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Identity Crisis: Where is The Daily Bell Going?
By Joe Jarvis - March 02, 2017

You are about to embark on a journey with The Daily Bell as we shift gears, and cruise down the open road towards freedom.

You will still receive relevant daily news insights. And don’t worry, we will still be unabashedly biased towards libertarian ideals of freedom.

There are a lot of roadblocks for the freedom lover, and it is important to keep those in mind. The Daily Bell will always be here to alert you to what governments are doing to stop our progress towards a better world.

But there is a fork in this road, and we are taking the scenic route. We are taking the route that moves us individually towards freedom. And when individuals become free, the world becomes free.

This new trajectory that The Daily Bell is taking will be more interesting since we will be stopping to see the sights; all the great advancements that are being made in freeing humanity from old rotting power structures.

It will be a positive trip, because the bad news about government overreach and oppression will be analyzed in the context of speeding steadily away from that dilapidated mess.

Let’s rev the engine, take the top down, and burn some rubber. We aren’t getting any younger, so let’s take this road trip while we can, and it might be surprising how many hidden gems of freedom we find along the way.

Get in, and let’s go for a ride. Welcome to the new Daily Bell!

Who is The Daily Bell?

My name is Joe Jarvis and I just hopped into the driver’s seat.

The Daily Bell has always been committed to alerting you to the propaganda in the media. As your escort, if you will, for The Daily Bell, I will take that one step further to analyze current events in the context of focusing on solutions.

I am a big believer that becoming free is an individual journey. I’ve been frustrated, of course, by what can sometimes seem like a steady march towards statism. But when you really think about it, this is the best time ever to be alive.

Poverty is at an all time low, and access to information is at an all time high. Individuals all over the world truly have the power to grab the bull by the horns, and claim the fruits of their labor.

Technology is at the point where government is rapidly becoming irrelevant–though they won’t let go easily I’m sure. Never-the-less, decentralized governance is developing, alternative media is proliferating, and free market tools of regulation are advancing.

For years I have been on a personal journey in search of individual freedom. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to steer The Daily Bell towards the multitude of available options that will liberate individuals in the modern world.

Did you know that the libertarian dream of a seastead is getting off the ground (uh, water?) in French Polynesia? There are a ton of microstates being created, and some already in existence, where you can pick a government best fit for you.

You probably know that Bitcoin is at it’s all time best, not just in price, but in number of transactions per day. It is already paving the way for competing currencies like Ethereum, which will wrest the purse from manipulative governments.

And of course experimentation with block-chain governance is growing.

Companies like Freelancer, AirBnB, Uber, HeroX and so many others are undermining the government stranglehold on business.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on alternatives to cable, barter websites, and the best ways to legally avoid taxes.

And at times we just need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and make fun of the liberal clowns and conservative shills for being so ridiculous.

I hope you’ll forgive me if go too far at times to make a point. In a world where you can offend everyone just by discussing truth, I feel inclined to abandon all attempts at political correctness, and just let my somewhat impish nature run rampant.

Of course this is a serious, intellectual publication, but sometimes it is just so damn fun to rustle the crybabies in the mainstream media and intelligentsia! With your help, The Daily Bell can find a good balance.

Who is Joe Jarvis?

I did the whole electoral politics thing in the past, and got burnt out on it pretty quickly. Sure, there is always progress to be made on the political front, and important power grabs to stop. But getting my mind in the right place, as a libertarian, has been a rewarding challenge.

I have written two novels; warnings of the negative outlets in which power is manifested, but also exhilarating visions of future society.

And for years I have written factual analysis of government laws, and regulations. I enjoy taking lessons from history, and melding those with current events to find a likely trajectory of where society and government is going.

My conception of The Daily Bell is a vibrant community of libertarian-ish freedom lovers voluntarily joining together to improve the world, and enhance our own lives, through the sharing of knowledge and discussion.

Join me, and the Daily Bell, as we explore the best ways to live a free lifestyle. Let’s create a dialogue that melds the steadfast principles of libertarianism with a modern and technologically advancing world.

Of course, the Daily Bell isn’t really about me, I will simply be presenting our research and analysis.

You are The Daily Bell, because it would not exist without our amazing readers.

We appreciate your loyalty! And we do love feedback, so please keep us up to date on how you live the libertarian lifestyle!

It’s a Great Time To Love Freedom

There are plenty of paths that can all lead to a truly liberated humanity, which will bring peace and prosperity to Earth.

The more feedback, comments, likes, and shares we get, the better we will be able to serve you.

As a source you trust, The Daily Bell always wants to be transparent. I am new to the publication, and would greatly benefit from your feedback.

Comment with your insights on the Daily Bell. Constructive comments are always appreciated, our skin is only so thick! But seriously, criticism will always be taken graciously here. We are, after all, promoting truth.

Oh, one more thing! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a tag line, or motto? I have a few ideas, like, “Ringing in Liberty!” or “Keeping You Alert!” or “The Vigilance to Preserve Freedom.”

But I’m sure you all can come up with some better ones, so why don’t you suggest some, and we can have a poll when some popular ones start to emerge. 

Armed with knowledge of the past, and invigorated by a firm grasp of the present, through our vision, we will forge a bright bold future!

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

When you subscribe to The Daily Bell, you also get a free guide:

How to Craft a Two Year Plan to Reclaim 3 Specific Freedoms.

This guide will show you exactly how to plan your next two years to build the free life of your dreams. It’s not as hard as you think…

Identify. Plan. Execute.

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  • Mstrjack

    Joe, as a big fan of The Daily Bell, I’m glad to be along for the ride to liberty in our lifetimes!

    How about? “Liberty Freestyle!”

    • I like it, as long as no one asks me to start rapping about liberty.

  • Rob Stehlin

    Joe, I am on board and doing my part to build a life independent of big government. Just building a home that is not dependent on power, water and sewer infrastructures is a daunting task but will be done at

    • autonomous

      A spring and a tree ain’t enough?

      • Rob Stehlin

        it can be when done at scale. Good change spreads and it always has a starting point so one must start some where and not better than ones home

    • I think that is a huge step forward! I am also a big fan of food forests.

  • Peter Verhoeff

    Great intro, Joe! How about “In Pursuit of Truth” as a slogan?

    • Truth is definitely an aspect that should be included. Good call!

  • Paula Griswold

    Yes, in ” Pursuit of Truth”!

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      I’m OK with that, but I find that the DB, rather than pursuing THE TRUTH, sets out to demystify and de-muddle the facts surrounding what others present as the truth.

      • autonomous

        That’s all part of being free. It keeps us from getting bored.

  • Welcome to the club, Joe Jarvis.

  • Yokai Yo

    “Liberty and Truth” Cheers to the pursuit! 🙂

  • Welcome Aboard!
    “The Wind of Liberty in our Sails”

  • Praetor

    Truth will set you free. It always has and always will. We live on a world built on lies, and the lies are meant to keep you enslaved, so the truth is the only thing that makes you free.!!!

    • autonomous

      I agree, Praetor. I recently wrote a line of dialogue in the novel I’m working on, in response to someone else saying that the truth will make you free, I had my main character say, “Sometimes it can make you dead.” Same-same.

      • I’d say truth reveals you free or shows that you are free – and is a present tense rather than a future promised. Illusions taken as true will condition the mind and react the body. But they are not random events so much as distortions, dissociations and denials of something true – that can be recognised. A death process may also focus the mind past the framing of its conditioning to a quality of recognition that can be witnessed and to some degree participated in. And if the truth is you are ‘done’ – then the truth of what that then opens or unfolds is the release of the focus in the physical. If freedom is the creative – then is death anticipated within your identifying with your main character?

        • autonomous

          Death is anticipated for my main character, but he struggles to come to terms with death without being steeped in morbid thoughts. It’s a struggle to understand life while recognizing the inevitability of death. I thank you for your insights.

          • Your scripted character is an extension of the life you give him and yet never really exist outside and apart from your giving – and so is not really ‘born’ in the world nor comes to ‘die’ – so much as is a part of you outside time, scenery and props through which you explore in reflected experience.
            Morbid thoughts of death are all about a fascination with NOT life. If an illusion operates the entrancement or engagement of the mind in its story, the inevitability of the release of illusion to its status as illusion is simply rewaking as creator of story. But always the unfolding is now – never when or will be – which as components of the now being lived, so thinking about life or death is an apparently free rein of imagination set by conditioning or set free in curiosity. But truly living what is here to be lived is a quality of being in your life and knowing it. The mind may use any and every device to prevent this recognition – because it fears inevitability as if more time and space must be made to keep it not now.
            Change is always and not just on some day like today. Change is death of the old and the arising of the new – always. So fear of change is fear of death as the mask over fear of life. “But not as we know it, Jim!”. (Star Trek ref)
            Life is not what we think, but that means what we think can yield to greater perspective. Yet it can seem like a prison by which a mind is trapped. What an extraordinary feat!

          • autonomous

            It has been said that the writer’s job is to gain in the reader a willing suspension of disbelief. My experience indicates that it is only when the writer suspends his own disbelief and loses himself in the story that the reader truly follows the writer into the wonderland. Writers who seize mastery over the craft, and use every trick in the book to manipulate the reader inevitably come off as pretentious, and readers who can recognize all the tricks become pretentious also. Thus is created pretentious literature and its legions of critics–voila, academic literature.

          • Many kinds of writing… to be an instrument of creative inspiration is a spontaneity or directness – and yet the development of the instrument may be highly structured.

            I feel that Life is in a sense the true movement – and the disbelief or distrust in Life gave rise to manual interventions and usurping mind – that is where the identity seeks validation from outside rather than bringing forth something valid in terms of its own being.

            The censoring mind operates rules of judgement as to what is and isn’t allowed or praised or marketable – but a discerning mind navigates within a wholeness that includes the ‘demands of Caesar’.

            I saw an interesting video of lies in American history wherein the innate bias of the academic publishers was for school books that offended no one – and so bland airbrushed history is served up – whereas at higher level education the same authors would explore many aspects of contention not even acknowledged in school level studies. So the logistic and economic environment has a strong effect on the life forms that grow within it.

            As for readers and writers – horses for courses. Wherever we focus in being – we meet those aspects of our world that correspond as our bubble reality. I feel for embracing what I truly appreciate without demonizing what I dont. This can open unexpected expansions where previously I’d thrown out the baby with the bathwater.
            So for me I can choose otherwise but I don’t have to invalidate the right of others to their beliefs – and the experience that is relevant to their current sense of self – if not to mine.

      • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

        then it was an imagined truth but not the mother of all truth 4 the truth sets u free but being convinced of something that is ultimately a lie is obviously very dangerous and yes will gawd come down n let u know what is truth? did not pilate put this question 2 jesus? n with good reason for the world is 2000 years later just as distanced from the nuda veritas as it always has been maybe now more than ever since living in or with nature makes man understand a lot about the truth but since most peolpe have lost all contact with nature so even that road 2 wisdom is now closed as well but if u believe in the father of adonai the holy spirit will nlighten u, word

    • Agreed. The moment we stop seeking truth, we may as well accept our enslavement.

      • Who exactly is it that seeks? – and how would it know it has found?
        I’m saying that the search for truth is a direct route through the centre of our being – and the scenic route is the generation of identity around the searching.
        Note that it is well established that intense seeking – can set an intention and create the space of receptivity – but the moment one stops seeking is the moment when in-sight spontaneously occurs.
        In symbolic terms; “the bridegroom cometh when ye thinketh not”.
        So apart from setting the intent and opening the space – I see driven seeking as enslavement to the idea one is not already one with truth – and therefore able to align in and embody it – under its own terms of unfolding. Hence I asked ‘who is seeking?’ Not as a question requiring answer – but as an enquiry directly through the centre of our being.
        Perhaps true being is feared as enslavement – and loss of power and so defiance in ‘opposition’, is worshipped as an idol in its place? What would opposition to truth look like? I’d say we are currently exploring that wish by giving conflict power.

  • verax

    Welcome, Joe. I hope there are no plans to back away from hammering home the methods of enslavement like debt based money, mind control and the Hegelian Dialectic, or asking the unPC questions like why can no curvature of the earth be measured, why does NASA appear to be a complete fraud, and why does evidence point to WW2 nukes being another hoax? Of course, the DB has explored a hundred other unpopular subjects over the years but those are the most interesting ones recently brought to light. We shall see how it goes. I predict you will not be able to uphold the Bell’s previous level of independent thought and questioning simply because your name is out there and,well, let’s face it, we still live in a world where inconvenient truth tellers are considered to be dangerous. But good luck. You’re going to need it.

    • Thank you for the topic suggestions! But I hope your prediction is wrong 😉

  • MetaCynic

    How about, “You’re never too old to have a happy childhood”?

  • RED

    I like “Ringing in Liberty”.
    I will try to conjure up more when I am not in the middle of a semi-stress related work environment.
    “Hang in there!”

  • Rand

    Hi ,
    does this mean those of us the Bell has seen fit to ban when we challenge statements will be allowed back?

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Sorry to hear that. I’ve found myself “banned” from at least 6 major websites/blogs. Censorship is alive and well in the blogosphere and on the internet.

    • Steven Hotho

      For what were you banned? Were you being naughty? What kind of freedom is it that censors that which it doesn’t want to hear?

    • I’m sorry you were banned! Moving forward I can assure you the Daily Bell will not ban anyone for disagreeing or challenging statements.

    • James Clander

      Rand – how is it possible to post IF indeed you are banned?

      Just curious – – –

      • Rand

        I managed to slip under the radar or something has changed.
        The reason for my ban was I challenged a business premise promoted by Mr. Wile, no defence was given I was just unable to comment until now, it has been nearly two years. I Was not alone, censorship was common on the DB, I would suggest being carefull to assume there is no censorship on any site.
        I am hopefull Joe ,the new guy sticks to his commitment .
        I’m sorry this reply took do long,but life has been happening.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Joe sounds like an early coming of age Millennial. At the time I was there I thought that the late sixties were the “best time to be alive”. That makes me an old fart of a Boomer. But never mind. My entry for tag line is: DING DONG. No kidding.

    These periodic changes to the “tone” of the Daily Bell are so, let me say, entertaining. A seastead in French Polynesia? Hmmmm? With a grow your own farm? Sounds good to me.

    • Bruce C.

      I would submit that you are enjoying today’s world more than millenials are because you’ve had the benefit of living pre-1980’s and have a different perspective and thus appreciate it more. At least that’s how I see it.

      One of the main reasons I care about this “stuff” is for the sake of younger people. I think they’ve got it tough in many ways. And I don’t even have kids of my own.

    • And I do hope the 2060’s are also the best time to be alive when we get there! Hopefully we continue advancing 🙂

  • Hi, Joe, it’s Jack in Auckland, N.Z., Autarchist Atheist, dedicated to Responsible Freedom which means not trying to rule anyone nor allowing anyone to rule you and prohibition of the use of or permission to use initiated physical force to get what you want–otherwise do what you want. I am setting up a Community of Free Friends based on Responsible Freedom here in N.Z. and The Daily Bell is recommended mind food. Keep up your good work for freedom. I look forward to reading your direction for The Daily Bell as it certainly resonates with mine in examining how the freed individual can live free in an unfree world to echo a favorite author’s book title. Come on down under for arguably one of the best places in the world to practice Responsible Freedom, New Zealand. And join my Facebook group: Free Friends Worldwide.
    You are only as free as you take the responsibility to be. Cheers, Jack as Every Man.

    • I like the motto! It will definitely be in the running. (And I joined the group, thanks for the suggestion)

    • Is psychic-emotional force ok? (Not in my appreciation!)
      Response-abilty is the freedom to know our being.
      The idea of rule is seen as a positive attribution of power that may be used or abused – but an imaged idea of self can ‘rule out’ any other perspective – and so deny the responses or movements of the denied self. Thus a falsely framed partiality ‘battles’ its unrecognised wholeness by asserting a narrative identity that is by its nature and function – the intent to unify and control (mask over) a conflicted self.
      Freedom within self is freedom from conflicted mind – and freedom for creative relationship – that is otherwise ruled out from or denied by the control-mind – excepting as can be subverted to serve a control agenda.
      If freedom is your true nature – then it can only be covered over by assigning responsibility outside y/ourself – and thus framing identity and experience in ‘evasive manoeuvres’. The willingness to own what is ours – is the reclaiming of our responsibility from the device of blame. For belief in guilt, fear and punishment is the block to accepting our true will. And the blame-game operates the relative ‘goodness’ or ‘rightness’ over and against the ‘Other’ – as the cover story by which to pass off as – rather than the freedom of being.
      Thought for food…!
      Blessings on your willingness to grow and share in a true blessing.

  • Oh, my submission for your motto is: You are only as free as you take the responsibility to be. Cheers!

  • Geoff

    When I die I want to go peacefully, in my sleep, like my grandfather.
    Not screaming in terror like the passengers of his car.

  • Steven Hotho

    So, is this particular website a news organization or a purveyor of opinion in a libertarian mode? Whatever, I am usually stimulated to think over here, so will continue to read. Good luck!

  • Doc

    I have said it many times before, the value of DB isn’t that it’s libertarian. It’s greater than that and should take care not to scare away other people. [DB used to start the articles with “free market analysis” and dropped it, possibly and hopefully because I pointed this out.]

    Libertarians usually think they master economics, but that isn’t the strength of this publication.

    I find the greatest value of DB in exposing and looking at the fake dualities presented to us every day and the deep lies we have been told for centuries. [Borders on a lot of whacky stuff, but I believe the readers can make up their own mind.]

    I think of this as exposing the man behind the curtain:

    Blowing away the smoke screens, demolishing the Potemkin village, call it what you want. “Looking behind the curtain” would suit the way I see DB.

    Thanks for a great publication and best wishes to Mr. Jarvis.

    • I will keep this in mind. Perhaps the libertarian aspect should not be front and center, as you suggested. Removing mental blocks designed to keep us enslaved is extremely important to finding freedom. Thank you for the insight.

    • EMP

      I couldn’t agree more. There are lots of libertarian outlets covering the economics, geopolitics and philosophy, but not so many focusing on dispelling elite false dichotomies, pseudo-events and media myths as does DB.

      DB does its best work deconstructing media messages–trends, memes, etc.–in the style of Boorstin’s The Image and Eco’s work on semiotics, but from a libertarian perspective.

      Please don’t go changing too much, Mr. Jarvis.

      • Agreed. We just don’t want to do so in a discouraging way. The truth we present will not change.

  • Hugh

    Congrats Joe & good luck going forward…

    As far as taglines for the “new” Bell, it seems appropriate to me that while most readers of the Bell are in a sort of recovery/discovery mode after having been lied to our entire lives by everyone that seemingly mattered in our lives, that perhaps it’s wise to embrace a motto that’s a subtle reminder of where it all may lead us if ignored and just how and why we find ourselves swimming in this cesspool of deceit in the first place:

    “de omnibus dubitandum”
    (doubt everything)

    Ignore at your own peril and recall that “the truth carries a weight that no lie can counterfeit”…

    • autonomous

      Cynics unite-or something.

    • Healthy skeptic, I like it. Thanks!

      • Hugh

        A tag is one thing yet, to paraphrase Kierkegaard, “to name me is to negate me”…

    • Fritz the Helvet

      Oh what’s all this?
      What happened to the mature, differenciating and spécific clarity and all the taking of a firm stand of all the excellent authors of the Daly Bell so far?
      Does this “new orientation” and all the feed back to it not reflect an in- crédible confusion? Or is this another inroad of the New World Order spreading chaos targetting clarity and
      décisive opposition and sovereignty
      of Democracies?

      So what do you all see as such a new path to save or even regain freedom?
      Getting divided into individualistic “look just for yourself” clowns?

      This would be exactly what the power elites wants! Devide and conquer!
      Drive people by confusion and chaos to look for shelter in their little cosy
      Isolation getting sick and egotiste. That’s the opposite of the Swiss approach of a joint political contrôle of our state against all forces
      who want to dominate us.
      Liberty and freedom is the result of democratic careful work and fight where you are at home, not of “picking an Island some where in Micronesia”.
      And you all better continue to see and expose your enemy of freedom :
      The selfesh scrupulouse pervers criminal limitlessly powergreedy cynical powerelites who instrumentalized all political
      tendencies, corrupted all parties, religions and culture. …as Trump and many brave expose and attack them.
      Better wake up and join forces than withdraw into confortable
      Bünzlitum (=Swiss for naïve illusionary cowardish cosyness)

      And listen to the freedom fighters!

      • Fritz, I understand where you are coming from, and would probably feel the same if I were you.

        We are simply looking for feedback, as any good business should. There is no confusion about out purpose, only changes about how to present that information. To speak of individuality and alternatives to the mainstream fight is not to abandon the offensive against tyranny, rather to regroup, and engage in guerrilla tactics, figuratively, of making the state irrelevant in each of our individual lives, by voluntarily joining together.

        The key is that we form voluntary groups, with consent of each individual. I would never suggest someone should go it alone. That’s never what I believed individualism to be about.

        Thank you for taking the time to comment, it is a valuable perspective, and I’m sure moving forward you will see the Daily Bell continues “to see and expose the enemy of freedom.”

        • No changes to the front end can substitute for true witness.

  • autonomous

    Welcome, Joe. I’m as old f@@@ but not a fogy. Maybe a little foggy, but that comes naturally with age. Sometimes sooner, but still inevitably. I’m not a conservative: not everything historical is better. But I’d rather not throw out the baby with the bath water. Just as being a little foggy is natural with aging, with youth sometimes the baby gets thrown out. Just remember, oftentimes the baby is not retrievable.

    Speaking of something old, a worse tag line can be found than Give me liberty or give me death. If we smoke the tires and end up crashing and burning, there are things worse than death. But nothing is better than liberty.

    • Good point, and perhaps under certain circumstances, both truth and the death set one free.

  • Gardentoolnumber5

    “The Ring of Truth” Taken from a Neocon paper that dispensed with it decades ago in favor of propaganda. Good luck, Joe and welcome.

  • Individual responsibility necessarily requires personal autonomy.

  • Ken Griffith

    Welcome, Joe.

  • thefinancedude

    i’d like to contribute in some manner – i have a site i wish not to spam here – but its focused on individuals who wish to empower themselves by healing…however due to my studies of banking and law I know how to claim liberty for the individual whose willing to learn how to undo their mind and heal it first and then you can be as private as you wish…fully exiting the PUBLIC world of artificial persons and re-enter the world of natural ones…the power is so simple – choose your words wisely – esp in settings of a memorialized nature 🙂

    freedom is free DOOM – english is the occult language de jure – i believe its the roman imperial language that was handed down for unification of the empire right now – there will be a new world order – will it be one we create or “they” do without our input…

    no need to run to a micro state or micro island – stand and be, do as ye are called to perform…but running from man’s paper world isn’t going to help you on the other side of the mirror called life…

    remember day destroys the dark, but dark can only divide the light…

    • Why choose the war of the words for light and dark?
      Day shines away a lack of light. Unconditional acceptance shines away a lack of love – that then seems to have become a power unto itself.
      A lack of light must be a substitution for light in war with a sense of opposition that arises from… substitution for light. The demonisation of unrecognised light makes sacrifice of truth-messengers to Caesar. That personifies gaining power from the undermining, overthrowing and using of others.

      One’s doom is merely one’s fate – and one can rail against fate or roll with what is truly moving as the themes of exploration and experience as part of fulfilment of a true destination – which isn’t at the end of a process but awakens as the unfolding of Life unto Itself.

      The use to which language – or anything else – is put – determines the meaning it has for those who share such purpose. So why let a negatively defined sense of self define one’s existence? Perhaps as a stepping stone to the truly awakened wonder and worth of existence.

      The need and the need met can be one though a midwife – or sundered via leverage of middlemen who seek to tax and control at the template level – to interject between or divide the true communication or flow of being so as to capture the mind – and thus be possessed of a false one.

    • Love the quote at the end. Would you consider moving to a place where your life is better running? Couldn’t one both heal the mind and physical transform their lifefor the best?

      • thefinancedude

        of course i would consider it – acting on the consideration is another ball of wax – personally, i have attempted twice to relocate but universe conspires to keep me in my place where i am most useful to serve the true good…

        the external is a product (fruit) of the internal tree (of knowing) – focusing on external inputs to heal is only going to get the physical up to a point healed, the psycho-spiritual component though trumps (lol) the physical so doing the inner work will completely change how you see where you are at present…it’s like new eyes – almost literally…

        also – americans, have the greatest gift in the world at large in the DOI (independence) and the AOC (confederated estates)…all the kings horses and men in the constitution were set up to protect the DOI/AOC (a trust)…that’s why its called We the People in the opening lines because People = militia (in hebrew, the true language root to western empire) and explains why king george, i mean, president george set up a military government to run it as the AOC purposely left off any form of national defense/navy/Admiralty law)…its descends/devolves to the individuals to protect them selves…

  • dave jr

    My thoughts on a tag line run parallel with many other commenters.
    -The Daily Bell, rings true-
    Sweet and simple. After all, isn’t it ‘truth’ that we all search for?

  • Alan

    Great to hear, Joe. I consider myself a kind of “libertarian” but labels have built in connotations and I tend to take issues one at a time based on its merits, but with individual liberty as a guiding principle.
    Maybe something like “Liberty Bell” if it isn’t already taken.

    • Thanks! Always a good reminder to be careful with labels, we appreciate it!

  • ned is only wishful thinking,your examples of bitcoin etcétéra are non sens for they all go through the net.who controls the net ? you may be ?the only valid resistance is human minds getting together out of governementals control

    • Human minds joining together voluntarily is certainly the best form of resistance, agreed!

  • Thankyou for your illumination of ways to associate with, pass off as, or believe one is on the way to… becoming free.
    Freedom will mean different things to different presumptions of self-definition.
    Therefore freedom to recognize and release self-beliefs that are found to be not in alignment with the true of who I am – can allow EVERYTHING lee to come into a true alignment instead of serving and reinforcing a falsely framed reality experience.
    This is an individual response-ability – and yet it is never an isolation of a private accomplishment for the restoration of a true sense of worth automatically shares or extends to others.
    Meanwhile – keep pushing that huge ball up the hill…

  • gringott

    Bring back the bear. I still miss him [or her].

  • alohajim

    “You probably know that Bitcoin is at it’s all time best, not just in price, but in number of transactions per day. It is already paving the way for competing currencies like Ethereum, which will wrest the purse from manipulative governments. And of course experimentation with block-chain governance is growing.”

    Sorry Joe, no. This entire arena is a psy op and a bankers wet dream; one of many tactics employed to keep people from understanding money – silver and gold. Should DB devolve into a bitcoin/block chain promoter or even have an open mind about it, I’m outa here.

    “Companies like Freelancer, AirBnB, Uber, HeroX and so many others are undermining the government stranglehold on business” Sorry Joe, wrong again. Uber and AirbnB are destroying middle class jobs and replacing them with crappy, part time, ‘ensure you remain in poverty’ jobs. The evil squid and it’s three divisions of Corporations, Banks, and Governments should be correctly seen as one entity. Giant corporations paying poverty wages, are a major part of the PROBLEM and will never be part of the solution. The solution is small business and entrepreneurship, self reliance and self sufficiency.

    Finally, apologies in advance, for being a negatron and raining on your parade but the new DB appears to be the Joe Jarvis show with Joe doing all the commenting for DB. The difference between an anonymous editorial staff with a broad brush and subdued manner vs. an animated and obviously focused single editor is profound.

    Welcome and best wishes Joe. No offense meant, honestly. It’s just that the new DB’s take on ‘blockchain technology’ and giant corporations is disturbing and headed in the precise wrong direction imho.

    • Wade House

      IMHO, I agree with your take on the subjects 100%.
      Multiple Red Flags raised in this post.

    • I (Joe) am responsible for organizing and posting the information the Daily Bell wishes to present, and yes, it is also my responsibility to moderate comments. No offense taken, skepticism is always needed. We completely agree that self reliance, entrepreneurship, and self sufficiency are solutions. We would love to delve into this discussion on bitcoin airbnb etc. as it seems to be a hot topic. Are you really against the DB having an open mind about it?

      • alohajim

        No. DB should do exactly what it wants to. But anyone with an open mind about bitcoin being money or salvation from the moneychangers is either ignorant or a shill for the system. The stakes couldn’t be higher and they have unlimited resources – academia, media, governments, corporations, legal system, and, of course, funds. They buy a lot of people, employ a lot more, and fool even more. I expect DB to understand this and promote truth, not distraction that serves the moneychangers. If not, no prob. Aloha.

  • paul crosley

    WOW! This editorial seems to have triggered everyone into writing their own Manifesto!
    I’ll hold off on mine for now.

  • georgesilver

    I have to ask myself “why does everyone want me to buy Bitcoin?” Even the Daily Bell now wants me to join the Bitcoin revolution. It must raise a red flag when everyone is talking about Bitcoin but none of the “powers that be” or their media minions do or say anything against it.
    “Where is the Daily Bell going?” Answer:- May be it’s decided to join the establishment where life is good and where the rich life beckons……

    The internet has now become a place where nothing is what it seems. It’s like being at a huge fancy dress party where everyone is wearing a mask.

    So Daily Bell are you wearing a mask?

    • It could be bitcoin is a hot topic simply because of its record highs. If there is a conspiracy surrounding bitcoin, that is one that the DB has thus far missed. Of course we always take credible tips, and will gladly investigate any information that suggests bitcoin is in fact fraudulent. Ironically, having Joe present the DB’s info was an attempt to unmask ourselves, and make the news and analysis less anonymous.

  • JohnnyZ

    I join the other commentors who criticize your take on bitcoin and Uber and co. These are fake, controlled alternatives.

    • Good to know, and we would love to investigate any leads on some solid info about their controlled nature. Thanks.

      • JohnnysZone

        I do not have one source, just a mosaic theory. For bitcoin one needs to check the guy who started it is not what he pretended to be. Then there is the establishment endorsement. See also the other comments here. Uber is a 50bn company that is private and is burning cash. Such companies with such valuations can only exist as a result of elite promotions. Similar to Elon Musk’s businesses. Or e.g. Microsoft.

  • Some news of major minor, miner majoring rapids ahead on the journey, Joe/DB …….

    But easily ignored and/or dealt with, whenever realised and virtualised as mere glitches to be destroyed with new systems of operations and work arounds/deep underground movements and dark web shenanigans/Smarter PACT* Activity, where Quantum Communication Control Systems …..AI@ITsWork kick in with Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat Treatments.

    The Future is nothing like the Past and from the Present is the quickest but nowhere near the easiest Path to Lead Followers and Follow Leaders with it and IT and Virtual Machines, to Tune In and Turn Onto the AIRevolution which will be TeleVisualised and Virtualised Remotely for Delivery as a New Orderly Ordered World Order Program with Novel Erotic Projects and Exotic Exciting Missions.

    Further instructions to follow, with easy step guides to ensure and guarantee rapid progress in all right and wronged alternative directions of future travel.

    Chase Words, Create, Command and Control and Destroys Worlds.

  • Wade House

    Hi Joe,
    1) You can’t find truth in a box. Be it Libertarian, Democratic, Republican, Catholic, Protestant or Baptist. That’s why we must “Think Outside”.

    2) Bitcoin can be hacked and has the same issues as any Digital Currency.

    3) Block Chain is pushed by all the leading Central Banks and the head of the bank of England. This should tell you what “Chain” and “Governance” leads to…SLAVERY!
    And this from a so-called Libertarian? Strange…

    4) Crybabies, Clowns and Shills…really. In my travels around the web, I find Shills the first ones to start calling people names.

    5) “our skin is only so thick!” The DB never used to expect criticism, they use to just answer it. I guess the “New DB” does expect it, so they put out a warning.

    Each of these and others represent clear “Red Flags” about where the DB is truly going.

    Where others see accidents, I see purpose. No need for me and others like me to visit a site that has moved so far away from “Real Truth”, but then again, I suspect that was the plan.

    “There are no Accidents” – Woodrow Wilson, Former U.S. President.

    The DB use to be an All Inclusive site. Now I fear it’s nothing more than another BOX! I kinda feel sorry for the DB’s regular readers.

    If all the information people get is controlled, then people only get controlled information.

    Good Luck Joe, but as I stated earlier in the Post before this one, “You can help, hurt or just come along for the ride, but the New Positive Change coming, Will Not Be Stopped!”

    Not only is it a good time to be alive for Americans, its’ good to be part of the Positive Change that’s coming, and even better to be among those Bringing It!

    • You bring up some great points about the language used in the article. It is important to be part of the positive change and avoid the “boxes”, and I think you may be reading a bit too far into the lighthearted tone. The DB presents truth, and will continue to do so. The issues of blockchain and bitcoin deserve some debate, and we would love to engage in that debate. We would love to hear more specifics from you and others about the topic as well.

      • Wade House

        12 Sep 2016 – Blockchain Adoption, Central Bank, Government

        Bank of England states; “central bank-issued digital currency will compete with commercial banks”

        Bank of England (BoE) Chief Cashier and Director for Notes, Victoria Cleland, recently gave a speech highlighting the Bank’s work on central bank-issued digital currency (CBDC).

        Clelands keynote presentation was given at the second international workshop for P2P Financial Systems in London on Sept. 8 and 9. The BoE co-sponsored the event with Bank of Canada, Deutsche Bundesbank, House of Finance, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and UCL Research Centre, bringing together scholars, regulators, and practitioners.

        “We are undertaking more fundamental long-term research on the wide range of questions posed by the potential of a central bank-issued digital currency…”

        Central Banks clearly want Blockchain badly. The only question is; “Are what Central banks want good for the rest of us?” And anyone who wants to debate that question is so far behind the curve, it would practically be a waste of energy.

        That debate was over the second the central banks lined up behind it! 🙂

        I think it’s much better to let others debate about Blockchain while my political party launches Operation: Block The Chain.

        You have been in the Biz too long not to realize the True Power of Words. I personally refuse to take IMO “Bad Medicine”…even with a little sugar.

        Bad Medicine is Bad Medicine. And anything central banks want IMO…is bad medicine for the rest of us.

        I look forward to reading more from the “New” Daily Bell and having further chats with the New Face of the DB. It’s ALWAYS better to talk to an actual person, Cheers!

        Welcome aboard Joe!

  • “The Daily Bell Rings
    For Truth & Liberty”

    • We like it, and it seems to be emerging as a favorite. Thanks!

  • Josh

    Poverty is at an all time low? Maybe in gated communities. 14 percent of US populace on benefits such as food stamps. Also, a lot of stores are going to be closed soon, indicating even more people out of work. But yes it’s nice tdb brings out interesting news stories.

  • aPEON

    Always suspicious of people who say:

    1——Trust me
    2——-I will respect you in the morning
    3——-I am here to help
    4———-Just want everyone to know the Truth.