How to Leave the 9-5 Job Behind for the Modern Economy
By The Daily Bell Staff - November 28, 2017

Employment Ain’t What It Used to Be

The 9-5 is on it’s way out.

You can’t ignore the facts. That traditional model of employment so many Americans sought in the past, is giving way to something new. Fueling that change: dissatisfaction, loss of opportunities, and stagnation. Each forces people and the economy to adapt.

The expectations people have for a job have changed as well.

People want more than just a job. Yet many large businesses and corporations act as stewards of traditional employment. They push the same model of employment on people, but with fewer benefits than in the past.

Job security?

Not likely. Finding security within one company is decreasingly viable. Many people now piece together full-time employment through multiple part-time jobs.

Health benefits?

Almost non-existent. These benefits used to attract employees. Now the government has created so much red tape, healthcare is a liability for companies. They try only to meet the minimum government standards.

What is left to expect from traditional employment?

Monday through Friday, eight hours a day, if not more, your life is given to a company. This, in exchange for moderate financial security and the privilege of spending two days each week as you see fit.

There is no room for taking an afternoon off to reconnect with friends. There is no option of working from an exciting space. And there are not many opportunities to grow as a person.

And people are no longer willing to accept this.

The statistics suggest how this situation drives people to a new kind of employment.

An estimated one in three Americans has given up on the traditional model of employment, opting instead to become freelancers.

The number of businesses that are considered sole proprietorships and home-based businesses is higher than ever before.

The way America views employment has changed.

So, the next question is…

How do you change with it?

Joining the Gig Economy

By 2020 experts believe nearly half of the American workforce will be employed within the gig economy.

What that means varies, but it boils down to one main thing: leaving behind a traditional job in favor of small jobs, or gigs.

People become freelancers, no longer tied to a company but self-employed professionals within an industry.

So how do you join?

Simply put, you find an area of work that is in line with your skill set and start building a client base. You can make almost anything into a freelance job.

And with so many opportunities available, the question is…

What do you enjoy doing?

Finding where you fit into the new market will take a bit of introspection.

But there’s freedom in knowing the choice solely lies with you. You are taking control of your financial freedom, instead of relying on institutions out of your control.

Just browse Craigslist or Freelancer to start seeing all the gigs available. You might be surprised by the range of skills people are looking for.

If you are feeling really adventurous, try to get one of the gigs. That is how you start. By experimenting. How do they respond? What can you do differently next time?

Adapting To Change

For all the freedom and control the gig economy offers, it is not without new challenges.

You can’t be content with work coming to you. You can’t wait out the clock for the end of the workday. Instead, you must take an active role in seeking out opportunities and income.

And while this may be a bit challenging to those just joining the market, with time and practice, it becomes much easier.

As you start…

There are many ways to market your talents and attract high paying clients.

There’s the standard route of building a portfolio and cold pitching potential clients. This takes time but overall leads you to the greatest possibility for success as you continue to develop your skills and land more clients.

Putting in the effort to collect and create an effective portfolio simply will not happen overnight, nor will mastering the perfect cold pitch.

(But New Sales Simplified is a great place to start if you want to go the cold-calling route)

With concentrated effort, the opportunities provided by having a solid portfolio and well-crafted approach to landing new clients will vastly outweigh the energy spent perfecting each. Start now, and in a couple years, you will be happy you did.

There are also freelance marketplaces, like Freelancer and Upwork. These marketplaces and platforms give you an opportunity to engage with clients directly while setting your prices. Sign up and you’re ready to start earning.

These are competitive places. They plunge you into the pool of modern workers. And this is some of the best training you can get.

These marketplaces allow you to further develop your business and marketing skills but in a more conducive environment to landing gigs. And they also offer reliable income, giving you a great place to start building while earning within your field. It’s easier than cold calling.

It is up to you to put in the effort. You may need to cultivate new skills until finding clients becomes easier.

But that is what this new economy is all about.

Experiment, try things out, and most of all, be ready to adapt.

Be prepared to put in more effort than you may have to in your previous careers.

That is the one thing that many people fail to mention when discussing the gig economy. It requires a lot of effort. Being able to set your schedule, set your prices, and be your own boss does not come easy.

But that makes it that much more rewarding. You aren’t a mindless office drone. You are a modern renaissance man.

Expanding your skill set

Once you’ve found an area of interest, the next thing to do is hone your skills.

Whether that means joining a coding academy to learn backend development, enrolling in online writing courses, or simply getting out there to work with clients, finding a way to improve your abilities should be your main focus early on.

So find what drives you, then simply begin working on developing those skills to carry you forward in your new career.

Entering a competitive marketplace…

To make your venture profitable, you’ll have to set yourself apart from others within your industry.

This could mean putting in extra hours learning the latest breakthrough within your industry. Or it could mean continuously enhancing your ability to produce quality work quickly.

Remember, joining the gig economy is a long term decision that requires you to look towards your future while making those plans possible today. It is nice to think that you’ll have several high paying clients down the road, but unless you build the skills to develop those relationships, that plan will be nothing more than simply an idea.

But the gig economy does reward effort. It gives back what you put in.

For example:

Putting the effort into mastering your craft will lead to more clients, which in turn will lead to greater opportunities as you progress and advance your skills within your industry. Whether this leads to you developing a smaller group of higher-paying clients down the road or the beginning of your own firm, is your decision. It begins with doing and learning.

At times it may feel like a slow climb, this is natural. Though the time spent improving upon yourself within the gig economy is rewarded more quickly when compared to the traditional employment model.

The opportunity for advancement will come at you much quicker than simply waiting around for a promotion at your old job.

Freeing Yourself and Finding Fulfillment

There certainly are huge benefits from being ahead of the curve in terms of a changing your employment model. But letting go of a 9-5 does something all the more important, it frees you to decide the course of your life.

No longer are you trapped in an environment you dislike, performing work in which you feel no connection.

Instead, you are able to pick and choose the direction of your life.

So, if you are sick of working for the weekend, for two weeks in the summer, or God-forbid retirement, you should consider the gig economy.

For more inspiration about modern economic opportunities coming out at breakneck speed, check out Bold.

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  • davidnrobyn

    This is coming at an opportune time for me. Thanks for the push.

  • I work for myself. I’ll be entering my 13th year in January. Yes there are some small perks of self-employment. I get to show up when I want, work as late as I want, take off to take care of personal and business tasks during the day.

    But as a self-employed person, I’m the one tasked with finding the work, cultivating the sales, doing the work, etc. I work seven days a week. Never have I had a year in which my take home pay is $2,000 a month. There is no money for healthcare. No money for vacations.

    I don’t find that more work, more customers equates with more take home pay. It does result in more wear and tear on equipment, more business expenses, and more taxes.

    Self-employment is a constant mad scramble to find revenue and hope after business expenses and taxes, there is something left to live on. I find it an utterly insane way to live.

    • It certainly can be, thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Leopardpm

      My self-employment experience mimics your own, but, I feel that we look at it differently: My lack of, or modest, success is due to decisions that I made… and obviously I made some wrong ones. If I am not succeeding at doing whatever it is that I am doing, then I am doing it incorrectly. Perhaps I need new skills, or maybe better organization, or need some help in some areas where I am not so skilled (delegation).

      The market does reward folks who ‘get it right’, and they can and do make a decent living with the ability to take vacations, afford healthcare, etc.

      your statement: “I don’t find that more work, more customers equates with more take home pay. It does result in more wear and tear on equipment, more business expenses, and more taxes.” tells me that something is definitely wrong! More customers should ALWAYS equal more benefit for you, in some manner. Perhaps it also means hiring some more folks, but these new hires should pay for themselves by the work that they provide and the added customers that you can now tend to… right?

      I am not trying to criticize here, I am suggesting that perhaps you need to step back and re-think your business and how it is currently being run… What are the problem areas? Where is your time being sucked up? Are there particular problem customers that you put in lots of effort yet bring little reward?

  • philip mccormack


  • philip mccormack

    9-5 Jobs Mainly at the taxpayers expense, “working” for the ‘governments’. Indexed salaries and pensions, and numerous benefits here in Canada.Politicians, Teachers , Police, Firemen,Local, Provincial and Federal Governments and similar jobs. If one is married spouses get benefits! The outcome skyrocketing taxes. This is mob rule and it is called democracy. To all intents and purposes there is no input where legislation from the working and middle class is concerned, The system is one of force and coercion, with debt from paper money making it almost impossible to save for old age and the value of fiat money is a daily worry especially where food is concerned which never stops increasing in price. Philip

  • Number 6

    A little lesson in Gematria to show the game that is being played against us.
    Using the alphabetic order sum the following words for example ABC = 1+2+3 = 6

    Slave 19+12+1+22+5 = 59
    Income 9+14+3+15+13+5 = 59
    credit 3+18+5+4+9+20 = 59
    cheque = 3+8+5=17+21+5 = 59

    Masters 13+1+19+20+5+18+19 = 95

    59 / 95 or 9 to 5 get it ?
    9 to 5 ie the 8 hour workday was established on May 1st 1884 the same year The Washington monument was completed, and the first cornerstone of the statue of Liberty was laid. The fabian society was also founded in 1884, the same fabian society who created the Labour party and modern socialism, the same Fabian society who’s logo is a wolf in sheeps clothing, and the same fabian society that George orwell was a member of, and still to this day owns the rights to 1984 and Animal farm

    • Number 6

      Heres some more racist slave related numbering

      Negro 14+5+7+18+15 = 59
      Blues 2+12+21+5+19 = 59
      Rasta 18+1+19+20+1 = 59

      Bob Marley = 590 in Jewish Gematria
      remember the scene on the train in trading places when Dan Akroyd dressed as Bob Marley
      Dan Akroyd = 590 in Jewish Gematria

      And for fans of Obama

      Obamacare 15+2+1+13+1+3+1+18+5 = 59
      Yes We Can (25+5+19) + (23+5) + (3+1+14) = 95

    • Religious supremacists? Wow, see a shrink!

      The May Day holiday was started in commemoration of the general strike in 1884 in Chicago. Quickly picked up by socialists everywhere, first becoming a national holiday in Communist ruled countries in the 20th century.

      Hardly “religious”. OR maybe you’re speaking of the secret society manipulating many world events
      Unless you’re talking about the Darwinian religion.

      • Number 6

        Trutherator is that like a moderator are you like the thought police or something, nice little Ad hominem attack you’ve got going on there too “see a shrink” Sorry but calling people names doesn’t work anymore !

        And The Jews created Communism Karl marx was one, third cousin of Nathan Rothschild in FACT ! Who in case you missed it are very much Jewish, and paid by him to write the communist manifesto, Ive seen the check with my own eyes as have literally millions of others, as it used to have pride of place in the British museum until they removed it from display.

        Leon trotsky real Name Lev Davidovich Bronstein a jewish tailor from new york, its estimated that 85% of those Who started the Russian revolution were Jewish and its pretty much established beyond any doubt, it was funded by Wall Street, Read Professor Anthony Sutton’s Wall street and the Bolshevik revolution and the Murderous Bolsheviks were most definitely Jewish by the way and its estimated they murdered over 65 million Russians in their rise to power aided and abetted by American Jewish financiers, who brag about creating communism when they think their propaganda is working and swiftly deny it when genocide is mentioned and then sickly pretend they are the victims of it.

        You want to try learning not only History but what various religions actually believe, The Jews and their Judaic offshoot religions for the un-pure Goyim, believe as a central tenant of their religion that the Jews are Gods chosen people and that they will inherit the earth, Christians for example believe that The Earth must be delivered to their masters the Jews before the Messiah can return and send them all to heaven. See a shrink indeed, your the one denying history and what others are firmly established as believing for thousands of years.

        • I did not just say “See a shrink” but I saying May Day was started by “religious extremists” is either historically illiterate, or intentionally trying to confuse part of the audience reading. That allegation about religious extremists is just wrong, unless you’re talking about Darwinian extremists. That would need a little clarification too…

          Karl Marx was paid $20,000 in a check that used to be kept at the British Museum, from the League of Just Men. Communism is no doubt a creation of Rothschild’s and Adam Weishaupt’s secret soxiety [sic]. Gorbachev at one time rejected the accusation of anti-Semitism in the Politburo, “because all our wives are Jewish”.

          Like the head spy in the movie “Last Kiss Goodnight” (title was misleading), who said it was “kind of hard to fake 3,000 deaths”, so “you gotta do it for real”, I do believe there was a genocide. The numbers started lower in the aftermath. One co-worker of mine once said the 6 million came from the Nazi’s own records. I haven’t seen any reference to that anywhere else, even in the debates on it. So not so fast. But millions, yes.

          Besides there are the Zionists who said he was their “best friend” at the beginning when he was sending trainloads of Jews not to ovens but to Palestine, at his own expense. But when it got expensive, it was off to the you know what. Also, that was the biggest boost for post-war migration to Israel.

          I read a book once that was a hagiography about the Rothschilds. It mentioned that Eichmann used to go every night to their mansion and play cards with the patriarch. Germany was trying to get them to sign over their claim to mines in Sudentenland (Czechoslovakia) according to the story.

          Adolf Eichmann was called the “little Jew” by fellow generals, who made fun of his nose with the nickname. (Ha). And when the Mossad brought him back from Argentina, on the flight he sang a Hebrew song to one of his captors.

          • Number 6

            Well it seems this sites moderators don’t want me to reply to your comment and want to check everything I write before they allow it very telling ! But lets try a shortened version and see if that gets by the thought police.

            The 8 hour working day ie 9 to 5 was first proclaimed by the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions on may 1st 1884 so who’s Historically illiterate and trying to Intentionally trying to confuse your audience exactly ? Are you trying to say that marxism had nothing to do with the Union movement and that further more Jews had nothing to do with Marxism, because if you are then thats either historically illiterate or disingenuous of you isn’t it.

          • Your 1884 date and the proclamation of May Day is correct, I don’t know what that has to do with anything I said.

            I objected to the idea that it was “religious extremists” but made explicit the possibility that what you meant was the secret society you then went into detail on. Others would get confused, whence I requested clarity. So stop arguing with people that agree with you!

          • Number 6

            Your memory isn’t very good is it, not even for things you yourself wrote, you wrote

            Quote “The May Day holiday was started in commemoration of the general strike in 1884 in Chicago. Quickly picked up by socialists everywhere, first becoming a national holiday in Communist ruled countries in the 20th century.
            Hardly “religious”. OR maybe you’re speaking of the secret society”

            You’ve been busy with the edit button because you originally wrote 1886 clearly to try and discredit what I said about the significance of 1884, 1886 is in fact the year when the May first General strike in Chicago actually happened, a whole two years after the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions had pledged to campaign for a 8 hour day, ON MAY THE FIRST 1884, So your suggestion it was to commemorate a bloody strike is WRONG isn’t it, May the first had significance before your claimed origin, and your original claims my information was wrong and misleading were WRONG !

            I said The number 5 and 9 had religious significance, and are significant to slavery through the RELIGIOUS practice of Gematria. And that those numbers were significant to1884 specifically when the idea of a 8 hour day, 9 to 5 was first proposed in 1884, a year when other significant SYMBOLIC things happened like the first cornerstone of the statue of liberty and the completion of the Washington monument. The obelisk is a symbol pertinent to freemasonry for example. If the year 1884 in my original post was correct Then whats your point exactly ?

            And Quote “Stop Arguing with people you don’t agree with” So what exactly do you think your doing you f***ing idiot !

          • You’re trolling and you’re making tempest in a teapot so I’m done with this thread. Bye.

          • Number 6

            You were wrong and you failed to discredit what I said, not that a small potential error could discredit the whole post anyway as you seem to think, I defended my position and now your accusing me of trolling, Grow up ! Bye.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    IF a US CITIZEN could get a 2040% salary increase by working illegally in a next door nation would they TRY?
    say you are making 30K a yr here a 2040 % INCREASE is MILLIONS !!!
    thats what the Mexicans come here for with BIG BENEFITS and NEW TRUCKS!!!
    BUILD the WALL!!!!

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      Shove your American version of the Berlin Wall up your ass !

      Working “illegally” violates neither your or anyone else’s legitimate individual rights, which include the right to personal liberty, the freedom to relocate to any country on earth, and freedom of association and freedom of contract.

      If you are concerned about “illegals” getting on welfare and being supported thereby at your forced expense via the coercive taxes that fund it, fight to terminate the welfare state completely–and understand that US citizens, including YOU, have no more right to support at other people’s forced expense; therefore, they, too should not have forcibly-funded “benefits” available to them.