If Trump Wants to Fix the ‘Disaster’ of the Pentagon, He Should Clean Up Its Nuclear Lies
By Daily Bell Staff - November 17, 2016

Trump Versus the Pentagon  … On the campaign trail, Trump called the military a “disaster” …  He pledged to vastly increase the sizes of the Army and Marines and to buy scores of new ships and planes.  Does that make sense? – Bloomberg

We’ll answer Bloomberg’s question: No it doesn’t make sense. America doesn’t need a bigger military anymore than it needs a bigger prison system.

The American military is many ways a fraud. The idea is that if it were smaller, America itself would somehow be overrun by “enemies.” Do you believe it?

America’s military services, like its intelligence agencies, are actually in the service of London’s banking elite.

The US military is used to reshape the world in order to make it more congenial to one-world government from what we can tell. America’s military power has little if anything to do with actually defending the country.

The Pentagon is rife with corruption. It has recently mislaid something like $8 trillion and has also, obviously, participated in a 9/11 coverup. This is the facility that Trump wants to lavish more trillions on.


Instead of adding regular troops and ships, the military should get granular, focusing on special forces, unmanned technology like drones, cyberdefense, and a naval strategy of “distributed lethality” that emphasizes firepower and self-defense across the current fleet.

The generals will gladly take the additional money he’s promising, but will follow their own priorities.

This is absolutely correct. The Pentagon’s generals will do as they please. They listen to London long before they listen to the White House.

The Pentagon wants trillions for a nuclear upgrade. This is a bad joke. We’ve written numerous articles on how the Pentagon’s nuclear program was fraudulent from the very beginning. You can see some of them here, here and here.

The Pentagon basically only allowed one journalist to cover the creation and completion of the original nuclear program, and that person – a New York Times reporter – was also on the Pentagon payroll.

Whatever was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the way of a “nuclear” bomb was also accompanied very obviously by fire-bombing. The damage to Hiroshima and Nagasaki looks no different than the damage to Tokyo, which was lavishly firebombed.

We’ve even identified the 66 bombers that likely bombed Hiroshima on August 6th (666). The fleet was initially sent to a city near Hiroshima that had already been bombed several times. No, there’s no way those bombers bombed the same city yet again. Those bombers fire-bombed Hiroshima.

Or course the tale of the bombings was not told at the time. Instead, the US military shut down all access in and out of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for a full month. And then both Japan and the US made it a capital offense to talk about the bombings, to say or write anything at all, unless it was approved.

If Trump really wants to create a better and more efficient military, he can start by getting to the bottom of the fakery of the Pentagons’ nuclear program. Parts of the program may indeed be real, but a lot of the narrative surrounding Hiroshima and Nagasaki is false.

Also false are the videos and pictures of nuclear explosions provided to the public by the Pentagon throughout the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s.

The Pentagon has actually admitted that every single one of these presentations was “touched up” by its Hollywood special effects department. And were massive amounts of TNT present at many of these “tests?” Could the Pentagon have been faking some of these explosions?

Who vouches for the Pentagon’s nuclear program? The same elements of the military-industrial complex that has lied and faked portions of the nuclear program  in the past? Who is present at the “tests” that the Pentagon performs? Just military types? Who vouches for the truth of what the Pentagon builds and tries out?

The Pentagon reports regularly to Congress and the media about its “progress.” But does anyone check what the Pentagon is asserting? Does anyone actually investigate? The Pentagon can’t tell you what it did with $8 trillion but for some reason the words of its generals and others involved in the military-industrial complex are taken at face value.

Conclusion: If Trump really wants to make America’s military more efficient, he could aim a reportorial truth squad to sort through at least a half century of lies and misinformation. That would be a start.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • JohnnyZ

    NASA with the fake moonlandings and fake “space flight” and fake ISS is another bottomless hole, used to produce fake CGI lies to the public. And Elon Musk is an active participant on the $19bn per year scam.

  • Scott

    “The Pentagon can’t tell you what it did with $8 trillion but for some reason the words of its generals and others involved in the military-industrial complex are taken at face value.” = 24 karat truth!

  • Whyfor

    Well said!
    I doubt if he’ll spill the beans: making people afraid of nuclear war worked quite well in convincing people that Hillary had some ready to go off in the bathroom where she keeps her computer and that she was just waiting to get elected so she could use them. If she had had them at her disposal, she probably would have fired a few at Putin. But I think Putin wasn’t too afraid….at least not afraid of nuclear bombs. That isn’t to say that he wasn’t wary of her going ballistic.


    Well now!! i was a pilot of a B 29, on the raids of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. i am 96 years old.
    Yes we firebombed these cities as well as Tokyo. But there were A bombs dropped on the two cities in question. Have you not investigated the deaths of many in the following months of
    radiation ills? The Pentagon in those days were manned by Generals, who fought successful campaigns in Europe and Asia, Army Air Forces, Army, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard. Unlike the current Generals who’ve never won a war since. The runways on Okinawa were built by Navy Seabees and Coast Guard personnel. There will be a general shake up at the Pentagon where
    the Command Generals who’ve built their careers on satisfying the White House, Congress, and Dept of Defence, in alliance with the Global Banking Elite. Heads will roll. Trump is a hard nosed SOB, who is cut of a different cloth of indomitable determination to hearken back to the winning strategy of the second world war, both domestically as well as Global. Political correctness is bye bye. Instead of the world eating our lunch for the past 70 years, we are turning the tables on the Socialists bastards of the world, controlled by Rothschild & Company. We will become a real
    mean fighting machine, streamlined, lean and mean. The Muslim religion has a sinister long term world strategy to revolutionize the world through their “colonialization” of the West, through the “refugee” currently under way. This is orchestrated by the Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Sunni Sect, and underwritten by the Royal Family. Its time to finally use some of the strategic nuclear low power weapons to solve the Middle East problems. We need a few Generals who have the guts, determination, and resolve to handle the military problems that face the world, such as were Generals Curtis Lemay, and Douglas MacArthur. Clean up the messes we have initiated
    world wide, and then get rid of all of our military bases world wide, except for Strategic locations
    on other allied countries Posts. Stop being a policeman for the world. Let the world sections handle and pay for their own. Strife and war are ever with us, and the Latest weaponry will always be used, and there will be increasing collateral damage. Let the crazies cut each others heads off as in the past, don’t import their terrorism here, and don’t let murderous religions in our doors. Trump is the real package, support him and keep him alive for the next years.

    • Do you realize the magnitude of the cover-up you are suggesting? Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire-bombed? This negates 65 years of recorded history and changes the entire post-war narrative. Incredible! We have doubts about the severity of the radiation by the way. Please write more if you wish.

    • Mstrjack

      This is a most interesting post.

      The only thing that I can instantly surmise is that the firebombs detonated the A-Bombs.

    • Hugh

      I have two questions for you sir:
      1. Did you serve with the esteemed Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper?
      2. Have you been unsane (sic) for the entirety of your 96 years?

      Maybe I’m the one who should see a “Dr.”, but it seems to me a bit “strange” that a little “love” for humanity is awol, at least in tone, from your comments; but then again, perhaps not.

    • Doc

      Were you really a WW2 pilot dropping bombs over Japan? Please tell us more.

    • Alan

      Well said and thank you very much for your service and patriotism!

  • Oliver

    Forget the nuclear lies. Trump is GOING TO unleash tens of thousands of OVERHEAD unmanned and WEAPONIZED DRONES [that have been waiting in the wings for a long time] to do surveillance — not protect Amerika.

    This will create a prison of unprecedented mass slavery. No one is noticing this?

    There will be NO chance for “freedom” at that point. No walls needed.
    The sleeping masses and activists have no idea what this means. . .

    He said:
    Instead of adding regular troops and ships, the military should get granular, focusing on special forces, unmanned technology like drones, cyberdefense, and a naval strategy of “distributed lethality” that emphasizes firepower and self-defense across the current fleet.

    There should be no question… like Hilary… Trump is a snake. His election too was of course, PLANNED to bring in fascism in a more ‘palatable’ way. When those drones come in… Amerika is finished.

    • The idea that facets of America’s nuclear program are in some sense fiction is not something we wish to “forget.” However, your insights, mis-attributed as they are, have merit and we’ll explore them as the administration progresses.

    • sleat

      No currently fielded US Military drone is invincible. The ground-attack variants don’t have particularly impressive performance in terms of speed, rate-of-climb, or maneuver. As targets, they are soft, both in the air and on the ground, especially during takeoff and landing. They are, for example, nothing like an A-10 which is designed to survive being shot at, and highly maneuverable.

      Their survival relies on two things. Not being detected, and remaining out-of-range of hostile forces. They are not particularly stealthy in the radar spectrum compared with actual stealth aircraft, due to external carriage of weapons and external features such as propellers, jet intakes and exhausts, landing gear, and sensor blisters.

      Each AGM-114 costs ~$110-120,000 dollars. To effectively dominate a non-cooperative population in the US, they’d want to develop some much cheaper small guided antipersonnel munitions.

  • esqualido

    ” The Pentagon’s generals will do as they please. They listen to London before they listen to the President” Tell that to former Gen. Stanley Allen McChrystal , who sat by as troops under his command made contemptuous comments about President Obama in The Rolling Stone and was promptly given the sack. BTW, Trump was a military school graduate and knows something about chain-of-command.

    • Follow the money. Central banks are controlled out of London. Whom do you suppose Obama listens to?

      • apzzyk

        No the banks that are in control are really on Attu and Kiska – the Japanese built them during their occupation during WWII, and it is only a myth that we won that war too. The only way that the US has been able to exist for the past 35 years is because people around the world are suckers and just think that their money is safe and secure, but when they stop loaning us more, just so that we can pay the interest back to them (a Ponzi scheme) we will be in deep stuff. Bernie Madoff will be our next Secretary of the Treasury because he made it work before.

    • apzzyk

      You probably learn less about the actual military chain of command at NYMI than you would had you actually served in the military. He got his exemptions – 6 of them, so he would not get any direct experience. I did my 4 in the USMC, then went to college where I learned more on organizational structure an fundion than he ever learned from the MBA classes that got his more deferrments. What do you actually do when you loose a whole BN or more of Marines in one day of combat as in Nam – there are no texts for that, and I dowbt that in this HS with military like unforms which is meant more to keep you out of reform school than to actually teach you very much, that he actually learned that much more than the average HS student in ROTC.
      The Average life expectency of a new 2nd Lt in the USMC in his first combat experience is still under 20 seconds. If you go out and actally lead your troops into battle, you have about a 50/50 chance of coming our alive, but if you don’t lead and your truops want a replacement that actually knows what he is doing, you have a 100% chance of not surviving. That is why those who get field promotions last longer and learn by doing.

      • esqualido

        Your points are very well taken (I did my time in the Army), but I could not let the BS that U.S. Army generals take their marching orders from London go by without protest. As for the vipers passing as central bankers, the BOE certainly set the example, but like-minded criminals spring up in every country.

        • apzzyk

          I don’t know if you learned this in the USA, but in the USMC we were taught to believe nothing that you heard and only about half of what you saw to keep the rumors down. Now we have learned about all of the bum scoop ‘news’ from Macedonia, so this needs to be practiced a lot more. When Obama took office 8 years ago, I sent him the message that credibility was the most important thing, and I think that he at least tried to do that, and maybe his high approval rate on leaving office is a sign. With all of these bum scoop things that came out before the election favoring Trump, he is father in the hole in this area.

          • We’re not sure we believe Obama’s high numbers ….

          • apzzyk

            Now, with modern communications what they are, and the fact that Heisenberg was true in his Uncertainty Principle (the more certain you are today the less certain you will be tomorrow), I keep checking to make sure that the Sun is in the same relative position to my house as it was yesterday, and so far so far.
            We seem to have lost about 2,500 years and are again the victims of the demogogues. those who promise everything, but can deliver nothing. “Those who do not know and understand history are bound to repeat its mistakes”.

  • alohajim

    Keep hammering on the nuclear hoax DB – no one else seems to want to touch that subject with a ten foot pole. But I can’t figure out if you are giving Trump the benefit of doubt or if it’s subtly supreme British sarcasm that I just don’t get.

    Many people have been fooled to think Trump is in some way different from his predecessors and represents some sort of threat to the moneychangers and their hammerlock on humanity. He’s not and he doesn’t. Rather, he has been groomed and pre planned for this role perhaps from birth like Mr. Obama. Went to a military academy? Wants to spend even more money on the military? Built a veritable fortune on asset trading based on bank debt? His largest creditor is Deutche Bank? Anyone else see the video clip very early on in the campaign that had multiple reporters ask the exact same question : ‘ever consider running for President?’ beginning when he was very young, decades apart, and up to the present? Look carefully at who he is surrounding himself with and his appointments to his administration. After calling Clinton out as a career criminal and threatening prosecution if elected, this was his stance upon winning the nomination : “They (The Clintons), are good people and I don’t want to hurt them” Ha ha ha ha ha ha! There is your ‘truth bomb’. lol

    Asking, wishing, or expecting Mr. Trump to expose some of the lies and misinformation we are taught as truth is more than a bit naive imo. The moneychangers are ecstatic – Trump is dividing this country beautifully and anyone with eyes can see they are capitalizing and amplifiing this division in every way possible. Even worse, people are actually buying it!

  • apzzyk

    Whoever wrote this is simply full of s***. In a nuclear explosion above ground you get the same damage almost instanteously as you would see happen much slower in an ordinary fire. Wood, does not burn, it is the vapors produced by the heated wood that does. Light a wooden match and you will see a small gap between the wood and the flame that contains just the heated vapors. In a nuclear explosion you get, in the presence of oxygen, we get a fireball that is at least 10 times as hot has the surface of the sun, which instantly vaporizes all that would have burned and turned to ash at a much lower rate had there been just an ordinary fire, but on other things, such as steel, what you see is that the side of the steel facing toward the blast has been heated to the melting point instantly with the side away appearing to be fairly in tact. The temperatures required to melt the ore and turn the raw materials into steel are much higher, and have to be sustained at this much higher temperature in a steel mil than they do in a nuclear explosion, with such things as tanks at ground zero being turned instantly into puddles, which when cooled are flat, but have the same approximate weight as the tank before the explosion. This missing weight is the amount of the tank that was vaporized.
    Although we do have a few of the BI and B2 bombers that were more recently produced, but the B52s that are at the core of our ability to strike back at an enemy, date back the 1950’s, and have been retrofitted with some new devices so that they can carry Cruise Misles rather than basic bombs, but while maintained, the basic air frames have still undergone all of the stres that even comes from just sitting parked on the ground from weather and gravity. You will not find a commercial plane that is as old as the newest of the B52 fleet still flying, and you can go to the airplane graveyard in the Mojave and see much newer military large aircraft sitting parked waiting to be scrapped.
    There has not been a new missel silo constructed with a new missel inserted for probably 40 years, and gravity has taken its toll on these – they are all shorter than they were when they were loaded into the silos. So, they may or may not work, depending on what damage gravity has done over these years.
    The nuclear subs have the same type of damage as do aircraft because of the different pressures at different deapths, because the air pressure inside, like that of a plane, has to be kept at a very narrow range so that the crew can survive at all depths.
    The bottom line, is that all 3 of our nuclear delivery systems need to be replaced if we are to have any really reliable nuclear capacity at all.
    One of the things that Trump did not figure into to his claculations on contributions to mutual defense by our NATO allies as well as those in the Pacific, is the fact that instead of making direct contributions these countries have bought up our national debt. There is a graph on the net which shows to which countries we owe and about how much. 1/6th of our National Debt is held by Japan alone, and if it were forced to re-arm itself and wanted to use this savings account to do that, how would we replace it? The same with our NATO allies. If our policy regarding defending them changes, then our credit rating will decline again because there is no way that we could internally just replace the 1/3 of our own national debt with money from US taxpayers, and just printing money would make our currency less valuable in the international market.
    If, on the other hand, had we payed down the national debt at the same rate as we were buy continuing the rate as under Carter, we would have had no National Debt at all by 2005, or under Clinton, 2012, but since that did not happen, we are somewhere between a rock a a hard place in terms of our economy..