How Trump Keeps the Government on Your Mind
By Joe Jarvis - October 09, 2017

Trump is the counter-punch to political correctness.

He is the answer to what the left has long tried to shove down American throats. That is, belligerent tolerance, single-minded diversity, and the PC policing of our thoughts.

People were energized to get out and show publicly that they reject that mind and social control.

Trump captured that reflexive energy. That energy could have swelled the ranks of individualists refusing to be pigeon-holed into two political camps. It could have seen people turn off their tv’s, engage locally instead, and opt out of the political saga. We could have all just walked away, and made the societal change through the accumulation of individual action.

But what happened instead was the large swath of people rightfully pissed off at politically correct oppression played right into the hands of the controllers. They shouted back.

That is how these political movements can spiral out of control. Each side is reacting to crazier and crazier words and actions from the other side.

The Government Won’t Be Ignored

I don’t mean the government is trying to make everyone comply with all their laws. I mean they want to be on the forefront of every American’s mind, every day. They want to be melded into the fabric of every American breath.

Trump was a genius move to make everyone pay attention on a daily basis. His unwavering presence represents the government’s intrusion into your daily life. Not physically, but mentally.

With the exception of the mailman, when was the last time you actually saw a federal official in daily life? I see local and state police. Sometimes I am forced to deal with state motor vehicle departments. A state Fish and Wildlife Officer gave me a warning for not having a whistle while kayaking.

But it is certainly not every day I see someone from the IRS, EPA, FBI, State Department, a politician, or a federal judge. In fact, I have never seen agents of some of those departments. Maybe I am lucky, but I suspect most of their presence in our lives is largely on tv, and in the news. I have certainly heard about plenty of ridiculous EPA action. I know if I want to avoid meeting an IRS agent I need to pay them protection money.

Obama was boring by comparison to Trump. Sure, he roiled the right. But the typical consumer only tuned in to government affairs to offer their pavlovian approval when the Supreme Court struck down gay marriage, or to nod their head in agreement with “common sense” gun laws.

But Trump hits every facet of the market. Of course, there are the obvious demographics: the people who love him, and the people who hate him. They will pay attention no matter what.

Then there are the people who mildly supported Trump, who then suddenly do a double take when he backs off one of his hard-lined causes. Trump suddenly says he will consider allowing Dreamers to stay in the country, or compromise on a healthcare bill. This also alerts the low attention people who have thrown their hat in the “hate Trump” ring but aren’t really political junkies.

Then there are the Trolls who think everything Trump does is hilarious, like provoking a nuclear war. And on the opposite end, there are the people who are horrified by his lack of diplomacy and twitter rants. Others cannot help but click on the interesting political headlines. He said what? This can’t be real. The political headlines were so mundane under Obama.

Even people uninterested in politics are inundated with the circus it has become. They can’t help but think about the government on a daily basis. It is thrust into their faces, with the same fervor political correct censorship was shoved down their throats.

And finally, the largest demographic Trump has brought to the political drama industry is from his reality tv universe. These people are consumers of popular culture. They now get to be a part of the reality tv show, because it is all about America. They get to be part of the drama! The voting isn’t about American Idols, it is a real game of thrones.

Last Ditch Effort or Final Solution?

Box office sales are crumbling. Cable subscriptions are collapsing. Hollywood has always been the driver of cultural dogma. But now they are being challenged. Not only are Netflix and Amazon competing, but also peer-produced content on Youtube and Vimeo.

Sports entertainment is also starting to realize they cannot necessarily weather the pushback to their political propaganda.

Facebook may have a stranglehold on data now, but their monopoly is far from permanent. It is already waning among younger demographics.

In such an economy, where giants can rise and fall so easily, what are the controllers of society to do?

Throw the Trump card.

Trump is meant to increase the presence of the federal government in your daily life. If not physically, mentally. Maybe he scares you, maybe he makes you laugh, or makes you cry. Perhaps you cheer him on, or maybe you curse him. But he is the ultimate tool of the elite to make sure the government stays on your mind.

So there is only one question left.

Is this the government’s final and desperate attempt to stay relevant while their power fades? Is this all they have left to stir things up and cause some trouble, just to make sure their presence remains, like a washed-up pop star desperate for attention?

Or is it more sinister? Is Trump the final action to solidify their power over the masses? Does he represent the final piece of the puzzle to bring everyone and everything into their sphere of control, starting with the mind? Is he the perfect man to cause enough problems so as to require the government to stick around and solve them?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

    There is another page similar to facebook that may endanger their stronghold, it is the Russian page VK.com

  • rsanchez1

    People are starting to turn off the TV for NFL games at least. The ratings continue to go down.

  • chris

    I miss these deep political insights from the DB. Spot on.

    • Thank you. Noted, and we will deliver more of this content.

  • Oz

    Good stuff. From my own POV, I’ll go with the first one: This is the “government’s” final and desperate attempt to stay “relevant”, but I’ll define “government” as “any leader/elite in business/politics/media” and “relevant” as “in the public consciousness.” That may sound wishy-washy, but my gut hunch about the volume level out there has to do with cultural narcissism — we’ve got a bunch of people in positions of power/leadership (politics, academia, media) who are, basically, self-absorbed at a level that is quite literally crazy. From a narcissistic perspective, attention is what they’re after, *any* attention. If you’ve ever had to deal with a genuine narcissist on a personal level, you (ultimately) learn that the only way to “win” with them is — just walk away, go no contact. It simply doesn’t matter what kind of attention they get from you, *any* attention is better than none. Therefore, they’ll open up on you with more and more progressive levels of “am I crazy, or are they crazy?” behavior that’ll make you question your own sanity. And you’re sane, they *are* crazy, but you as a sane person go, “Nobody can be that crazy, I must be missing something” so you stick around to see what you’re missing.

    You’re not missing anything — they’re crazy, They NEED you, to feed them. They just do NOT care what it is that keeps you coming around, as long as you keep coming around. WHATEVER it takes, they’ll do. You, on the other hand, keep going, “There must be SOMETHING I can do.” So you keep trying. They keep absorbing whatever you’ve got to give. You can have the greatest thoughts/ideas/rationality in the world, and it means jack because it *simply doesn’t matter” to the narcissist. It’s not personal, really — they don’t need what you think they need, so all your own efforts just make you get more and more confused.

    Again, there’s only one way to stop the madness — you’ve got to go No Contact. I wish there were another way, but there ain’t. Turn them off.

    • Excellent analysis. The narcissistic personality is a major aspect of the people in power.

  • Number 6

    The Alt Right and the Alt Left is just a last ditch attempt to resurrect the Left Right paradigm, The left right paradigm is simply the false pairing of libertarianism and socialism (ie Left Wing) and Capitalism and conservatism (ie Right wing) basically Give us your money or give us your liberty but you cant have both, now fight !

    The plan all along has been to slowly pervert the liberals into fascists via political correctness and opposing “hate crimes” and environmentalism, and to slowly pervert the capitalists into communists via globalism and corporatism aka state sponsored crony capitalism, which is essentially socialism.

    They were trying to bring it to synthesis and it failed and the voter turn out rates have plummeting as people have begun to realise all major parties are essentially the same, there are now more people of voting age that don’t vote than do, which rather begs the question how are elections even legitimate.

    In response to this voter flight they created Trump the anti establishment self made man, hated by both the democrats and the republicans, only thats f***ed up too, because only the dumbest of the dumb (left and right) still don’t get he’s an establishment puppet, everyone who didn’t see right through it in the first place have now seen the light or are on the verge of doing so.

    They’re moving onto the next con now Anarcho Capitalism with gate keepers like Stephan Molyneux and they’ve just created an antithesis for anarcho Capitalism, the oxymoron also known as Anarcho Communism I mean have you ever heard of anything so dumb in all your life ? they really have run out of ideas, they’re never gona make it stick time they gave it up me thinks !

    • Number 6

      The synthesis of the false left right paradigm has been known in certain circles for a long time, Taking your liberty and making everyone associate it with economic slavery aka socialism ie Left Wing and Taking your economic liberty and making everyone falsely associate it with your social slavery aka conservatism ie Right wing. slowly making each side hate their economic and social liberty, and bring them to synthesis.

      The Prisoner Quote “but both sides are becoming identical. What in fact has been created is an international community — a perfect blueprint for world order. When the sides facing each other suddenly realize that they’re looking into a mirror, they will see that this is the pattern for the future”


    • Roy bean

      I think fascists have actually hijacked the label of liberals. Additionally, I look at crony capitalism as being more akin toward fascism over socialism. Probably not an argument, just semantics.
      While I see the point(s) describing the President as a product of the TPTB (especially looking at many of his appointees). I guess I am lumped along with the dumbest of the dumb as I see it as too early in his term to pass such judgement. BTW, nice photo of Patrick from the old TV series. A blast from the past for me.

      • Number 6

        Apologies I didn’t mean to be insulting with the dumbest of the dumb comment to anyone who’s bought into Trump, I just find it incredibly frustrating that people still buy into him. With regards to the idea fascists have hijacked Liberalism, Im perhaps not making my point very clear, Im saying the whole concept of Left vs Right wing politics is a lie.

        Its not left vs right, really its Freedom vs Control to which your social freedom is Liberalism and your economic freedom is capitalism.
        This is beset by conservatism your social slavery to the state and socialism your economic slavery to the state.

        All they’ve done is falsely pair Liberalism and socialism and called it left wing.
        And falsely paired conservatism and capitalism and called it right wing

        They are then slowly perverting liberalism into fascism, with things like hate crimes and the environmental movement, arguing to curtail liberty to save the planet.
        And are slowly perverting capitalism into communism with things like STATE subsidisation of corporations and passing legislation against smaller independent companies to put them out of business.

        Do you see what I mean you have to stand back and look at it as a whole, fascism and communism are the same thing and the same gang behind both. Its all socialism fascism is national socialism and communism is international socialism, its all money and power in the hands of the few and those few are the bankers.

        • Roy bean

          Regarding the idea of the left and right being more or less one and the same, no argument. We’re on the same page.
          I’m going to call the blend of fascism and socialism, progressivism.
          Getting back to labeling Pres. Trump a puppet. A news article popped up since my last post about the reversal of EPA regulations for coal. While this and other quiet moves (dropping out of TPP and threatening to renegotiate NAFTA come to mind) may be mere steps as opposed to leaps, they’re in the right direction, no? Time will tell if this is lip service or the start of groundbreaking maneuvers.
          I’ll reiterate, it’s simply too early for clear judgement. As far as ‘buying’ into him, too late. Like it or not, we already ‘bought’ the team. Probably a better deal as compared toward the opposing candidate.

          • Number 6

            I dont think in terms of “isms” anymore they carry too much baggage, too many people emotionally invested in them, its all part of the mind f****, the age old con trick, of making simple things seem complicated.

            customer “so whats wrong with the boiler”

            dodgy plumber “tssssss its the inlet manifold of the capillary connector of the inverse flow management system, causing a dangerous build up of pressure in the boiler induction core, Im afraid, lucky I arrive when I did the whole thing would have blown up if you’d left it any longer”

            customer “wow that sounds complicated, is it expensive to put right”

            dodgy plumber “oh yes very”

            We have been given a false choice, left flavoured controlled (we’ll have your money) or right flavoured control (we’ll have your liberty) when in reality the abstract choice underlying it all, is either choose FREEDOM or choose to be CONTROLLED by a proven bunch of liars, thieves, mass murderers and morons aka government. You don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils theres another option choose neither, choose freedom.

  • georgesilver

    “Let me know what you think in the comments”

    OK … here goes.

    Is the Daily Bell still closely associated with the Agora network, a large conglomerate known for its financial newsletters promoting “get-rich-quick” schemes and assorted penny stocks, all the while touting bogus “free markets” and Austrian faux economics?

    Well you did ask.

  • georgesilver

    “Let me know what you think in the comments”

    OK … here goes.
    As the original Daily Bell closed in 2016 (I think)
    Is the Daily Bell still closely associated with the Agora network, a large conglomerate known for its financial newsletters.
    If not who are the backers of The Daily Bell?

    • georgesilver

      I notice the Daily Bell will not answer this question. What are you hiding DB?

      • Peter De Boer

        Nothing. The daily bell is owned by the same people behind sovereignman.com.

  • Number 6

    To anyone who still doesn’t get that trump is a puppet and his presidency has been planned for years, Watch this Serta mattress commercial from 2009. Trump pictured With two sheep numbered 9 and 11 I mean common even putting aside that infamous date, Trump was declared the winner of the us elections on November 9th 11/9 The anniversary of the fall of the BERLIN WALL ! Whats Trump famous for wanting to build ???? Number 1 something you were born to do, Mattresses, SLEEP, SHEEP could they even get anymore blatant ? WAKE UP ! Link below


  • Samarami

    Don’t have the link (am writing from government — “public” ha ha — library compooter), but you submitted an article here a month or so prior to the bread-and-circus event called “election” last year. Well over a year ago. Your observation was that “Trump”, like “Brexit”, was quite likely arranged for the outcome we’re beginning to see play out as we speak — “Directed History”. Also part of the larger “Dominant Social Theme” (Oh, how I miss the old “Daily Bell Definitions” site). No doubt with the final push into global government.
    Thankfully, I “divorced” television nearly a half-century back. I no longer see “daily news”.
    I’m immune.
    Regards, Sam

  • Randy

    Well governments hardly ever really solve any problems, they always seem to either create them in the first place, or make the ones we have even WORSE!!
    There are no real elections for anything higher than dog catcher, all of those slots are bought and paid for well in advance in one way or another. Such as fealty to TPTB, promises to not rock the boat too much, etc. We need politics and politicians like we need a big nail sticking through our foot!
    What virtually no one wants to recognize though, is the fact that all of these dog and pony shows we witness all around us, every waking day, is that it’s all a support mechanism for the legal system, which is what I call the planetary Mafia.
    What is the first thought on someone’s mind, or nearly so, when talking about the ills of the world? It is something regarding the legal system! Like can we sue someone over this? Is there a law either against it or for it? What will a “judge” have to say about this? The legal system’s operators always seem to have the last say in a matter, when they should have no say at all because it’s the ultimate organized crime syndicate!! Prove me wrong, if you can!


  • Bruce C.

    I agree that Trump is increasing the awareness of government in peoples’ minds more than ever, and hopefully that’s a good thing. His election to the Presidency showed that at least enough people in this country understand that the government is the reason for so many problems via “bad” policies. Trump has been very disciplined so far in puposefuly and openly trying to enact his/he voters agenda through the normal legislative process and he has successfully exposed “the swamp” (mainly the Republican led Senate and even the House) to be about protecting the status quo and not serving the needs or desires of the American people. It is increasingly clear to “everyone”(?) that the government is obstrcutionist and not merely neutral, and even “anti-American.” I highly doubt Trump will get any bill passed before 2018, but instead of that being his demiss we’re going to see another major election in which a large number of incumbants are going to be replaced with people who will vote for what we want. And I mean A LOT of household names, including most of those over 65 years old. I highly doubt that’s what the elites want to happen or they’de be gone already.

    Now, for those of you who think that’s all beside the point, that government itself is the problem no matter who runs it, I would say you better hope you’re wrong about that because it’s not going anywhere.

  • mattgo90

    I’m so sure he shouldn’t be there he keeps the government completely off my mind.