Hollywood’s War on Humanity
By Peter De Boer - October 10, 2017

Oh, Hollywood… It’s only in this demented part of the planet that a man could give birth to his own mother!

If you haven’t seen it yet check it out.


Its another stillborn of a film slipped out from between Hollywood’s fetid thighs. A movie midwifed by none other than the talented, anti-human auteur Darren Aronofsky.

Thanks, Darren, for sharing with us your great message! Which is that people are shit. We hear it every day, thanks for chiming in.

We are too greedy, noisy, selfish and we use too many resources. Got it.

This self-serving lie has turned into Chinese water torture by now. Its steady, hypnotic beat against our foreheads is designed to get us to agree, if only to make it stop.

We hear it on the news, in the schools, and of course in art. How much of a virus we are.

Listening to those who’ve hijacked our culture you’d think us humans are base cannibals, roasting and eating our dear mother (earth) alive… pass the salt!

How many times have you heard it yourself? From friends, relatives, colleagues, randoms… “Ya know, there are too many people.”

Oh? Quick, kill yourself then. No? I didn’t think so. These types always want to volunteer others though.

Oh, and God is a bastard, of course. Another of Hollywood’s old hats found in the bowels of this film.

So lets recap mother! 

1. Humans are a craven, unworthy lot.
2. It’s because God is a sadist.

That’s the movie, delivered via ham-fisted allegory. Aronofsky says he came up with the idea in 5 days while reflecting on the Bible. It’s also about as long as it takes a ham-fisted sandwich to rot.

This, my friends, is the state of art in the West. It’s our last gasp and the culture vultures are circling.

3 worldwide monopolies are still run out of the United States. Money, War, and Culture. And they go hand in hand in hand.

Hollywood is a keystone here, controlling the zeitgeist. Telling us what’s cool, what’s funny. Who we should be killing.

Over the last hundred years Hollywood has targeted: The Germans, the Germans again, the Russians, the Arabs, the Russians again. In that order. And the Germans still don’t get a day off.

These cultural takedowns always prop up actual wars, hot, cold and proxy.

And now humanity itself is the target. We are being taught through garbage like mother! to hate ourselves. And it’s working. You hear everywhere that overpopulation is the problem.

You hear that because you are the enemy. 

The overpopulation parrots have no imagination. They can’t see the cities built on the mountain ranges, under the sea, in space. Last time I checked a single apple seed can produce an infinite number of apples and seeds. You can grow plants in the middle of the Sahara desert, without soil in glass basins made from sun-welded sand and with water sucked out of the air. How about that.

The issue of resources is a technical one. And if humanity needs a particular resource but can’t get it we’ll invent our way around it. That’s what we do.

Overpopulation isn’t the problem. The boring, unimaginative little monsters that rule over us are. And their disdain for the average person is crystal clear.

Here’s the deal.

If they can convince us that we are animals, they can then treat us like animals.

Its all the justification needed to corral us, tag us, shear us, and butcher us. Those that orchestrate such mental machinations are the same types of people that rolled heads down pyramids.

And Hollywood isn’t just a perverted pedo-playground producing garbage. Hollywood is bonafide cancer engaged in psycho-cultural warfare.

If only we could stop dancing to their tune and recognize it for the death dirge that it is.

mother? Not mine.

This boring story of the human animal has run its course. Let’s get back to the inspiration that accompanied the divine human. Let’s reach for the real stars.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • DonRL

    Genesis 9:6 (KJV)
    6 Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.
    When we forget that we are created in the image of God and think we are just evolved animals the killing begins.
    God gave this command to Noah when he came out of the Ark. What makes us different from the animals and of great value? We are created in the image of God. To kill another human being is to disrespect, disregard and devalue God.
    God speaking says Proverbs 8:36 (KJV)
    36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.

    Those who hate God love death. Those who love death hate God.
    Those who love God love life. God loves us and those who love God love each other.
    Mark 12:30-31 (KJV)
    30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.
    31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.
    Jesus spoke of these two great commandments. Love God. Love others just like you love yourself. (and we do love ouselves.)
    With out loving God we cannot love others because we love ourselves too much, such that others are of little value to us

    • James Clander

      Enough of the religious nonsense – save it for your like minded friends .

      • DonRL

        My like minded friends have already accepted the salvation that Jesus offers so they are safe. You have not and are not.
        Jesus said to Go into all the world and proclaim the good news.
        That is what I am doing. Should i obey you or Jesus? Hmmmm. I’ll obey Jesus.
        Jesus the Son of God died in you place to pay for your sins. He then rose from the dead to prove He actually did pay for our sins so we would not have to. (Death is the payment for sin.) That is good news.
        Since all have sinned all are condemned to death. Those who have put their trust in the salvation Jesus died to provide are saved from death and Hell. Those who have not are still condemned.
        You are like a drowning man who is approached by the lift boat and invited to get into the boat. Instead of getting the boat you tell the person in the boat to let you alone, go away, enough of this nonsense of getting into the boat.
        Your response is not rational. This is the irrational state of mind that sin produces. Open your eyes and see your condition of being helplessly lost and accept the salvation that Jesus offers.
        Get in the boat. If you don’t you will drown.

  • Dalton

    Shared on twitter

  • Number 6

    The environmental movement is just eugenics repackaged for the late 20th and 21st centuries, We all know the whole global warming debacle is a scientifically illiterate scam to get us to hand over more of our money and liberty, and give the UN more power over nation states. But the connection between the idea we are over populated and the environmental movement is blatantly obvious, as such its clearly a form of Eugenics, one which they hope will have us all falling on our own sword and excepting perhaps some kind of mass sterilisation in the future.

    Golden rule of thumb whenever you see a massive spike in a chart, theres bulls*** ! Al Gores Hockey stick graph or number of mass shootings under the first anti gun president Obama being two notable examples, but just take a look at the official world population Clock website and gasp in awe of the utter utter bulls*** that is the worlds claimed population figures and projected future figures, they are utterly ludicrous ! just look at the spike on that chart just below the top 20 countries by population !!!!

    For years they were telling us the worlds population was 6 billion, what are the chances that 6 (the number of MAN to numerologists) is the world population figure ???? But not content with that lie its rose to 7 billion in the space of 10 years an utterly impossible rise, it then rose to 7.4 in just the last year and in the past week is risen again to 7.6 billion. I don’t know the real figure but you can bet its a dam site less than 6 billion.

  • Daniel

    Of course this movie MOTHER by Aronofsky is the usual Hollywood, nihilist leftwing crap that dehumanizes people, and tries to insult as many people as possible with offensive malevolent symbolism, using new heights of vulgar crappy shock value as a substitute for true creativity and entertainment.
    Like comedians who use vulgar crappy insulting “jokes” as a substitute for real funny humor because they just don’t have talent anymore for that.

    I have not see the movie yet (only parts), but if I do, I plan to make sure I have something pleasant and human to do after the movie like a mental clean-up, after taking a 2-hour trip to a sick mind’s version of fantasy.

    Finally, I like there is a Daily Bell article that doesn’t focus on extreme anarchist individualism, and one that focuses on human dignity and the responsibility we have to be humane to other people.

    • Jubal

      Hi, Daniel. Are you aware that your comment in the article about Catalonia here at TDB has disappeared? Do you know why? TDB doesn’t seem very interested in answering my question.

      To all: excuse me for the off topic.

      • Daniel

        I think it got flagged for spam, although of course there was zero spam.

      • It was flagged because of the link, but we have now approved it. Thanks for taking the time to respond, we appreciate it.

  • Number 6

    Eugenics often gets blamed on white people, the TV constantly tells us tales of Adolf Hitler or some white Nobel laureate who wrote a book about getting rid of the poor But Hollywood is owned and run by the same people who own the banks and created the environmental movement, the self proclaimed chosen people, they call us Goy (or cattle) they believe that God promised the earth to them, it doesn’t take a genius to see whats going on who’s really behind it and why !

  • robertsgt40

    Controlling Hollywood and entertainment I believe comes under Protocol #13. Known more today as “bread and circus”.

  • Matt

    I very much agree with the sentiment in this article. James Corbett just released a part two to his Big Oil documentary that outlines very well how the eugenicists are employing various tactics to get us to hate ourselves in the name of the environment. Good stuff to know so we can keep pushing back to help people realize we’re being veiled from anything resembling the truth.


  • Shamus

    Amen. The Malthusians are either evil (population reduction for their convenience) or ignorant fools (everyone who buys into the false memes which promote the idea of the critical necessity for population reduction).

    If a couple of permaculturalists can create an absolute abundance of food in the middle of the high desert in America, then the entire Malthusian premise is utterly vacuous and wrong.

    • aj54

      doesn’t it strike you as curious that we have two equally false memes battling for supremacy: the population reductionists, and those who preach our western birthrates are too low!

    • WA1

      Just because we as a species are inventive, that does not make Malthus wrong… If you assume that humans are the only species of animal with rights to the planet, then a mono-culture of humans is the inevitable result. Malthus might have missed the end point by a few centuries, but the maxim still holds true. We need to de-populate, or we need to ensure that those who proliferate contribute to the output of the planet… All those Islamic men with four wives and four kids each had better get educated… and I don’t mean Qu’ranic teachings.. Their productive capacity is largely ignored by the media, except when they manage to reduce the infidel population of the planet by about 20-80, depending on which country they inhabit…If they spent less time pontificating about Sharia, and more time actually producing something of value to others, they probably would have fewer mouths to obligate the rest of us to feed.

  • Fred

    From what I read, modern farm practices have actually reduced food nutrition and destroyed the soil in the process. For example, I have read that today it takes about 23 apples to equal the nutrition of one apple grown the old fashion way and not destroying the soil in the process. Save us from modern farm practices which seem to be intended for profits and control by the few rather than improving food production.

    Getting to the Root of How GMO Plants Harm Food Production and Your Health – https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/05/19/gmo-harms-food-production.aspx

    • Peter De Boer

      I agree with you. Not all modern practices are equal and factory farming is almost always a degenerative effort. That being said, there are a lot of advances coming up or already established along the edges, and like it or not, modern techniques can support massive amount of people.

    • dauden

      I agree as well, though I’ve learned to live within a dual society. That which I can see being systematically destroyed and talk about it wherever I go and that fringe part of society that has created an alternative, natural way of living talking with our “dollars”, i.e. shopping at and working in farmer’s markets (I am an old world artisan baker working with wild yeast, ancient locally grown and milled grains in an outdoor, locally crafted wood-burning oven); eating at restaurants that locally source their ingredients, bartering, and shopping at small, local businesses or contract with local craftsmen. Someday, we’ll get over this era and hopefully live to see a clear, healthy day.

      • nailheadtom

        If your “local” is Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, where do you get your “local” oranges? It’s now possible to buy a watermelon in a North Dakota market on Christmas Eve. Is there something terribly wrong with that? Why would bread baked in an outdoor, wood-burning oven be better than any other bread? In fact, if all bread was baked in such ovens wouldn’t available wood soon disappear under the smoky haze covering the inhabited part of the planet? What’s “natural” about cutting down trees and burning them up to bake bread?

        • dauden

          Actually, I’m from the self sufficient great nation (I wished) of Texas, and oranges and grapefruit grow plentifully here. Have you ever eaten a loaf of heritage grain, whole freshly milled bread, naturally leavened and slow fermented baked in this wood fueled oven? I even add flavors like mesquite flour I harvest off my 5 acres that enhance its rustic, old worldly, delicate aroma and taste. I have enough wood on my property that will last me for decades. Ecological sanity does allow for this.

  • Warren Celli

    Good article!

    Baloneywood and its menticide producing narcissistic blow-hards are one of my favorite subjects…


    • Peter De Boer

      Thanks, will check out your site!

  • RED

    It is the same Marxist meme of “False Guilt” & “False Shame” that the “left” has promulgated for many decades. This is because they believe that “guilt ridden masses” are more malleable and easier to indoctrinate and “herd”. Divide and conquer the culture with “false guilt” and false “victimhood”. The motives for the false promotion of “global warming” are identical. The uninformed “masses” are driven to feel guilty about even being on the planet.

    And these “Leftists” ALL lack perspective as all of “this” is temporary! In the not too distant galactic future, the sun will run out of hydrogen to “burn” and start to “burn” heavier elements such as “helium”. The sun’s coronal “atmosphere” will expand and incinerate the surface of the earth. If we are to survive as a species, we had better start using our resources to develop efficient means of intergalactic travel or…..learn how to refuel the sun’s core (without blowing it up!).

    You crafted an excellent editorial and I applaud it!

    (The feedback attempting to take issue with your reference to Ag. food supply can also be debated….but…..it is off point and diverges from the main “thrust” of your article).

    • Peter De Boer

      Thank you!

  • georgesilver

    Who owns and runs the Daily Bell?

    • mary

      CIA, probably.

      • georgesilver

        You’re probably right. They seem to control most mainstream and many ‘alternative’ sites.

        • Peter De Boer

          Who are you George? With the question mark and most likely false last name? Maybe you are CIA spreading FUD in the comments sections of libertarian news sites.

          IF you would just take a minute and have a look through sovereignman.com you would find who the people are behind that site and sites like this – people who believe in freedom, economic and otherwise.

          Maybe you can point to a particular passage or post that seems to have irked you, or instilled doubt ?

          • georgesilver

            What’s your problem? All I’m asking for is clarification of the organisation behind The Daily Bell and now Sovereign Man. I didn’t realise this was such a delicate point. I like to know who is pumping the propaganda. Many seemingly “independent” newsletters seem to have been swallowed up by huge financial interests that have an agenda.
            Many of these organisations look exactly like the types we are warned about in Confessions Of An Economic Hitman. When Anthony Wile was editor the Daily Bell liked to give the impression it was just a couple of gnomes in Switzerland doing the writing and was a little bastion of independent thought. LOL.

          • georgesilver

            ps I’ve looked through the Sovereignman thingy and it doesn’t inspire me with confidence. The ‘happy clappy’ front and the deep banking interests sound definite warning bells.

          • georgesilver

            pps. “Who are you George?” What’s that got to do with anything. You are the ones writing the articles… not me. Classic example of attacking the questioner so as to misdirect attention.

          • JohnnyZ

            Good point George! Simon Black from sovereign man is hobnobbing with the likes of Ron Paul (fake establishment opposition), Jimbo Rogers (long time buddy of Darth Gyorgy Soros himself) and Nigel Farage (UK controlled opposition). Not very trust inspiring. Google the photos of their gathering.

          • Peter De Boer

            How exactly is Ron Paul controlled opposition? How is Brexit a plus for the Deep State? Jim Jones worked with Soros a long time ago, before Soros had the muscle to drive the agenda he does today.

            You are either an idiot or spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt – Government stooge.

          • JohnnyZ

            Ron Paul – having been a representative for 20+ years and thus part of the establishment, with an ambitious son, there is no way that he is not corrupt. He is as an opposition to the establishment as is Trump. There were several articles here on TDB that implied that both Trump and Brexit were controlled events (“directed history”) as part of the Hegelian dialectic (problem – reaction – solution) on the way to e.g. implementing the one world government agenda. Rand Paul pushes also the Austrian School, which was – believe it or not – backed by Rockefeller. Here some links:





            Soros – once a Soros, always a Soros (as the case is with the CIA) – unless proven otherwise.
            So here you go. Food for thought.

          • SnakePlissken

            Jim Jones was working for the CIA. Jonestown was an offshoot of MK ULTRA.

      • Why would the CIA want you to stop paying attention to Hollywood? Or, as in other articles, draw attention to their drug running operations, or question the official story behind mass shootings? Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. But you are free to speculate. Thanks for commenting 🙂

        • mary

          It’s call a safety valve.

    • Peter De Boer

      the daily bell is owned by the same people behind sovereignman.com

      • georgesilver

        Who are the people behind Sovereignman then? Or are you just prevaricating? What’s the big reluctance by the Daily Bell?
        Something to hide?
        It’s very frustrating when the Daily Bell bangs on about ‘freedom’, ‘happiness’ and ‘truth’ only to find that when it comes to giving a complete expose and links it would rather remain silent.

  • mahatma

    “Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.” – Marilyn Monroe

    • Peter Herchen

      Wow, what a line!!

  • WearsWar

    Their movies are either created as pure propaganda or have a check list of required propaganda inserted into them. It takes time to learn to see through the layers but it is worth the time, especially if you have children that need guidance.
    Most frightening is the poisonous nature of so many of those creating the films… like Polanski!

  • aj54

    “unimaginative little monsters” appear to rule the day and “The issue of resources is a technical one.” which is why our newest rulers are called technocrats It remains to be seen if one group of monsters will be overcome by the other, or maybe they will play together for their own benefit, to our detriment; or if we will get off our arses and overthrow the whole lot. It’ is not looking too swell for the home team.

  • Soylent Green anyone..??

  • Mike Schneider

    Hollywood has tackled the Russians? Uh, no it hasn’t. (And John Melius’ “Red Dawn” doesn’t count, because he was an outsider. Anything and everything else is softballed.

    See “Hollywood’s Missing Movies”: http://reason.com/archives/2000/06/01/hollywoods-missing-movies

  • SnakePlissken

    In the new Alien movies; Prometheus & Covenant, an AI android tries to wipe out all humanity.