Of course, no doubt we shouldn’t expect much from Vox whose founders reportedly include Markos Moulitsas, creator of the CIA-affiliated Daily Kos – see HERE and HERE..

According to Wikipedia, “Vox Media, Inc. is headquartered in Washington, DC and New York, New York with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, and San Francisco. The network now features over 300 sites with over 400 paid writers.

As we’ve pointed out elsewhere, CIA involvement can be very good for business. Facebook and Google have both been funded by the CIA.

Daily Kos is a very big left-wing website and Vox and its affiliates seems to be doing well too.

More from this Vox email story:

We should be able to talk about [Hillary’s email] problems with clarity … When Clinton was offered an email address on State Department servers, her staff refused. Instead, they used a server in the Clinton’s home, maintained part-time by two staffers.

We don’t know why Clinton used a private server. She says it’s because she only wanted to carry one mobile device … But this is what led to multiple problems — and multiple storylines around those problems.

The article wants us to believe Hillary’s problems should be examined generally and theoretically. From a cybersecurity standpoint, the State Dept. itself has many problems to confront. Too much is classified and State Dept. software protections are not good enough.

From a transparency perspective, it is impossible to tell what Hillary’s motives were but the Obama administration has been one of the least transparent administrations in history. The issue of transparency is therefore a general one that is troubling to the US democracy. “It touches on two increasingly relevant issues about our data — how we should protect it, and who should be able to see it.”

And the conclusion: “[These questions] have been reframed into this amorphous narrative about trust.”

But, please, no …  it’s not nearly so complicated. The Clinton’s set up a, by now, vast foundation and basically used it as a way to trade favors for payments.

If an overseas or domestic entity wanted to get something done politically, it would make a donation to the Clinton Foundation.

There is also plenty of evidence that the Foundation was run as a political administration-in-waiting. The Clintons may have been able to keep their entire out-of-office political structure intact while Hillary tried to re-achieve the family presidency.

Plenty of articles are available about Hillary’s emails and the Foundation and how it operates. The larger point here is that at least half of the nation’s voting community is anti-Clinton and many are well aware of what has taken place and how this only adds to previous political abuses.

The fundamental issue regarding the Clinton’s behavior is not what they did but what is being regularly reported in the mainstream media. Trust when it comes to the mainstream media is plunging and much of that collapse is said to be among those who identify as Republican. The Clintons may or may not recover from Hillary’s latest evasive and arrogant behaviors but the mainstream media probably has less chance of doing so.

Conclusion: This is quite significant and means that those who control the mainstream media have virtually lost the “trust” of half of adult users of media. This will have significant, tumultuous and even bloody ramifications.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Sven

    I canceled cable 8 years ago because I couldn’t stand the media. I’ve always been a little early to the party. Many Americans are still taking the bait. Very sad.

    • Aaron Bell

      I had tape over my camera lens with the very first pc with camera (04 or 05) and my friends and family called me a loon. There is nothing like the smell of egg on a face or crows breath.

    • Perplexed

      I did the same thing years ago. Nothing but propaganda. Zero information unless you want the score of some sporting event.

  • r2bzjudge

    “The fundamental issue regarding the Clinton’s behavior is not what they
    did but what is being regularly reported in the mainstream media.”

    Regularly misreported by the mainstream media. Which is why fewer people trust the MSM to tell us the truth.

  • PJ London

    The Foundation is also the reason that Hillary HAS to become president, If she does not, then an awful lot of very p*ssed countries are going to be asking for their money back.

    • disqussted999

      Before or after the pardon from obummer?

      • PJ London

        That was the dilemma, if Comey recommended indictment, then they would have had to rush through a verdict so that Obama can pardon before December, and Clinton cannot be president. If they let it run, and Trump wins, then Clintons (she and he) go to jail and there is no pardon. So the only chance is that there is no indictment and Hillary wins. Simple slamdunk. Oops.
        It can’t happen, no one at her party offices, no one at her meetings, no one buying her book, she is toast and Gowdry is practising has ‘Po’ face and writing his ‘It brings me no satisfaction ..’ speech.
        Bill is being fitted for a jumpsuit as we write.
        Man, Karma is a bitch!

  • Ian

    YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO, BY A 36-YEAR CAREER DOCTOR, CONCERNING HILLARY’s DETERIORATING HEALTH CONDITION. He’s putting the pieces together. When wonders how long the Democrats are going to hold out on telling the truth about her medical condition.

    • JohnnyZ

      See my comment above.

      • disqussted999

        your comment gives us nothing but your unbacked opinion…what is your proof it’s a double, as it certainly isn’t “obvious” to me? Nor is your mannequin. The only part of your comment above with which i agree with you are your last four words.

        • JohnnyZ

          Do your own research! The double is easy to find. The mannequin not so easy. Check the evidence presented and use your own brain and logic.

          • disqussted999

            …ie, you have none. Ok, thanks…just what I thought. I have no plans whatsoever to do your own research for you.

          • JohnnyZ
          • disqussted999

            JohnnyZ…I am not disputing that TPTB are using at least one if not two doubles, I am disputing that Hillary has no health issues, that those are part of some plan to “undo” or “redo” the election or somehow “disqualitify” it. What and where is your evidence for that?

          • JohnnyZ

            Well that is mostly speculation as to why. But this election seems to blatantly offer two unelectable psychopaths as choice. There are many possible theories. But if one follows the path towards the NWO and its implementation being seemingly close this seems to be a logical theory. Some people expect Obama to stay president amid turmoil ushering the NWO. No outsider knows for sure what the plans are and there seem to be various contingencies.

          • gabeh73

            This looks like a weak attempt at cognitive infiltration> of course a stated goal of cognitive infiltration is to decrease trust amongst dissidents themselves. That is just life…best to think positively and just be the best damned person you can be.

            Thoughts centered on fear, doubt and worry manifest in poor ways. Thoughts centered on generosity, love, self improvement and forgiveness manifest in good ways.

            That is what I am learning.

          • 39stripes

            I LOVE YOUR FIRST SENTENCE, ESPECIALLY! I cannot believe that people do NOT research! Do they really still think that the news media can be trusted to any degree? Do they really not know that it is 100% political? Most of all…..WHY don’t they CARE to know the truth? So very sad, for example, my own 3 children, their wives and my 10 grandchildren with one on the way! I would NEVER bring another child into this mess:(

  • esqualido

    She comes out- supposedly with pneumonia, mind you- kisses a kid (good thing there were not a string of babies around), stares into the heavens and beams, “It’s a beautiful day in New York!,” and do any of the famously razor- sharp, gimlet-eyed big city reporters crowded around ask”What’s with the blood thinners? What’s with the thyroid pills? How many meds are you really taking?” No, they’d be asking her if she prefers Coty or Faberge, the Hamptons or Nice.

    • JohnnyZ

      Not only that – this was an obvious double. But it is worse – the fainting scene on 9/11 that was “shot by chance” actually seems to show a mannequin. So all of her health issues (and obvious use of a double) are just theatrics. What is behind them – to create chaos around the election or disqualify it for example – I am not sure.

    • 39stripes

      This is far more serious than ANY meaningful news agency is willing to report! Even FOX, which has become extremely liberal – “Megyn Kelly Clinton”, for example! Folks, this is so DANGEROUS to your country and mine….because Hitlery is NOT even physically able to perform just the BASIC job responsibilities of POTUS! I don’t care if you are a brainwashed Hitlery fan, she is NOT able, physically or mentally, because of her physical problems.

  • Roy bean

    Thanks for an excellent article, and more, thanks for telling me about VOX.

  • rahrog

    Strange times. How did The Ruling Class ever get so caught up in the whole Hillary thing? Is this really the best they can do? What is the target audience of VOX?

  • Isefree

    I live near Charlottesville, Va. The city is decisively Democratic. Normally at this time before a presidential election, election posters are obnoxiously many and on front lawns everywhere. This year I have seen No Hillary posters, not one, maybe a couple for Trump and two for the Libertarian Johnson. Very weird. What does it portend if anything?

    I’m wondering if other commenters have noticed the same where they live.

    • Bobby Oakes

      Very interesting….same here in Missouri

      • Isefree

        Yesterday I saw my first Hillary sign out in the countryside where I least expect it. I still haven’t seen one in Charlottesville. I’m feeling more like a stranger in a strange land.

    • 39stripes

      I live 30 miles north of Atlanta, GA, in a huge metropolis…just an extension of Atlanta. I have not noticed ONE Hillary sign in my city to date! I just drove around today, looking at homes for sale……I saw a few TRUMP signs in yards! People are literally AFRAID to display their signs for fear of retaliation.

      • esqualido

        Rest assured, Atlanta, as in The Housewives of, is The View country. Hillary by a landslide there.