How Zuckerberg Stands in the Way of a New Renaissance
By Daily Bell Staff - June 21, 2016

A FORMER World Bank vice president has said history shows Britain will leave the European Union (EU) on Thursday – and branded David Cameron “lazy” for not realising it.  – UK Express

This article makes the case that Brexit will happen and quotes Ian Golden as saying these are “unusual times.”

Ian Goldin is author of some 20 books according to the Express and is an Oxford professor and former advisor to Nelson Mandela.

He compares the current environment to the Renaissance five centuries ago, and calls both eras “not an ordinary time.”

He also compares Mark Zuckerberg to Johannes Gutenberg.

This is an unfortunate comparison and a perfect example of how elite memes are created.

His branding of David Cameron as lazy has to do with Cameron’s lack of vision. With a “lazy, linear” vision, Cameron failed to grasp the similarities between the Renaissance and today’s tumultuous public sentiments.


Mr Goldin’s new “landmark” book, Age of Discovery, co-written with fellow Oxford professor Chris Kutarna, focuses on how modern-day politicians can learn from history and it is essential to look back to form the best future for ourselves …

“Now, like then, public leaders and public institutions have failed to keep up with rapid change, and popular trust has been deeply eroded.”

The pair call the current era the “New Renaissance.”

Of course, for at least the past decade, we’ve been pointing out that the Internet is a lot like Gutenberg’s printing press. The ‘Net has had the same sort of impact.

In fact, it was the study of the ramifications of the Gutenberg Press that gave us insights into what’s happening today.

The chief benefit of studying the Gutenberg Press is that we came to realize after a while that the changes the Press created became more intense over time.

The Internet, you see, is a process. It can’t really be stopped, no matter whether it is “switched off.”

Goldin also has a warning: “The political revolutions which accompany technological and economic revolutions – as well as the information technologies and disruptive changes which amplify progress – can also catapult extremists and extremist opinion into power.”

Presumably this is a comment about Trump. But like the Zuckerberg comparison, it is most questionable.

Hillary Clinton is closer to the fascists of the mid-20th century than Donald Trump.

And those who invented the Internet are the ones who should be compared to Gutenberg.

Not Zuckerberg.

The mythologizing of Zuckerberg began with a cover story in the Economist hailing social media.

Right away, we saw top internationalists were launching a campaign to co-opt the Internet.

Instead of having thousands of uncontrollable websites, the Internet was going to be dominated by a few social media sites.

That hasn’t exactly happened, but it’s not for trying. That’s what “they” want.

To compare Zuckerberg to Gutenberg is unfounded and incorrect. He is actually a young man elevated by the CIA and fabulously enriched by a fiat-driven stock market.

But this is how dominant social themes are built. One takes a valid idea and then distorts it. In this case, the idea is to aggrandize Zuckerberg, thus gaining more acceptance for Facebook and promoting Zuckerberg as some sort of genius.

Conclusion: More propaganda. It starts with truth but ends with a deliberate falsehood. Zuckerberg is not leading the charge. He is standing in the way.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • I have an FB page at no cost for me and FB friends – . My FB page is sponsored (?) by two companies in nearby towns, that I have never heard of putting their links on my FB page. Maybe they pay Sugarboy for it? But it cannot make any money!
    In the past my sponsors (?) were advertising friendships with Arab girls. The whole FB setup appears strange and not profitable. I wonder how long it will last!

    • john cummins

      Not too long, these faddish ghettos will dissolve, new toys will replace them and as DB suggests, we are at the start of the Internet, etc.

    • Lisa Montez

      The government certainly co-opted it when they saw its potential for spying. And Zuckerburg is all in.

  • hazdrabal

    So true, and once again the only thing I can say is, the only solution is the 1776 solution. There is literally no other way out of this. It wasn’t us who picked the fight and we’re running out of cheeks to turn.

    • rahrog


    • nathenism

      unfortunately…no i’m gonna go with fortunately, violence is not gonna get us out of today’s tyranny…come to think of it, it didn’t really get us out of tyranny last time…today they are prepared with deep underground cities where they can run to if they have to take us out with a bunch of nukes…if we rise up with enough force to defeat them that is exactly what they will do…i’m only guessing, but i think they would rather destroy the planet then let us have it…we are gonna have to find another way…

  • john cummins

    zuckerberg’s “invention” is like when people on aol thought it WAS the Internet…basically a ghetto…

  • Praetor

    Zucker, looks like the guy who lived a good portion of his youth in his room on the INTERNET. Then he went to MIT, and someone there befriended him, and gave him some ideas about the internet and how it could be used to meet girls.

    Now we have one internet website, that is more of a diary on a persons daily life. CIA/FBI, now look-up you’re Fakebook page, people on this website do all their work for them!!!

  • The more I read about Facebook the scarier it is

    I do want to delete my account (pun intended) but there are some useful groups over there and everyone I know is on it

  • Bruce C.

    Well, I hope Ian is at least right about BREXIT.

  • Talking of leading charges as thinking beings invariably always do, please be made aware there is a lot of beautifully strange stuff which is not nonsense and extremely inconvenient for a self chosen few being freely shared, going on out there in the virtual space place world that forms realities for media presentation and onward manipulation. And it is ITs raison d’être too in future perfect circles of influence and massive disruption.

    From small acorns do great oaks grow to be felled to provide magic transport and cosmic fuel. 🙂

    amanfromMars 1 Tue 21 Jun 15:10 [1606211510] …… speaking truth unto powers that be in crisis on

    Fools’ Gold …..

    One would almost think that governments have to invent things for others to do for them to justify their positions in a civil service role and the raising of taxes to pay for everything, which is quite perversely odd and not at really necessary whenever the banking system invents as much money as it likes out of nothing to server their own needs and feeds and seeds, …… and it is aided and abetted by governments and ministries which studiously choose to ignore the reality of those facts and spectacularly fail to make great and good use of the facility/utility.

    Such goes way beyond foolish and inequitable and totally corrupt and corrupting.

    But is that not how systems are truly working nowadays …… and why they are collapsing in the light of such knowledge going mainstream and being undeniable? The supply and withholding of money, in any of its many forms, are remote virtualised tools of sweet bounty and crazy oppression, aren’t they, for a self chosen few who now need to do significantly more with what they provide in order to survive the raging rising tide?

  • Diaspora is a world-wide, distributed, user-owned and operated, social network alternative that has NO advertising. Check out details on Wikipedia.

    en.m.wikipedia (DOT) org/wiki/Diaspora_(social_network)

    • Thanks for pointing this out.

      • The Daily Bell (and anyone else) could build and run their own Diaspora pod if they so desired. Natural News already has done so.

  • Lisa Montez

    My teenage daughter says a lot of young people are leaving facebook because their mothers (and aunts, grandmothers, etc.) are using it. That’s pretty funny. I can’t stand Zuckerburg, so self-righteous.

    • Sebastian Puettmann

      That’s right, actually. I wonder what that says not only about the “importance” of government education to help “socialize” us but also about the state of our civilization.

  • Jonathan Halsey

    FB is on the outs