How Facebook is Helping China Become a Dystopian Nightmare
By The Daily Bell Staff - May 30, 2017

A bad credit score can be quite the hardship in America. But can you imagine a bad social credit score? China is implementing social credit scores that will influence the types of schooling, jobs, and housing available to citizens.

The population will also have the chance to review and affect their neighbors’ and acquaintances’ scores. They will be ranked in order to decide who gets what privileges, and who must remain on the outer periphery of society. What citizens of China say on the internet and in relation to the Chinese government will influence the scores, creating a stratified society with the “perfect citizen” on top, decided of course by the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

The score will be contained in information found on ID cards citizens must carry. Some citizens who renew their ID’s are finding that they must submit a sample of their DNA to the central database that China is building to keep further track of their citizens. Over 44 million samples have already been collected. The Chinese government claims it is for crime fighting purposes, however, the people forced to give samples have often committed no crime.

China also strictly limits its internet, creating a firewall that blocks whatever the government does not want people to see. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites have been blocked for years by the Chinese government, afraid the citizens will use the social media sites to organize protests and opposition to the communist party.

China maintains control through strict laws against freedom of the press and freedom of speech which helps them revise history in the minds of its citizens. China even went so far as to make it illegal to speak out against the “heroes and martyrs” of China and the communist party. 

Already, events like the massacre at Tiananmen Square are viewed with confusion and misunderstanding by younger generations. But now you could end up legally liable for just challenging the historical narrative told by the government.

And Facebook wants in on the action.

Facebook Wants to Impress the Repressive Regime

Zuckerberg has been sucking up to the Chinese government ever since they blocked Facebook in 2009. He has learned Mandarin in order to give some of his amazing speeches in China and even took a jog through a smog cloud last year for a photo op which included a Mao portrait in the background.

Zuckerberg has said, “You can’t have a mission to want to connect everyone in the world and leave out the biggest country.”

Zuckerberg also directly indicated his intentions by meeting with the Chinese Internet Czar and showing off his collection of Chinese propaganda and speeches by President Xi Jinping. Oh and he just happened to have JinPing’s book on his desk during the meeting, making him not just an insufferable kiss-ass but an obvious one too.

So should we really believe that Facebook made a mistake when they rejected a Hong Kong man’s controversial Facebook profile picture? (Facebook is not blocked in Hong Kong).

Facebook has apologised for “mistakenly” banning the use of a temporary profile picture frame commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Facebook’s picture frame function allows users to change their profile photos in support of a cause. The frame in question carries messages calling for justice for Tiananmen protesters and an end to the “dictatorial regime” in China…

He said he received a notification within 24 hours saying that his design was rejected, on the basis that it fails to meet the company’s terms and policies. Facebook said the frame “belittles, threatens or attacks a particular person, legal entity, nationality or group.”

Fung then submitted on Saturday afternoon another frame showing a candle and the text “Don’t forget June 4,” hoping that Facebook would approve it. It was still under review at the time of publication.

Oops, Facebook later said, it was totally just a little mistake that they supported a murderous government over activists wishing to draw attention to horrible human rights abuses.

In fact, under strict censorship laws, the government does not allow any discussion of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in books and blocks online searches and discussions of the brutal crackdown that killed an estimated 1,000 students protesting the ruling Communist Party’s human rights abuses.

And now, the Chinese government is preparing for the 28th anniversary of the massacre on June 4th by placing many activists under house arrest and warning others not to speak out.

Facebook seems only too happy to help them in the effort of stamping out that dark mark on China’s history.

Facebook is a Dictator’s Wet Dream

People may not entirely know the extent of Facebook’s data gathering on users. It is much more than simply advertising to you based on recent Google searches, and figuring out your social circles to suggest friends. Facebook has algorithms which put together entire files on people that can be tailored to sell to an insurance company, an employer, or perhaps even the government.

It seems that China is weary of Facebook being used as a tool to organize dissent, and protest their strict Orwellian rules. But perhaps Xi Jinping is just playing hard to get. Zuckerberg will clearly have no problem altering Facebook in China to benefit the communist regime. With just a few tweaks, it will fit right into the Chinese government’s plan to turn China into an exact replica of the society depicted in 1984.

Zuckerberg is likely busy right now planning out exactly how he can help the regime implement their social credit policy–there’s no one better for the job! He can open up citizenship Facebook reviews for each profile, to streamline the process of ratting out your neighbors to the government.

He will be able to hand deliver the files on every citizen who uses Facebook to the Chinese government, revealing everything about them. It will be in Zuckerberg’s hands which Chinese citizens are oppressed and ostracized from Chinese society, and which ones are rewarded.

All the interest Zuckerberg has shown in Chinese propaganda, speeches, and leaders is simply him doing the proper research to understand how to best offer his products and services to dictatorships.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • lulu

    Unless zucker is a linguistic genius, he did not learn mandarin very easily and someone else likely wrote his speeches and stood at his side of not a google translator. I wonder what will happen once the whole world in facebooked. Then what and where!?
    It is time to close Facebook accounts which is not only difficult but a difficult addiction to break. Maybe more difficult than smoking.

    • Doc

      You don’t have to be a linguistic genius to learn Mandarin, just spend some time there, study and in six months you know enough to read a pinyin translated speach. Reading characters is slightly more of an effort, writing on a computer even more so. I’ve done all that. Just crack on with it.

      The really big issue would be handwriting.

      • lulu

        Well not sure he was there 6 months and when it is said someone has learned a language there is an understanding that they can read, write and speak as well as listen and understand. U

        • Doc

          Well, as a young lad I knew my mother tongue before being able to read and write. You don’t need perfection to be able to hold a speech.

          I know some youngsters in China struggle with handwriting today as well, as it’s so convenient to use keyboard typing in pinyin.

          • lulu

            Well of course but from learning a second language and working on a third, a lot passes for language fluency that is clearly not that. It is understood that gaining English fluency for an adult is minimum 5 years. Zucker is an adult. The window of language acquisition ease closes at age 11 more or less. He may know a bit but in depth conversation is not likely unless of course he is a savant.

    • Jan Christian

      I am pretty sure his Chinese wife helped him a lot. He has a considerable vocabulary and managed to speak with the host of a Chinese television show not too long ago. As a student pf Mandarin, I am not sure how well his grammar was, but he is pretty smart, that’s for sure!

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  • Doc

    I lived in China for a couple of years and I would say they are ahead of the West in many ways in terms of online use. They just copy and paste what works in the West and then add their own ideas. The younger people are very savvy (VPN?) can do pretty much what they want and pay some measly tax, unless they are unwise enough to criticize the government.

    In the West, we have a phony right to criticize the government, but it doesn’t matter much anyway and they keep grabbing half of what you earn.

    Not evident what to prefer.

  • autonomous

    What are a billion users worth? Ah! That is the question.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Over 44 million samples have already been collected. 1/22. Shouldn’t take too long…

  • HaplessChild

    “Facebook is a Dictator’s Wet Dream.”