How to Be Alert to Risks but Not Engulfed by Fear
By Joe Jarvis - March 30, 2017

If you are flying a jet, and approaching a thunderstorm, is it better to go through the thunderstorm, or to fly above it, safely out of range? The thunderstorm exists, and is dangerous; you cannot change that. But what you can change is how you interact with that storm, and therefore how it affects you. Avoiding the danger still requires recognizing the storm, to understand it’s scope, and trajectory.

Last week The Daily Bell posted three articles about fear. Some readers may have mistook this for promoting fear; did The Daily Bell jump on the the mainstream media “be afraid” bandwagon? But take a closer look, and you will see that two of the articles were actually calling out the use of fear as a tool for control, and the third was alerting you to a real concern.

You could say two were trying to stop the mainstream media from dragging you into the thunderstorm, an the third was trying to help you recognize the nature of the storm, in order to avoid it.

Warning: The Media is Trying to Kill You certainly sounds like it would be promoting fear. But the article was actually about the influence the media has on humanity to the extent that their reporting on things like suicide and murder can actually increase suicides and murders. It was a warning about the amount of power the media can exert over people through their reporting. The article actually warned not to let the media scare you into taking the action they want (being engulfed in the thunderclouds).

Another article was sarcastically titled, 3 Exciting New Ways to Destroy Humanity That Everyone is Talking AboutIn it, we were actually pointing out how ridiculous the three scenarios were that the media was promoting as possible extinction events for humanity. We assumed the title would be understood as a joke; as if it was exciting and popular to discuss the end of humanity. The scenarios discussed, while possible, had no basis in reality. The point was despite their unlikelihood, that didn’t stop the media from reporting them in a way which spreads fear of those events, even giving absurd percentage chance of the extinction events occurring, making them seem like a plausible threat (the fear of lightning striking you at any moment).

But a third article was actually warning about something that should be on your radar. What Everyone Should Know About the New Quarantine Regulation, was meant to inform you about a threat to your rights. The government has granted itself the power to ignore due process under certain circumstances, when they deem the public health to outweigh your individual rights (recognizing the storm gathering around a supposed epidemic).

This all brings up an interesting point: when should we report things which should be kept on your radar, without going too far to end up promoting fear, and keeping you pinned down by the storm?

Media “Fear Porn”

When the mainstream media makes up a percentages for the likelihood of different cataclysmic events wiping out humanity, that is what is called “fear porn” as at least one commenter put it. Some people, apparently, get a rise out of the doom and gloom. They love a good thunderstorm.

Another mainstream article I would classify as “fear porn” is an article from Bloomberg called Fears Grow of Terror in U.S. With Weaponized Civilian Drones.

(Like this one!)

Does the article ever give evidence of these supposedly growing fears? No, not unless you think the opinion of the Deputy Director of the National Counter-terrorism Center is a good indicator of U.S. fears. He is the only person the article talks about being fearful of private drones being used in terrorist attacks.

And why is he fearful of this? Of course one possibility is that he is not fearful of this, he simply wants everyone else to be fearful of it. But another possibility is that because he has been involved in the U.S. effort to spread fear and terror via drone bombings, he sees this as a threat. He is in the midst of the storm. It’s like how power-hungry people who nefariously undermine their opponents are paranoid that they will be targeted in the same way.

Clearly the government wants you to be scared of personal drone attacks, even though it has never happened inside the U.S. before. But why?

And here is where the line becomes blurred between rejecting all fear mongering and making sure we stay abreast of their tactics for control.

We should be aware that when the government starts to promote fear of a certain event, they themselves may be planning to exploit those fears for more power. Do they want people to clamor for more regulation of private drones? Do they want the public to be primed for a false flag carried out with a personal drone?

This is like yet another article we have recently published called Another DHS “Exercise” Planned: The Risk of Terrorism Drills Becoming Reality. If we can recognize patterns seen in government, we can stop the events we fear from happening. We are not trying to spread fear of possible false flag attacks from government, rather recognize the danger in order to prevent them. If we see the storm on the horizon, we can fly over or around it, rather than through it.

Government fear plays into their goals; get citizens to accept their protection and safety net in order to maintain power and control.

Unless you think The Daily Bell is part of a government PSYOP (which apparently some readers do believe) then anything we share that seems fearful is only intended to warn of actual dangers, and not attempted to influence your behavior to run to the government for salvation. I don’t think that would work on the healthy skeptics who read The Daily Bell.

I think Daily Bell readers are far past the point of allowing the government to scare them into certain behaviors, so this probably wouldn’t be the most efficient use of CIA resources.

Nefarious Conclusion

I think the behavior most at risk of being induced among The Daily Bell readers is a paranoia about just how much control the government has, which can paralyze any productive action that would give power back to the individual.

Sometimes if we feel overwhelmed by the evil powers that supposedly dominate the earth, we may become depressed, and give up all hope of progress.

Keep in mind how incompetent the government is in almost any area. Do we really think they excel when it comes to the total control many fear they have, coupled with their uncanny ability to keep it under wraps?

In reality, the government probably wants us to think they have more control than they really do. It is like the South Park episode where Bush wants people to think he carried out 9/11 so that they will fear him, giving him more power, when in reality (in the South Park episode) he had nothing to do with it.

So remember that: among our demographics, the government may benefit more from the fear that they are all powerful megalomaniacs bent on world domination, even if such is not entirely the case (or even if their world dominance is more segmented and less organized than we are sometimes led to believe).

So the real question is, to what extent should we inform you of actual threats, and at what point does this have the opposite effect of promoting the fear we want to avoid influencing behavior?

We want to help you fly above the storm, which requires alerting you to where lightning is striking, and in what direction the storm is moving. And we want to alert you to these dangers without dragging you into the thick of the turbulence.

We try to strike a balance, but sometimes we miss. Let’s have a discussion in the comments below. Tell me what you think is the proper scope of reporting on fear, versus avoiding fear mongering.

What is your subconscious telling you about your surroundings? Intuition is real.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Earn nest

    College grads are earning less than in the great recession, valuations are 19 with average 14 x earnings and we’re coming up on 1st 1/4 ernings with no reason to expect growth. In the recent past we’ve seen sell in May and go away backed well into April. We already had a jitter this past week in the markets and this bull is very long in the tooth with Trump tax cuts looking iffy not so much because of the healthcare failure but because of the deficit expansion. I’m not calling a correction or a recession but Trump is going to find realizing his agenda difficult and he himself said to expect bad things if the rates start to march up.

    • john cummins

      And, the big problem there is Trump may very well do his own repeal and replace by getting the Dims and RINOs together. THIS, will cause havoc as well because what was promised all along was REPEAL.

  • john cummins

    Excellent points, “Government fear plays into their goals; get citizens to accept their protection and safety net in order to maintain power and control.”

    Reminds me of the book State of Fear by Crichton. The government uses FEAR to control us. Far too many people are scared about the end of time. I used to think the whole world was rapidly turning dark and polluted during the false propaganda of Jimmy Carter, Barry Commoner, and Paul Ehrlich. Then, other good Bible believing folk that misinterpret Revelation and the Bible point to evil only increasing, it’s the end of time. So, on one hand you have fear mongering from Environmental Nutcases, on the other hand misinformed Bible people, in both cases fear seems to rule and they fall for the governmental “crises” as inevitable, and see that only the government can save us. I prefer to not fly into the thunderstorm, thanks DB.

    • john cummins

      I AM a Bible person BTW, but just see a rosier future as Christendom spreads with it’s inevitable belief in the free markets and freedom.

  • autonomous

    It seems that the only lesson government learned from its treatment of Native Americans was that overwhelming force works. Thus, disarmed citizens combined with super-armed police will guarantee that a federal government will replace the hold George III had over the colonies. Will hubris ultimately win out over the desire for freedom?

  • Doc

    DB: “So the real question is, to what extent should we inform you of actual threats, and at what point does this have the opposite effect of promoting the fear we want to avoid influencing behavior?”

    If you are asking me, I don’t read the DB to stay informed of actual threats. I don’t mind you informing me about the new quarantine regulations, that seems like a threat in disguise well worth exposing.

    But there is a difference between reporting on an actual threat that is kind of obvious and an actual threat in disguise. I might have missed the disguised one without your help. That is valuable stuff.

    In the end, the DB is about more than threats I hope.

  • David Franke

    Warning: The Media is Trying to Kill You

    Why do you speak of “the media” (which, after all, is a plural noun) as if it was a single entity? Doesn’t that make you, the Daily Bell, complicit in trying to kill me, your reader? OK, I’ll assume you simply want to focus on the overall effect of many actors (in the media) in order to draw some lessons. But this lack of clarity has untoward effects, which are demonstrated toward the end when you give us this advice:

    “Tackle the local issues you can affect, and don’t let whatever sketchy things the CIA is doing throughout the world bring you down. Yes, we should do what we can to end the horrible things that do happen in the world, but for the things that are out of our control, we should just let go.”

    Yes, we shouldn’t let what the CIA (your choice of a villain, and an excellent one) is doing “get [us] down,” and creating a more humane world in our personal
    surroundings is an excellent way to give needed balance to our brain. But why “just let go” of what the CIA is doing? For one thing, its deeds are not “sketchy.” For another, to ignore what it’s doing is to live in an unreal artificial world, a Potemkin village.

    What is needed is balance, not the illusion obtained by sticking our head in the sand.

    3 Exciting New Ways to Destroy Humanity That Everyone is Talking About!

    I’m confused. Somewhere along the way we’ve shifted from “miniature nukes that can be delivered with insect sized drones” to nukes that are “compact enough to fit into a pocket or purse and weigh about 5 pounds.” Are these the same mini-nukes?

    The really amazing technology to me is that insect sized drone that can carry a five-pound nuke. And why is this mini-nuke now being delivered via a pocket or purse rather than by an insect-sized drone? Did the drone just crash-land due
    to exhaustion trying to carry the nuke?

    To fit into my pocket, the nuke would have to compete for space with my keys, change, cell phone, hearing aid battery indicator, and the two-inch-square container carrying spare batteries for my hearing aids. Lotsa’ luck. A more likely carrier: my lady friend whose “purse” is what I would call “luggage.” I’ll have to avoid her in the future.

    What Everyone Should Know About the New Quarantine Regulation

    Now this—if true and accurate—actually is scary. It points out how obscure totalitarian powers are hidden in legislation that most or all of the Members of Congress have not even read before passage. (This certainly is the first time I’ve heard of this section of Obamacare, which has been in existence now for seven years.) And we know this is hardly the only example of such transference of power to the federal government, and to the President in particular.

    How to Be Alert to Risks but Not Engulfed by Fear

    Which brings me to your current article, Joe Jarvis. I appreciate your concern about striking the right balance between needed warnings and avoiding “fear porn.” My recommendation: Avoid issuing generalized threat warnings yourself (“Warning: The Media is Trying to Kill You”), but expose those kinds of hyped threats from others (“3 Exciting New Ways to Destroy Humanity That Everyone is Talking About!”). And concentrate on exposing specific real threats (“What Everyone Should Know About the New Quarantine Regulation”).

    Keep up the great work.

  • .M.

    Extrication Techniques

    It’s great to expose the manipulative techniques of those who wish to control the unwilling and unknowing.

    The logical next phrase is, “and here’s what you can do to prepare, prevent, or part from that.”

    It would be useful to us if you were to educate your readers about land patents, allodial title, personal sovereignty (and the hierarchy of sovereignty) and how to defend it, as well as strategies for circumnavigating the incursions and encroachments of usurpers and other undesirables.

  • Bruce C.

    What’s ironic about THIS article is that it presupposes the validity of the three cited ones, and thus creates even more uncertainty (which is basically fear.)

    I mean, how do I know which one is bogus or not, despite what the DB might claim? Why are “quarantine regulations” any more true or not than all the rest?

    As far as I’m concerned the only true basis of fears is ignorance of the true nature of reality and the self in flesh.

    One – if not THE – objective of evil is to diminish one’s understanding and acceptance of the true nature of reality.

    As soon as one accepts the scientific view of reality and the limited nature of man and his/her place in it then all sorts of horrendous absurdities become “reasonable”, as history – if not one’s own personal experiences – has shown.

    The belief that all of reality is physical, and that there is only one dimension of actuality, is incredibly untrue and limited, and thus it is a major theme of the evil-doers.

    The belief that all knowledge, information, and aid “must” – or can only – come through the five physical senses is also wholly limiting and untrue. It is, in fact , the main myth.

    Until and unless people understand and accept their greater nature and being these endless issues and questions will persist.

    So, my answer to the question posed by this article is that an affirmation of the true nature and creative power of people should be stressed.

    Also, it would be interesting and enlightening to delve into why certain scare tactics might be effective, as a way to help people to understand how they process information.