How The Movie “Get Out” is a Genius Piece of Racial Propaganda
By Joe Jarvis - March 06, 2017

Warning: Spoiler Alert.

It is a cross between The Stepford Wives and A Clockwork Orange, with a touch of Inception; last night my friend Amuon took me to see a movie called “Get Out.”

I hadn’t heard of it, and went into the theater completely blind to the fact that I would be watching the most genius and entertaining piece of propaganda I have ever seen. I loved it.

First and foremost I was entertained, was roped into the premise of the movie, and am a sucker for a well designed twist. That is what makes this movie such an effective piece of propaganda; it was actually a home run in many ways.

And I just so happened to be sitting next to the target audience for this movie.

Amuon happened to be the exact demographic this movie was going after. And they hit the nail on the head.

See, Amuon had taken me to the movie because he heard whites were in an uproar about it, and he wanted to see my reaction to a movie possibly offensive to white people. Amuon describes himself as a person of color, or black.

Amuon had heard about the premise of the movie; that a white girl (Rose) takes her black boyfriend (Chris) home to meet her rich suburban family. He also knew it was a horror movie, but a “different type” of horror movie with a psychological aspect to it. And finally, Amoun knew this was the first movie Jordan Peele (of Key and Peele) directed.

That is all Amuon had heard, which was enough to make him want to see the movie. Amuon and I have been seeing each other–“dating”–for the last couple months, so he was sympathetic with Rose’s situation.

Someone wants Amuon, and people like him, to put himself in the situation of the main character: the black guy who is going to his white girlfriend’s house for the first time, at his peril.

Yes, I realize this is a dark comedy, so it may seem like I am reading a little too far into the meaning of the movie. But stick with me, and I will show you just how this movie was vehicle for a racial agenda.

And for context, let me reiterate that I was extremely entertained by the movie. None of this criticism comes from dislike of the actual film in terms of its entertainment value. I thought it was phenomenally well done, gripping, and clearly thought provoking.

But what was this piece of propaganda trying to implant in Amuon’s conscious or subconscious thought?

One, that he cannot trust white people, or that it is dangerous to be the only black guy around white people. Fear the everyday average whitey. You never can tell which calm collected Caucasian is really harboring his grandaddy’s racism.

Two, that the police are there to help him, and he should feel more congenial towards federal agencies like the TSA. Don’t fear the police. The government is only there to help, even when it seems intrusive.

A Little More  Context

Something else made Amuon the prime target audience to be influenced by Get Out. Earlier in the day, he was organically given the impression that white people still think very differently of black people, even in subtle ways.

We went to the grocery store, and there were Girl Scouts and a mom selling cookies outside.

I went for the thin mints, and Amuon went for the shortbread cookies (even though both our first choice would have been samoas, but they were out).

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” the Girl Scout mom chuckled, “but I knew you were going to go for the shortbread cookies,” She said to Amuon. “People of your race generally go for the shortbread or the peanut butter. I’ve been doing this for thirty years.”

Then she spoke to me, adding, “And white people usually go for the thin mints or samoas.”

And in case there was any confusion, this lady was white. And to be honest neither Amuon nor I were really offended by what she was saying. We were just baffled that she would bring it up at all.

We both laughed, finding the situation quite entertaining, and continued to laugh about it for the rest of the day. But it still proved an easy example to draw on just hours later that plays right into the movie’s intentions.

Even though Amuon is used to this sort of exchange and took it pleasantly, he did say that it gets tiring always having race come up in conversations. Like many white people feel the need to acknowledge they are talking to a black person.

And this is basically how the movie starts. White people saying little things to black people, that are just a little too weird and race related for no particular reason. They aren’t offensively racist, but there is still an undertone of highlighting differences based on skin color.

All the white characters “would have voted for Obama a third time, my man”. They are totally cool with black people, and think it is great that he likes shortbread cookies so much. (Okay I added the part about shortbread cookies.)

Very clearly from an experience hours earlier the same day, a theme of the movie had presented itself anecdotally in Amuon’s life. He could further relate to the main character in the movie, because he himself experiences those awkward situations–fist bump.

Proof of the Propaganda

But none of this makes Amuon think really badly of white people… until of course all the white family members try to auction off the main character, Chris, to the highest bidder. Through hypnotic mind control, the buyer will get to inhabit the body of the black person they purchase.

The black person will just be a powerless bystander watching the whole thing from inside their skull, unable to control their own body–just a passenger on a ride. They feel physically ill if they think anything different than what they have been hypnotized to think by Rose’s mother.

The white mother begins sneakily to hypnotize Chris in preparation to hand over his “in fashion” black body to a blind man who wants to see through Chris’s eyes.

Every black person he meets in this tight knit suburb is a captive in their own head–but a little of their true self remains. It shows itself through tears when they internally struggle to continue acting “white”. They must keep their mindset “positive” according to what the white people have hypnotized them to think, or they will become physically ill.

And here is another element, that white people will change the way you think, and force you to be like them, even though you will have to deny your true self. Better to just not hang around white people at all. Self segregate.

Get Out presents both the realistic and far-fetched reason to fear the white devil. In the context of real life, be afraid that white people might change you. In the context of the movie, they pretty much still want you to be a slave, and may actually turn violent if you resist.

So if white people are so ready to use violence to keep blacks in place, then isn’t it justified if blacks use violence to fight back?

And that’s what happens. Chris cleverly frees himself, and goes on a white killing rampage. And just when it looks like a cop has shown up at the wrong time, and will likely gun Chris down, or at least make sure he goes to jail for life, who gets out of the car and saves the day?

Chris’s best friend of course! Rod, the relatable, comical, black TSA agent!

Clever Subtleties Reinforce the Theme

The only white person in the movie who was not a bad guy, was a cop. He was at first very subtly racist, when without cause, he asks Chris for his ID. Rose, the white girlfriend, ends up “saving” Chris from this harassment. Except that Rose is really in on the whole conspiracy against Chris.

The message for the target audience of this propaganda, is that even if the police seem like assholes, they are really trying to protect you.

This was reinforced on Facebook in a post which had been shared almost 20,000 times, as of this morning.

Doendre King Winters said:

I have a theory about one scene in the movie “Get out” ok hear me out, you know when they got pulled over and the cop asks Chris for his license even tho he wasn’t driving.. yet the girlfriend tried a little to hard for him to not show his License to the cop. What if the cop was just trying to make sure who he was because alot of black people kept ending up missing in that neighborhood.. what if he wasn’t been racist at all. Maybe he was just doing his job and actually tryna look out for the guy.


So Rose wasn’t trying to protect Chris from a racist, intrusive cop; the officer was really trying to protect Chris from his racist psychopathic girlfriend. He was “just doing his job” but was met with hostility, and backed down. What a shame.

When I asked Amuon what he thought of Rod, the TSA agent, he said that Rod was cool, and that it made sense that the Chris had a TSA agent best friend, since that is a common job in cities.

When I explained my theory to him, Amuon resisted slightly. There were plenty of reasons why the random best friend who barely played into the movie was a TSA agent, right?

In the end, the TSA friend saves the day. The running joke is that Rod used his TSA investigation powers to save his best friend. It is the comic relief. Oh, these funny TSA guys, and other federal agents by association, aren’t so bad. In fact, they are kind of lighthearted, friendly, and relatable.

Jordan Peele said he made the movie to point out that racism is not dead. He had considered a darker ending. But he instead made the main character Chris a hero for taking revenge upon his would be captors. His best friend Rod’s function is to provide an out for Chris so that the police don’t show up and shoot a black guy who apparently just murdered a whole bunch of suburban white folk.

It was very clear that the ending needed to transform into something that gives us a hero, that gives us an escape, gives us a positive feeling when we leave this movie. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the audience go crazy when Rod shows up.

And thus the audience cheers: hip-hip-hooray, for the TSA.

Who Paid for the Propaganda?

Every scene opened with a Microsoft product. Chris used a windows phone, Rose used bing, and other Microsoft products wove themselves throughout the movie.

Get Out, in addition to being a masterful work of horror, is a nice little product placement vehicle for Microsoft. Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), Get Out’s main character, has a Microsoft tablet and a Microsoft phone, both of which get prominent placement at various points throughout the movie. It’s a little bit blatant, but Get Out is an independent property from a first-time director without any A-list stars, so hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to get your budget.

And what did they have to do to get their budget? Provide a vehicle for elites to look like they are supporting black people’s liberation from white influence and social slavery, while in fact themselves brainwashing people of color to internalize certain attitudes.

They made a movie about black people being brainwashed with the specific purpose of brainwashing black people. You can’t make this stuff up. They want black people to think and act a certain way, just like in the movie.

This is an example of the elite’s sick sense of humor. The movie was indeed a comedy, for the elites, because they got to flaunt their work on a Tarantino level.

And perhaps another goal of Get Out is to spark a discussion about race, which promoted by events in the movie, could turn ugly if emotions run hot.

Luckily Amuon and I, and his friends, were all able to discuss the movie, and race, without anyone being offended. It is true, after all, that white people could generally be more aware that race does not always have to be acknowledged when talking to a black person.

Amuon drove me home, about ten minutes from his house, out towards the country. I live in northwest Florida, which is basically Alabama, on a mini-farm we call Prickly Pear Plantation.

He laughed sheepishly as he admitted that the theme–black date gets lured into midst of racist white family for some nefarious purpose–had been in the back of his mind the whole time since meeting me.

There’s still something in Amuon, reinforced by Get Out, that tells him there is so much to fear from white people.

And along with their Microsoft products, that idea is what Get Out is selling.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Praetor

    Only two kinds of humans on this planet, man and women, everything else is a fiction made up by sick humans. And a lot of those sick humans live in Hollywood and New York. The Divide and Conquer War has been raging since, well the first man and women. To d*m bad, no!!!

    • Bolt Upright

      “Only two kinds of humans on this planet” Congenital Liberal. Or not. DRD4

      • Praetor

        OK! Three types.!!!

        • scrod

          There is no reason to argue over a long ad for girl scout cookies.

    • Lawrence Newman

      Subspecies for all species except the human species.

  • glayton

    Couldn’t agree more. The divide and conquer strategy has been boiling at a feverish pitch whether black/white, liberals/conservatives, dems/republicans, etc.

    Meanwhile the controlling interests/elites/international bankers in this world keep trying to tighten the noose on all of us.

    • B Davis

      Whites and blacks are already naturally divided. They are working on dividing the whites.

      • Don Duncan

        “…naturally divided.”? That is not true at all. But if you grew up in a culture/society with racism and no other model, you might assume it was “natural”. I grew up in a ghetto with gangs of white, black, and hispanic but never accepted the color divide or violence as natural. I think it’s ignorance. So day history will be divided into two parts, the barbaric period and the civil period, i.e., the statist period and the voluntarist period. I was born too early to enjoy the best period.

        • B Davis

          Whether you can accept reality or not doesn’t concern me. Your reply had basically nothing to do with my comment. However if you are white it does demonstrate it perfectly.

          • Don Duncan

            I can determine that humans are primarily divided by beliefs, by their philosophy of life, by their ethics, and reading their thoughts on such matters does not tell me the color of their skin. This is reality. And it is all that matters.

          • B Davis

            Well I can determine that people are made up of DNA that determines most of their intelligence and this has dividing lines between the tribes of man. if you can’t handle the truth about racial realities then you are deluded. Once again not my problem.

          • Don Duncan

            What does intelligence have to do with beliefs? Nothing! Race, social status, financial status, and many other superficials have been used to divid/concur groups. Think as an individual, not as if your “status” determines what you “should” think, i.e., think for yourself. You don’t? Your problem.

          • B Davis

            So in order for me to think for myself I have to conform to the multicultural propaganda that is being shoved down our throats? Haha .wow . Everything is completely opposite of what you are spewing. There is a war against the white race that is what I’m concerned about. I am proud of my European ancestry. I don’t think there is anything about our DNA that could be considered superficial. I won’t apologize for the truth. Get used to it cause the days are numbered for that political correct bullshit .

        • Dean Croney

          I watched this program the other day, it was about a prison in the seventys,before or this pc culture etc,what I found different was blacks and whites hanging out together, that wouldn’t happen now, what I’m saying is with all this awareness and pc propergander,all it’s done is make different races more divided than ever

          • Don Duncan

            “The Great Black Hope” was elected and the world cheered. He turned out to be a miserable failure in healing social ills. Worse. He increased the political, racial divide. Remember, politics is an artificial construct, based on immoral special interest and violence. Maybe someday that will change. I would like to see a rational, ethical, voluntary political system. Take away the primary basis of initiation of force, and what is left? Men have to debate, reason, and get agreement by non-violence. They have to use their minds, not their immature emotional whims, or hate, or fantasy.

  • Hugh


  • autonomous

    No surprise that Hollywood serves up an advertisement in the guise of entertainment. Further, no surprise that they serve it up with with an unhealthy dose of racial hostility. Very much in the mein of politics, that no crisis be wasted, racial hostility sells–and sells well. Accent the difference, eliminate what’s common, and whatever you do, forget about the in-between.

  • LawrenceNeal

    I made a note to see Get Out. I think I’ll watch Moonlight instead.

    • gringott

      I made a note not to watch either.

      • LawrenceNeal

        One is fiction, the other closer to the reality of a person’s experience. It helps to know what other people’s lives are like.

    • Don Duncan

      I watched “Moonlight” for 70 minutes and stopped. I grew up with disfunction in my family and overcame it. It was familiar and boring to watch but not educational. I like to learn. I don’t recommend “Fences”, same reason.

      I boycott horror because they are generally all the same cheap cinema tricks over and over for emotional effect, without any thought or expertise. One notable exception was the “Alien” movies.

  • Ethercruiser One

    I almost went to see this movie today, then decided against it. Glad I didn’t see it!

  • William

    Funny how far blacks will go to milk their blackness. Funny how The Daily Bell has suddenly degenerated into the abyss of articles with no significance.

  • Rojelio Febrero

    Divide et impera …

  • Alison Klemp

    Soooo how long did it take for your black boyfriend to dump you after writing this?

    • Joe Schmoe

      My thoughts exactly, and I’m not even black

  • Captain Turk

    “Amuon happened to be the exact demographic this movie was going after”.

    “But what was this piece of propaganda trying to implant in Amuon’s conscious or subconscious thought?”

    I’m glad your own subconscious was mercifully spared… saved by the colour of your skin no doubt…

    “It is true, after all, that white people could generally be more aware that race does not always have to be acknowledged when talking to a black person.”

    • I’m sorry, perhaps that could have been worded better. The point was just that the audience the movie targeted was black. It was not meant to suggest that black people are any more susceptible to propaganda, just that in this case, they are who the propaganda was aimed at.

  • Bruce C.

    The sad thing about all of this is that most of the times I talk to black people I have to talk to them at their level or “language” just to communicate at all.

    That’s not an indictment on me. It’s a lack of education on them. The things I hear from many blacks are truly bizarre and sad. Examples would be their attitude toward having kids out of wedlock (and then abandoning them), stealing (in general), trust in government (but not whites, even though most of government is white), mistrust of police, mistrust of anyone who isn’t black, etc.

    It’s unreal. But is this only in the US, I wonder? Or are those attitudes all over the world? It seems – at least anecdotally – that some of the worst governmental corruption is in the primariiy black Caribbean, South American, and African countries. It’s as though the strongest racism is within the same culture. Ironically, observations by others of that racism are then called “racist” by the true racists.

    • Don Duncan

      Some great observations! In my travels I noticed the same thing, e.g., anti-Americanism, racism (lighter skin over darker skin), and Spanish/native over native S.A.

      One of the saddest prejudices is by the uneducated against the educated, or the less skilled against the skilled. A person who knows more that I do is a person who I want to be around, to learn from, not demean.

      I commented above about the oppressed respectfully submitting to their oppressors. Why? I don’t get it.

      • C.J.

        The lighter skin vs darker skin thing within the same race is not racism. It is called colorism (yes, it is a real term; no, I am not making it up you can look it up yourself) and it is something present in most countries where slavery and/or colonialism occured (such as India).

        By definition racism is the belief of one race’s superiority over another, as such, at least 2 different races must be involved. So, for example, if a black man thought whites were better than blacks he would be racist (yes, to his own detriment I realize; but I say this with an actual cartoon character in mind who is a racist black man – Uncle Rukus from The Boondocks). But if the black man thought light skinned blacks were better than dark skinned that is colorism.

      • Dean Croney

        Try finding a right wing teacher in higher education , you won’t , universities are churches for cultural Marxism, look at Berkeley riots.

    • C.J.

      These black people who lack education, what is their class level? This makes a difference. What I find unfortunate is that white people lump black people all together when, even withing black America there are differences. Example: both Bankhead and Buckhead (two neighborhoods in Atlanta) are predominately black. However, one is impoverished and the other is middle-upper middle class. It’s like comparing whites in Beverly Hills with those in trailers/poor rural areas and just lumping them all together because they are white. And while it is a lack of education, those blacks you are speaking with were all children once. Children who had no control over what and who taught them. My parents had the means and ability to send me to good schools, every one I knew didn’t have that opportunity and public education in the US, most agree, is terrible. This is particularly true in poor neighborhoods.

      As far as the mistrust, keep in mind this history of the US (and I am not going back to slavery because that is a cop out and it is truly unnecesary to go back that far): Tuskegee experiments/syphilis experiments, 100 years of govt defended segregation, the list goes on but many of the things would be too long to explain. Also, there are attitudes like yours. By your words you condemn black people as a whole (again lumping various sects of the community into 1 based in common skin tone) without acknowledging differences in the community and people in positions of authority (government for example) do the same. So upper class and middle class, educated blacks distrust about as much as their lower class, uneducated counterparts because white people lump them all together and, in doing so, really only acknowledge the troublesome, ignoring the rest.

      As far as corruption in South America, most South American countries are run by white latinos not black latinos. There are actually only 3 countries down there that would not be considered Latino – the small three at the top north east. As far as government corruption in African countries being racist (black run govt in primarily black country), is govt corruption in America racist then (white run govt in primarily white country)? I would say no because governmental corruption is often times/mostly about self interest, not race.

  • RED

    This “piece” stereotypes “blacks” and “whites”. Racism was not invented by white Europeans……All “races” in all countries are capable of being racists and bigots.
    There is no special or brilliant insight here! Just really bad journalism! (If we can even call it that).

    • I’m sorry it came off that way. Any stereotyping was simply to describe the target audience of the propaganda in the movie. The discussion is about race, so it is difficult to make the points about who was targeted without coming off as stereotyping.

      • RED

        Hmmmmm……I usually don’t miss nuanced messages or hidden satire, etc. I was waiting for a clever expose or form of rebuttal or critique to the movie but your narrative appeared to be an “appreciative” book report. I question the use of “Genius” in your initial “overture”….but perhaps that was a form of “nuanced sarcasm?” I was waiting for something else, but did not readily find it. Your last closing line is the closest thing I can find that separates you from the hackneyed theme of the movie…..but……perhaps that is sufficient.

        • Dean Croney

          Target audience young whites to scared not to cheer when their race is massacred in the end

          • Dean Croney

            It’s a attack on liberals , because their too dumb and scared to face the truth

    • Don Duncan

      Racism, sexism, nationalism, tribalism, and collectivism are all irrational attitudes that cripple the holder of the superstition more than anyone else.

      For example, I was once competing against a poker table full of women where one was extremely anti-male. She was making a lot of anti-male jokes at my expense, and I saw her hostility as a weakness. A rare situation came along where I had her trapped, but she was very intuitive and figured out she was beat. She snarled: “I know you have quads!” That surprised me that she had guessed correctly and I was upset that I would get no more action, even though she had aces full. But I immediately came back with: “I don’t need to have quads to beat a girrrrl.” She became unhinged and started to raise and raise. I got many extra bets that I wouldn’t have, if she wasn’t damaged. Finally she came to her senses and stopped. I turned over my quads and she looked sick. Not because she lost with a big hand, but because she lost more than she should have, due to her prejudice. She was embarrassed in front of girlfriends and left. I wondered if she used that experience as a “teachable moment”. I hope so.

      • RED

        Ah yes……the vicious, insecure, unreasoning vitriol of “Femi-fascism”.
        I enjoyed your narrative!

      • Dean Croney

        You have been listening to cultural marxism, what’s up with nationalism, rascism is just a word invented by Jewish Marxist 100 years ago, to defeat Russian christains

        • Don Duncan

          Before I knew what it was called or even that a word for it existed, I saw nationalism, i.e., identity with a culture/nation as self image. To criticize any part of the culture or official narrative was experienced as an attack on the nationalist. His “self” was realized through this identity, not his personal achievements or values. One might say he had no “self”, only the collective.

          • Dean Croney

            I don’t understand seven of nine, I’m not a university graduate, but it sounds good

          • Dean Croney

            I second that good narrative

  • georgesilver

    If you say ALL people are racist you will immediately get a shock horror response. Pick that person up and put and them in a situation where they are the only white person surrounded by blacks in a riot and they will pretty soon find out people are racist. It also goes if the roles are reversed.

    All people are racist. Live with it. Doesn’t have to mean people are going to harm each other and will mostly get along together. Most intelligent individuals will get along with other individuals no matter what race but once people get into groups then the group mentality takes over.

  • gringott

    “Amuon describes himself as a person of color, or black.”

    Cut the suspence, is he black or not?

    • Don Duncan

      I stopped to think about that remark. I concluded that Amunon is light brown as most people who are called “black” are really a shade of brown. As a young boy I used to stop and think when asked to check a box for “race”. I didn’t think of myself as being of a race, other than “human”.

      I used to turn medium brown in the summer when 13 (1954). I thought it was cool until I was refused admittance to a public swimming pool. I was really pissed off and when I told my parents I didn’t get much sympathy. I felt like an outsider, all alone, but not for the first time. I started to feel that way at 8 (1950) when I identified myself as an atheist. Later at 12 I identified myself as anarchist and my alienation increased. When racism was added, I had not become immune to the feeling of being an outcast. But that feeling allowed me to identify with minorities, or think I did. I expected them to be anti-authority, on principle, like me, but I learned that was not the case. I was puzzled by those who were oppressed because they were “of color” but still were subservient, respecting authority. To this day, at 74, I still don’t understand those who worship or respect rulers, those who claim the right to push them around. I grant them no moral authority. I “respect” the imposition of overpowering force, much as I would any thug who has a gun pointed at me, but I don’t think initiation of violence justified.

  • Rosicrucian32

    It is just another example of the perpetuation of racial divide by those who claim to be the victims of it. If a predominately white character centered movie is lauded with awards and has few African Americans or there was an African American option up at the same time, it is decreed racist and thus another African American award show is born. Rather than develop a movie that can be lauded for its artistic view this comedian in his first attempt at film direction creates this. He chose to create a racially divisive product to prove racism is still alive and well. In my eyes he did exactly as he was planning to do. I think his point however is putting the ball of ownership of said racial prejudice firmly in his own court.

  • davidnrobyn

    Hate to break it to you, but based on my 67 years of experience, EVERYTHING that comes out of Hollywood is propaganda. EVERYTHING. It’s all a totally false, contrived view of reality.

  • joey

    What about the divide between a black and a fruitcake?

  • Jake

    I don’t think it’s trying to reinforce a fear in black people and I don’t think the target audience is black people. The target audience is anyone who experience the “benevolent racism” explored by the film or anyone who thinks racism is dead. If that person is white then they’re the target. If they’re black then they’re the target. The movie is trying to show a characature of what it feels like to be black in the world today with all this “kind” racism. People trying to relate based on skin color. It is uncomfortable and the film shows this in a realistic way at the start and then delves into a deeper psychological exploration of the paranoia and mental state that could hypothetically be induced by this type of behavior. It singles people out making them feel afraid and alone. This movie is for the white people (and Asian guy) that make people of color feel this way. Also, it’s a materfully crafted horror movie, so if nothing else watch it for the filmmaking and ignore the message if you think it’s propaganda.

  • different

    I believe Microsoft, or someone, funded Peel to have “free reign” over the direction and script of a movie so black people can start creating their own art instead of claiming other art isn’t culturally diverse enough. i.e. Marvel movies.

    He was funded enough and had enough free reign and he decided to make a “joke” of a movie that focuses on the racism that black people perceive daily. It is perceived to exist everywhere. It is unfortunate that the only solution that was given is to murder or physically hurt everyone you perceive is against you.

    This movie scares me that this is what is what might be inside someone’s head. I see no solution for the tensions that exist besides just leaving the country and hope my future generations stay safe and stay away from USA.

  • Tony Nobaloney

    I’m a person of color also…white.

    • Then, Tony, YOU could be in big trouble if you visit most other countries in the world where whites don’t have the numerical superiority!
      (Check my post above…)

  • Eric Rosenfeld

    Did you think about the possibility that maybe Microsoft did not sponsor the budget of this film in any way, but rather, that Jordan Peele inserted the Microsoft products on purpose to send some sort of message? Otherwise, I think that you are right on about #1, but not #2 (trying to show police and authorities in a good light). For one thing, the detectives all laugh at Chris’s friend when he goes to them to tell his suspicions.

  • “Racial propaganda”???
    It was slapstick. Like a Silent Movie of the 20’s.
    HOWEVER, it is a moot point that ALL people of awkwardly different social structures need to tread warily in any culture in which they are a minority. NOTE: a MINORITY.
    Until today, the White nations of the world have been very accommodating toward others in general. The warped belief in today’s Black minority Negroid population in the USA, that they are “persecuted” and “prevented” from getting the big money by Whiteys, is a paranoid delusion – escapism from reality.
    Over my very long international career, I find the advice of the most (only?) successful empire in history, Rome, was based in a simple, so simple idea:
    “When in Rome, you do what a Roman does”.
    Learn the society’s rules.
    Act like a Roman.
    Dress like a Roman.

    In short, raise yourself up to fit in.
    Finally, ignore the TV and Tabloids. Just look around you. 999 out of 1000 whiteys have never been in ANY form of contact with non-Whites. (Even the Waiters and Pizza servers are MOST likely to be….. Latinos – even Black ones.)

  • HMMMNN, I just received message re a posting of mine here, about “when in Rome”.
    A good friend’s mother said she would have had less worries and concerns if her only son had brought home a black girlfriend than the White older male he suddenly showed up with.
    (This was a few years ago, mebbe 10). I was able to assure her that (factually!) it wouldn’t last statistically, but to help steer him away from homosexual ghetto lifestyle was critical.
    Despite what the press says, a civilised Black person, well-presented does not cause angst in white Society. Not like a blatant homosexual male does. Same problem just usually a different colour! 🙂 It is all about “fitting in” – vital for minorities!
    SPECIAL NOTE: By 2050 the USA will be a majority….. Latino!

  • Justine Watkins

    Obviously this movie was targeted at you and a lot (not all) of the people commenting. Subtle racism is something minorities face daily. We listen and give an awkward thank you or smile when we’re complimented on how our hair ‘stays put’ or ‘has such a unique texture’, when someone wants to touch our skin because it’s ‘just so dark’. Peele showed that subtly even with the tapping of the spoon on the cup. Was that statement intentionally racist? Am I being to sensitive? Do they really like lil Wayne that much or are they gushing about that one song because they think I like it? (FYI I don’t). It’s not a movie telling us to fear white people, it’s a movie targeted at leftist white people who are try so hard to show how not racist they are that they commit a lot of these micro aggressions towards people of color. even the one Asian guy who asks how the black experience is for Chris has meaning. Asians are looked at as better than black people but still outsiders. It’s a question to gauge if becoming a black man would improve his current situation. There’s no propaganda here. Just intricate messages and subtleties targeted to those that believe racism is dead.

  • Speak the truth to power

    Censorship eh? Truth isn’t found at the daily bell.

  • Speak the truth to power
  • giraffes dont have that reach

    awful article, u need to think more critically about what ur saying because this is a mess!! lol how did you take away that the main point is to trust police? what kind of stretch?? he was saved by his BEST FRIEND not just a random TSA agent. the reason he trusts him, and the audience trusts him, is they are f r i e n d s not cos hes TSA. and secondly the idea that the policeman was trying to save him is the DEFINITION of a reach i cant even!! if he knew the white girlfriend was “racist & psychopathic” somehow why didnt he act to stop her instead of criminalizing him? e.g. if a policeman knew the black boyfriend was dangerous would he have asked to see the girls licence and then let them go?

    its just an example of what black ppl have to go thru all the time, hence chris being fine with it – it happens a lot.

    the reason his girlfriend defends him is a) like many white people she is (acts) shocked to see racism happen since they dont experience it and a lot of the time think its exaggeration, and is privileged enough to challenge the cop without fear of retaliation. its a scene to demonstrate the way white ppl are allowed to move through the world in comparison to black ppl – they can challenge who they want while black ppl are always challenged and must comply due to the danger. she is also desperate to lull him into thinking she is on his side & “woke” in an otherwise racist world. she does the same thing later when she points out all the casual racism said at the family gathering.

    its so obvious idk why u guys will always try to seek some some farfetched explanation for your agenda

  • Eye rolls for everyone!

    Oh thank god, a white person to explain the movie about racism and make it sound like she’s the only one who can see its propaganda because black people are being mind controlled by those crafty Microsoft elites. A black man makes a movie from a black perspective and as oppose to listening she creates an elaborate conspiracy theory to avoid admitting that there is maybe still a problem with racism in this country as the film suggests (through hyperbole and humor no less). But it’s cool because she has a black boyfriend so her ancedotal experience of race totally validates her perspective.

    • Lawrence Newman

      Racism isn’t a problem. Multiracialism is the problem.

  • aPEON

    there are race problems in America, but this author is not part of the resolution.

  • I am God ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Only thing is…white people aren’t going to “chimp out” about this movie. They don’t give a F. Just making it worse.

  • mofa

    Racist film by a racist director. Race baiting aint the solution. I still don’t understand why the director did not have his protagonist kill more ‘whities’ at the end (there were more to kill).

  • guest

    lol at the fact that a lady said your race choose shortbread or peanut butter. what kind of racist place do you live in. ive never heard anyone say such a thing but then again ive never lived in the midwest or south hahaha must suck down there

    • Guest

      I’ve lived in the south my entire life and have never heard anyone I know say anything like that. But hey, on the bright side you must be so enlightened.


    lol as soon as i saw the trailer and learned the premise of the movie I immediately knew that the cop was probably trying to find out if he was one of the missing black guys in the area. Thats so frickin obvious after the fact haha. only adds to the genius that it would make the cop look racist at the same time


    what i dont understand is why black people are surprised that there is still racism especially when they live in known racist areas (the confederate states) less than a generation after Martin Luther King Jr., thats what i call insanity. thinking that younger generations will get better when there racist parents are alive and well teaching them racism. The answer is not to self-segregate, but to leave racist areas. let those stupid racist live by themselves if thats what they want so badly

    • Melissa Ham

      The point of the movie is that racism exists even among liberal communities that congratulate themselves for not being racist.

    • Dean Croney

      This is the point liberals don’t get, why can’t white people preserve their race, multiculturalism has never worked it’s human nature to stay with your own people,Hollywood love to divide and rule us

  • Anya Silver

    I don’t even understand this article. It’s a pro-TSA movie? This review totally misses the point of the film. It’s not pro-police or pro-white people, but that doesn’t make it “propaganda”; it makes it satire.

  • Melissa Ham

    This article is absurd. The target audience is YOU, not your bf. But apparently you weren’t listening to the message. Try reading an intelligent analysis of the film. Also, i hope that Amuon got to read this so he could get some insight into your perspective. And dump you.

  • Dean Croney

    Violent anti white , race baiting propergander, could of been nice to all races but made it a white hate movie, that blacks who are dumb will lap up, if they can divide us they can rule us, scary times if your a white christain

  • Dean Croney

    White people are being invaded by every other race,Europe is being swamped with non whites, if you say a wait a minute, don’t say anything cos your called a rascist a hater , and the anti white christain Zionist media bring up are history, and make us out to be the bogeyman

  • Dean Croney

    Had to make it about race, ruined the film

  • jmg

    your analysis of the movie clearly illustrates your biases. it’s not a creepy comedy designed to tell the target audience that amuon is in to rise up – it’s a movie about privilege, cultural appropriation and the ignorant micro aggressions non-whites face on a daily basis, eventually taken to the extreme. chris doesn’t murder a bunch of white people – he simply tries to ‘get out.’. the fact that you don’t see that proves how ignorant you are. white people talking about things like blacks preferring short bread cookies or having to say ‘my man’ in order to relate to black people is their ignorant ‘tell.’ when you live and work with people of all races you talk the way you would talk to anyone instead of attempting to cater to what you think that person needs to hear in order to accept you as a ‘friend’