Humans Have Used Up a Full Year’s Allotment of Resources and It’s Only August!
By Daily Bell Staff - August 08, 2016

In just over seven months, humanity has used up a full year’s allotment of natural resources such as water, food and clean air – the quickest rate yet, according to a new report. The point of “overshoot” will officially be reached on Monday, said environmental group Global Footprint Network — five days earlier than last year. –France 24

We are running out of water, food and air.

You would think the Internet would have diminished this kind of propaganda but we are still regularly exposed to it.

The idea is to frighten you about basic resources. Once you are frightened enough, you will be more likely to accept large, costly and unnecessary government programs that seek to fix various nonexistent problems.

Thomas Malthus believed England would starve in the 1700s.

The UN has been predicting disasters of all sorts for its entire tenure.

Despite malfunctioning, these elite dominant social themes – scarcity propaganda – remain ubiquitous in the mainstream media.

Groups of persuasive individuals remain committed to arguing that only their guidance linked to government – the larger the better – can save humanity.

Global Footprint Network has board affiliations with powerful people including at least who used to work at the Bank for International Settlements.

This is not unusual. It is a technocratic development that has been building for decades. The wisest and cleverest among us will warn the rest about what must be done.

Energy Voice communicates details about our latest crises:

Humans will have used up the Earth’s budget of natural resources for the year in less than eight months, environmental campaigners warn.

People are putting more carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than the forests and oceans can absorb, and catching fish and cutting down forests more quickly than nature can replenish them, according to the Global Footprint Network.

As a result, the world will reach “earth overshoot day” on Monday, the point in the year when humans have exhausted annual supplies such as land, trees and fish, and outstripped Earth’s capacity to absorb greenhouse gases.

The problem is worsening, with the planet sliding into “ecological debt“ earlier and earlier.

This is really astounding stuff. Apparently people have calculated the exact amount of resources that people use year-over-year and then calculated, as well, the actual amount of resources the earth contains.

No doubt some of these same people warned us about Peak Oil when it was fashionable.

Now oil prices have plunged and the earth is awash in oil.

But still, we are supposed to take these warnings seriously.

It’s just like Malthus. They warn us about shortages without ever acknowledging that shortages will spur “human action.”

The Austrians understood, which is why until the advent of the Internet, Austrian economics were suppressed.

When people face challenges, they solve them.

But this sort of analysis is static. There is a finite amount of everything and no amount of innovation will create any more of it.

Of course, the earth’s population continues to climb without evident difficulties.

There is horrible starvation, but when one examines what’s occurring, it almost always turns out that shortages are man-made, due to government interference or military conflict.

Left alone, people provide themselves quite well. They don’t need the UN to plan for them.

They don’t need federal government interference.

They certainly don’t need the increasing size and complexity of what is rapidly becoming a formal global government.

That’s what these warnings really are about.

Increasingly, we are bombarded with global problems the demand global solutions. That’s one of the reasons drugs have been legalized. The idea is that the UN will regulate them on a global scale.

This is what they have in mind. They need global problems to create global solutions.

And if they don’t have global problems, our controllers will make them up.

Mathis Wackernagel, co-founder and chief executive of the Global Footprint Organization said: “Such a new way of living comes with many advantages, and making it happen takes effort …The only thing we need more of is political will.”

Not your political will, of course. Theirs.

They’ll let you know what to do. What can you can use and what you cannot.

For instance, we learn China’s government intends to cut its citizens’ meat consumption by 50%, and that in turn will reduce emissions from the livestock industry by a billion tons.

The idea is that gasesous emissions of livestock increased carbon in the atmosphere which leads to global warming.

In fact, global warming is a lie in much the same way as Peak Oil was a lie. None of this is about “saving the planet.” It is all about reducing the resources to which you have access.

Conclusion: It is all about control. They wish for YOU to have less and less. And then, eventually, one day, you will have nothing … and the planet will be officially “saved.”

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • georgesilver

    Good article. Scare the peasants meme. Oil as a ‘fossil fuel’ was promoted by Rockefeller’s scientists. It actually is continually being produced way down in the Earth’s crust. As for less resources there are actually more as the Earth continues to grow in size by the action of the Sun bombarding the Earth with energetic particles.
    Earthquakes, volcanos and sink holes are some of the symptoms of an expanding planet.

    • Colin Rafferty

      This is very interesting. What is the rate of expansion of the Earth? How much mass does it gain per day, and how much diameter does it grow by per day?

      • Praetor

        Well, there are estimates of 45,000 tons, on average, are added to earths surface each year, (Meteorites). They say there is 3 times the amount of water underground, then on the surface of the earth.

        Expansion is possible.

        So, it comes down to, what do you believe and who do you believe!!!!

        • Colin Rafferty

          That’s not much. It’s 0.0000000000000001% the mass of the Earth. Between now and when the sun grows to a red giant and encompasses the Earth, that’s still only an increase of about a millionth its mass.

          So how is expansion possible? What is its rate?

    • Marten

      Amen, right on the money, the real name is “abiotic fuel.”…..not fossil fuel

    • Q46

      However it is produced, the fact is nobody knows how much oil there is.

      Surveying is expensive and done only when there is a need to find reserves to be exploited when current deposits run out. Oil companies only know about the oil they have looked for.

      This is why Peak Oil Doom is always being predicted because the usual crowd only look at what oil companies know and have stated is there, and assume this is all there is.

  • DonRL

    Well said. It is the same with the health care laws. It is not about healthcare. it is about control. You are unhealthy because…( a contrived reason) which suites to drive the populous in the direction the OWO wants it to go so they will have more control. Oh, what will they do when they have all the control. Life will lose its meaning for them and they will be bored. Perhaps they will make up yet another crisis to gain some contrived control. Eventually they will gain god like status, at least they thing they will. They strive to be god like with god like control. They will continue until they are so totally deluded with contrived god likeness they will destroy us all – if they could. All in the name of saving humanity from itself. We need someone to save us from them. There is one who can and will eventually do this but we have long ago rejected Him and His rule over us we will therefore be ruled by tyrants.

    • JohnnyZ

      I feel the same.
      If one does careful research, one comes to the conclusion that there is a god. It is a bit of a chicken and egg question – which was first matter or consciousness? I say the latter. But all the Satanists who rule and terrorize this realm (to quote Tesla) are set to convince you of the opposite. They do not worship the Creator, but the Creation. They think they will be like god, after tasting the apple in the garden of Eden (which can be seen as a metaphor of them being locked in their left side brain, or that they think they are very smart without being wise, without any connection to consciousness or intuition, i.e. god)

      • DonRL

        I partly agree but I do not think the history of Adam and Eve and Satan tempting them is a metaphor but actual true history. They decided, by doing what God said not to do, to make themselves their own authority rather than God being their authority. As descendants of Adam and Eve we are doing the same thing. When they disobeyed God they became subject to sin and were separated from God, that is, they died to God. Viz. They, rather than talking with God they hid from Him and covered themselves with the fig leaves. – which is the same as making up their own religion to cover themselves. It may work from man to man but not man to God. They were still naked before God.
        Jesus came to undo what Satan and Adam and Eve’s disobedience had done. Jesus came and died for us and suffered the penalty for sin, which is death. Having paid the penalty those who accept Him and the salvation He provided are delivered from being eternally separated from God in Hell and are enabled to live no longer controlled by sin.
        If you accept Jesus as your savior you will be saved eternally from the future judgment and the wrath to come.

        • Michael Liberty


  • WinChll

    Patrick Wood discusses Technocracy rising, Agenda 21/sustainable development plans to control the use of resources:

  • alaska3636

    I used to worry about everything. Now, when I worry, I ask if what I am worrying about can be prepared for. If it can’t, I stop worrying and have a sandwich.

    • Lynn Carroll

      I usually have a sandwich and a beer! LOL!!!

  • Praetor

    Yes! But they want to give us free money to buy more stuff. How will that help conserve resources? More leisure means more consumption of more resources.

    THEY ARE INSANE, no doubt about it. We are in trouble!!!

    • Don Duncan

      “They” being insane is not the problem. “They” have only the power “we” give to them. As long as “we” forfeit our sovereignty to rulers and choose to be willfully blind of politicians that do not represent us, then we will be exploited like milk cows. We make it possible with our slavish worship of an elite, including their enforcers, the police, city, county, state, and federal. We don’t use violence in our personal lives, but we allow our masters to get away with murder, and control of our lives, as if a double moral standard were necessary to exist. It isn’t. It is self destructive. And this irrational idea (superstition) is based on fear & ignorance, unstable foundations. No wonder our society, our culture, our US Empire, our police state, is collapsing, morally, culturally, and financially. A boycott of politics in all forms will save us, or we can wait until a breakup like the USSR had with secessions.

      • Lynn Carroll

        God forbid that any states secede from the Union. That will leave us even more vulnerable than we are today. Can you imagine a nation of separate states each with it’s own army, navy, air force? This negates the State militia and Reserves that can be called upon by the President. Each state has it’s own President! Most states won’t even have a navy. Each state deals with foreign countries on it’s own, giving little or no thought to it’s competing neighboring states. Transportation of goods and materials would be at the whim of each of the states who would exact it’s own tariffs for crossing state lines. The cost of foods and other goods and material would be outrageous. Now, let’s decide how we as several separate states would deal with China, Russia, or Britain??? I can’t even wrap my mind around those thoughts.
        Anyone with an ounce of sense can readily see that this is not an option for America.

        • Don Duncan

          TPTB agree with you, Lynn. They abhor the thought of decentralization, of local control right down to the individual. Their pubic indoctrination system is designed to sell national allegiance, i.e., unquestioning, unthinking obedience. Lincoln unified (destroyed state sovereignty) to consolidate power for his rule. The UN and the Eurozone are steps to the final WWG.
          But a counter force, e.g., Brexit?, is resisting. People see the centralized control, especially control based on violence, is not working for them, but only serves an elite.
          “God forbid…” you entreat? Yes, the “god myth” supports the “govt. myth”. Both require servitude. God threatens eternal damnation. Govt. threatens violence and promises safety and prosperity, but delivers neither.
          Anyone not brainwashed by these myths from childhood “can readily see” that they are being exploited, defrauded. But few escape the brainwashing. Most believe America is threatened from the outside, when the danger has been, and always will be, their own delusions.

    • Lynn Carroll

      We will never learn because we are taught from K-12 on that to work for someone is to be their slave. It is insane to work when the government will care for you from the womb to the tomb.

  • Q46

    Something isn’t ‘a resource’ until Humans invent it as such. And profit motive.

    In 1066 oil/gas, uranium, silicon, rubber, for example, were not resources – it took nearly a thousand years before they became resources.

    Prior to the end of the 18th Century, wood was the major resource for producing heat energy and was becoming increasingly scarce, then along came Human action and the invention of coal, previously not a resource, as the major resource for heat production.

    Coal at first was easily obtained near the surface, but soon that became scarce and drove improvements in steam engines (2 000 year old technology) to make deep coal mining viable, coal cheap and profitable.

    Iron is a resource and although there is plenty of iron ore on the Planet, most iron and steel these days is produced from recycling scrap because it is cheaper (more profitable) to do so than produce virgin iron from ore.

    To say the Earth is running out of resources, notwithstanding scarcity spurring Human action and innovation, is to claim omniscience and prescience that there is nothing new to learn and one knows all the things in the Universe that are or will be resources to be used by Mankind.

    How people with such ignorance can speak with such certainty with such abundant historical evidence, is a study in hubris, and that so many allegedly intelligent, well educated people listen to them and believe, a study in stupidity.

    • Don Duncan

      Our biggest resource is our mind. As minds increase, so do our resources. The freedom to use our mind is necessary to access our main resource, of course, but not obvious to most. They are blinded by superstition, e.g., a myth that their well being is promoted by servitude, by obedience to authority. Authority, the initiation of violence, threat thereof, and fraud, is the antithesis of freedom.

      • Lynn Carroll

        Mostly, people are brainwashed from K-12 and into the University world to believe that we are all useless slugs that use up the world’s resources and unless we serve the government, we are greedy profit seekers who are the scourge of the earth.

    • Lynn Carroll


  • r2bzjudge

    “We are running out of water, food and air.’

    The grocery store shelves are well stocked.

    California flushes half of its annual rainfall out to sea. There is plenty of water available here. Orange County recycles waste water into clean tap water. L.A. County could do the same.

  • Lynn Carroll

    C’mon… this is just another one of those dumb PANIC buttons they push every so often. You will notice that all the buttons are being pushed the closer we get to election time. They want us to focus on anything but the failed policies of the Democrats. Before I begin to ridicule this asinine article, I want to remind the voters that there is no such thing as the Democrat Party. That was stolen by the Progressive Socialists back in the 1970’s. JFK was the last real Democrat. When he was assassinated (because he was an actual Democrat) Johnson became the first real Progressive Socialist and strapped us with all the socialist programs that give certain people carte blanch to the government trough at the working people’s expense.
    Today, the working class has become an endangered species and the money to pay for these government freebies is depleting the Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid programs, not to mention the debacle known as Obamacare.

    Okay, as to this outrageous claim that we humans are using up all the water, food, and air. Anyone who would believes this fairy tale will run to hide when the little red hen yells, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” when it is nothing but rain.

    Speaking of rain, does the author of this diatribe understand that most of the world is suffering a deluge of water caused by rain this year? We in North Carolina are being inundated with flash floods due to too much rain. The hurricane season is upon us shortly. Rain will be something that we no not look forward to. Those who live in Arizona never expect a lot of rain. In Southern California, where I lived for four years, it rains about twice a year. The only reason we don’t have clean water to drink is that most cities have to spend most of their money on police forces to protect them from the druggies and other copycat terrorists who have nothing better to do than receive government goodies and watch TV then go out and reenact their fantasies.

    The only reason we would ever run short of food and water is because government taxes on everything from the road taxes, gas taxes, mileage taxes, and however many more taxes the local, state, and federals can come up with make food so expensive that we cannot afford to buy it unless the government gives us food stamps so that we become more dependent on them and must vote for the Democrats to keep on eating.

    Clean water is a no brainer for anyone who wants to know how our government controls our lives.

    We are running out of air? Has this guy heard of that little red hen, Henny Penny … “The sky is falling, the sky is falling…..!!!” Get real. Clean air is abundant and always will be. If you were to look down upon the earth from the SkyLab, you would see that there is for all practical purposes no sign of human beings on this earth! To think that we humans can pollute what God made is to think that humans rule the earth, and that we can control everything that happens on the earth and in the atmosphere. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    First of all, when the earth gets tired of these tiny germs known as human beings, it will simply get rid of us! After all, if you believe that there is no God and that we are nothing but parasites on the earth, then Mother Nature (who these people pray to) will naturally manufacture an airborne disease and kill us all off. We have nothing to say or there is nothing we can do to stop it! “Why do these pesky little humans think they can control me?” asks Mother Nature.

    • Boysie

      It always facinate me – that so many americans believe that the world is divided into (Dems and Reps) – or that the world cares if the Dems are sreing the Resps – or the other way down) – the world does NOT care a (F8CK) – about american corruptics – what the world wants most of all – is to be left alone and NOT be continually screwed by americans