How the media is lying to you about economic recovery
By Daily Bell Staff - March 04, 2016

The missing piece from the economic recovery has finally materialized. Median household income, adjusted for inflation, is now higher than it was before the recession that began at the end of 2007, according to new data published by Sentier Research. –Yahoo

So incomes are rising again. Presumably, this is supposed to mean that the “recovery” is becoming stronger in the US.

This economic propaganda comes in so many flavors that people may just surrender and accept what the media says. But they shouldn’t.

Incredibly, we have a system that seeks to create prosperity by fixing the price and volume of money. The idea is for central banks to keep printing money until the economy is properly “stimulated.”

It doesn’t work.

What is being left out of articles like the Yahoo story, above, is that monetary stimulation creates a sensation of economic progress but not the reality.

Monetary stimulation forces an overabundance of money (credit really) into places that are receptive to such money.

These places are speculative – real estate, the stock market, the art market, etc. They can absorb a lot of cash.

Credit flows much more slowly to the mainstream industrial sector. Thus central banking money printing tends to inflate speculative markets first. These, of course, become “asset bubbles.”

Eventually, the money spills out of asset bubbles into the larger economy and industrial activity tends to pick up.

As industrial activity picks up, the overabundance of money flows through the consumer sector as well.

People begin to believe, wrongly, that their employment seems a bit more secure and take advantage of the money coursing through the consumer economy to make purchases and take out loans.

All this happens toward the end of the cycle, though of course there are no hard and fast timelines.

Consumer speculation is surely a warning that a particular central-bank business cycle is reaching its conclusion.

Observing the mainstream media, we can see the warnings.

For instance, in late February, USA Today reported that “subprime auto loan delinquencies hit six-year high.”

This is certainly a resonant statistic given that subprime real estate helped trigger the massive crash of 2007-2008.

Subprime real estate is far less leveraged today than it was in the mid 2000s. But credit, like water, finds its own level during a sustained episode of money printing. And now the subprime auto-loan sector is inflating.

It’s been estimated that central banks have printed some US$100-200 trillion (no one really knows) in the past five or six years to shore up the current dysfunctional financial system.

Exposed to torrent of available money and credit, consumers are taking advantage to buy things they want or need but couldn’t usually afford.

We will see how long it lasts.

Reuters provides us another warning sign in a recent article entitled, “Home ‘flipping’ exceeds peaks in some hot U.S. housing markets.”

Here’s how it begins:

Home flipping – buying and reselling a home to make a quick buck – has risen in some hot U.S. housing markets, prompting concerns that local housing bubbles could be developing, according to a report published on Thursday.

The report by RealtyTrac found that home flipping in 12 active metropolitan areas last year was above a peak set in 2005, just two years before the U.S. mortgage market started to collapse, leading to a banking crisis and the Great Recession.

This kind of fervid real-estate speculation is another sign of economic overheating.

Nothing changes when it comes to central banking economies. The system seems deliberately designed to impoverish middle classes and, eventually, to cause whole countries to collapse.

The fundamental mechanism of central banking is price fixing of money (credit-based currency). Price fixing creates enormous, destructive distortions whenever it is tried and “money” is no exception.

Free-market economists are well aware that economies may rise or fall slightly depending on the level of activity. But the modern business cycle is to a free-market one what a tsunami is to a mild tide.

Just look at Brazil, which was the subject of worshipful business profiles throughout the first decade of the 2000s.

At the time, Brazil seemed to be making tremendous progress industrially but of course the real driving force of the economy was money printing.

And what has happened to Brazil? Here from Germany’s Deutsche Welle:

Brazil headed for worst recession in a century … Latin America’s biggest economy has reported its steepest annual decline in gross domestic product (GDP) since 1990, setting the country on course for its worst recession in at least a century.

According to government figures released Thursday, Brazil’s economy contracted by 3.8 percent in 2015 – the biggest annual fall since a 4.3-percent dip reported some 25 years ago.

Central bank economies are all subject to this sort of economic reversal to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the volume of circulating money and the timeline of its availability.

In the West, it has taken an enormous circulation of money to counteract what would otherwise have been a catastrophic descent into a powerful but brief depression.

By printing their tens and hundreds of trillions, central bankers have prolonged the pain and created an ongoing Great Recession that has lasted more than a half decade already.

It is very possible, as we have written, that the upcoming years will see an enormous struggle with “stagflation.” Asset classes will rise and fall against a backdrop of mounting price inflation as tens of trillions begin to circulate with more velocity.

This last happened in the 1970s but the crisis is so much more severe today and the amounts of currency in play are at this point beyond human comprehension.

The derivatives market alone is estimated to be in the area of one thousand trillion dollars.

Conclusion: Don’t fall into the trap of believing in a “recovery” in the US or the West. It’s just more mainstream (central banking) propaganda. Expect prices to climb, perhaps aggressively, and people to continue to struggle – perhaps to just survive. Please plan accordingly.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Having little to say at this moment I just want to say Hello, Commenters, Welcome back and We’re waiting for your comments.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    And this doesn’t even get into the subprime/delinquent student loans. These kids are getting out of school with huge debt and most cant find a job to even start to pay it back. It’s MUCH worse, than what most people think!

    • john cummins

      And even worse, I’m daily one of the many college campii, and these campii are full of bully babies that haven’t a clue…

  • Bruce C.

    When was that Yahoo article written? Today’s “jobs report” revealed that wages are actually falling despite more people working.

    Oh, and the US trade deficit is larger than it’s been in 5.5 years:

  • john cummins

    Yes just hear the goofy Faux POTUS talking about doomsaying Republicans that were fantasizing about how bad the economy was. MaObummer is a fantasy himself. I’m certainly no fan of the RINO/NeoConners but for the big Faux Pas to talk about fantasy doomssayers is a bit too much, even for me…

    • lynncar47

      I would be comfortable in saying that 99% of the so-called RINO/NeoConners are nothing more than leftist Socialist Progressives who claim they are Republicans and register as that in order to run for office. There has to be a way to vet those who run for public office as to their true intent. We cannot keep allowing the liberal commies to misrepresent themselves as Republicans just to get elected and turn on us.

  • rahrog

    Howdy DB. Has anybody out there got hard facts on how job “creation” numbers are formulated? It looks to me like the establishment is double dipping: if college graduate A moves from Burger King to McDonalds while college graduate B moves from McDonalds to Burger King, then 2 new jobs are “created” ??????????????? WTF

    • The numbers are basically fantasy from what we can tell. It’s part of a larger trend.

      • Sam Fox

        Sort of like we are told that unemployment is now ‘down’ to some 4+ %.
        Or how Social Security recipients were told this year that there will be no Cost Of Living Adjustment for them because the cost of living didn’t go up in 2015.
        Yup. And I can fly to London on wings held together by wax. Oops. I shoulda used super glue….

      • lynncar47

        Everything having to do with liberalism is fantasy. They don’t think about things as normal people would do. They aren’t capable of thinking about the possibilities of the human mind or about how God has a great influence in our lives. These are things that cannot be comprehended in the liberal mind, therefore, they don’t exist. They can only believe in their own fantasies of how things should be and anyone who follows that way of life is less than they are capable of being.

  • DonRL

    How about suggesting how to plan!!

    • Bruce C.

      One way is to save, and at least some of it in the form of cash and/or PMs. Economists/CBers tend to think the “rational” response to expectations of future price inflation is to spend more now to avoid paying more later, but an equally rational response is to spend less now and instead save to insure that one will have the money to pay for necessities that are expected to cost more in the future.

    • s it inspired planning or the dictate of a centralized sacrifice of will to a notion of collective good? 😉
      I think everything is only as good as where you are coming from – so finding a true response-ability rather than being triggered into reaction.
      Invest in what truly enhances the quality of your life. Within that ongoing honesty of being is what you do or don’t do with your money, your time and your thought.
      Generally it is prudent to spread your risks – but in a specific passion – you may be moved to invest everything into a project that is a primary vehicle of what you are alive for.
      Fear tends to operate a self-fulfilling prophecy. Saving for a rainy day may guarantee you… a rainy day. But disregarding fear is even more dangerous because what hasn’t been honestly transformed is still active and will sabotage the best laid plans.
      If you don’t appreciate expanding the idea of planning in this way and just want someone else to tell you what to do – then you understand why there are so many people and groupings of people ‘telling us what to do’. Not that they might not be a good match – but you still have to discern whether to align with and act on advice unless you give a blank cheque in advance.
      Opening your imagination to whatever comes up is something you can do now – and that is a creative process that will bear fruit if you hang in with it. Use everything if it fits or serves or sparks interest – but of course what you truly want in Life is your primary desire and all else will take form from it.
      I understand a man once said – take no thought for yourself – and all else will be given you – including any plans you need to make relative to what you are moved to be and do. I sense he knew what he meant but that we are afraid to know and so we marked him out as a nutter or too different to matter – and so we learned nothing except how to maintain a narrative i which fear can be hidden – which is the invitation to the wolf in sheep’s clothing. I realize I have far exceeded anything you likely wanted – but amidst such deception – where does one even begin?

      • lynncar47

        Most of our present problems stem from the fact that people can no longer think for themselves. They have no confidence in themselves because they have no concrete basis to do so. From K thru college degrees, our children have been taught that the government, not the people, knows best. We are all victims of our circumstances. Regardless of your skin color, if you come from poverty, you are a victim of the rich white people. If you come from the rich white upper class, you are a victim of the rich white people. In other words, all the problems of humanity are caused by rich white people. If this makes sense to anyone, I’d sure like to hear how that can be possible.

        • I’m not disagreeing with your general point – but loss of consciousness and functionality is one simple phrase with a more complex underbelly.
          If you want some sense of how power seeking agenda infiltrated and subverted our societies, institutions, corporate and government, education and etc – then it is not hard to find with a willingness to follow the trail. Is that what you are asking?
          It isn’t riches or race that is the core issue from where I see, but the heartless acquisition and consolidation of power by any and every deceit that operates by undermining the ‘slow witted’ who are so easily fooled and manipulated that they are not considered to have any worth or value excepting as serves the strategies of bringing them low.
          There are rich non white people in impoverished and denied regions who are installed puppet dictators – propped up by power cartels operating transnationally. I see the USA itself as a puppet regime and not the independent power it is led to believe it is. No one and nothing is what it seems when it is serving the shadow agenda – often unknowingly.
          The term ‘think for ourselves’ once meant something of a capacity of discernment, Reason and imagination working in unison. Divide and rule operates on our Consciousness – and usurps true thinking with a blocking signal that jams the channel. It does so in all number of ways – but the core thing I see is that trauma of fear – indeed terror – denied rage, and induced or triggered guilt and powerlessness are active as the normal state of consciousness in the mask of escape or avoidance from such penalty or pain. It isn’t just that people are trying to survive in the terms of their body – but of their identity in coping in a loss of natural relation.
          So generally we are often struggling to adapt within a lovelessness that has masks or surface deceits in which we can feel somewhat protected from what lies beneath – yet is constantly being triggered and used by our ‘trainers’ to induce compliance, conformity – and renewal of the attempt to hold it all together from a false sense of life, self and society.
          If you did gain understandings about how any of this came to be active as the way humanity lives circa 3rd Millennium AD – it wont set you free unless you recognize your own part.
          You use the term “come from poverty”. I feel this is the core imprinting that very few come to recognize and transcend. The human conditioning operates a separation trauma that the human surface mentality (that we take to be our self) is predicated on avoiding, and its call for coercive power to effect this is the compounding of its poverty or loss in the subjugation to such a usurping power. Consider the paraphrased words of Jesus on this:
          To those who have – more shall be given, but to those who have not, all shall be taken away – including the little they have.
          Pause from interpreting this in material terms alone…
          If a poverty of Spirit is your foundation then regardless the strategy by which you then live – you will not be aware of the blessing of true Inheritance – and will act out your part in the depletion and impoverishment to a bankruptcy of all that is worthy in Life – because you get where you chose to come from – and the world births you in separation – which submerges many in different degrees of dissociation and ‘unconsciousness’ in which they think their thoughts judge reality.
          Until there is a fundamental stirring of consciousness we are all conditioned so as to react in the re-enactment of our past.
          That stirring of Consciousness is what the veil in the world feeds upon the death of. For if it is allowed to move and open creative perspective the mask is exposed – and the terror the mask is called to conceal comes into consciousness. I am not talking intellectually here. Re-living the core sense of fear, guilt, rage etc is to find that human vanity evaporates and consciousness is lost or denied or fragmented to whatever works to get away.
          You can find this out by breaking the bounds of your social conditioning and looking where fear or guilt forbids – which is where your thinking wont go unless you separate from that which separates you in division and subjection.
          But the capacity for this is the Spirit within and not the self-concept in its sense of independent power – so there is a natural way of uncovering and integrating what was denied – and the relational willingness of that is a true foundation revealed – which has nothing to do with who your thought you were – but is innate to (your) existence and grows to become a perspective and support of a different nature than coercive power, defence and judgement – and meets a different recognition in everything because it comes from a presence not made by man – yet embracing humanity in a way that reintegrates and restores consciousness of purpose, in place of fragmented reactive identity.
          A mind in subjection to its own shadow sees a world in like kind – and it is un-kind to who s/he is. So s/he learns to distrust it and recognizes lack of worth everywhere – even seeking it out as a means to maintain and justify lovelessness – whether indifferent cruel or masked in good intentions.
          Give those you live among a reason to think for and from their true self by extending the presence of who you are – which automatically comes from being honest with yourself – in the moment at hand.
          If you invest in being a victim – you choose to base you life on what? Compassion is always helpful but self-honesty includes what you can afford to think and what you simply cannot – because it undermines and drains the Spirit – the purpose the morale and hope out of Life for some passive or aggressive resentment and vengeful negative charge.
          This is rambling on but it is thought for food. We do not live by bread alone. If our thinking is not representative of our desire – then be curious as to what in Your Name is going on where You are!
          If we cant come from a capacity to extend and recognize true worth – find some willingness and come from that. Fear can block our capacity to hear and see – so if we don’t want fear to run our life we have to recover our childlike curiosity – that quality that was likely squelched or deeply hidden – because it did not fit society’s demand.
          It NEVER leaves you but the drama drowns it out and a vanity of presumed knowledge keeps it out.

  • alaska3636


    The comments leave, they return, leave again, return again…Are you experimenting with website traffic outcomes? Did the numbers dip over the past week or so? I’m curious how much conversation drives the traffic versus the stellar articles. Is it statistically significant?

    • We’ve had a number of transitions at DB and that has affected elements of publication. But DB continues to be healthy and strong and feedbacks are an integral part of our publishing. It helps when viewers further distribute articles and comments, of course. Thanks for asking.

  • The resort to blatant false assertions that are repeated and published pervasively is an indicator of the disregard of such manipulators for any reasoned argument because they don’t just control the money supply, but the information supply. Admittedly the Internet does not immediately fit that statement – but I sense it is envisioned to be an even greater mechanism of control than tv, movies and traditional media. Lies do not have to convince or persuade but only establish a pervasive narrative in which any other view will be dissonant and attract denial, suppression or ridicule.
    On the other hand the suppression of creativity – and Life is creative by nature – will generate every kind of crisis – which ramps up the sense of threat and fear and need for control – which in turn diminishes creative perspective, and brings on stagnation and death amidst magical but ineffectual attempts to assert some kind of cover story.
    Living a truly joy-connecting appreciation is not waiting on events or conditions to make the choices that embody what is truly of value to us out of whatever is available right where we are – but that DOES call on creative perspective rather than sucking on the narrative definitions that are reflecting back to the exact same resonance frequency – or they would have no correspondence of communication.
    So in that recognition and act is the fact that we can USE the negative agenda that does meet us as a way to reveal or uncover the correspondences of our self-definitions and core beliefs. Learning to read what isn’t said and to join up the dots of what is in fact connected and see through false associations that are passed off as real currency with a payload to trigger emotional reaction.
    But the key is to not let any thinking frame your appreciation of reality but that which you have Felt into and accepted because it does resonate with who in your current integrity can most embrace and act from free-willingly because it is representative of who you prefer to be. If joy is defined in joyless terms then of course you can be fulfilled while at the same time hating your life. Tuning into a different channel first has to accept one is choosing to listen to a crap source of guidance and information – without dwelling on it – and that is a choice free to find a fresh inspirational movement. Deep habit takes persistent willingness to replace and so anything that feeds a crap sense of life is going to undermine the capacity to value yourself enough to align in the way that lets energy and inspiration in.
    Investing in what you are actually attracted to, interested in and desire is a foundation that – if it is not forced to monetize – will become the pathway of serendipity and synchronicity for a life that truly aligns with who you are – instead of a sense of being denied or stuck. These things are part of our conditioning but that is not set in stone – nor is it set by those who use it to leverage what seems to them to be a better outcome for them in the framework of their current definitions.
    If the first reaction to this post is to go to thinking as to all the reasons or scenarios that rise up to invalidate it – then notice that and wonder why it is that joy is so immediately and heavily denied, invalidated and ridiculed!

    • Bruce C.

      Excellent points.

      (And glad to have this opportunity for discourse. I wasn’t sure what happened “here” but I feared commentary had been shut down.)

      To give the benefit of the doubt, there is a school of thought called “PME” (Perception Management Economics) which takes the colloquial slogan “perception is reality” literally as an explanation and mechanism for behavioral psychology. The “hope” is that by invoking “positive” propaganda positive real results will manifest.

      That may seem benign and even “loving” but the problem seems to be that it is dispensed by untrustworthy sources and, even worse, used cynically by “Wall Street” to justify all kinds of absurdities that they often actually profit from.

      One of the main objections or conflicts that people have with “hypnosis” – or any attempt to change one’s beliefs – is that one is substituting “fantasy” for “reality” and thus are being tricked or fooled. One of Seth’s main messages is that all realities are equally valid, or – in other words – there is no “official” reality. That is the “secret” (or understanding) of creativity. One is not trying to change REALITY, one is only trying to change to a different one – one of many.

      I like your last point that when one encounters “positive” affirmations, why does one reject or ridicule them?

      My answer at the moment is that I resent being manipulated for the benefit of others, even though it may benefit me too. That seems to be the crux of the resentment of all oligarchical systems.

      • Its a strange thing to note but that a lot of ‘new age’ thinking found receptivity in business. But just as with every other potential tool for reintegration and alignment of purpose, it is subverted, diluted and corrupted to forms that persist the negative or segregative ‘disconnect’ agenda.
        Terms and symbols can be used very differently. Context is needed to locate them in a felt sense of communication.
        All experience is valid as an experience that can be had – but if it is not truly representative of what you say you desire then there is something out of true in the template.
        Those who think to reprogram reality do so in the self-same illusion of identity in form. They think to use the power of illusion but are used by the illusion of power.
        The the Consciousness is transformable in an instant of shifted perspective is the gift of true acceptance to free embodiment. The interjecting ‘mind’ of possession and control would claim this as its own and make a self on the sense of such power. But it is a sham and its power is the reaction to a sense of power-less-ness that the gift of Life seems to be when perceived through the lens of such manipulative and possessive intent.
        There’s a Leonard Cohen songline that goes; “you lose your grip, and then you slip… into the masterpiece”.
        Its a whole different Perspective and from there, everything finds or flows in right relation – that is you know how to be, to say or not and what you need is here in the instant it is needed. That does not make sense in a world of controlled scarcity – yet most people have experienced this quality of being. And then we ‘lose it’ by resuming a framework of thought and identity that SEEMS to interrupt or block or limit – and we react to that sense of loss or deprivation and set it more strongly as an actual experience of losing power.
        I generally use ‘negative’ in a mechanical sense for dis-integrity and segregative focus and intent that generates a sense of self in struggle and sense of disconnection. ‘Positive’ being the movement of reintegrating or restoring alignment with underlying integrity of being.
        As you say, ‘positive’ is often a mask for concealed or unrecognized negative intent – and this is evidenced by the feeling of being manipulated rather than related to in an equality of straight or genuine communication.
        There is no limit to the mind’s capacity to mimic Life.
        But there is a limit to our giving it that employ on our behalf – and that limit is – on one level or another… pain.
        Release from pain is a genuine NEED.
        Masking that need with attempts to protect self-concept is a delay device. Fear is running that script. There is a relational balancing act in shifting from blindly enacting fear-directives to ‘coming out’ in commitment to a more aligned perspective.
        Without the relational feeling quality – mental ‘understandings’ operate the same blind imprinting and believe it is wholly justified.
        But the relational feeling qualities of our being are automatically and actively denied acceptance, conformed, or invalidated.

        And so a substitute mentally imposed manipulation of ‘reality’ is protected against the perceived chaos and treachery of something uncontrollable – and seeking to rob us of power.

        Locked into false or incomplete self-definitions that are defended against correction, healing, joy and freedom from pervasive wearing, taxing pain.

        But one can only revise a faulty choice by recognizing it in its movement. It cannot be corrected when it is not active. The mind in rehearsal can gain an immense store of ‘understanding’ but if allowed to suffer a real relationship it all falls apart – or imposes its power by using its capacity to get others to fall apart and conform to their thinking.

        Yes, the parallel realities idea… is a profound expansion of the concept of the One Physical World running as a discrete linear aggregate entity in which secret thinking can hide within an ‘unconsciousness’. A multi-dimensional perspective experienced through the lens of an self-exclusivity or ‘elitism’ that seems powerful within framing of scarcity – believed and reacted to as true.

        If we are attracted to and attracting such a world-experience, rather than subject to be its victim, then it is possible to be curious as to what we must be believing and intending to generate it, but have ‘hidden’ from conscious awareness.

        I find an inner world of unseen influence but in bringing it to light, automatically move to embrace that which truly resonates with me and drop that which doesnt. This is a conscious discernment in place of an autopilot that runs on a database of imprinted conditioning that tends to form based meanings. But as we all know, appearances can be deceptive.

        I enjoy reading you and sharing the theme – which goest wither it will. There are resonance recognitions with the outer reflection of ‘control’. freedom, reactive triggering of manipulative intent – that reflect our human conditioning. The idea of freeing ourself in order to serve a greater freedom is not new – but it is easily subverted into ego-politics – when its foundation is a true appreciation of worth – extended and received.

        Garbage in/garbage out say the geeks. If the generated output is faulty or dysfunctonal – look to the code that templates and defines the parameters awry.

        Struggling or warring with symptoms only strengthens the identity in effect … in rigidly set defined forms, and distracts ever more ‘effect’ively from true cause – which becomes the primary defensive reaction of such identification that rushes to control, limit, shut down, or deny anything that moves from Life directly.

        We have to learn to Read the symptoms from a new perspective – which means noticing and dropping the old point of reactive defence.

        I enjoy growing a willingness to articulate this in ‘linear longhand’ but the actuality of recognition and shifting is within an instant – and yet the Living INFORMATION of that instant is inexhaustible – and within which – what is most personally and practically relevant freely rises as our awareness of a unique but not elitist expression of desire, focus, appreciation, and gratitude.

        Why is this not the natural conscious fulfilment of our day? Because a way of forgetting has been so deeply learned that it seems to run all by itself and we identify it as reality – and suffer it cruelly.

      • lynncar47

        I know what you mean. John Lock who lived the 1600’s was a great philosopher, and who had an enormous influence on the Founding Fathers, suggested as far back as then, that liberals spend their time fantasizing about and creating “perfect” societies. Most reasonable folks, however, study their potentials and limitations and create a life of possibilities based on reality. He believed in a God who created nature as a gift to mankind and that we were born with certain “natural rights” to include the right to pursue our own happiness without government interference. In other words, in our natural state, humans cannot survive if we our freedoms are dictated to us by man, for whatever man gives, he can take away while God-given are ours for all eternity and cannot be taken away by man.

        However, lying and deceit are the hallmarks of Progressivism. “By any means necessary” is their virtual national anthem. For a hundred years they have slowly and incrementally lied and cheated their way into positions of absolute power in all levels of government. They are the majority in Congress, they have taken over the office of Presidency (Hillary will likely win), and they are a whisker away from dominating the Supreme Court. They have always had a long view of their objectives and have finally ALMOST succeeded.

        Meanwhile, die hard conservatives have not yet awakened to reality. Just as the Jews of Germany knew something was terribly wrong, they refused to believe that the German people would turn their backs on them. Hitler to them was a clown, a joke. Strutting around like a tin-horn dictator; suddenly they were rounded up and we know the rest.

        We see the same thing happening today, only this time it’s the Conservative white people who are about to be rounded up and put out to pasture. The reality has yet to sink in.

  • Fema Camp Canoe Instructor

    I was monitoring an ad campaign on Twitter when I noticed that one of the ‘trending topics’ was: “US economy adds 241,000 jobs in Feb”. I found it highly suspect that the vapid twit-o-sphere was so concerned with this week’s phony stats. And why should anyone be concerned with those metrics for that matter?

    The desperation in the propagandist’s pitch is palatable.

    When your situation is improving you know it. You can feel the cash in your hands. You’ll also have a first hand understanding of what is going on with your friends and family. The massive Bureau of Labor Statistics building is redundant in this aspect.

    Central planners might find massaged data relieving for themselves, but they might as well tell us that it is raining… Prices increase while lead payouts in most sectors have remained static.

    • There’s a TED talk on astroturfing that is worth watching:

      Trillion dollar cartels invest in maintaining their cartel and can shout out garbage from a million mutually reinforcing rooftops – while millions are willing to work their shilling – or unaware of being set up to volunteer to campaign for their own destruction.

      I don’t think ‘They’ need to ‘control’ the internet or anything else – except in key points at key moments through key agencies.

      If the curtain really begins to fall – then some exemplary acts of terrorism scorch away the voices that can no longer be found – and the vocabulary of reactionary symptom is all that breaks out in lifelessness or madness both.

      ‘They’ know that others know they are lying and don’t care because they effectively control the Media. I sense that they believe lying is the only option left to protect them against a worse fate. They may even believe they are protecting us from a worse fate because lies are being called forth to hide and protect the untrue from attack and destruction. It is fracturing society – but a large proportion are still invested in a distorted and directed narrative and are unwilling and hence unable to question or re-evaluate their allegiance.

      There is the possibility that one finds out too late the result of choosing the false god. But that belief feels to be a deceit OF such false thinking.

      Attempting to parley with the liar or to understand a complexity intended to keep one’s attention diverted and distracted from noticing what is actually current – are devices human minds use to NOT know what they do no want to know. Perhaps meant as a delay – but after enough delays – it defaults as a permanent switch – not now – not now – not now.

      Information is only meaningful in a relationship of trust because the ‘devil’ quotes Scripture and scientists can present utterly misleading results and conclusions from what in fact the data reveals.

      I don’t believe deceit can be contained – as soon as it is accepted into shared usage the whole currency is adulterated, diluted and corrupted. It may take time to work through to its full but inevitable conclusion but it takes active willingness to disinvest of it and live instead from a consciousness of true value – which is not structured and formulated and so is not something one can sleepwalk in or auto-pilot through. For isn’t that a large part of what people want to power to prevail in?

    • lynncar47

      My wife and her friend are both in their late 60’s. They are looking for work. Both are retired, but can’t find work except the most undesirable work and only then as part time. They are both intelligent and look a good ten years younger than their age, however, as soon as the prospective employer finds out their real age, there are no openings and they get the old, “we’ll contact you.” reply. What does this have to do with the present subject? Here’s my slant: Employers are looking for young people desperate for work and aren’t likely to ask for raises or demand better work conditions. If they can get three Hispanics for the price of one American, they will go for it.

  • Praetor

    The best comment on this comes from Mises. War can really cause no economic boom, at least not directly, since an increase in wealth never does result from destruction of goods. Mises. The welfare state is merely a method for transforming the market economy step by step into socialism. Mises. The criterion of truth is that it works even if nobody is prepared to acknowledge it. Welfare/Warfare/Lies, Mises nailed it, and the truth is, BoomBust is here!!!

    • Haywood Jablome

      Henry Hazlitt “Economics in One Lesson”. The cure for the common Krugman!

  • Haywood Jablome

    “Yahoo” and “news” should not be used in the same sentence.

  • I don’t think ‘They’ need to ‘control’ the internet or anything else – except in key points at key moments through key agencies. ….. binra

    Oh, I think ’They’ need to exercise considerably more clout and expertise than in just those few exceptions to retain meaningful energy and remain in powerful positions, binra.

    Failure of command to control key secrets, and to command controlling key secrets to internetworking players, results in entirely new and even quite revolutionary Great Games Play to other bands of relatively anonymous brothers and mothers/pirate state and private non-state actors, with novel distractions and attractions to boot for root accesses to future routes of travel/programs of mass body manipulation.

    Isn’t that correct and right minded, DB? And bearing all that in mind, is the following an APT ACTivIT a trick and/or a treat and/or a threat to be embraced and supported or vainly battled against when it and IT matters which matter, can never ever be hidden from sight/sees and ignored?

    Nice to see the site working well again, DB, with voices worth listening to able and enabled to be heard. There is much to be done out there and your input is much appreciated everywhere here.

    And this bursting bubble is just a beginning ……. …. for is it not being mirrored practically/virtually everywhere?