How To Stop The Shape-Shifters with one easy change
By Peter DeBoer - January 22, 2018

What is this wizardry?

We live in the future now. Backflipping robots, driverless cars and now the Shapeshifters have arrived.

Have you heard of the new software that can make a sunny street appear snow covered in real time? It’s called ‘Image Translation.’

Put on some goggles and you’ll make Alaska look like Hawaii.

Or how about the software that changes the facial movements you make on video, also in real time. ‘Facial re-enactment’ – soon to be used on a stepmother near you.

Then there’s Lyrebird, the speech simulator that can mimic your voice. One can only imagine the mischief this kind of tech will breed.

These tools can hijack the world around you, your face and voice.

They can create a new you, saying and doing things you never said or did.

This is powerful, Matrix level stuff.

Of course, these new techniques will find nefarious use. But let’s not pretend we’re surprised. We knew this was coming – and now it’s here.

And that’s a good thing.

These techniques will only drive more distrust in the web of lies the spiders have us caught in.

They’ll force us to reckon with the world around us. They’ll force us to attend to reality.

When these techs come into their own, it will be sink or swim.

Travelling to poorer parts of the world, one finds a lot of people outside. Humanity writhing in the streets, the stench and beauty of it all side by side. These parts of the world still feel alive, authentic. And, in all their poverty they still have a stronger sense of community.

Not so much anymore in the West. Communities now sit quiet. Diabolical homogeneity has turned everything a shade of grey. So many of us sit locked in our pads in front of 50-inch screens. Far fewer kids peddling around on bikes looking for fun, their minds sucked into a digital abyss.

This digital mirror that we are staring into has us entranced. We should know that the reflection is inverse to our true selves. And that reflection is cracking.

The emptiness is already unmasking itself. Life in the void feeds the rampant anxiety and social retardation tearing the West apart.

And now we have to contend with shapeshifting.

But it’s ok.

The more this modern sorcery takes hold, the louder the voices in the void cry out for each other. The louder the hum that sings – give me the truth.

We are the first to run this gauntlet. This is the curse of the digital age, and it’s our duty to find the balance.

What happens if the saying “I’ll believe it when I see it” no longer applies? What happens if everything that we see and hear can be counterfeit, then what?

It will put a premium on real, human interaction.

It will bring community back from the dead.

Trust on a personal level, reputation and honesty will again become the currency of the day. They have to if we are to make it through this high-tech nightmare.

And yet, a lot of folks won’t want to snap out of it. They’ll choose the lie – and so be it. The flotsam and jetsam of history, sorry.

But you, Dear Reader, are not human wreckage. Intelligent and informed, you’ll be able to spot the shapeshifters and call them out.

The way through this labyrinth of smoke and mirrors is total loyalty to the truth.

Unalterable. Fearless. Truth.

So how can you put this into action right now? How can you skin a shapeshifter? First, start with yourself.

The Russians have a funny euphemism – It’s better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.

So I’m about to slap you.

Stop lying.

I’m sure you know – our society is sick and weak. The West is dying because of all the damn lying. And I’m not talking about all the lies in politics or the media.

I’m talking about us. About you.

Give human interaction value by being a person of virtue. Always tell the truth. This is what you can do, right now.

I’m not talking about the big lies either, we’ll leave those to the Power Structure. I’m talking about the little ones. The ones that we tell ourselves. The ones that we feed to the people around us.

It’s time for some ruthless self-assessment.

(I’m not coming at this from a holier-than-thou point of view. Everybody is some shade of guilty.)

When you lie you make yourself weak. You create a rift between yourself and truth. These lies are like termites, hollowing you out from the inside.

The lie then compounds itself as you move through time, usually forcing you to dig even deeper. In the long run, the lie sabotages you.

These are the millions of cracks running through the foundation of our society. Don’t add to them.

Even the white lie can be dangerous.

Get used to bending the truth here and there and you’ll more easily accept the same from others. How can you value the truth from others if you can’t get it right yourself?

By lying to others you cut yourself down. You defile your own honor. You devalue yourself in the eyes of whom it matters most – yourself.

And even if you don’t recognise it, your subconscious does.

Unless you are a sociopath, you care when you lie even a little, and you know it before you do it.

You may think it helps you in that moment, protects your pride or avoids shame, whatever. But in the end, you are a lier. And you won’t be able to escape that fact. Don’t let it become an easy thing to do.

So listen to the little voice in the back of your head that calls you out when you bullshit somebody. Even if its something minor.

Especially if it’s something minor.

The world depends on you to tell the truth.

Sure, there may be shapeshifters all around, but don’t become one yourself.

The technical sorcery is about to get a lot more deceitful. We combat this by becoming more honest ourselves.

We win by wielding the truth. And that starts with you.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • SnakePlissken

    I thought this article was going to be about the interdimensional shapeshifting reptilians that run the government. Disappointed. 🙁

    • No such luck. It is simply about the reality of the many fantasy worlds that many people live in today and how their smart phones control them just like the robots mentioned. Only the truly brain dead and those that are already completely mind effed by it all cannot see it for what it is, a giant control mechanism ! Been here for quite a while now, so nothing new in USA today. The good news is many are seeing it all, finally !–.html

    • Maybe next time though, keep checking back 😉

      • James Clander

        The Bible bashers are ruining this site. They are getting more blatant because it’s being tolerated. Let those that want to sprout scripture go to a site that caters for their beliefs. I’m a non believer but don’t push my belief on others. Nonsense talk offends me & quoting scripture is just that -nonsense.

        • Ephraiyim

          Wait wait wait. We do not tell people they cannot express their opinion, even if said opinion is rather whacked.
          “Bless those who curse you. Bless and do not curse”.
          It’s like churches that would rather not have any sinners show up. Well, at least nobody whose sin is open and obvious. Sorry, not a church I want to be a part of…of course I expect, since Jesus loves sinners, He probably thinks the same as I do, at least in this area.
          I’ve been around here for 5 yrs. Seen a lot if changes. Some I liked and some not so much.
          Let me be clear. DB starts putting restrictions on what people can say about God, for or against, and I’m out.
          Might be as fair number here who agree with me.

    • Ephraiyim

      Yes…the real truth!

  • Andy Killeen

    Jesus is Lord and God raised him from the dead.

  • Varangian Guard

    In God I trust all others require proof and or cash.

    Believe nothing but the Lord.
    Trust nothing but the Lord.
    Behave as though you are the person you would like everyone to see you as.

    Ditch Social Media.
    Beware of false profits bearing gifts too good to be true.
    Nothing is free but the Lord’s Salvation.

    Take care of others and God will see to ALL your needs.
    Do your best work in God’s name and you will prosper.

  • Seeker

    I have been a DB reader for 2 years and am now also tiring of the constant drumbeat of the religious ranters always offering the same canned response to every article :
    Only God and jeebus are real, God is the only answer to everything, read the Bible to find the answer to life, etc. ad nauseum.

    That Wieland character is the most persistent and repetitive. I’ve tried to just tolerate it and skip over it but he is so prolific it muddies the water all around each of his reverent offerings as he spurs others like him to add their own inane jibberish. It all sounds the same, over and over; no original or creative thought involved. Just a waste of virtual oxygen and space.

    Please, believe what you want but don’t offer religious blandishments on venues like this that actively support original and creative thoughts. Your message is old and feeble , persuading nobody to spontaneously covert to whatever particular brand of religious obsession you are pushing on us.

    If you have something cogent to add then please do so, otherwise find a gullible flock somewhere else and let the rest of us get on with the honest exchange of ideas.

    • Ephraiyim

      So…its OK to lie?

    • Agree, better said and accepted at places like WND where little real thinking takes place, and that is no coincidence. I have a very different take on all of it and explain it all in great detail for all to consider who are NOT afraid to consider basic truth or facts of historical events.–prayer-and-meditation.html

      Most supposed Christians today have NOT taken the time to read the Dead Sea scrolls or the Nag Hammadi text and other ancient writings that tell a very different story than what we have all been spoon fed for millenia. They are in complete denial that the current Bible is in fact an incomplete and censored work that only tells a partial story of our history. Nor do they realize it was all set up that way deliberately for a reason ! Here is a comment I published as well as the link above, that may shed some light on the matter for any who are not afraid to think ?

      “Religions are a way for people to avoid facing themselves and therefore they are able to be controlled by some master ? None of the three Abrahamic religions allow people to look inside themselves for answers. They all demand that you let a master do your thinking for you and trust only in that master and the master is the hierarchy of that religion , another person, not GOD. True spiritual freedom and understanding can only come from looking inside yourself and that is exactly what Jesus said many times ! He was quite right, but his words and true meanings have all been greatly distorted by men not GOD. In fact each of us is a small piece of what many call GOD, but few understand this !

      When the current paradigm of Christianity was created by Constantine and his cohorts, the Pharrasees and Sadduccees, the purpose was to control the people. Nothing has changed but gotten worse as far as any real understanding and they also censored what was the Bible by removing many books from it so that it is largely nonsense today or at best a distortion of any truth ! The book of Enoch, Thomas, Mary and others were left out for a reason ! Because they tell a very different story than we have been spoon fed for almost 2000 years. So what we have today has run its course and served it purpose and is now outdated and dysfunctional, which is why we see so many dysfunctional people. They have no truth or anything of truth to actually believe in. They see the religions are simply big businesses and false creations of men ! It is time to expand our thinking and look inside for any truth and that is what will determine each of our fates and knowledge base. So the more we try to rely on religions as a source of saving ourselves, the more we fail in that endeavor because it is all false and was only a control mechanism to control the many ignorant fools back in the day ! That time has passed and it is time to go to a higher place of understanding and knowledge. And that place is inside each of us to access ! “

  • max naegele

    the truth is out there

    • Truth is also here, max naegele, …. in this tangent/space place …..

      As an Avid Miner/Wallet/Collector of Bitcoin is the Art in Freely Exchanging/Spending/Donating [A Current/Currency Freely Flowing] to Others of a Similar Disposition of Singular Persuasion as Payment for New Virtualised Services/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive It Programs to be Exploited and Expanded Upon as a Most Able Phorm/Phish for Delivery and Maintenance of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Global Governance Tools rather than Invent Rules for Rule.

      What value then would you imagine ITs True Worth?

      Methinks Priceless is close enough to being Accurate as makes no difference.

      And thanks for the encouragement, Peter DeBoer. Are you a fan of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT?

      • The System/Systems as Currently Is/Are starts off with everyone assumed/presumed poor and penniless rather than focussing and realising everyone is rich and able to be creative whenever free of guilt and unburdened of the worry caused by debt in any and all of its forms.

        Such a fundamental change in perception allows money, in any or all of its forms, to flow freely to enterprises which are Geared and SMARTR Programmed to further Generate and Distribute Greater Wealth to Beings enabled to be able to Better Beta Spend IT in order to quite magically Provision Greater Bounty for Distribution and Spending/Investing.

        Such is AIDriver for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Services and Systems.

        • Agent Revolver

          Truly AIMind-changing w0rd, Doc

  • Agent Revolver

    Howdy, Bell. The Nightly one, in one particular case.

    “This digital mirror that we are staring into has us entranced. We should know that the reflection is inverse to our true selves. And that reflection is cracking” –

    I’m afraid, and let me know if I’m being mistaken, the mirror is a mirror, stop. The Magic is fully the one’s who is looking at it. The entrance, the recognizing the inversion, and, of course, as follows the natural law – the cracking,or Cracking, because this procedure once becomes too boring for the stable brain, until the unstable particles still do their run.

    It just demonstrates who’s the boss in the house. Come on, it’s okay.

    Digital world, eh? (-;

    And – what a great thing this little voice belongs to. This is the true ruler inside.

    As my Cat says, there are no locked doors in a house, there is only a too quiet MEOW.