How to Act Compassionately Towards Transgender People: Do Not Encourage a Delusion
By Joe Jarvis - December 18, 2017

I’m not allowed to say what I am about to say, according to the mainstream media.

They claim the only reason I would make this argument is that I am full of hate.

The truth is, I don’t want to see the media dupe people with a mental health condition into making destructive decisions.

I came across a news story about an entire family in transition. First, the son began a transition to female, and then the daughter to male, followed by their mother to male. The mother then met someone transitioning to female, and they are now engaged.

Is it “wrong” to say, mother, son, and daughter? Is that now considered “hate speech”? It is almost impossible to coherently discuss transgender issues without running afoul of politically correct speech.

All I know is that I had to read the article twice to understand who started as male, who was female, and what they now identified as. Already politically correct speech is clouding the ability to convey basic facts.

The Media Bullies Anyone Who Wants to Have a Rational Discussion

CNN invited Ben Shapiro on as a stand-in punching bag to discuss Caitlyn Jenner. This was in 2016 just after Jenner won some award for being super brave about transitioning.


Do you see the way they all team up on Shapiro and try to beat him into submission? They tell him he is full of hate. They say he is angry inside. They bully him. They yell at him.

And the strong-jawed person with long blond hair sitting next to Shapiro threatens him with violence while laying hands on him saying, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

What the hell is going on?

Shapiro is simply trying to have a discussion about biology and sex. He can’t even get his point out because all the other guests attack him for using the correct words to describe objectively true facts.

What is accepted as true on CNN is the statement, “We both know, that the chromosomes do not necessarily mean that you are male or female.”

But in the real world of biology, that is exactly what that means.

Yet the public is supposed to accept the falsity without protest, or even discussion. Shapiro was threatened with violence for asking a transgender person what chromosomes are present in their cells. The message is if you don’t want to be singled out and bullied, accept what we tell you as the truth.

The media uses phrases like “gender confirmation surgery” and “sex assigned at birth.”

A surgery which changes superficial indicators of sex confirms your gender. A biological fact at birth is an arbitrary assignment.

What Does the Science Really Say?

Make no mistake, the people pushing all this confusion are not at all consistent nor scientific.

They say that gender is a social construct that can be chosen. That is redefining what the word gender means, but fine. We can make a distinction between gender (cultural expression of sex) and sex (biological anatomy).

So then who cares if a boy likes dresses and tea parties, and a girl likes getting dirty and playing video games?

But the media isn’t done. They turn around and say you can change your biological sex to match your gender expression.

This is not true.

They can redefine the word gender to refer to stereotypical expressions of sex. But they cannot ignore the science that sex is defined by the chromosomes in your cells.

You can’t even get an accurate picture of any science behind gender dysphoria from supposedly scientific publications. They join in to blur the lines between science and propaganda.

National Geographic ran a story exploring the lives of transgender children. Except that they also throw in a case of a chromosomal condition where a child is born with both male and female genitalia. Another case details an enzyme deficiency which causes a child’s sexual organs to appear female until puberty when a surge of testosterone causes the male development of the sexual organs.

These conditions are real medical anomalies which blur the biological lines between the male and female sex. They are entirely different from the mental condition in which people self-identify as the opposite sex but show absolutely no physical attributes of that sex.

I don’t doubt that these people feel like the opposite sex. They are allowed to feel and act as they wish.

What they cannot do is force me to play along. They cannot force me to ignore science, and pretend that they are capable of becoming the opposite sex. They cannot force people to lie to their children and teach them that you can switch from one sex to the other. You cannot.

But you can go to extremes in how you express your gender. This includes irreversible mutilation meant to make your genitals look like those of the opposite sex. This also includes barely tested hormones and drugs which could very well cause serious health issues.

The media is helping to push life-altering drugs and surgery on people, including children.

The media is convincing people to make decisions they may regret, and imbibe substances that are untested, and carry serious risks.

And the media’s lies about the science behind “gender reassignment surgery” is making life harder for people with the mental condition called gender dysphoria.

What is Going on Here?

It all seems like an elaborate test to see how easy it is to control people. When the news says jump, we are supposed to say how high. There is to be no discussion of science, and no room for dissenting opinions.

I agree with Ben Shapiro. There is no hatred in my opinion. I don’t even have a problem with adults transitioning if that is what they want to do. I believe in freedom, so I would never want to restrict any individual’s action that doesn’t hurt anyone else.

But I think the media is using and abusing people with a serious mental health issue.

I don’t think the “solutions” put forward are healthy. And I will not be bullied into joining a mass delusion about the ability to change sexes.

I won’t join in and encourage transgender people to get surgery and take drugs that are dangerous. I certainly won’t lie to kids about the definition of male and female.

And I believe it is child abuse to allow a kid to take hormones and mutilate their genitals in an attempt to appear as the opposite sex.

On the other hand, think parents should allow their kids the freedom to dress and act however they want. If their interests are those more typical of the opposite sex, so be it. If your son wants to wear dresses, grow his hair out, and be addressed as she, I don’t think it is crazy for a parent to allow this. By all means, let your kids express themselves freely.

But once you start giving hormones and life-altering surgery to ten-year-olds, that is child abuse.

When it comes to adults, I also have absolutely no problem with people dressing however they want to dress, and cutting their hair in whatever way they want. By all means, eschew traditional gender roles. Act the way you want to act. Honestly, who cares what other people think? Who cares what I think?

But it is from a compassionate standpoint that I urge people who identify as the opposite sex to think twice about surgery and drugs. What happened to not having to change in order to love yourself? What happened to being perfect the way you were born?

I understand that people may truly wish they had the opposite sexual organs. But it is not at this point possible to acquire functioning sexual organs of the opposite sex. You can mimic the way they look, but you cannot change your biological sex.

The Compassionate Way to Deal With Gender Dysphoria

In the transgender family, the kids wanted to express the opposite gender before the mother. So the parents do not appear to have directly influenced the kids’ gender identification. The mother claims transgenderism runs in the family. And this may very well be the case. Mental conditions are often hereditary.

But again Shapiro brings up a good point. We don’t tell schizophrenics that they are hearing real voices in their heads. That would be cruel. Instead, we attempt to help them.

The suicide rate for transgender people is alarmingly high. But Shapiro claims the rate is the same before and after a transition. That means transitioning does not alleviate mental anguish.

So is it really so crazy to think of other possible solutions?

Maybe mutilating sexual organs and taking hormones to make the body mimic the opposite sex is not the best treatment.

You cannot change the chromosomes in your body. You cannot produce sperm if you are a woman, and you cannot ovulate if you are a man. That is science. And still, when Shapiro says these things, he is called a bigot, a hate-monger, and so on and so forth.

But like Shapiro, we should not yell back at the bullies. We should not engage them at their level.

Now more than ever, rational people must stay cool, calm, and collected. This is a message of compassion, not of hate.

The media is not compassionate to transgender people suffering from mental anguish. They feed into their delusions. They encourage “solutions” that do not actually solve the problem. The media tells transgender people that they can mask their condition with surgery and drugs.

They should encourage people to get psychological help to accept themselves without altering their bodies. And they should be honest about the science behind sex changes.

Except for some rare medical disorders, you are the sex you are born.

If people want to express themselves as a gender typically associated with the opposite sex, that is their choice. I would never bully someone for that, and I sincerely hope others would treat them with respect as well.

But compassion and civility do not require the denial of biological fact.

Turning Point

Is this a deliberate attempt by the media to brainwash people? It certainly seems like a concerted effort to derail an objective discussion. It’s like they are testing how easily they can control what people say and think.

This is a crucial point where we will decide if freedom of speech and freedom of thought still exist. Will we move forward “allowed” to discuss science and mental health without being threatened with violence?

Or will we be bullied into submission, afraid to speak or even think the wrong way? Will we become thought criminals for daring to think against the mainstream viewpoint?

Labelling people as hateful for disagreeing ensures a narrow perspective. It is a way to ignore legitimate viewpoints by pretending they come from a position of ignorance and anger.

Rational people should have no problem putting emotions aside to discuss the science behind gender and sex.

Finally, why do they need my, or Ben Shapiro’s approval anyway? Why does that even matter to them? We aren’t saying they should be stopped from expressing themselves. We aren’t threatening them with violence–quite the opposite!

There are people that don’t like the way I live my life. In fact, Ben Shapiro considers certain things I do sinful. And I don’t care because I don’t need Ben Shapiro to endorse and accept every aspect of my behavior.

Live the life you want to live, and by all means resist anyone who tries to stop you. But don’t try to force others to endorse or praise your actions and beliefs.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Robert Davis

    Never in the history of biology has so much faeces been uttered by so many and taken seriously by those who profess to be educated.

    • 2manylostsouls

      Including yourself.

  • When there is so many examples of people feeling dysphoric about their gender, perhaps it is time to look at this from an ethological perspective. Perhaps there is something happening to the biological factors of motivation. Could there be major environmental influences such as phthalate plastic that are messing with the hormonal balance in a larger population base that was realized in recent years?

    If there are clear physical causation factors, then it is essential to be empathetic to those who have been living with environmentally induced physiological disruptions, and we will have to find ways to getting the ecosystem restored fundamentally. I would start by reading “The Global Forest” by Diana Beresford-Kroeger.

    • gomurr

      People are bombarded daily with chemicals, including endrocrine disruptors in our food, soil, and plastics, to name a few sources. Children are exposed in utero. I happen to believe you’re not only right about this, but that there are those that know this, and the whole “transgender agenda” may be a way of
      providing a certain amount of cover for this. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time they did something like this.

      • Thanks for the affirmative comment, gomurr! I am a fan of Canadian public radio CBC, and it sponsors a series called the Massey Lectures. This year, Prof Payam Akhavan was the presenter over a five night series. He was talking as an international human rights professor and war crimes prosecutor, and he was dealing broadly with how to get serious about human rights. In his final night he was calling for a “Populist Revolution of Empathy”. I have corresponded with him as a follow up, and he has referred me to the External Affairs branch of the Baha’is in Canada. I feel that this project is going to be essential if the world wishes to create the needed solidarity to get a grip on these larger environmental challenges.

        • gomurr

          Thanks for the link. Will check this out.

      • bluff bunny


        • gomurr

          God isn’t the one spewing chemicals into the soil and the food supply.

      • Number 6

        The Only thing People are bombarded with daily, is media propaganda which is heavily promoting it, and I would also suggest that the numbers of people wanting to have sex changes, is actually much lower than said propaganda would suggest.
        This propaganda of genital mutilation is aimed at our kids, by the Eugenics obsessed, cultural marxist media and our governments, conclusively demonstrating that our media and our governments are run by child abusers. If parents only knew whats being whispered into their children’s ears, then government would fall tomorrow !

        • gomurr

          I would agree with you. I just believe there is more than one factor at work here in creating the agenda being promoted.

    • Wade House

      “When there is so many examples of people feeling dysphoric about their gender,”
      I don’t see it. I just had a conversation today about this subject. They had just seen something in the news. And they said, just like you, “It’s Everywhere!”
      Must be a “News Of The Day” Cycle Push or something. It’s in both the Mainstream and Alternative Media at the same time on the same day. Interesting…

      I told her the same thing…I don’t see it as all pervasive.
      I travel around D.C. every work day and I travel my city 50 miles away.

      She looked at me like I was crazy…It’s everywhere! she said again. No back-up to the claim…just words.
      What do you mean…it’s everywhere? I don’t see it like that and I travel everyday.
      “You just don’t see it…it’s everywhere.”

      I don’t disagree with all that you say. It’s all correct. There are terrible things in our food, water, land and air, that are doing damage as you stated. But I don’t see the major damage to as many people as the media states.

      It’s like these super deadly bird flu’s that are suppose to incapacitate millions of American’s. I don’t see them either. I know plenty of healthcare personnel; doctors, researchers, nursing students…not one has ever mentioned anything about them…for years…ever. Nothing out of the ordinary…ever!

      Nothing the Media pushes is anywhere near as bad as they try to make it seem.

      Do you personally know of a bunch of people “in a larger population base” that fit the criteria the media is talking about? Do alot of the people you know, or a significant amount of people you know fit the criteria the media is talking about?

      Also, don’t get me wrong, their agenda is exactly as you state or could be implied…they most definitely want to turn our Little Boys into Little Girls and our Little Girls into Little boys. This is a fact and they are doing it other places around the world also.

      In many Asian Movies the Men have long woman-like hair and the women have short hair, as well as dress, as to hide their gender.

      This is their plan for U.S. too, but we know what they are up to…and knowing is half the battle!

  • Michael Kowalik

    It is curious to see how the ideology of transgenderism comes into conflict with feminism. Both are heavily promoted by MSM (obviously with an agenda) but they actually negate one another:

    • James Higginbotham

      I’m just waiting for the SHOOTING part of the ongoing Revolution to get under way, and so is MILLIONS OF MY FELLOW VETS AND PATRIOTS ARE.

      • lulu

        What scourge? Gender identity issues or the Mainstream Media?

        • James Higginbotham


          • sleat

            James, have you ever entertained the notion that this stuff is all a big scam, a distraction, a mountain from a mole-hill, to wind people up, polarize a against b, and stop them thinking about the really important things that affect most people on Earth?

            I’d wager that we agree on what those are.
            I happen to think most of this media-promoted stuff is an emotive, noisy distraction from our true reality.

            Transgender issues statistically affect a very tiny percentage of the population as a whole. Why then does it seem to take up such a large portion of the talking heads’ propaganda program?

          • James Higginbotham

            i know the MSM and others are always trying to keep people at each other’s throats.
            i worked intel as a Marine as one of my jobs, so know how PROPAGANDA WORKS on WEAK MINDS.

          • sleat

            Yes, James, a lot of these tactics look like they came right out of a field manual.

            If you were an elite wanting to finish wrecking the US, what better way than to get half the population shooting at the other half?

            I don’t feel like all this propaganda is being pushed on me, since I know where the “off” switch is.

            Also, they’ll quickly forget all this crap when some real disaster comes.

            It doesn’t matter what gender someone identifies as if they’re running out of water and food. This distraction is very much a first-world “problem”.

            Given that suicide is very high already among transgender people, it would seem to me that the idea of actively fighting them is redundant, as well as illegal, if you’re in the US.

            Now, if you were in Saudi Arabia or Chechnya….

          • davidnrobyn

            “This distraction is very much a first-world ‘problem’.”
            Well said. And when tshtf, all this silly frippery we’re indulging in BECAUSE WE CAN, will be jettisoned by the wayside like all the precious non-essentials the wagon trains to Oregon threw out to get over the pass alive.

          • sleat

            David, James, I think the main enemy to be fought politically worldwide is private central banks that loan money to their respective governments at interest. Just imagine a world where that was not the case.

            You can also imagine a country where that’s not the case. We’re overthrowing and “regime changing” them, one by one.

            Currently on the queue is Russia, North Korea, and Syria.
            Mission accomplished on Iraq, and Libya, etc.

            Anybody who tries to run a country without a private central bank which the global elite control is going down.

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            Like the propaganda you were fed during basic training ?

          • James Higginbotham

            like all of us were fed that during Boot Camp.
            and in Vietnam we WEREN’T fighting for Flag, Mom, or Apple Pie, BUT EACH OTHER.

          • Number 6

            Exactly Its a bunch Eugenics obsessed child abusers who control the media and government whispering genital mutilation in our children’s ears , pushing another reason not to breed and of course dividing society, a possible side line being the message “Liberty is evil”

      • Wade House

        What “ongoing Revolution”??? Online???
        You do know that ALL WARS and REVOLUTIONS are funded and created by Bankers don’t you? “All Wars Are Bankers Wars”

        “and so is MILLIONS OF MY FELLOW VETS”
        I’m a Vet and know many others. Never once did I ever hear of talk of armed revolution…except on youtube…online!
        And then ONLY on Libertarian and Patriot websites!

        And without exception…every Sailor, Soldier, and Marine I knew or met, was educated. Everyone of them, And I new hundreds. Our sole purpose in the Military was the Protection of America and it’s Citizens. Everything else came 2nd.

        Now PATRIOTS…that’s a whole other story. I’m sure you can find all kinds and sorts of them online and off willing to start “SHOOTING” someone or anyone different from themselves, because of something they heard “ONLINE”.

        The Rich and Powerful Elite always use the poor and under-educated to carry out their goals.

        They also know they can’t count on the U.S. Military for any sustained battle against U.S. Citizens, because they themselves are U.S. Citizens. And they will put a ‘hurting’ on any Non-U.S. Soldiers that do so.

        “WHAT! So and So attacked Our Citizens…In America! Oh…They Are History!” That’s how the U.S. Military Rank and File roll. I know…I was there.

        You have No Ideal how much PRIDE the U.S. Military Rank and File have in Defending U.S. Citizens!!!

        And thus, you don’t get alot of talk about armed revolution there. They didn’t join the military to attack America and it’s citizens. That’s the exact opposite of “Defending U.S. Citizens!!!”

        Things are different in the REAL WORLD, than they are online/youtube.

        Same with homosexuality and transgenderism. There’s no argument in the REAL WORLD. The topic is only brought up in relationship to children and Media/Hollywood.
        Average Citizens hate that the issue is being pushed on children and themselves through TV and Hollywood. But other than that, they may not like those lifestyles, but hey…they’re adults…to each his own.

        Even this DB Post sites “The Media and other Elites as Sources”.
        This is their ISSUE…Not ours.

        • James Higginbotham

          what OATH DID YOU TAKE THEN WADE? when i took mine it was to DEFEND AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION, NOT POLITICIANS, CRIMINALS, OR TRAITORS which we are seeing more of everyday in our govt.
          maybe you NEED TO REREAD YOUR OATH PAL.

          • Wade House

            I didn’t mention OATH, I mentioned PURPOSE, JAMES.
            I never heard anyone ever mention OATH after Boot. And never heard anyone say; “I joined the military to protect the Constitution.”…EVER.

            Is that why you joined…BRAVO! Congrats!

          • James Higginbotham

            i joined to serve MY NATION, which i did in Vietnam as a MARINE.
            but we all had to TAKE OUR OATH FIRST.
            and no one cares what you heard, but our OATH’S ARE FOR LIFE.
            maybe you have our MILITARY OATHS mixed up with some other nation? because that OATH IS STANDARD THROUGHOUT OUR MILITARY.

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            You and Wade are shouting at each other like a couple of drunken vets in a seedy, red-neck bar. I can hear you both slurring your words and pounding the table like a couple of intoxicated apes.

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            I suggest you read “No Treason No. 6: The Constitution of No Authority” by Lysander Spooner.

            It will rightly make you think long and hard–for the first time in your life–about the reality of that Constitution that you took an oath to “protect and defend”.

            You and your fellow citizen-soldiers have been played.

            So was my father, a WWII vet (Pacific Theater) and his fellow unthinking draftee-slaves, and the millions before them.

            When he read that essay, and when I schooled him about FDR’s treachery involving Pearl Harbor and his statist political philosophy (like Wilson’s, Teddy Roosevelt’s, and Lincoln’s), he threw his medals and Honorable Discharge papers in the trash where they rightly belonged, and quit the VFW and American Legion. He also rightly wanted nothing to do with the VA and its socialized “hospitals”.

  • Henry Balfour

    You can’t have babies Stan; you haven’t got a womb.
    Don’t you repress me !

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      LOL !

      No one gores sacred cows, political correctness, and other nonsense better than the Monty Python gang !

  • lulu

    Evidently it isn’t just gender that is facing nebulousness and political correctness. It has crept into less fixed areas of many human pursuits where defined parameters of all kinds of behaviour are disappearing. Many of the lines of clarity for understanding the folkways and mores of societies
    are blurring in our world. Nothing is certain unless of course you are a participant in religious Fanaticism. Why this all may be occurring is a complex topic itself but no doubt is the cause of much of the consternation faced by humanity today. We are a species finding our way in a new world.

  • Praetor

    Of course they want acceptance for their mental disorder. The worse thing you could do to these people, ‘ignore’ them. They get in you’re face smack some teeth out and tell them to get some transitional new ones. Transitional humans need to mind their own business. Next up, transitional humans will want horse leg transplants, so they can run faster.!!!

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      “They get in you’re face smack some teeth out and tell them to get some transitional new ones.”

      You commit the real crime of assault and battery if you do that.

      Unless, of course, you mean someone “getting in your face” physically by throwing the first punch, in which case, whatever the attackers sex or gender identity, defend yourself.

      “Next up, transitional humans will want horse leg transplants, so they can run faster.!!!”

      Bionics would work better than horse leg transplants.

  • Bondo333

    yep. i’ve asked people to explain this to me and they can’t. gender is anatomical and biological. sexuality is behavioral. yet these insane people run around saying the opposite.
    they are quite insane

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      Sex is anatomical and biological. Gender is one’s psychological identity of being male or female. The outward expression of one’s sexuality is volitionally behavioral (e.g. one’s choice of clothing, lifestyle).

      Gender dysphoria, as I understand it, is fundamentally biological, having to do with an imbalance of the brain’s exposure to male and female hormones during one’s fetal development.

      • Bondo333

        so it is a disorder. thanks for clearing that up colonel.

        • Trierweiler

          A disorder like his: “Diarrhea of the Mouth and Brain.”

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            Nice projection there, Trierweiler, and masquerading as an Ad Hominem Fallacy at that !

            Well played !

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          Yes, it is a type of disorder the etiology of which I must admit I don’t yet fully understand.

          I can say this much with factually supported, therefore, objective confidence:

          Like other disorders; one’s physical attributes and abilities and disabilities; one’s natural level of intelligence; and one’s sexual orientation, gender dysphoria does not fall within the province of moral judgement, nor is it a source of legitimate individual rights, the only legitimate sources being the exclusively human faculties of reason and volition.

  • dauden

    Thanks for putting this topic out for discussion. It certainly deserves some thought and logical input by society at large. As a mother of 4 millennials who are always bringing to the table new topics to discuss, it is helpful to consider what this writer suggests.

  • Tim K

    It is hard to believe this even has to be a discussion. Every day I shake my head at the what we have become as a human race.
    My father passed in 1978. I always wonder if I could bring him back for a day what he would think. I think he would beg to go back where he is at now.

  • nonplused

    This is not a significant subject matter and I think it is receiving way to much air-time. Transgenders are a hypothetical abstraction, the result of thinking too much. If we have a man who likes to dress in traditionally woman’s clothes, let him! It doesn’t change the real world reality you need a male and a female to reproduce, so transgenders will likely never make up a large portion of the population. And if they do, the men dressing up like women and the women dressing up like men or maybe they adapt a unisex style, who cares as long as they are still having babies. It really doesn’t change anything about nature. If they go ahead and do sex change operations before they have babies, then they are exiting the gene pool and there is even less to worry about long term. Therefore let them be as they wish and let’s move on.

    Although I have to say I find Jenner’s voice creepy coming from someone who looks like that. He still sounds 100% man. If you close your eyes, that is not a woman.

    • There has been a lot of credible science on the serious effects of chemicals on male reproductive cells – this is just a small example, and go to CBC television archives on what has been happening to the males.

    • Wade House

      Right on Brother…Right On!!!

  • Hookshot

    This is a mass delusion coming from the Left. My money has IN GOD WE TRUST printed on it yet nobody has ever seen or heard god. God is the mass delusion coming from the Right. Irrational people everywhere.

    • dauden

      “god” is who you put your trust in……be it money, an earthly, spiritual deity/idol or an unseen guide who could be deceiving us, or even believing ourselves to be god (for example). However, there is a TRUE God who has inspired men to write down his will and purpose for mankind as the manner in which He chose to reveal Himself today (as in the past 2000 years). The Apostle Paul received the “revelation of the mystery” which was not made known in times past (as in the prophetic writings of the Bible), and perfectly preserved in Romans thru Philemon in the authorized King James. Since you have not read nor studied these epistles nor contrasted them with revelation specifically contradicting them with what God was doing in times past and will do in the ages to come, don’t bother arguing with me. I know Scripture well enough to understand it and see the fellowship of this mystery. It is perfectly righteous.

      • davidnrobyn

        Hookshot may be shooting from the hip, but I think his characterization of God as the “mass delusion coming from the right” is very revealing! The very idea of a Supreme Being who created the universe and all of us seems to be THE watershed issue which puts one in either camp, depending upon one’s response to the idea. Of course, the left is reluctant to define itself in such terms, but you can see the outworking of the no-God idea in practically everything they say and do. Most of the time, it’s an unquestioned assumption: “There is no God, therefore…” Remember the Democratic National Convention, where the moderator was clearly flustered by the response of the crowd, which very emphatically voted “Nay!” to the idea of God in America? Thankfully for him, it was a voice vote, and he was free to misconstrue it. But those there, and those watching, knew the truth.
        Thanks for the insight, Hookshot!

      • Hookshot

        Your bible is full of evil fairy tales. Your Hebrew god drowned and incinerated innocent little babies. This “holy” book tells us to kill adulterers, homosexuals, those that curse their parents, blasphemers, people who work on the sabbath and female non virgin brides. There is even a passage that says everyone in a town should be killed if there is one person who worships another god. Explain to me how this is “righteous”.

        • dauden

          Like I said, Hookshot, you have not understood this Book as written dispensationally. Under the law, God made a covenant with the Hebrews. They understood and agreed to it. They were blessed or cursed according to their behavior under it. The leaders of the other nations around them did the same or worse under their religious gods/idols. The nation of Israel reached a pinnacle of power, wealth and world peace under King Solomon, a preview of what Israel’s Kingdom in the future will be like when, as written in the book of Hebrews, the law will be written in their hearts so that they will walk in it to live according to righteousness.
          Today, and in the past 2000 years, God is dealing with men everywhere by the work (law) Christ accomplished at the cross on behalf of sinners. His death, burial and resurrection was the greatest act of grace/kindness and is our righteousness if we believe Him. There is no difference today whether one is Jew/Gentile, bond or free, male or female. This was a mystery never known since the beginning of the world, Romans 16:25 KJV, that God would put on flesh and become victorious over death giving eternal life to anyone who will trust Him.
          Yes, I realize this message flies in the face of the natural thoughts of man and his understanding of the world. But then God would not be the Highest and Creator of all that is if He was not separate and outside of His work. This is the greatest story of the Bible found only in Paul’s 13 epistles, that God would effectually make right all the ills of mankind in the world by saving us out of it.
          Sadly, many will not trust Him and will suffer the consequences of rejecting this amazing grace given freely without having earned it or even deserving it.
          What about you? Will you put your hope in Him and receive the greatest gift ever offered to man? God’s will today is…..” that ALL would be saved and come unto the knowledge of the truth”, I Timothy 2:4, KJV.

          • Hookshot

            dauden–You don’t give a sh– about the truth. You dance around the truth. You’re a god junkie. You inject your veins with nonsensical bullshit. Shame on you for not being strong enough to live the one life you have in the real world.

  • This seems like a psychops operation to get people to not believe their own lying eyes. Show someone a picture of a dog and keep shocking them until they “admit” that it’s a cat. Except now instead of a dog it’s a picture of a man dressed as a woman. As a result of this process you get an individual who is either docile and agreeable to anything or someone who displays psychotic symptoms and therefore can be medicated into submission. Either way, the establishment wins.

    • Exactly, conditioning people to believe what they are told, and be afraid to even really think about alternatives.

  • jymm

    “Mental conditions are often hereditary.” The author nailed it.

  • gerald brennan

    “I don’t doubt that these people feel like the opposite sex. ”
    I do. I maintain that this is simply another hallucination. A male may THINK he feels like a female, but there is in fact no way for him to know this. Amusing that this point is a mainstay in the “gender wars,” yet it is demonstrable nonsense.
    An excellent article. Sex is truth; Gender is hallucination. If you’re a 60 year-old man who “identifies as” as 12 year-old girl — good for you! God bless you, but I will never be compelled to share in your hallucination.

    • That’s a good point. What does feeling like a man or woman even really mean? Thanks for commenting!

  • alpha_protagonist

    If anyone expects me to judge them on anything other than character, they can take a hike. And unfortunately, I find most TG to have no character as they insist on special privileges and make derogatory comments against those who don’t agree with their ideology, lock step. Deal with it.

  • Earn nest

    Years ago at the fair they’d have freak shows where people with gross deformities were displayed for a fee. People with tragic conditions whether physical or mental should be treated with compassion.

  • Trierweiler

    This seems to be a problem more or less of Western Civilization…and not as problematic in the former East Bloc. The West has become a self-fulfilling victim of psycho-babble-mumbo-jumbo nonsense.

    I hate to say it….but Hitler’s Germany seems more healthy than anything I’ve seen in the past 5 years in the West. Boys were brought up to be men; bold and aggressive. The girls were encouraged to be physically healthy and feminine at the same time. There was a place and honor in being productive, honest and respectful.

    I’m not saying we need to look at National Socialism as something we need….but we certainly don’t need the “Freakish” society that the West has now become. Isn’t there some sense of decency and tradition of normalcy anymore???

    Given a choice of the Freakish West and National Socialism of the 1930’s…..I would easily chose the traditionalism that the Germans represented then as opposed to now.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      “This seems to be a problem more or less of Western Civilization…and not as problematic in the former East Bloc.”

      Well, the people imprisoned in the East Bloc had a much greater problem to worry about: how to survive while living under constant surveillance in a slave pen.

      “I hate to say it….but Hitler’s Germany seems more healthy than anything I’ve seen in the past 5 years in the West. Boys were brought up to be men; bold and aggressive. The girls were encouraged to be physically healthy and feminine at the same time. There was a place and honor in being productive, honest and respectful.”

      You *ought* to hate to say it because boys and girls in the Third Reich were perceived and treated and trained (ultimately at gun point), as were their parents, to be Bots of the State.

      Hitler certainly did not peacefully encourage the youth of Germany to be healthy for their own individual sake, and respected their freedom to be so or not, but *forced* them to be so in order to satisfy his megalomania and carry out the agenda of his murderous, enslaving, totalitarian Reich.

      As for ” the traditionalism that the Germans represented”, it was definitely not soundly informed at all about human sexuality in general (thank’s Dr. Alfred Kinsey !), and gender dysphoria in particular, but neither was the rest of the world back then.

      • Trierweiler

        First of all, you definitely appear to be some government troll, if not one sponsored by Hasbara.

        Second of all, you reference Alfred Kinsey whose works on sexuality were based on child abuse and pedophilia with children as young as 2 years of age. Therefore, anyone who defends such a pervert is most likely a pervert himself, especially with all the new information concerning the quack-pedophile: Dr. Kinsey. This is easily researched on the internet.

        If you persist on defending him, you have marked yourself as a defender of pedophilia. End of story.

        As for hiding behind the name of Col. Green, I would like to remind you that Kay Griggs(her lengthy interview is available on youtube), who was married to Colonel Griggs of the US Marine Corp was exposed as a pervert and homosexual along with a cabal of other “Cherry Colonels” in the US Military. These perverts now permeate a strong strata of “compromised” Colonels within our military who can easily be blackmailed and bribed by a corrupt state.
        Sadly, you exemplify the decadence of the West that hides behind their “so called” authority, which you believe gives you carte blanche and legitimacy in promoting your sexual sickness.
        Sorry you have exposed yourself as a sick pervert and defender of perversion. Former Chief of the Los Angeles Bureau of the FBI Ted Gunderson has long been on record of having knowledge of the pedophiles that permeate are government and having been directly involved in the kidnapping and jettisoning of children out of the US to be placed into the dens of people in very high places who not only have most likely raped children but snuffed them out. His interviews are also available on youtube.
        Good riddance you creep!

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          Nice screed there, Trier, full of fallacies, including Bare Assertion, poisoning the Well, and Ad Hominem (” Therefore, anyone who defends such a pervert is most likely a pervert himself…”).

          Kinsey did elicit a lot of outrage and disgust mainly due to the Puritanical and religious sentiments prevalent in the West concerning human sexuality and sexual practices, and I applaud him for his factually sound research on human sexuality that challenged and refuted the pathological fear and hatred of sex, of hatred of human sexual nature as such, of human existence on earth as such, and the taboos that that hatred has engendered for far too long.

          Kinsey did not promote pedophilia. He did not train anyone to engage in pedophiliacal experiments or observations; neither Kinsey nor any of his research team was involved in any sexual experiments on children; and none of them was in any sense, a pedophile.

          “This is easily researched on the internet.”

          Please proffer all of the objective evidence that factually, conclusively proves your claims about Kinsey and the members of his research team.

          • Trierweiler

            Crawl back into your Hasbaric, Talmudic, spider hole. Your perverted comments are useless.

      • Trierweiler

        Colonel H. R. Green? You use the persona of some dead collector of stamps? How bizarre.

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          How exactly is that “bizarre” ?

          Ned was more than a famous stamp collector. He was a gemologist, a maritime historian, the owner and operator of a powerful, successful radio station based in his home, and a philanthropist.

          For these and several other constructive accomplishments he deserves my respect and memorializing by my using his name as my nom de plume.

          What have YOU accomplished other than being a self-made fool, a Teutonic curmudgeon, a native of Tölpelweiler, not Trierweiler ?

  • MountainMan

    It’s a giant psy-op. Practically everything is a psy-op nowadays. It’s getting old. I wish the power elite would come up with something else to entertain us. Perhaps an alien invasion or two would do the trick. They can even make a movie about it and get a two-fer!